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'Spring Necessities
Our Special Hnsy Terms BarRnhis for the week include just
t what you need for spring and mu miner.
Refrigerators, Oak Case, White Enamel
Lining $10.00 to $28.00
$1.00 Down, $1.00 a Week
Lawn Mowers, Some fine Ones. .$4. to $7
50c Down, 50c a Week
Garden Hose, 50 ft. Length. .$3.35 to $11
$1.00 Down, $1.00 a Week
Washing Machines $7 to $16.50
$1.00 Down, ?2.50 a Alonth
Express Wagons and Velocipedes
25 per cent OFF
Ormandy Bros.
May 4th to May lltli
!'hynloltui mid Sirfooi
Drugs Furnished
Glasses Accurately and Scientifically Fitted
107 S Jersey Street
Plumbing, Tinning
furnace Installing
Call up Columbia 92
Notice of Appointment of
Notice is hereby given that
he undersigned. Mabel Clair
Lee. has been duly appointed ex
ecutrix of the Last Will and
Testament and of the estate of
Miry E. Crawford, deceased, by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Multnomah County
and that she has duly qualified
as such. Now therefore all per
sons having any claims against
the said estate or against the
said decedent are hereby noti
fied and required to present the
sama together with the proper
vouchers and duly verified as by
law required to the undersigned
executrix at her residence at
Woodstock, in said Multnomah
County, Oregon, within six
months from the date of the first
publication of this notice, or. be
forever barred.
Dated April 8th, A. D. 1915.
of the-Last Will and Testament
of Mary E. Crawford, deceased.
B. A. Kliks. McMinnville,
Oregon, Attorney for executrix.
f OR ItENT card at thla office ,
' IB '
We nre nucnts for Sherwin
Williams Paints, the best
Paints made. We have n
complete stock of Varnishes,
Stuius and Huuuiels.
Wc arc giving Double
Stamps with all Paints
and Varnishes Purchased
Next Week.
City of St. Johns, Ore.
Sealed proposals will bereceiv
eJ b.v the undersigned nt his
office in the City of St. Johns,
Oregon, until five p. m. on the
fourth day of May, 1915, for the
sale of tho whole or any part of
bonds of tho City of St. Johns
issued under Ordinance No. 058
at not less than.par tlnd accrued
Said bonds to be dated as fol
lows: $3223.70. December 12. 1911.
740,91. March 13, 1915.
Amounting in all to $390-1.01.
All of said bonds are issued in
denominations of Five Hundred
Dollars or less, and all of the
said bonds are payable ten years
after date of said bonds. All of
said bonds are Coupon bonds
bearing interest at the rate of
six per cent, payable semi-annually,
subject to all the condi
tions imposed, directed, and
stipulated by Section 131 of the
Charter of the city of St. Johns.
Tho right is reserved to re
deem any and all bonds at any
interest paying period at or
after ono year after date.
All bids must be accompanied
by a certified check for two per
cent of the amount of the bid, and
the said chock shall hn nnvnhle
to the City of St. Johns, and the
S.l -1 I. 1 - . i. 1 1 I
swu chuck anau uu ruiuineu uy
the City of St. Johns as dam
ages in case the bidder to whom
the bonds are awarded fails to
accept and pay for the same with
in fifteen days after the accept
ance of the bid.
The money is to be paid and
the bonds are to be delivered at
St. Johns, Multnomah County,
The right is reserved by the
Council to reject any and all
Published in the St. Johns Re
view April IG.23,30, 1915.
Not th Ubtl on your papr.
Local News.
Send in your news items.
H. J. Wirth is having an at
tractive residence erected on Ti
oga street.
Subject for Christian Science
Lecture Sunday: Everlasting
The Psychology club will meet
with Mrs. Scott Kellogg next
Monday afternoon at 2:30.
Mrs. J.C. Scott has returned
from a very pleasant two weeks'
visit with her son und farm v at
M1I. 11 . .
ine lauies rest room on
North Jersey street where the
cars stop has been completed,
ana is an attractive room.
