St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, October 17, 1913, Image 3

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    T Ormandy Bros. 0PE
THIS week we offer you Bargains in din
ing tables. We have the most complete
line of dining tables ever offered on the
Peninsula. We can sell cheaper than the
high rent stores.
Why not get a Dining Table Cheap
Six foot extension dining tables, highly
polished, 15 inch top
Regular $12, special only $8.50
Plain oak, six foot extension dining ta
ble, mission design finished in wax
Regular $11,' special only $11.25
A golden polished, quarter sawed oak extension ta
ble; has colonial pedestal and feet. A very pleasing
and substantial table
Regular $28, special only $21.50
C foot extension table in quarter sawed oak with wax
finish and lock attachment--
Regular .$27, special only $22
45 inch top, 6 foot extension table; has colonial base
and feet, all quarter sawed oak with wax finish
Regular $27, special only $24.30
A quarter sawed oak, six foot exten
sion tablevith 42 inch top. Has round
pedestal and plain feet
Regular $18, special only $14.40
45 inch top, six foot extension dining
table, wax finished, quarter sawed oak;
has round quarter sawed pedestal with
flat, solid base
Regular $22.50, special only $16.50
Attractive cluster pedestal with five separate sup
ports which spread apart as table is extended 'to 8
feet; has a quartered oak 48 inch top, all in wax fin
ish Regular $40, special only $32
Another beauty is a 54 inch top, 8 foot extension ta
ble with 12 inch octagon pedestal, colonial design;
has heavy solid feet extending to top of pedestal
Special only $54
Carpet House Furnishers
Goods Taken in Exchange
Local News.
word Gil-mlv,
Satisfaction, is
more, the Barber.
N. J. Bailey ia erecting a
hnndsomo dwelling on Hnyos
street, near Richmond.
A young son nrrived at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Alex.
Kerr one day Inst week.
T had. T. Parker will open up
ofliccs in tho Holbrook building
next Monday to resume tho
practlco of law in St. Johns.
Butter is now being put in
half pound packages by the
Hazolwood Creamery, which is a
convenience to those who use
but little butter.
W. N. Hugunin of Syracuse,
Now York.iB a guest of his kins
man, P. W. Ilinmnn. lie ex
pects to locate permanently in
this section.
D. S. Goode, brother of Rev.
J, A. Goode. ia rapidly recover
ing from a serious operation per
formed October 9th.
We understand that J. R. Kerr
&Son have received the contract
for the erection of a $10,000
residence near Mount Hood for
Mr. Mensinger, of tho Star
Sand Co.
nni'linorton street from-Jersey
to Central avenue is rapidly being
Jmnrnvod bv sidewalks and
grado. which will improve the
appearance of this thoroughfare
Mrs. T. S. Noonan and family
Inft Sundav evening for Lead.
South Dakota, where they will
meet Mr. Noonan. who is engag
ed in the mining business there.
The Noonans have resided in
St. Johns for tho past seven
vaars. and their friends were
loath to see them depart.
The oneniro? of the Panama
canal last Friday was greeted in
St. Johns by all the whistles in
tha citv blowing. It is believed
that the dawn of great things
for the Northwest greater, in
fact, than anv citizen can fully
realize is breaking with the
openingof this great short cut to
the pastern mancets.
flontrressman Lafferty has
baen appointed a member of the
stih-eommittee of the House
finmmitrefl on 'Interstate and
Fnreitrn Commerce to draft
legislation to nrevent the mis
hranriintr and adulteration of
commodities entering into in
terstate commerce. Mr. Laf
ferty wjll be very glad to receive
tho viflwa nf his constituents as
to what provisions should be
included in tho bill, and anyone
desiring to offer suggestions is
rnrdiallv requested to write to
him at WWngto.
uci nu cieciric ncnu ircnimcm or
niassngc lit Oilmoru's Barber Shop,
There are big plans in the
making for a roal Halloween
evening for all friends of the
Epworth League, at tho old
"Cntlin" house on N. Fillmoro
St., Oct. 31. Keep that dnto
open. We will tell you moro
next week.
