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Thnk it Over!
Those opposed to.St. Johns nnd her institutions ami who favor mer
ger with Portland are attempting to mislead the minds of voters by mak
ing, bare assertions without n single fact to bear them out. The ngita-
tors who are promoting the dissolution of the City of St. Johns advance
, tue following theoretical statements:
' Statement No. 1: Cheaper City Taxes.
Taxes are governed entirely by local conditions. St. Johns tuxes
are generally lower than the taxes of Portland.
Statement No. 2: Portland Water Rates.
It required many years for Albina and other Portland suburbs to
secure Portland water rates. The Peninsula now haB Portland rates but
little water, especially iu summer when It is needed most.
Statement No. 3: Portland Fire Insurance Rates.
We don't want Portland rates St. Johns rates are cheaper.
Statement No. 4: Portland terminal freight rutes for the benefit of
the Manufacturer!).
St. Johns HAS Portland terminal freight rates now.
efficiency iu city
security to the
Statement No. .5: It means a larger measure of
f.overnment, thus affording encouragement and greater
Portland government experimental; St. Johns government establish
ed and successful. Portland bonds sold below par; St. Johns bonds sell
at a premium.
Statement No. 6: To merge now means immediate and favorable
results; failing to do this simply meaus the postponement of that era of
progress which we as a community are entitled to.
How? Show the people, .
Statement No. 7: Our High School is on ground dedicated for
High School purposes and will be maintained and enlarged.
Canuot be confirmed by Portland School Board.
Statement No. 8: (We will be well policed and our Fire Department
will be increased.
' Absolutely refuted by police and fire protection afforded all of the
suburbs of Portlaud, of which St. Johns would bs the most remote.
Mayor A. W. Vincent
KCity Recorder ...... A. E. Dunsmore
Treasurer .,-. J. IS. Tanch
v - City.Attorney Thad. T. Parker
CounciltBen at Large -At Larrowe, K. E. Gambee, H. M. Waldref
FirstiWard Councilraen C. E, Garjick, Roy Ingledue
J5 'Secoad Ward Couucilmen , , . A H, W. Bonham, C. R. Chad wick
'!. By order of St. Johns Anti-Merger Club.
JOHN NOCE, Secretary.
O. E. Learned, candidate for
City Treasurer. adv.
E. S. Wright of Cook. Wash
ington. snont Sundav with his
family on South Ivanhoe street.
The Loyal Temnerance Lcirion
will be he d March 22. nt thn
home of Mrs. J. Rass . 823 South
Jersey street. All children in
vited to como nnd join.
A meeting to discuss the mer
ger proposition will be held in
the high school auditorium Mon-
day evening. A number of local
speakers will address the meet
ing. Everybody invited.
William Delapp of Estacada
was a guest of W.A. Carroll this
week. Mr. Delann and Mr. Car
roll pioneered together in South
Dakota many years ago, and this
was the first time Mr. Carroll
had seen his old tiillicum for
thirty years or more.
A campaign has been launched
nt Eugene to raise $150,000 for
the establishment of a lace fac:
tory at mat point, it is said
the Pacific Coast nays out $500.
000 to $700,000 annually for lace
and it is believed that a oca
factory cou d secure the bulk o
the business.
Jack" Camnbell. a former
well known citizen of St. Johns
out wno ior the past severa
years has been enjoying the life
of n farmer near Beaverton, was
a visitor to St Johns last week.
He says ho hones the nconlo of
bt. Johns will not be foolish
enough to annex itself to Port
in t
wo ucs re to num c v oxnress
our sincere thanks to the neigh
bors and friends who so kindly
rendered their aid and assist
mice (luring tne illness and
death of our son and brother.
iiarry aayior, and can assure
them that their kindness and
sympathy will over bo gratefully
remembered.--Mrs. J. P. Saylor
and lnmily.
Frank Nownk.n resident of St.
Johns since 1005, has launched
in tho jitney business, stnrting
last bnturuay. lie has a 32 pas
senger car which is fullv cmiin-
ped to take care of tho traveling
puuilc. ino car is in charge of
a first class chauffer nil the time
and tho most courteous treat
mcnt is accorded all passengers.
