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    20 Cents
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Local News.
25 per cent discount on Hrnss
Beds. Cnlef Bros.
A.S. Benson is spending n few
weeks in California.
George Foss lins returned from
a year's stay in Wisconsin.
II. Whistler is having nn addi
tion built to his residence.
For basement work, see V. W.
Mason, phone Columbia G8.
For Ront Strictly Modern 9
roomhouso. 109 West Burr street.
Taxes aro duo onco more, a
fact which the property owner
contemplates with disapproval.
Ted Sloan was awarded the
horse and buggy of Pascal Hill's,
which was raffled 6iT lust Satur
day. Mrs. B. T. Leggett of New
berg, Oregon, is a guest of her
daughter, Mrs. D. F. Horsman,
this week.
You do not want cheap work,
but you do want good work
cheap. Seo G. W.- Overstreet,
311 S. Jersey.
For all kinds of plastering,
brick and cement work, see
Page & Shay, 215 South Kellogg
street Phono Columbia C50.
Joaquin Miller, the poet of the
Sieras, died near San Francisco
Monday. He was the most pic
turesque and quaint character
that the West ever produced.
It is stated that over seven mil
- lion dollar's worth of street and
sewer work have been already
contracted for in the City of
Portland for this year, with
several millions' worth to follow.
If you are interested in the
health, comfort and conveni
ence of your family stop at G.
W, Overstreet, 311 S. Jersey,
and see the new Parkeyte, the
odorless, sanitary toilet. With
in the reach of every family.
Mrs. Alice Learned and Mrs.
J. P. Wrinkle and children left
last week for Long Beach, Cal.,
where they will join 0. E. Learn
ed and family, who have been
spending a month in that delight
ful clime. Their stay in Califor
nia will be indefinite.
The latest edition of the Amer
ican Newspaper Annual Direc
tory shows that 1.68G newspa
pers were established during the
year 1912 in the United States
and Canada, and that of these
only 36 survive. A record of 1.
50 failures out of 1,686 journal
istic ventures -would seem to
prove that there are "more profit
able fields of enterprise than
starting newspapers. Ex.
We Positively Will Close
Next Friday, February 28
Are Open Evenings Until Then
5 IV
be your loss if you don't get what you need
ouMast week's GREAT WIND UP SALE.
Matting 20 cents for the best.
Calef Bros.
Garden seeds aro beginning to
attract attention.
ForSalo-Canary birds. 602
Charleston street.
'Get an electric head treatment or
massage at Gilmore's Ilarber Shop.
If you want a basement exca-i
vutcd, seo V. W. Mason, 5101
Hartman street.
1 C. W. Rice is having a cozy
little dwelling erected on Chicago
street, near Central avenue.
For Sale--Kitchen Trensuro
and. cabinet combined. Toilet
set and Pillows. 232 W. Tyler
W. A. Bennett has been under
going nn operation for an injury
to his urm ut the St. Vincent
Alexander McNiven has return
ed from Vancouver, B.C., where
ho has been employed for the
past couple of years as a boiler
Tho seating capacity has been
materially enlarged at the city
hall, and it is now possible for
a goodly audience to comfortably
seat themselves when occasion
arises. The act was a commend
able one.
The Congregational Church
Sunday School 10 a. m. Preach
ing 11 a. m. and 1:30 p. m. Even
ing topic. "Justification." C.
E. 6:45 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wed. 7:30 p. m. Ladies Aid
Wed. 2:30 p. m.
T)n vnn know that more real
danger lurks in a common cold
than in any other oi tne minor
ailments? The safe way is to
take Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, a thoroughly reliable prepa
ration, and rid yourself of the
cold as quickly as possible. This
remedy is for sale by all dealers.
John N. Edlefsen has returned
from the St. Vincent hospital,
where he underwent an operation
for appendicitis. He says that
he is feeling first rate, and ex
pects to resume his duties as
cashier of the Peninsula Nation
al bank the first of the next
An effort is on foot for the es
tablishment of a hospital in St,
Johns, and with that in view
parties are now making a cam
paign of the city seeking finan
cial and moral support. There
seems to be no doubt but that a
hospital here would prove quite
a convenience. St. Johns is
destined for a manufacturing
city, and a hospital will soon be
come an absolute necessity.
