St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 06, 1913, Image 2

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Published Evorjr Friday
At 117 West llurllngton Stroot.
Tint Kkvihw is ctitcrcl nt post office
In Sftlut Johns, OrcRon, ns mail nmttcr
of the second clnss under the Act of Con
gress of Mnrch 3, 1879.
Jab Printing execnlod la flrtelu ityi
till! lor Job Printing tub oa delivery.
All eomraunlcRtlom thontd h iddretied to
The Review, at. Jotant, Oregon.
omeUI Newipper of the City of Bt John.
Subiorlptlon prleo $1.00 par yenr.
Jack Johnson has boon sen
tenced to one year in the peni
tentiary. It should have been
for Hfo.
The St. Johns school board is
to be congratulated upon the en
terprise and public spiritedness
displayed in securing more play
ground for the pupils at the Cen
tral school. It was an aupsicious
time to make the purchase of
another block of ground, and it
was wisdom to acquire it. Now
if the public would manifest the
same interest in securing a pub
lie park or playground, it wouh
bo another act of wisdom. We
understand that the school boan
will lit Die new addition up in
first class stylo for utlilctie pur
poses and recreation as woll.
The width of Willamette boul
evard will bu definitely decided
by the Supremo Court, Whether
it is decided to bo 100 or 80 feet
wide, the probabilities are that
the city of St. Johns will novel
use over 80 feet of it for street
purposes. If it is made 100 feet
wide it is extremely likely that
the property owners may lie per
mittod to enjoy the use of 20 foe
of it for many years to come ami
yet do relieved oi taxation on
that much ground. Eighty fee
is fully as much as can bu im
proved and utilized. The Su
promo Court decision will only
decide what width the city can
claim for street purposes.
Working, it is said, behind a
cunningly laid scheme of deceit
Ktistorn disutility insurance com
panius are attempting to invoke
tho referendum on the Wot
men's Compensation Measure
passed by the last Legislature
This measure was passed in the
interests of the working men o
Oregon and for tho betterment
of their condition in case of per
sonul injury while engaged in
their daily occupation, Under
its operation the casualty insur
unco company and the ambulance
chasing lawyor are put out of
husinosM, therefore the howl mu
the attempt to invoke tho refer
enduiii on tho bill,
A matter that the Commercia
Club should push with vigor is a
roadway encircling the lower
puuitwula. Nothing prettier in
a actinic highway could bo imag
mod limn would Do a hard sui
faced thorough fare connecting
Willamette boulevard with tho
blougli road via the lower peniu
sum. Poets have raved over less
attractive beauty spoU.And its
accomplishment is ontiroiv fens
iblo. The right of way has boon
secured, and it is up to the coun
ty to construct the highway
Hut unless the matter is insist
diitly urged it will be given lit
tlo heed. An activo committoo
should be appointed to take tho
projact in hand, and push it
through. It is woll worth the
trouble, and would be something
that tho city would over point to
wmi pride. The matter slioult
not bo further delayed.
a lease oi at least a generous
portion ot the c ty dock has II
nally boon ell'ected, and at a good
rental, partly though the ell'orts
of Mayor Hrodoson, Tho sum of
vdW per month is equivalent to
lour pur cent on tho entire in
vostmont. While the lousing of
mo same to the urown Columbia
I'apor Co. of Oregon City for
storage purposes will not fill'ord
umployniont for many hands, yet
It lift quite a bunion from the
taxpayers. In conversation with
tho roprosontatives.thoy inform
ed us of tho possibility of tho
company romovinga largo nor.
tiou of its plant to St. Johns
later on, belioving thoy could do
o to advantage. Tho dock has
boon somowhat of a white olo
nhant for several years and the
butt of considerable ridicule,
but it will undoubtedly prove its
worth and tho wisdom of the
city in acquiring it boforo many
more years. Tho land alono is
worth double what it cost. But
it is imperative that sidetracks
bo connected with it. Tho Paper
Co. roprosontatives assort that
the dock would have boon leased
long ago at an advantageous fig
uro had it been equipped with
an outlet to. the railroad, and
thoy would have boon wiling to
givonmuch lunror sum for its I
use. Tho matter of sidetracks I
, should bo takon up oilhor by the'
city council or Commercial club i
and a feasible mannor of con-'
necting rail facilities thoreto
worked out. Thon a special
election should bo called for vot
ing upon bonding tho city for
construction of same. As it now
stands, tho dock is somowhat
similar to a house with only a
front door to it.