Tho now citv council is hnnd.
unc municina matters in ox.
cellont style, and everything is
working smoothly and sntisfac.
R. W. McKeon. nftur snnnrlinc?
tno past month or so at Cannon
Beach and other seashore re
sorts, returned to St. Johns last
week. He looks as if the outing
nigniy agreed with him.
I" Five hundred miles of Germans,
Five hundred miles of French,
And English, Scotch and Irish-
All fighting for a trench:
And when the trench is taken,
And manv thousands a am.
The losers, with more slaughter.
Kctake the trench again. Ex.
The numerous friends of for
mcr city attorney. Thad. T. Par
ker. will regret to learn that ho
suffered a stroke of paralysis
f riuay ot last week, and has
been mute ill since. An carlv
anu complete recovery is earn
estly hoped for by his hosts of
C. E. Williams of Colorado
Springs made the Review office
a pleasant call Tuesday. Ho was
a former resident of Pennsvlva
nin. a native o! the same county
as the editor. In company with
his wife ho has been making a
tour of the Pacific coast, and
took in the Fair at San Francisco
before coming to Portland.
The friends of Mrs. Mabel Mc-
KidJy wh'h to express their
thanks to the Oregon Grape Oil
cle, No. 511. for promptness In
payment of $1,000 insurance and
!M)0 funeral benefits. Also for
tho kindness of tho members of
the Circle during her illness and
death. G. H. McKce has been
appointed guardian of tho four
small children by the Court.
Mr.Elnstein was about to take
the train for a long journov. nnd
was busy giving his fain y or
ders. At tho last moment, when
it was thought ho had finished,
ho turned, after takincr a look
at his youngest son, and said to
his wife. 'Und m ini. Bcckv.
save A bio's new glasses all you
can. Von ho ain't lookin' at
nodding in particular, dakc dem
on." ban I'rancisco Argonaut.
On July 5. Portland will enter
tain a distinguished party of
business men nnd financiers from
China who will visit this section
on a gonerai business survey
of tho Pacific Northwest. Ore
gon's Oriental trade In grain,
lumbe nnd manufactured rro
ducts has bi'en increasing in im
portancu for several years, large
ly us the result of a visit of
prominent business men to Chi
na, and the visit here in July
will bo in tho nature of a return
Tho Knights of Pythias and
their friends had a most enjoya
ble time in Bickner Hnll last
Friday evening, in which danc
ing and speech making were the
leading features. Frederick S.
Attwood. thrice Grand Chancel-
tor of Minnesota, made tho fin-
est and most interesting address
ever heard in the hall, and was
thoroughly appreciated by tho
assembled crowd. Many old timo
dances were in evidence, ns
well as tho modern ones, and the
occasion was thoroughly enjoy
ed by all.
The people of St. Johns should
feel proud of its paid firemen.
Messrs. Mackey and Peterson.
They are always on the job, and
when an alarm is turned in, it
is surprising the celerity with
which they get the truck out
and reach the scene of the con
flagration. And when they get
there they know just what to do
and how to do it to get the best
result. The fire department as
a whole is a credit to tho city,
and have saved many thousands
$f dollars
from going up in
Good groceries? Are you satis
fied with the quality of the
goods and the brands and the
service? Now, when the first
of the month is coming, is the
time to make a change if you
are not perfectly satisfied.
Where you can buy every
thing of the highest grade and
guaranteed qualities.from a bar
rel of flour to a box of tooth
picks, therVs a good place to
trade, uive us a trial for one
month. Alex. S, Scales. Phone
Col, 210.
If your eyes are troubling you
see Dr. Gilstrap.
"Watches" made over into
'Time-pieces" at reasonable
rates at Rogers', 309 N. Jersey
Patent Medicines and Toilet
Articles; we have them all at cut
rate prices. The St. Johns Phar
Mrs. J. V. Scott left Wednes
day morning for a two or three
weeks' visit with relatives and
friends in Tacoma and. Seattle.