A 'big reduction on Remnants
of Linoleum. Calef Bros.
For Sale or Exchange
Fine 7-room house on East 25th street N., Portland,
three blocks from Alberta street car line.
Owner prefers St. Johns' property and will
give a bargain
Here is an opportunity to exchange your St. Johns
property for a first class residence in a good
neighborhood. For particulars apply to
Room 4, Holbrook Block
Read the Review
You can purchase at this store numerous articles you
have been running to Portland for?
We carry a full line of blank books, carbon paper,
typewriting supplies, statement blanks, etc., also
bed pans, urinals, feeding cups, fever thormometors,
hot water bottles, syringes, and numerous other sick
room requisites.
Parker Fountain Pens
The Scholl Foot-Eazers"
Diamond Dollar Eye Glasses
Columbia Phonographs
Hess Poultry Panacea
Cyclone Cold Cure
Are some of our specialties.
Our Prescription Department always in charge of a
competent druggist.
St. Johns Pharmacy
The Peninsula's Leading Drug Store
15 per cent off
on St. Johns
4 ' i-
and keep posted.
Gilmore's Barber Shop a spc
cialty on clilldrtns' hair cutting.
Picture framing done at Portland
prices at II. F. Clarices, the funii
utrc mail. tf
Lots for Sale Also some fur
niture. Ms. Anna Guler, 41G
E. Richmond.
J?. O.Knlko has betrun construc
tion of a fine residence on Mo
hawk street, near Fessenden.
Basement work of all kinds
done promptly at reasonable
price. V. W. Mason: phone Col
umbia G8.
As we go to press we learn
thnt the condition of J.T.Brooks.
our well known townsman, is
most serious.
For Rent Modern 5 room house
2 blocks from car line. Lot
55x182. Innuire of owner at
209J N. Jersey street, or 1414
Oswego street.
Come have a bier time at the
taffy pull Friday evening, Feb.21,
basement ol fti. u. church given
by the Epworth League. Ad
mission 15 cents.
MnMindint. Church 11 n. in.
The leaven and the meal. 7:30
ti m Tho tirnnil fmm Hnnvnn.
Sunday School 10 a. m., Epworth
League G:30 p. m.
TTmtnrlii Sitrwlnv mnrnimr r.
fresher, a new thought, a new
ofnrf fm Mm now wnnk'n work.
Come and get all this and more
with it nt the Hnrnca Bible Class
at 10 p. m. ; Baptist church, tf.
TiVi n iincnin vnn t51l fltirl
P.lnmilinrliiin'H T.tnimnnt excel
lent. It allays tho pain, removes
the soreness, anu soon restores
lw iincla (o n hnnlthv pniulitinn.
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale
by all dealers.
lVii I.imiriv -Tn rnHnnnsihlu
party until last of September,
moucrn room nouse, luuxaw ioi,
cow barn, chicken house, an
kinds of fruit and berries, plenty
of room for garden. Inquire
323 West Polk.
Oriurrm will, ill nil nroll.'lhllitv.
mnkii ii nlrnmr Hlinwinir nt this
year's dry farming congress.
liilllllK""k vuiimiipoiuii iiufj
taken the subject up with tho
mUrnnrla ninl nlnns will ho made
waavaw J '" " - - -
early in tho year so thnt a com
plete exhibit may bo prepared.
llnvlvnl nnrvIeoH are now in
progress in the Free Methodist
church, comer Enst Richmond
and Hudson steerts, conducted
by Evnngclist M. L. Schooley,
in connection with the pastor,
II. V. Haslam. They will be
continued all next week.
St. Johns hns.bcen pretty well
ted nt thoSL Vincent
hospital in Portland during the
past week or so. J. N. hdieiscn
wns operated upon for appendi
citis; W. A. Bennett for injury
to his arm; Chares Fay for gland
trouble, and Mrs. Ilorann has
also been operated upon there.
Tho Valo Chamber of Commerce
is taking caro of tho boys of tho
city by allowing them the uso of
tho handsomely appointed club
rooms twice a week. This is
nmlmhlv tho first citv in the
stato to take tho rising genera
tion into partnership in ita do-
vclopmpnt work nnd is n move
thnt is certain to havo good re
sults, Tho Civic Betterment league,
with a membership of 100. has
stnrted n cnmimitrn for a more
beautiful St. Johns. Tho object
is a mostlaudabloono, and should
secure the assistance of every
individual in St. Johns. Those
that havo not enough pride to
clean un around their premises
should be made to do so.