have m s2P llWR,
Tho iWoo of I'lotit v l sninllf It ntilv niannn ho
glnnlng to JtAXIC nml SA VJS mnnay whan young.
livavv innn a wan n DUTY" to hit wITo tmtl ohlhl
ran, nntl tho only tlnia to provttla J'oi- thalv Tortuna
l whan ha In young, wall nntl rosjtorlnr.
hat OlTlt Jlttnlc ha YOUlt JIntilc
yrapny jwroont tntavant on SnvlngH Aaaountu
Summer Carnival Pow Wow
JUNE 16-21
$14.90 Round Trip
Tickets on sale June 16 and
18. Return limit June 23.
This is the first year of
Spokane's Carnival a week
devoted to parades, concerts,
athletics, civic and industrial
Leaving St. Johns daily.
Schedules and details will
be furnished on request.
R. II. Crozicr.AKRt.Gun'l I'uhs. Aft.
I'ortluml, Oregon
O. M. Cornell, Aent
St. Johns, Oregon
W. C. Wilkes, A. G. lf. St V. A.
An Ordinance Providing (he
Time and Manner of Im
proving N. Leonard Street
front St. Johns Avenue tfl
Bruce Avenue in the City
of St. Johns, Oregon.
Officers of the City of SI, Johns, Oregon
Mor Clin. IHoUwm
Kiwr.Wr- -1'. A. Uk
Virawitn I. It. ThikIi
Altmmy 1 J. IWIiw)
l(niiliir 1. 1). Ilurwii
l'li.lcUn-lir. I.. It. l
CliMul I'uIIm-O. W. Allen
IMy Culler-1 1 Mud
Nlflit IStll J. 8. JeilM, It. W. Notcllf.
A V. Vlivfut II. M. WUMirl
H. (1. Willi M
C. It. lUilk'L I. II. Maillii
tint. Mhhmw Huy Wilcox
Mint kmI IkwLaKuy WIUu. A. W Vlll
ivwt. II M WnUl.l.
I.Lvhw C l( (UilkU. (Ira. W. MuitHMi.
. II Wilghl.
jttr ami I.UM-II. M. WnLlitl. I. II.
Mai tin. A W VIiMWiit.
I'iiiaiHV'S. I). WiUhl. !. W. Muiimmi.
C It Cailk-l .
Ilralth nml rulkv.. . W. Vlitcvut. Kay
Wtkuk. I II Martin.
I.kmor I.Wnii W Minium, B. (1.
Wilclil II M Wahlicl.
UulUlliiu ii'l (iiuuiuh. I. II. Maillii, Hoy
Wllons.C K Oailkk
Successors to
St. Johns K.iutl ami Onivol Couiuiiy
I,. I). JACKSON, Prop.
Gciicrnl Contractor
We ure prepared to ilo nnv and
nil kituls of excavating for street
work nml other imrposes. We
also handle sidewalk mid build
ing material,
Newton nml Fessenden Streets
St. Johns, Oregon
Phone Columbia 336 -
Btuue-s sim succeed i
'UtU t. k.iu N. ll..l.fc AllUlwlU1
uu jrou our iriiuaDi ciuwui.r.
Pr ;e collect 01 uw.if n.jn4it..i
Write to-day; Mention this Paper.
