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    "'rJ8.I Socle,,.
I itcond In number of Industrie!.
Is teve th in population.
Can to Portland every 20 min.
Hat navigable water on 3 side.
Hai fineit gat and electricity.
I las two strong bank.
Ha five large school house.
Ha abundance oF purest water.
Ha hard surface streets.
Ha extensive aewerage system.
Ha fine, modern brick city hall.
Ha payroll of J95.OO0 monthly.
Ship monthly 2,000 car freight.
All railroad have access to it.
I gateway to Portland harbor.
Climate ideal .and healthful.
M smn church.
H a moat promising future.
Distinctively a manufacturing til
Adjoin the city of PortfeM.
Mat nearly 6.000 populaliem,
Hm a public library.
TattabM property, JM .500.000,
Ht large dry dock, taw Wilk
woolen mill, iron work.
Stove works, xtbesto fsetery,
Slilp building plant,
VatMor and escslalor plaK
Plottr mill, planing mill,
Ux factory, and other.
Nfore Industrie coming.
St. John is the placa for YOU
Devoted to tbe Intereiti ot the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 8
NO. 14
New Fashion Magazine
St.JohnB is to have a new fash
ion magazine. Beginning Feb
ruary 6th, Couch & Co. will issue
monthly and present to all their
customers an attractive 32-page
illustrated publication to be
known as "Good Dressing."
Each month it will bring to the
women of St. Johns advance
news of the smart styles about
to appear m the dress centers oi
the world.
Skilled designers, illustrators
and stylo authorities in Paris,
New York and other cities will
keep Couch & Co,, continually
in to ch with the triumphs of all
the most famous modistes and
most fashionable women.
Brilliant articles and discus
sions of dress from every point
of viow will accompany these
stylo announcements. The pub
lication will be edited by the ed
itors of The Ladies' Home Jour
nal, the well known women's
This sweeping provision for
creating in St. Johns a style au
thority of the first rank has been
made possible by an arrangement
which touch Lo.havo conclud
ed with 3.000 other leading dry
goods merchants in all. pnrts of
the United States and Canada.
"Good Dressing" will bo pub
lished simultaneously by all of
these 3000 stores. Each store,
however, will havo a portion of
the magazino specially printed
to carry its own announcements
in this way making the publica
tion its private organ. So fnr as
is known no other monthly pub
lication of this type is in exist
ence. The first issue of the now
magazino now ready at Couch &
Co8 pattern counter, presents
a notable array of new fashions.
A brilliant display of the new
styles, some direct from Pnris,
some adapted to American wom
en from tno French, somo pure
ly American Easter dresses and
Easter promenado suits, blouses
and. skirts hand mado trimmings,
graduation and confirmation
dresses, clothes for littlo boys
and girls, all aro shown by at
tractive illustrations. For each
design and for hundreds of oth
ers not shown Couch & Co. havo
in stock Ladies' Homo Journal
Patterns from which the gar
ments may readily bo made up
at home by any woman.
In addition to tho styles shown,
thoro aro numerous special fash
ion articles. William Faversham,
the matinee idol, selects three
dresses ho would like to see girls
wear at Easter time. Julia Mar
lowe, tho actress, picks out bri
dal dresses for Easter weddings.
"Nancy Norton," student in a
Now York boarding school,
writes home to her chums what
tho smart New York girls are
wearing. Eleanor Bramhnll tells
how last spring's hat may bo
remodeled, and Margaret With
nell pictures and describes three
?iretty ways of wearing tho hair,
'wo helpful features aro a dress
and hat color chart, apd a what
to wear with what chnrt. The
cover design in two colors is by
Harrison Fisher.
Couch & Co. announce that
while the magazine is issued by
them for their customers, they
will be glad to present a copy to
any St Johns woman who cares
to call for it at their store.
Hereafter "Good Dressing" will
be ready on the 6th day of each
Sound Counsel
"We cannot, of course, all be
And it's hard for us all to be
Wo are sure now and then to be
And we don't always do as we
To be patient is not always easy,
To be cheerful is much harder
But, at least we can always be
If we make up our minds that
we will.
And it pays every time to be
Although we feel worried and
If you smile at the world and look
The world will smile back at you;
So try to brace up and look
No matter how low you are down ;
Good humor is always contagious
But you banish your friends
when you frown." Ex.