If you want envelopes printed
at tho bargain price ot mty
rents fnr 100 envolonos. von had
better hurry. After March first
tlm nrioft will revert back to
regulation price of $1.00 for the
first hundred, many navotaKon
advantage of tho cut rate, a
nnmlior nf whom wore Indies.
If you want to furnish your ad
dress to your out oi town irienus
enailv nnd clearlv. have same
printed on envelopes while the
bargain price is in vogue.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent at the homo of Miss Floid
Wood. Tuesday, Feb. 18. The
object being the discussion of
the opera "Patience." A very
excellent program was rendered
by Miss Alice urown, vocal, mr.
Turner, flute. Miss Wood, niano.
Those present wore Mesdamcs
T. Glover, Newell, Lebo, mil,
Brown, Kemp, Wood, Misses E.
McDonald, N. Whistler, N.
Kemp, F. Wood, Alice Brown,
Helen Hill.Mr. Turner, Harris G.
Deweiss, C. Herwich, R. Pow
ell, J. Powell, Dr. Brown.
The young ladies' class of the
Church of Christ of this city
entertained the young men's
class last Friday evening at the
liome of Miss Mae Johnson on
E. 12th and Alberta streets. It
was in the nature of a Valentine
party and the houso was appro
nriiitolv decorated for tho ocea
sion. There were about forty
present anu an spent a very en
joyable evening. Games of var
ious descriptions and music were
entered into in the right spirit
to give the greatest of amuse
ments and entertainment. De
lightful refreshments.
Satisfaction, is the word Gil
more, the Barber.
Reduces Fire Insurance
Lee Cormany, Fire Chief, is in
receiptof the following commun
ication from the Underwriters'
Equitable Rating Bureau, which
explains itself:
Dear Sir: In response to your
favor of tho Gth inst, inquiring
the amount of reduction in fire
insurance rates in St. Johns, pro
vided combination hose and
chemical automobile fire truck
is placed in service, with two
fully paid firemen to man same.
beg to advise as follows:
It has been our experience that
two men arc insufficient to handle
such a piece of apparatus with
any degree of efficiency. Dur
ing meal hours, if only two men
were employed, there would be
but one on duty, and it is very
evident thnt one man cannot han
dle the apparatus referred to.
We would, therefore, ask that
not less than three fully paid
firemen be maintained at head
quarters houso.
The approximate reduction,
provided our rcquset is complied
with and the apparatus purchas
ed is satisfactory, would amount
to from EIGHT to TEN PER
CENT. -Signed, James N. Mc
Cune, Secretary.
Candidates File
The following havo filed nom-
nntton papers as candidates for
citv office at the primaries to be
held March 8th. The list was
taken nt2:45 today Thursday:
For Mayor Chas. Uredeson,
A. A. Muck.
For Recorder--F. A. Rice.
For Treasurer J. E. Tanch,
Councilmen First Ward- Jas.
N. Purkapile, I. B. Martin.
Councilmen nt Large l). v.
Horsman. J. W. Davis.
The fol owing have taken out
petitions, and will in all proba
bility file them beforo tho time
for filing terminates tonight
For Attorney r. (J. Stroud.
Councilman First Ward C. E.
Counc men Second Ward P.
Hill, Roy Wilcox.
Councilmen at Large S. G.
Wright, II. M. Waldrof.
Messrs. Garlick and Waldrof
aro tho only Democrats.
Tho revival services conduct
ed bv Rev. Goodo proved to be
a great blessing nnd inspiration
to the church nnd Sundny School.
Somo now recuits were brought
in. nnd tho church in general
cauirht a new vis on of its priv
iliges nnd possibilities nnd is
working a little harder to fultill
its God appointed mission.
