St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, February 05, 1915, Image 3

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    Cut Prices
Every Sewing Machine in the house Cut Way
Down. They are all Guaranteed for Ten Years.
Favorite Plain Oak, Regular $20, Special
Melville Automatic, Regular $25.00, Spec
inl ' 20.00
Melville Guaranteed Automatic Drop, Reg
ular $30.00, Special 24.00
Zenith Automatic Tension Quarter Oak,
Reg. $33.50, Special 26.50
Zenith Cabinet Machine, Automatic Guar
anteed Oak, Reg. $40.00, spec 32.50
Ormandy Bros.
fin m 7Hr 13 Guernsey Earthen- Jfl-
Reg- 0Caxipt.,,:4oC
Reg. 75c .Tea; 42c
Reg. 40cara-s,,b-oard,25c
Rorr fln 12 Heavy Tin 9fln
IWg. JUU Milk Pail, Spec. 0U
Wednesday is Double Stamp Day
The Coal that will not Slack, high
In l'uel Value and the best prepared.
The hard Utah Fuel without a fault,
A Clean, Sootless Coal, with less
Aihes than other Coal, because it's
all Coal, no Slate, no Clinkers.
Is guaranteed to give you more
heat (or a dollar than any similar
coal at equal price.
$6.50 per Ton
Luve Ordcrt at Water Company Office
Plw&e Columbia 81
St. Johns Singer Store
Call and have the latest model
demonstrated in your home free
of cost.
This machine is the result of 40
years coustant improvements; does
all kinds of Dress Making by machin
ery; no basting, no guiding; sews all
directions; darns without an attach
ment. Free lessons with every purchase.
So simple, a child can operate it.
Prices reasonable.
Terms easy.
Liberal allowance for old machines.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Repair work neatly done on all
wakes of machines.
Also machines to rent.
113 N. Jersey Street
the tab) on yew paper.
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh Fruits and Veg
etables In Season at
We Solicit and Deliver any
where in'St. Johns.
Phone Col. 210 501 Fessenden St.
If you ure thinking ofnnking
The Adler-i-ka book, telling how
you cau EASILY guard against
nnraAW,li ....
I rt "uv,w "wv itun jruii iau tc
.lieve constipation or gas on the
(stomacn lis aTANThY, is ottered
!.! 1... , 1. OT TAITMO
i wtc una wcc. uy uic o i , jyjiino
i For several weeks past the
management of the Portland
Rose Festival, to be held June
: 9, 10, 11, has been carrying on
1 s ir ! ffnr
for the phrase, not exceeding
eight words, which should best
represent the spirit of the sea-
! son and of the Festival. More
j than 5000 slogans were submit
I ted in this contest and the judg
! ing committee, composed of a
i large number ot representative
business men, finally awarded
j the prize to Mr. J. C. Cooper,
I manager of the Yamhill Walnut
I Experiment station, at McMinn-
ville. and the phrase" The Whole
World Knows the Portland Rose"
has been adopted as the official
slogan of the 1915 Festival.
Subject for Christian Science
Sunday: Spirit.
Local News.
Send in your news items.
The pavilion of Siam at the
Fanama Exposition will be. ship
tied completed from Bangkok,
Siam, according to advises just
received from Siam by exposi
tion officials. It is of the styl
of a Siamese grand palace.
The Y.P.S. C. E.of the Christ
ian church held their regular
monthly business meeting and an
advertisement social at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Herwick. Re-
frehments were served and a
good time was enjoyed by all.
Feed your chicks Hess
Poultry Panacea and keen them
free from lice by using Instant
Louse Killer, and you will in
sure a good egg production.
Get them at The St. Johns Phar
macy, cut rate drug store.
Stranger Why, Pat, there
used to be two windmills there.
Pat To bo sure, sir. Stranger
Why is there but one there
now? Pat Sure, they took one
down for to have more wind for
t'other. -Ex.