Why don't you get one of those
kodaks? All sizes, CURRINS
Graduation Exercises
The graduating class of the
grammar school held their ex
ercises in the Central school
building February 6th, and tho
following program was rendered:
Welcome song Chorus.
Welcome Addrpss Salutato
rian. Song Bernice Brownley, Gol
den Taylor.
Paper, "The SatelHte"-Frank
Club Drill-Selected.
Piano Solo-Mildred Poll.
Mandolin Solo Bonita Henry.
Class History Drott Larson.
Violin Solo- Leon Peterson.
Song Chorus.
Class Prophecy Lola Murphy,
Walter Andrews.
Piano Solo Bemice Brownley.
Song Chorus.
Class Will-Marshall Shaw.
Graduation Song Chorus.
Farewell Song Girls' Glee
Farewell Address Valcdic
Presentation of Diplomas
Supt. Uoycl.
iiood Night Song Chorus.
Followmtr arc the irraduates.
of which M. FMiurghduff is the
Minnie Nolen President.
Bernice Brqwnlcy Vice Presi
Marieta Miller Secretary.
Golden Taylor Treasurer.
Clyde Thayer- Business Man
Walter Andrews Social Man
Florence Davis Editor.
Drott Larson -Historian.
Minnie Miller- Artist.
Lola Murphy- -Prophet.
Flavius West Knocker.
Frank Plainer - Critic.
Leon Peterson- Dec. Com.
Myrtlo B11880I Dec. Com.
Lillian Hodgins W. and
Bonita Henry W.and M.Com.
Ivan Fnber W. and M. Com.
Margaret RassI VIb. Com.
Marshall Shaw Visiting Com.
Florenco Davis Valedictorian.
Lola Murphy Salutatorian.
Class namo Satellite Socioty.
Symbol Crescent,
Colors Gold and violet.
Motto Labor Omnia Vincit
Mascot Billio Davis.
Musical Director Mrs. Coo
vert. To Build Heating Plant
A $300,000 steam heating plant
with mains radiating from tho
building to be erected on tho Pit
tock block, and eventually sup
pying tho entire central business
district of the city, is planned
and will bo constructed by tho
Northwestern Electric Company
if tho city council acts favorably
upon an ordinanco which will be
brought up for consideration at
tho meeting tomorrow, which
provides for a 25 year franchise,
giving tho right to lay down,
maintain and operate through
and under tho streets of the city
tho mains for such a plant.
Tho estimate of $300,000 takes
into consideration the cost of the
first year's installation. Tho plan
is to establish the central plant
in the Pittock block and thence
to extend the mains to supply
other buildings in all directions,
as tho demand grows. Prepara
tions for the installation of the
plant are to be began as quickly
as possible, 11 the irancmse is
granted by the city. Monday's
It would certainly be a great
innovation if a heating plant be
also installed in St. Johns. It is
something that is badly needed.
A Simple Method
A simple although effective
way of "breaking in" shoes is
that employed in the United
States army. After the shoes
have been fitted to their feet the
soldiers stand in water up to
the shoe tops, until the leather
is thoroughly soaked. Then
the soldiers are put on a march,
and this "hike" is kept up until
the shoes are thoroughly dried
on the feet. Forever afterward
the shoes are perfectly comfort
able, for they conform in shape
to every little peculiarity of the
wearers' feet. This method of
breaking in shoes, while not new
in itself, is one result of the re
cent investigation of the foot
trouble of the army, which the
specially appointed board of army
officers has been conducting.
From the February Popular Me
chanics Magazine.
Subject of Conjecture
Since the water rate controver
sy has been placed in the hands
much speculation is being indul
ged in as to just how and upon
what basis the Commission will
decide tho proper rates to be
established. And there seems
to bo a wide diversity of opinion
in this regard. Some claim
that the Commission will base
the rates upon what other cities
of like population are paying in
the Northwest; others profess
to believe that a record will be
made of all the expenditures of
the water company to date and
also of the total receipts to date,
and that a legitimate or reason
able profit will be thus figured;
others feel certain that a basis
will be arrived at by estimating
the cost of reproducing the
plant in its present condition and
the present receipts and nec
essary expenditures, striking
a just profit therefrom after 1
allowance for maintenance; still
others contend that Portland
prices tire tho only ones upon
which the rate question should
be settled. The engineer of the
water department states that
that city at present owns 630
miles of water pipes laid, includ
ing all sizes and the main line
from the reservoirs. There are.
according to Superintendent
uocigo s annual report, recently
published, 54,481 service connec
tions to tho 530 miles of wntcr
mains, or an average of a little
over one hundred to the mile.
