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Publlshud Evory Frldiyr
At 117 West Uiirllngton Streot.
TliK RilVlttW Is cutoreil nt post office
In Snlnt Joints, Oregon, ns ttinll ntntter
of the second clnss tinder the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Offlclil Mnwipiptr of tb Olty of lit. Jon.
Subscription price $1.00 par year.
Thcro are some people in St.
Johns who for one ronson or
another do not do their trading
at home. This is a mistake
that reacts on property owners
The value of his pioperty ii
based on the proximity to the
business district. If that dis
trict is small and contracted,
property values are small in pro
portion. It is ever the case that
the larger the business district,
and the more modern and up-to-date
the business houses, the
higher price the residence prop
erly commands. The more trad
ing nt home that is done the
larger and more modern the busi
ness district becomes. Think
of this when you are tempted
to buy your supplies in Portland.
When you buy in Portland be
cause you have some fancied
grievance against a local merch
ant or his convictions differ from
yours 011 certain matters, you
are virtually "cutting oil your
Mnon 4n utiifft tfriii Citnn "
1 1 wot; ojm lu jum itaut
Thcro is no business man in St.
Johns amassing a fortune out
of his business. They all share
their profit with you by selling
to you at the lowesl price possi
ble. They are your friends when
you are ill or out of work - just
when you need a friend tho most.
and it an act of ingratitude to
forgel llieni m your prosperity.
ratronizo your home merchants.
Don't take a penny to Portland
so long as you can gel wiiat you
want in St. Johns. And in help
nig mo local uusincss man you
are helping yoursof and jour
town as well.
You see him now going by in his car, living in ease;
but maybe you didn't see him when he was quietly
going to the bank, DEPOSITING what he could get
until finally he had money enough to grasp a business
opportunity was the beginning of his FORTUNE.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank
We pay 4 per cent interest on Savings Accounts
To Our Patrons and Friends:
At the last session of the State
Legislature, a law was enacted, impos
ing a tax on all Merchants giving Trad
ing Stamps and other gift premiums,
which makes it absolutely prohibitive
for us to continue giving them.
This law goes into effect May 24, 15.
There will no doubt be a long legal
fight in the Courts, testing the consti
tutionality of this law and we do not
feel justified in trying to evade the law,
nor do we care to take the chance,
while this suit is pending.
Therefore when our present supply of Stamps is ex
hausted, we will discontinue giving them.
In the meantime we will endeavor to make our
prices so attractive that our Patrons will lose nothing by
reason of this change.
Thanking you for past favors, and soliciting your
further patronage, we are
Yours very truly
Collars 2 or25
VhrvZnrvdt Jacobs fCoTrovNY.
Pbec s. & H. I
Btnmt ate the CmlomerV
Discount, OUT IT. I
This Coupon Qood Cor
Ten 10 S. & II. ",'," FREE
II treKtitetl upon making a puiclmte amount
in I to BOc or more, thene Mumps will lie In ad
dition to regular laniia given with the tmrclinte
Not Good' Aftar May 15
General Mdsc.
Columbia 137 ST. JOHNS, ORU.
Incidents of High School
Interestingly Told
Surely no further diiwontion
should iu'Ihu among our people
through tho morcr question.
Iho battle of the bullotH ho far
us St. .JohnH in concerned has
boon terminated and tho result
is a matter of general know
edge. A number of business
men of tho city have asked tho
opinion of tho legal department
of Portland, and Attorney La
Roche, it sccniB.has decided that
everything is regular so far.
Tho merger! toa are apparently
most confident that tho law has
boon fully complied with and on
proas no loar concern nir tho ro
suit of any legal suit that might
do instituted, bo tlioro is no
reason whatever for anyone to
become- embittered one with an
other over tho matter. We un
derstand that it was not tho pur
pose of the busliiotw men to
thwart tho will of tho people,
but to be assured that no legal
complications would' arise after
mower had taken place. Conn
oilman Tidlman, at the council
meotimr iitosdiiy eveniiur.touch
ed the keynote of the situation
wuen no necmrai mat we are
all neighbors and friends and lie
bated to hoar the word enemy
used in connection with any of
us. lliis was a broad and char
itable view to take, and should
find a responsive chord in the
breasts of all. It had been suit
that some of the more radical
mcrgoritos advocated the remov
al of certain appointive olllcers
of tho city because of activity
snown in the interest of tho an
ti-morgor movoment. This would
seem iiko an ungracious and tin-
cliaritablo thing to do, and it is
moat plonHlng to note that the
city council is disposed to look
unfavorably upon such a propo
sitiou. Suroly these appointive
omcors uosorvo no punishment
for following tho dictate of
their convictions. It is a God
given frconinn's right. Tho on
ly question to be considered ia
whether or not thev are giving
satistaotory and ell c ent service.
