St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, September 06, 1912, Image 4

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Days, Beginning Tuesday, September 10th and Continuing Through September 26th
ALL of this stock is clean and fresh. Heforc buy
ing this stock Mr. Johnstone had the room com
pletely remodeled. Everything has had the
best of care and for the most part is actually less than
one year old. So at this sale there is absolutely no
To mention a few things:
Men's Underwear, regular $1.25 suits, sale price $ .84
Trousers " 2.50 " " 1..67
" " " 3.00 " " 2.00
' " " 3.50 " " 2.34
" Shoes 5.00 " " 3-35
' " " 4.50 " " 3.00
IT is our intention to conduct the store as a Men's
and Young Men's Exclusive Furnishing Store in
cluding shoes, while our old store will be fitted
more completely than ever with Ladies' Wearing Ap
parel. We desire to change some of the lines and we
must close out a lot of the excess stock. Excess stock
was the undoing of the former owner of the store.
You can fit your boy out in a suit of clothes, hat and
pair of shoes for school wear at a very, very reasonable
price. Thus a new hat at Si. 25, suit at $6.00, stock
ings at 25c, shirt or waist at 50c, underwear at 75c,
necktie at 25c, collar at 10c; would cost regularly $9.10
but the sale price will be $6.07.
This stock includes the
Ladies' Dresses, Under
wear, Hosiery and Neck
wear, Stick Pins, Cuff
Uiittous, Mirrors, Purses
and Notions.
We have employed no Sales Specialist to handle
this sale for us.
Wo are established in St. Johns. We depend up
on your return and not upon transient business.
We cannot afford to deceive.
WE .bought the stock at 58 per cent of the invoice price. There being no dead stock
of consequence, it can be plainly seen that we can sell everything at the invoice
value and still make a profit of 42 per cent. For example a $3.00 man's hat usually
costs at wholesale $2.00; at the price we paid the hat costs us about 60 per cent of $2.00 or
$1.20. This same example works out on everything. To go over the eutire stock and re
mark it is an almost endless piece of work, so we use the plain selling figures, as the stock
was marked and you can buy anything from a yard of ribbon to a pair of shoes, figure up
the selling price and deduct onc-lhird the amount. Thus a bill of $5.00 will cost you $3.33.
There arc 3S Men's Suits of the Sincerity line. At the price we
name you can afford a new suit under almost any circumstances.
A $25.00 suit' will go at $17.67
An 1S.00 suit will go at 12.00
A 15.00 suit will go at 10.00J
Can you make money any easier?
Consider that all these are actually seasonable merchandise.
The sale is a bonafide Bankrupt Bargain Sale at the Toggery ,corncr1
of Burlington and Jersey Streets. The Store With the white front.
Wc will be opon overl
ings during this Sale
Corner Jersey and Bur-,
lington Sts. St. Johns.
An Ordinance l'r viding Tlu
Time And Marnier of (Mak
ing Six Inch Sewer Cornice-,
(ions from the Alain hewtr
to All I.ols Which Are Not
Now Connected on l-illmon
Street fromPessenden Street ,
to St. Johns Avenue in the1
City of St. Johns, Oregon. J
name fiilit haven't
for tin
iilucv in our curriculum. The bus
illCMi of
i more mutter of fact. In our work
ami amotiK our supplies we use (he
TI10 city of at. Jutiii Uh unluiu
Thu eountil or tht' i-itv ( St. Juliiw.
lutvhiu iwvrMlHvii tliecot of iunrov
1'TllliHirv ttct frowi tin- north ulilc
lino of 1'mmihWu til to the Mutli
hide lino of 8l. JollM avenue ill fit)'
of St. John, m Iiom !) IIm- rvKilulloii
of tlu council of mM rlly tUteil on tin
)!h iky of AuMiwt, luii. awl rwHrlnl
I.. II... ..ML... ..I I f. .........I-.. ..f l.l
ami milieu llinruf hailnv Iktii ixil.liti. Ullll Oilier UUXIIIltrV
ml iii tliu St. Jolnw Uvvjew, a wt-vUy .tlo good work at reusouahle
lii'vwr or general circulation, on I
tho Dili iky huiI Tttili lUr of Auuukt.iui '
Hwvii uy tii HituiHvii ( tin
It in riMilvi-il liy (lie City of St Jeln h
Or nun:
Tluit it lU'i'iim it c-xpnlU-nt mill ih h
h irv lo lniiioi l'lllinoif (.tiii't If. in
tin- innllii'ily lint of W.Kk'IiiimukI nn t
It jMillii ih line of W, Julin.iuvl in Die
i llv of .St, jotiiift In tin follimliiK mini
hit, to wit:
II.V K""'i"K I'11' will x'HMI of Mut
to Mil;niiK' it-Hily for linn I utlioiiit! uiul
tiv lyiiin ix font ri'iiu'iit wtlk mul
vlnliti'i'ii foot i'iiiIi oil Uilli nidi-it ol will
htn-i't with the mci'M-uy i'roMnlkiiiiiil
i cormpitul iron Kltirii.
