St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, April 16, 1915, Image 2

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" Published Kror Frlder
At 117 West llnrllnirton BlrroU
"XilK Rkvikw I entered at post office
In Salut Joint. Oregon, , mall matter
oi the cconil class under tne Act ol Con
itretsofMarcuJ, 1879.
HUlemtnt o tiwntMn n minsicmttil f
tlx M. John Kflw trnultnl ! the
BU.1 14, 191 1: iMiler nii jHiMWtrr. A W. . Msr
El. Owners. A. W. Msikl anil II ; Msfklr.
Kwirn to nnd wW rltwl twlore mr lhl firl
!rol A.rll. 191$. t, i Wright. Nelsty 1'ut.lle.
Subscription price $1.00 per year.
The old set of city olHcinls
lmve been displaced by the now.
Recorder A. 12. Dunsmore nnd
Councilman R. Graden arc the
only ones retained from the for
mer administration. In pass
ins from the old to the new, it
might be well to cast a glance
backward at the work and per
sonnel of the retiring adminis
tration. The officials as a whole
have conducted a succccssf ul ad
ministration. Much good work
has been accomplished and ad
vancement made. Of the good
work accomplished, while some
may differ with us, yet we be
lieve the best act consummated
was that of securing the im
menso plant of the Western
Cooperage Co. for St. Johns. It
required the expense of a road
way to the water front from VVil
lamctte boulevard, yet personal
ly. we would favor the expendi
ture of a like amount every year
to insure as important Indus
triea. Another good act was
furnishing the unemployed with
labor at wood cutting during the
past winter. A number of
streets have been improved, arc
lights and (ire hydrants added.
and streets kept in good order.
Of course there has been the us
ual complaint bv those ever will
ing to find fault about the city
council. This is also true of any
city council that ever existed and
will bo so long aH the world shall
last. It is caused principally be
cause people fail to realize that
all councils must bo guided by
their charters and must consider
both sides of every proposition.
But it would bo u most difficult
thing for nny man to point out
any act of the late council that
was detrimental to the city's in
terest. One of its very best nets
was the purchase of tho II ro truck
and placing paid llrcmcn in con
Dr. A. W. Vincent has made
one of the best mayors that any
city over possessed, uronri in
his views, tactful, wide-awake.
resourceful, conservative, con
scientious, witty and progrcs
sivc, with a fine knowledge of
parliamentary law. he has made
an ideal presiding officer, and he
can well feel proud of tho splen
did record no lias made.
A.R. Dunsmore. Recorder, has
executed tho duties of recorder
nnd police judge with entire sat
infliction to all. Courteous and
obliging at all times, ever will
ing to explain, accurato and efll
cient in his. clerical work, a
pleasant and congon in gent o
man, tho people of St. Johns can
congratulate themselves upon
retaining Albert 15. Dunsmore in
this capacity.
Thud. T. Parker has mndo a
conscientious and painstaking
city attorney, tie is a man wel
versed in mim e tin aw. con
sorvntive, faithful and reliable,
easy to approach, genial and ac
commodating, and probably has
as ninny friends in St. Johns as
any man. He can look back tin
on his record as city attorney
wmi n great tieni 01 pride.
Frank A. Rico served tho citv
in a most faultless manner as
city treasurer. His ability, ac
curacy and carefulness is a mat
ter of common knowledge, and
everything ho does is done well.
No man could llll the officii in a
moro cnpnblo and satiafactorv
manner. To know him is to like
him, and his friends are lemon.
Tho councilmen as a whole
tried to do their duty and servo
tho peoplo well, nnd wo main
tain that they havo been success
ful. They may have mndo somo
mistakes, but if so, they were of
minor importance and did not
prove detrimental to tho city's
interests. Thoy have worked to
gether practical y in hnrmonv.
and having met with them ev
ery session throughout tho term.
wo can attest to the fact that in
our judgment at least, thoy havo
serveu liiuiiiiiny anil well, and
can feel well satisfied with the
record they havo made.