The local company has thirty
miles of pine and about 1200 ser
vice connections, mnkingnn aver
ago of forty service connections
to the mile. Thus it will bo seen
that Portland has two and ono
half times as many connections
to the mile as has St. Johns.
and, therefore, that city can so-
euro as much revenue from each
mile of pipo by only charging
each consumer two-fifths of tho
St. Johns rate, it is contended.
st how tho Railroad Commis
sion will decido is simply con
jecture, and it matters littlo so
that it is dono in n justandequi
tablo manner. It is only natur
al that peoplo should seek to get
commodities as low as possible,
but if they can bo assured be
yond doubt that the prico is not
excessivo few will complain.
W. R. C. tiim
On Friday of last week the W.
R. C. met at tho hospitable home
of Mrs. Sallio Nolen of 515 North
Hnyes street, St. Johns. In
spito of the intense cold thero
was a large attendance, all eager
to commence on the big day's
work awaiting us, but twenty
, ! - -,11 1 1 Af ,
pairs 01 wining nanus soon lieu
tho threo nuilts. Thon wo re
paired to the dining room where
so varied and bountiful a lunch
con awaited us that our first
thought was that one of their
handsome daughters had slipped
off on tho sly and committed
matrimony, but inquiry develop
ed the fact that wo was celebra
ting Mrs. Nolan's birthday.
That sho may enjoy many more,
surrounded by true friends, was
the wish of all. for if there is
any ono who deserves a long and
happy hie, it is bister Nolan.
After doing our best to relieve
the table of its toothsome load,
we took stock of our day's work
three quilts tied, one dollar
fifty for our treasury, an unusual
ly fine luncheon, and day of en
joyment Yes, we had a jolly
good time. -Keporter.
A deal has recently been closed
through tho Office of Shenard,
Mills & Rogers, for the sale to
John Bingham, of four lots in
Willbndge addition near the
Standard Oil plant on the Linn-
ton boulevard for approximately
$4,000 and of three lots adjoin
ing to Joseph McClelland for
$3,100. Mr. Bingham has start
ed work on an apartment house
to be erected on his property,
which will have six apartments
of five rooms each. The details
of this improvement have not
yet been fully decided upon, but
enough has been done to permit
the starting of the work. It is
probable that Mr. McClelland will
improve his tract. Journal.
There is no better medicine
made for colds than Chamber-
ain's Cough Remedy. It acts
on nature s plan, relieves the
ungs, opens the secretions, aids
expectoration; and restores the
system to a healthy, condition.
For sale by all dealers.
Always a Temptation
No matter how well filled one's
wardrobe may be or how well
satisfied one may bo with the
season's outfit, a chic blouse, or
a real smart looking skirt is
always a temptation. That can
1 e a
not be denied by nny woman or
young girl who has tho very
natural desire lor good dressing.
And whohasn'tf but. ot course.
to buy, ready made, all the things
one wants, would surely spell
bankruptcy, oven to a well filled
nurse. So. the only and best.
as well as very practical solution
to this problem, is make what
you want, yourself. Under the
present state of things, when we
enjoy so many wonderful now
things and improvement in the
old, to facilitate to a remarkable
degree, the art of '.sewing, hard
ly a woman with!, even a crudo
knowledge of iL-can or should
put forth Uia-pl5V of ..inability.
borne of the loveliest of fabrics
aro shown in tho shops, and tho
beauty of thoir texturo and color,
18 simply stunning. And every
thing is color, nowadays. Tho
most unexpected combinations
aro made, yet with wonderfully
good effects, nnd unusual color
schemes, seem to bo tho main
object of the best and most artis
tic dressmakers.
