St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 13, 1913, Image 4

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    Holies of Skill's S
Mum OrinmUt W
Pint Nations! lUrA talMfec.
uxpw Why mem
an hitffc in Si. JWlfM
On mm
,3 hr rii
the dttMM OCMTt T Ike
f OrswHi isr MWliawwia
in the H II m.
im What ft !. to Mb
m.I, of t,c IhhiI a- ! firM
:. J J. Vi tn hHj iirrrty on
I..- :l ith
If hffttt
w Horn cm Umi
.' ,'tTiit hm
ti, lurht, any
..i. m r TKr only
i.. ..tit.ii r in
ai tik'lit i th
' I HI T ll
tlip k
i; r" it ownff-
ll! st iot. I
li.ot 14 jiartx Ui t i
itloi.(r the rtnwt
"itt Rt all x
l- t t" ! thr
tVir hi h tin
'Hi Wt spent
'..i;it nnot
. . In-Mi-IU Whl
And it th M il
council meet-
:n s Stroud wtw
imrvri :i joli at
u fee of 1800,
ior; Nobody
xmtly. Some any
ilr Slroml in to look
uti All the
ooutt (ifiinioni relative to Lite
inmcrx of t hp Railroad Commit'
km U rcmi late public utilities.
WtMt r . (h. w that in cane
Uta Railroad Commiaaion ever
honW render h decision in the
St. Johns water rate caau. am
Unit If the water company aliould
MiilHMtl to the rourts mini the
dottlaion of'the Railroad Cummin
sfuit should all these tlibur evor
mmnoti lliett theae court deem
ions would come in Iiimdy.
aikod Cottncilman Wilcox why
Mi. Stroud was employed in tho
emu and lie said, jocularly 1 nro
atliiie, "Well, you know lie in one
or our oitf sens, and hna to liv
and wo litul to help Irini out a lit
Uo." Wouldn't that cork vou
Tho fact la. there is very fittl
for an attorney to do in the wu
tor rale caae, and no neeo.inilj
lor oniployimr additional loira
counsel at this lime. Then; is
no queation of law involved
this lime- only n miostion
fact, At leaat three, baaic faclx
must he delerminel before Hi
Ituilrond Commiaaion can fix
roatonnble water rale. Theae
fnols two:
First, a fair value of Hie prop
orb. Socoiul, coal of nutinlo
iiaiiuu. Third, coal of operation
Tlio Commiaaion haa aunl out its
ontrinoer lo ascertain tlio value
of tlio projierty. Of courao llio
Walur Coinimny will not forth
ila otstimnles of the valuo of lis
If tlio uity council would di
root tlio city engineer, or if ho
haa not the lime, employ uomo
otliur qualified entrinoor, to iih
cortain tlio valuo of tlio wator
plant, tocomtwre with and chock
up tlio onjrlneera of tlio Com
mission and Water Conninnv.
think they woud bo spending tlio
taxpayer' money much more
wlaoly. The coal of maintain
unco and operation can be, am
should also be ascertained.
Five hundred dollar of the
taxpayers' money mwnt at one
council meeting for which I con
tornl tlio taxpayer will not re
colvo nnythinjr like Ilia money's
worm is ifoinu- some, oapccially
for a reform council. I wonder
what would have happened If wo
Had not turned the "rascal
out last election!
I am criticiaintr the acta of the
council because aa a citixen am
taxpayer I have a right to do,
bo when I think they make
mistake, and from what 1 know
of those oases, and from inv ox
porlonee, I muat say that the acta
ot the council in both those cases
woro moat unwise. I do not
charge viciousneas or willful
wrong doing, only just "onay
marKs "victims or jawuono nr.
lists, mat's all. S. U. Cook.
Annual School Meeting
wouce la nereuy given
to the
loijnl voter of School District
No. 2 of Multnomah countv.shito
of Oi-egon, that the Annual
School Meeting of said District
will bo held at the Central School
house, to begin at the hour of 2
o'clock p. m. to fl o'clock p. m.
on Uie third Monday of Juno, bo
ing Uie lOtli day of Juno, A. D.,
This meeting is called for tho
purpose of electing one director.
DaUal this 5th day of Juno,
1018, P. P. DHINKI2H,
Chairman Board of Dirootoi,s.
Atttat: J. 13. Tanch,
District Clork.
Publlshod in Uie St. Johns Re
view Juno 0 and 18. 1918.
The following liat of legal blanks
nre Kept tor mile at tbU oliice autl
others will be ndiied an th doitiaiicl
Warranty tleetls, Quit Claim
Deeds, Konltv ami Chattel Mort
Ragus, Satisfaction of MortKages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, UiUs
of Sale, I,oasei.
All thuac blanks nt the uniform
price of 30c par dozen.
You got full weight aud first
quality at thu Central market. Just
try awhllo.
