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NO 18
Matters of importance
Receive Attention
AH members were present nt
the regular mooting or the city
council Tuesday evening, with
Mayor Vincent presiding.
u. w. boiiick naked for per
mission to construct a cement
sidewalk in front of his property
on North Jersey street, which
was granted.
Bills amounting to $123.70 and
including primary election ex
penscs, were nllowed.
Tho canvassers' report of the
primary nominating election was
read and accepted. H. Hender
son, W. H. Moxon and Recorder
A. E. Dunsmore constituting
tho canvassing board.
Upon motion Mayor Vincent
appointed a committee of two.
consisting of 0. E. Gnrlick and
H. M. Wnldrof, to take up the
matter of installing a public
telephone with tho Home Tele
phone Company.
i ..a
it was decided that the mayor
should join the committee from
tho Commercial Club Wednes
day morning in a visit to tho
county commissioners in an
eitort to secure a lire pumping
apparatus on the ferry boat for
tho protection of tho water front
Upon tho statement of Mayor
Vincent that a citizen of St.
Johns had informed him that ho
needed a load of wood badly and
had no cash with which to pur
chase same, it was decided that
samo should bo furnished him,
payment for samo to bo made
as soon as tho party was II nan
cialy able to do so.
Tho profilo of the proposed
sidowalking of Ivanhoe street
between Philadelphia and Cat
lin streets was accented, and
tho city attornoy directed to
prepare a resolution providing
for such improvement.
A resolution directing thd en
gineer to prepare tho plans and
specifications for the sidowalk
ing of Hayes street between
Philadelphia and Cntlin streets
was adopted.
An ordinance amending tho
dog muzzling ordinanco nnd
nrov airier lor muzz in ir uurinur
tho months of June, July, Au
gust and beptemuer only wns
passed by n four to three vote.
Councilmen Davis, Cornell nnd
Graden voting in tho negative
By virtue of this action all dog
owners may remove muzzles
from thoir dogs Saturday of this
week, tho amended ordinnnce
going into effect after publica
tion today.
Au ordinance providing for
placing charter amendments on
tho ballot at tho April election
whereby city officials shall hold
office for two years, beginning
with tho next set of otiicmls.
with the exception of two coun
cilmen, who shall be elected for
four years was passed, all vot
ing yes with tho exception of
Councilman Garden, who voted
in tho negative.
An ordinance fixing tho sal
aries of city officials for tho on
suing term was passed. It pro
vides that all salaries shall re
main the same as at present
Councilman Davis reported
that the room adjoining the
Cozy Corner confectionery store
could be s'ecured for a waiting or
rest room for the sum of fifteen
dollars per month, the owner to
install the necessary lavatories
and otherwise place it in condi
tion for rest room purposes.
The committee was given further
time to ascertain if a renter
could be secured to use pare of
the room and aid in paying the
Will Not Take Sides
Editor St. Johns Review:
We, members of local Socialist
party in convention declare that
the editor of the Review was un
warranted in his assertion in
Review of Feb. 26, as to what
constitutes a good or a poor So
cialist. The Socialists of St.
Johns as an organization have
not as yet declared for or against
annexation. Owing to the fact
that Socialists as well as others
differ on local issues, we have
agreed not to waste time or effort
on questions that have little or
nothing in common with the
fundamental principles of So
cialism. Our aim is "The World
for the Workers." Nothing short
of that will satisfy. R. C.
Stokes, Sec.
Behold, the Statesman!
Behold, the Stntosmnn! The
only simon-pure, dyed-in-the-wool,
constitutionally still in the
harness stntosmnn, the man who
says the Merger bill is only a
Democratic measure, simply
provides n way," nnd yet doesn't
know whether he is on foot or
horse back on the proposition.
Behold, the Statesman I The
statesman from St. Johns, the
statesman who was the author
of the Merger bill, standing on
tho fence.
