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    Mr. Cook Explains
Editor Review: On tho last
pace of your issue of March 5th.
you print in very large type as
follows: Komembor that more
inir with Portland will not re
duce insuranco rates in St.
Johns unless the buildings here
arc rewired to conform with the
inspection rules of Portland.
Evon then it is doubtful if lower
rates would obtain because St.
Johns rates are now 10 per cent
lower than at University Park
or Lents, so the Board of Under
writers say.' Here is throe dis
tinct propositions to discuss.
Wiring of houBes, rates in St.
Johns and other places and
who gave you your information.
First wiring; your statement
that 'nil the buildings
per cent in favor of University
and Portsmouth. The rate
in part of Lents is 50 cents per
hundred at present, Sthere has
however been 75 fire hydrants
inufnllnrl in T.nnta ninrn WflH
taken in toPortland 2 years ago, Interesting NOteS for the
and in the region covered by
these hydrants I understand a I ihrnry PatrftrK
rnln nf :!f) cents is accented, and L,,UI U,J uu
at that rate of installing hy
drantsTthol entire Lents region
will he in the 35 cent rate by
another year.
Merchantile risks, as stores,
Factories etc., and churches,
schoo houses, halls, hotels, in
fact every kind of risk except
dwe linirs and even some of them
are given special rates, after a
special examination by experts
from t in Hat nir Bureau, and are
not subject to the basic rates we
talk so much about. i or example,
CITY Fl FOTIdN i you are planning what you
Afternoon, 12:00 to 5:.'J0.
Evening, 7:00"to 9:00.
Sunday, 2:30 to 5:30.
New Books:
Scott No 13 Washington
Supposedly closed for the sum'
mer. while its owner goes abroad.
13 Washington Square harbors
not only tho lady herself, but her
maid, coachman, her son Jack
would No. 117. 119 North Jersey street and his newly acquired bride,
have to be rewired' was no doubt nm-npr Tnnnmii. is fated at $6.50 her lawyef lover, and a genue
intended to scare the voter into nrr hundred, while Nos. 104. man crook of many aliases, who
believing that if we merged that 108, across tho street only pays
every house in bt. Jolins would $1.91 per hundred. Just a word
have to be at once rewired. The about our fire truck. We were
lacta are as ioiiows: "ihe promised reduced insurance
Board of Underwriters, or Un- ml oh when wo trot n fire truck.
dei'wrilers hquitame Kating Wo irot a ittle reduction on a
lor perfect y plausible reasons,
seek tho protection of its shut
tered exterior, and attempt to
avoid one another. The story
is so full of laughable situations holms he rutietidecl
Notice is hereby given that in ac
cordance with Ordinance No. 65i
nn election will be held on Monday
the 5th day of April, A. D. 1915,
in the City of St. Johns, Oregon,
for tile following purposes tO'wit:
for tne election ot tlic tollowing
iiBincd officers for the ensuing year,
viz: Out Mayor, one City Kecor
der, one City Attorney, one City
treasurer, three loiincilmen rtt
Large, two Coitncilmi'ti from the
First Wnrd, two Cotiticilttteti from
the becond Wnrd, in the manner
provided hy Inw and the Chnrter of
the City of St. Johns.
And ut said election there will be
submitted to the qualified electors
of said City for the approval or re
jectiou the following propositions
to wit:
"Shall Section XXIX and XXX
of the Chnrter of the Cily of St
fixini! the dnte
are prepared to give you help
Bureau, it proper name, does few business houses close in
not inquire into the question of where the truck is of little use,
wiring of dwelling houses. In but did not irot one cent of re
fixing the basic rate of insur- (taction on dwelling houses,
mice they do no inquire whether where the truck is of tho most
a dwelling house is wired or not, use in netting there quickly.
either in Portland or elsewhere. And nyw Mr. Editor when we
So not a single dwelling house in write insurance in University
St. Johns would need to bo re
wired on that account. These
statements are authentic, direct
from tho SuerutHrv of thoRntinir
The question of wiring how
over, is considered on Mercan
tile risks, as stores. Factories.
