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    How Do You Snooze?
Wc arc headquarters for Comfor
table Snoozers at Low Prices.
Mattresses, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters
- Cotton Top 45 lb. Mattress $ 3.00
"St. Johns" Mattress, Rolled Kdgc, 2 Lay-
crs Cotton Top and Bottom ; 5.00
L "Multnomah" .is lb. mnttrcss, Rolled Kdec
and 25 lb. Cotton, Art Tick 6.75
40 lb. Cotton Kelt Mattress, "Rolled Edge
Art Ticking 7.20
, "Crescent" 40 lb. Mattress Felled Cotton
Rolled lidgc, Guaranteed 9.45
"Crown" 45 lb. Mattress same as above,
. Guaranteed 11.70
"Colmnbin" 50 lb. Long White Cotton bat
' ting, Rolled Kdge . 14.85
' 'Dreamland" 35 lb. Silk Floss best quality,
Tufted Art Ticking 16.20
Blankets and Comforts Reduced
Special Meat Prices
Ilccf Keck 12Jc
l'lntc HoMiir.! 10c nml 12jc
' Shoulder Tot Koimt.. 121c nnd 16o
. Round Stcnk 174c mid 20c
Shoulder Stcnk lfic
Sirloin Stcnk 17Jc
' Miotic Steak 20c
tifrcsh Side lCc
Uvcr 10c
Elicit Iolu Chops 20c
..Shoulder Chop 15o mid 174c
Cl.cof l'ork .' IHc
'Shoulder Koiut (fx: mid 17Jn
Spare Rll lfic
Heart 10c
,"LcKt 17J-20C
Shoulder 16c
llncoti from 15c to 3Gc
: Red Clover Butter 75c; Alarkwnrt's Special 65c Roll
Phone Columbia 21 ST. JOHNS, OREGON
Wc are Headquarters tor the
u jmr-r 1 . 4
Alm fit vp! S. A. Green
The Bottom and Top are of Cast Iron, Body of
Wellsville Steel, Cast Lining. Large Door and
Swing Top, Nickel Foot Rail.
Tlic Best Bargain in )3S!? -g
Heaters In St. Johns 25 .'.'.'.'.'.WW 14.50
Wc will take your old stove In exchange
Shoulder Chop lCc
Stew 10c
MUTTON'R Mutton llic
Klbmid Loin Chops 15c
Shoulder 1 11c
Slew 8c
Iln-ntt lGc
Calve Liver 20c
I.fgn 20c
Loin Chops 25c
Loin Stcnk ..; 25c
Rlli Chops 22Je
Shoulder Chops 171-20C
I.nrd, bulk llic
I,nrd, No". 3 45c
Kurd, No. 5 70c
Lnnl, No. 10 $1.35
llutter. C5-70c
lr.RW P-'' dozen, 30-lOc
18c to 22Jc
ricnic Hams 15c
4"aM,B-aaaM imi i i M
Premium Heaters
Local News.
Send in your news items.
Where shall I get my hnir cut?
At uilmore's barber shop, adv,
W. H. See of Portland was
a business caller at the city hal
The Chili Parlors will be open
again for business tomorrow
Wesley Cecil Heck and Miss
Faye Elinor Glasgow were mar
rled in Portland on Tuesday.
High school girl wants a posi
tion to work for board during
school term; inquire at Review
A son was born to Mrs. L. B.
Smith of North Willamette
boulevard at the St.-Johns Sani
tarium last Sunday.
Rev. R. C. Blackwell, super
intendent of the Alaska M. E.
Mission, visited his aunt. Mrs.
Kemp, and his cousin, Nellie
Kemp, the last week.
The annual election of officers
for the St. Johns Grade Teach
era' Association was held Thurs
day, October 1st, at 4 p. m. in
the lecture rpom of the Library.
Wilbur and Gordon Bellinger
are attending college at Cor-
vallis. Mrs. Bellinger will keep
house for the boys at Corvallis
while they are attending col
The cells at the city bastilo
have been treated to handsome
coats of paint, applied with ar
tistic skill by Firemen Peterson
and Mackey during the past
Jacob Luitcn, who has been
seriously ill for the past couplo
of weeks at his home on East
Richmond street, is slowly im
proving. Dr. L. E. Graves is in
The delegates from Holmes
Lodge No. 101, Knights of
Pythias, to the grand lodge.
which mcots in Portland October
13, arc A. Carl Nelson, two
years, with u. u. niaxticiu as
alternate: J. E. Hillcr, ono year,
with V. W. Mason as alternate.