If so, surely they are entitled to
servo out tho two months re-
maining before merging can take
place. "To the victors belong
Tho Sonior Class will take
thoir play. "Tho Sky Riders" to
Linnton, May 5th. It is iiopcd
that they will have as groat a
success as they did with tho" Vil
lage Lawyer" last fall. Tho
High School Orchestra will ac
company the cast and this will
he an added attraction which
the last play was not fortunate
enough to have.
The Orchestra, which is com
posed of eight pieces, has ex
ceeded all our fondest hopes un
der the able leadorship of Mr.
Tho singing teacher. Mrs.
Coovort, has organized a "Girls'
(ilce Club" and it promises to
bo very good, judging by the
musical talent most of tho girls
have. The public will soon have
a chance to judge this chorus
for themselves.
Last Friday afternoon a skat
ing parly was given the stu
dents nt tho open air rink under
tho mnngement or Miss Hernice
Itrownlcy. By tho kindness of
the owners' the rink was given
over entirely to the II. b. peo
ple. Tho party was woll attend-
od, which allowed that enthusi
asm was in supply altho skill on
tho rollers was lacking. Every
one had such a jolly good time
that tlioro is a demand for a rep
etition 01 tuoaiialr noxt Friday.
i'lio regular monthly mooting
of llio "Dramatic Society" will
bo held Friday, May 11th. Tho
programme will consist of musi
cal milliners and one act comet v
entitled "Who's Who?" Those
No. 0047.
Rqxjrt of the condition of the
First National Bank
nl St. Johns, in the ittnte of Oregon, nt
UieelOM! ol imiltieM amy I, WIG;
Loan anil discount 222,0.'!0.07
Overdraft, hcctired A tinocc'tl Kl.tW
U.S.IUjikIh to secure circulation 50,000.00
Utlier Iionil to secure
Postal SnviiiK C.OOO.OO
Ilondi. necttritle .
pledged m collateral
lor Sliite or otherdu
tKMlt or bill txiyuhle'
(poiitl excluded) ..20,000.00
Sccuritlctf other tlmu
U. S. Iio lids (not in
eludlnv; Mock)
owned unpledned. flll.TJW.OO 67,700.00
nuiiscripiion to hock
of I'edenil llwturvi:
Hunk 3,000
Lewi Hiiiouiit
uiiMid 1,800 I.8C0.OO
iMukliii! liotiso l'imilltire mid
nxturu .'1,000.00
Oilier reul estiitc owiiwl Sl.UiWi.OU
Due from l'edenil Kuturve Imnk 1,77:1.211
Due Irtiiu iipprovetl
rehcrvo "Hunt in
New York, Chlnieo mid
St. Louis 3,071.12
Due from upprovcil
rm'tve muuIm in
In other rutorve
elites 27,:!S0.31 30.-108.lll
Due irom Iwnk mill
lrnnker 1,770.13
uulMiie elHMikit ami olJwr
cauli Items D8K.77
Couch & Company
No. 214
Report of the condition of the
First Trust S Savings Bank
In the Stitte of Oreuou nt the close of
miMiieM Mny 1st, 11)15.
Loans and discounts 11,037.31
Overdraft, secured mid
uiuecuriHl,.,, ,. 02.G3
Stock anil other ecuritie, 10.7M.00
IkiukiiiK house 10,000.13
I'uriilliire and fixture 1,-tGO.SO
Due i rout i:itiKr(iioi reserve
hunk) 3,355.70
Due from nnprovud retorvc
luk ....Is 7.-I9C.33
Check mid other cash item. . . . 23.01
KxcliRiieo fortf JonriuK house. . , 295,00
Otsli on liauil ., I ,-178.1) 1
taking part in this sketch are
Morence Davis. Jack Hrownlov.
