St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, March 20, 1914, Image 3

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Will Commence Saturday,
Lasting One Week, at the Big
Furniture Store of the Penin
sula. Such Values in Floor
coverings, Rugs, Mattings,
Linoleums, Curtains, Sewing
Atnchincs, Etc., as have sel
dom been offered in any Community.
Ormandy Bros.
J) on ara cordially lnvittl
to attaint ti
SBonuila lectures
Yadtttxdtitj aiwrtlfif.i, season
tt $ o'clock
Cectura room ili, Central Ciorary ,Uil,y.
font ft unit yamltttt Sis, '
Leoturtrs for Quarter. Ending May 1st
John A. Jeffrey, F, W. lobelmann. F. C Coulter, J. O. Stmrnt, Jr..
Frank Bonvilln, E. U. Phillip, Clifford I), I-Hi.. 1 1. T. Oillen.
Cliot. E. 1 Urtilr.d, J. W, I'nar.on, Alvin I'oiter, C. C. Lewi.
jSt. Johns
Do fSSot
t to give us a call
J line of
Trimmed Hats, Shapes,
Till w s. -.- y-1 TT-v r 4
$ buy, for the style and price will
I be a happy surprise to you.
MRS. E. J. MARTIN, Prop.
Phoue Columbia 670
lumber: siawood: ;
J Rough, Prompt Dry,
t Dressed, . Deliveries. Green,
1 Flooring, Qualih Blocks, 4
Phone Columbia 131
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
2 Abstracts of Title Prepared,
St. Johns
Make Old Things New
itve your Hoot n coat of Jnp-A-J.tu U W) emy to
imu you can do the work youmelf.
lap AI.iic votuvH in 21 hetiutifiil
color nml tlirrc in iiollilnn lilce It
f'T milking ultl tlihiKH new.
rum nicm rnrcm
l oiih- ill our store NVxt Moiidny
nml ni (or k Smuple. Can of Jap
AUe.itWIiilely 1'RUH.
(ii'tbiiKy w H 1 1 thai Gnrileu of
yourn, vr haven (till lliieof SeeiN,
fclinvcl. SwiiIm, Hot, Knkcn, ut
the KlKht rrlcm.
and inspect our
- T "k "1 T-N s4 TYA11
311 North Jersey Street
Accurate Work Guaranteed
Local News.
DAN'S That's all.
Christian Science topic for
Sunday, March 22, "Matter."
Many a pious man begins a
meal by giving thanks and fin
ishes it in cursing the butcher.
Cyclone Cold Cure Is curing
hundreds of colds. Got it at The
St. Johns Pharmacy. adv.
The Sans Dicu Rieu Minstrels.
Don't fail to hear them at jtlie M.
W. A. Hall, Friday night.
A shooting gallery has opened
up for business in the Bickner
building on North Jersey street.
J. H. Smith left Tuesday lor
Bar View, where he will remain
for the summer. His family
will join him there in a week or
For Rent to responsible party
with small family, a modern five
room cottage, furnished, close to
car line. J. II. Smith, Gil Cha
pel street, St. Johns. udv.
The President's vountrest
daughter rides astride and
without going into the propriety
of the thing, wo want to say
Hint nnv vntinrr lnrlv whn rmiHirl-
ers the feelings of the noble
liorse will follow her example.
Tlin fVimmt PrnnMrn Act
mnkntt it tinlnwftil for nnv one to
solicit candidates to purchase
1 !-!. ..I- . . 1 1.. i.
ucKuiB iu uny uiituriuiiiuiuiit ui
take space in any periodical.
The penalty for such solicitation
is quite heavy.
Something different - a Inugh, a
cure for tltc Dines. near the
'.'Darktown Four Hundred."
The renort that S. G. Wright
will be an Independent candidate
for office is incorrect, as ho
stales that he will not bo a can-
ddato for any ofhee this spring.
Mrs. II. G. Benham entertain
ed the Debonair club in a most
delightful manner yesterday af
ternoon, preceded by a delicious
Howard 0. Hogers has filed as
an Independent candidate for the
office of City Attorney.
Let a scandalous story once
get started against an Individual
and no matter how guiltless he
mav be. insido of twenty min
utes thereafter not only will the
original libel be enlarged to ri
diculous nronortions. but twenty
other such slurs to his detriment
bo sent out on the toboggan.