Alex. S. Scales, popular irroccr.
Good groceries, right prices and
good service. That s all.
Phone Columbia 210. 601 Fes-
senden street.
Protect your young "chicks by
using Instant Louse Killer, and
make them grow by using Hess'
Panacea. You can get it at the
St. Johns Pharmacy.
Found A purse. Owner may
have same by proving property
and paying for ad. Call 312
Trumbull street, after G p. nv
W. W. Sanderson.
Auto tor hire by day. hour or
trip, at very reasonable rates.
Good opportunity for parties of
four or less to make a trip into
the country at a low price. II.
M. Waldref.G0JFessenden street,
Phono Columbia 200.
Mrs. A. M. Purknpilo desires
to publicly express her sincere
a a 1
thanks to all who aided her in
securing, atrip to the World's
Fair at San I'rancisco through
the Lauthers' Mercantile Com
pany's contest, and assures one
and all that their kindness in
her behalf is deeply appreciated.
A UARGAIN. The Willamina
State Bank, Willamina, Oregon,
oilers on quick sale, for short
time only, the two story house
and three lots at 718 N. Edison
atreet, and house and one lot at
911 N. Hayes street, in St. Johns,
both for $,'1000.
No trade.
They never save,
they waste
Their money, and then try to
borrow :
They always want to spend to
Tho coin they hope to earn to
morrow. Harry Wilson, night editor and
assistant managing editor of
the Philadcplha Record while in
Portland last week said that the
Rose Festival was better known
throughout the East than the
Panama exposition at San Fran
cisco and says Oregon is secur
ing much desirable publicity
this year as a result of tho fiesta
and tho city beautiful campaign.
A delegation of Oregon City
firemen paid a visit to tho St.
Johns department Monday night,
making tho trip by automobiles.
Those who made tho trip were:
Fire Chief I'rost, Harry Bradley,
Joe Bealiau,L.A. Noble, Al Cox,
Gera d Warner. I-rnnk Schoen
born, Francis McGaughcy, Char
es Nichols. J. W. Schertizinger.
J. H. Sheldon. Bob Austin, 1 rank
Kool nk. Henry Henrickson.
William Prieboand Ilnrry Seiler.
A movement has been started
for the completion of tho works
of tho Portland Cement Compa
ny nt Oswego, which has been
at a standstill for nearly three
years. Tho buildings are ready
for tho machinery nnd tho mate
rials are at hand from which to
make n high grade of cement.
It is stated that recent sales of
stock havo been mado amount
ing to over $300,000 nnd that the
company has $50,000 on deposit.
If the plant is put into operation
it will be tho only cement mill
between Bollingham. Washing
ton, and points in California,
Tho plan inaugurated about
three months ago by tho Port
land Union Stockyards whereby
tho school children of Oregon,
Washington nnd Idaho, by sign
ing a 10 month note at u per
cent, could rccoivo high grado
sows already bred and treated
for cholera, has met with such
unexpected success that it has
been necessary to call a confer
ence of the raisers of stock of
that class to devise meanB for
filling all tho applications for
stock. It is believed this cam
paign will be nation-wide in its
effects on the industry.
Monday evening, Miss Mary
Gagen. one of St. Johns' most
beautiful girls, and the oldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Gagen of this city, was united
in matrimony to Mr. George
Haytias. a well and favorably
known young man of St. Johns.
The wedding was solemnized
by Rev. Joseph O'Brien, at the
home of the bride's aunt. Mrs.
T. P. Murphy, 365 Halsey street.
The bride looked charming in
her wedding gown of white
voile, and wore a wreath and
veil. She carried a bouquet of
white carnations. Mr. Michael
Finn was best man.' The bride
was attended by her two sisters,
Misses Bessie and Helen Gagen.
Miss Bessie wore a pale blue
voile, and Mibs Helen wore a
pale pink organdy. Each carried
an arm bouquet of pink carna
tions. The house was beauti
fully decorated for the occasion.
