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Published Evory Friday
At 117 West Burlington Stroot.
Tint Rrtvntw Is entered flt txjst office
In Saint Johns, Oregon, ns nmil tnnttcr
of the second class under the Act of Con
((rets of March 3, 1879,
All communication hoalJ bo ttldreued to
Th SstUw, St. Johni, Oregon.
OfflclU Ktwipsper of tht City of lit. Joans.
Subiorlptton price $1.00 por year.
Wo untlerstnnd Mint a street
speaker Monday night made the
assertion that the St. Johns He
view is controlled by the St.
Johns Water Company and the
St. Johns Lumber Company.
This is news to the editor, as it
must be to the two companies
named. How the speaker ar
rived at that conclusion is a mat
ter of conjecture, but the prob
abilities are that ho assumed such
was the case because the Review
has refrained from abusing the
two companies. He might as
well have stated, with as much
truth, that the Review was con
trolled by every other industry
in St. Johns. As a matter of
fact the Kcview is controlled by
no 0110 but the editor and a
spirit of fair play. The speaker
evidently believed, from the
trend of his remarks, that the
Hoviow should berate the lum
ber company because foreign
labor is employed at the mill.
There arc two sides to that ques
tion, as wo happen to know. He
fore the foreign element secured
work at the St. Johns Lumber
company, and when tinios were
fairly good, it was with the
greatest dilliculty that the com
pany could secure and retain
laborers. There was vor three
crows--one coming, one going
and ono at work. The rough
work at a lumber mill doec not
appeal to the average American,
and ho will only labor titer
when ho is out ol funds ami h
nothing else to tin, hh a m'l
The labor is hard, the hours long
the wages only fair, and lilt
ehanco for advancement. Then
foro, the white labor would v..i
a few days and thru lay oil', f
a rout or to look for a ht'tler jol
0. course- there were ext't'ptim
lo tins rule, dui inn imniior com
puny was kind of up against i
Many of their employe's conk
not be depended upon, and Ih
company niui to mum uiuir con
tracts on time. Tin result wn
that foreign labor was securei
While not so olllcient yet they
could bo relied upon lolioal woi
every morning anil evory day i
the week, if physicially able to
do so. They are not worth as
much as white men as a rule
and it takes more of them than
it would of white men to do th
same work, but they equalize
this by accepting less pay
some instances at least. How
ever, if any ono believes that
only foreign labor is employee
at the mill, ho should watch th
body of laborers leaving the mi
when tho whistle blows in the
evening, and he would dincovt
that quite an army of whit
laborers mm employment won;
The roughest work is done by
lorolgn labor lor me ivhboii
stated above. Hut if the speak
or who seemed so embitturei
against tho company should an
ply for a job at the kind of work
performed by these foreigners
wo have no doubt that the coin
pany would at least give him a
trial. Hut It is safe to say, we
believe, that the speaker was
not looking for work. He tluds
it easier ami more profitable to
commercialize his uncalled for
attacks against corporations tha
are lurmshtng men with em
ployment who do want to work.
As to tho Water Company, we
havo refrained from abusing it
because, from the viewpoint 0
fair play, wo could not see where
it deserved abuse. As far as the
price of water is concerned it has
never chargotl more lor water
than tho price stipulated by the
city council that gave the nun
chise, and now the price slipu
luted by the Railway t'ommis
sion. We have no reason to be
Jiovo that tho company will not
comply to the oreler ol the Kail-
road Commission to the letter.
No instance has been shown
whoro it lias violated any pro
visions of its franchise so far as
wo are cognizant of. it is safe
to say that there is not an agita
tor or Rpnrruilv nnv 01111 elst for
that matter who jfjio owned the
water works would not charge
just as much as he was entitled
or permitted to charge. -If there
is any fault to find it is not with
the water company but with the
body that stipulated the prices
to bo charged. And yot we are
willing to vonture that the coun
cil which gave tho company its
franchise believed it had done a
big thing for St. Johns, with
conditions as they were thon.
