St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 06, 1913, Image 4

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Whereas, it lias ploased the
Supremo Kulor of tho Universe,
in His wiidom, to lake away the
lovely little son of our brother,
W. E. Harrington, and, ,
Whereas, we bow our heads in
submission to the will of God,
V8 do sympathize with our
brother and family in their hour
of bereavement; therefore, be it
Resolved, that th's Lodge ex
tend our sincere sympathy to
Bro. Harrington and family; and
be it further
Resolved, that a cony of these
resolutions be spread upon tho
minutes of this Lodge, a copy
sont to Dro. Harrington and a
copy to the St. Johns Review for
publfcation.-W. J. Chanoy, C.
K. Tooley, R. H. Sarver, Com
mitte; Laurel Lodge No. 18G, 1.
0. 0. P.
In Alemoriam
Whereas. Almighty God, in His
infinite wisdom, has deemed it
bolt to call to His side the little
son of Sister Daisy Harrington,
therefore Iw it
Resolved, that we. the mem-
hoi's of Iaurelwood Robokah
Lodirw No. KM), extend our sym
imthy in this their sad hour of
Resolved, that these resolu
tions be spread upon our min
utes. n cony sent to the sorrow
ing family, and a copy be sont to
llio St. Johns Review and to mo
Pacific Odd Fellow for publica
tion. Fraternally submitted in
F. L. and T. - Mrs. A. M. Gulp,
Mr. Anna Gaines, Bessie E.
Sliullx, Committee.
In Aleiuoriniii
Whereas, it lias pleased God in
in His wisdom and mercy to call
Home the beloved husband and
father of our sisters, Martha
Hoover and Ruby Markwell, and,
Whereas, while we bow to tho
will of Him who doeth all things
well, we mourn with our sisters
in their bereavement; be it,
Resolved, that the tncmhors
of this Ixxlge extend our frater
nal sympathy to our sisters and
thoir family in their hour of
sorrow, and lie it further
Resolved, that a copy of these
resolutions be unread on the min
utes of this Lodge, a copy sent
to our sisters and a copy sent to
the Pacific Odd Follow and Si.
Johns Review for publication.
Hint Ream, V. P.. Com Merrill,
P. N. G Mary Simmons, P. N
Luu rel wood Rebekah LodgoNo.
100, SL Johns.
A farmer living in tho North
ern part of Iowa stuck himself m
the lcir with a pitch fork. The
wound would not heal and for
two years he had a running sore.
He tried all the common salves
and liniments and sometimes the
sore would heal, but it always
broke open again. Finally he
healed it up to stay healed with
Allen's Ulcerine Salve.
This salve is one of the oldest
remedies in America and since
18G9 it has been known as the
only salve powerful enough to
cure chronic ulcers and old sores
of lomr standing.
Allen's Ulcerine Salve acts by
drawing out the poisons and
healing the sore from the bot
tom up. It is so powerful that
it heals now cuts and sores in
one-third tho time that common
salvos and liniments take. And
it heals burns and scalds without
a scar. Sold by tho St. Johns
Pharmacy una other leading
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
A splendid foundation has
boon laid by the State Immigra
lion Commission in the work of
attracting farmers to Oregon
from the countries of Northern
Huron. A series of conferences
with Germans, Norwegians, Swe
dish and Danish irhiIc has re
sulted in outlining the work to
be accomplished and in tuHMiriug
tho complete cooperation of sub
stantia! people or these various
nationalities now residing in Or
egon. Committees formed of
member of the different races
will work with the Immigration
Commission in seeking out suit
able lands for colonisation pur
iKMea, securing them at reasona
ble prices and aiding the now
comers after they are settled.
Judging from the success that
has attended the preliminary
work, much may be expected
from this organised effort to set
tle Oregon's idle farming land.
More interest is being shown
in eugenic, the science of grow
ing perfect babies, throughout
the state since the first eugenic
show was held last year at the
State Fair. The first test of ba
bios has just been held by the
Parents' Educational Bureau of
Portland, and this promises to
become a regular institution.
Babies are given a careful scien
tific examination and defects
lM)Iuted out to parent with in
structions as to how they may
be overcome. Parents who in
tend entering youngsters in tho
coining shows next Fall find
Uitte preliminary tests helpful.
