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    SI. JoIiim Is CaHtoR Vou
Ii sttond in numbrt of Induitiirt.
U strtnih in population.
Cart lo I'otilsntl rvrry 20 nttn.
I Is nsvlgsbls wain on J sides.
Mm finest rm and ftwtiitity.
I lit two strong bank.
Mai five targa sthool houses,
lias abundance, of purest water.
I (at hard sulfate streets.
St. Johns is Calling You
t ttt itvoti ctamstW.
Has mstt promising (.
AilHnt ike eMv of (StflMirf.
Iltt nrtly WOO popi4ton.
I jtt 11 nuUfc library.
1 txtWe prvty. f-4,Kn.O0(k
Has Urge dry itocV. saw mill
Woelen milts, Iran weeks.
Slave wwt let, mUrtt factory.
SJltp bulbtlng piW.
Veneer nml eniUti plant,
I laur mill. pUniHt mill,
llnx fattury, ami others.
Mere indmtrto coming.
St. Johns it the pU. for YOU.
I (at etlensive stweiaae syslem.
Hat fine, modern blick city hall,
Mat payroll ol FD.UUU mnnthli
Ships monthly 2,000 car freinl
All railroads fiavo accrtt to it.
It nalewav (a I'oilUnd hatbnr.
Climate ideal.and healthful.
Dtvoltd (o ths Interests of tht Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of fbe Northtteit
vol. 9
NO. 38
Interesting Notes for the
Library Patrons
During August, the library
will open al 2 o'clock instead of
at 1 o'clock. Otherwise the
hours will remain the sumo.
MIbs Satchwell will have charge
of the library for the month.
Please remember to teleet your
vacation books several days be
fore you expect to leave town.
Twenty-five now fiction books
and half as many non-fiction
havo been received this week
for the adult shelves, as well as
a dozen juvenile stories, includ
ing two ot tnc Aitsheier nooks
so popular among the boys. The
adult-fiction includes:
Buchan Great Diamond Pipe.
French Lion's Shnre.
Garland Hespor.
HawkinsServant of the Pub
lic. Jewett Country of the Pointed
Loroux Mystery of the Yel
low Room.
Lilibridgo -Bon Blair.
Paine Stroke Oar. -Tracy
Son of the Immortals.
Wharton Scnnctuary.
Regular shelf copies of Mrs.
Rico's Romance of Billy Goat
Hill and Mr. Fox'b Heart of the
Hills are now to be had in add!
tion to the charge copies.
Among the now non-fiction
Bennett Truth about an
Cubic Famous Adventures
and Prison Escapes of the Civil
McKim - Soldier's Recollec
ScuddorSoululism and Char
Strong Art of Show Card
. Writing.
Alternate Car Service
Alternating car service on the
loop, which the Portland Rail
way, Light nnu rower uo. is
seriously considering and which
is quite probablo boforo the win
ter rains sot in, would bo of in
estimablo vnluo to many people
in bt. Johns. isach car would
alternate, one going around the
.loon ono way, and tho next car
making tho loop the other way.
This would enable people on the
south sido of tho loop to como to
tho business district and shop,
miss ono car and return direct
homo; people on tho north sido
of tho loop would havo tho same
advantage. As the average car
service is now sixteen minutes
apart, on an average every 82
minutes one could make tho trip
from East St. Johns or South St.
Johns and have plenty of timo
to shop in the interim. Coming
to the stores, banks, places of
amusement, schools, library or
churches, tho alternate service
would prove a great convenience.
People on tho south sido of the
loop and central part of the city
could then take a car going to
north sido and ride within three
blocks of tho depot to catch the
Northern Pacific, Great North
ern or North Bank trains with
out having now, ride outside
of their city, transfer at Wall
street, miss car and stand in
tho rain fifteen minutes to get
back to same placo that thoy can
go to in five minutes by direct
service. Time cards could be
made showing which way each
car goes, so that a party could
take a car from -St. Johns and
go to any part of the city wislu
ed on the north or south side of
the loop. From Portland one
wishing to go to St. 'Johns
Heights or to Oswego street stop
could do so by taking the car go
ing that way, each car being
marked "North" or "South."