Mr. Nownk is the only resident
of St. Johns to cngngo in the
jitney business,
Tho North School Parent teach-
ers association will hold an' open
mooting in tho North School
building next Iridny evening,
March 2G. Prof. Alderman
of Portland will give an address
on tho subject. Grease for the
Squeaks." A good musical
program is promised and n so
cial will bo held nt tho close of
tho lecture All are invited.
It is honed thcro will be n good
At Chnmnoog. on May 1. will
bo celebrated tho seventy-second
anniversary ot the organlzat on
ot tho first American civil gov
eminent west of tho Rocky
Mountains. This will bo tho
fifteenth celebration of the
event, the first having been
hold in 1901. On Juno 17, at
Portland, will bo he d tho Forty
third annual re-union of Oregon
noneors those who camo to.
or were born in. any part of the
original Oregon Country pre
vious to 1859.
Mrs. Mabel N. McKiddy died
nt the Portland Sanitarium
Thursday, March, 11th of blood
poisoning, -blie was born in tho
state of Illinois nnd had resided
in St. Johns for a number of
years, isho was aged 30 years,
10 months and 20 days, and is
srurvived by two boys aged 11
and 8 years, and two girls aged
9 and G years respectively. The
funeral took place from tho St.
Johns Undertaking parlors Sat
urday at a p. m. ; interment in
Columbia cemetery.
Ground has been broken for
the construction of tho great in
terstate bridge which is to con
nect tho city of Portland with
Vancouver. Washington, which
will be an important link in the
Pacific of the most
remarkable thoroughfares in tho
United btates. As far as possi
ble all contracts for the work
have been let to local firms and
preference will be given to lo
cally produced materials and lo
cal labor. Necessary funds are
available for driving tho work to
early completion.
W. L. Markle, who has charge
of installing the machinery of
the new Stanley-Smith saw mills
at Greenpoint. Hood River Val
ley, spent bunday with his
brother, A. W. Markle. While
Greenpoint is only twelve miles
from the town of Hood River.
yet he says there has been from
two to four feet of snow there
since last November, and an
odd experience was to leave
Greenpoint where the snow was
two and one-half feet deep and
before he reached Hood River to
find the roads dusty. One can
get almost any kind of climate
in Oregon and not have to go
very far to get it.
A. E. Dunsmore for City Re
corder, ndv
; Subject for Christian Science
lecture Sunday: Matter.
Picture framing done at Portlaud
prices nt II. F. Clark's, the furnl
lure man. Adv.
mi it ri.. 1.
Aiie merger uiuo win nolo a
meeting in the library building
next Aionuay evening. All in
For Sale 120 egg Mandv Loo
Incubntor, good as now. Cost
$21.00. Will take $10.00. Dr.
W. J. Gilstrap.
San-Tox preparations are crimr
anteed to please you or we re
turn tho purchase price. Get
one of tho Blue Books free at
the St. Johns Pharmacy.
Rheumatic sufferers will find
something to their interest in
the Swanson Rheumatic Cure
Company ad. in another column.
Their "5 Drop" treatment has
become famous.
For Sale Chean 1914 Detach
nuie uvenruao Motor lor row-
boats. 3i horse nower. has boon
used lor demonstation on v.
Call at this ofllco or phone Main
3097 for further information.
Auto for hire by day, hour or
A J l 1
inp, at very reasonaoio rates.
Good opportunity for parties of
four or less to make n trip into
tno country nt a low price. II.
M. Waldref.GOO Fcssendcn street.
Phone Columbia 20G.
We desire to express our sin
cere thanks to tho no chbors
nnd friends and the Women of
Woodcraft for their aid nnd sym
pathy during tho illness and
death of Mrs. McKiddv Rola-
tives nnd children.
Monday afternoon the Psy
chology emu met with Mrs.
Johnson. Subject, 'Auto Sug
gestion." Any one intcrcstJd
are cordially invited to attend.
Next meeting Monday the club
will meet with Mrs. Bonham.
The home of II.Knarcson East
Charleston street was partially
destroyed uy lire Wednesday.
but the local fire department put
out tho fire after about $350
damago had been wrought. The
loss was fully covered by insur
All members of II. B. Comnson
W. K. U. no bz are requested to
bo present at the next meet ng.
Saturday, March 20. At the last
meeting of tho Corps they took
in four new mcmbors. Tho next
sowing will be held at the home
of Mrs. Fanny Mnrlott, 231 Swen
son srteet, rriduy, March 27, at
10 a. m. 'Ihe president would
ike all to attend theso meet
ings. Press Cor.