etc. For instance, Edmondson
& Company at 107 South Jersey
street paid a rate of l.8a per
hundred 01 insurance per year,
until that moving picture ma-
chiuo was improperly installed
in the adjoining room, when on
that account the rate was raised
to $2.88 forcing Edmondson &
Company to pay $10.00 extra
insuranco tier year on a $1,000
policy, and ho will continue to
pay a high rate as long as that
defective wiring remains. That
piece of bad wiring raised the
rate on No. 107, 109, 111 S. Jersey
slroet'at the same rale. The
rate was lately reduced from
$2.88 to $2.73 on No. 107. and
109 and to $2.83 on No. 1 1 1. The
party that wired the theatre
put in a Chonp-John job and the
lonnnu of the adjoining room
are paying for it in high insur
mice rate.
This could not have happened
in Portland where such things
are properly regulated. And
bt. Jolins merchants are paying
Hundreds ot dollars every year
in extra insurance premiums be
cause bl. Johns does not roiru
late electric wiring, and this fact
alone is the strongi'st possible
argument in lavoroi a merger
I agrae with you that it lot of
buHinuMi houses would Iihvo to
be rewired before insurance
niton are reduced tm them
whothor wo merge or not, hut
the wiring question does not
aiieei dwelling houses hb you
would have iwople believe and
in that particular your aUitoinent
was misleading.
The seuond proposition. You
Hay that insurance rates are now
10 por cent lower In St. Johns
man 111 university i'nik or
Lents, and in an editorial March
12 you wty "Your information
came from J. N. McCune, Sue.
Board of Underwriters. You
nay "lie says that the basic rate
of insurance for University Park
from Vnnlloulen strtet north to
the St. Johns Cily limits is 50
cent per hundred, that Louts
is the same and that -15 cents is
tho basic rate in St. Johns? You
mistook Houghton street for
f 11 1 .
van 11 onion street, xou can
not get to St. Johns by going
nor 1 11 iroin van llouten street
What the Secretary really did
was to take his map and
point out to you a certain Blue
line which runs on Houghton
street and Willis Boulevard from
East to West across the map 1
or r blocks north of Columbia
Park, Ho told you that all the
territory north of that Blue line
to tho northern city limits, not
bt. Johns limit, except a strip 'I
block wide along Portmouth
nue to the city limits was in the
district carrying the 50 cent
rate. This territory is very
sparsely settled. He also point
oil out to you that all that part
of University Park and Ports
mtmth lying south of that Blue
line on the map. that is Hough
ton street and Willis Boulevard,
down to the Willamette River
was in tho district carrying a
rate of only 35 cents per hundred,
this 85 cents district contains
alt the Business houses and
Park at a 35 cent rate wo do not
slip one over on tho Bating
board, and we enn say out lottu
that we did write at that rate
and it was approved by tho board
because it is the regular rates.
Now let's all bo good. S. C.
Mr. McCuno says that merg
ing wiin rortiaiid win not re
ut ce 1 no rate in 01. joiiiih, ho
the insurance argument really
has no bearing on the case. But
it is said to be a matter of fact
that the board insurance com pa
the event of merger the local
insurance agents would lose the
board companies in favor of tho
longer established agents of
Portland. Also that the local
insuranco agents would lose the
nsurance of the cily dock, city
hall and all of the school build
ings. As to the basic rates
quoted by Mr. Cool;, we can only
reiterate what Mr. Mcumo said
previously, and if he was mis
taken the statement in the lie
view was incorrect also, as it
waslmsod on what Mr. McCuno
stated. It is not our purpose to
wilfully misrepresent. --Ed.
and tragi-ludicrous complications 0f the next General Election to be
held oil the first Monday 111 April,
1917, mid biennially thereafter ami
permitting oil Pincers eltc'ed or
holding office at the time of the
taking iff.ttnf this ntr.c meruit, to
hold ollic-i lot n period ol two years
or until their successors are uce'ed
and qualified?"