J.E. Coffee has sold his harbor
ing business on North Jcrsoy
street to n gentleman from Mon
tana. Dick Perrine, who hna
been conducting tho old Hull
barber shop opposite tho Multno
mah, has discontinued the busi
ness, which will be occupied by
the party purchasing from Mr.
Coffee, and tho Coffee shop
A. A. Johnson, a former woll
known citizen of St Johns, but
who has been located at Wald
port, Oregon, for some time,
visited tins city the later part ot
ast week. While lie likes his
new location rainy wen, yet ne
says thero ia no place like
St. Johns for him, and he ex-
Sects to move back hero in tho
Thirty volunteers have been
enrolled in Portland to start a
campaign of education in favor
of tho interstate bridge between
Multnomah County, in Oregon,
and Clark County, in Washing
ton. A tho civic clubs and or
ganizations of Portland aro lined
up behind this movement and it
is expected the bond issue to be
voted on at the November elec
tion will carry by a big majority.
The water rate case was heard
before tho Railway Commission
at Portland last week. A num
ber of St. Johns citizens testified
It will be sometime yet before
a decision will be arrived at by
the Commission. The decision
will establish a precedent, for
all small towns and cities of the
state in the matter of water
rates, and for this reason the
greatest care will no doubt be
exercised by the Commission
Miss Anna Hillis. who has been
making her home with the family
of Roy Kennison, 922 Burr
street, for the past year, became
wondering in mind lasflhurs
day and was taken in charge by
Chief of Police Allen. After
snending Thursday evening in
thef detention room of the city
hall, being the first occupant to
spend a night there, the Chief
notified the Sheriff's office and
she was taken to Portland, where
she will likely be placed in the
county home. She has no rela
tives here, but had a brother in
Independence who had been con
tributing to her support. She
had been quite deaf for a number
of yoars.
203 S. Jersey Street
Plumbing, Tinning
Furnace Installing
Call up Columbia 92
Typewriter ribbons for sale at
this office; 50 cents each.
- for -SERVICE
Church of Christ
Comer Hew York St. and Central Avenue
Hible School 10.00 A m.
Communion Service 1 1:00 a, ni.
Y. P. S. CE.6;30 p. m.
Evangelistic Services 7:30 p. m.
Junior C. E. 3:00 p. in,
Prayermeeting, Thursday 8,00 p. m.
A line of typewriter ribbons,
both narrow and wide, has just
been received at the Review
office; 50c each. Also carbon
paper at two sheets for five
-- AT THE -
St. Johns Pharmacy
You will find the finest line of candies in the city.
Always something special in our window.
Lpwney's Chocolate Our Specialty
Just received, a large line of the latest
Columbia Phonograph Records
Also a few special deals to offer on Machines, which
would pay you to look into.
Feed Your Poultry Dr. Hess' Panacea
It will shorten their moulting period and thereby in
crease their egg production
We Maintain a Cut Rate Price on All
Patent Medicrnes and Toilet Articles
Our Precription Department always in charge of a
competent diuggist. Prices the lowest.
The. St. Johns Pharmacy
Picture framing done nt Portland
prices nt H. V. Clark's, the furni-
I litre ninn. Adv.
Carpet and Rug Weaving done
I reasonably. Call 524 S. Tyler
I nt,i) Cf 1 A ,1..
Wanted Elderly lady to look
after children and help in light
i housekeeping. Call 029 S. Ivan-
For the Children Plain and
fancy coats, bonnets and drosses
made at reasonable prices at 501
S. Hayes street.
All the latest phonograph rec
ords for Columbia, Victor, or
Edison machines. Get them at
the St. Johns Pharmacy. Adv.
Better get your household
drugs here. Full weight QUAL
ITY drugs cost no more than the
other kinds if bought here.