St. Johns merchants loae much
business from both sides of the
Iooq by parties waiting to do
their shopping when they go to
Portland, rather than walk back
"after going to St. Johns in the
hot sunshine or wet winter
weather, it is said. Block sig
nal system and sidetracks that
will have to put in for alternat
ing service .will be of great ben
efit in case of break down on
either side of loop, and the cars
could operate with safety on one
side while repairs were going
on on the other side of the loop.
The Commercial club has been
quite active in advancing this
service, and it now seems that
their efforts will be crowned
with success before . the year is
War on-the Social Evil
Gradually wo are groping our
way toward the true remedies
for the social evil. One state
and city .after another has held
an inquiry into the subject. The
investigators have sought out
the roots of the evil and there is
general agreements as to the
principal remedial mensures.
As we read the report of ono
vice commissioner after another
ami as we study one article after
another, we are impressed with
a sense of shame at the brutal
stupidity and the abject failure
of all attempts for centuries
back to deal with the problem of
prostitution. The central idea
of all restrictive, regulutivc and
suppressive laws hitlierlo lias
been to punish the victim of
man's evil deeds and to let the
evil doer uo scot free except for
what awl ui revenge the victim
may tako by transmitting to one
man disease she has contracted
from another.
Our laws relating to proslitu
tion are the last survival of sin
very in the lands which boast
most loudly of their civilization.
In old times conquerors took
women as slaves to minister to
their passions, just as they took
mon to labor for them. Foreign
women filled Rome's first re
stricted district. Houses of evil
were frankly licensed, some were
even built and owned by the state
far into the middle ages. Then
the conscience began to prick
and nations made a pretense of
suppression, branding tho fallen
women as criminals and vaga
bonds. This only afforded a
cloak to the police to blackmail
them and to drive them into
segregated districts for greater
convenience in blackmailing.
In some European cities there
has been n relapse to regulation
under license, but it has orought I
only a fraction of tho women un
der strict control. Medical ex
amination has been adopted, noti
out of regard to the women, but,
for protection ot their male pat
rons. All these measures seg
regation licensing, medical ex-
aminnt'on and registration
have failed, for the great major
ity of the women evado them by
every uevico known to lemaio
The outcast condition of these
women fins placet! them at the
mercy ot those who, while pro
tecting them, prey upon them.
Hence hasarisemthe white slave
traffic, in which they aro trans
ported from country to country.
trom state to state and irom city
to city. The Federal Govern
ment has begun effective war on
this traffic by prosecuting the
men engaged in it and is secur
ing one conviction a day. But
this work must be followed up
by the states and cities in order
to make it effective. Even then
we shall have onlyt touched the
fringe of the evil. Vice com
missions in several cities have
shown a keener realization of
the right way to grapple with it
by proposing to treat prostitutes
as subjects for medical care, re
formation, education and train
ing in useful vocations, not as
criminals. That policy would
take the women out of the vile
houses and, if those houses could
be kept clear of the traffic, the
opportunity to rent property for
such purposes would be destroy
ed. But in order to do that, the
supply of women for white sla
very must be stopped.' There
we come to the root of the evil.
That root is the unbridled passion
of men gratifying itself at the
expense of weak women. The
In the World of Fashion
able Dress
Can you think of anything
neater or more attractive than
the simple costumes shown here? j
And what is still butter, the
making or construction of either;
is as easy as it looks.
The first dress Nos. 7800-7807, 1
is composed of a little droit
shoulder blouse which closes in:
front, and a skirt of the two
piece type. Do you note the
slight fullness in the skirt, and
the general outline which sug
gests the now thoroughly favor
ed peg top effect? Well, that is
produced by the soft plaits laid !
at the top and foot of the skirt, !
and while it is an extremely cle- j
ver idea, it is at tho same time:
the simplest thing in the world 1
to do. A word must be said of i
the cute little inset vest of the
blouse, which with the shapely
Robespierre collar are exceeding
ly pretty features of this model.