Shall the people of the City of
St. Johns, incur 11 Municipal bon
ded indebtedness in the stun of One
Hundred and Thirty Thousand
Uollar.s ( 130,000. 00; for the pur
of the Water
Johns Water
Works and Lighting Company?"
"mat uruitinticc io. 017, nn
Ordinance creating n board .of Ccu
sorship,"' rcgulntiug shows, the
aires, motion pictures, distribution
of literature, bill boards and cdvtr
Using matter, and fixing n penalty
for the violating ot this Ordinance,
passed by the Council on the 8th
juuk itt a apirueu uccumib ui iiui dny ot Soptcmhcr, 1914, be Sill)
ife there and particularly of Iter mittcd to the legal voters for their
that the reader accepts without
question the disguises consist
ingonly of "lowered veils" or
"muffled tone", and consideres
them sufficient to concenl mother
from son. sweethearts from one
another and the police from their
victims, 'lhere are no dull
moments, and especially in the
scenes dominated by Mr. Pyo-
croft who is equal to any and
every emergency. In tho end
every one is happy but it takes
f t 1 i t II.. 1 I V
a wen ueveio pcu story imaiiy 10 chahe and extension
unravel all the many tangled plant of the St.
White Tho First Step.
Isabel Moore who is tall, slim
and redheaded, that a pert
tongued friend lias nicknamed
her "tho candle," finds her
sell at tiuriy-iour heiress to a
ramshackle, old country house in
the home of her childhood. The
Our Spring line of Shoes for
Ladies, A! I esc 9 and Children
have been selected with a view
to supplying just your wants.
The new Boots, Patents,
Kid ami Qun Alctnl includes the
newest models.
Wc did not carry over hnlf
dozen pairs of last seasons
pamps; all wo have arc the now
est patterns.
The Atnry Jones for Hisses
have become almost a staple
style. Wc can fit any one.
Wc have new things in hos
cry to match the Cloth Top
The assortment of Crepe Yard
age Goods is sufficient to satisfy
any one; many new filmy
weaves arc shown ; the prices on
all this merchandise arc moder
ate. We invite your inspection.
niesonly permit two reprosen- hook is a spirited account of her day of September,
lull vox in each city, and thai in
Administratrix Notice
Iii the Matter of the Kstnte
Christian C. Oihiis, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that I,
Nettie Oihiis. have been by the
County Court nf Mtiltuomah'.Coiiii
tv, Oregon, appointed Aduiiuis
tmtrix of the Kstnte of Christian
C. Oilitut, Deceased, and have
uiinuiicu as Mien, All persons
having claim against the decedent
oi his eotute nre hereby requested
to pruttiit the same to me, either
at my residence, 107 S. Hayes
street, St. Johns, Oregon, or at the
office of Oeorge J. Perkins, 1117
Hoard of Trade Utiildhig. Portland,
Oregon, verified ashy law required,
within mn months from February
o, 1015, the date ot the first pun
heatlon of this notice.
Oeorge J. Perkins,
Attorney for Administratrix.
Puhliihed in the St. Johns Re
view lfel). 36, March 5, 13, 10, 36,
two love affairs and their out
Whitlock-Korty Years of It.
Air. urn ml WhitlocK is a man
of genius and writes like one.
He can kindle "the light thai
never was on sea or land" oven
in the grim animals of politica
life. Viewed in prosaic actual
ity, ho hero gives us a history of
progressive democracy in n city
of the middle west whose pictur
ee quo features and characters he
depicts with convincing truth
liuncss. lie reveals inmseit as
an alert minded American with
the highest political ideals. He
brings us into political circles
where Governor Altgeld. Tom
Johnson, "Golden Rule Jones,"
and others of the same character
held sway, ihe chapters arc
free from all anecdotes of a
merely accusing kind. The tone
of tho whole is sane and elcvat
ed. Tho book is original and
entertaining and moreover has
that literary finish and personal
charm which will bo at once
recognized and admired by
'lirtOl" tn ,cf. 41. .1 ,l.wla sC
muau , iu mow tnu nuiun vil
Dante "who know."