Get in the contest, and get a
prize. A little ellort will do
the trick. A greater effort will
get you to the Panama Exnos
tion at ban I'rancisco with all
your expenses paid. Why not
There-opening of three shingle
mills at this time and the be
ginning of the second semester
of the country schools, may mark
the need of teachers rather than
any material progress toward
prosperity. Covallis Times.
Rev. Wright will sneak at the
Christian church Sun., Feb. 7th.
He is a missionary and is inter
ested in prison reform work and
will speak on that topic. It is
not detinltely known when Kev.
Jones will take up his duties
lore, but his nlaco will bo sun-
plied until ho arrives.
The dancing party to bo given
in the St. Johns Rink by Oregon
Grape circle No. 541. Women of
Woodcraft, promises to be the
real treat of the season: several
hundred invitations have been
sent out, and Bowkcr's excel-
ent orchestra will furnish music
for tho occasion. Committee.
That better times are near at
land is the concensus of oninion
among the leading dailies and
business men of tho country.
There can bo no question that
tho country has been and is ex
periencing tho most Btringest
times, nnd it is to be fond y hon
ed that tho worst is over and
that times will speedily tako on
a brighter and better aspect.
A little boy. who. on account
of his naughty behavior, was
about to get n thrashing, left
us mamma's room and went to
lis own. Kneeling down be
side the bed and with hands
clasped ho offered up tho fol-
owing prayer: "If you n easo.
Dod, if you aro as good to little
children as they say you are,
now's your chance." Ex.
Following tho sale of 60.000
acres of yellow pino in tho vi
cinity of Bend, it is expected
that tho manufacturing of lum
ber in Central Oregon win be
commenced on a large Scale. It
is stated that tho timber belt
of Central Oregon is approxi
mately 135 miles long by 50
miles wide, nnd that in the ter
ritory tributary to Bond alone,
there is at least 20.000,000,000
feet of good saw timber.
A campaign has been started
at Albany to sell $25,000 worth
of cannery stock, work on the
construction of a cooperative
cannery to commence as soon as
the stock sales amount to 15.-
000, The preliminary meeting
was attended by more than 100
armers and fruit growers of
Linn and Benton counties. A
imit of $50 worth of stock to
each subscriber has been set,
and it will therefore be neces
sary to interest 500 growers in
order to raise the $25,000.
It was the morning of the Sab
bath. As Sandy was making
his way homeward after attend
ing kirk, tho minister happened
to overtake him. "Eh." said
Sandy, "that was a powerful
discourse on 'Thrift' ye preach
ed this morning." The minister
smiled benignly. "A'm glad ye
were able to prolit by it," was
his gratified reply. "Profit!"
exclaimed Sandy. "Why. mon,
would ha' put ma saxpence
into the plate wi'out a thought
but for yer providential words.
hey saved me fournence there
and then." Ex.
Of interest to all wool grow
ers in this and adjoining states
is a movement recently in
augurated to establish a big
wool warehouse in Portland jto
handle the clip from all flocks in
this territory, thus eliminating
the speculator and broker who
have heretofore cut deflnlv intr
the annual receipts of the sheet
men. under the new plan al
wool will be graded here and the
producer will be advised exactlj
what his wool is worth. It iB
estimated that this plan will
net the woolmen from three to
five cents per pound over former
Picture framing douc at Portland
prices at ii. r. uiaric's, the turn!
turc man. Ailv.
Don't miss the "Luxus Com
edy Four" at the Multnomah
Private lessons in dancing
from 8 to 10 every Monday even
ing in Eagle Hall S. G. Wright.
"Watches" made over into
"Time-pieces" at reasonable
rates at Rogers', 809 N. Jersey
Minuet Talcum Powder, the
talcum in the large can bigger
and better than others. Get it
at The St. Johns Pharmacy, cut
rate drug store.
Free instruction in Fox Trot
given at Wright's Dancing
Academy, 340 Russell street,
Wednesday evening, Feb. 10th.
