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A French Paper That Printed All tha
Government Secrete.
Homo years before tin Blent French
Revolution a printed iietvnMier used
to bo distributed In Putin iINIohIiik the
tnuHt secret event and doliipt of tlio
Nolwdy knew who the editor of the
pnper whs or whero It was printed, but
wen highest In rank or ollice wero eon
Btontly afraid they might read In the
sheet necotintB of ronvorsntlons had
with tneinhei-M of their households In
the prlvtito rooms of their own bonne
tho day before. The police wore luces
Bant In employing nil their fnellltles for
tho discovery of tlio whereaboiilH of the
After many efforts they did succeed
In unearthing tho fact that the paper
wax being printed by night on bo.ird a
ship In tho Koine, but It wum not always
tho Kiime idilp.
'I'll l.i discovery wan made about S
oVlm'k la evening. In a Heeret and
highly guarded conference held at once
the authorities decided to mid all ves
sel In tho river dining the night at the
Maine time mid In this way to capture
the mysterious printer. Time wait
lacking to make tho neeexMiiry tirnitmi
nieutH for carrying the dochdnn Into ef
fect thnt xnme nlghL Act Ion wiim there
fore poHtponed for n day.
The next morning the paper emtio nut
its usual. Hut It contained in Its hint
liner Uio following announcement: "Ah
tho neeret service resolved hint night In
mid our little printing olllce tonight,
this paper will not be published tumor
row." Now Vork I'ohL
Mere Money Cute Very Poor Figure
In the Qormsn Empire.
Mix Wylle says In her "Hlght Yearn
In (Icrmany" that contempt for mere
money In n atrlklng rharacterlitlc of the
airman people. U'eultli alone docn not
entitle I tii possessor to any Hpeuhil def
ere i ico or consideration.
"1'ho UernuinV Indifference to mon
ey, Mho declares, "amounts very netir-
ly to contempt. I nm not Hpeakliignnly
of tho aristocracy. Tho very Mhuleep-
ers themselves hnvo the Hiime feeling,
nml It ha often nimiHcd mo during tho
Christmas Hhoipliig to watch how pov
city stricken Harmless von X In Hiir
rounded by courteous, deferential at'
teinliinlM. eager to Hell her the six
penny Itiilckknaek she Iiiih tome to buy,
whero the wealthy I'rau HoHeiikmntx,
making her expensive puiehiises. re
ceives no parlleular iittentlon.
"In (lerniany you can be poor mid
lire MMirly without rep ninth. You can
live in a pirrct anil ilress nit your
niciinn allow, but you will not be Judg
ed by your garret and your shnhblness,
but by yourself, If you hnvo tin hoi.
oivd name or a Mpark of getilun the
d i mi ik of the moNt oxrluslvo circles are
opened to you. Talent and birth are
the only passwords that (icrnniu ho
clety tinderstnnds. and wealth, unless
Its owner li very tactful or In himself
Indifferent to It Is not welcomed. On
teututlon of any sort U an iiupurdoii
The Derk Continent.
in tne iignt or History It seems
trnngo to call Africa n dmk continent
When northern Kurope was a howling
wilderness nud America utterly un
known to the civilized world Africa
was n famous plnco for great cities,
Egypt was tho seat of riches and learn
lug. mid nil tho countries bordering on
the Medlltormieau tlguro largely In tho
page of snored mid profane history.
Hut a blight fell upon Africa, and nil
(he work of tho past has had to bo
done over again. Indeed. It Is only
within the past quarter century that
wo have known anything about this
wonderful country except n narrow
atrip around the coast Yet Afrlcn con
tnlns over ROOO.ixh) miles In area mid
has more than 200,000,000 Inhabitants.
-Ht. IxjuI.h Ilc-publle.
Woolner'e Tip.
Tho little tip or point that often n
pear on the Inwardly fohk-d margin
of tho hutuuit our near the top bus ri
wived the name of "Woollier" tip."
from tho sculptor Woollier, who llrsl
reproduced It In Ids bust of Darwin.
Other sculptors, though they must have
noticed the tip, never reproduced It
Darwin held that this tip was a rem
nant of n wrinkle left by the colling up
of the car mid henco a proof of man s
descent from lower animals. .New
York WorhL
The tait Word.