"What fools we mortals boV"
The dance ut the rink given by
tho Fraternal Brotherhood Fri
day evening. March 13th, was
well attended, and a very pleas
ant time was enjoyed by all
present. The music furnished
by the T. F. B. orchestra was
excellent, and they were tho re
nininntH of coninliments thrnucrh-
out tho evening. As this, their
first dance, was such a pleasing
success, the Fraternal Brother
hood have decided to continue
their dancing parties until tho
closo of tho8eason.
Voters should read the park
ordinances on the last page of
this paper. It will be noticed
that the prices of the Caples and
Jaeger tracts include street im
provements, and neither are
higher than tho prico offer
ed some time ago. Tho price of
the Markwart tract also includes
sewer improvements, and street
improvement is included in tho
plaza price.
Couch & Co. havn again dem
onstrated their faith and confi
dence in St. Johns by acquiring
tho Bailey property adjoining
tho storo on tho west. A full
basement is being excavated un
der tho new possession, and it
will bo fitted up in first class
style. The grocery department
will bo in the new storo room,
while a full and complete lino of
gents' furnishings will bo in
stalled in what Is now tho gro
cery department.
Tho "Scrubs' defeated the lo
cal fire deparment base ball club
in an exciting five inning game
at the Dawson street grounds
last Sunday. The score was 3
to 2, in favor of the "Scrubs."
Bonham & Currier are tho ex
clusive representatives in St.
Johns for tho famous Luther
Burbank seeds.
New potatoes and tomatoes
from Florida are now in the local
Roy Wilcox, the transfer and
dravatre man. has had a fine and
attractive office fitted up in the
room next to the McDonald
block on North Jersey street.
The vegetable vendor has
moved into the Jower building.
A man never appreciates so
much the size of a load of wood
when the pile dwindles down to
the last stick as he does when
he totes it to the basement.
What has become of those jol
ly old timers who were wont to
carry about in their whiskers a
quart or so of mahogany colored
tobacco juice?
WantedTwo or three work
ing girls to room and board. A
mother's care and advice; home
privileges. 625 E. Charleston
street. adv.
E. R. Ingledue is having a
handsome residence erected on
East Charleston street.
WANTED Young, man, 21
j ears of age. with a high school
education, desires a position
with n firm that affords an op
portunity for advancement.
Not afraid of work. Address
"K," Rqview ofilce.
Strictly sanitary. Gilmore's
barber shop. ' adv.
All patent medicines, toilet
articles at special cut rate prices
at The fit. Johns Pharmacy, ad
Picture framing done at Portland
prices at H. P. Clark's, the fund
utrc man. Adv.
An electric massnge, only one
in town. Gilmore's barber shop.
' adv.
"Watches" made over into
"Time-pieces" at reasonable
rates at Rogers', 30'J N. Jersey
President Wilson's daughter,
Eleanor, is to wed a man 50
years of aire, who is tho father
of six children. Why couldn't
there be a satisfactory compro
mise effected by having her
marry one of the children?
Lost A gold nugget watch
charm. Finder please leave at
this office ; reward. adv.
WANTED.- Any person hav
ing copies of tho city charter of
the city of St. Johns and desir
ing to dispose of same at $3.00
per copy, may do so by deliver
ing Hiiuiu to uiu uiiuuraiKiiuu.
F. A. Rice, Recorder. adv.
A St. Patrick's Day social by
the San Dicu Ricns and a teach
ers meeting held Wednesday
evening are among tho things
crowded out this week, but will
appear next week.
Tho Fraternal Brotherhood an
nounce their second semi-monthly
dancing party to be held at
tho Bknting rink Wednesday
evening. March 25th. Tho hcsi-
ttnion waltz will be featured,
and other popular dances intro
duced. All arc cordially invited
to attend. Good music and a
good time assured. adv.
I desire to state that the re
nort circulated by certain per
sons to tho effect that if elected
I will appoint a certain person as
Demity. is erroneous and with
out foundation, as I have made
no promises to any one, and
would be violating the Corrupt
Practice Act if I did so.- Albert
E. Dunsmore, candidate for City
Recorder. adv.
Wanted Girl to do Cooking and
General Housework for family of
three, Phone Columbia 516 or call
501 N. Hayes street, Monday, adv.
C. E. Gceslinhas an announce
ment in this .issuu as' an Inde
pendent candidate for City At
torney. Mr. ucesiin nns ucen a
resident of St. Johns for tho past
six or soven months, and has had
four years' experience as prac
ticing attorney.