Look for tho quantity statement
and then compare them with
other packages. Currin Says
So. adv
An ambulance of beauty and
durability is now at the com
mand of the people of St. Johns
at the St.Johns Undertaking Co.
on North Jersey street. Calls
answered day or night. Adv.
Everybody's using it Minuet
Talcum Powder in tho large can
purest and best. Get it nt the
St. Johns Pharmacy. Adv.
Remember, "if it isn't an
EASTMAN it isn't a KODAK.
Use Eastman films and chemi
cals for the best results from
your camera. Currin Says So.
Fine stock of forns, palms,
cyclomen, geraniums, cut llowers
and bulbs on sale at The St. Johns
Greenhouse, 8M No. Kellogg St.,
Harry K. Spalding, Prop.
Wanted 75 or 100 feet of
poultry wire, also one dozen lay
ing hens, Plymouth Rocks or
Rhode Island Reds preferred;
must be reasonable. Call U02 E.
John street, this city. Adv.
Cyclone Cold Cure is guaran
teed to cure your cold. Contains
no quinine. Get it at The St.
Johns Pharmacy. Adv.
How about those magazines
that you want? You can got
them here as soon as out. Cur
rin Says So. adv
C. A. nruggemann, an expert
desiirner of lloral nieces, lias
been hired by Harry K. Spald
ing, proprietor of tho St. Johns
irreenhouses. to take care of the
local trade, and can be found at
the greenhouses, 8M N. Kellogg
For sale Household furniture
and chickens. f121 East Bu-
chanan street. St. Johns. Adv.
barn and chicken house with 2J
acres of hind in Nowberg for St.
Johns nronorty. Inuuiro at the
Bunirnlo Grocery. -108 N. Jorsey
street. St. Johns, Oregon. Anv.
Currin Suvm: Gut an onliirg
ing camera and spend the long
wintor evenings at homo living
over your summer vacation, mi.
Want to exchange A good
young team for St Johns proper
ty. U. sngert, iu;i rs. dorsoy.
a uv.
For Rent- T room modorn cot
. a f 1 1 1 i 1
tago. furnlHiieu. win no rented
from NOV. 1 to SlUll 111111 1 IV.
reasonably. Apply to J. E. Wil
liams, Holbrook Block. Adv
Currin Says: Bottor come ii
and hour some of tho Intost roc
ords. Victor Talking Machines,
needles and all the accessories.
Who fills your proscriptions?
Ask your doctor about us and
our methods. Wo use nothing
but tho best drugs obtainable
and insist on absolute accuracy
and cleanliness In proscription
work. Wo can fill all ordinary
prescriptions. When we can
not nil them as writion wo ten
you so. 11 you reanzou now im
portant your proscription is, you
would bring it to us. Wo are
experienced and educated in tho
pi CaCi ipilt'll uuainuon, mm uiuv a
our nobby, uurrin says do.
Evangelical Church Sunday
school 10 a. m.; preaching 11
a. m., theme, "Knockora and
Boosters;" 8 p. m., thomo, "Sow
ing and Reaping;" K. L. C. E.,
7 p. m. ; Junior 0. E. ( p. n. ;
prayer meeting, Thursday 8
p. in.
Tho Congregational church,
corner Richmond and Ivanhoo -a
homelike church: Sunday
school 10 a. m. : nreaching 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.; U. 15., urtfi p.
m. ; prayer meeting Wednesday
at 7:30 p.m. We welcome you
to these and all other services
of tho church.
Do not forget the W. C. T. U.
meeting at the city hall next
Monday afternoon. We expect
Mrs. Additon to give us one of
her splendid talks in the interest
of the working people, and as
wr lire all working neonlc, it will
be of interest to us all. Those
'vhn missed the last meeting
resillv missed a treat, as tho
. . . i ..
papers anu taiKS were most ux
celient.- ueporter,
It is said that Dr. J. N. Grant
of this city slipped oil to Van
couver, Wash., Wednesday and
became a benedict. Tho Dr. ro
fuses to confirm the report, how
ever, but his friends contend
that it is a fact.