In the Circuit Court of tho
State of Oregon for Multnomah
A. L. Minor, plaintiff, vs. N.
A. Geo and S. Gee, his wife, de
By virtue of an execution,
judgment order, decree and or
der of sale issued out of the a
bovo entitled Court in the above
entitled cause, tome directed and
dated tho 20th day of May, 1913
upon a judgment rendered and
entered in said court on the 29th
day?of April. 1913. in favor of A.
L. Miller, plaintiff, and against
N. A. Geo and a. Ueo, his wile,
defendants, for the sum of $809,
with interest at the rate of 8 per
cent per annum from the liith
day of October. 1912, and the
further sum of 20.01, with in
terest at the rate of 8 per cent
per annum from tho 12th day of
April, 1913, and for the sum of
$80.00 Attorney's fees, and for
tho further sum of S17.55 costs
and disbursements, and the costs
of and unoii tins writ, command
ing mo to make sale ol the lol low
ing dOHcriDcu real property, to
w t:
Lots One (1) and Two (2), in
Bock numbered Five lb). St.
Johns Park Addition to the
Town of SLJohns, in tho County
of Multnomah and btalo of Ore
Now, therefore, ly virtuo ot
said execution, judgment, order.
decree and ordor of sale and in
compliance with the commands
ot said writ. 1 will on Monday,
tho 23d day of Juno, 1913, at 10
o'clock A. M. at the Hast front
door of the County Court IIouro
in I'ortland, Multnomah county,
Oregon, so at public auction,
(xubject to redemption) to tho
highest Didder for cash in hand,
nlljthe right, title and interest
which the within named deiend
nuts (or eithor of them) had on
the 1,'iOlh day of January. 1912.
the ditto of the mortgago heroin
foreclosed, or since that date had
in and to the above doscribed
nronerty or any part thereof, to
satisfy said execution, judgment
order and decree, intorest, costs
and accruing costs.
1. M. WORD,
Sheriff of Multnomah County,
On tod this 20th day of May,
11)1 1!.
First issue May 23d, 1913.
Last issue Juno 20th, 1913.
That the Willamette Valley s
tho one section of ths United
States that can raise sheep equal
to those of Kngland, was the
statement made by Prof. Thomas
Shaw, agricultural expert for tho
Great Northern railway, in a ro
cont talk at Salem. He also said
that in this state conditions nre
such that pork can be produced
for less eost than U the case in
tho corn belt of the Midlde West,
while butter can be produced for
r0 per cent lesa than in New
England. Prof. Shaw insists
that tho Oregon fanner, is, as a
rulo, neglecting his opportuni
ties u
Saioin lias set its dates for Uie
annual Cherry Fair for July 4
and 6, and it will include n iwtrj.
otic Gulehration. tote Iuivq.
boon takon to make this year's
ovont Uio most elaborate affair
of its kind over hold.
Not the label on your piper.
It U raolvetl by tho City o( St. Johns,
That It tltHMim it uxpmllunt mill iu'Cui
aary to Improve ltlchmomt stieot from
the Itaat Huiurly lino of Willumvtto
boulevard tt tiioKiutliildcof IMclimoiid
street to h oJut WtO fvot went from
lite eaaterly ioHrty tine of llrudford
trvel iu tho city of St. John in the
tallowing iiiHiuutr. to ut:
ny KTKtiui); mini ixmion tu tiuii mci'i
tu grade or unnruU to liw cetulilUUcU,
ami ly laying it btamlanl condole jwve-
Work to bo done nccuriliiic to tho
iUua ami specifications ol the city engi
neer uu file in the office of tho
city iccoiiltr relative thereto,
which wild nliiim mul .iccificiittoii
ami cutltuatoa arc satisfactory mul are
hereby approves!. Said improvement
to Im mailo in accordance with the
charter mul ordinance of the city of
lit. Joint, mul under the supervision
ami direction of the city engineer.
That the cutof Mid improvement tube
a.! on it pro rata except extra to be
AkMthMHl against property especially
heiiriitetl thereby as provided by the
city clwrter upon the property osneciully
anil iMrticulnrly henefilted thereby, mul
wliicii is hereby declared to be nil of lots
part of lots, blocks utui juirccls of land
between the termini of Mich improve
meiite abutting upon, adjacent or prox
imate to wid Street from the
marginal lilies of said street back to tho
center of the block or blocks or tracts of
html abutting tbureon or proximate
That all the property included in said
Improvement district aforesaid is hereby
declarutl to lie Local Ituproveiiicnt
diitriet No. 99.