St. Johns people especially in
Something special in box
stationery, closing out a stock of
fancy linens at prices you can
not meet elsewhere. See the
display in our window. The
St. Johns Pharmacy, Cut Rate
Drug Store
A number of St. Johns folks
attended the Wednesday even
ing dancing party at Wright's
Dancing Academy on Russell
street, nnd were particularly
delighted with the music and
Auto for hire hv rlnv. hour nr
trip, at very reasonable rates.
Good opportunity for parties of
four or Ions to mnkn n trin intn
the country at a low price. H.
M. Wnldrol.ooy Fessenden street.
Phono Columbia 20G.
Saturday evening Miss Doris
Davis, the Eagles' Candidate in
the Multnomah Theatre's big
Contest, will nut on an extra
show besides tho pictures. Four
good vaudeville numbers, and
the admission is only 10 cents.
Anna B. Clark died at Rose-
burg Friday of last week from
kidney trouble. Miss Clark
taught at tho Central school
building for several years and
was well known by a number
of our people.
Tho infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Adams of 426 East Tyler
street, who died last week, was
buried Friday in the Gatton
cemetery. Elliott nnd Teddy
lilomgrcn. Alex. McGregor and
Chns. Foss acted ns pall bearers.
Oregon Grape Circlo No. 541.
Women, of Woodcraft will hold
another interesting meeting on
ucsday evening. February 9th.
in Bickncr's hall. All members
take heed, and answer roll call
at this meeting. Visitors wel
come. Tho third largo shipment from
lolland for tho Panama Expo
sition urrived on the exposition
grounds last week and consists
of eleven car loads of rhododen
drons, clipped conifers and
bulbs. These will complete tho
most important landscape gar
dening exhibit over made by
lolland outside her own borders.
On last Tuesday nfternoon the
adics of the Philo Christo Class
of tho United Evangelical church
were pleasantly entertained at
tho homo of M rs. I L. Fletch
er, 908 South Jersey street.
ancy work was tho main feat
ure of the day. after which
dainty refreshments were serv
ed. There were about nineteen
The United States Fuel Ship
Caesar brought 500 tons of gov
ernment exhibits to tho Panama
Exposition on January 13th. The
ispiny constitutes the largest
exhibit ever made by a govern
ment in an exposition. It will
occupy more than 192,000 square
feet, and will represent every
epartment ot tho government.
Tho Review gives 2000 votes
or new subscriptions and 1000
votes for renewals in the World's
air contest nut on by Lauthers'
Mercantile Company, in connec
tion with tho St. Johns Review.
number of new subscribers
mve been added to the list
trough the energy of some of
lo contestants.
On Tuesduy afternoon at onej
clock the Quid Libet Club
held their monthly club dinner
at the home of Mrs. 'Frank Rice,
on John Street. The dinner
consisted of a great variety of
all kinds of good things. It
was a very delightful occasion.
There were fifteen members
present and several guests. The
next meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. Gambeo on Daw
son street.
Mrs. C. R. Thompson enter
tained in a delightful manner
with six tables of auction bridge
at her beautiful homo on North
layes street on Friday after
noon last. Dainty refreshments
were served. Honors were won
by Mrs. McGmnis of Portland
and Mrs. A. A, Larrowe. Those
present were Mesdames A. A.
arrowe. W. A. Bennett. W. .
Evens. C. B. Russell, E. W. Mc
Lean. F. P. Drinker. P. H. Ed-
lefsen, J. N. Edlefen, J. N.
Harney. A. W. Markle. E. K.
Ingledue. C. A. Fry. F. C.
Couch. II. W. Bonham. F. W.
Valentine, C. A. Wood, George
J. Perkins, L B. Martin, H. W.
Ormandy. E. S. Currier. E. &
Gambee, McGinnis, Horann, C.
J. Muck, Miss Drinker.
See Dr. W. J. Gilstrnp for
correctly fitted glasses.
Wanted to Exchange- Forty
acres of good land lor St. Johns
property. Call at Central Hotel.
Monday and Tuesday the sec
ond episode of the" Master Key"
will be shown at the Multnomah
Sunday afternoon nnd evening
the "Luxus Comedy Four" will
sing at the Multnomah. They
are extra good. Hear them.