Despite its being illustrated
in (lowered silk, ' which is cer
tainly suitable for this style, there
are yet a great many other ma
terials in old blue, golden brown
moire, poplin or colienne. If
you want it real summery look
ing, choose any of tho different
dimities and printed lawns,
which aro simply adorable this
season. Pattern for blouse
comes in live sizes, 'l to M, and
you will require for tho medium
size five yurds if you uso 42 inch1
man usually goes unpunished,
but the woman gradually -sinks !
lower in degradation until tho i
utiifArt nlniM aiiIaIiao ltntt tOtistit '
branded as a scarlet woman, she
cannot recover herself. Tho su-n good ideli for tho school board
cret of her fall is ignorance or : to havo published a statement
Weakness, mental or moral oHof tho business transacted by
both. Records in New York City ' tho board at least once a year?
show that over half tho women! The public in general has the
sent to tho Bedford Hill
tion have tho "barest rudiments
of education, about one-fourth
aro mentally defective and a con
siderable number are insane:
Their fall dates from their 17th
or 18th year, few women of ma
turer years entering tho down
ward path. These girls do not
realize the consemionce of their
first lapse and, even if thoy did,
very many of them lack the
strength of will to resist the im
portunities of men.
The true beginnings are in ra
tional instruction of both boys
and girls in tho secret of sex, in
parental care and restraint oVer
children, in supervision of pub
lic places of entertainment, by
inspiring boys with respect for
womanhood and girls with re
spect for themselves. The law
and all its officers should enforce
the same code of morality for
men as for women, severely pun
ishing the seducer. Society
should treat him with the repro
bation it now visits upon his vic
tim. Early marrying should be
encouraged and young couples
should be taught contentment
with a modest beginning at a
home. War upon the social evil
should be conducted by women
as well as men, who will act as
friendly monitors to the young
and erring, not by the police,
who havo already been thorough
ly corrupted by contact with it.
The best energies and brains
of the best men and women of
the Nation should be enlisted in
this war, for it is a war 'to save
both manhood and womanhood
from the wreck,, Oregonian,
VTll. ! ...1.1 I... . ..-!.
mmiiiiK cuiuu uu muiu iuicii-i
ing for general wear than thei
very becoming little suit, 7801-1
7805. The plaited ponlum is the 1
very newest thing that Paris has
straight plaited flounce in the
I twin
i most
harmonizes, beautifully.
model can be worked out
in the tiniest
ciiecu sou wooioni wiiicn comes
a m . a J
in black and white and in brown
and tan. Coat in? five sizes, 31
to 42. and skirt 22 to U0. Med
ium requires 7S y'drds of -12 inch
material. J
Our ico cream spdas and ices
aro flavored- with true fruit
flavors and servjed absolutely
clean. Remember this when you
aro thirsty. Currins for Drugs.
A Communication
Mr. Editor:
Would it not bo
institu-jsupremest confidence in tho ofli
cials, but it is a matter of inter
est to tho taxpayers 'to know
just how the school monoy is ox
ponded. Ono might hear it read
at one of tho public school meet
ings, but tho opportunity of scan
ning tho various items and re
membering same is very slight
from hearing a verbal reading.
Why not publish an annual de
tailed statement, tho same as
the city officials do?
(We understand the school
board intends to publish a finan
cial statement soon. As a rule
a statement is published every
year, but this year it will ap
pear later than usual. Ed.)
40 acres.oak timber and brush,
easily cleared; can all be culti
vated; four miles from Oakland,
Douglass county, Oregon; to
trade for house and lot or vacant
lots in St. Johns: Will give
good trade. This is a chance for
some young fellow to make a
farm home. We will assume
street improvements or small
mortgage. McKinney & Davis.
Mrs. W. E. Swengel and fam
ily together with her eastern
friends. W. E. Parker and fam
ily and Mrs. J. M. Clark, also
their mother, Mrs. J. M. Parker,
are camping at the beach this
week. They will take in the sea
caves at Bay Ocean and other
places of interest along the shore
to Nehalem. .
FOR RENT cards at this office.
and IJisburse"
ments of Celebration
The following
is a llnnncia
receipts aiu
statement of the
disbursements of
the two-day
celebration July
1th and 5th,
which was the biggest and most
successiiu ceieoraiion inai iook
place anywhere in the slate this
Stnr llrcwhiK Co .