Jennie McNivon, Walter An-
tlrews and Dolbort Day.
in Konmn llistorv this week
the discussion was on the Period
of tho Principato during tho
first century A. D. Tho book
says "It was a time when all tho
world was in motion." Teachor
and class became interested to
know how much change had
como over tho world m 1 centu
ries. To find out, a census of
the class was taken. It was
shown tiiat of 25 members (
wero born in Oregon. !$ in Minn
tho snoilH." u nn old anvimr Mint osota, 2 in New York. - in Kan
was much in votruo when miisht and. ono oacli in Utah, Ohio.
ruled rather than right. Hut in Missouri, Ca ifornin, North Da
these enlightened times people IJpta. lUiodo Island, Wasliington,
aro guided by a spirit of justice, M chignn, Nebraska. Iowa, Ponn-
lair play and nuignan in tv. yivuuu , una mo outer in inr on
Oertllinlv it iliclifiiMr,w,f nnnnlnf. bCOtllind.
ive olllcors for no other reason A further glance at tho census
than expressing their convic- irn,s the ollice show that 215
l'rarlioiwl 'mr Cur
reucy, Nickel mid
Cent iac.12 1,108 A)
Note ui other imtiuiwl ImiiW. . 1,100.00
iitvim money rutwrve In iMiik:
Total coin mid eertifleatu .... 13.PW.I0
Keimpllou (mid with U. S.
Trenwirur (not more tlmu 5
peruout ouuirctilatlou)... 2,fi(K).0O
Cnpital kUh'U imIiI in 60.000 00
Siirpln fund 10,000,00
t'liiiivinni pmntn... u.uwi.W
I,e current, ex 1 Men-
tv. inteiet, hihI
taxes twid 6,'0.77 Pl.TW
LlreulatiiiK notmt
I.eM amount 011
hand and in TrenHtry
fur leiltwiiitloii or III
Due to Imuk mid
Total S0.380.19
Capital stock jmIiI In $50,000.00
Surplus fund 1,000.00
uiiuiviiiiMi pruilis, lot ex
iwiimm mid limit imtd .1.7K0..1I)
Dividend uiim((1 750.00
Individual dtiiMMtt fttiliject
to check 3085.37
Certlllwl cliKk. . l.ROO.OO
Clilr elHMk oiiUMmliiiK
l ime mtil suving DtttHMtt. . . . 1, WILTS
KenirviNl for titxu 273.01
Total S0.HS0.19
Stale of Or wo u, I
Count)' of Multnomah
I. I'. A. Klce. Cashier of the
above iwuiwl Uiuk, do solemnly swear
that the above ktateiuuut 'i true to the
bMt of my knowledge mid belief.
i'. a. Kiwu, uuuior.
ihiuMirlbeil anil woru to latforc me
till fith day of May, 1915.
Geo. A. Carter, Notary Public.
Correet, Attet
I. II. Molbrook,
1.. Holbrook.
1 I .i . k
nous on a suitject mat all were
more or loss interested in would
have a tondoney to widen tho
brouch rather than nut in co
menting good fellowship. So it
is pleasing to note that tho city
M A I 1
council nas noi uikom sucn a
drastic stop, and aro disjiosotl to
no uroiid minded and magnani
mous, ovon tliough some of thorn
may fool annoyed by tho legal
question that had arisen.
states and JJ foreign countries
aro represented in the total stu
dont body of approximately 100.
voruy inownoio world is stil in
At Oregon City and Spokane
ngnts aro raging ovor cheap
forms of paving. That is some
thing no community should toler
ate tho various kinds of cheap
paving. At oaiom ana in ouior
cities nre miles of paving of tho
cheaper grades in ruins. The
ciamor of the property owner for fncturor.
sometning cneap is a domsion
. ; . mi 1
mm ia vury u.xpunsiYU, inero Not tha
is oniy ono worso ionn 01 iniiic-
lion ana tnat is tno puvmgput Not th
down by n lot of politicians.