Tho District Forester at Port
and has announced that an area
of brushland sufficient to nccom
odato 20,000 to 25,000 goats is
now nvni able on tho western
slopes of the Cascade range. It
is believed that pasturing goats
on these lands will lesson the
chances of firo by clearing off
tho underbrush, nnd that it will
go far toward clearing tho land
for other purposes. If tho ex
periment proves a success, other
nrgo tracts will bo set asido for
aii residents 01 at. jonns nro
icrcby notified to assemblo all
rubbish and other debris around
their premises nnd place sumo on
10 curb in front of their homes
in boxes or barrels Monday. An-
ril 5th, from whence sume will
bo removed by tho city authori
ties. The dumning of irnrbniro
or debris of any sort on tho prop
erty 01 tno city, any private or
public corporation or individual
is prohibited by Ord nance No
G, which provides a penalty of
fine or imprisonment, or both
or violation of the ordinance.
A. E. Dunsmore,. Recorder.
The establishing of a plant for
tho mamuacturo ot potato starch
is being discussed by the busi
ness men ot itedmond. Madras
and other Central Oregon points.
As large areas 01 that part of
the state are peculiarly adapted
to the production of snuds. and
as unfavorable markets arid the
usual percentage of culls some
times make the business unprofit
able, it is proposed to use any
urplus and all culls in mak ng
starch, of which Central Ore
gon's potatoes nro said to contain
an average of 18 per cent. A
aetory costing $10,000 should
care for all cull potatoes from
5000, acres. One should be locat
ed at St. Johns.
Tho meeting held in tho audi
torium of the High school build
ing last night by the Anti-merger
club was addressed by W. M.
iillingsworth, one of the oldest
inhabitants on tho' Peninsula,
who advised against merging
with Portland at this time; that
f the people would unite and
work together they could ad
vance more rapidly than if part
of Portland, that Porland had
no industries to give and we
would have to get them ourselves
whether in Portland or out of
ortland. Attorney Howard O.
Rogers presided at the meeting.
Mr. Bahlke was detained until
ate and his wife who was billed
to talk, was unable to appear
owing to illness. Mr. Balko stat
ed that he would make an ad
dress at a later date. It is prob
able that a debate on the merger
question will be pulled off in a
week or so.
J. E. Tanch,
City Treasurer.
For accurately fittintr classes.
see Dr. Gilstrap.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Fry
iiiesuay, Aiarcu io, a son.
Wanted High School irirl. who
wants homo to work for board.
Inquire at this office.
Intercstinc Hich School notes
nrrived too late for publication this
week, but will appear in the next
For Rent One 6 room house.
$8.00; one 7 room house with
acre. $8.00: one G room house all
remodeled, $10.00. Peninsula
Security Co.. Room 5 over First
National Bank.
Patent medicines at cut rate
prices. Columbia Granhonhones
and uecorus, Ansco Cameras
and Films, Lowney'a Fnncy
Candies, largest line of drmrs
nnu drug sundries on the pen n
suln. At tho St. Johns Pharmacy.
J. T. Harbin, the well known
blacksmith, has invented a tint-
ent clothes reel that is most
meritorious. It permits of low.
cring the lino to place tho clothes
nnd a simple device raises them
well out of the way. He hns
already secured a number of or
ders, nnd is taking more right
along, ihe ladies are greatly
pleased with the reel, and Mr.
Harbin bids fair to mako a for
tune out of tho ingenious inven
In reply to Mr. Minors state
ment in Inst week's issue, in
which he says he paid more tax
cs after St. Johns was a part of
Portland than he did before.
This comparison is unfair for
the reason that before St. Johns
was taken into Port nnd. St.
Johns had no city irovernmcnt.
It as just plain old country farm
land nnd rather rouch and tin
productive at that. I would like
to ask Mr. Minor in all fairness
to compare what he pays after
platting in taxes now or anv
time when tho St. Johns govern
ment was formed us ngainst
tho tax rate in Portland today.
.'ho Portland rate is lower than
t. Johnd and valuation in St.