Moat financial failure are caused by trying to go too fast. Thoie who go
"across lots," or the get-rich-ijuick route, encounter many pitfalls.
The main-traveled road to success is the one which leads to the savings
bank. It may seem slow to some, but proof abounds that those who keep on
it succeed in accumulating money and learn to handle it wisely.
7,1 deposit at the f cninsula
Dank nnd you will "arrive" sooner than those win
to riches.
iio take the route
across lots
Oldest Bank on the Peninsula
I'HTHK Autzhn, Pres.
John N. Kumu'SKN, Cash.
V. C. K.VAi'i, Vice Pres.
S. L. Donne, Ass't Cash.
Alternate Car Service
St. Johns is to have n now
method of operating its street
cars, beginning Monday, Oct
ober 20. Tho loop begins at
Wall street and Lombard avenue,
running north to Fessenden
street which it follows until it
reaches Jersey street and con
tinuing down through the heart
of St. Johns until Lombard is
reached. Tho new scheme pro
vides that alternate cars coining
from Portland pass over Wall
street making the loop, lhe
opposite cars pass down Lombard
street to St. Johns ami go out
on Fessenden street to Wall and
Lombard streets reaching the
. Mil. .
main tracK at tiiai point, ine
new arrangement gives practical
ly a local car service In me at.
Johns district.
The now schedule was worked
out by the officials of the com
pany at the romiost of the
St. Johns Commercial Club and
riHitiired an oxnend turo of SMHH).
Cars going by way of the south
track of the loop will lie mnrKOd
south s do" and those going
on the north track "north side."
For tho nresent the regular
schedule now in force will be
maintained, which later may
be changed if adjustment is
found tiecossarv. All nassengers
on the cars will be supplied with,
schedules showing how each car
will bo routed, which should be
carefully studied so that all may
becomo familiar with the rout
ing. The company deserves a
largo share of commendation for
going to the expense of making
this convenience for tho St. Johns
folks. In fact, tho company has
evorboon fair in all its dealings
with St. Johns folks, and given
as much and more in tho way
of service than the patronage
justified from a financial stand
point. Commercial Club Meet
St. Johns Furniture
Gus Salmond, Mgr.
New and Second
Hand Furniture
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
A Farewell Party
Tho Commercial club mot in
monthly session Wednesday eve
ning with a fair representation
nroaent. President Penimll was
unable to bo present and Vice
President Bonhuni presided.
In rusnonso to a written plea
for endorsement of appropria
tion for the University of Ore
gon it was tho senso of the meet
ing that it bo henrtllv in favor
of tho stnto giving the institu
tion tho support nt'oded and ro-
liiostod. A representative oi
Polk's Directory was present
and solicited the support of tho
C ub n tho way ot taking a page
of advortising in tho diroctory,
which was referred to tho board
of governors. An invitation to
attend an interstate bridge ban-
quot at garago at 1MU Album
1.1 T ii. T"l it I
avenuo by ine worm rorwnuu
Commercial club Saturday ovo-
ning. Novomber 1st, at which a
number of prominent speakers
aro expected to bo present, was
oxtondod. Practically overy
member presont agreed to go,
and many will tako their wives
also. A communication from
D. C. Low is, of tho park com-
mitteo, stated that a selection
had boon mado and submitted to
tho city council for considera
tion. Mayor Hrodoson, who was
present, stated tho locations of
tho tracts solected. It was do
cidod to await tho action of tho
council before takingany definite
action hv the club. It was do-
cidod to call tho attention of tho
city council to Columbia boule
vnrd between Jorsey and Dawson
streets with tho suggestion that
it bo hard surfaced. 1 he elec
tion of olhcers were made ny
susponding tho rules and tho
secrotary casting the ballot for
an canuinaius, which -.voio unti
ed as follows: Presidont, II. W.