Ilx What noiiM-ime to say that one
can t get tlio last word with it woman;
I found It easy enough today Dlx
Tou don't ray! How did It happen)
(tlx -Why, I said to a wniuuii in the
car ".Madam, Iihvo my tft'U(,H-lotou
The FIo Pledge.
The pledge to the Hag. as taken by
the i-.,..ilrcii of the public m-IhhiIs, rutin
as -I pledge allegiance to my
tlag mi I to the country fot which It
Hands; one nation, ludlvMble, with
lli.eit.t nnd justhu for ull." New York
The Surprising Part,
"I was surprised to learn that Hone
bend had lost Ids mind."
"What was there surprising about
"Wbr, that Ids frl- nils found It out
Ttiut'o what surprlo inc." Houston
The Largest Painting.
1'arnillse." by Tintoretto. l the hint
ct painting In the world. It Is eighty
finr feet wide, thirty-three and one
hslf feet high mid in now In the doges'
palace. Venice.
Deafness Cannot llo Cured
I i local ai'liltciilli'ii, at tli ciuiol r.uli
th dltcattd iinrlluu ot tli rar. Tlirr i
cnlr one way lu cur Jt.(n, end III II
bjr rrmrdlra lurn I.
C.Ud li) (II llllUlllol I'ulllllUoll Ul 111, I1IU-
coui llnliin of iliv kiuileclilun Tul Wurn
I hit lub I iiS4iiirl yuu hv a rumbilnc
ound or liniurfrt-l hrarlnc, and whn II la clotril, ti.arnrtt u tlio n-ault, anil
mliu th Innmiimaltun can bo ttken out
Hid I hit tube, iriliind la Its normal condi
tion, hrarlns will lo dtlroxtJ forcvar. nlua
rt out of If n ar taund by Catarrh,
which la nothlnir but an luiUin.d condition
cf the mucous surfaca.
W "III give Ona llundrad Pollers tor any
est ot Daafnta tcauaad by catarrh) that
cannot b cur.d by Halt's Catarrh Cur,
and lor circular, (r.
T. J. CIIENEV CO.. Toltdo, Ohio.
Hold by Drucslsts. lie.
TUt Utll VaulJy J'llli fvr cesxtlpatloB.
Uelng Paper ae a Toothpick le a Dan
gerou Practice,
One of the most diiiigerotiH little
trlcliM that men and women do U to
take a bit of paper, torn from an en
velope or newspaper, and try to run It
J.etwcen the teeth to remove some little
particle of food that the tongue feelH.
If you want to be mire of trouble with
your guuiH continue thl practice, and
sooner or later rather sooner than
Inter you will secure a splendid cane
of Infection of tho gunw that will send
you to the dentist In a hurry, and may
(mine more than one sleepless night
The bit of paper ti.tyd In thin way,
Intnidiired edgewise between the teeth.
In worse than nny toothpick, or other
Instrument, for mnny reasons, In tho
first place the tdiarp edge of the paper
Is most apt to make a cut In tho gum,
mid Hi so doing It Is nlmnst sure to
enrrv Into the circulation at least snrao
of the initny germs clinging to It.
Again, the chemicals used In the mak
ing of im per nre far from edible, but In
addition to these the newspaper may
have picked up a variety of gernw
from tliiwe who hnvo handled It or
from the dust that hns blown upon It
while exposed for sale.
The Map of the envelope, which Is
so "hnndy" a bit to use for the teeth.
tuny have touched the lips of some
one with tonsllltls. or even with tuber
culosis. New York American.
A Olossom Changod the Roving Camp
Into a Permanent Home.
The difference between u home and
a camp Is a blossom. Until (lowers
were planted a bout the abode of men,
until blooms were cultivated, there
were no permanent homes, no llxcd
places of ubodo. Tenta were struck
and a new location sought Attach
ments were not fiymetl for localities.
We were it wandering, ahlftless, com-
foitlc lot tiulll a woman trudged In
from the thicket mid planted n vino or
shrub or (lower about tho tent and
culled It home.
It Nils u woman, of course. Man, In
his coarseness, never thought of stick
lug u stem Into the earth and nurtur
ing it plant that he might have color
ami fragrance forever In his ptesenco.
Only the woman could have thought
of that
And since the llrst good dav when
the woman planted u Mower mid loved
It Into blossoming, the home has been
a fixity. It has been a center of tho
affections. The building may be de
stroyed, tho Individual members of tho
family may be scattered to the four
winds, but the home renin I n n tlx
Hire In the meinory-and the blossoms
do not fade or wither lu tho mind.