If the latter company has vio
lated any of its obligations or
intruded upon tho rights of
others, there is a nroper channel
for recourse, and it is not by
airing every potty trouble be
tween tho company and patron
through tho nowspapor. There
iB no complaint, at least by the
agitators, against the telephono
charge of eight dollars p'or month
for telephono uso, or against tho
electric light company nor tho
ga company for charges made
ly them, though there is as much
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attain success is to open a bank account. Of course a
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Credit is the Foundation
Stone of AH Business
mid the bank is the builder which makes possible the estab
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"square deal" policy. If THAT applies to you, yc should
like lo make your acquaintance.
Won't You Call?
1 i.i lit
"The House of Bondage" Alotion
shown at St. Johns Skating Rink.
Pictures now being
-I.I..I-I.I iii.
receive here the same prompt and faithful attention
as we give to store orders. So if the weather is un
favorable or you have company or are in a hurry
phone this grocery what you require and it will be
sent you promptly. Don't hesitate because your or
der is small. You cannot need a big lot all the time.
S. & H. Green Trad
ing Stamps given on
all cash purchases,
and on charge ac
counts when Paid
in Full at least every
30 days.
This Coupon Good Tor
:iiiir n purchase amounting to ouc or
more, these stamps will be in addition to regular stamps
Ten 10 S. & It
11 presented upon nmkiii
given with the purchase.
Not Good After June 25
S. 6c H.
Stamps me the
sumer s Uiscount,
General Mdse.
Columbia 13T St. Johns, Ore.
We will Close at 1 2:30 Every Thursday During
the Months of June, July and August.
Phono Coumbia 137
IO Years in St. Johns
Battle of Shiloh's Hill The Lawn Mower
Tlu ahovi scene ts taken from tie wUlclyiliscusscd films whlcl
wen' to have been tho nttraction nt the Heill Thcntrc nil this week nntl
width wiii rctcctcd by tho Portland board of censors. They huvc been
Viewed liv Mayor A W. Vincent, of St, Johns, ami members of the St
Johns Council, who decided tiuntiimoiisly to permit them to be exhibited
the ti-inuiiider of this week, bcRimiing yesterday.
reuHoit or inoro for doing so ns
tin wnlor comimny. If tho nco
pie arc not untiaflud with the
price of wator. tho plant is for
hhIi Ah a matter of fact the
price oi wator in ol. ioiiiih soonis
IiIkIi only wlion compared with
Portland price, and wo under-
nutml that Portland paid over
$200, 000 for a wator plant much
inferior to the St. Johns plant.
St. Johns tins alike opportunity,
and having it, why knock the
company? Why not kick our
iuIvoh instead? So far as con
trolling the policy of the Hoviow
i concerned, why should thoy
Heok to control it? Tho editor
in, we believe, endowed witli an
average run ol common sense,
and far hh abuse is concernet
he in willing to leave it to the
agitator to do that. Tho policy
of the Hoviow is not to tear
down, hut to help to build tin,
Can the Hpuakcr say as much for
UK policy, if ho has one.'
Kvory time a man from this
town auntls his family to the
city to shop ho shortens the
ife of tho town, yot tins city
shoppinir habit seems to have a
stronu hold on ever urban com
nuuiity. Why not buy at home?
Why kill tho irooso that laid tho
golden egg? This town was
good enough for you to earn
inonov m it tho monoy is
The money will not bo
if you spend yours in the
You can't tawo crops olf
same land, year in ami year
withuot putting something
back. You might as woll put
$100 in the bank and expect to
raw on it indefinitely. It can't
ant and neither can this town
unless you help it maintain its
equilibrium by putting back
what you borrow from it.
decision of the Circuit
in the suit for Criminal
brought by tho Henodic-
Sisters of Alt. Angel, Ore
gon, against J. h.llosmer, editor
the bilvorton Journal, was
sustained, by the Supremo Court.
he opinion of the bupremo
otirt was written by Hon.