Let tho neonlc rule." he
thunders, nnd tacks nn emergen-
cy clause on the Merger bill.
Let the neon e rule" ho nines.
nnd gets on the fence nnd crosses
his fingers.
I ho blood of tho statesman
is "riled" by the "w d stor cs"
circulated and he forthwith nro
coons 10 "Kill some lnlse ru
Wild and unwarranted sto
nos" in t no r mad career nro
cjuight at various street corners,
button holed and shot nt sunrise.
The lyric tonmiod nwmakor
then loads his blunderbuss and
proceeds to shoot the teachers
with soap soap; ho fires a second
volley of assertions at the voters
in genera. Ho savs "if St.
Johns merges with Portland St.
lohns will still remain. Tho only
thing ovor swallowed that re-
mnincd tho same wns Jonah, but
that tide is pipe dream.
Like a whalo at sea, he blows
a "who said" about tho High
school. Ho knows nbout as much
about that as tho whale knows
about Intitudo nnd longitude.
Let tho people rule" he
snorts, and then lie or some one
else, probably some one else,
writes nn amendment to tack on
the constitution to fool the poo
pic. lhcn tho gentleman with the
brown derby tells us tho Port
land council would deliberately
confiscate tho property of the St.
Johns Water Company. What
variety of politician is our
statesman, nnvnow. that no ex
udes such a fairy talc?
11 tho peon e of bt.Jolins want
chenper water the remedy is at
hand buy tho water nlant. but
don't let us assume that forcvor
tax burden that Portland's $8.-
000,000 water bond debt would
bring us.
Look out. Mr. Voter, thnt vou
don't got fooled on tho water
question. 'Portland's water sys
tem is now bonded for $8,000.-
000; sho is spending $100,000 to
increase the llow to nupply her
own people besides $150,000 or
so ior extensions. Several thou
sand dollars was spent Inst year
to find out that tiio big mains
from Bull Run were decaying.
The people of the suburbs of
Portland nro alwnys kicking be-
cnuse they cannot get water
during the summer months and
what they get is not cool and
fresh like ours. Bo caroful! "Bo
Fair" yos, nnd likowiso bo open.
What's tho reason of all this
deep interest in tho politics of
St. Johns so suddenly? Does
some one want something? Is
there some deep laid cornoration
plot tho gentlemnn from the
Boulevard is trying to nut over?
What's the hurry? Why did tho
emergency clnuso havo to be
tacked on tho merger bill?
tome on. got on ono s do or tho
other. Don't bo n "jitney"
statesman sitting on the fence.
M. R. Morrow.
Wants Letter Published
Editor Review: On the last
page of your issue of March 5
you print in very large typo as
follows: Remember that mer
ging with Portland will not re
duce insurance rates in St.
Johns unless the buildings here
are rewired to conform with tho
inspecting rules of Portland.
Even then it is doubtful if low
er rates would obtain because
St. Johns rates are now 10 per
cent lower than at University
Park or Lents, so the board of
underwriters say." I challenge
tho accuracy of the above and
assert that it is so untrue.and so
grossly misleading that I insist
that you publish this letter
March 12 and allow me space in
your issue March 19th to tell
the exact truth about this Insur
ance question. S. C. Cook.
Mr. Cook need not insist upon
publication; it is granted freely
upon request. Would refer him
to editorial on insurance on edi
torial page. Would also suggest
that if Mr. Cook has succeeded
in slipping some insurance thru
the Board of Underwriters at a
lower rate than the basic rate,
it might be just as well not to
tell it out loud.Ed,
(Primary Election Results
Tho primary election hold Sat
urday excited no particular in
terost. There were few candi
dates printed on the ballot, the
Democratic ballot in each ward
only contnining one name, nnt!