Columbus Dispatch.
A Clover Clrd.
People who Iced the wild birds In
winter llml that the birds soon come to
know them, A friend of mine used
every morning to nip mi ICngllsh wal
nut on the sill of his open window. ,
white breasted nuthatch knew the slg
mil ami would lly to his hand mid taku
the nut meat from between his lingers.
Sometimes my frlt-nd used to hold the
tint meat tightly mid make the lilnl
work to get It. One morning the nut
hatch, hammering at the tightly held
morsel, struck the holder's thumb tit
the base of the null The Mow hurt.
mid Involuntarily tho lingers purled
ami released the meat. The next morn
ing, without any preliminaries, the nut
hatch hammered ut the sumo place
lie knew, ami he had leal mil his les
son lu one session too, It Is a smart
boy that docs us wcll.-YVInthrop Tack
urd In Our Dumb Animals.
Marital Diplomacy.
Plunger I felt awfully sorry for a
poor guy down at the exchange today
lie loht .".M 011 cotton, and all the
boys were guying him. and as he start
ed off home they taunted htm with the
prediction that his wife would land on
him roughshod. The pisii . hiip acted
as though he felt prelt) Unlit aliotii It
Mrs. Plunger iniuip.itliethulb i I'ooi
fellow No doubt ho um-iI his best udg
itient. mid If his wife tut us on lilm lie
in 11 ho of Ids rev crocs ie h nm worth)
to bo called wife. Hut who was the
mini? Plunger-Why er-lt was me.-
Wouiau's Home Companion
A Trouble Eicape.
"You'll escape much tumble In this
lieio world, my boy," said Hie Hill villi
parent, "If you II turn down all con
tracts for nilslif of the piace whero
the devil lives ut. Wheiever It Is, It s
right where It orter be. an' ef It needs
any mUlii' the devil himself Is more
ci)tiiHletit to 'tend to that business
than what you'll ever be" Atlautu
Wit of the Force.
The iHillcemau had u gambler by the
arm mid was walling fur the patrol
wagon to arrive.
Winn are you lining?" asked a
friend of the ntiicer who happened to
be passing.
"I am holding u card party," replied
the cop. Iioston Transcript.
His Mad Method.
"How Is It thai Itlluks always comes
off first et In arguments with his
lie states tils case first and then
walks oCT." -Philadelphia Unlger.
"She's a very suivrlor person."
That so? In what way?"
"She mys more for her eowns than
uv other woman In the club." )e-
rolt l-'ree Press.
Who overcomes by force hath over
come but half Ids foe. -Milton.
(MirgB Does
il vW Off, Lasts
H l 4 Times as
H V Loaf si Otsirt,
M Sti Work.
P Get a
Can Today I
8treet Sewers In China Mend Torn
Garment- Whllo You Walt.
In mnny towns of China one may
have tils garmentH mended on tho
street and "whllo ho waits." Nntlvo
sewing women are to be seen on low
(tools perhaps on the sidewalks mend
ing articles of innsciillno uttlre.
The accomplishments of these street
seamstresses are somewhat limited,
their efforts with the needle being for
the most part confined to "running."
Other brunches of needlework nro prac
tically unknown to them. As a conse
quence their efforts ate better appreci
ated by native workmen than by for
eign travelers.
They are never short of patrons
among tho former, for these are often
natives of other districts and, having
come to tho city to engage In business.
have no one to mend n rent for them.
Their wives being left at home, they
are glad to avail themselves of the
services of tho street needlewomen.
I'or this elass of customers the skill of
the Itinerant sowing women answers
every purpose.
(ienerally speaking, these women are
wives of boatmen and laborer who
live In the houseboats which line the
creeks of many Chinese cities and
towns, and their needles nre a great
help toward the solution of the prob
lem of maliiteuaiieo In a crowded city
or town, Washington Htnr
Where Modern Melhode Have Driven
Out the Safety tamp.
Ill sumo of the more progressive mid
larger mines, the miner's lamp has be
come a thing of the past lu Its stead
the dark passages mid work chambers
are Illuminated by electricity The
mines nre wired and lighted with nil
the luxurious effectiveness of the mod
ern homo. Ik-sides making their tin
dci'ground employment less oppressive
to the miners, the Illuminated mine
offers consldernbln advantage In the
way of better work und'ess exposure
to danger.