Johns nro as high or higher tlmn
any other district that is as far
out as wo are and in nny event
the valuations arc given us by a
county oiiicim and arc suppos
ed to be equitable, and if not it
is up to the County ocas not
tho city to adjust them. D. C.
Condensed Statement of the Condition
Peninsula National Bank
At St. Johns, Oregon
At the close of business March 4, 1915
As reported to the Comptroller of the Currency
Uxuis nnd Discounts $210,041.89
Overdrafts . . 82.42
United Stales Ilonds nt Par EO.000.00
Stock In.Pcdcral Reserve llauk 1,200.00
Bonds nml Securities . - 07,216.08
Hanking House l'unilture nnd
Plxturcs . 3,000.00
Cash on Hand, Due fromjllauks
and United Stntcs Treasurer 76,053.04
Capital Stock fully paid In . $ C0.000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 11,630.30
National Dank Notes Out'
standing . . . 47,800.00
Deposits March 4, 1915, (Comptroller's Call)
Deposits March 4, 1014, (Comptroller's Call)
J nuronso
Safety Deposit Vaults for Rent
I'KTHR Autziw,
John N. Kuuti'siw,
V. C. Knai'1',
Vice President
S. L. Down,
Assistant Cnshicr
This Bank is a Member of the Federal Reserve Bank
Christian Church
bachelors and cats will stand
in jeopardy if two bills pending
in the present legislature should
receive favorably action by
tho solons. Tho former will bo
nlTcctcd in n financial way. and
tno lenncs nice extinction ns a
species in very short order if
tho measures arc placed upon tho
statute books ol Now Jersey.
Assemblyman Ostrom. Demo
crnt, introduced tho bnchclor bill,
which provides that all unmar
ried males over tho ago of !10
years shall pny on nnnunl tnx of
SCO. provided howover. that thov
are earning nt least $50 a week.
A Kcpublican. O. ii. Ham
mond, is responsible for tho con
templated war on cats. Ho has
put in a bill which nlls for 1
censing nt $1 a head. The
sponsor of tho proposed Inw
wants to climinnto tho hundreds
of stray animals that prey upon
young game such ns rabbits and
A good timo was enjoyed Inst
Sunday by all. Why? He v. J.
it. Johnson.otir ex-nnstor" was
with us again. Ho hns been fill
mg the Central Christian church
pulpit temporarily. Much good
work has been done while he
was in charge. Several being
added to the church.
Rev. Hawk in is to bo hero tin
til Rev. II. J. Jones urrivos.
Don't forget Miss Louise Lott
is representing tho Christian
church in the Multnomah Piano
A party is to bo given in lion
or of MiBS Esher Lindley's,MisH
Mabel 1 homo's and Mr. uric
Carlson's eighteenth birthday,
in Rickner's hall, Snturday,
March. 20.
S. P. I. G r la wcro ahead last
Sunday. Speed up, boysl Wo
won't let tho girls beat us, will
wo? No! (Remember the repor
tcr is a boy. )
If you hnvo no other plnco to
go next Sunday night, como to
our Christian Endeavor. Wo
will expect you. Reporter.
Captured Weekly Prize
Solan Rugbeo captured tho
wookly nrizo of tho Lauthera
Mercantile Co. 'a Woild Fair Con
test on last Tuesday evening and
which consisted of half dozen
a i r-m., i im silver tea spoons. Following is
ah May Chipman woro married
at tne nomo ot tno uride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Chip-
man, luesdny afternoon. Dr.
Lovoland of tho First Methodist
church, Portland, performing
tho ceremony. Tho homo wns
beautifully decorated for tho oc
casion with Oregon grape, varie.
gated holly and daffodils. The
happy young couple were tho
recipients of hnndsomo and cost
y presents, including beautiful
cut glass pieces. Only the inv
mediate friends of tho contract
ing parties were present. The
groom is a prominent nttornoy
of St. Johns and was formerly
city attorney.nnu is well liked by
all who know him. Thobrido is
a charming young lady with
hosts of friends. After a week's
honeymoon thoy will tako up
their residence at Last ulst and
Hawthorn streets, Portland. Tho
best wishes of all go with them
to their now home.
tho total vote to date.