Chas. L. AIcNary, Chief Justice
AIcHrido and his associates con
curring and conurming tuo un
animous verdict of tho jury
hich found J. E. Hosmer
Guilty of Criminal Libel."
ho Ranodiutino Sisters of Mt.
Angql nro ontiroly vindicated,
and IlQsmor must pay his fine.
I ho Commencement Wook ox
orciscs of the James John High
school will begin with tho line
calaureato exercises in the high
school auditorium Sunday ove
ning, Juno 21, at 8 o'clock. The
following is the program:
Anthem. "Enter Thy Temple,'
Chas. II. uabriol. composer.
Scripture reading and prayer
by Kov. 15. r. Uordcn.
Anthem. "Holy Spirit. Faith
ful Guide," Mario M. Hine, com
Song, "Stand Up, Stand Up
l-or Jesus."
Address. "Power," by Hev
J. A. Goode.
Song, "Onward, Christian
Alusic by tho combined choirs
of tho local churches.
Tho other exercises for the
week are the Class Day ox-
ercises on Tuesday evening, ant
tne commencement exerciso
Ihursdny ovoning. Dr. Korr.
president of Orogon Acricultura
College, will deliver the Com
mencement address. The pub
lic is cordially invited to attend.
A Personal Opinion
ono Having the time
not fail by any means to
bcu mo siiccmi moiiou Dtcuire
feature being show in the skat
ing rink. Tho picture is a more
powerful sermon than it would be
possible to preach. It may easily
be the means of valuablo and
Unlimited enlightenment. Con
tains valuablo food for thought
for all over 15 years of ago if
properly explained.
1 refer to the turn entitled the
'House of Bondage." Chas. E.
Garlick, Councilman.
Come all yo valiant soldiers, a
story t.will tell
About a bloody battle wo all re
member well.
It was unlawful struggle and
Will cause- your blood to chill:
It was about that bloody battle
mat was lougnt on snuoii
Hill. xj
It was tliejiSixtli of April, about
tne uroait oi tiny,
Tlie driimsraiid fifes were play
imr forV'tis to march itwnv
Tho- feelii'g7Sf that moment I do
remembdr still. 5
When first !niy feet wore tread
ing tho'top of Shiloh's Hill.
About the hour of sunriso tho
battle it begnn
And before the day was ended
wo fought them hnnd to
The horror of the field 1 do re
For tho dying and tho wounded
lay thick on Shiloh's Hill.
The wounded men wero crying
lor help from ovorywhere.
Wlnlo those who wore a dying
were offering God their
"Protect my wifo and children
if it be thy Holy will."
Such were tho cries that I did
hear that night on Shiloh's
And early tho next morning wo
wero called to nrms again.
Unmindful of tho wounded, un
mindful of the slain.
ton thousand men were
All from that bloody battlo that
was fought on Shiloh's Hill,
The battle it raged over the dead
and dying mon
That lay thick all over the field
and mil and n a n.
And from tho deadly wounded
tho blood ran liko a rill.
All from that bloody battlo that
was fought on Shiloh's Hill.
There wero men from every
nation lying on this plain:
Thero wero fathers, sons, and
brothers, all numbered vith
tho 8 am.
WWch has caused so many houses
with anguish to bo tilled.
All from that bloody battle that
was fought on Shiloh's Hill.
And now my song is ended about
that bloody plain,
nope tne sight by mortal man
may never bo seen again:
And 1 pray to God our Savior if
it bo thy Holy will
o save the souls of all of those
that fell on Shiloh's Hill.
-J.T. Holley. 9th Missouri Cav-
dry and 8th Illinois Infantry.
For Sale, Rent or Trade Four
ots on East Allegheny stroet.
with comfortablo four room
louse, small fruit and largo gar-
don, all fenced in. Will sell on
easy terms, or will take a vacant
ot. a team and wagon or most
any old thing that is visablo and
useful. Seo S. C. Cook, AIcKin
ney & Davis, or any real estate
man in St, Johns, or write A. C.