Legal advertising has crowd
ed tho news matter considerably
this week.
Tho Live Wires of tho Com
mercial Club had liin;lily divert-
no: stunts in the club rooms last
night, too late to give a detailed
account in this issue.
For Sale Silver Crunplne Hrrs
and early seed olnloe.i R. I
Lamb, 613 Smith Avenue N. adv.
Don't forget the time, place or
the girl iu the M. W. A. Hall.
Sans Dieu Kien Minstrels.
Hear the "Invincible Male Quar
tette" iu old southern melodies.
Friday night, March aotli, at M. W.
A. Hall.
The Jolly 'Steen club wus roy
ally entertained at the homo of
Chas. Muck Wednesday evening.
The gamo of 500 was tho chief
diversion, in which Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. Marklo were awarded first
prize, and Dr. and Mrs. Vincent
second. A dainty luncheon was
served and all had a jolly time.
All the young people be sure
and attend Sunday School at the
Christian church Mrs.
Ormsby, state worker of S. S.
Association, will speak about the
work in the state. She is a very
accomplished woman and an in
teresting speaker. Tho S, P. I.
class is planning on a"hike" af
ter S. S. a week from Sunday.
All members and friends are in
vited. Reporter.
The Benedict Social Club held
a most enjoyable dancing party
in Bickner hall Monday even
ing. Sneed's orchestra furnish
ed delightful music for the occa
sion. The next dance is announ
ced to take place in the M. W.
A, hall Friday evening of next
According to C. C. Colt, presi
dent of the Union Meat Uompa
ny of Portland, Oregon is be
coming noted as a hog and sheep
raising state, bince iviz no
hogs have been shipped to tho
Portland stockyards from other
states, the entire supply being
drawn from Oregon. The ab
sence of corn, which has always
been considered indispensable to
the finishing of good pork, has
not troubled the Oregon farmer.
as a combination of alfalfa, bar
ley and other grains has been
found an excellent substitute
Farmer Smith of the O. W. R.
and N. Railway, insists that
within ten year3 Oregon will be
one of the greatest corn produc
ing states in the Union, and that
the state will then be a heavy
exporter of hog products,
For Sale Eighteen foot canoe,
brand new.- Mrs. Reason, 309
Philadelphia Btreet. adv.
For Sale- Eighteen laying
Brown Leghorn pullets.- Call
504 S. Hayes. adv.
Dresser Commode Cabinet.
Glass Cupboard and Albcrstecn
Organ In a piano case for sale at
801 N. Fillmore, St. -Johns, Ore.
Rhode Island Red eggs, $1.00
per setting: choice stock for sale.
- Mrs. Blackburn, G52 Union av
enue; phone East G775.
Thoroughbred Blue Andulus-
ians eggs. $1.50 setting of 16.
811 Lynn avenue; phone Colum
bia 537.
A few special deals on Colum
bia Phonographs which you can
not duplicate elsewhere; terms
to suit, at The St. Johns Phar
macy, adv.
Our line of bulk chocolates and
fancy package candies is the
most complete and best in the
city. Come in and let us con
vince you. St. Johns Pharmacy.
For Sale White Orpington
eggs for. setting from Blue Rib
bon stock; $1.50 for fifteen.
Also White Orpington cockerel
for sale. 1008 South Hayes
street. adv.
firing In your fob printing while
ron think of It Uun't wait until you
iro mitlruljr nut. We aro equipped
'n Kirn nut nmt and tnt? prlnUnfi
Vote For
Candidate for
City Attorney
' Ad.
Committee's Report
Tlin CJonnnil nnmmfftno of tho
TInlfnd TomnurnncQ Forces of St.
Johns desire to make n statement
and submit tho following roport,
viz: It boing tho earnest desire
of large numbers of citizens re
siding in the city of St. Johns
that we must havo a clean city
morally and otherwise. That we
may have a corps 01 city oiiiciiiib
that will faithfully enforco the
laws as they are and as ihoy muy
Iwi mid fn ro.mwiisn tn nn oftnn
expressed desire and a deeply
felt need 01 sucn, a commiueo
in irlvn iirlvipo. after hnvimr
mado careful investigation per
taining to various candidates for
tho several otllcos, desire to suu
mit tho following list of nnmcs
as candidates for tho various
nflicoH tn which wo hereby irivo
our endorsement, and urge that
all good peoplo who stand tor
high moral ideals, law enforce
mnl ncnnoniii! mlmimstrnlion
of city affairs and consequent
T . 1 t . f
lower taxation, 10 give an possi
ble support to the men herewith
Mayor, H. O. Brown: treasur
er, H. D. Beam; recorder, A. E.
