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    National 8-Hour Day and Industrial Peace
Some men see further into the
future than other men enn pen
etrate. Some men have convic
tions and stand for them. There
are men who nut selfish inter
worker and the lumbering and
shipbuilding: industries of the
Pacific Coast especially should
not be asked to compete unfair-
, . i i i . i.
iy cuner in noura or wnKcswitn
spruce. Moreover, his opinion
is that within twelve months
the production will be more a
man in 8 hours than it has been
in 10 hours. He goes still fur
ests and money grabbing before the cheap labor in the Southern ther, expressing thn belief that
all else, including principle and mills and factories which now labor in logging camps and mills
community prosperity. A high work 10 and 12 hours a day." will be contented working shor-
tvno of cit zen is the man ol
vision, the man who sees a pub
lic need and prepares to meet it,
the man who would lead in the
direction of social justice, true
prosperity and industrial peace.
Take the case of the 8-hour
day. Wealthy men, generally,
oppose the shortening of the
work day. The reason is not re
mote. In Portland a bitter fight
has been made against the pro
posed change from the 10-hour
day to the 0-hour day and thn 8
hour day. Yet there are men,
and not Labor Union enthusiasts
either, who have firmly stood
for the reform and who now
stand for a national H-hour day.
Take Uie case of S. H. Huston,
lawyer and legislator. He has
stood for the short work day; he
now stands for it. Here is what
ho says:
"The recognition of the jus
tice of the principle of the ba
ilie 8-hour day in the mines,
millB and factories of the Unit
ed States allows little argument.
The short workday has already
been voluntarily established
among millions of workingmcn.
National legislation is roipiired
to compel its uniform adoption
an (I observancit The wnge
Yes. Huston is a candidate for
the United States Senate. Hut
here is the testimony of a man
who Is not a candidnte for office.
He shows the wisdom of Hus
ton's position, the strength of
his position. Colonel Bricc P.
Distiue, head of the spruce pro
duction bureau of the War De
partment, forced the 8-hour day
in the lumber industry, and he
says it will bring industrial
peace. He says:
"I believe that under the ba
sic 8 hour day, more spruce will
be produced per man in Oregon
and Washington during the next
12 months than during the last
12 months without the basic 8
hour day. I believe the 8 hour
day will be accepted by the
workmen and that labor condi
tions will be more settled."
Because of the habit of wage
earners in the enmiiH and mills
of the Pacific Northwest shift
ing frequently from one place
of employment to another, labor
has become per cent less elll
eient than normally, according
to Colonel Disque, but he believes
that with an 8-hour workday
the highest efficiency of the
men will be attained and shown
in tin production of fir and
tor hours and with the greater
efficiency attained one workman
here will accomplish more than
two colored wage earners in
the South, and therefore in
practice the new order of
things in this region will work
out to the distinct advantage
of the local lumber industry.
Speaking of conditions in
the South, Colonel Disquc says:
"1 spent eight years in the
South and I would rather have
the work of one contented, in
dustrious Northwest lumberjack
than two negroes."
And, a final word by Colonel
Disque, indicating real indus
trial pence on the 8 hour day ba
sis: "I am satisfied that the
lumber industry from this day
on will beone which the govern
ment can depend upon for the
maximum and uninterrupted pro
duction throughout the period
of the war."
It does not require the wisdom
of a philosopher to discover
where the interests of the work
ers lie in the senatorial contest.
If Organized Labor's slogan of
standing hy his friends is fol
lowed S. 15. Huston will get the
vote his atlidude justifies.
jj f-- jjj PIQi
(I'iilil Advcitneinent. Mutton f ir Senator Committee, 200 Chamber of Commerce Illdg., 1'ortlniiil, Oregon)
Charter No. 10103. Reserve DUt No, 12
ltcNrt of tlic condition of
1 1 11 r ' 4
iVg cons to
crocesicj razr, ;y store.
Hitying jjroccrioK is the hicsL job in every home.
I am koiiik to mnku this job easy for you by tolliup;
you about the best grocery store in this town and why
you should trade there.
fill. 1.-. -1 1 . I
inuy Keep a Dig, ircwi siock oi nitfii quality tfrocones
and soil for low prices.
They keep their store clean and sanitary.
My store is
Lavrack's Cash Grocery
116 NORTH JI-kSljY ST.
The W. C. T. U. meeting will
lie held at the homo of Mr. .1.
C. Scott, 102 Central nvenue,
noxt Monday afternoon at two
o'clock. Milliliter will ivhhmu
to roll call liy roH'Mting norip
ttiral promised. Subject for
the day. "Mary the Mother of
Jusuh;" paper by Mrs. S. C.
Cook. Then the real trout for
the day will ho a talk by Mr.