Come to tho Mothers' meeting
next Monday at 2:30. Tho paper
"The Protection of our Girls
when Traveling," by Mrs. Fos
ter, discussion led by Mrs. Geo.
M. Hall. This is a very im
portant subject especially to
mothers of girls. Reporter.
Tho St. Johns M. E. Sunday
School will start a Trip to Jeru
salem Contest next Sunday,
which will continue for thirteen
weeks. . At tho close of tho con
test n.prizo will be given to tho
classes completing tho trip on
scnedulo time. Mr. S. C. Cook,
Roy Crouchley, who left this
city somo time ago to accept a
position in tho timber at Alaska,
writes that tho wild animals
there aro so numerous and dan
gerous that many oi tho men
aro leaving, and that he an
ticipates coming back to bt.
Johns in tho very near future.
Tho I. O. O. F. of University
Park will begin thgir winter
sencs or card parties Saturday
evening, October 3rd, at their
rail at the corner of Lombard
and Fisko streets. Tho card
parties will bo given overy two
weeks throughout tho winter.
St. Johns friends aro invited to
The Jolly 'Steen Club was en
ortained at the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Markle Wednes
day evening, at which tho gamo
of GOO was tho chief diversion.
Tho first prize was won by Prof,
and Mrs. C. H. Boyd; tho sec
ond by Mr. and Mrs. C. H, Der-
no and the guest prize by Airs.
C, A. Fry.
Mrs. Delia Marsh was ac
quitted by jury at Portland dur
ing the past week ot the charge
of the murder of Lindstrum,
who caused her downfall. The
jury lound that tne crime was
justifiable, and the man deserv
ed the fate meted out to him.
The verdict seems to givo univer
sal satisfaction among those who
have followed the case closely.
The Universal Constitutional
Eight Hour Day Amendment to
be voted upon next month pro
hibits any man, woman, boy or
girl from being employed more
than eight hours in any one day,
or 48 hours in one week, in any
trade, business or profession,
or in any kind of employment
whatever, skilled or unskilled,
mental or physical, within the
state of Oregon. This law ap
plies to children and other rela
tives of the employers, and pro
vides penalty for violation there
of. The Grade Teachers' Associa
tion of St. Johns held its first
meeting for the year in the lec
ture room of the Library. Miss
Grace DeGraff, president of the
League of Teachers' Associa
tions, which includes all the as
sociations throughout the United
States, was the speaker of the
evening, giving a report of the
session at the National Educa
tional Association, and outlining
the work for the coming year.
A social hour was enjoyed later
at which refreshments were
served by the Mutual Benefit
for peace should be
The biggest part of a calamity
howler is his howl.
Cyclone Cold Cure that's all.
St. John's Pharmacy.
Dressmaking. Prices reason
able. Call at 425 E. Buchanan
street, St. Johns.
It is quite some war when
both sides win great victories
m the samo battle.
For Rent Five room cottage.
First Trust & Savings Bank,
l'essenden street.
"Watches" made over into
Time-pieces" at reasonable
rates at Rogers', 309 N. Jersey
Mrs. J. C. Scott returned
Thursday from a few days visit
with her brotherin-law near
Camas, Wash.
We still have something for
which to be thankful. There
has been no advance in the price
oi postage stamps.
Mrs. S. H. Greene of Castlo
Rock, Wash., spent several days
among her old friends here dur
ing the past week.
J. F. Gillmore reborts the' sale
of a six-room house and lot for
$200 for M.G.Bailey; also lot
In South St. Johns for $-175.
Magazines at VERY snocinl
club prices for nshor,t time only.
Order now and save money.
Seo Rogers. Phone Col. 104.
All that President Wilson
had to mobilize was the good
common sense oi the American
people, which ho succeeded in
A dispatch says "small, hot
bullets cause little pain." Who
ever sent out tho news didn't
get his information from a war
Hess' Poultry Panucea, tho
great egg producer: Instant
Louse Killer, the great extermi
nator for Hco: you can get them
at The St. Johns Pharmacy.