With motor operated coal cars, n tele
phone system mid Instruments for the
detection of gas dnngcr, the up to date
mine I decidedly a more pleasurable
place to work lu than of old. In order
to make the lighting more thorough
the walls of the peinmnetit passages.
of the oltlces, of the entries and, where
mules nre used, of the mule stables,
nre frequently whitewashed. Only
tungsten filament lamps are used
Weather proof enameled reflectors nre
employed for the distribution of light
The problem of lighting the mines.
however, Is dllllcult. presenting nil the
conditions which the Illuminating en-
tlneer looks upon with disfavor low
black ceilings, black walls, dust, smoke
mid dampness. Chicago News.
Daiebnll 8lano Dojten.
Hnseball fans lire slangy In their
baseball talk. Their slnug Is plctur-
e-opie mid finely descriptive, but for
real unadulterated slang you must give
the trapshooters the palm IJsten to
this from n well known gunner:
"Ve-i. sir. I toed the tiring line, put
the Iron to my shoulder, drew it hum
dinger from the lx and killed It. Tho
ipcoud sail er was it la.y boy. Hying
straight away, but I went to sleep
ami the piucon nested lu the grass,
The next mud pie sailed to left quar
ter, but the old pea shooter simply
knocked the fur. tiff. The fourth dicky
bird was smothered as soon us It was
hatched Then u cripple Muttered out
mid died Next came a right wheel
lug Htteaker. and I pulvcrUcd It"
Fair Warning-
A farmer engaged Pat to mow n
small Held of hay, mid on giving him it
new scythe told him It was such it good
one that he need only put the olut of
It In the hay mid It would cut by Itself
Pat set off to his work, mid about mid
day, when the farmer camo to see how
Pat was getting on, he found hi in Bit
ting In 11 corner of the Held with one
end of the si.vthe In the hay. This so
eimiL'i-d the farmer that lie went for
Pat. who, on seeing him, Immediately
"Keep Ixick. keep back! Yu don't
know the minute she's going to sturtl"
United 8tate Liwi.
All act when pnei-od by both houses
of congress and slgueil by the prel
iieui necomes it law. ir ut uuy in e
thereafter questions of Its coustltuilr-t
illty urh-o the matter ts settled by the
supreme court I he court has moie
than ome declared acts of congress
iiucoiihiliuitoual, as, for instance, the
civil rights" blll.-New York Atnerl
Clltl. .
After the Asiay,
I understand you got several hun
dred wedding gifts."
"Wo did At llrst I thought I'd tuive
to Idle a safe deposit vuull, but after
going over the hi tiff we simply stored
em lu a Imrrcl lu the cellar." Iouis-
vlllo Courlor-Joui'iiaL
The Only Chance.
"Hurry, (ioorgo. or we will bo Into
to the picture show
"Oh. we don't wiiul to gel l hero be
fore It stuns,
"Ye, we do, loo If we don't I can't
see whnl the other women are wear
Pa'e Definition.
Ienfnnt rnther, what Is n "sepul
enrol" tone of voice? Lit I'ere Thnt
means to speak gravely. Dart mouth
Jarko'-Ut litem.
A hopeless man Is deserted by him
self, nnd he who deserts himself I
soon deerted by his friends.
In oror to Insure a rhanoe of Aft I
vertieement the copy f0. such changi
should reach this office not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p, m, Please
mmhi this mnti uua the arlntai
Full blooded Barred Rock hnhvln
chicks, Call at 315 W. Buchanan.
Ncu tha Ubl on your EEr,
Our Large Stock of Groceries and Crockery
Is Moving at the
Closing Out Prices
We are making it possible for you to reduce the HIGH
Our stock was large; is still large. What you see in
the display room is but a small part. A week ago our
basement and ware house were full of the best quality of
Groceries, of Brooms, Wash Tubs, Boilers, Wash Boards
and Staple Crockery and Glass Ware.
We need the cash and we need the room now occupied
Mt. Vernon
Royal White
Canned Pine
Baker's Cocoa,
'A Saving of - - 1.83
A Saving of about 23 per cent on the regular price. Where else can you invest $7.88 and make $1.83?
In addition to these goods there are hundreds of other articles at like reductions.