L. F. Additon. Mm. Additon
has just returned from an ex
tended trip through the KHt
and South. She attended tho
great W. (!. T. U. NhUohhI Con
vention at Washington. 1). C.
and will not only toll tut about
that, but will toll tin of tho
most important events that are
transpiring in our national enpi
tal at this time. Come and
hear this intorosting talk; wo
need to know all about thoae
things. Hoportor.
Head tho Homi'inonthly maga
xiuo- Aviation and Aeronauti
cal Knginooring. at tlu St.
Johns library. Hack numbers
circulate. Among tho books on
tho same subject are: Mellor
I ho airman; experiences while
obtaining a brevet in Franco.
Turner Aircraft of today, with
sixty-two illustrations and din-
grains. Vorril-Harper's air
craft book: why aeroplanes Hy,
how to make models, and all
about aircraft, little and big.
Morgan- How to build n 'JO foot
bi-plano glider. McConnell
Hying for Franco with tho
American hscatirille at Verdun,
the edict has gone forth that
with each fQ pounds of flour
sold by tho retailor, fifty pounds
ot aubstitutoa must go with it.
Iho people- in general are not
, complaining against the now
.... ruling since they realize it is a
i wo tilings wiucli ilo not an-; necessary precaution, but loca
pour to nave very much to do merchants sav thov do not havo
outer. Anil yet they tho aubst tutos in sufficient
with each
have. It is not sulliciont merely
to produce goods, they must bo
marketed and ships are neces
sary to tho farmer unless ho
wishes to be cut otl from tho
best of all markets of tho world
liuropo. Just as an automo
bile is a gootl thing for hauling
produce to nearby towns and
freight cars are necessary to
haul the produce to the great
grain editors, so ships are nee
ossury to market tho product! of
tho farmers. Kvery inducement
possible should be ottered to
encourage upbuilding of Ameri
can Merchant Marine.
tpiantities and do not know
i j i i
wuore iney may no secured as
the usual sources of securing
them are unable to supply the
demand. Until this situation
is relieved tho people will
bo compelled to eat very spar
ingly of cereal composts, and de
pend principally upon vegetables
as a diet for awhile.
The library can provide books
In the French. Gorman. Mod urn
Greek, Hungarian, Lithuninn. 'checks cashed or make deposits
To gain more available floor
space, now patron's desks havo
been installed at the 1'eninsulu
National Hank. These are
neatly arranged along the front
windows. The need of more
space is certainly evidenced
every Saturday night when
workmen call to havo their
III the Male of Ori L'on, lit the t lone of
limine Mnrcli I, 1 til K.
count 7or.riiu.(
Totiil liKin 71X1.510.(0
CKcnlriilH. iiiiftecured UIA2
IT. h.lMllllllttOlil'CMlrtf
t'lrniliitloii I OO.OOO.OO
('. S. JlomUiiiul cur
UfioalM of indent
cilliriw pledued to
acrurc I'. 8. dr.
IHwIm liMi.OOO.OO '6.000.00
l.tticiiy umii iioniia,
;IJ iiml I per cent
nuiileilKcil tM.'.'OO.OO
iioniiit otner tiiiin U. s. Imiikm
pledged tntwure ottil
KHviiigii deNMiiti. . MICO.tH)
lloinUiiiiil Securllit
lilcilued u cnll.tleiiil
for State or other do
iKisllKor hill uiyiihlc
(i...t,.t v,tiu.i.,i) 74,4ir..rcn
.Scciirltii'Pt other thiol
V. S. ImmkIh (mil in-
CllllllllL' MoCKO)
owiimI unpMK.M 4D;Wi.72 IM..IMI.IW
of I' KeM'tvv
Ikink (W) r ecu I
of MtlMCriHimi) .H).00
furniture .m.l llxlmwt 8JI.Hi
Other rtt.ile omh1 IH.JOO.OO
ijuvihi KeivvitU
I' Ur tv Kntik lOMJtlU.llt
vhwi iii vmiit Hint net hhmiihI
line friHii imihmmiI Ii-iiU. . . .2lt!,H7.lW
Dtir fioin iMliki. iiihI ImiiWt
(other IIiiiii liielmUxl M.M.Ifi) S.'JMi.lil
lUclniiiccH for cleiiriiif;
hotie lUI.W ol IteiiK I I,
115. 10. 17. IS ..aih'.7l7.lU
Cluvkb on twiuk liHMtcil out.
ulile of city or town of re
ixrlliiu ImiiU and other
ciuli itcuu 07.00
KiHU'iiiotioiiiuiul with V. S.
TrtMkiirtir uml due fiom U.
S. Treiuuier P.OOO.OO
ar 4vihk LvriiiMtiM anil
I hrilt htiimiM iictiwlly owiiml 1,300.00
Silks in yardage-36 inches wide-Plaids,
Stripes and Plain, the newest patterns.