Harbin- -Tho New Clarion.
a tnio 01 iovo aim mystery in
the Georgia mountains with a
deal of humor in tho already
tavorlto characters ot Abnei
Daniel and Pony linker.
Harrison A Lad of Kent.
l'or those wnoso dciigm is 111
Hire adventure and a telling of
npproval or disapproval.
The following places have been
designated ns polling places for said
election: hirst Ward 111 the Lec
ture Room, at the Public Library.
Second Ward In the Council
Chamber at the City Hall.
1 lie pons win oe open at nine
(o) o'clock A. M., and will remain
open until seven (7) o'clock P. M.
oi said day.
Hy order ol the Council.
Recorder of the Cily of St. Johns,
Published in the St. Johns Re
view, .March lo-ao and April 3.
Notice of Sheriff Sale
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Orceon for Multnomah County.
Charles Ktratton. I'lalntKf. v. A. A.
Muck, Utility A. Muck, l'rcd Miller
Urewing CoiiiMiiy, u corporation, l-itgcr
iiicwniK loiiiiMiiy, w. .li MlVfl ntul
J. W. l'nnrll. IMcmlnuU.
Ily virtue ol an execution, iiiileuicnt
order, decree mid order of xile timed
out of the above entitled Court in the
hIkvb entitled mine, to me directed mid
doled the 23rd dny of 1'ebrimrr. lglC.
uiKiu 11 ludemciit rendered mid entered
in Mid Court on the 5th day of I'ebru.irv.
1'Jlft, iu fin or of Chariot .Slratton. Plain.
HIT, and n;aiiit A, A. Muck, Hinily A.
Muck, l'rcd Miller Ilrtwlnc Counxny.
a corioratlou, 1'ituer Ilrewinjj Comtiaur,
W. M. C,. .Si I va and J. W. 1'arrell, rte
fcudmitn.for the iuiu of $387.14, with iu
tcret 011 snw.UU of mu sum t the rate
of h iK-r cent tvr annum from tht 7tk
nay oi uctoucr, l'JH, mid Intcrett on
SK.H of the above iuiu at the rate of
Our space in his paper has been used the past few
weeks in the interest of
These Trousers were placed in our
line because of the demand for them.
Tho policy of our Men's Toggery is to
place in stock the new things of merit
m quality and sizes that will meet the
requirements of the Men of St. Johns,
Have you inquired for something
at our Men's Toggery that you did not
find there? Then nave you inquired
again? Business in the merchandise
line is built by the demand of the com
munity. If you permit the large stores
to overshadow us and do not give us
the opportunity to deal with you, you
are not a patriot to your own homo
town. Lack of patronage of your
business district will decrease the value
of your home just as sure as you own a
Our stock is complete with all
Easter Suit.
the new things men may desire for their
L. E. ROSE, Manager
huo uuvuniuro anil toiling Ol fl IM!r cent jnr annum from the 7th day
ik una kuuh HUiiiuiii- 10 1110 iioint 01 ucioue
lh the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Multnomah County,
with no nonsonao by tho way.
We. in tho person of tho hero.
learn of smugglora and sheep
stcalot-H in the (Hat chapter and
111 the very hist wo escnpo from
n grout peril," liven the very
nninea of the charades smnck
of romance. "Monty," Captain
flieg and Uncle t arm 00. Out'
only answer to thoso who do not
iko this talo is the reproach
which Stevenson onco threw at
one of his friends. "You will
J. A. I.ocke, Plaintiff, vs. Jessie never mako n pirate!"
A. I.ockc, Defcmliiut.
lojewiie A. I.ockc, Defendant:
Iu the name of the State of Ore
r, mi l. ntul for the further turn
of $30.00 ntturuuy'a ftc. with interest At
uiu rote oi b iir cent ir niinum from
the 6th tiny of l'utmiarr, ltllfi, ami for
the further um of $Iu.35 cost ami tlU
huri'i!iuuti. rttul iidoii this writ. com.
tiMiuliiiK me to make sale of the follow-
lue ilecriuel real monerty, to-wit:
Alt-ill Lot Three (U). lllock. lUcveu
liij. ftouui bt. joints, mi Addition to
ht. Joliiu, In .Multiiomnh County. Oree.
on, accuniniK to the duly tccortlml plat
Now, therefore, by virtue of said
execution, ludeuieut order, decree
nml -order of ale mitt in com.
ilmiile with the couiuinmU of said writ.