Of tho new sot of officials.
most of them aro familiar faces
in tho council chamber, having
served in ono capacity or other
previously. More concerning
inem win no utKen up later, out
the peoplo may rest assured that
the city's welfare will bo well
looked after while its destiny is
in ineir nanus,
Captured Weekly Prize
Solon Hugbeo again won the
weekly prize in the Lauthers'
World Fair Contest. Tho total
vote to dato follows:
Solon Bugbee - - 901,688
Mrs. A. M. Purkapilo - 347,700
uenoviovo Aiuricit - ?Ji,if0
Lucy Buckles - - 83,735
Valkyrie Larson - - 4(5,855
Mrs. Elsie Knowles 41,125
uarnec weam - - ay, 625
Beulnh Waters - - ,21,050
Roy Clark - - 20,000
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Restrictions for the SAFETY of depositors are em
bodied in this Iaw,and the U. b. .treasury Department,
inrougn its duiik. rjxuminurs, investigates iNationai
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1 tlliloii to reKiilm rtmtiim Riven with the urclae
j Not Good Aflor Apr. 30
j Gcncrnl Mtlse.
Columbia 137 ST. JOHNS, OKI?.
An Ordinance Dcclarinc; (he
Cost of Improving Alacrum
Atcnue in the City of St.
Johns from tho Southerly
City Limits te the O. W. R.
& N. Company's Right of
Way, and Assessing
the Property Benefited
Thcrchy, Declaring Such
Assessment and Directing
the Entry of the Same in
the Docket of City Liens.
The city of St. Johns docs orilnlu at
'flint the council tins considered the
provided assessment for improving
Mncrum nvenue In the city of St. John
from the southerly city limits to the 0.
K. & N. Company's Right of Way.
anil nil objections made thereto,
nnd hereby ascertains, determines
mid declares the whole cont of said Im
provement hi manner provided by Oidi
nance No. GUI to be the sum of f 3M9.42.
and that the special nnd peculinr benefits
accruing to ench lot or part there,
of or txirccl of laud within the as
sessment district, by reason of said Im-
irovemcul ami in just proportion to such
enents, nrc In the respective amounts
set opixislte the number or description
of each lot or part thereof or parcel of
laud in the following annexed assess
ment ndl.uml Mild assessment toll. which
Is numbered 115, is hereby adopted and
approved as the assessment for said Int.
movement, nnd the recorder of the city
of St, Johns is directed to cuter a state
ment of the assessment hereby made in
Ihc docket of city liens, nnd cause notice
thereof to be published as provided by
charter, which assessment Is us follows:
Addition Lot Block Amount
If. St. Julius ..1 3 J23.T2
II 10.28
1 14.07
fi 0.37
18 63.20
17 367TO
10 28.29
IK !t
14 11.24
1 4 53.29
2 35.78
3 28.20
i ! l
& 11.24
18 63.20
17 w t ? 357B
10 28.29
15 21.22
14 11.24
1 5 63.20
2...., 35.78
3 28.29
4 21.22
5 11.24
18 63.20
17 35.78
16 28.29
15 21.22
14 11.24
1 6 63.20
2 35.78
3 28.29
4 21.22
5 11.24
" 13 21.22
" 14 ...11.24
" 9 13 53.20
" 8 35.78
" 7....- 28.29
" C...... 21.22
" 5 11.24
" 10 53.20
" 11 35.78
" 12 28.29
" 13 21.22
" 14 11.24
" 19 10 112.31
" 20 69.84
" 21 29.00
" 8 15 53.20
" 0 35.78
" 7 23.29
" 0 21.22
" 5 11.24
" 10 53.20
" II 35.78
12 28.29
" 13 21.22
14 11.24
Couch & Company
It is resolved by tho City of
bt. Jonns:
Hint it dooms it oxnediont
and necessary to improve South
ivanhoo street from the East
line of Burlington street to tho
jnmn . I " ui AVlbllllluilU DLItX'l ill
rouoj.'ii 1 1 1, ru.. nr ci Ti.un 11.- r-i
n-...i 1... .!... ti ., . ' I y"u yi'ijr ui ov, uumia in mu iui
a. ;.i n '"" "uy ' Iowiiik manner to wit:
Atmrovcd bv the Mnvor this Mtli dnv By cradinir said nortion o
of April, i9io. street to grado or subgrado to
A..-.I. a if nnMMn, fl,ftyor- 1)0 established nnd by laying a G
Attest: A, It. DuNSMORlt. f ...n. m -.-i
Recorder of thu Kt. iuu WHirv JIIIU X. IOOI,
l'ubiubcd.iii the St. Johns Review on cm'b on bothsldcaof said street,
wun necessary woouen uross
walk and Catch Basins.
a . ll. k it
Accoruinir 10 ino n nns an(
specifications of tho city emri
neer on file in the ofllco of tho
City Kecoruer relative thereto,
wnlcli said plans and specitlcn
(ions and estimates are satis
ft 1 1
inciory ami aro nereov annrov-
cd. Said improvements to bo
made in accordance with tho
charter nnd ordinances of the
city of St. Johns, and under the
sunorvision nnd direction of tho
city engineer.
