St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, April 05, 1918, Image 3

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    NOW is the TIME to PRESERVE your EGGS
For the Winter months. Get your Water Glass at the St. Johns Pharmacy.
Directions for use on every bottle. Any size bottle you need.
tjr your Drug Wants. If you don't see what you want, ask. We will get it.
Phone Columbia 138 105 North Jcrsoy St.
We havo just received a shipment of
Elegant New 1918 Model Fulton Go-Carts
and Sulkies, they are comfortable for baby
to ride in, are beautiful in appearance and
Fulton Go-Cnrts, priced..
....$ 6.75
Fulton Reed Perambulator, priced 23.50
Fulton Sidewalk Sulkies, priced.. 7.75
Cash or Credit St Johns
We are headquarters for
Good Garden Tools
Our Lawn Mowers are
made to cut the grass
not chew it off.
A complete new stock
of Gnrdcn Seeds in
bulk and in packages
St. Johns Hardware Co.
The talk of (he Phonograph World. You owe It to Z
yourself to sec and hear this instrument, plays nil Disk Z
Records. Sold on ensy terms by Z
St. Johns Phonograph Co. 1
317 North Jersey Street
Agents for Edison Cylinder Records and Emerson Disk Records
Scotch Oat Cake
75 per cent Substitute
115 N. Jersey Street
St. Johns
Best Price Store
Look for the Red Front
Saturday Specials
Two large loaves Bread 16c
Seven bar Elk Soap 25c
Three pound can Best Coffee.. . . . . .$1.00
Marigold Milk per can 12c
No. 1 grade Butter, per roll. ...92c
We are graduate registered
pharmacists of 12 years exper
ience. "Currin Says So."
Real Estate!
If Vol Wish to Sill
Property at right prices
list it with us.
If You Want to Buy
Property at right prices
call and see us.
S. C. Cook
402 N. Jersey Street
Woodmen of the World
St, Johns Camp 773
Meets every Friday evening iu the
I. O. O. F. Hall, Leavitt and Jersey
streets. Visitors always welcome.
h. h. TEBMNG.C, C.
W. E. COON, Clerk.
Pbone Woodlawu 5360.
The Skidmore Cleaners
and Repairing a Specialty
W. C, JUSTICE 602 Skidmore Street
ocal News.
E. Craig is hnvlng n garage
built nt 710 E. Richmond.
Mrs. S. H. Satterlce is taking
treatment at the East Side hos
E. Lcighton is making some
repairs to his home at 1110
Oswego street.
A young son arrived nt the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Alburtus.
Lnrrowo, March 15th.
F. Mueller la having a hand
some $3000 home erected at 720
North Syrnctihe street.
Lloyd Sateree. the oxnort
painter and decorator, was on
the sick list for several days
tins week.
C. V. Zimmerman Is hnvlng
some attractive, improvements
made to his Hudson street resi
John Baker is enlarging his
unch room at 212 Crawford
street, the permit calling for
$100 expenditure.
The Wireless Ago, a monthly
magazine giving practical
training in radio communica
tion, aviation, navigation and
military siirnalimr. at the St.
Johns library.
W. II. Nolan, after spending
the past fifteen months in South
ern California, has returned to
St. Johns. He !b looking in
the best of health. His many
old friends here are glad to see
urn return.
Mrs. Jesse Cnnright is en
tertaininghcr father and mother
who havo recently at rived from
California, where they had been
spending the winter. After
spending some time in St.
Johns they will return to their
E. V. Moore loft laRt Friday
night for Alaska, whoro ho has
been interested in tho salmon
packing business for several
years. Tho company, of which
10 is president, has packing
plants at Ketchikan and Cor
dova, Alaska, whoro they have
been doing good busiiioss,
The St. Johns barbers have
adopted tho scale of prices in
augurated by the Portland shops
this week, and neginnlng luos-
lay of this week tho pr co of
shaving was increasud to 25
cents, which includes the privu-
ego of a neck shave, and hair
cutting is now fifty cents.
Boys' Club rooms onen every
Thursday and Saturday evening
of each week from 7:30 till 10
o'clock. Pool tablos, music,
reading and a good timo provid
ed. All boys over sixteen years
nvited. Come and bring your
riends and make this a popular
ilace. Second floor of local city
mil building.
Every day is a good day to
kodak. Currln Says So.
Mrs. Olin received a letter
rom her son. Armand Olin.
Saturday last, in which he
stated that he had been in
France for several months.
was feeling in the best of
lealth, and liked the service
fine. Armand's many friends
here will be glad to learn that
he is getting along so well in
Uncle Sam's service.
Work on enlarging the Mult
nomah Theatre started thio
week. A capacity of 200 more
seats will be provided, and a
stage 18x35 feet will be con
structed. This will permit of
putting on vaudeville and
dramatic productions as well as
moving pictures. Manager Mc-
Credie is to be congratulated
upon having this improvement
made. Since he has taken
charge the highest class of mov-
ng pictures have been shown
here, and he spares no expense
in securing them. The increas
ing attendance, is evidence that
his efforts to give the St. Johns
people the best obtainable are
Hear Melba any day at Cur-
Be sure to buy a Liberty Uond
and help to win the war.