mo rrogresBivo nniiot was nn
absolute blank. So there were
many names written in, nnd th
, vote ns a consequence was
greatly scattered, ui a total o
871 registered, a total of 318
votes were cast, as follows
Republican, 219, Democratic OS
while one solitary Progressive
vote was cast. mo loiiowmg
were nominnted. together with
mo vote received by each sue
ccssful candidate to secure the
I'or Mayor A. A. Muck, Pro
gressivc; one vote; A. W. Vin
cent, Rep.-Dcm. nominations; 77
Kcp. votes; no Dem.
lor Recorder H. D. Beam
Progressive, 1 vote; A. E. Duns
more, Rep.-Dcm; 135 Rep. votes
415 Dem. votes.
For TrcasurerO. E. Learned,
Prog., 1 vote: J. E. Tanch, Rep,
12G votes. Mr. Learned and Mr.
Tanch were a tic on tho highest
Democratic vote for treasurer.
both receiving 30 votes.
For Citv Attorney E. C. Gee
slm, Rop.-Prog.; I'll rep. votes,
prog, vote: Thad. T. Parker.
Dem. ; ou votes.
Counc men nt Larcro L. D.
Jackson, Rep.; 93 votes; J. S.
Downey. Rcp.-Dem.: 05 ren
votes. 40 dem. votes; I. B. Mar
tin. Rcn.-Dcm.-Protr. : ron. Gl.
dem -15, prog.l vote; S. C. Cook,
uem.-prog.; 35 dem. votes,
Counc Imon First Ward R.
Graden. Rop.-Dem. : 48 ren. and
27 dem. votes: D. Tnllmnn.Ron.
Dem. ; io rep. nnd au dem. votes.
Councilmen Second Wnrd W.
A. Carroll, Rcp.-Dem.-Prog.; 54
rop. a dem. nnd 1 prog, voto;
C. R. Chadwick., Rep.; 45 votes;
w. ii. JNoien,Dem.-prog.: 5 dem.
and l prog. voto.
Would Likely Benefit
There are at least two profes
sions that would benefit by
merging St. Johns with Port
landthe plumber and tho olec
tricinn. Iho former becnuso of
tho roplumbing necessary to con
form with Portland regulations.
It is doubtful if there is a house
in St. Johns thnt will nnss tho
plumbing regulations of Port
land. Parties desirinc to add
a bathtub to thoir homes would
find that tho work would require
permit and supervision and tho
probabilities that all tho plumb
ing of tho house would havo to
be torn out and reconstructed.
All property nloncr sower lino
would ho compelled to immediate
ly mako connect on therow th
and Portland union prices would
prevnil. Rewiring might havo
to bo done, nn eloctricinn who
has looked tho matter up, informs
us, as few, if any residences
in St. Johns aro wired according
to Portland regulations. Tho
plumber and electrician should
surely reap a harvest and the
public would bo tho goat.
Building Permits
No. 8-Elizn N. Walthai-t to
erect a residence on Ivanhoe
street between Burr and Alma
No. 9-To C. L. Holmes to
erect a residence on Fessenden
street between Oswego and Mo
kawk streets; cost $1,000.00.
N0.IO-T0 F. A. Yates to
erect a residence on Ivanhoe
street between Fessenden and
Trumbull streets; cost $1400.
No. 11-To E. A. Murray to
erect a residence on Richmond
street between Fessenden and
Seneca streets; cost $800.
A. L. Minor of corner West
Polk and Crawford streets, St.
Johns in speaking of tho time
when St. Johns was under Port
land Government that his taxes
were increased from $45 per year
(in St. Johns) to $075 per year
(in Portland) and that a large
portion of the school funds of
St. Johns were taken and never
returned to St. Johns after St.
Johns was freed from Portland's
grasp by the state legislature
Contributed. Referred to D, C.
For Sale Full Blood Barred
Rock Lggs for hatching,
baby chicks after March
Call 315 W. Buchanan streot.