Hint tho cost of said improve
mcnt to bo assessed ns provided
by tho city chnrter upon tho
n-operty especinlly nnd pnrticu
nrly benefited thereby, and
which is hereby declared to bo
7 63.26
4 21.22
6 11.24
18 ....63.20
17 35.78
10 28.29
IK "l
1 8 63.20
2 35.78
3 28.29
4 21.22
6 11.24
18 ....63.20
17 35.78
10 28.29
15 21.22
14 11.24
1 10 8.41
2. 7.32
3 6.24
6 12 82.80
4 49.68
3 17.91
6 119.10
7 30.69
5t.t,,,, 11, 183.80
4 142.94
3,, , 68.60
Di14tt 53.26
8 35.78
7,., 28.29
6,,..., ,...21.22
5 11.24
10 63.26
11 35,78
12 28.29
April iu, rj id.
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Multnomah County.
J. A. UKke, Plaintiff, vs. Jessie
A. Locke, Defendant.
1 o Jessie A. I.ocke, Defendant:
Iu the imine of tliL-Stnte of Ore
gon, you are Hereby required to
appear and answer the comnlnint
fi t . .
uieu nnumsi you lu tne above en
titled Court and cause within six
weeks Iroin the first publication of
this summons, to-wit: On or be
fore the loth day of March. ioi..
1 le if.. w
mm 11 you mu 10 appear or answer,
tor want tnereot, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief as : n0f ot8i mts of lots bjocka
I-or a decree dissolving the bonds Li nnnio f i,.,. i, u
t ..-), 1 t 1 Mint i.v,a ui Itlliu UObllKUII LI1U
s i. 1 . "iciuiore mm now termini of such improvements
vwh Ul .m.. i.u .mi uc- abutting upon, adjacent or prox
iei. .1111, niiu lor si en other ami imnto to snid street, from the
liiiiiici ICIICI US IO Uie COlirt IliaV mm-miml inna nt onl.l ifnl
11 1 ...... ..i... ....v. uiuu ot&i;ut
mmw. . hnck to tho center of tho h nek
1 IDs summons is made and nub-
lished pursuant to an order of the ting thereon or proximato there-
aawu, iwuwu vj, iuunuw. DICdHllIiir I tn
jtiUKeoJ tne obove Court, slutted That nil tin nrmWv Snnlnrln.l
in said improvement district
nforesaid is liereby declared to
bo ''Local Improvement District
Wo. 127."
That tho city engineer's as
sessment of tho probable total
cost of said improvement of said
street is 81H79.73.
Hint tho cost of said street to
bo assessed against tho proper
ty in snid local assessment dis
trict ns provided by the charter
il. nil.. rti i
oi mu oily oi at, jonns.
Adopted by the council this
lUtli day of April. 1915.
Published in tho St. Johns Re-
and entered on the 17th day of
marcu, 1915.
Attorneys for Plaintiff
1026 Chamber of Commerce.
Portland, Oregon.
Date of first publication March
19. 1915; date of last publication
April 30, 1915.
Notice of Cost of Improvement
Physician and Surgeon.
Day A NIbt Offlca In UcChesnij blk.
St. Jettn.
Rooms 7 and 8
Holbrook BullditiK ST. JOHNS
Office Hours 9-12 to 1:30-7
Sunday 9-11
Office I'hone Columbia 140
Resident I'hone Columbia 274
A. r. and A. M.
Meets the first and third
Wednesday of each month
in incKiiers Hall. Visl
tors welcome.
Chns. A. 1'ry. W. M.
A. V. Davis, Secretary.
Phone Columbia 61
First National Bunk building.
Plijslcian and Surgeon
Office I'hone Columbia 10
Residence Phone Columbia 4
No. 18G I. O. O. P
MmU ch Monday evening la Odd FV
lows hall at 8:00. A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers..
John J. OooJuun. Noble Grsnd
A. l. Dovruev. Vice Oraod
iohn Rercrs Rec. 8cc,
Glcndrolng. Pin. Sec
H P. CUik, Tress.