Geslor, Contrnlia, Wash, ndv.
Py your aubsGripifoG.
Some fellows arise from their
beds in the morning, when dark
ness is just giving placo to tho
dawn, and every ono's rights in
the neighborhood scorning, they
push thoir old mower all over
tho lawn. Their mowers aro
rusty, nnd screech like Old
Harry, go clickety plank in a
maddening way; tho voice of
rusty old mower w carrv a
over the town nt breaking of
day. Then neighbors get up niui
lean otic oi tne windows, and
shovel out language that's addled
and sour, and bog, in tho ton
gueB of tho Choctaws and Hin
doos, that silence may reign ti
a civilized hour, in vain is the
pleading: tho ftiowcrs go clink
ing, tho mowers go clanking
their cogwheels and cams, and
many good people nro driven to
drinking, and finally die of the
Jimuel Jams. Thero should bo
a jail for such slumber destroy
ore, a dark, mouldy dungeon
disgusting nnd stalo, and also n
cell for tho coin hungry hwycrs,
who fain would defend them or
seo thoy got bail. But law
doesn't cover such grievous
offenses, and people must suffer
till this lifo is gone, thoy sti
must bo driven clean out of
their senses, by bores who tro
mowing an hour before dawn.
Walt Mason.
Local people are surprised at the
loi'ICK reMtlls received from sim
ple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
as mixed in Adler-i-ka, the German
appendicitis remedy. C. R. Thomp
son, driiggiststates that this sim
ple remedy anttscpticlzes tne diges
tive system and draws off the Im
purities so thoroughly that A DOSR removes sour
stomach, gas, on the stomach aud
constipation INSTANTLY, Adv
Not th
A Fine Exhibit
While St, Johns failed to se
cure a prizo in the rose booth
contest InBt week at Portland
yet it made a most creditable
showing, Hie experience was
new to the ad es who had the
matter in charge, and Air. Brtig
gemann, who had expected to
act as decorator, was unablo to
do so. as his services wero re
quired by the Rose Festival as
sociation. Even if tho exhibit
did not meet with enough np-
pronation on tho part of the
judges to secure a prize, yet
from tho remarks of many of
tne visitors at. Johns had a dis
play that was second to none, so
far ns quality and abundance of
roses were concerned. The
effort was well worth while, as
tho numerous visitors became
awaro that St. Johns was on the
map. and that it could produce
as line roses as anywhere in
the world.
M. E. Church Notes
en yur ppar,
The Children's Day services
last Sunday were a delightful
occasion, and every ono enjoyed
them greatly.
the benior Enworth Leaguers
have their tennis court coniDlet-
ed, and are now enjoying the
sport of the game. Now don't
you wish you were a Leaguer?
If you do, come on: you aro cor
dially invited to j'oin.
bunday morning school and
church services next Sunday as
usual. Junior League at 6 p. m.
Senior League at 7. Thero will
be no evening preaching service
on account of the union services
for the baccalaureate at the Hich
School. Reporter.
s H HFMITfcFDCniM hi m-,i. c. y
Real Estate, Loans, insurance
Adstrocts of Title l'tepared. Accurate Work Guaranteed.
For the Review and keep posted
A Delightful Tea
Wwliinciln V nflnpnunn n In.
lightful tea was given at thoLWjWJ'
iiujiiu mi xura. J. LiiLiyzer, 010
New York street. The after
noon was spent in guessing
games.ono being "Queer Cats,"
Airs. Turrel winning first prizo,
nftor which a bountiful luncheon
was served. Tho only regrets
of tho afternoon was saying
"good byo" to Airs. Johnson, a
sister of Alrs.Holt's of 212 Gres
ham street, who will return to
her homo in Indiana after spend
ing tho winter here. Beside tho
hostesses, tho names of those
present wore:
Alesdnmes Ho t. Johnson.