A. Qm Mt4 S. Qess, It la wtfa, 4e-
Ry vlrtwt f an wmmUm.
jMBjraMvn wit vr, morn ana vr
for wf sale tswed ant of tlte a
bow raUtM Gwrl In Um above
enUU4 ckuso, to mm diinwied and
dated Utt SOUi day of May. IMS.
upon a judgment romlorod and
entered in aaid court on Ute StiUt
daySf April. 101X, In fanr nf A.
L Miner, piaintiiT, and anainat
N. A. Gee ami S. Umi, Ilia wife.
defendanta. for the aum of $S00.
with interest at the rate nf 8 ikm-
cenl tier annum from Uie lsUi
day of Oclolwr. 1912, and Uie
further sum of SU0.01. with in
tereal at the rate "of 8 per cent
IUiH UHMtklM rAtM I 19ltk slut tf
Ajiril. 10M. ami for the aum of
1S0.00 Attorney s fees, and Tor
the furUier aum of S17.5S coats
and disbursements, and tho costs
of and upon thia wriL command
lag motoinakewiloof tho follow
ing deacrilHal real properly, to
Lola One (1) and Two (2), in
Block numbered Fivo (Ti), SU
Johns Park Addition to tho
Town of SLJolniH. in tho County
of Multnomah and State of Ore
Now, therefore, by virtue of
said execution, judirmcnl. order.
decree and order of sale and in
compliance wilh the commands
of said writ, 1 will on Monday.
the 28d day of June, 1918, at 1U
o'clock A. M. at the East front
door of tho County Court House
in Portland, Multnomah County,
Orciron. sell at public miction,
(subject to redemption) lo the
hiirhest bidder for cash in hand
alljlhe riuht, title and interest
which tho within named defend
anlH (or either ol thorn) had on
the' noth day of January. 1912.
the ditto of the mortKiiKO herein
foreclosed, or since that dale had
in and to the above described
nmnerl.v or jinv tinrl. thereof, to
satisfy said execution, judgment
order and decree, interest, costs
and accruiiur cosls.
T. M. WOKI),
Sheritr of Multnomah County,
Dated this 20th day of May,
First issue May m, 10i:i."
Last issue June 20th, 191U.
Proposals lor Street Work
Seidell iirniioMilH will
be nccivcil at I
the o 111 cc of the recorderof thecity of St.
loans, until June 17, llii;i, nt H o'clock
p. in. for the iiuiiioveiiieut of Rich
iiHind utreet from the north line of
Smith Avenue, to the Mmtli line of
I'csscnduu ktreet in the iiiuiincr provided
Ity Oldhwiire Numlter Ml!, willed
t the provUliius of the ehmtur 11 it 1 onll
iwieof the city of St. Johns and the
eatliiiiitu of the city engineer u file
l!nluir' entlnwte UJlitll.M),
IliiU must be strictly In uccordnna'
with the printed blmiks, which will be
InriiUlied on Htipllciitiiiii nt the olllce of
th recorder of the city of St. Johns,
And wild Improvement mutt be coin-
nlctod 011 or before 60 dtiv from the date
ot the Inst publication of this notice.
M propowimoriiiiis will lie coiulilcreil
iiiiIum accoiupmiied by u certified check
iMyablc to the order of the ninvor of the
city of St. Johns, certified by a ruaixiusb
lil Uiuk for an nmuuiit viiuul lo ten ncr
cent, of the iiKKreunte pn)Hiil.
The rljjht lo reject any ami all bids is
nereuy reiervei.
ny oniur 01 tne city council.
lf. A. RICH,
KtH-order of the city of St. Johns
Published in the St. lohus Review
May SO and June U and IK, 191!).
Proposals or Street Work
Sonled tiroiMsnls will be received nt the
oliice ui the Uecoriler ot the City of St,
Julius until June 21, 191:1, at H o'clock
. in., lor the improvement of North
.voimril street from the north line of
ht. Julius avenue to the north Hue of
llruce uve., In the manner provided bv
Ordinance No. Ml, subject to the nrovia.
kms of the charter and ordinance of the
ity of it- Johns, ami the estimate of
the city engineer, 011 file. -
i. ... f.. .... .,1. ....... 1 mini
Illils must be strictly in accordance
with printed lilanks. which will le fiiru
Uliwl on application nt the oliice of the
Keeomer 01 tne .uy 01 loans. Ami
said improvement niut be completed 011
or before 60 days from the date of the
last publication ot tills notice
No liroitowils or bids will liecousfdereil
unless accouiwnieit ny n certltirit check
tMynuie 10 uie order 01 tne .Mayor ot the
vity 01 ht. jouiis, certmeii iiy a respou
slltle Uiuk for an amount eiiuul to ten
lr cunt, ol the i;riiite proposal.
heb 'eie'rml "" BIUl bM '
Wy ordeof The City Council.