1 Work to Ik- done mvorilliiK to the
nnv phou ami upecillmtlioiu of tliu city ii'Kl
' ,' ni'cr 011 We in the office of the
city recortuT rt'lntlvc thcii'to,
uliich wlil plain ami H'elficuUoiii
uiul otiiuiiliHi nrc NitUfuctory uiul nre
licrcliy nppiovt'il. S.1I1I liiiprovi'iiicntii
tu In mink' in lUTorilumc with the
cluirliT mnl orilliiiiiii'tMi of the city of
bent Ihe market affords in lite way of St. Jolitw. mul uinler the upcriloii
, a. m r-i . 1 mnl iHrwtlon of Die city ciiKhiwr.
Cocks, Faucets a Pumps! timi the eti of mi.i iniprovonitnt t.
MltulrieS. We ' nw1'!! a ptovliliil liy the city chtir-
Iitiiihiii tne liroiKTiy eict.'iiiiiy mul
forvmmi of mU mwr, which wul
ufflikvlt b 1111 file tu the office ol
thf city rtorlcr; mul li'nul iotiiig !
nut lew ul ktich iuiiroeMiut, m kliown
ty the HitrilMvtt ol live city eiiKlnei-r 011
file hi thv office of the city recorilur. uiul
iia reiwHMtrriucci luviux lieN lileil. 1
uml.H ptovuleil ly Mill renolMtiou, eiii-'
MKttr'n )KeliHiimry ntiuiateof therokt of ;
will iHllKovvuieut U (IMI.IXI, hut lmll
Ihi mon iCvrlely ilrtrriniur.1 liy muI
uiiuimter. '
Nww, tlmrefore. it in lwiehy onlcrwl
tlwt wil ktreet lie imwovnl iul the time
for the XMtiiltiou of will liuproveiueiit
1 limebv Ax ut oixty iluvi. hutu thv :
tait tmitltcfttion ol notice ol nroiudU of
will work, which mmiI uoumU iiiunt lit) 1
111ml with the recoriler of mtiil city 011 or
before the Mtll iky of Septemlwr, 191a, I
it ellit o'clock p. ui. ol wul iky. I
Til ut imIiI street fthall be iHiiruvtMl
follow: llyk)iUKu luch Mtwur imii- I
ueatioiu from the wiun Mwer to nil lut
which are uot uow ivuiiecleil with muic.
Said iHiwcr coiiuectioiu to run from I he
uiiiiii Mtwur to the iuuer Mile of tlM curb, I
ami to he not ! tkmi ten feat below 1
tho tun of the curb iluevtly alou. Aku !
by cuiuttriictiiiK ueceaMry catch Imuuiu
(three iu nuuiber) one ou each of the fol
kiwIiiK iitreoU; lutvraecliou Pewieuileu,
Tnnnlmll uml CmIIiu trvciwith ouiiuec
tloim to tewer.
Tilt city luconler hull ive uolicc
hy imhllcHtiwu lor not lean tlwu three in
Mirtluue iu the St. Jolin Kevicw.the ott
ofal iiew()Mier, luvitiHg ptookMU lor
inakiiiK Mill iiupioveuient.
Said tuiprou'Micnt h.ill in nil recvt
bo ilunu uml coui4tel iu cooforuui
with the plan hui! kwificNtiuiit of the
ciiuiiiccr ou Ale. nil work to be iloue un
der the direction mid upervwioii ol the
city unjjiiieor,
That the cot of Haul improvement
shtill be uktoMed agaiual the tfoerty in
the locyl itiiiirovoiHKUt ditlrict u dc
tcrlUnl In wild rekolutiou ami dciuiit-
eil an and deckral to be iu Iak1 iiewer
District No. 2,
1'asMMl tut; ooujtcU thte the 8rd day
of September, 1912,
Appreveil by the nwyor till the 8rd
liiy of Scptcinbur, 1913.
IV. A.lfUCK.
Attc.t: 1. A. KlCn.
PublUhuil in the St. Johiu) Review eu
Septciillwr 0, 1913 '
Net tha label oh your papar.
203 S Jersey Street
thcicby, mid
be nil of Iota
Kuvt-or to
St. Johiu Saml uml liruvcl Coiiiwny
I.. 1)1 JACKSON, l'rop.
General Contractor
We are rcvare! to lo unv and
all kinds of excavating for street
work and other jntrposus. We
also bundle sidewalk and build.
iiK material.
Newton and l'e.s,sondon Streets
St. Johns, Oregon
l'lioue Columbia 236
Oregon Agricultural College
Thu great
which i hereby dcclnred to
uirt of lot, block mid purcek of luiul
iictwceu the tcrtiiini of uch improve
i iticiitk nlmttiiiK imkiii, udjiicciit or prox
iinute to kiild Pilluiore .Strict from the
J iimrKlmil line of ald Mreet kick to the
' center of the block or block or triictn of
luiul ubiittiiiK theicon or proximate
1 thereto.