In Ohio and older states thoneo.
nlo havo learned that only tho
best and highest priced pave
monts aro worth laying. Hun
dreds of miles of country roads
in Uhio and the mu d 0 states
aro put down in vitrified brick
on concrete. On tho Pacific and
Atlantic Coasts the best armies
of bitulithic pavements, or the
still more exponsive wood blocks
aro laid. Cheap pavements aro
an abomination that no commu-
nirv lU'nr outs elnmr m.UI. n
qnd time.Paciiic Coast Mnnti-
hanker. . . .
Demmul dopo.lts;
Individual depMits
ktihieet tochuk .
Certilieate of do-
MMit duo ill llSM
tlum 30 day. . . .
Certified eUvck...
Ca.lilor's check out-
staiidiiiL' 10,705.00
IWnl SvliiydeiKt
i. -l.lSf5.13
State, county, or otlmr inn.
uiciiiai iieKtu kvcureii
by Hem -Id of
"UeHMitca" 20.H92.3S 118.110.20
rime uepoaiu:
CertificHte of deposit
tine on or utter uu
day 70.9M.2fi
DeMiu kubjeet to SO
or more nuy no
tice 01,023,aS 13S.597.50
Uol on your paper.
label on your paper.
Total 899.390.11
State of Oregon, I
County of Multnomah w"
1, 4. tinuKur, viuer 01 tno anovc
naunsl bank, do soleinnly swear tlwt the
auove kiaiuiiiKiti ik mm to tue tnwt ol my
1. V. Drinker. Cakhier.
SultMriuoil ami kworu to before tue
till 611. day of May, 1916.
. It, llilta. Notary intblio.
.Multnujiiah comity, Ore,
Correct Atteit: R; M, Tuttle,
A. U. Jobes,
C. K. Williams
Good groceries? Aro you satis
iled with the nualitv of tho
goods and tho brands and the
sorvice; Mow, wlien the first
of the month is coming, is tho
time to make a change if you
aro not porfectly satisfied.
Whore you caj buy every
thing of tho highest grade and
guaranteed qualities, from bar
rel of Hour to a box of tooth
picks, thoro's n good place to
trade. Givo us a trial for ono
month. Alex. S. Scales. Phono
Col. 210.
Proposals for Street Work
I Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the Recorder of the City of St.
jouns until May z&iu, 191b, ut a o'clock
p. tu., for the improvement of S. Ivnuhoc
trtct. from the eatt line of IlurlliiKtoii
street to the weft line of Kichmoiid St.
in the manner provided by Ordinance
No. 001, subject to the iroviions of the
Charter mid OrdimCpco of the City of
St Johns, and etimatc of the city engi
neer, on file.
ltiiKiueer' eUmate is ;i.HTJ.73.
lliiu must be ttrictly in accordance
with printed blank, which will be uru
ikhed On application at the office of the
Recorder of the City of St. Johns. And
aid improvement must be completed mi
or before 60 day trout the date of the
lust publication of this iiotice.
No orODOSitl or bid will lie considered
tiuleiw aceompaulcd by a certitiinl check
ptiyuulc to tue order ot tue Major 01 the
City ol bt. Johns certttuM ly a rcsjon.
bible Utnk for mi amount equal to ten
per cent, of the ncKregnte proposal.
The riuht to reject any and all bids is
hereby reserved.
iiy onlerot tue city council.
l'uhlihel in the St. fohus Review 011
May 7. U and 21, 1915.
Proposals for Street Work
cent, of the njrcL'ntc propovil.
The rllit to reject any and nil bid 1
hereby recrvcd.
Ily order of the city council.
Recorder of the city of St. John.
Published in the St. Johns Review
May 7, M aud 21, 1915.
An Ordinance Providing (he
Time and Manner of Im
proving So. Ivanhoo Street
from Hurliniiton Street to
Richmond Street In the City
of bt. Johns, Oregon.