That the city engineer's assessment of
the probable total cost of said improve
mailt of Mid street i fu,i76.8i.
That the cost of said street be assessed
OU a liro rut a basis against the property
in will local assessment district as pro
vided bv the charter of the city of St.
Adoptod. by tlie council thls27thduyof
.May. 1910.
K reorder.
Published in the St. Johns Review
May SO uitd June G. 1013.
Phone Columbia CI
First National Dank building.
Open Evenings and Sundays by Ap
Office Phone Columbia 140
Resident Phone Columbia 38
Physician and Surgeon.
Day & Night Office in McChcsnej blk.
SU Johns. - Oregon.
R. A. JAYNE, Al. D.
Office over First National Dank
Office Phone Columbia 282
Res, Phone Columbia 196
First National.Bnnk Building
McDonald Building
Alotorcyclc and Bicycle Re
pair Shop
110 South Jersey Street
Attto and Motorcycle Oils and Supplies
Repairing una vulcanizing
Wc can get you tires of all kinds. New
ami fecund hand bicycles (or sale.
J. M. and V. I WRAY, Props.
Phone Columbln 587.
Odd jobs of nil kinds Prompt service
Houses moved, raised ami repaired
Contractors, House Movers and
Phone Columbia 56
801 Ivnnhoc St. St. Johns, Oregon
No. 18G I. O. O. F
Meets each Monday ovonlnjr In Odd FeV
lows hid I nt 7:30, A cordial welcome to
all visiting hroiiicrs.
Chas, If, lloyd, N. O.
Alex. 8. Scales, Sec.
If your tire blows up, blow
Into the
Peninsula Garage
9Q7 S. Jaranv Bt.
mid have it retired In n
neat mid workmanlike
inauner. Automobile and Mntorcylc re
pairing anil supplies. nioneLoi. ui;
Autos for hire by the day or hour,
Transfer and Storage
We deliver your Roods to and from
all parts of Portland. Vancouver. Linn
ton, Portland and Suburban Express
Co., city dock and all points accessible
by wagon. Plane and furniture moving
Meets every l'riday night nt
t:jo o'clock in 1. u. u. v
Hull, Visitors always wcl
The United Artisans
Meets every other Friday even
ing in the M. W. A. Imll
in the Holbrook Imilding.
A. P. and A. M.
Rcuuliir couimuiilcatloiis
011 lirst Wednesdays of
each mouth iu Odd I'd
lows' Hall. Visitors wcl-
liruest S, lIiirrlMyton. W. M,
John Noce, Secretary
We Imy or sell St. Irlins Property
Rcnl Estate
List your property with us if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
Daniel O. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, C97 Dawson Street
Ofllce, Plltor Block.
UnHerslty Park. Portland, Oregon.
Minerva Chapter No, 105
Meets Hvervl'lrstund Third
Tuesday livening of Hach
Mouth in Odd Fellow Hull.
Ruby R. Davis, Woitliy Matron.
airs, huste Rogers, becretary.
OiTtee Phone Columbia 24
Residence Phone Columbia 198
St. Johns Express, Transfer
and Storage Co.
Piano Moving a Specialty. Until
ing done to aud from Portland
Residence 400 Kast Kichmond
Ofllce 103 North Jersey Street
Daily trips to Portland,
Central Market!
205 S, Jersey Streot
See us for the Choicest Cuts of
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order rffltd and ramtty Trade SeHdted.
T, P. WARD, Proprietor.
Subscrlbo for tho St. Jobna Roviow
uud kcop pcstud ou tho doings or
tho city,
Who Pays for the Trading Stamps
When we put on the Gold Bond Stamps, we told our patrons plainly
that we did not like to do it; that the Portland competition had compelled,
it, and we were simply responding to the demands of our patrons and
would try it. We have used them freely now since January 15 and have
learned something.
It has cost us since January 15 $625 for stamps. They have been
given freely and We Have Not Raised the Price of Any of Our Goods Up
to This Time.