Think of using, tapestry for
trimming a blouse! Yet that is
what is done, and beautifully,
too. It can bo worked in, in tho
blouso illustrated here, as the
cunning little vest when mado
of some soft, pretty design of
tapestry, will combino doligtful
ly with blue or brown corded
serge. Tho uobesplerro collar
can bo mado of tho same color
of Batin or panne velvet, while
a bit of Bohemian lace can bo
used for tho removablo chemi
The six-gored skirt shown
here, is a snlendid little model.
that is mado with inverted box-
pleat at each side, and ono at
the center-front and back. This
skirt can be worn beautifully
with the blouse described, and,
if preferred, the same material
could be employed, thereby
making a very harmonious little
coat dress, that could serve for
various occasions,
City Primary Nominating
.Election Notice
Notice is hereby given that
on Saturday, the Btn uay 01
March. 1913. at Bailey's Store
room in tho Holbrook building
at the corner of South Jersey and
Richmond streets, for the 1 irst
Ward, and the City Hall for the
Second ward, a Primary nominat
ing Election will bo held, at
which the Republican and Dem
ocratic parties will choose their
candidates for City Officers,
Ono Mayor.
One City Recorder.
One City Treasurer.
One City Attorney.
Two Councilmen First Ward.
Two Councilmen Second Ward.
Three Councilmen at Large.
Said election will be held at
twelve o'clock noon, and will
continue until Beven o'clock in
tho afternoon of tho same day.
r, A. K1CIS,
City Recorder.
Published in the St. Johns Re
view Jan. 31, Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28,
and March 7, 1913.
Not th IU1 on your ppr.
Council Proceedings
A petition was received for
the improvement of North Leon
ard street from St. Johns avenue
to the Northern limits at the
regular meeting of tho city
council Tuesday evening, at
which all members were present.
A resolution directing the city
engineer to prepare the necessary
data for this improvement was
City Physician Jaync communi
catcd the fact to the solons that
a case of small pox existed nt 309
Philadelphia street, in the per
son of a Mormon elder, and in
quired what disposition thecoun
en desired to make 01 the case.
It was tho general opinion that
the infected person be sent to the
county pest house, but the mut
ter was referred back to the
physician with full power given
to dispose of the case as he deem
ed advisable.
Tho fire department requested
that the lire company be insured
against accident nnd sickness
resultant from exposure at time
of lire. Insurance agent, IInr
vey Smith, was present and stat
ed that the cost of such insurance
to each member would be $1.50
per month, which alllowed $30
per month benefits and paid all
iiospital and doctor fees, besides
allowing $300 for funeral expen
sos. Matter was reierred to a
committee of five, appointed by
tho mayor as follows: Aldermen
llorsman. Wilcox. Martin. Ililler
and Hill.
C. C. Woodhousc. in behalf of
a probable tenant, asked that the
license fee for shooting galleries
ue lowered, it is now sau per
quarter, ueferred to tho license
committee, which lattor report
ed unfavorable to reduction, es
pecially for tho first quarter. Re
port was sustained.
A petition for an arc light at
the corner of Burr and Bank
streets was referred to the water
and liirht committee.
A telephone nolo located In tho
sidewalk on Philadelphia street
north 01 the city hall was ordered
Stimulus to Ambition
The San Francisco Argonaut
makes tho statement that Mrs.
Tvcitmoe has put up as bail bond
for her husband property to the
valuo of $70,000. which may bo
availablo as a part of tho nond
required by tho United States for
release of her husband.
"Tho incident should servo as
a stimulus to tho ambitions of
youth, already ovcr-prono to la
ment that the days of opportun
ity have passed. It is only a
few years ago since this horny-
handed son of toil came to Cali
fornia with tho Bweat of a
Minnesota penitentiary fresh
on his brow. His offense against
a brutal capitalism is said to havo
been that of forgery, and it was
natural that so valiant a rovolt
against the conventional ideas of
property should endear Mr. Tveit-
moo to tho comrades of ban
Francisco and should lead him
into tho foremost position in tho
ranks. There is nothing to show
whether Mr. Tveitmoo brought
anything with him to California
in the shape of a nest egg,
whether thero was any small
residue from his Minnesota ad
ventures. Presumably not. Wo
may suppose that ho had to be
gin onco moro nt tho bottom of
his ladder and make his way to
the top by those peculiar gifts
first evidenced in Minnesota
and lately displayed afresh by
the proceedings at Indianapolis.