Cane Sugar, 16 lb. for $1.00, Beet Sugar, 18 lb. for $1.00, Potatoes, $2.30 per Sack
Proposals for Street Work
Sealed orotioiuila will 1m; rrcclvt-d at
the ollice of the recorder of the city of St.
Johui, until May lib, 1015, at 8 o'clock
it. ui. for the improvement ol North
Mutes Mrcct from the Center line ol
I'hiliulelphln street to the center Hue
of Callln street, in the nmnuc-r pro
vided bv Ordinance Ntimls-r G50, itibji-ct
to the provisions of the charier and ordi
nance, of the city of St. John mid the
e.tlumtc of the city engineer on tile.
Kiigiiii-cra e.tlumtc it j i.ivu.w.
Ulils must be strictly lu accordance
with the printed hlituks, which will be
furiil.lied on application at the ollice ol
the recorder ot the city of St, Johna,
And said Improvement mint be com
pleted on or before 6o days from the date
of the hnt publication of this notice.
iso proK)wiuori)i(is win ne coiutnereii
unless accompanied by a certified check
M).itite to I lie onlcr ol tlie mayor ol tlie
city of St. Johns, certified by it rciponsl
Me an ,,or tt " l"i " 1'"
cent, of the aggregate proposal.
I lie rlglit to reject nny ami all bills I
hett-by ieerved,
ny order ot tne city council,-
Recorder of the city of St. JoUiti.
I'nbli.hed in the St. Johns Review
April ltl, 23 and 30, 1015
Proposals tor Street Work
Sealed proiw&aU will be received at the
ollice of the Recorder of the Citv of rit.
Johns until May 4th, 1916, at a o'clock
p. m., for the improvement of Ivanboe
atrtt-i, Iroiii the North line of l'hlludel-
Hinla street to the Center llneof Catlln St.
n the manner provided by Ordinance
No. 055, subject to the provisions of the
Charter mid Ordinances of the City of
St Johns, mid estimate of the city engi
neer, on tile.
KngiiitTr's estimate is
Iliils must be strictly in accordance
with printed blanks, which will be furn
ished 011 npjdicatton at the office of the
Recorder ot the City of St. Johns. Atid
ftjii.l iititimv-t-tiieiit must tit- mintilt-tpft ,iti
, before 6.1 ,lavs from the date of tin-
hast publication of this notice.
jso proposal 01 uius will be considered
unless uccompuuied by a certified check
pa) able to the order of the Mayor of the
Citv 01 M. loiius cerittien ny u rvspou
slble Uiiik lor an amount equal to ten
percent, of the aggregate proposal.
The right to reject any and all bids is
liervny reserved.
lly order ot tlie Cltv council.
Published lu the St. lohns Review 011
April 16, 23 ami 30, 1915.
The undersigned administra
tor, in pursuance of an order of
tho Court, hereby gives notice
that he will sell at public sale on
Thnrsrlnv. Mnv 27fh. nt 2n'idnpl
fVia net rlncnoi kail
property, for cash cash: Lots 5
and b. Hlock b. I'oint View Ad
dition to the City of St. Johns.
being the property of Anna West
lund, deceased. The sale will
take place on the premises.
t c,..' Ann,.. a.i'.
Published in the St. Johhs Re.
view April 23. 30. May 7. 14.and
by the groceries tor other lines. Our loss is your gam.
" " u
Soap.per Bar, "
for 25c,
Apple, ' Can, "
The amounts mentioned here foot regular price $7.88
Closing Out Price - 6.05
In the Circuit Court of tlie State
of Oregon for Multiiotnuli County.
J. A. Locke, Plaintiff, vs. Jessie
A. Locke. Defendant.
To Jessie A. Locke, Defendant
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby required to
appear nnd answer the complaint
filed oKninst you in the above en
titled Court and cause within six
weeks Irotn the first publication of
this summons, to wit: On or be
fore the lytli day of March, 1915.
and if you tail to appear or uuswer,
for want thereof, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief as
prayed for in this complsiut, to wit:
Kor a decree dissolving; the bonds
of matrimony heretofore and now
existing between plaintiff nnd de
fendant, and for such other and
further relief as to the court mav
seem equitable.
This summons is made and pub
lished pursuant to an order of the
Hon. Robert G. Morrow, presiding
Judce of the above Court, sinned
utid entered on the 17th day of
March, 1915,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
1026 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon,
Date of first publication March
9 9I5; date of last publication
April 30, 1915.