12. 1
Not What It Seems
It is the small property owner,
tho man thnt is paying up
his home thnt would appreciate
the diltorence in the water rate
also the difference in tho city
taxes and he might want
avail himself of the opportunity
of taking n job on some publi
work, street or sewer contract
work in tho City of Portland
jn n
which pays a.uu per day as per
ordinance recently enacted
the Portland council and also
carries tho edict that such work
must be done by Portland resi
dents only, a fat. Johns man
can't got any of that work, can
he? It is written thnt'somo dny
we will go into Portlnnd. That
some day" is here. It won'
bo any more of a hardship on the
politicians or tho selfish interests
now than later. A. W. Davis.
in the short nrticle nppenring
in the ubovo Mr. A. W. Davis
hands the street laborer what
he undoubtedly believes will bo
an inducement to voto for mer
gcr. 1. e.. that Portland nay
thrco dollars per day for street
work, with preference given to
Portland lnbor. Now this does
not menn thnt large numbers of
workmon will receive thrco dol
lars per day, but does mean that
there will bo much less work to
do. In these stringent times
property owners can illy afford
to improve streets when labor
costs but $2.00 to S2.50 ncr dav
and with this added cost for la
ior it must ho realized that
street improvement in Portland
will in u great mensuro bo held
up for somo timo to come. Any
way, tho wage scalo has only
been lixed by ordinance, nnt
when the Commissioners find out
iow it will work to the detri
ment of Btreot improvement, tho
ordinanco may be repealed at
any time. There is nothing per
mnncnt nbout it. It is absolute
y true thnt three, dollars por day
is littlo enough for any laborer
on street work, but when it is a
casoof taking less or doing with
out employment, ninny laborers
would rather accept less pay nnt
be kept busy. Tho discrimina
tion in favor of Portland labor
will scarcely work a handicap
to bt. Johns laborers, becnuso on
tho smnll umount of street work
thnt is bound to ensue from tho
working of tho ordinance, there
will probably be nbout one hun
dred Inborers for every job. It
may also menn that n big influx
of idlo Inborers from other sec
tions will flock to Portlnnd. But
should tho pcoplo of St. Johns
csiro such nn ordinance to ob-
nin here. 11 strong petition to
that effect presented to the city
council will no doubt bring it
nbout. Ono thing should be re
membered. that tho workingman
can nlwnys got a hearing before
u. 01 i..t m ...t -sl
um 01. JuiuiH uuy council, wnuu
ie has practically no chance to
get before tho Portland Commis.
sion. Anyhow, you do not seem
to realize, Air. Davis, that it is
truggling property owner who
lias to pay this $3 por dny.
Mr. Davis takes up the buga
boo 01 chenper wnter lor the
small property owner, but he
cannot give any positivo assur
ance that cheaper water rates
will obtain for years to come in
tho event of merging.
"It is written that somo day
wo will go into Portland." It is
also written that death shall
overtake us all. And we aro not
more ready for one than the
other. St. Johns is so situated
and has enough land, it the
entire lower peninsula to the
Columbia river is added to St.
ohns, to compel Portland to come
to us. Ihere is no reason why
we should become a part of Port
land now, or for tho next fifty
years to come. Pittsburg and
Allegheny did not consolidate
until both had become full fledg
ed nnd important cities. The
samo is true also of Brooklyn
and New York, and other cities
that might be mentioned. If
Mr. Davis will look around him
a little he will find that it is not
only the SUCCESSFUL politi
cians that object to merging,
but practically all the larger
business, industrial and social
interests of St. Johns. The
movement is growing all the
while. The laborers are think
ing for themselves as well as the
business interests. Ed.
I havo some choice unincum
bered property in Sheridan,
Yamhill county, Oregon, that I
wish to sell or exchange for
desirable property in St. Johns.
For further information, call
ion DR. W. J. GILSTRAP, First
National Bank bldg., St. Johns,
."And Such is the Truth"
you ndmittod there was nothing
in the stories thnt St. Johns
would lose the "Free Ferry."
that there was nothing to tho
stories thnt the teachers would
lose their positions, that there
was nothing to the story thnt
St. Johns would lose tho High
School and practically admitted
there was nothing to the story
innt the city would suiter nny
otner department losses bj an
nexation to or Merger with
Portland, you helped some to
clarify the issues. Now. Mr.