P. A
l'lililicluil in the St. Johns
Review 011
uue 0. IU and SO, ioi3.
Successors to
St. Johns Sand aud Gravel Compauy
I,. D. JACKSON, Prop.
General Contractor
We are prepared to do any and
all kinds of excavating for street
work and other purposes. We
also handle sidewalk and build
iug material.
Newton aud Fessendeu Streets
St. Johns, Oregon
Phone Columbia 336
1 reach tho eoepel of St. John.
Oin Ermine td Euhdajt fey Ap
fMSrr ItHMte OwtomMft 14
PhVdan and Surccon,
Dy k Nlcht Omc In MeCbey W.
A. JAYNI:, M. I).
Offwe avrr Ntinl lUnk
OTier IMinne Columl.U 282
Krt. I' Columbia 1
Mrvt National.Dunk Building
McDonald Building
Alotorcyclc and Bicycle Re
pair Shop
110 South Jcrncv Street
Auto niul Motorcycle Oil ntiil Supplies
KupniriiiK nun viilcnniilnn
Wc rnti uct you tires of all klniU. New
nuil oecoiul IiiiikI bicycle (or nk.
J. M. nd V. P. WRAV. Prop.
l'liouc Coluiubin 5H7.
Oild jobs of nil kinds l'miupt service
IIoum; moved, rnlneil ami repiilrcil
Contractor, llounc Movers mid
I'lionc ColuuilWn .lO
Sot Ivnulioc St, St. Johns, Oregon
No. 186 I. O. 0. P
Meets each Monday evening In Odd PV
.Jh' r
vUill"K bro,"1;
corillnl welcome to Iloyil, N. O.
Alex. S. Scales, hcc.
If your tire blows up,blov
into me
Peninsula Garage
207 8. Jarsay St..
niul luive It rcnircil In n
ncitt mid workiimnllkc
innuuer. Auiouioulle nuil Alotorcyic re-
iMiirint; nun supplies, rnoticcoi. Iki.
auios ior aire uy tne nay or nour.
-Transfer and Stnrane
--- - . - - - -
We deliver your Roods to and from
II pnrU of Portland. Vancouver, Linn
ton. I'ortUnd ami Suburban Exoresa
Co., city dock and all points accessible
by wagon. Piano and furnltura molflf
kn cms or VIIIIAS
Meets every l'rlday uiuht nl
, u. u. if
(all. Visitors always wc!
1'. I,. 1IA1ICOCK. C. C.
The United Artisans
Meets every other Friday even
ing in the M. W. A. hull
in the Holhrook building.
A. P. nnd A. M.
Regular cotuuiuuicalioiis
on tirst Wednesdays of J
eacu inoiita in Uilil bel
lows' Hall. Visitors wel.
Urnest 8, Harrington, W, Jf,
joiiii nocc, secretary
We buy or sell St. I bus Property
Ren I 0s(nte your property with us if you
desire to sell miickly
202 N, Jersey St. St. Johns
Daniel O. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, CD7 Dawson Street
Ofllce, Plltor Block.
University PmU, Portland, Orccon.
Minerva Chapter No. I0S
Meets Kverv First and Third
Tuesday liveulug of lac'
Month in Odd 1'ellowHall.
iby R. Davis, Worthy Matron.
.Mrs. Susie Roger, Secretary.
0flice I,lone Columbia 34
Residence Phone Colutnbia 198
St. Johns Express, Transfer
miu Mornge Co.
fiano Moving a Specialty. Haul.
ing none to ami from Tort and
Residence 400 Kast Richmond
Office 103 North Jersey Street
"ally triiis to Portland.
Central Market!
20S S. Jarsoy Street
See us for the Choicest Cuts of
(the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order rWed and family Trade SoHdttd.
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.
Subscrlbo for tho St, Johns Review
aud ; keop nested on tho doings of
tho city,
- ,'V
Beginning Next Wednesday
We will establish a one-half holiday during
the summer in all the departments of our
We will close on Wednesdays at one
o'clock and stay closed until seven o'clock
Thursday morning. We have chosen the
day of the week that disarranges ouiT busi
ness the least and we request that our pat
rons plan their purchases so that they will
not be discommoded on that afternoon.
That a business man or business firm is judged by the Stationery
used? It is a fact. When a business man uses a plain sheet, or
even an unartistic letterhead upon which to write his communica
tion, he is looked upon as being a dead one and is given a wide
berth. But, it is tho opposite when using neat and attractive
material; he is thought to be a man of business ability, a wide
awake business man and a hustler, and is given all the attention
and accommodations possible, and his credit is never doubted.
We do only first class, uptodate, artistic and attractive
printing for the very lowest price that high grade print
ing can be done.
St. Johns
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