A. M. Esson, formerly a well
known nnd popular citizen and
public oihcial of St. Johns, but
lately located in Idaho, is spend
ing a few days m our city.
Mrs. C. A. Wood was surnris
ed by n number of her St. Johns
friends at her home in Piedmont
Tuesday evening. A most en
joyable time is reported.
For Sale i acre. Groom houBe.
lights, toilet and 8 bearing fruit
trees, improved street. Fine
place for chickens. Only $1350
; A7 m i - . m r i inrr
ii inxen soon, lerms. ioi. iut.
For Exchange A wull improv
ed farm, live acres; new house,
near car line of Vancouver. Ad
dress 1121 South Gresham street,
St. Johns, for further informa
tion. Mrs. T. T. Parker entottaincd
the Sociology Club, which wns
recently organized, Monday af
ternoon, and a fine time is re-
)ortcd. Mrs. I' arris of Portland
was the leader.
The excellent paper prepared
and read by Mrs. Anna Can-
right at the Mothers1, meeting
on Monday, Feb. 1st, will appear
in next week's issue of the Re
view. A Hnrd Times Ball will be
given in the St. Clement's Hall,
on Smith avenue, Friday eve
ning. February 12th. Lunch
will be served, and a good time
assured. Adults 25c; children
The stork left a bouncing
baby girl at tho home of Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Powell January
28th. Tho event has impelled
'Dad" Powell to dispense some
fine cigars among his friends.
A box social will be given by
tho Odd Fellows of St. Johns
at their hall on South Jersey
street Saturday, February 13th.
Everybody invited. A good
social time assured.
Tho East St. Johns Improve
ment Asociation is giving the
matter of dredging Columbia
Slough considerable attention,
and is taking up tho matter
with tho government in an en
deavor to have government en
gineers mako preliminary sur
veys and recommendations.
Tho project is a commendable
one, nnd it is hoped that their
efforts will result ultimately In
having the Slough dredged to a
proper depth.
It should be remembered that
tho Review charges five cents
a line for nil advertising relat
ing to entertainments, plays,
socials, etc., where admission
is charged or collections taken.
This applies to churches as well
as to all others. Where no ad
mission is charged notices of
such events will be gladly pub-
shed free of charge. However,
where the job printing is done
at this office for any chargeable
event, a free notice will be
given. Six words constitute a
The Community Sing held at
the bank building of the First
Trust and Savings Bank on East
Fessenden street Tueday even
ing wns well attended and much
enjoyed. Mrs. R. G. Brand had
the program in charge, assisted
by George A. Carter. '1 ho pro.
gram consisted ot readings
by Mrs. G. M. Hall. Mrs. Bower.
and Dorothy Schaffer, piano
solo by Edith Earl, and recita
tion by Myrtle Earl which was
nterspersed by singing ot old
timo melodies.
Mrs. W. A. Phillips died at
her home, 718 North Edison
Btreet. Wednesday, February
3, of dropBy. She was born in
Kansas, and was aged iu years,
1 month and 2 days. She had
been an invalid for the past five
years, and death was caused by
dropsy. She is survived by her
lusband and one son and one
daughter. Arrangements for
the funeral have not yet been
completed. The St. Johns Under
taking company win have
Mrs. E. C. Geeslin gave a de-
ifhtful surnrise nartv Jan.
26th in honor of her husband,
Attorney hi. u. lieesnn. it neintr
his 35th birthday. The popular
game of 500 was played, Mrs. R.
G Whlta winning the ladv'H
prize a lovely hand embroidered
minst towel, nnn Hror. 1C. u.
White the gentleman's prize of
very tine deck ot cards, uain
t refreshments were served nnd
1 Baid "good night." wishing
Mr. Geeslin many more happy
hirthdavs. Those nresent were:
Mr. ana wr, u. xorK, Mr. anu
m. m fm WW w m 1
Mrs. Carl JJahl, Mr. and Mrs. u.
C. Geeslin, Mr. and Mrs. II.
Thving. Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Shafer. Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Greenwade. Mr. E. Stricklan.