The happy young couple will
make their home in St. Johns,
the groom having provided a co
zy home, of his own at 028 Wil
lamette boulevard. A.
Not th Uol on your paper.
See Dr. Gilstrap. about your
Picture framing done at Portland
prices nt II. .P. Clark's, the furni
ture man. Adv.
Now is the time to spray your
roses with Nicotine Rose Spray.
Get it at the St. Johns Phar
For Sale Houshold furniture
and five room house, lot 100x100
'lo l Kast Richmond street. Wi
i i
oe sola at a bargain uy owner,
A. J. Uuler.
The Debonair Club was enter
tamed by Mrs. Alex. Scales last
ween. Dainty refreshments were
served. The club was entertain
ed by Mrs. Markle on Thursday
ot this week.
Notice I deliver croceriesanv
place in St. Johns. Deliveries
are .made four times a day, at
a. m. ana 1U n. m. and l n. in
and 4 p. m. Yes, my solicitors
call if desired. A. S. SCALES
Phone Columbh 210: 501 Fes
senden street.
Regular Mothers' Meeting of
the W. U. 1. U. will be held a
the home of Mrs. W. R. Hollen
beck, Monday, May 3rd, at2:30,
Residence corner Hayes and A
ta street. Program and 10 cent
tea. Come and bring your
gn. Lome
. The Quid Li
bet Club met nt
the homo of Mrs. Morrow on Jer
soy street Tuesday of last week
Mrs. Morrow entertained her
tfuests with two interesting
readings. Dainty refreshments
were served. Mrs. Charles Muck
will bo hostess for the club on
Tuesday next.
I'UU salw. i win sen on
easy terms nt a bargain my hal
acre of choice garden land with
'small house in St. Johns only
two blocks from car line. Wouu;
accept a modern live passen
ult0 ns Wt payment. W
have you to oiler? For particu
lars, sec Dr. Gilstrap.
The A la bon hour Bridge Club
was delightfully entertained at
the home of Mrs. Tuthill on Lnr-
rabco street, Portland, at the
last meeting. Delicious refresh
ments were served. Mrs. P. II.
Edlcfscn is hostess for the club
Any ono knowing of a case of
destitution in St. Johns arc re
quested to communicate with
Mrs. IS. IS. Gambce. Mrs. E. S.
uurncr. Airs, w, j. unstrap or
mm mm
Mrs. A.W. Markle. and tho mat
tor will ho given prompt atten
tion by the (juid Libct club.
St. Johns United Evangelical
church: Sunday school at 10 a.
m. ; worship at 11, theme. "You
Are One of Them." Sunday
evening tho K. L. C. E. will
meet at 7 o'clock. A pleasant
and profitnbln hour can bo spent
with the young people at this
tme. Bishop W. II. Fouko of
Nnnorville. III., will sneak at 8
o'clock. You are invitod to all
these services. A. P. Lnyton,
I'ho Parent-Teachers' circle of
the North School held their reg
ular meeting on Tuesday after
noon in the North School build
ing. Mrs. Wright read n very
excellent paper on tho "White
Lifn for Two." Iho program
consisted of piano solo by Miss
Kennedy, a reading by Mrs.
Behnko. songs by pupils of Mrs.
Wright's room, and Mother
Goose rhymes by the little ones
of Miss Stevens' room In cos
The city of Linnton voted to
mergo with Portland Monday by
a voto of 109 in favor and 81
ngainst. Portland will probably
vote on taking Linnton into that
city at tho Juno election. The
Portland Commissioners, it is
said, will not order tho measure
on tho ballot unless petitions re
quiring them so to do nro circu
lated and properly signed, winch
will likely bo done. Linnton by
a voto of 150 to 99 carried a
$50,000 water, bond issue. Judge
J. E. Williams helped to canvass
tho vote.