! That nil the procrty inchuleil iu wul
I improvement dUtrlct aforcMild i hereby
iieviureii to tic j.ocui iniproveiiiciit
dUtiict No. K.
That the city engineer' attimincnt of
the probable totul cot of .iiil improve
me lit of ktreet i f 1,577.00.
That Uie cost of Mid l'illmore ktreet
improvement I to be nksekscd iiKutiut the
piopurty ill mid local luseksmcut du
t net mi providcil hr the city charter of
the city of St. John, mid ou n pro rata
Adopted the 27th day of AuKt, 19U.
1'. A. RICH,
Published ill the St. John Review
AiiKiist ;!0 mid Sept. C, 1913.
Notice to Creditors
til tht Cmiiily Coutt ol the Htt ol Orrgou tor
I Ik Comity ol MiiHiiomih.
Iu the maUcr l llir Il.tatr ol Mtliu O 0rr
Mcrrt ilrvrail.
I N'olkt l Itctrhy sivrn that Hit unitcrtlcnetl
1 Ua Well apnotillctl Ity Ihe nUr luinrd Court
. Aitmiut.tratur ilh the ttt kiuicxnt ul the
I U) iiumrit rtutr Any anJ U croiit hJ
lus auv iUlm i;aliit jU ettatc aic hrtcby
iiolilictl ami ttiuctcJ to pirwut the unit with
lror ouvhcr thettto attachtJ. to iuc at the
-ihrt ol Collier .V Collier Attutue Aoi I hp.ilj
' till! llulktliii! In the Cllvol foilttuit Couniv ol
Multuiuuali Oirsoii uilhin u the
Ailmiultlrator with Will Anucxt.1
Oatc ol Grl publuallou. Aut;xit 4
lte ol lt utlkaliou selriulvr iy'
The Model Laundry
tliktltutiou olieu it door
for the full aemuktcr 011 September 20th.
iimtkA o instiuelion ineniile: i.enerai
Avri.-ullurv. Altoiuumv Aultnal Hua-
1 i i. 11.. 1 .... f... 11 ......1 .. Slultooniali Diego!! ullhin u mouth. Itoiu t
baudiy. IXury llukbaudry. lkciertolony. i,i.uti,thi.iimMU-atioiiolihi.ol thi.noti.
Hotany mid Plant Putholoi-y, Poultry 1 Uiitxil v ovrrtiect
UuktMiidry, Horticulture, I'.utouioloKy.
Vetenuary Sclauce, livil It iiturcr inn,
Ulectricul HnKineerino, Mecluinieal Ku.
KiiiecriuK. MiuhiK HnKinceriii;. Uiglt.
wtiy ISiiKtueeriiiu, Doiiicatic Science,
luiuetic Art, Commerce, I'oreolry,
Pluiriiutcy, iUHilugy, Chctuiktry, Phytic,
dlutheiiutticM, HiiKlikh Itu;uaxc and
l.lterulure, Public SpcHkiiiK, Modern
IingiweoKi llittory, Art, Architecture,
luthutrial PodaeoKy, Phyical Hducu.
tion. Military Science mul Tuctics, and
CnuiloKue nud llhiktruted I.iteruttire
tnailad tree on application. Address:
RrgUtmr, OrKol A;rieultiiriil College,
CorvallU, Oreu.
School Year Open September 20th
port RENT cards at this orflca.
Thoroughly eqttlppetl for all
of laundry work and
kinds I
Up-to-date in every respect.
Prompt and efficient service guar
auteeU. Your patronage solicited.
will be open for business at
1 1 1 South Jersey St., Saturday, September 7th
We have recently purchased the 5-10-15 and 25c stock of goods
carried by Frank Clark; with this, we have consolidated our own stock of
Variety and Bazaar Goods; and by recent purchases will have on our
opening day
An Immense Variety of Staple and Up-To-Date Merchandise
consisting of Granite and Enamelware, Tinware, Hardware, Crockerv.
Fancy China, Hosiery, Towels, Underwear, Ribbons, Notions, Etc., that
win oe priced at less tnan is usually asKeci tor same.
We are members of a syndicate of buyers for stores of this kind and
have EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES of securing genuine bargains
in all lines of merchandise and while we shall make a specialty of 5, 10
and 15 cent goods, we will not confine our stock to goods selling at these
Our buyers are constantly on the lookout for such goods as can be
bought for less than the regular market price and we can very easily
convince you that it will be a
Money Saving Proposition to Trade with Us
Watch Our Windows for Big Specials in all Lines
Come in, get acquainted and look around, you'll not be urged to buy. All
goods marked in plain figures.
A Western Store with Eastern Prices
The Economy Shop
111 S.Jersey St.
St. Johns, Ore.
R. Sully I