Notice of Cost of Improvement
Notice is hereby given that the assess
ment for the improvement of Macrum
revenue, from the southerly city limits to
the O. W. K. & N. Compauy's Kight of
Way, the total cost of which
is 539,42, was declared by Ordinance
No. 057. entitled "An ordinance declar.
inc the cost of inmroviUL- Macrum )
avenue from the southerly city limits to
tne u. w. K. &c n. wo.'s Kigttt ot Way,
and assessing the property benefited
thereby, declaring such assessment and
directing the entry of the same in the
Docket of City Mens."
The cot of said improvement is levied
upon all the lots, parts of lots and par
cels of laud within the boundaries of the
district described as follows; lie t ween
the southerly city limits and the O. W,
K, & N. Company's Right of Way.
A statement of such assessment has
been entered in the docket of city liens
April 14, 1915, and said assessment
is now due and payable at the office of
the recorder ol the citv of St. Totins. Dr.
egon, and will be delinquent and bear
interest alter April 4, 1915, and if not
paid on or before Mav 14. 1915. iro.
ccnuues win oe taiccu lor toe collection
of the same by sale of property as pro-
viucii uy mc city citarter.
Published in the St. Johns Review ou
April 1G and 23, 1914.
Uriu in your Job printing wttll
you think of It Don't, wait until you
are eutlrnlj out. W art) sulpped
rn turn out bam and tsaty prlatlBt:
""mull. nvtln4 n.lM) nr tan.
ising Out Prices 7 1-2C, Saving on 10 Cans
" u " 4c,' "10 Bars
" " " 17c, " " 6 Can
ii a 11 iyC) 11 11 6 ii
11 11 i 20c ii 11 6 u
i it 20C) u j 11
" " " 24c,' 41 " i Bar
Central Market!
20S S, Jersey Street
See un for Ilie ClioJf Cuti ol
the Best Meats Obt.iinuble.
Oraer flflcd and rmnlty Trad SaHdUel.
T. P. WARD. Proprietor.
Meets every l'ridav night at
T.lo o'clock In lllCKNUR
y llall. visitors always weu
We buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
List your property with us if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
Transfer and Storage
We deliver your goods to and frorr.
all pcrts of Portland, Vancouver, Ltnn
ton, Portland and Suburban Express
Co., city dock and all points accessible
W con Plan ami fernHm atavlag
Does Building, Remodeling,
Cabinet Work, Painting and
Papering, Signs. General Re
pairing and Saw Filing at the
Variety Work Shop
114 E. Burlington Sireel
Leave vrotil t Ponhom & Currl'r'i, Phone
Col. 31, or St. Johut lUrtlwarc Co., t'hone
Cot. JJ.
Plumbing and Gas
Job work promptly attended to.
Phone Columbia 518
109 Borr Street St, Jo&bs, Oregon
The following list of legal blanks
are kept for sale at this office and
others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mort
gages, Satisfaction of Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Bills
of Sale, Leases.
. 6c
Physician and Surgeon.
Day A Nliht Office In McCbeaiMy alk.
SL JebAe,
Rooms 7 and 8
Holbrook iiuilding ST. JOHNS
Office Hours 9-12 to 1:30-7
' Sunday 9-11
Office Phone Columbia 140
Resident Phone Columbia 274
Phone Columbia 51
First National Hank bulldln.
McDonald Building
Firat National Dank Building
L. 0. GRAVES, M. D,
Plnsician and Surgeon
Office Phone Columbia 10
Residence Phone Columbia 4
402 N. Jersey Street
Abstracts of Title Prepared
Titles Examined
Phone Columbia 255
A. P. and A. M.
Meets the first and thin!
Wedtiesdayof each mouth
In Pickner's Hall. Vlsi
tors welcome,
Chas. A. Fry, W. M,
A. W, Davis. Secretary,
No. 186 I. O. O. e
UmU each Monday evening- fas 0U Pal.
lows hall at 8:00, A cordial welcom m
all visiting brothers.
Joins J. Goodman. Noble Grand
A. M. Downer. Vice Grand
iohn severs Brc. Stc.
UlU Gltaoinr. VUt, Skc
U.V, curk, Tress,
'21, 1915.
Nta Uta ttui a your