1". K. !,. & I". C
Hum, Condon
Tlioi. C.lovur
. 60.
. a:,.
. ar(.
. an.
. 36.
. 25.
. 26.
. 25.
. 25.
. 25.
. 25.
, 26.
. 20.
. 16.
. 15.
, 15.
. 16.
, 16.
, 15.
, 15.
. 10.
. 10.
, 10.
, 10.
M. Joyce
I'cniiiKiiln National Hank.
l'irnt Nntional
Ulytiipin Itrcu-InK Co
Oninbritiui llrewfiiit Co. . .
St. Jolttit Lumber Co
l'cnintttlu I.umlxir Co, ,,,
A, G. I.oiil'
Schiller Cluiir Co..
Currln't for Dmik
llltitimiicr Modi
St. Johns l'lmrnmey
A. 8. llcnton
St. Julius Witter C
C.iudiicr Cluiir Co
Jobes Milling C(
O.lllnni & Chambers
Ulcanou llros
C.J. Alex, Chnrn
llonlinin & Currier
St. Johns lliinluiire Co
Couch & Co
Multnomah Theatre
Jayne Theatre
urillalKly llros 10.
tiau's Restaurant 10.
St.JobnsOasCo 10.
Portland Woolen Mills 10.
Mctrotxilltau Market 10,
St. Johns Ice Co 10.
rcniilni'tou& Co 10.
J. l'llchfortl... 7.60
hi. Johns I'ImiIuk Aim 7.
Kobt. Amlcrson 6.
Chilli 1'arlors 6.
Specially MfK'. Co.,
....... a....
HiiKoiow Grocery .... .
Harbin lllackHmlth. . . .
1'. Clark
W. II. Kliiu
I,. I). Jackson
Henry Smith
I. I. Shurls
While Ciowe Clears....
St. Johns float lloue . .
Dyer llollnii Co
Chin. Moy
St. Johns furniture Co.
Johnson fUkery
Produce Co
Harris fee Co
i IhHtou Uettniiruiit
W. Tower 5.
Perry Stroml...
K. It. Sully
Hoes Sinn Works.
J, Noce S( Co. . . .
J. I'. Gillmorc....
J. K. Welmcr....
G. W. Overtired.
Alex, Scales
McKinney & Davis
W. C. Koc 2.
St. Johns Review 2.
Kawsou Co 2.
IMuionilson it Co 1.60
P. Ilradley 1.
Henry Muck , 1.
Hurley Sint 0 1,
Chan, l'oss , 1.
S. K. Gallon 1.
Win. Gutton .. 1.
J. H. Hitter 1.
1. S. Rcwl 1.
I. flahii 1,
flick l'errine I.
1. I,. Perkins I.
Hon Ton llarber Shop 1.
1). U.llnxlahl 1.
T. J. Monahuii 1,
Koy Kuowle 1,
S, W, Kouers 1,
II. K. lialfiielui 1.
K. 1,
M.tstlliiK 1,
W. Mart
in.... 1.
Harry Trtiuiaii
Toy llolloous f 0.
Drowning AimiMsmeui Ui. ....... 1UU,
SkutinK Kink
Karl Wilton.
Tom Currau
W. O. W
MethodiU Church
diet Miusey
M. W, A
I)r. Grant
llaptist Church
livaus & Cormany
Receipts from Dance U2.35
Receipts from Stand . 17.40
Received from Dept 70.
Total J123G.25
Labor, banners, minor bills f 19.35
1!. Howurd, Advertising 4.40
4 Dozen Pennants 20.00
Ice 1.00
Labor 3.90
Labor on Tent 9.C0
C'.eaiiliu,' Hose Carts 1.85
St. Johns Lumber Co. . . . 65
Labor 1.80
loles for Aerial Act 35.60
Signs 4.00
Carpenter Work 33.30
Labor on Stand 10.80
Labor on Carts 2.40
Labor on Streets 1 20
Ribbon and Pius for Sash 10.42
Ilonham & Currier 40.00
Journal, Advertising 32.00
Labor at htaml, two ladies ti.UO
Labor at Check Room 10.00
One Hat, lost at rink..
Prue, Horse Races
Couch & Co
St. Johns Hardware Co.