10th and
a snown
of th
The city of St. John doe ordain a
101 low:
The council of the city of St. John
linvlng itkccrtaintxl the cost of luiDrovliiK
South Ivnnlioc street from the Hat side
Hue ot IhirliiiKtou street to the west ildi
line of Richmond street, in the city o
St. Johns, a shown by the resolution
of the council of said city, dated 01
thelSthdayof April, 191B, ami records
lit th office of the recorder of said city
ami notice thereof having (wen pulililied
in tue bt. Jolins Review, a weekly news-
per ot uenerai circulation, 011 tue
1 lays ol April,
the affidavit
KitKir, which Said al
vi 1 1 on me in tue oincc 01 tlie citv re
corder: and I Dual iotlui; of notice
such improvemeut, a khnwii by the alii
davit of the citv emduccr 011 file In the
office of city recorder; mid no sufficient
remoustruuee Having been lileti, and
as provided by said resolution, the euei
ueer's preliminary estimate of the cost of
miii improvement is fl.ib'J.tis, out snail
be more accurately determined by said
o..... .1. . f 11 1. 1 t
that s.iid street be improved and the
time for the completion of said itii-
iroveuieiit is hereby fixed atOOdaysfrom
ast publication of notice of proposals of
said work, which said projiosals must be
filel with the recorder of said city 011 or
ueiore me uotit (lav 01 .May, 1U10
Not th labal on your papr.
Sealwl proposals will le received at
the office of the recorder of the city of St.
jouns, until .May xain, ivia. at o'clock
p. m. for the improvemeut of Pittsburg
street Irom tlie uorlli line ot, crawlon
street to tue terry slip, tu manner pro
vided by ordinance .Number t0U, subject
to the provUious of the charter aud ordt
uuuctsof the city of St. Johns and the
estimate of the citv engineer 01: file.
Huiuctr's estimate is -1 ,850.29.
Kids must be strictly in accordance
with the printed blanks, which will be
furuislieil on application at the office of
the recorder ol the city of St. Johns.
Aud said improvement must be com
pleted on or before 6q days from the date
of the last publication of this notice.
No proposals orchids will beousideretl
utile accompanied by a certified check
payable to the order of the mayor of the
city of St. Johns, certified" by a rckponsi
blc bank for an amouut equal to ten per
at a o'clock, p. in, ol said day.
Tliat said street shall be improved as
as follows: lly erndimr same to the es
tablished tirade bv cut ami nil and bv
siuewaiKiii saute on elllier side wltu t
foot cement sidewalks 12 foot curbs eu
tire length, together with all uecessar
wood croswalks and catch basins, cur1
to have standard drain tile every fifty
ieet; nitcii nuus to i placed tu curb as
directed by the City Ilueiueer
The city recorder shall give notice by
puoiicatiou lor nut less tlmu tliree 111
. 1 I.. .1... O. , I ,t I
pcmuiia 111 111L- ti. joiiiis itcview, toe ui-
ficlal newspai)er. fnvitiuir proposals for
uiaKiug sain improvement.
bald improvement shall in all respects
be done ami completed In conformity
with the provisionsof Ordinances No. 163
303 and 400. except as otherwise provid
ed lu this ordlnuucc; all work to be doue
under the direction and supervision of
tne eiij engineer.
Tliat the cost of said improvement
shall be assessed against the property in
tne local improvement district des
scriled in said resolution and designated
as ami declared to be locai improve
ment District No. 127.
Passed by the council this 4th dav
01 .May, 1910.
Approved by the Mavor this 5th dav
01 .luy, 1910.
Attest: A. 15. DUNSMORE,
City Recorder.
Published in the St. Johus Review c
May 7, 1916.
The mint makes it and under the
terms of the CONTINENTAL
can secure it at 6 per cent for
any legal purpose on approved
real estate. Terms easy, tell us
your wants and we will co
operate with you.
Ptty & Company
$13 featum Btavcr, Colo.
Officers of the City of SI, Johns, Oregon
Mayor A. A. Muck
Ktcoriltr A. I!. Dunnmore
Trcflmrcr Mr. J. M.Hlmw
Attorney It. C. Orcullii
Hiitllntcr J. (). Ilurxou
City lltnltli Olllcrr-Dr. I 11 Crave
Clilel ol Police Join, Poll
llV I'ollce llrury Muck.
NIrM rollce-U. W. Nortne. J. 8. Jones.