Mr. Tveitmoo never seemed to
mvo anything particular to do.
at least not in daylight nor of
he kind that decent folk applaud.
but whatever he did must have
been remunerative-in a small
way, ot course since property
to tho value of $70,000 is so easi-
y raised for his liberation. It
is an inspiring spectacle and one
calculated to animate our youth
with a duesenso of the ignominy
of work, which is rarely reward
ed upon a scale so munificent.
Now what could have been tho
source of that property? Is it
possible that we have a clue, as
the detectives say. to the where
abouts of that vast sum of money
raised for the McNamara de
fense, and raised from tho work
ing men all over the country to
whom $70,000 would seem an im
possible dream?"
Wnntnd fJIrl nr wnmnn tn iln
housework; must be able to cook,
Mrs. J. Markwart, 11G East Chi
cago street.
The Library
Ojcn Hours: IsootosiAo nml 7 to 9:30
Sundays: 2i30 to 5s30
Last Saturday tho library had
the largest daily circulation in its
history. One hundred and eigh
ty-ono books were given out. The
circulation for January was 8001.
Hereafter the central library
rule of 2c fine when a book is re
turned without the card upon
which it is charged will be en
forced. It has been found that
as the circulation increases too
much confusion arises if the curd
is not stamped clear as soon us
books are turned in.
Next week tho people of Port
land will bo given opportunity to
hear the well known lecturer,
Scumas MncMnnus of Donegal,
Ireland. The dates are as fol
lows: At East Portland Branch Li
brary, E. 11th and Alder streets,
Monday evening at o'clock, The
Irish Revival.
At Albina Branch library, 350
Knott street, near Union avenue.
Tuesday evening, A Merry Ram
ble Round Ireland, illustrated
with 110 colored views. There
will be a Inter lecture in the new
North Portland library, at the
corner of Killingsworth and Con
gress, on Irish Fairy and Folk
Lore, the date to lie announced
later. These lectures are free (o
The New Books:
Altaholor- Quest of tho Four.
Nothing more need be said of
this book, for tho boys have al
ready discovered it and it is sel
dom found on the shelves. It is
by the author of The Young
trailers, The Iroo Rangers, etc.
Humes House Plants and
How to Grow Them.
Tho purpose of this volume
is to discuss fully those plants
which are sure to succeed. If a
selection is made from the plants
enumerated in its pages, failure,
the author assures us, is next to
Hunnjat- Jfixercituiig-UiUli
iionnott When uoodit lows
get Together. A book of toasts.
Cameron- 1 lint Pretender Per
A story of Mexico which will
be popular and which contains
excellent descriptions.
Clocld- blory of the Alphabet.
A highly interesting little Ixiok
to those who like to know about
the beginning of things. Picture
writing, Chinese and Japanese
script, cuneiform writing, Egyp
tian hieroglyphics, the Kosotta
stone and Greek papyri, are some
of tho topics discussed. There
arc GU illustrations.
Daskain- rub os for the Fair.
Clover and roadablo.
Doyle Refugees. A story of
two Continents.
Duncan- Cruise of tho Shining
Light. Uno of the author s
charming Laborador tnlos.
Langford Vgilanlu Days and
A wonderfully vivid account
of the long struggle against law
lessness in Montana and Idaho
during tho early gold disco vories.
London- bmoko Hollow.
Jnck London goes back to the
Klondikoof the gold erase period
for the setting of his latest story.
Ho takes Christopher Rullew, a
iresent day young man of clever
jrain and Hubby muscles, into
the north and thrusts him into
contact with primitive condi
tions. It is here that young
Bellow wins tho namo of Smoke.
he enters into partnership with
Shorty, a man of the open, and
meets in various situations, Joy
Gastell, a woman of his own
world now doing battle with the
north. The most vivid hit of
writing in tin's book is afforded
in tho last chapter. "Wonder of
Woman"-a story in itsolf in
which a man and woman fight
off starvation.
Lyman- Columbia Rivor.
A new edition.
Showorman With the profos-
Rambling, yet worth while os-
says by a Wisconsin University
StrunBky Pationt obsorvers.