Solon Bugbee
Mrs. A. M. Purkapilo
Genevieve Aldrich
Mrs. Elsie Knowles
Valkyrie Larson -
Garnet Beam
Lucy Buckles
Beulah Waters
Roy Clark
Miss McKinney
Hlrcrt JIB
w AhK
E. C. Geeslin
Republican Oandidato for
City Attorney
rld Advertisement
In conversation with a promi
nent St. Johns street contractor
Tuesday, we asked him concern
ing tho ordinance in rortiand
rolntivo employment of Portland
labor exclusively on streets and
a wnge of three dollars per day.
He stated that he had now a
number of St. Johns men work
ing for him on tho streets of
Portland, although he had been
requested to use tho unemployed
of Portland as much as possi
ble, but there is no ban on St.
Johns labor, Regarding the
three dollars per day, which
affects all contracts let after
March 2Gth, ho said it meant
less work to do, and that only
workmen most capable of earn
ing $3 per day would bo employ
ed, and that men who were worth
on streets only $2 to $2.50 per
day would have no chance what
ever to get work on the streets. I
For this reason ho said the or
dinance would work a hardship
on tno laboring man, us oniy
rapid workmen would got a
chance to work.
That times are improving and
business again reaching normal
nronortions is indicated by tho
demand which Western railroads
are making on tho lumbermen
for material. Tho Union Pacific
has recently placed an order for
1,200,000 feet of fir lumber to bo
delivered immediately to car
shops in the East, and it is ex
pected that a further order for
1,000,000 feet from tho same
road will bo placed with mills in
I this section very soon.
M. E. Church Notes
In anticipation of moving next
month, Mrs. Dr. Brown resign
ed her class nnd work in tho
Sunday school. Mrs. V. W. Ma
son was elected to tako her
placo as treasurer. A teacher
for her class has not yet been
selected. Wo regret most ex
ceedingly to lose Mrs. Brown, as
sho is one of our most faithful
and efficient workers in tho
church nnd Sunday school.
James Owen, one of our boys,
loft for Seattle Wednesday
morning to join his mother and
will possibly go from there to
Idaho soon.
Preparations are being made
for special Enster services by
tho Sunday school classes which
will bo held in tho church Sun
dav evening of Easter, April
4th. Services next Sunday morn
ing ns usual. Sunday school at
9:50. Preaching 11:00 Epworth
League, G:30 p. in.
Wo nro to bo favored with n
special servico at tho preaching
hour next Sunday ovo in tho
nature of an illustrated lecture
by Robert H. Hughes. Editor of
our Pacific Christian Advocate,
entitled, "Tho Making of u
Book." Mr. Hughes will use n
lantern nnd slido to show up
our great publishing works. Tho
Methodist Book concern was
founded by n Methodist preacher
120 years ago, on SfiOO borrowed
capital, so it actually started
$000 worse than nothing, nnd
today It has 50,000,000 In invest
ments. At first it employed ono
man ns printer, now it hns over
1100 employees and n pay roll of
nearly a million dollars a year.
Has turned over to tho support
of worn out ministers several
millions dollars. Paid out last
year nenrly $200,000 in postage
and express alone, besides
freight. Uses 11,431,405 pounds
of paper and 88.44G lbs. of ink
annually. It is tho largest pub
lishing company house of Sun
day school literature in tho
world. It is impossible to meas
ure tho amount of good accom
plished and the work dono iu
the udvancement of the King
dom of Christ by this great re
ligious publishing agency of tho
M. E. Church. Como out nnd
hear his lecturo and see theso
pictures. They will bo instruc
tive and a great inspiration to
see and know how such great
forces are at work assisting to
advance tho welfnroof humanity
nnd the Kingdom of God. Come
and welcome. All free. Bring
your friends.
Attorney General George M.
Brown and General Supt. of
the Anti-saloon League of Amer
ica will address a great mass
meeting in tho First Presbyter
ian church at 12th and Alder
streets, Sunday March 21st, at
3:00 p. m. Tho Wets are pre
paring an attack on tho dry law.
The best way to defend it is to
hnve tho law understood. The
Attorney General for Oregon will
make it clear. It is a great
thing to have the help nnd de
fense of so high an oflicial.
Help the cause by greeting him
with a packed house. Bo there.
Don't fail. Business men nro
being benefited by tho wets in
the manner of tho boycott.
That's a game two can play at,
equally effectual. The battle is
no yet done. Bo there and stay
on tho job. Reporter.
NoU th latMl on your papar. J