Editor.ns you know, if we merge
with I'ortlnnd, that Portlnnd
will then own the right to tho
streets the snme ns St. Johns
now owns tho streets. Whv do
you not irankiy admit that Port
land will havo the rhrht to nt
once extend tho Bull Run water
mains, for such is the truth, nnd
so why not let tho truth shine?
You seem to think that be
causo I took issue with you as to
the advisability of the people
voting $iiw,uuu in bonds with
which to purchase the water
works at a cost of about S30.00
por hcud to each man. woman
nnd child in St. Johns, when by
merging with 1'ort and and bv
permitting Portlnnd to make tho
purchase of tho water plant will
cost only n low cents per head,
1 desire con scat on. and thnt
because I intimated that the
plant was not worth more than
ond.third of $130,000, I wns wil-
tuny misrepresenting.
You say the Rai road Comm s-
Bion found tho plant, less depre
ciation, to bo worth over $89,-
uuu. in this you nro m staken.
Tho Railroad Commissioners
found tho nlant. less denrecin-
tion, nnd plus physical value and
plus franchise value to bo worth
tho sum you mentioned. Tht
franchise value made up a big
item nnd ns soon ns wo should
becomo Portlnnd. Portlnnd would
possess tho right to extcml Bull
Run water mnins on nny of tho
streets, so tho franchise value.
one of the items, would -bo nil,
nnd all Portlund would have to
purchnso would bo tho iron pipes
now m tho ground. Tho well or
lole in tho ground, tho wooden
)ipcs, etc., would possess no vnl-
uo, nnd ns tho n nnt enn bo re
constructed nnow, well nnd nil,
nnd nil now material for less I
than $75,000, I was not so far
wrong uftcr nil. There is ono
prominent citizen in St. Johns
who has owned and operated
water plants and who knows nil
about tho St. Johns plnnt who
ins said ho can re-construct tho
plnnt for $75,000 and mnko u big
prom ior himself, nnd such is
the truth.
Merger with Portland meanB a
big saving to every inhabitant
of St. Johns, for for CO cents
por month, each family would
get that which now costs $1.85
per month, or a year v saviniri
of $15.00.
In taxes I would save $10.00
or a total of $25.01). Is it worth
while? If wo mercro Portlnnd
will purchase this water nlant
tho samo as Portland has nur-
chased nil other water plants
where merger has taken place.
et us merge and et us irrow.
D. C, Lewis.
Mr. Lewis must havo marvel
ous powers of conception, when
10 states that tho Editor mado
tho admissions he accredited him
with. It never happened. Tho
ferry was never in issue. As to
tho other "issues" tho editor not
now nor has heretofore mado
such admissions. But if Mr.
owis wants admissions tho
editor will admit that in the
event of merger the water will
continue to flow down tho Will
amette, the sun will shine and
10 stars will twink 0 as of vore.
and the moon will pass on over
lead, oven though it may at
times wear a most reproachful
expression as it looks down upon
people who were not menta v
equipped to govern themselves.
We will not admit that Portland
would havo tho right to at once
extend the Bull Run mains with
out first offering tho local water
company a fair price not Mr.
ewis' price- -for its plant. Then
if tho olfer is refused, there
might be authority for the Bull
Run mains to come, but not un
til, then. There is an old rule
mt is considered to have much
merit, but in these days of pol
itics and injustice is lost sight
of and little used. It is called
lie Golden Rule, and it demands
one to do unto others as ye
would that they should do unto
you. if Mr. Lewis owned the
water plant or owned stock there-
In ho would nnturnlly find use
for tills same Golden Rule, but
ainco he does not, he discards it
local water compnny havo paid
$80,000 of good hard cash for
thoir stock, and they purchnsed
this stock only because the busi
ness of the plunt wns backed by
the honesty and integrity of tho
city of St. Johns or its assigns.