J. H. Cnnright was operated
upon nt a Portland hospital
Get your Lund Plaster and
Fertilizers at the St. Johns
Hardware Co.
O '
Rev. C. P. Gates will load the
Christian Endeavor exercises
at the Evangelical church next
Sunday evening.
lelp yourself and your conn
cry preserve eggs -with Egg
Keep, uurrin bays bo.
Mrs. Ruth E. Simmons is
visiting her husband, Private
Harry J. Simmons, nt Camp
Fremont, Col., this week.
Mrs. David left yesterday for
San Francisco, where she will
visit for some timo with her
granddaughters, Mrs. Watts and
Miss Margaret Vinson.
Tho violin recital presented
by the pupils of Elmer Snood,
violinist and teacher, will be
given this, Thursday, evening
in the High School auditorium,
The Knights and Ladies of
Security will give a social dance
and an evening's good time in
their hall Saturday evening;
good music. Come and enjoy
yourself, adv.
t 1
St. Johns Fair Store. E. W.
Foy. prop.: household utility
supplies and general notions,
207 N. Jersey St. Highest
iilinllty goods at lowest prices.
Next to I'.leclrlc store.
Thos. Coupe, the local baker,
who is enjoying a rapidlv in
creasing patronago through the
excellency of his products, hap
a new ad, in this paper. Give
him your patronage and aid a
local institution.
Enginoers have been active
on the Weyerhaeuser tract the
past few days, and it is said
that the big ship plant, which ..1.1 I 1 -
wun lu'iiuvuu wuum luemu nimr
tho Monarch mill, may yot lo
onto on tho Weyerhaeuser tract
just north of tho local ship
plant. Tho closer to St. Johns
A I. ........
proper, uiu uuuur.
Two of tho mon nt the Wost-
ern Cooperage plant who were
made to kiss the Hag last week,
returned to work Monday morn
ing. At the noon hour a bunch
of tho workmen gathorcd the
unpatriotic ones in and marched
them to tlio olllco, wliero treas
treasurer wan rcouustod to give
thorn their time, which was
quickly acceded to, and the two
wero told to loavo the plant in
stnntly and not roturn if thoy
knew what was good for them,
so it is roportod. The couple
lost no time in taking their departure.
A protty wedding took place
at the Evangelical church last
Wednesday, ulion Mr. Roy
Shoadel and Miss Eva F. Ed-
mondson wero united in the
holy bonds of matrimony, Rev.
A. r. Layton perform ng the
ceromony. Tho groom who re
cently came here from the East,
and where he met his bride a
number of years ago, is helping
Uncle bam at the local ship
plant. The brido is the popular
and well liked daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Edmondson, of
St. Johns. Tho many friends
of tho young couple unite in
wishing them a most happy
voyage down tho stream of life
together. They will make their
home on South Jersey street.
Miss Georgia Rich will pre
sent a number of her pupils in
a piano recital, assisted by Miss
Joanna James, soprano, of Sa
lem, Oregon. Saturday evening,
April 20, 1918. at eight thirty,
in the auditorium of the James
John high school. Miss James
was always a great favorite with
St. Johns audiences and in the
two years since she sang here
her voice has improved wonder
fully. Miss James has been
presented by Miss Rich several
times in piano recitals. After
the family returned to Salem to
to reside Miss James returned
weekly to St. Johns to continue
her piano lessons. Invitations
for the recital may be obtained
from either studio 507 Colum
bia building, Main 3310. or 812
N. Kellogg street, Columbia C91.
No flowers.
How about that spring tonic
you should taker Curnn Says
When in need of small art!
clcs, get them at the 5-1016c
store, St. Johns; in the Penin
sula National liank Building.
Go to the Auto Repair Compa
ny, 207 South Jersey street, for
your auto, motorcyc e and bicv
cle repairs and supplies. Autos
for hire. Phone Coumbin 727.
fTnrmmn Qiinrf Pnfnfnno nt Hwi
St. Johns Hardware Co.; $2.00
Keep your Kodak
for the boys
Crurin Says So.
A Victrola will add pleasure
to everyduy of y our life. Currln
Snys So.
Pruning trees, roses, grape
vines and seeding lawn. Best
of references, 25 years ex
perience. 010 Burr Btrcet,
phone Col. 025. M. N. Amizich.
Tested Bulk Seeds can be got
ten at the St. Johns Hardware
Wanted Competent woman
for general housework ; $25 per
month. Call 529 S. Ivanhoe.
Come in and let us explain
how to preserve eggs for future
use. Currln Says So.
If my work pleases you; please
tell your friends. If not, tell
me. Rogers, 202 N. Jersey
You can get a 2-8 G-8 l panel
Fir Door for $1,75 at tho St.