IV o
o'clock 'A, .M., st the
Physician and Surgeon.
Day A Nlfht Offlca in McChointy but.
SU Jofma,
McDonald Building
107 S Jeraey Strt
pi 11
1 w
lll.oii Moudav.the LDtli dav of Murch
UUO, ut iu u
Iroutdourof the County Court Home
t-ounty, Urcg
ect to re
gon. you nre herel.y requirett to Good onnnrtnnitv for nni-tios nf in hand, uii iii."ti . H lin.. ,.,.i
uppenrnml nuswer the complaint four or less to make n trip into wl,icI '' within nttiuetl defendants (or
tho emintrv nf n Inw nrlw.- 11 enner ot t lem) Umt on the bth day of
M, Wnhiref.GOO Kessendon street. ",ed :; Ta.J 1
Rooms 7 and S
Ilolbrook Building ST. JOHNS
I Auto for hiro hv diiv hour or ,V'H",I. Multnomah Count
nrohaUly bU pir cent of the dwell-
uig nouseH in Univeraity Park
and Portsmouth. You l-emem-bur
that nmp with the Blue lino
on it don't you? The Sec. of
tho Hating HtmrJ kindly nllowed
mo to copy his rute map for tho
entirocityof Porthuidand St.
Johns, and tho mup can bo seen
ut any tiiuo at my oillco, and
that map shows positivoly
that about SO por cent of tho
dwelling houses in Univorsity
Park and Portimouth cn be in
sured at tho 85 ont rnte and
that all the dwolliug housos in
St. Johns aro churaud Un 45
cent rato.a (iilloronce of nearly 2&
nieu ngmiist you in tne noove en
litleu wourt nml cause within six
weeks from the first publication of
this summnuti, to-wit; On or be
fore the loth dny of March, 1015
hihI if you tail to appear or answer,
for want thereof, the plaintiff will
unply to the court for the relief ns
piuyed for in this complaint, to-wit
Vof a decree dissolving the bonds
of matrimony heretofore uud now
exiktiue between plaintiff and de
fendant, uud for such other and
further relief as to the court muv
seem equitable.
1 his summons is made and pub
lishvd pursuant to uu order of the
Hon. Robert G. Morrow, presiding
judge ot the above Court, signed
and entered on the 17th day of
March, 1915.
Attorneys for l'luintiff.
103G Chamber of Commerce.
Portland, Oregon.
Date of first publication March
19, 1915; date of lust publication
April 30, 1915.
HrlUR In your Job printing while
you UiluW of It. Don't wait unUl you
ar otttlruly out. Wo aro equipped
to Utnt out neat and tasty printing
irugpgj 41 lMrtlnud urtc'u or le&a
Phono Columbia 20G.
Htuily A.
Not tha labal on your papar.
Por Ront Ono G room house.
5S.00; one 7 room house with
acre, $8,00; ono (5 room houso all
remodeled, S10.00. Peninsuln
Security Co., Room C over First
National Hnnk.
Paia leaves almost
u it by magic when
you begin wing "5
Drops." tho f umousold
remedy for lUieuma
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Sciatica, Neuralgia
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It goes riglt to tha
pot, itopa tho ache
aud pains and males
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a bottlo of 'S-Drops"
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directions for uu.
Don't delay. Demand
"5-Dropi." Don't ac-
I cept anything elso iu
rtllf-Anflt A n dritcf .