Dunsmore; attorney, Iliad. 1.
Parker; councilmen ut large, O.
M. Cornell. W. A. Curroll, J. W.
Davis; councilmen first ward.
Geo. M. Hall, Randolph Graden;
councilmen Becond ward, J. L.
Misner, K. U. Powell.
Signed-W. E. Ingalls, Chair
man; W. S. Kellogg. Secretary.
Who will appear in the High
School Auditorium next Friday
evening, being the final number of
the Lyceum Course, and one of the
best ever secured. Hear him.
Work tor QreaUr St. Jotuu,
Peninsula National Bank
As reported to the Comptroller of Currency.
Loans and Discounts $191,984.13
Overdrafts 201. 8G
United States Bonds at par 55,000.00
Bonds and Securities 23,352,81
Banking House Furniture and
Fixtures 3,000.00.
Cush on Hand, Due from Banks
and United States Treasurer. 85,280.21
Capital Stock fully paid iu $ 50,000.00
Surplus 10,000.00
Nntionol Bank Notes Outstanding 50,000.00
Deposits 248,819.01
Deposits, March 4, 1914 $248,819.01
Deposits March 4, 1913 209,093.76
Iucrease $39,725.25
Drafts and Bank Money Orders Issued Payable in All Parts
of the World.
Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent.
4 Per Cent. Interest on Saving and 'rime 'Deposits
Where Located
Portland (2)
Oregon City
Bull Run
St. Johns
Portland Railway, Light & Power Company
Broadway and Alder Streets
Phone Marshall 5100 Home A. 6131
Geo. S. Shepherd
Republican Candidate
Deep Water
To The Sea
Vote For
Albert C. Dunsmore
Republican, Democratic and
Progressive Nominee for
II. C. liaseleit was arrested for
fishing with set lines on Willamette
Slough by Deputy Warden Clark
this week, and was fined 125.00 in
Justice of the Peace Williams'
Our Peroxide ranked second iu
government test of Peroxides, for
efficiency aud purity. This means
something; buy ours and you have
one of tltc bast. No Household
should ho without it; beware of
qheap department store Peroxides.
Widely scattered have been built
by the Portland Railway, Light &
Power Company for the purpose of
Reliable Elactrlc Sarvlco
to its patrons. Through high
tension trAiismission lines each
of these generating plants arc inter
communicative, so that the scry ice
is insured against uuforesecu
Phone Columbia 36S
Meat Market
202 N. Jersey St.
We have received a
car-load of live stock
from eastern Oregon
and will be selling it at
wholesale prices every
Friday ana Saturday.
It is nothing but young
stock, from two to 3
years old.
Our Prices Are Low
Hamburger , . ioc lb.
Sausage 10c lb.
Pork Chops aoc lb.
Pork Steak 15c lb.
Fresh Liver 10c lb.
5 lb. Pail Compound 50c
Fresh Eggs 35c
Wt Deliver to All Pirn of the City
Wm. LESSINQ, Alanager
To nut Citizhns 01' St. Johns
I notice that Myrtle B. Brodahl
has announced herself as au in
dependent candidate for City Re
corder, rills lauy was aeieaieu 111
the primaries by about one hun
dred votes aud it does not seem to
be hardly just and fair, after sub
mitting herself to the decision of
the primaries, to now come out aud
announce herself as au independent
candidate iu opposition to the one
who won In the primary ngnt.
In her statement she saya she
will annoint a male Deputy Record
er who will act as Municipal Judge
in all cases where it is not proper
for her to appear. This she has no
power or authority to do. Under
Sec. 75, of the city charter, it ex
plicitly states that she has no
authority nor power to appoint a
Deputy Recorder to act in her
place. The only persou who can
act and determine cases that come
before her court is herself, uuder
said Section.
Respectfully submitted,
C. E. Somurs,
310 John Street
FOH RENT crdi at thla offfo.
Subiqrlt tot Ui SL Jotuu IUvlaw.