Mrs. B. Berry. Mrs. Bailey and
- - ma w ym t
Mr. and Mrs. k. li. White.
I FOR RKNT cards at thla offlc.
Pay Your Bills With Checks I
Pkthr Autzkn,
John N.'sim,
Painless, Scientific, Low Priced
Aluminum Plates $20.00
Flesh Colored Plates 10.00
Ordinary Rubber Plates 8.00
Porcelain Crowns 6.00
22 Kt. Gold Crowns 5.00
22 " " Bridge 5.00
Gold Killing $1.00 up
Silver Filling $1.00
Painless Extractions absolutely
Why go to Portland, My Prices Can't
be Beat, All Work Guaranteed
Dr. Hugh C. Smith
Painless Dentist, St. Johns
Over Bonham & Currier's Store
Open Evenings and Saturdays Lady Attendant
Entertained Teachers
Tho Debonair Club entertain
ed the Teachers of St. Johns
with an elaborate banauot in tho
Commercial Club rooms on Friduy
evening last. Tho decorations
were yellow nnd white and tho
tables presented a very .pretty
appearance, ihe menu was
creamed chicken in patty shell,
creamed potatoes, salad, sand
wiches, cold sliced tongue and
baked ham, olives, orange Jollo
with whipped cream, gold and
white cuke nnd coifee. Tie
Delta Phi girls served tho ban
quet in a lovely manner. Mrs.
Alice Learned, President of the
Club, in u few well chosen words
welcomed tho guests nnd called
upon her sister, Mrs. Sutherland
of Portland to tell of school con
ditions in St. Johns in pioneer
days, which she did in a delight
ful manner. Mr. John Keeler,
first principal of St. JohnB
schools, wns called on noxt and
made a clover little impromptu
speech. Next was Mrs. Hoye
of tho East St. Johns school.
She attended tho first Teacher's
nstitute held in St. Johns and
captivated her listeners with her
ready wit and clever remarks.
rof. Fry waB aBked to give his
first impressions of St. Johns
which ho did in a witty mannor.
'rof. Boyd, on being called up
on to give his first impressions
of St. Johns, told of tho first
mnression ho made on St. Johns
in getting off the car and mis
judging the distunce from the
IT'S the most wonderful Photo -play
ever conceived and achfwA if will
hold you spellbound with interest
at ",L
r X r-
and there will ucver be any
disputes about the pay
ments. The cancelled
checks arc the best of all
receipts. Checks are cheap
er to send than any other
form of remittance. These
arc only two of the many
advantages of linving an
account at this bank.
V. C. Knait,
Vice President
S. L. DoniK,
Assistant Cashier
last car stop to the ground. A
short programme was rendered
in which Miss Malcnu Long
pluyed several selections that
displayed fine technique. She
is a brilliant player and was
heartily applauded. Mr. Roe
gave two clarinet solos that were
much appreciated. Mrs. G. M.
Hall gave several readings in
her inimitable manner that quite
captured the audience. After
wards those present repnired to
the Eagles Hall and danced till
nearly twelve. Many pretty
dresses wero in evidence nmong
tho teachors and Club members.
General Compson Post, G.A.R.
has completed arrangements for
tho proper observance of Lin
coln's birthday, Feb. 12th.
Prominent speakers will make
brief talks, not only as to in
dividual characteristics of our
lamented President, but speak
of our duties and of our proper
reverence towards our own great
country. There will bo inter
spersed Hinging by pupils of
our city schools, and it Is to bo
hoped that our citizens will be
present. The meeting will bo
held in the auditorium of the
High School building and exer
cises as urrnnced will pnmmnnnn
promptly at 2:30 p. m. Come
out and give a patriotic express
ion bv vour rmHinpft tlmf will
prove that both children and
!lf I f
citizens noia m uear memory
one of tho greatest Commoners
in the interest of true liberty
that this united country evor
presented. Reporter.
Tn fi ii r r r ii 1 1 1 t"i ir
muLiMumnii niLnniL
i i. . .. .
cpuoue next mon. ana lues.