Silk Hosiery African Brown, Gray, Champaign,
Taupe, Black and White. Silk Neckwear for .ladies a
fresh, new and varied assortment. Silk Waists New
numbers just in.
Mallory Hats
Green, Bronze, Lavender, Gray Hosiery
New Creations in Neckwear
Headlight Overalls
Union Made
Arrow Shirts
Arrow Collars
L E. ROSE, gr. Toggery
No. 214
KctKirt of the condition of the
First Trust S Savings
At l'ortliinil,
In the State of Orrt:on at the clone of
lmmem M.ireli 4tli, 10IH.
I.4MH wml lUieouiil 07.7O2.H2
Ovunlraft. wiuch1 ami
unts.Hrv. -111,57
ItomU ml MrrunU 12.tlir
MnekN ami otlier nveuritle. 11,'AU.tHl
Hanking hHM;
I'lirnlture ami fixture 3.000.00
Other real eUte owned I.'JII.OO
Due fioin laaiik (not reHive
IwiiUk) ,
Due ftoui improved reserve
imiiu s.iaa.oo
Clieek ami oilier wuli items . . . m.H'i
Hxelianewi fur clwirini! house . I7fi00
OuhwilwHil 3,CIK,ao
Other reMHirvM 10. SU
For United States Senator
Total fl.4tIT.UlR.Gl
Capital ktiH'k (Mill in f 100,000.00
Mir mm iiiiui 1,&00,(H)
i niiiviiici prouu lli.lK.Ii
Less curiuut exK'ii
e, lutoret anil
taxtMimiil hJVOM 4.941.92
CirculutiUK nuteoiHiUtamliiiK. 100,000.00
uue 10 0.111KS ami itaukeri.
(other than iueluileil in 31
or 32)
Total ol items 32,
uml 33 4W.30
Demand iteMiti:
ImUvulual ileuts sili.
leet to cheek
Oeititicale of tUHit
uue in lewi ttuiii M
Certified eheekn
Cashier's checks out.
Slate, county, oi other inn.
iilolMl depiits secured hv
lileilec of iiuets of this bank
Dividend, iiuuiid
Total of demand
dejKi.its 6T0.SSiU4
Time DeiHtits:
Certificates of 154.B17.S7
oiaie, loiiui, ur oiuer inutile.
mi ueK)iis ecniiti by
liledee of nels of tin. bank ftVnmori
I'lMtnl Savings IVuisiu i!.4l7.Jl
Other time deinisits 3lS.2S4.0S
ioi.ii oi nine iicous sm
iect to Kterve...609.a4S.Sl
War Kmii deiKi.itais
wnt 70.W0.1X) T0.500.CKI
Cal4l ktuck paid In $80,000.00
Swritlus fund 3,000.00
UmllvHletl I'fotlts. los ex
ieiiKs ami taxes ikiIiI 4,C0t).03
DivldemU unpaid
Due to ImhU and tMiikeis. , deiH its mliicct
to check 41.371.42
Demaml certifivatcKi of detxit 133.70
Cashier check oiitstaudiui; bl.3l
Certmed iiicks
Timcuud SaviiiKS Dexsits. .. .17.032 27
Note and hills rediscounted. . . 0.000.00 inns pnyauiv tor money uor
Keorved Iik Uixos
Other IwhilitiM 10.&0O.W
27.042. 9t
num. I Si
en, Ciuhi
f 1,467,010 01
Morwoiriai). Polish. Hnssifin
and Swedish laiiKiuiKOs. For.
cignera may also obtain easy
readers and text books in tho
English language ami Huts of
English stories which ato in
airuple language.
NeU th Ub on your pir.
A A ... . A I .
clear out into
all available
side taken,
men in line reach
tho street, with
space on tho in
Sumo good watchos for work
ing men at S. W. Hogers.
Hoasonable prices. 202 N. Jer
sey street.
State of Orveon.
County of Mutttuuiuih
I. J. .N. Hi eUen. Ciuliicr of il.r
aoove iiatiiett ImiiU, tlo Milemuly swear
that the above statement is true to the
iet ot my kuolel);e aud belief,
J N. HdlefMi, Cashier.
.iuwmiwii iiini sworn io ueiore. me.
this 12lh dav of March. 1U1S,
I,. J. Wright. .Notary l'ublic.
MultuomaH county, Oie,
Correct Attet: 1. Anten.
V. 1". Drinker,
A. K. Jobes,
. If you are living in a board
ing house, spend your evenings
at the St. Johns library. You
will find a pleasant reading
room, all four daily papors.
twenty - five magazines and
books on all subjects all free
for tho using.
State of Orecon. )
County of Multnomah f
1, 1'. A. Rice. Cashier of the
above named bank, tlo solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
bet of my knowledge and belief.
V, A, KICK, Cnsliicr.