Carrying Hauliers
14 r rands
llaleon AMcnifon 85.00
llwr 1.60
Zntilolas Aurlnl Aol 60.00
Slide for Ufe 10.00
Decorations 60.00
Hurley, ns 0.00
North Portland llnutl 100.00
Prie for Dull (,11111c 60.00
Pric for licet l'loat 60.00
Prire for Second Rest 1'loat
Prire for Decorated Auto
Prize for Decorated Itulldlni! .....
i, it -
f . .,. llllll);iT, num. . . , .
St. Johns Hdw. Co., Merchandise,
Telegram Advertlslui;
l.nlor onWoodhouc bullillni!
iJdnir 4.60
Hen Hoover, Pritcs 01.00
St Johns Lumber C 2.24
I foes SIkii works , 5.65
Prize or shot put 6.00
lili-ctricti! work 10.00
Tuboron tent..., , 4.10
Labor 1.80
Decoialious 23
Acme Lumber Co. Lumber. ... f 17,45
St. Johns Review Prlutlni; 2tf.S0
Ciirrlu for Druus Decorations, , . , , 0.05
Mt. flood Ice Cream Refreshments 1H.16
St. Johns Hdw. Co. Gasoline 25
Peninsula Garage Car
Curry I nn banner
Orchestra for Sweet Pea Show,.,
, .60
. .00
American Sodn Oorks Soda
Stamjis ,,
Wash cloth, Ilonnmi
MovltiK hose carts
ISilmomlHOii Co.Tiuuliitr lor ualooti
Miscellaneous expenses
Cutting grass
Ropliii: In rink
Hart Jayuc Gasoline
Labor at rink
Goddess of Liberty Costume
i. i.iimorc l.ithor
Total Hxpcnses . ,...:11C1.29
Besides giving n liberal cash
donation the following donated
as follows:
St. Johns Gas Co., gas range.
W. M. Tower, lovelier.
King's Real Estate, ground
AlcKinney and Davis, ground
J. K. Wcimer. transfer, haul
River Express Co.. uso of
I,. M. Oihus use of car for offi
Bickner Bros., ground space
and uso of buildings.
Une-hnir block of ground be
tween Jersey and Ivanhoo on
Chicngo.donated for Amusement
(Jo. ; owner unknown, to whom
we-extenu our thanks.
C. C. Woodhouse. uso of
ground and buildings,
Thos. Cochran, ground space.
Portland Railway. Light and
Power Co., use of truck.
ur. A. w. Vincent, uso oi car
bt. Johns Ice Co., use of truck.
Tho following prizo donations
were given:
Bell and Company. Port and.
box of fruit.
U. B. Glafki, box of fruit.
Equal Rights Store, !.()() in
H. I. Clark, Hag, value ?2.G0.
Miller Hurdware Co.. skates.
value $2.
I. II. Lynch, stick pin. value
$2. .
Golden Wost Coffee Co..collee.
value ?2, by Bonham & Currier.
T. r. Ward, ham.
J. C. Brooks, pair solos and
St. Johns Harness Shop, leg
Wo especial y wish to thank
those who donated that did not
derive any direct benefit from
tho celebration financially, such
iis banks, mnnufucturics, private
ntilviuunis, etc. Also A. u.
Long, representee rf fire appa
ratus of Portland, who. besides
donating $25 cash, appeared in
our parade with one of his firo
fighting apparatus, chemical.
iook and ladder and hose. We
cannot thank him enough for the
interest he has taken in us, as
t was a complete surprise.
We offer a vote or thanks to
Mrs. Valentine, who had chargo
of tho Goddess of Liberty car
and assisted us in many ways;
also Miss Ruth Crouch, who had
chargo of tho 48 girls represent
ing each state, ono special feat
ure ot which was a tiny girl
with small banner of St. Johns
leading the states. Also two
boys carrying United States
banner. We also wish to thank
Mrs. Geo. Hall and Mrs. D.
Frank Horsman for their great
assistance in tho program ren
dered at the city hall. There are
numerous others who donated in
various ways that we wish also
to thank.