H. C. Cook, I. II. Martin
J. H. Downey
K. (Irailen, I). Tollman
11. W. Ilonliam 11. 1,, l-crrlne
ntrceUaml Docka H. C CmIc. It. (irailen.
II. Tamnaii.
r.lctnte 1. Talliusu, I. II. Martin, H. C.
Water mid MkMK. (irailen, I. II. Martin.
11. w. imnnam.
l'limnccI. II. Martin. II. W. Ilonliam. H.
C. Coolc.
Health niul IHiUce J. H. Downey, K.
Oruilfii. O. I.. I'errine.
I.lquor I.kiiw-II. V. Ilonliam, J. H.
Downey. (J. L. rrrlna.
Iiulltllnt; anil Urounil O, I I'errine, I)
Tallman, J. S. Downey.
If I TA!L to CURE any CANCER or TUMOR I treat
bsforo It POISONS deep clsnds tritticlu tikwi
Ho X.ltay or oilier
swindle. An Inland
riant makes t tie riiun
Mil'llil w
FOR RENT card at this affiM.
Tho city of St. Johns does or
(lain ns follows:
The Council of the City of St
Johns, hnvinir ascertained the
cost of improving Pittsburg
street from tho North side Hno
of Crawford street to tho Ferry
Slip in tho City of St. Johns, ns
shown by the resolution of tho
Council of said city, dated on
tho Gth day of April. 1915. and
recorded in the omce of the Re
corder of said city, and notice
thereof having been published
in tho at. Johns Keview.n week
ly newspaper of general circula
tion. on the 9th and 10th days of
April, as shown by the attndavit
of tho foreman of said paper,
which said affidavit is on file in
the oflico of the City Recorder
and legal posting of notices of
such improvements, as shown
by tho affidavit of tho City Engi
ncer on file in the oflico of the
City Recorder, and no sufficient
remonstrance having been filed
and as provided by said resolu
tion the Engineer's preliminary
estimate of the cost of said im
provement is $4S50.29, but shall
be more accurately determined
by said Engineer.
Now. therefore, it is hereby
ordered that said street be im
proved and tho time for the com
pletion of said improvement is
hereby fixed at sixty days from
the last publication of notice of
proposals of said work, which
said proposals must be filed with
the Kecorder of said city on or
before the 2oth day of May at
ight o'clock, p. m., of said day.
That said street shall be im
proved as follows. By grading
same to the established grade by
cut and nil and by sidewalkmg
same on either side with 6 foot
cement sidewalks, 12 foot curbs
ntire length, together with all
necessary crosswalks and iron
gutters and by laying a 6 inch
Standard concrete pavement be
tween the curbs, curb to have
standard drain tile every fifty
S0RC nn tlio ll, tarn
or txiily lonir it CANCtR
120PACC BOOK Sent fin
1rtlimnfala ol 10,000
CURtD. Write to noma
It always neliom dtta ilanda anil Kills OUICKIV
lVor cureif at liall prlro II cancer ii yet mull
Mm Old Dr.& Hrs.Dr.Chamley& Co,01
434 & 43C Valoncla St, Sin Franclico, Cl
feet; hitch rings to be placed in
curb ns directed by the City En
gineer. Tho City Recorder shall givo
notice by publication for not
less than three insertions in tho
St. Johns Review, tho oflldial
newspaper, inviting proposals
for making said improvement.
Said improvement shall in all
respects bo done and completed
in conformity with tho provisions
of Ordinances Nos. 1G0.802, -100
and 4G3, except as otherwise
provided in tliiB ordinance; all
work to bo done under tho direc
tion and supervision of the City
That the cost of said improve
ment shall be assessed against
the property in the local im
provement district described in
said resolution and designated
as and declared to bo "Local Im
provement District No. 120.' '
Passed by tho Council this 4th
day of May, 1915.
Approved by tho Mayor this
Gth day of May, 1915.
Attest: A. E. DUNSMORE.
Published in the St. Johns Re
view on May 7, 11)15.
107 S Jersey Street
Plumbing, Tinning
Furnace installing
Call up Columbia 92
In order to Insure a change of ad
vertisement the copy foi such chanae
should reach this office not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Please
member thl and saw th arlntar
Full blooded Barred RncU hnhv
chicks. Call at 315 W. Buchanan.