The citynjf St. Johns entered
into a solemn contract with the
water company that the inhnbi-
mnis 01 mis piace should use
the wutcr furnished by this
plnnt.during the life of tho fran
chise, and the stockholders hud
n right to expect that St. Johns
would stick to its covenants
Mr.' Lewis would hnvo this con
tract repudiated nnd the stock
holders swindled out of thei
rights by tho power of might
nnd injustice.
Agnln Mr. Lewis shows a (lis
position to wnnder nfnr from
the truth. Ho says: "The Rail
road Commission found tho plnnt
LESS depreciation nnd physical
value and PLUS franchise vnluo
to bo worth tho sum you men
tloned. The franchise value
made up a big tern." Whv
does Mr. Lewis make such foolish
nnd untrue statements? Sure
ly ho knows differently, or if ho
doesn't he should havo informed
himself. In refutation of the
above wo quote from tho Rail
road Commissioners' find nirs
on record nt the city hall:
section o. 1 no or g nn cost
of tho properties owned by tho
dofendnnt (St. Johns Water
Works & Lighting Co.) nnd now
used nnd useful for the public
convenience (without tnkinir de
preciation into consideration) is
upproximntciy $122,000.
Section G. To reproduce tho
used nnd useful property of the
defendant in normal now and us
nblo condition, including mate
rim anu supplies on Hand, ant
1 -' .
working capital on the first dav
01 Juiy.iaiu, as a going concern.
would require tho expenditure
of sm,2j;.
Section 9. Upon full consid
oration of tho foregoing nnd of
all 1110 evidence nnd proofs
oilered unu received, tho Com
mission determines that the val
uoof tho PHYSICAL property
01 tho respondent actually used
and useful for tho convenience
of the public wns tho sum of
$89,500 on tho first dny of July,
Dated Salem, Oregon, this 2nd
day of April. 1914, and signed
by Frank J. Miller nnd Thomas
K. Campbell, Commissioners.
Ho tolls of u prominent citizen
who says ho could reproduco
tho entire plnnt now for $75,000
and mnko n big profit, nnd Mr.
Lewis ndds, "and such is tho
truth." If nny man in St.Johns
mado such a statomont ho is a
fit mombor for tho Ananias club
or greatly overestimates his
ability. Most unfortunate for
this man that ho did not bid on
tho water system put in by the
city oi Linn ton ncouplo of years
ago. Thero was no pumping sta
tion to install, no hard surfaced
streets to pierce and only a few
streets to trnverso with tho pipe
line, and yet the city of Linnton
pays ovor $100,000 for same.
Now, this man Mr. Lewis talks
about undoubtedly could havo
taken tho contract for $15,000
nnd mado n fortune out of it,
"nnd such is tho truth." Read
what tho Railroad Commission
says of cost of reproduction,
and in that estimate the cost of
placing pipes under somo hard
surfaced streets is not taken into
consideration. Mr. Lowls says
each family in St. Johns would
save $15 yearly in water. As
there are nbout 700 families in
St. Johns only paying 90 cents
per month, it is a desperate
mathematical puzzle to see how
thoy could savo $15 yearly, oven
if they got water free in Port
land. Ho says ho would savo $10 in
taxes. Even at the present mill
rate und valuation, his taxes
would havo to be $240 and tho
valuation of his property for
taxable purposes $10,000, to
mako a saving of $10 per year.
The mill rate this year in Port
land is 23.1 mills; in St. Johns
24.1 mills. Any one can com
pute these figures. If Mr. Lew
is' property is assessed that
much, ho should take up tho
matter with the county assessor
at once, as a grave injustice is
being done him, if a house and
lot on Willamette boulevard is
assessed $10,000.