The city of St. John iloca ordain n
The council of the city of St. Jolmi,
having nsceitalncd tliccont of iinnrovlng
Nortli Leonard itrcct from the nortii
lilc line of St. John Avenue to the
north ildo line of llruce nvcntie In
the city of St.Johnu, ns shown by rcsoln
tiou of tlic council of mill city, dated on
the 13th day of May, 1913, and recorded
In thcolficc of the recorder of said city,
nml notice thereof having been liuhllshcd
In the St. John Review, n weekly ncw
imHr of general circulation, 011 the
10th ami Zlrit dayi of .May, 1013,
n ihowii by the nflldnvit of the
foreman of mild Mcr, which Raid nffidn
vit l oil file In tlie office of the city re
corder; nml leeul imttiliK of liotlceii of
Mich Improvement, ns kliovvu by the nffi
davit of tlie city engineer on file In the
odice of the city recorder; nml no re
mnuitrnnces liavliik' been lilrd, nml, n
tirovideil by said resolution, the chl'I
iieer'n prcliuilunry cutlmate of cont of I
tahl iiuiiruveuicut U IS.IOS.OI. hut thnll
Itc more accurately determined by Mhl
Now, therefore, it ! hereby ordered
that Mid street be improved nml the
time for tlie comnletlon of said im
lirovemont 11 licicby fixed ntGOilavtfrom
last iul)licntlnn of notice of niosaW of
Willi work, which luild )rovowl mint be
filed with the recorder of wild city 011 or
oeiore tuu 4111 nnv oi llllic, WU
nt H o'clock, 11. in. of Mid day.
That wld street ihall be improved its
ns ioiiows: nv grading same to tlie es
tablished Kraile by cut nud fill nml by
sidewnlkliiK Mine 011 cither side with 0
foot cement sidewalks, 18 foot cement
curbs entire length, together with
croM-walks ami gutters
ami curl) to Have ex
joints ns directed by Hi
.'itv Ituulneer: curb to have four.iuch
tlnilii tile every fifty feet, hitch rlmis to
oe pntceii in curu us iiirectcii uy tnc tlty
Mid walk
1 lie city recorder shall give
publication for not less
notice by
man inrce 111
ncwsiwjicr, luvltiiij propoult for
11 improvement.
sertious In the St. Johns Review, the o
Stld iunirovemcnt shall in nil respect
be done ami completed In conformity
wmi me provisions 01 uniiiiauces .no
IM) nml W except us otherwise provldei
in this oidiuaucc: all work to be done
under the direction and supervision o
tue city engineer.
That the cost of said iumrovenien
shall be assessed against the property ii
the local Improvement district nsdes
scnted lit said resolution and designate!
as nml ileclareil to be Iocal Improve
ment District No. 8.
Tussed by the council this 3rd day
f June, iqi3.
Approved by the Mavor this 3rd ilav
01 June, lyi.i.
Attest; X. A. RICH,
City Recorder.
Published in the St. Johns Review on
uucbtli, 1918.
Proposals for Street Work
SFRir in ocwtc
truik tuKMttrm kJ4 rUki uk.
iA All tku.1 U. NiulltiUll i . u..,. . .
Piano in
For Salo.
condition. Hoasonablo
Call at this oiiicc.
th-st class
Sealed protwsals will be received at the
ollice of the Recorder of the City of St,
Johns until June 24, 1918, at 8 o'clock
. in., for the Improvement of North
.eoimrd street front the north line of
St. Johns avenue to the north line of
llruce ave.,in the manner provided by
Ordinance No. 544, subject to the provis
ions 01 ine cuarter ami omittances 01 tlie
City of St. Johns, and the estimate of
the city engineer, on file.
Hugineer's estimate is f5.495.94.
Rids must be strictly in accordance
witlt printed blanks, which will be furu
lilted on application at tho office of the
Keconler 01 tlie illy ot bt. Joints. And
said improvement must be completed on
or before 60 days from the date of the
last publication of this notice.
No proposals or bids will be considered
unless accompanied by a certified check
vi)uiic to tue oruer 01 Ute .Mayor ol tue
01 oi. joints, certiueu uy a rcspou-
(or uu amount equal to ten
per cent, of the aggregate proposal.
The right to reject any aud all bids is
, hereby reserved.
By order of the City Council,
1. A, RICB.
I Recorder,
Published lu the St. Johns Review ou
June 0, 13 and 20, 1913.
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