You aro given a special in
vitation to join our ranks, if
you dosiro to help further, tho
causo of righteousness nnd to
snvo a lost world. Regular ser
vices. Sunday:. Sundny School
nt 10 a. m. Preaching servico
at 11 a. m. Christian Endenvor
atG:30. Preaching ut 7:30. You
are welcome to any and nil of
theso services.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Muck on
tcrtnincd the Jolly 'Steen Club
and a few miests at thoir homo
Wednesday evening. 1 ho game
of COO was tho principal diver
sion. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W. Vin
cent nnd Mr. und Mrs. W. R.
Evens won first and second club
nrizes, and Mr. nnd Mrs. B. I'.
Rnmbo nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. John
ston first and second guest prizes.
Tho event wns thoroughly enjoy
ed. Five tnblcs of players were
in operation, weiiaoua reirean
ments were served.
f if i" i ? r i.
This is the season of the year
when mothers feel very much
concerned over tho frequent colds
contracted by their children,
and have abundant reason for it,
ns overy cold weakens tho lungs,
lowers the vitality and paves the
way for tho more serious diseases
that so often follow. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is famous
for ts cures, and is pleasant and
safe to take. For sale by all
Tho Oregon Chemical and Dis
infpprfint C.n. 1ms tnkon un nuar
tors in tho Valentino buildimr
on Burlington street. Tho com
pany is incorporated, and its
specialty is mauuiauiuruig uiu
infnetnnts. sweeninir cornnounds.
etc. The officers expect it to
rapidly deveiopo into a largo con
First Christian Science Societv
Sundays n a. m., weuuesuays at a
p. m. Reading room open on lues
dav and Saturdav from 2 to d n. ill.
All cordially invited to the services
and reading room. Subject biuidav:
Typewriter ribbons for sale at
tins ollice; 50 cents eacu.
The following list of legal blanks
are kept for sale at tins otace uuu
others will be added as tne demand
Warranty deeds. Quit Claim
Deeds. Kealtv and Chattel Mort
I? aires. Satisfaction of Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Dills
nf Sale. Leases.
All these blanks ut the uniform
price of 30c per dozen,
When your bill is
paid by your Peninsula
National Bank check,
it makes no difference
whether or not the per
son you pay returns a
His signature on
your paid check menus
that he received pay
ment, and the bank it
self guarantees the
Can you think of a
better way to pay out
Oldest Dank on the Peninsula
Our ucw lines of 1913 Model
Go-carts has arrived. We are
showing some classy designs, com
bining the latest features in go-enrt
construction with durability and
beauty of appearance. Our go
carts arc nil ono motion fully
collapsible, folding into a small
package so as to be easily carried
on the street cars.
Prices $5 to $15
St. Johns Furniture
lids for Lighting
City of St. Johns, Oregon
The f!itv Council on or before
eight o'clock p. m. February
25th, 1913, will receive soalud
written bids for lighting the city
of St. Johns in accordance with
specifications on file in the olllce
of the City Recorder, Contract
to commence March I,iuii5,aud to
run not loinrcr than five vuai'rf.
Tho right to reject any or nil
bids is reserved to the city coun
cil, p. a. iticnj,
City Kecordor.
Published in the St. Johns Re
view Jan. 17 nnd Fob. 21, 10151.
Odd jobs of all kinds l'rompt turvfcc
Houtcs moved, rnltctl ami reKiinl
Contractors. Home Mover unit
I'lione Columbia 56
Hoi Ivanlioe St. St, Johns. Oregon
City Primary Nominating
Election Notice
Notice is hereby given that
on Saturday, tho 8th day of
March, 1913, at Hailey'a Store
room in the Holbrook building
at the corner of South Jorsey nnd
Richmond streets, for tho First
Ward, and the City Hall for tho
Second ward, u Primary nominat
ing Election will bo hold, at
which the Republican and Dem
ocratic parties will choose their
candidates for City Oflicers,
One Mayor.
Ono City Recorder.
Ono City Treasurer.
Ono City Attorney.
Two Councilmen First Ward.
Two Councilmen Second Ward.
Three Councilmen at Large.
Said election will bo hold nt
twelve o'clock noon, and will
continue until seven o'clock in
the afternoon of the same day.
City Recorder.
Published in tho St. Johns Re
view Jan. 31, Feb. 7,. 14, 21, 28,
and March 71913.
You can get your favorite mag-
i 1 ini o!rt imnt
azine nuru,uuu "
subscription for any magazino
published. CURR1NS FOR