Tho ladies of the St.Clement's
parish will give a May Day danco
in the St. Clement hall, Monday
evening, May 30th, at which cot
ton dresses will bo worn by the
ladies. The event promises to be
a most enjoyable one. Tho pat.
ronesses are Mesdames J. W.
Mackey, E. E. Gambee, E. W.
McLean, J. W. Atckinson, W. A.
Bennett, F.A.Rice. R.P.Thomp
son, Unas, muck, J. N. hdletsen
and A. Larrowe. Admission, 50
cents per couple; extra ladies
25 cents. A jitney will leave
the bank corner at about eight
o'clock for the accommodation
of those attending the dance.and
make n return trip about twelve
Good vegetables or do you take
anything that comes along?
There is no need of putttng up
with poor, tasteless vegetables
when you can get tho crisp, sue
culent variety always fresh at
my store. Good vegetables are
noi only more palatable, but also
more nutritious than the doubt
ful kind and they cost no more
than tho inferior kind. Alex. S.
Scales. 501 Fessenden street.
Phone Col. 210.
Not th labil on your papr.
A Bank
John N. Km.itrsiw,
A. C. Gesler of Contralln,
Wash., was a St. Johns visitor
this week.
After satisfying themselves
that St. Johns' financial condi
tion was exceptionally good, the
Portland Commissioners have
ordered that tho question of
merger be placed on tho ballot
at tho June election.
S. W. Rogers presented the
editor yesterday with two eggs
that were exceedingly Inrgc and
which were laid by a couple of
his last year's pullets. One;
measured Glx71 and 01x72 re
spectively and each weighed
four ounces, when it is known
that eggs usually average about
25 ounces to tho dozen, it will
be realized that these were un
usually large.
Tho 07th annual session of the
Willamette Baptist Association
will be held May -1-5 0 at the
Grace Montnvilla Baptist church.
Hie following delegates were ap
pointed to represent the St.
Johns Baptist church: Kev. atul
Mrs. E.J Borden, Mrs. L. II.
Shaw, Mrs. A. Foul, Mrs. Paul
Behnke, Mrs. J. II. Brannman,
Miss Hazel Evans, Miss Vida
Evans, Mr. S.J. Holt, Mrs. Julia
M. Parker. Everybody invited.
Rev. A. P. Lnyton. the new
pastor of the United Evangelical
church, and his family, were
welcomed to St. Johns Monday
night at a reception tendered
them by members of tho congro
gation and townspeople in tho
main auditorium. Rov. .J. A.
Goodc, his predecessor, who was
forced to resign becauso of fail
ing health. delivered the address
of welcomo and the new pastor
responded. Readings worn giv-
on by Miss Cordelia Cross, Mrs.
G. M. Hall and Miss Helen
Crouch. A social In tho church
basement followed, the new
pastor is a veteran of tho Platte
Ivor, Neb., conference. Be
causo of poor health he moved to
ivorott. wash., ast fall, lie
ias recently conducted evangel
istic services at Everott, Van
couver nnd vndor, wash., and
at tho Wichita church. He join
ed tho Oregon conference a few
weeks ago. With Mrs. Lay ton
and their four children ho is
now domiciled in the parsonage,
09 West John street. Journal.
An Electric iron I want to talk
aboutNo. I want to shout about
Listenl An electric iron for
tho price of $2.85 guaranteed
brever get that, guaranteed
brevcr. nnd it means just that.
All in nickel and mado by tho
oldest manufacturers of electric
heating goods in the United
Now let mo toll you that an
electrician knows an iron when
ic sees it. nnd I toll you this is
some iron. Tho makers of it,
tho American Electric Heating
Co., havo been making irons a
ong timo and havo sold millions
f them and I havo boon repair-
ng irons lor six years, guess
've repaired at least 1000, may-
ie zvw in that time, but rve
never repaired or heard of this
mako of an iron being repaired.
low's that
Let me tell you some more.