We have learned now from Actual Experience that we cannot give
these stamps away indefinitely and stay in business unless we raise the
price of our goods.
We might do that on some things that the public was not conversant
with, but we prefer straight forward, open and above board methods.
The only advantage we have gained in the expenditure of $625 for stamps
is that our cash sales increased a few dollars each month over the corres
ponding months of last year and a few accounts have been settled in 'full
that had carried balances for months and months. The foregoing is sim
ply a plain statement of facts. The answer to the question 'who pays
for the Trading Stamps, is the patrons of the store.
We have stamps enough to last until June 15 after that date, we
discontinue them. A word to the wise, etc.
An Introduction
Introduction to tho Bylaws of
tho Ronvillo 90 Year System
written especially for tho Sys
tem by J. 0. Stearns, Jr., of tho
Portland Bar:
This is an ago of isms each
directing its uim to tho better
ment of humanity, each in its
manner bent upon adjusting the
differences and thus ending tho
bitter strifo botweon Capital and
And this opens the way to a
series of vital, intensely vital,
questions. Lot us hero briefly
consider one or two of these.
Why is ndt labor satisfied with
its present lot? What is the
reason behind its deep and abid
ing distrust of Big Business, so
If wo can locate tho primo rea
son wo then have the key to the
industrial situation, and are in a
position to suggest a sane and,
let us hope, a satisfactory solu
tion. After years of study and inti
muto association with nil classes
anil conditions of people. Frank
Bonville, originator of the By
laws of tho Bonville 99 Year Sys
tem, has reached n scientific so
lution to this great economic
problem, a solution based upon
indisputable facts, adduced from
a far reaching anaysis of human
nature and human institutions.
The stock gambling and stock
watering, together with illicit
combinations of capital.common
ly denominated "trusts," and
kindred evils growing out of the
present loose methods of manip
ulating largo combinations of
capital, are at tha rcot of social
ills and the cause of present day
industrial unrest, is Mr. Bon
villo's unshakable conviction.
And behind this conviction
lies a mass of facts and figures
gathered from every conceivable
source, in their aggregate so
huge that volumes would bo re
quired for their recording.
And so Frank Bonville says:
"Put an end to stock transfer
ring, and thus end stock gam
bling. For if a man cannot sell
his stock, it necessarily follows
that ho cannot speculate, or in
other words, gamble, with It.
Give ovory man a chance to
acquiro stock in paying enter
prises and thereby put an end to
this steady accumulation of capi
tal by tho favored few; this
gradual centralization of tho
medium of oxchnngo into tho
hands of a half dozen unscrupu
lous money kings. Make tho
par value of stock one dollar per
share, and strictly forbid its be
ing sold for either more or less.
Thus put it within tho power
of every porson to invest small
sums from time to time, as op
portunity offers.
Sot nsido ten per cent of tho
capital stock of proposed corpor
ations for tho promoter's share.
Let this sufilco for his organiza
tion fee. Since ho cannot sell
his stock, but must depend . for
his financial returns upon divi
dends arising therefrom, it fol
lows ns a matter of course that
his efforts will be directed to
ward legitimate ends for ho
cannot play tho "freeze out"
game so common in business life
today, nor can ho grab and sell
fifty per cent of tho capital stock
as promoter's share, and then
slide out from under and leave
tho small stockholder with only
a worthless bit of gilt decorated
paper to show for his monoy."
A careful perusal of tho By
laws will convince tho unpreju
diced reader that a universal, or
oven nation wide, adoption of
tho Bonville System. of organiz
ing corporations, is sure to re
sult in nothing but an industrial
and social uplifting.since a more
sane and equitable distribution
of wealth would inevitably fol
low a suppression of stock gam
bling and its horde of attendant
evils, which these Bylaws check
at every turn.
TJie reader will also observe
that tho liquor problem is hand
led in a most unique, though en
tirely simple manner. So much
for a genius for clear insight
into the troubled ocean of human
weaknesses and misunderstand
ings. Read, study the lines, care
fully, compare what you have
read with your own experiences
and then pass judgment upon this
You can buy
Stock in the
Equal Rights
Co., which is
under the Bon
ville 99 Year
System, provid
ing you are not
already a stock
holder in that