Parker. Finch. Cowles. Collins. I
Juson, Simmons, Lemon, Wood,
iieam. J. a haw. v. Shaw. Ford.
Keep Your
I AnitnaU
Free from Flics
Iionci ilo Icti not k nhai bv (Ilo. keen
iur 11(14 1; tree from ihcie
d uu. lifL-rdtntF ncui hv irvnv.
ing ilk 'Midi
Co. I-.oy'o Fly Knocker
vi l irniicUnic r.licl and mei
I trnulilc Doc
ih t..c In jmnult.
Try !t lr Days
Money Back
If It Fails
m plcjic ou (( a
can mm Ouan 35c.
(.41. tin); 5(.j1,J(1D
mil uini m
Lauthers' Alercantile Co.
It U resolved bv the citv of St. lolim.
Tliat It ilcems It expedient unit neces-
wry to Improve Cliarleston street
irom tne westerly line of I laves
street to the cast line of Willamette
boulevard in the city of St. Johns in
the following manner, to wit:
By KrailliiL' sld portion of street to
grade or subgrade, and laying six foot
cement siiicwaiis, ntteen foot curb, and
by laying standard concrete pave
ment, accordinu to the iilans and
specifications of the city engineer
uu uie in ine omce oi tne city recor
der relative thereto, which said plans.
peclficatlons and estimates are satisfac
tory and are hereby approved, Said iur
provements to be made in accordance
with the charter aid ordinances of the
city of St. Johns, and under the supervis
ion aud direction of the city enjiineer.
That the cost of said improvement to be
assessed as provldi-d by the citv charter
upon rue property especially and par
ticularly benefited thereby, and
vhich js hereby declared to be all of
lots, parts of lots, blocks and rurals of
land between the termini of such improve
ments abutting upon, adjacent or proxi
mate to said street, from the marginal
lines of said street back to the center of
the block or blocks or tracts of land
abutting thereon or proximate thereto.
That all the property included in haid
improvement district aforesaid is hcrebv
declared lo be "Local Improvement Dis
trict No. 115."
That the city engineer's aiemeut of
uie prooapie total cost of said improve
ment of said street is f 3,122.94.
That the cost of said street is to be as-
sessed against the property iu said local
assessment district as provided bv the
charter of the city of St. Johns.
Adopted' by the council this 16th day
of June, 1914.
Published in the St. lohns Review on
une 19 and 26, 19U.
Popular Mechanics
A GREAT ConlinU4 Jlorr of tht WorU'i
" lroKTM which ycu may beam readlno
at any time, and which wilt hold your
doubtle the
ittrest forever,
nil tha it
A resident of Mars would cladlv uv
Vnu urn llvlna. In tkl
the most wonderful age, of what it
iwoi worm in tne umverte.
ji nnn for one year's
10 order to keen Inform . n
1 n t" nrrttinw. In r i .1.. i . . 7
Arou itaduitf it? Two million of your
neighbors sre. and It h the favorite maea
line in thousands of the best American
homes. It appeals to all classes old and
young men end women
The "6h Hetis" BtMrta,t 20 pace)
KItm eaii mast to da fUniMhow to mil.
ueim urucieo ror Louie and hop, repair, ew.
" Amt(uj Mukanica" (10 imsea 1 telU haw ta
engine, nuglc, wid all the tliluge a boy love,'
'-w iun. iinbucgpiu IS CCNTm
""" wru CBPV TODAY
If you are thinking of having
your house wired for electric
lghts, call at 910 N. Hayes
street, St. Johns. Satisfaction
guaranteed : fixtures made to
order. adv.
Furniiure'Mfg. Co.
533-535 Dawson St.
In the French Block
Will REPAIR Furniture
Special furniture .Built to Order.
In order to Insure ehanaa of ad.
vertlsement the copy for such change
should reach this office net later than
Wednesday, at S o'clock p. m. Please
renitmbsr this and save the srlnUr