Buy your electric goods of an
electric man and you won't go
wrong. Ho knows what you
want. Again, tho best iron in
ho world for $2.85.-E. A. Gons-
man and Son, 217 N. Jersey.
Back to the Farm
Would you like to own a choice
ittlo farm in Yamhill County,
Oregon? If so, come in and see
what I can co for you. I havo a
few ' friends with cholco little
farms who wish to exchange for
City property.-Dr. W. J. Gil
strap. First National Bank Build
ing, St. Johns, uregon.
Not Ut label on your papr,
Is a business thermom
eter. It shows at all
times exactly how you
stand financially. You
will find an accouiit
with this bank a de
cided help not alone
in the conduct of your
business but in your
business standing as
well. Why not open
one and learn V
C. Knait,
Vice President
L. Down,
Assistnnt Cnsliier
1 s.
Mrs. A. W. Markle entertain
ed the Debonair club at her
homo on South Ivnnhoe street
yesterday afternoon.
Leo Cormany left this week
to accent a responsible position
near Chehalis. Wash. His manv
fronds here were sorry to see
him leave. We understand that
Ben Hoover will act as fire chief
during Ins absence.
Mr. ami Mrs. C. II. Derrle en
tertained the Jolly 'Steon club
in a pleasing manner Wednes
day evening. The game of 500
was tho principal diversion, Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Marklo winning
the first prize, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Evens tho second prize, and
Mr. and Mrs. Thew tho guest
prize. Delicious refreshments
were served.
Two fires took plnco Wednes
day in St. Johns. Tho first was
a chimney firo at the home of
Chas. Muck on Oswego street in
the morning, but it was extin
guished without doing any real
damage. Tho second was at tho
homo or John Jacques at tho cor
ner of Hudson and Mohawk
streets. This was also a chim
ney firo, but had gained mora
headway than tho other fire, and
about $50 damago had beens
wrought beforo it was extin
guished by tho chomlcnl. Ow
ing to the high wind prevailing
at the time, it was oxecodingly
fortunate that St. Johns possess
od an auto truck und alurt firo
men. otherwise much damage
would undoubtedly have unsuod.
Mr. Henry Adam llarror and
Miss Myrtle May Worthon woro
united in marriiiL'o Thuisdnv.
April 29. 1915. nt 0 p. m. nt 007
Hudson street. St. Johns, t in
homo of the olliciating clergy
man, Rov. G. W. NeUon. Thoy
were attended by Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Andrew. The groom
was for n number of years in
the employ of the O. W. R. & N.
Co.. but is now a member of tho
Andrew & Hnrror contracting
firm. Tho brido is a dauirhtor
of Mrs. A. M. Worthon of M(U
Killingsworth avenue. Portland.
She lms been a faithful operator
for tho Pacific Status Telonhono
Company for over sovon vonrs.
Sho is a charming young lady
and is held in tho highest os
toom by n largo circle of devot-
ed frionds. Tho happy and wor
thy young couple will begin
housekeeping at tho Emorson
Apartmonta on Williams avonuo
and Emerson stroet, whoro thoy
will he at homo to tholr many
Charles Hamlin Massoy astute. .
Notice is hereby uivon that
tho undersignud has boon ap
pointed administratrix of tho as
tnto of Charles Hamlin Massuv.
deceased, by the County Court
of the Stato of Oregon for Mult
nomah county, nnd has quali
fied. All porsons having claims
against the ostato aroheroby no
tified to present tho same to mo
or my attorneys, Goealin & Se
ver. 1020 Chnmbor of Commerce
building, Portland, Oregon, with
proper vouchers and duly verifi
ed within six months from date
Dated and first published Anril
23rd, 1915. Mary A. Massey.
Geoslin & Sever, Attorneys.
Last publication, May 21.1915.
The follcv.'ing list of legnl blanks
are kept for sole nt this office ami
others will tie added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds. Realty and Chattel Mort-
gaeti, hututaction ot .Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Hills
of Sale,
If in need of glasses Dr. GW-
strap will fit you and guarantee