Entertaining assays on varied
This is the season of the year
when mothors feel very much
concerned over the frequent colds
contractfld bv thniv I'hihlrnn.
and have abundant reason for it,
as every cold weakens tho lungs,
lowers tno vitality and paves the
wav for the more sorious disonsag
that so often follow. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is famous
for ts euros, and is pleasant and
safe to take. For salo by all
I'roach tho gospel ot St. Jehus.
Wedding Anniversary
One of the most delightful
events of the season occurred last
Monday evening, when 60
friends and neighbors of Mr.
and Mrs. H. D. Beam, surprised
them at their home at 811 Lynn
Avenue. The affair was so nice
ly and quietly arranged that Mr.
and Mrs. Beam was taken com
pletely by surprise, but never
theless proved themselves admir
able hosts. It being their 15th
anniversary it was decided that
the proper thins: to do was to
have the marriage ceremony
performed again and Mr. W. J.
Nolan was pressed into service
to officiate, the ceremony consist
ed principally of numerous
stunts, such as jumping the
broom stick, etc After which
the 15 year bride and groom were
presented with several nieces of
cut glass, consisting of a hand
some Mayonaise set and bread
tray of cut glass, Mr. Brice
being chosen to make the pre
Ice cream and cake were serv
ed and at a late hour all deoart-
ed wishing the happy couple
more such pleasant surprises.
The invited miests were Mr. and
Mrs. Brice. Weimer, Fletcher.
Bailey, McKinney, Simmons,
Nolan. Tallman. Ream. A. O.
Beam. Lewis. M. E. Merrell.
Whitmore. Gaines. Mr. C. 0.
Churchill. Reynolds, Walker. IS.
S. Harrington. Rex Dryden, Ed.
1'oweii. Master Tallman. Ales-
dames, p. Hill, Canright. Smith,
F. Day. Misses Garnet Beam.
Edna McKinney. Gladys Nolan,
i luida Lynhoim. Thcima Tallman.
Lillie Sizemore. A Ida Overs IrteU
rf,..,i ii.i.v mAtj rc?r Vdllt
of the capital stock of said Com
iMnv 1 1, a IV t ii tiA mit
pany has been subscribed for.
nnd in accordance with the laws
of the State of Oregon a first
meeting of said stockholders is
oullotl fur Hiilnrrlnv nvaiiinar
March eighth. (8th) 1913. at the
hour of seven thirty (7.80) P. M. to
take place at the Woodman Hail,
on Burlington street near Ivan
hoe street, in the city of St
Johns, Multnomah County, Ore
gon, for the purpose of electing
directors of the aaid Company,
completing the organisation
thereof, and transacting other
necessary business.
This notice to be published
weekly in the St. Johns Review,
a newspaper of general circula
tion within said county, for
period of thirty days prior to said
meeting, in accordance with tho
laws of said State. The first
puplication hereof shall be Fri
day. February 7th, IMS.
By order of the undersigned
corporators of said Equal Righto
William Wallace.
George Wallace.
Gus E.Magnuson.
O. Chowniiig,
Alvin Porter, Chairman.
Corporators of Equal Rights
Company, Inc.
Stock certificates of the above
mentioned Equal Righta Com-
Rny, Inc., may be had at the
ret National Bunk, St. Johns,
Oregon, on and ufter the 10th
day of February, 1UI3 Subscri
bers will please call at Maid bank
fur their receipts for certificates,
which will lie delivered upon
payment of the subscription
Alvin Porter, Chairman, Cor
iwrators Equal Rights Co. Ine.
Following a visit of committors
from the Legislatures of Ommmi
and Washington and of Geoiogi
al Survey officials, a recommend
ation has been made for the ap
propriation ot iou,uuu rrom
three sources to make a thorough
investigation and survey of the
proposed Celilo Falls water power
site. Engineers in the party
stated that the nroiect is feasible
and that 300,000 horsepower may
ue developed the year around
and 288,000 additional horse
power for 8 months of the year.
It is aaid that this can be made
the biggest water power plant
in the world with the coat of
generation lowest.
Currin says: It's a very obsti
nate cold that wont yield to
treatment u ith Laxacold TjUMOto
and in yah cherry Cough
ueut r 1 1 . tnese xor
that hang o.t j "uii. ,i ,i rstirisrtirim .