Johns Hardware Co.
Housekeeping rooms for rent
-821 N. Central ave.
Nothing is appreciated more
than pictures from home. Send
the boys "over there" some
snap shots. Currln Says So.
Maternity Nurse, terms mod
erate. --115 W. Tyler street. St.
You may need a now Lawn
Mower this year. The St.Johns
Hardware Co. will tako your
old one in part payment.
Howard O. Rogers, Lawyer,
Notary Public; Peninsula Bank
building, 7 to 9 p. m.
Wanted Man to plant two
lots on shares; will furnish
eeds and plowing. Columbia
Found- Lady's pockctbook on
Jersey street Saturday last.
Owner can havo same by prov-
ing property and paying 20c for
this ad,
For Sale Six horso power
motor boat engine, "Victor"
make. Two c Under, three
port, including storago battery.
coil shaft, propeller and 18
foot hull, a bargain. Call at
this oflice.
For SaleTen ncro ranch,
good land, partly in valley town:
3 ncres walnuts, $2100, terms;
or exchange for more land or
city property. Address 0. K..
care Review.
If you want to buy a good
homo upon very easy terms,
see Bonhsm & Currier h adv. on
tho last page of this paper. Do
not fail to do so.
Tho Knights and Ladies of
Security will givo a social dance
and an evening a good tunc In
their hall Saturday evening:
good music. Como and enjoy
yourself. adv,
Wo desire to express our sin
cere thanks to the neighbors
and friends for their kindness
and sympathy dur'ng the ill-
ncss and death of our be oved
son, and also for the beautiful
floral offerings, and can assure
them that their kindness will
ever bo gratefully remembered,
Mr. and MrB. Robert Rakes.
Egg Keep. Keeps eggs nice
and fresh for an indefinite
time. Curnn Says So.
The Portsmouth Picture House
has been secured for a Red
Cross benefit instead of the
British Dependents' Fund on
Monday at 0:30 and 8:30. Be
sides a film with Margarita Fis
cher in "Jack of the Navy,"
there is to be a yaudeville ar
ranged by Mrs. Geo.Thomas and
Mrs. Gabriel Pullin. Artists as
sisting will be Dolph Thomas
and Harvey Hudson, duetists;
Lota Stone, lady whistler; Elean
or Geary in Hawain and patriot
ic dances; Alice Freeland and
chorus in "The Quaker Girl;"
Leah Schas in Russian and But
terfly Dances. Admission 15c.
Potatoes, wood, automobile,
Liberty Bonds, greenbacks, W.
S. S. nickels and dimes accept
ed for subscription to the Review.
fay your
W7Y BOND Todw.
n no other way can we better show
our patriotism right now than
Of the Third Liberty Loan
3vcry one knows our government must have money to
rain victory, and we should not hesitate to lend every dol-
ar we can snare and to urtre every one to do the same.
Come into our bank and buy your LIBERTY BOND to-
day. Kememucr: iou gee tne uesi security m me whole
world, and interest at 1 1-4 per cent.
Peninsula National Bank
Member of Federal Reserve Bank
per cent on Savings 4 per cent on Time Certificates of Deposit
Whatever You Are Looking For
In the way of rocrrliM, cuinnl hhiU,
pri'K'tvvit, mill miyllilnu iIm' llnl n flint
Im km eery nlwiiy iurli'. tun n
found In lurt'i' (UKirtiuriil ami at lnwtnl
linri'N, ul our ittiiii. tlnr utilloriii Hitt
city, tifck neiviee, low nel. t' ttinl"hljli
Kriiilt' uimmU lutvc nuilc tin' c.tMinl Imytrr
a Mt-iiily riKluiiirr.
301 S. Jrm-y St.
I'l.onf. Col. 118
A Hot Combination
We now handle coal as well as wood
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Mj raj ;i
m rn'f
Let Us Extend You a Hand
Ami lit'lp you wilve tlic qiirttliuM of
liouto or lflW (mihi'.IiI'ik. t liet
lltM utv right . wllli kmiiU tlmt MfitiwwMt
llic iiruiB of I'lt'KHiitt' Mil1! UmIv.
Tlit ilowHMitril trt-ml f lumituic nl't
limUe hii rlt'KHlit liouu an MtlnlUMule
tiling for rill frtiuilii V'iIiiiik ! Hiuitt
HireciuU' liy tliv Iioum-hiIv tlirfii bu
y fiiriiUlitM liouu-.
400-402 8, JUnSKY T
Wall Paper Pa',1,s
I f Paper Hanging 1 J
Vj Tinting J
F, M, Satterlee js 319 n. smith Ave
Laundry Prices Reduced !
"Fighting the Laundry Trust"
We will not agree to the orders of the "Combine"
We've Cut Prices to the Lowest Notch
Give us your orders. St. Johns deliveries made promptly.
The Pacific Laundry Company
'The Anti-Trust Laundry"
Main 619 BOTH PIIONUS A3G1!)