SuWribed and sworn to before me
this Uth dav of March. 1918.
U. O. llraud, Notary Public,
Correct. Attest
George 1, Urooks,
II. Henderson,
This 50 50 business in the
food line is going to be rather
new business for many
stomachs, but the same may be
the better for it. So long as
we can keen away from the diet
adopted by Nebuchadnezzar of
old, no bitter complaint will be
made, but there are no doubt;
many who would enjoy seeing
tho Kaiser forced to subsist on
Neb's forage, at least a friend
has so expressed himself.
Sergeant Patrick Cochran,
stationed at Camp Fremont, has
been spending a short furlough
with relatives and friends in St.
Johns. He says army life is
the making of many young
men, aud he enjoys it immense
ly. He is, however, anxious to
go to tho front, which he ex
poets to do in the near future.
R. N. Stanfield
Farmer, Stockrniser
and Business Alnn
A man who iloea things,
Who lias accomplished some
thing. Who knows how to work aud
get results.
Who knows Oregon's needs, re-1
quireiiieuts ami resource,--.
Who has jhe experience, knowl-1
edge and business understanding.
Who, ns State Legislator for six
year.", lias already done much for
Whose republicanism is unaues-
dotted and whose ability has beeu
Useful Elec- l?!
trical Devices WMmM
WT Olv n brilliant c1or shin that
n t r-j nt or Uut cit-l!iat
ii tiit tun 'that lasts lour
limes as lonir as any otlnr.
' I Black SilkStove Polish I
Is In n class by lnlf. It's mora I
H Trrlt on jr-wf ptj -V-? I
atott.KHjrrvwStiuir mCZT
i vr ""tk' -v
I tarilw'V1, 'T S7jJrOwf. I
V. en ti in Cleimcrs
1 1 it I r Dryer.s
Ilotuloir I.umprt
Disc Stoves
Foot Warmers
Milk Warmers
Massage Vibrators
Cigar Lighters
Wullle Irons
Washing Machines
Library Lamps
Coffee Percolators
Chafing Dishes
I'lnt Irons
Curling Iron Heaters
Luminous Itadtutors
Tea Kettles
Sewing Machine Motors
Shaving Mirrors
Kitchen Ranges
Shaving Mugs
Portland Railway,
Light 8 Power Co.
Xtml til ttt
rung your
UK 4, I
Jihlnf In
t'vory drop"
eiT) e0 ta rO e0
The Central
Philadelphia Street, St. Johns.
Soft Drinks as usual
Coldest aud Coolest Driuks in
town. Sandwiches, etc All lead
ing Summer Drinks.
sl 'Dillio' Niohnlo 31
jt'john Poff
U'aM UiUmUwkicuI by iiUui.U Cowiitt.
M4uSM. Die )
Open Evenings
Lunch kits, vacuum
and fillers at Gurrin's.
To anyone who doesn't know of the
wonderful advances that have been made
in the preparation of smoking tobaccos
In the last few Jeara it may sound strange
to speak of toasted cigarettes.
Strictly speaking, we should say ciga.
rettes made of toasted tobacco; the smok
ers of this country will recognize it more
readily by its trade name. "LUCKY
STRIKE "the toasted cigarette.
The American Tobacco Company are
producing millions of these toasted ciga
rettes and these are being bought In
enormous quantities through the varuJus
tobacco funds conducted by the news
papers of the country and forwarded
through the Red Cross Society to the boys
In France.
This new process of treating tobacco
not only improves the flavor of the tobacco
but it seals in this flavor and makes
the cigarettes keep better.
The Red Cross nurse is always glad to
have a cigarette for the wounded soldier,
in most Instances, that is the first
thing asked for,
Phone Col. 320
J. H. Harvey
P, & H, Transfer Co.
Phone Columbia 308
2o6 N. Jersey St. Johns, Ore.
Transfer and Storage
to and from
Vancourer, Linn-
IV doliver your goodi
II r.r-tm nt Pnr.l.n.T l'..
ton, Portland and Suburban Kxprait
Co., city dock and all point accibl
W on. PUn t4 tirUur vte(
Milk and Dream Direct
From the Cows
Muscaday Dairy l
I ii Winnie n..n
J. 11. IIII1U1.1., I IUJJ.
Delivered Daily
I buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
Fire Insurance and Notary Public
List your property with me if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
Patronize the home merchant.
..The Past Time Billiard Hay.,
N I WIIITI I'toirlctor
The Place Where They All Go
A Choice Line of Cigars, Tobac
co and Soft Drinks
Portsmouth Gospel Hall
Meeting 3 p. M. for Christians.
Gospel meetiuR in evening 7:30.
One tloor west of drug store.
Electrical Contracting
Wiring, Fixtures and
C. L. Dearlove
1673 Haven St.
Columbia 374