Suite of four rooms for rent.
furnished or unfurnished, with
icat. water and light. First
Trust & Savings Bank, building,
1302 Fcssendon street.
No nrtist can feel more pride
when viowing the work of his
own brush than tho housewife
takes in gazing at forty cans of
fruit sho has put up for her ulti
mate consumers.
A German scientist says wo
men can talk longer than men
because their throats are small
er, but that's no reason. If
women can talk longer than men
t is becauso tiioy want to.
"A woman . who. is against
woman suffrage is quoted aa say
ing that woman was never creat
ed to govern." Somo of us
thought that when wo went to
school, but we had to change our
minds standing up.
Sunday will bo Rally Day at
tho Christian church and two
pictures will be given to the class
that has tiio most old members
and new members present. Tho
S. P. I. Class cordially invites
all young people to bo with
Christian Science Society of
St. Johns, Oregon announces a
free lecture on Christian Scienco
by Prof. Hermann S. Horing,
C. S. B., member of the Board
of Lectureship of Tho First
Church of Christ Scientist in
Boston, Massachusetts, Friday
evening. October 9th, 1914. High
School Auditorium at 8 o'clock.
Tho public is cordially invited
to attend,
About a year ago J. S. McKen-
ny released threes uoiden umna
lheasants. a cock and two hens.
lo was informed a day or two
ago that one ot the hens with
eleven half grown pheasants
were seen near tho Catholic
church. According to the gamo
aws, Golden China pheasants
aro immune from slaughter at
ill times, and the penalty for
killing one is quite severe.
A preacher, Raising his eyes
from his desk in tho midst of
his sermon, was paralyzed with
amazement to see his rude boy
n the gallery pelting the hear
ers in tho pews below with horse
chestnuts. But while the good
man was preparing a frown of
reproof, the young hopsful cried
out: "You tend to your preach-
rig. daddy; 111 keep cm
awake. ' Exchange.
The Oregon Grape Club mot at
the home of Mrs. Weimer, ! ri
day afternoon, September 24th.
The attendance was unusually1
arge. there were twenty -one I
members arid nineteen visitors i
present. The contest now tak-1
ng place
causes great Interest
tho nink and erreen
and both
side3 are striving for the grent
er number of points. Those
present were: Mesdames Ann.
strong. Aiken, Beam, Brice,
Canright. Cope. Davis, Fitter-
er. uariick, uiimore, uranam,
Harington, Holt,
Echo Hoover. 1
Martha Hoover,
Keouch. Lutz.
Muhm, Markwell, Maples, Nolan,
Palmer. Shaw. Tallman. Teeling,
Tracy, Uglow, Vincent, Vinson,
Walker, Weimer, Krma uan
right, Opal Weimer. Ida Teel
ing, Leonard and Merle Har
rington, Robert Lutz, Vera Mark
well and Irene and Luther Gar-
lick. Reporter,
Christian Science topic for
next Sunday: "Unreality."
Picture framing douc at Portland
prices at II. F. Clark's, (lie furni
tu re man. Adv.
une woman has shoe a man
uuvuuoi; aim iuvcu iiiiii oui
Sho should have married him.
Matrimony is less violent.
Wanted To borrow $1000 for
three years at ten per cent.
Security, $2000 worth of land at
Whitwood Court. Apply at this
Mr. and Mrs. B.T. Leggett of
Newberg, Oregon, spent Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mis. D.
F. Horsman, 208 N. Willamette
Tablets! Tablets for school!
The largest lino in the city.
Beautiful post card free with
each tablet at The St. Johns
Mrs. Henrietta Magone has
just returned from a trip to
Thompson's FallB, Montana,
where she nroved un on her uto
husband's homestead.
The Debonair Club presented
Mrs. Fones with a gold thimble
with her initials engraved there
on last Thursday. Mrs. Fones is
vlco president of the Club.
Wanted Ono or two acres in
St. Johns in exchange for a
nice residence near Reed Col
lege, on Sellwood car lino.
Geo. A. Carter, 1302 Fcssenden
street, St. Johns.