Bonham; vice-president, II. h.
Pennell: second vice-president,
Peter Aut'on; treasurer, J. N.
Kdlefsen. Board of Governors
C. C. Currin, C. S. McGill, A.
Larrowe, F. P. Drinker, A. W.
Markle, S. W. Rogers, O. J,
Gatzmvor. W. M. Tower. P. II.
Edlefson. It. G. Brand, C. R.
A farewell party was given in
honor of Jerome Whistler at his
home. 811 N. Smith avenue, last
Saturday evening, Oct. 11, by
the young people or the Church
of Christ. The party was given
In order that he might meet with
his friends and have one last
jolly good time with' thorn bo-
fore he ieit this city, uvory
one enjoyed a very pleasant eve
ning, playing games and having
an all around good time together.
But best of all was the "eats,"
served in two courses and which
were those things appropriate to
this time of year. There wero
thirty-five present to wish him
success in his new work, viz:
Edna Green, Lester Emerson.
Frank Carlson. Clarence and
Fred Herwick, Robert Johnson,
Lucy Buckles, Cloo and Frances
Nutting, Rose Stelfens. Flora
McNiven, Kenneth Hood, Viola
ami Ed. WosthelVer. Lizzie and
Ed. Powell, Julia and May John
son, Alda and Gilbert Ovorstreot
Misses Summers, Ilazol Peter
son, Miss Iloversgart of Port
land, Willard Cox. Carrie Byorlee,
Miss Meade, Earl Mooro, Joronio
Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. R. I).
Powell, Hugh mid Clarenco
Whistler and Mr. and Mid. II. L.
Joronio loft St. John Tuesday
for Ccntralia, Wash., whom ho
will enter the employment of
Calef Bros.' Furniture Co. in
that place. He will he missed ' y
his many friends hore, and es
pecially by the young porplo
with whom he has met Sunday
after Sunday for almost five
years. But wo hope he will not
forgot, while making now
friends there to come back and
say "hello" to his old friends
horo once in a while.
Clyde C. Lindloy had one
his loirs sovorolv bruised by
heavy casting falling against it
while at work at tho Peninsula
Iron Works, Wednesday.
Postmaster T. J. Monnhnn and
wifo and daughter, Mrs. C. H.
Thayer, have returned from a
delightful visit in Eastern
Whilo on the trip tho party
wore present at tho wedding of
William Monahan, thoir son and
brothor. at Montana. Mr. Mona
han statos that tho people baok
in St. Jo aro at least 26 yours bo
hind the people in this section in
tho way of progress and ontor
priso; that tho wator which is
takon from tho rivor is thick
with mud, and has to lie clarified
before it can bo drank, which
glvos it an insipid tnsto. Also
that tho street car service is far
inferior to ours. Ho says that
ho would not livo back in Miss
ouri again if thoy would jjivo
him half of tho country.
M. F. Loy has roturnod for a
short whilo from Eastorn Ore
gon, whoro he is engaging in
the cattlo business. He expects
to go back in a fow days.
The Commonwealth Quartotto
at tho High School auditorium
Tuesday ovening gave splendid
satisfaction, and all were greatly
pleased with the iirst numbor of
the Lyceum Course, The at
tendance was largo and ap
William Wilson, formerly of
Clearfield, county, Penna., ar
rived in St. Johns tho first of thd
week and is a guest ot tin.
friend, James Dixon, and family
on the Ogdon farm. Mr. Wilson
is mute pleased with this section
of tho country and may decide
to remain permanently.
The park committee has mado
its report, and it lies with tho
city council to either adopt,
amend or rojoct tho same. T ho
committee states that it mado its
decisions without fear or favor,
and that the selections mado
wero tho host of those submitted
for selection. The council wjj!!
no doubt take action next w?ek.