Notice is berebv eiveu that the assess
inem ior uie improvement of Mucruin
avenue, from the houtherly city limits to
the O. W. R, & N. Comivtuy's RIkIU of
Is 3539.42, wis declare b v Ord vl April lGjtnd April 23.1915
k. irn . .t.i 1 1. . I I
IT rTo rLZZr Pronosa s fnr Stmfit Wnrk
nvttlt1l fr(ltl IllM sMilliu1 rtlt.. a I
Uie O. W. K. & N. Co.'u RiKht of Way.
and asc&3iliL' the nronertv U-ni-tlt.-.l
thereby, ilcclarini: such assessment and the office of
Sealed proposals will be received at
tne recorder of the citv of St.
"ji directing the entry of the Mute iu the Johns, until May 4th, 1915. at 8 o'clock
.jockci 01 uiiy i.ictu," IL iu. ior ine improvetueni 01 North
The cost of said improvement Is levied Have street from the Center line of
upon all the lots, parts of lots and par- Philadelphia street to the center Hue
eels of land within the boundaries of the 01 Tallin street, iu the manner pro
district described as follows: Ketweeu vided by Ordinance Number 666, subject
the southerly city limits and the O. V. to the provUions of the charter aud onli
R. & N. Company's RKht of Way. nances of the city of St. Johns and the
A statement of such assessment has I estimate of the city engineer on file.
been entered In the docket of citv liens i.ligiueer's estimate is f4.176.58.
April 14, 1915, and said assessment U!"s must be strictly in accordance
Is now due aud payable at the office of with the printed blanks, which will be
the recorder ol the city of St. Johns, Or- luriiUlietl on application at the office of
egon, aud will be deliiuiueut aud bear I ",c recorder of the city of St. Johns,
interest alter April 24, 1915, and if not And said improvement must be corn
paid on or before May 14, 1915, pro- pletcd on or before 60 days from the date
McDonald Building
First National Bank Building
402 ti, Jitny Street
Abstracts of Title Prepared
Titles Examined
Phone Columbia 255
ceedlnus will be taken for the collt-otlon
t A.
01 me Mine uy saie oi property as pro-
Published in the St. lobus Review mi
April 16 and 23, 1914.
urin to your job prtaunjt wmi
you thluk of It, Doat wait until you
w entirely out. We are equipped
to turn out neat and taaty prtatlns
prerapUy at PortU&i prices or lew.
of the last publication of this notice.
No nruiiosalsorbids will be considered
unless accou3vtuied by a certified check
payable to the order of the mavor of the
city of St. Johns, certified by a responsi
ble bank for an amouut equal to ten per
cent, of the aggregate proposal.
The rik'llt to refect auv and all bills is
hereby reserved.
Hy order of the city council.
Recorder of the citv of St. loliiu.
Published in the St. lohns Review
April 16, 23 aud 30, 1915. 1
Central Market!
20S S. Jaraay Street
See ns for (Tie Choicest Cute ef
th Best Meats ObtaintiMe,
QrV nfef mmi ttrndty Trsrfe SeSdtcst
T. P. WARD, Praprktar.
Preack lfee Kael oi SU Jekas.
It is Resolved by the City 0
bt. Johns:
Thnt it deems It exnedicn
nnd nucessnry to imnrovo Pitts
hurjr street, from tho North Side
lino of Crawford street to tho
Ferry slip in tho City of St
Johns in the following manner
to wit:
By Rradinir said portion of said
street to sub-crado nnd by lay
inpr on each side a G foot cement
walk with 12 foot curb and by
lay inpr a C inch standard concrete
pavement between tho curbs
accoruinir to tno pinns anc
specifications of tho city oncri
neer on file in tho ofllco of tho
said City Recorder relative
thereto, which said plans and
specifications nnu estimates are
satisfactory and aro hereby ap
proved. Said improvements to
bo mndo in accoruanco with the
chnrter and ordinances of tho
city of St. Johns, and under tho
supervision and direction
tho city engineer.
mat tne co3t or said improve
meat to bo assessed as provided
by tno city charter upon th
property especially and partial
lariy ueneiited thoreuy. anc
which is hereby declared to bo
all of lots, parts of lots, blocks
and parcels of land between the
termini of such imnrovements
a . . . .
auuttinp; upon adjacent or proxM
mate to said street, from tho
marginal lines of said street back
to tno center ot tne block or.
blocks or tracts of and abuttmtr
thereon or proximato thoreto.
lhat all tho property inc uded
in said improvement district
aforesaid is hereby declared to
bo "Local Improvement District
INO. lZo."
That the city engineer's
assessment of tho nrobab 0 tota
cost of said improvement of said
street is $4,850.29.
Ihnt tho cost of said street
to no assessed against the prop
erty in said local assessment dis
trict as provided by tho charter
of the City of St. Johns.