Ut can supply you. If you Uvo too far
from a drug storo send Ono Dollar to
Swauson Rheumatlo Cure Ca, Newark,
Ohio, and a bottle of "6-Drom" will ha
sont prepaid.
Miiek, herein foreclosed, or since that
dale iu uud to the above described
jirotH-rty or any part thereof, to satisfy
said execution, iudement order and
decree, ititere.t. costs and accruing
Sheriff of Multnomah Couutv. Oreeon.
IVatwt tliis iHtli day of February, 1915.
I'irsi issue l etiruary sutli, l'Jlo.
Labt issue .March 2utli, 1915
Office Hours 9-12 to 1:30-7
Sunday 9-11
Office Phone Columbia 140
Resident Phone Columbia 274
A. r. and A. M.
Meets the first and third
Wednesdayof each month
in incicuer's null, visl
tors welcome.
Cha, A. Fry, V. M.
A. W. Davis, Secretary,
Dotifness Cannot 13e Cured
bv la. il uitnlUat. am thv cannot reach
Uiu itiard pornca ol Ihe fr- Thtr Is
only on. May tu cur ilffi. and that Is
l)V cunitltutlonal ramrdl.s. Utotno !
ctutrit by an Intl-inml eondltlon o( th mu
cu llnlns of ih. Kuttatlilan Tube Whn
tnu tubr is miuiura you nv a rumoung
sound it imp. rf. . t lirlns. and wh.n It la
tnllrrl oloicl. I'mlncii Is th rnult, and
ual.M th IniUn.tBallaA can be taksn out
and this tulw r.tiurtd to Id normal condl.
lion, hearing will be dMtroyed forever; nine
raeei out of t. n aro caused by Catarrh.
which la nothing but an InlUmed condition
of the muvoua eurfacc.
We will slve On Hundred Dollars for any
caa of Deafnrae (caused by catarrh) that
cannot Ut cut. J bv Haifa Catarrh Cur.
fend for olrculars. free.
P. J. CllKNtV A CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Bold by nrusitlite. 71c.
Taka Kail's t'umlljr 1'IUs for comtlpatlon.
Phone Columbla'Cl
First National Basic baildlni.
L. E. GRAVES, Al. D.
Plnsicinu and Stircon
Office Phoue Columbia 10
Residence Phone Columbia 4
In order to Insure a change of ad
vertisement the copy for such change
should reach this office n6t later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Please
member this and asve iha srlntar
IF YOU WANT Baby chicks.
I see A. Carl Nelson at Couch & Co. I
No. 186 I. 0. 0. 1
UmU each Monday evening In Oid Fel
lows hall at 730. A cordial welcome to
all vlsltlni; brothers.
John J. Goodman, Noble Grand
A. M. Downey, Vice Grand
iohn Beyers Rtc. Sec.
lUlt GlendcntoK. fin. bcc.
H. P. Clatk. Treat.
First National Dank Building
4Q2 N. Jersey Street
Abstracts of Title Prepared
Titles Examined
Phoue Columbia 255
Central Market!
20S S. Jersey Street
See as for tfie Choicest. Cats of
the Best Meuts Obtainable.
Orsiar rWed and rnfy Tha4e SsHtiUrf.
T. P. WARD, Pratritlw.
The following list of legal blanks
arc kept for sale at this office aud
others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Clatm
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mort
gages, batistaction ol Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Bills
of Sale, Leases.
Meets every Friday night at
7yo o'clock in BICKNER
Hall. Visitors always welcome.
Plumbing. Tinning
Furnace Installing
Call up Clumbia 92
Plumbing and Gas
Job work promptly attended to.'
Phone Columbia 618
1 09 Burr Street SI, Jolins, Owen
We buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
List your property with us if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
Transfar and Storage
We deliver vour roods to and from
all pcrta of Portland, VaacoBrar, Liruv
tea. Portland and Sabarbaa Exiirasa
Ca., dry dock and all pdnta aeeesafUe
ley wagco- Haas eytd farnlture mvdmt
Mats the Ueel en your pa)t.