The only ones refusing to do
nate to tho fire boys were tho
Lauthers Mercantile Co., own
ing a largo business interest in
St, Johns, and Chas. Sagert of
tho St. Johns Express Co.
When tho Department decided
to hold a celebration it was de
cided to publish all donations and
expenses for benefit of those
who donated so liberally, and
also those who accuse us of mis
appropriating funds for booze,
In case any error in this pub
lication, please notify Secretary
of tho Firo Department.
No doubt July 4th and 5th will
City of St. Johns, Ore.
Sealed proponnli will be 're
ceived by the mi(lomignd at
his office in the City of St.
Johns, Oregon, until tlx p. m. on
tho nth day of AutfUit, 1018 for
the sale, of the whole or ny part
of Bonds of the City of St.
Johns, issued under Ordinance
No, 6T0 at not less than par and
acrued interest.
Said bonds to be dated aa fol
lows: .$1721.98. June 4. 1018;
$575.01. June 20. 19151. Amount
ing in all to $5290.99.
All of said IioikIb arc issued in
ilntirmiinntmnu nf Vwn lliinrlmtl
Dollars or less and all of the laid
, 1 t I I , m
uoihis are payame ion yeara al
ter date of said bonds. AH of
said bonds are coupon bonds
bearing interest at the
rate of six per cent my able
semi-annually, subject to all the
conditions imposed, directed and
stipulated by Section 181 of the
Chnrtor of tho City of St. Johns.
Tho right is reserved to re
deem any and all bonds at any
interest paying period at or af
ter ono year from date.
All bids must be accompanied
by a certified check for two per
cent of the amount of the bid.
and the said check shall be re
tained by the City of St. Johns
as damages in case the bidder to
whom the bonds are awarded
fails to accept and iwy for the
same within fifteen days after
the acceptance of the bid: The
money is to be paid and the
bonds are to be dolivered at SU
Johns, Multnomah county, Oro
gon. Tho right is roHorvod by the
Council to reject any and nil
bids. P. A. RICE,
Published in tho St. Joluit Re
view July IS, 25 and August 1,
bo long remembered in SLJohnit,
as in all occasions, ttnamially
and otherwise, it was a complete
success. We had the biggest
celebration in the Stale of Ore
gon, more attractions and more
amusoments than St. Johns had
ever seen before, and any town
twice it sine would be fortu
nate in having such a celebra
tion. The stranger that came to
St. Johns for the IthundSth left
with the impression that St.
Johns was on the map, for you
could hear in every corner of the
city about the beautiful decora
tions, which no doubt could not
be excelled, and the Are boys
cannot express thanks enough
to the city council and Commer
cial club for the decorations,
which made the celebration long
to be romomhorod, and the peo
ple who left St. Johns on that day
for other places of pleasure were
sorry when they came home and
heard of the doings. The fire
boys did not want the celebra
tion from a financial standpoint.
The Doparlmoul wants to thank
again the banks and manufactu
res which gave so liberally,
which had no direct compensa
tion, aUo the St. Johns Review,
livonng Tologiiuu and Journal
for their efforts in makinir the
colobration a success. P. G. Gil
moro, chairman, called up the
city editor of the Oregonian by
phone and told him he was chair
man of tho Fourth of July Com
mittee in St. Johns and would
like to be represented in his pa
per and also would like to have
ono of his reporters to judge our
floats and buildings on the 4th.
A voico in a low tone replied:
"No. you got some one else." in
anything hut a pleasant voire.
The Evening News, however,
cheerfully gavo us a good boost
ing article on first page, for
which it has our thanks.
Loo Cormany.
Ross Walker,
Bon Hoovor,
P. G. Gilmora,
Financial Coinmitlae.
1-aUi aUvtrliMnuBl
Building Permits
No. 30- To McIIolhmd Hroa.
to erect a library building on
Charleston street between Kel
logg and Leonard streets for the
Public Library Association; nH
No. ai- To James Murpiu'v to
repair church edifice on Ivanluu
street betweon Charleston mA
Richmond streets; coat $-1h.
No. 82-To A. M. Culp to . n-. t
dwelling on Oswogo strict l
tween Hudson and Smith amu'
for Ed. Monahan; costrJUU,