Wood For Sale. All kinds of
mill wood from the Beaver Mill
Company, St. Johns, at reasona
ble prices. Big loads and prompt
delivery. Phono Columbia 307,
or address 501 East Polk streci.
For Rent- Seven room house,
quarter acre of ground, one
block from car line; $10 per
month. Apply to J. E. Hillcr,
Secretary Commercial club, Hol-
brook building.
Auto for hiro by day, hour or
trip, at very reasonable rates.
Good opportunity for parties" of
four or less to make a trip into
tho country at a low price. II.
M. Waldref.COO Fcssenden Btreet.
Phone Columbia 20G.
For all kinds of general re
pairing of autos, bicycles, lawn
mowers, etc.. go to tho Home
Garage, 102 Smith avenue, cor
ner of Charleston; G. B. Ben
ham, proprietor; phone Colum
bia C03.
Tho Nonpareil Laundry in this
city is finely equipped to turn
out the best work possible. Givo
it a trial and aid homo industry.
This laundry is finely equipped
with tho latest and most approv
ed machinery, and turna out a
fine grade of work.
An announcement which will
bo of great interest to their
many friends is that of tho en
gagement of Miss Gladys Gar
vin to Paul Cochran, both resi
dents of this city. Tho wed
ding will probably tako placo
somo time during; tho coming
Fall months.
The political situation during
tho last week has remained un
usually quiet. Candidates for
governor and U. S. senator arc
making speeches in tho outside
counties, apparently leaving
their efforts to win votes in
Multnomah county to tho Iu3t
two or three weeks of tho cam-
aign. It is not yot definitely
nown whether Senator Cham
berlain will lcavo his post at
Washington to tako part in tho
local campaign.
During tho past two weeks
the Portland office of tho Oregon
State Immigration Commission
has had a half dozen men in tho
field listing farm lands for tho
benefit of prospective settlers,
securing accurate legal descrip
tions, noting the physical char
acter of tho land and making a
note of tho prices at which own
ers are willing to sell. These
listings demonstrate that there
is available at the present time
plenty of good, productive farms
and at reasonable prices in near
ly all sections of the state.
Six additional Chinese work-
men have arrived from t.:ninu
with the Chinese government
pavilion and a duplicate of ono
of the temples of the Forbidden
City for tho Panama -Exposition
at San r rancisco. J ho imukj
ings were built in China r rl
"knocked down" to In brought
to the Exposition. A gang of
Chinese workmen havo been
building the wall and the mum
supports of the buildings on the
Exposition grounds and the purls
completed will be fitted in at
once. The Chinese appropria
tion is $7f0.000.
Dr. O. P. Burris will deliver
one of his famous carton lectures
entitled. "What has the Saloon
done lor you; nt tne nn ua
church next Friday ever ii g
October 9th. at 8 p. in. un r
the auspices pf theC. E. Soci t.
This will be u lecture discussirg
the saloons from all sides. i
containing much wit and hunm
Dr. Burris is ono of those rare
individuals who can combine cold
facts together with humor that
holds the Intense interest of his
hearers and sends you away
with a smile upon your lips and
a burden lifted from your heart.
This lecture will bo free and
you are cordially invited to bring
a friend. Chus. L, Graden,
Teach the
John N. Iim.M'SKN,
A couple of chlmnlcs burning
out caused tho firemen to turn !
out yesterday and this morning. 1
Mrs. James Key and Mrs.
Corbin were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. James Kerr at Sauvies
Island Monday. Both reported
1 -i ....! 1.1.. u
niiviiig u must, urijuyiiuiu lime.
The war situation
practically unchanged.
mnn mid allied armies aro still
facing each other in northern
France, and fierce fighting Is
daily indulged
In with no de-
cisivo results.
The friends of Rev. E W. In
galls of tho Methodist church,
(V)' glad to know that ho and
his estimable family will remain
in St. Johns for another-' year at
least. Rev. Ingalls, besides
being a faithful and earnest pas
tor, is largely Interested In tho
civic and moral life of the com
munity, in which ho takes an
active part.
Members of the Board of
Directors and their families and
tho St. Johns Grade Teachers'
Association wcro entertained
in splendid stylo to a grape
treat and light refreshments by
School Clerk J. E. Tanch, assist
ed by Mrs. BurghdulV and Mrs.