Adopted by tho council this
6th day of April. 1915.
Published in the St. Johns Re
view April 9 and 16, 1915.
Proposals for Sireet Work
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the Recorder of the Citv of St.
Johns until May 4th, 1916, at S o'clock
nt., for the improvement ot Ivanhoe
strtet, from the North line of Phlladel
phia street to the Center line of Catlin St
n the manner provided by Ordinance
No. 655, subject to the provisions of the
Charter aud Ordinances of the City of
St Johus.oud estimate of the city engi
neer, on file.
Engineer's estimate is f4.SO5.0O.
Bids must be strictlv in accordance
Kith printed blanks, which will be furn
ished on application at the office of the
Recorder of the Citv of St. lohns. And
said improvement must be completed on
or before 60 days from the date oi the
last publication of this notice.
No proposals or bids will be considered
uulesa accompanied by a certified check,
payable to the order of the Mayor of the
City of St. Johns certified "bv a resoon-
sibfe bank for an amount equal to ten
per cent, of the aiyjregate proposal.
The right to reject anv and all bids is
hereby reserved.
By order of the City Council.
Published in the St. fohnik Review 011
An Ordinance Providing (he
Time and Manner of Im
proving IvanliocStrcet from
Philadelphia Street (0 Catlin
Strci't in the City of St.
Johns, Oregon.
The city of St
The council of the city
Johns docs ordain nn
of St. Johns,
Having itkCcrtaintHi lliccot of iiuproviiiK
ivauiioe street irom the North line of
Philadelphia street to thu Center
line of Catlin otrevt, in the city of
St. Johns, ns shown by the resolution
of the council of dl city, fluted on
the 23d day of March, ly if, nnd recorded
in the office of the recorder of said city,
nud notice thereof having been published
III the St. Johns Review, a weekly news
impcr of iieral circulation, on the
2Glh ol March mid 2nd day of Aprll,19l5,
ns shown bv the affidavit of the
foreman of Mid iiapvr, which Maid affida
vit is 011 tile in the office of the city re
corder; and legul Mitiii( of notices of
such ituprovviiiriit, ns shown by the 11 111.
davit of the city engineer on file iu the
office of the city recorder; nud no
remonstrance having been filed, ami,
as provided by Mid resolution, the tunf
liter' preliminary otiitiate of the cost of
said Improvement is f 1 .1105.00, but shall
lie more accurately determined by said
Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered
that said ttrcet be improved aud the
time for the completion of said im
provement is hereby fixed at GOdays from
last publication of notice of projiokals of
aid work, which sold proxsais imnt be
filed with the recorder of said city on or
before the 4th dav of Mav. 1915.
ut 8 o'clock, p. m. of said day.
That said street shall be improved as
as follows: Hy KnidiiiK same to the es
tablished Kratfe bv cut and fill aud by
sidewalkiiiK same on either side with 6
foot cement sidewalks 12 foot curbs en
tire leiiKlh, touelher with nil necessarv
cement crosvalks and catch basins, curb
10 nave standard urain tile every titty
feet; hitch riuus to be placed in curb as
directed by the City ltnuiueer.
The city recorder shall uive notice liv
publication for not less than three in-.
scrtious iu the St. Johns Review, the of-
ficiul iiewsnaDer. iiivitlni' nninnol. Inr
tnul; hit; said improvement.
batd improvement shall in all respects
be done and completed iu conformity
witli the provisionsof Ordinances No.IGn
204 and 400, except as otherwise provid
ed in nns ordinance; an work to be done
under the direction and supervision of
the citj engineer.
That the cost of said improvement
shall be assessed against the property in
the local improvement district lies.
6cribed in said resolution and designated
na und declared to oe jocai improve.
ment District No. 123.
Passed by the council this 13th dav
of April, I9l5.
Approved by the Mayor this 14th day
of April, 1915.
Attest: A, I. DUNSMORE.
City Recorder,
Published in the St. Johus Review on
April 16, 1916. .
Meets every l'ridav night at
7:30 o'clock in B'lCKNER
Hall. Visitors alwavs wel.
H. C. PINCH, C. C.
We buy or sell St. Johns Property
' Real Estate
List your ptoperty with tis if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns-
Transfer and Storage
We deliver your cooda to and from
11 ptzts ot Portland, Vancouver. Linn-
ton, Portland and Suburban Exprasa
Co., city dock and all points accessible
Wy wagon. Plane v4 funuture awvtiz
April 16, 23 and 30, 1915.
Note the label on your paper.