Mr. Lewis, surprising to
note, winds up his argument, if
it can be termed such, by stat
ing "that Portlund will pur
chase this water plant tho same
as Portland has purchused all
other plants where merger has
Evangelical Church
Mary Monnhnn, nolco of Mr.
und Mrs. T. J. Monnhnn, has re
turned to her home in Missouri.
Margaret Howard, daughter
of Mrs. Rachel Howard, has re
turned from the East. Marga
ret is studying medicine.
Bert Johns nnd wife are the
happy parents of a nine nnd a
half pound daughter.
Tho Young People's Sundny
school clnss nro planning to
give a play in the near future.
Mrs. Maud Hull, our delognto
from our K. L. C. E. to the
suite convention of the Chris
tian Endeavor, at Eugene, re
ports n great time.
Next Sundny, March 14, is our
fourth quarterly meeting dnte.
Dr. C. C. Poling will preach nnd
administer tho Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper. This is tho last
quarterly meeting for the Con
ference year. Our annual con
ferenco convenes April 1. 1915,
nt Corvullis, Oregon. In the
main the past year has been a
pleasant nnd profitable one. A
goodly number hnvo been con
verted and ndded to tho church.
Our finances hnvo kept up very
well considering tho hard times.
Wo hnvn not been free from sor
rows, however. Two of our
members crossed tho line of
worlds during tho yenr, both of
them faithful workers in tho
church.nnd the members yet feel
tho loss of Mrs. John Poir nnd
W. Roy Hull. -Reporter.
Christian Church
Last Sunday tho Y. P. S.
E. gave a program in nlnco
church services. Talks wore
given by stivoral of tho young
The "Worker's Conference"
was hold nt tho church Tuesdny,
flinrcn tho second. Many good
motions wore carried, among
them it wns decided to have a
church library. Miss Nottio
Moody wns elected librarian.
Tho library is to consist of mis-
sionnry and ot her re ur ous hooks
loaned by members nnd friends.
Supt. M. S. Beam presided over
tho meeting. Sundny. March 14,
is to bo "Book Day."
A warm contest ih rairinc bo-
tween tho S. P. I. bovs nnd tho
S. P. I. girls. Tho hoys wore
ahead last Sundny. Mrs. Carrie
Moore is their teacher. Mr.
Charles Graden is tenchor for
tho girls.
St. Patrick Day nartv is to bo
given nt the home of Bert Smith
Snturdny night, Murch 13. An
Irish story must bo told by each
ono. iho ones not having one
to tell will bo fined n "jitney."
'Bo jnbers. an' what you think
o' that?
Tho "Loyal Sons" is tho namo
of the newly organized class of
boys from 10 to 13 years of uire.
The names of tho officers will be
given later. Iho reporter is
teacher of this class. "Now.
)oys. if you aro not nttondinir
Sunday school elsewhere conio
and join this class. Some good
times nro being planned." Re
Business Men's Ticket
Tho Anti-Merger club has plac
id the following ticket in tho
Mnyor- -A. W. Vincent
City RocordorA. E. Duns-
Treasurer J. E. Tanch.
City Attornoy-Thnd. T. Park-
Councilmen nt Largo A. A,
arrowe. E. E. Gambee. H. W.
First Ward Councilmen C. E.
Garlick, Roy Ingledue.
Second Ward Counci men H.
W. Bonhnm, C. R. Chadwick.
taken place"- which means a
mighty big price.
"Let the people rule," Mr.
Lewis, but don't warn their
judgment through misrepresen
tation. Don't let us stunt our
growth and impoverish our oeo-
pie by merging. Ed.
Havo you noticed how much
more crime is reported from S.
rortund nnd tho Lents dis
trict, and how littlo crime wo
have in St. Johns? Remember
we have excellent police protec
tion in St. Johns, and our "Tak
ing a chance" is not likely to
better it. "Taxation without rep
resentation" will certainly bo
our lot if wo merge with Port-
and. Don't "Take a chance."
Not Uw Ubal on your ppr. j