Myrtlo Weeks at 812 Tioga street
from 8 to 10:30 p. m. lust Frl
day. About 31 persons were
present, and u most enjoyable
time was reported.
Laurclwood Rcbckah Lodge
No. 100 entertained nearly 200 !
members and friends of Odd
fellowship on Monday evening
of last week, in honor of tho
63rd anniversary of the Rebekah
Dcgree.I.O.O.F. Brother Henry
F. Wcstbrook. Grand Warden
of tho Grand Lodgo of Oregon,
who was to have mado tho ad
dress of tho evening, was con
fined to his homo with illness,
and Bro. Woodbury, Deputy
Grand Master of Star Lodgo No.
219 of Portland, very kindly fav
ored us with a short address.
Tho following excellent program
was greeted with much ap-
Elauso: Piano solos by Mrs.
lay. Mrs. Tracy. Misa Ida Fas-
sett, Miss Lillian Tooley and Dr.
H. O. Brown; vocal solos by Mrs.
Vlda Johnson, Mrs. Margaret E.
O'Connor, Miss Alice Brown and
Messrs. Homer Plaskett and
Harry Fassett; readings by Mrs.
Campbell, Mrs. Asper, MisH,
Evans and Master George:
Downey, uelrcahments were
served and the committee in
charge were Mrs. Effn Beam,
Whitmore, Garrouttoo, Gainos,
Mr. Tooley and Mr. Goodman.
Scene from 'Dope'
An uplift drama in six parts, said to be the best
movie yet produced, with a cast of Broadway Stars to be
shown at MULTNOMAH TH EAT RE Tonight and
and Tomorrow night, OCTOBER 2 and 3.
to save mid it will be one of the
most valuable lessons lie will
ever lcnrn. Why not open mi
nccount in his nnine with the
Peninsula National Savings
Until;? Then give him the book
nml li-t him sec how money in
the bunk makes more money.
In years to conic he will thank
you naln and nalu (or the
V. C. KNAfi',
Vice President
S. L. Doniu,
Assistant Cashier
M. E. Church Notes
! . T,IC Anual CW !"!:
J?urnea 11s bcsbioiib msi 1 oiui y
, 00' ,ni 'V? 1 .l L1,"?"
1 ' f V . , :;" vi. "r'.:vi..
mmiiH m i u iiiiiiimluih iui liii
ments of the ministers for tho
ensuing year. There wore but
few changes In tho city. Row
Ingalls was returned to St. Johns
for another year.
Tho regular order of services
I will bo resumed next Sunday as
usual: Sunday school 9:150;
morning sermon 11: Junior
League 3 p. m.; Senior Longuo
0:30 p. m. ; evening sermon 7:30
p. in.
Next Sunday, October '1th, Is
the day set apart as a special
day for prayer for peace by
President Wilson, and tho morn
ing and evening services will he
in harmony with the President's
request. Let every person
whoso soul is burdened becnupo
of tho terrible war going on in
Europe, and desires tin. groat
blessing of peace to come to the
troubled nations, join earnestly
and prayerfully with ub in all
tho services.
Wo are now beginning a new
Conference year. Let every ono
begin now to work In earnest to
mako this year better than tho
Inst. That's progress.
New Club Organized
Mrs. A. W. Markle vory, de
lightfully ontortainod a number
of ladies at her homo Tuesday
afternoon. During tho after
noon thoy cfiectod tho organiza
tion of a sowing club and ulectod
the following officers: President,
Mrs. A. W. Markle; vice presi
dent, Mrs. R. Inglcduo; secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. Morrow.
Tho plans of tho club nro not
only for doing fancy work, but
a portion of tho timo will bo de
voted to the making of garments
which will bo donated to tho
worthy people of the city who
aro In need.
Tho following committee has
been appointed to take caro of
tho charitablo work of tho or
ganization: Mrs. Gamboe.chair
man; Mrs. Gilstrap and Mrs.
Brown. No namo has boon
selected for tho club, but a namo
will bo selected at a subsequent
The following ludiou wore
present: Mosdumos ButUi, Bon
ham, Morrow, Brown. Curriur,
Gilstrap. Ingluduo, DoiiglHW.
Muck, Fry and Marklo. Prow
- 1 1 i r :