St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, August 30, 1912, Image 6

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In 8hnkpeare' Time It Used to Dt
Called Valltglvlng.
Tho word tip Is of compnrtlvoly mod
cm origin, ns It used to bo vnlls, n
eliortoucd form of nvnlla or profits. Wo
spent now of llio nvnlla of nn estate
or of a business transaction. A hun
dred yenrs ngo they culled firntnltles
lo servants or waiters vnlls. Dr. John
son's dictionary, published In 1755, do
tines vails ns "money rIvoii to Hcrvnnts
ns n perquisite, or pre.ent rather tlmn
In tho way of wnfjes." Dean Swift
mentions n person "whoso rovcniios,
besides vnlls, ninotitiled to 13." Shnkc
Hpenro uses tho word In the sumo bciiho
wliero ho tnnkos one of tho fishermen
In "I'crlcles" miy, "Uut Imrk you. my
friend, 'twas wo thnt mnde up this ftnr
tnent nnd thero nro corinln condol
mcnts, certain vnlls." Ho wanted to
bo condoled with n tip.
Tlio practlco probably continued to
prow after Shnkespearo's time, for late
In tho eighteenth century n philan
thropist nnd reformer of the period
published a tract npnlust Indlscrltn
lnnto nlmsRlvIng, nnd donounchiK the
vnlls practlco ns demoralizing both to
thoso who (,'nvo nnd to those who nc
copied tho gratuities. This early re
former was .loans Unnway (17121780).
who, after writing n boolc of onstem
travel, undertook to reform some of
tho noolnl vices of his dny. lie do
iiounccd vnllsglvltig nnd pruetlred
what ho prenched by refusing to pay
moro tlmn the stipulated price for ro
frcfdimcnbi or for any kind of service
or to glvo gratuities to norvnnts who
received wages. IluL his cnisndo died
with him, nnd vnlls still survive under
tho odious niimo of tips. Indianapolis
The 8tnie of Smell le Very Important
to Theie Inieets.
In their nntenune, or feelers, nuts
hnvu live noses, each of which has Its
own duties to perform.
Ono iioho tells tho ant whether It Is
In Its own nwit or thnt of nn enemy;
nnother noso dlscrlmlunlos between
odors of nuts of tho sumo Hpeehm, but
of different colonies; n third misnl or
gnu rervos tho puriwwo of illmeriiln
tho scent laid down by tho nut's own
feet, so thnt It mny bo nble to rutracc
tho way cpillo oaslly; a fourth nose
smells tho lnrvmi nnd pupao, and the
Ufth homo detects tho presence of nn
If nn nut bn deprived of n certain
nose, It will llvo pencwibly with ene
mies, but If It retains Us fifth none. It
will light tho alien to tho death. There
Is a difference In the functions of nose
ono nnil Mono lire, although they np
pear to Ixt Homewhnt nllke.
This senso of smell does not romu
till the nuts are threo days old. If.
therefore, ants only twelve hours old
nro placed among others beUmglng lo
different colonies, they will grow up
ltillo amicably ami nut iinilerxtnnd
(hat they am n mixed lot. Ic-miimc
tiny will have grown up wllh Ideas or
Mcent In neconlanee with their sur
rnunillnw. The miim of cnicll to them
Is us ImiHtrtaut ns tho neno of sluhl
to liuimiu heliiK.
F'l.ield Hindu Otrvantt.
Illmloii M'rvanls Nte the iwwl In
pertumblo people In the world Vim
may throw one ilinvimlHlo or mt lilw
on the hflelc. He Hiverfs ImMIi with e
nelly the hhh ixrwl'ii ut munii'
imufo. The Indian's rillirlui U nt t'u
Imlliiin of all hl m-iH. all lil rWUnm
llu twts. mIhm, mote sod Iiiim in I
lug newrdlitjt to rvllMliMiM foriiiiHM. an. I
hls'iloolrlne of rttlmarimtloH liiruw In-
whole philosophy of life. Tin fait
that you are the nnihlor now Is due to
the faot that you have lmn tlu Mirvant
In hoiim previous reliicHriiNthiu He
Is the servant now, anil the only elwuee
for him to I h relHtiu In the master's
position Is In hum all the leoiw of
Ills present ImtiriiHllon He I h lion ev
erylhlng phlliHMiphlfHlly. It Is all
part of (ho day's work.
FE Have bought the Johnstone Toggery stock at a great bargain. It is abso
lutely necessary for us to raise a large amount of money now to do with this
stock what we much desire. It is our purpose to maintain the Toggery as a
MEN'S STORE and the old store will perhaps bo maintained as an
exclusive ladies' and children's store. To arrange the stocks as is needful
to carry on the two stores, we must sell from both the stores a large amount of goods.
We announce, in the Toggery store, a Fifteen
Days Re-arrangement Sale beginning Sept. 1 0th.
We are not starting the sale sooner because of just having closed our year's
business in our other stores.
i t '
Kent Watch on HI Mm.
Hlr lldwnrd llarlsnd was the founder
of the urent Itolfant llrm of ulilpbulld
tin. II w lynx ttjwl wkIImuc was n
liwend at the works It whs twld that
tin uhnI to survey the workmen through
a toleM'ttpe from the windows of hW
rtwfdtHtru, OniilaiiHi. All the men felt
tlmt ill k eye whs on thuin. A riveter
vim I hi a spite niinlust n fellow work
nr on a ship van M h riveilnir hammer
fall, npiMiutitly by nwhlwil. uhui hU
vlflllm, It wmh gravely mIIvihkI that
llMrtaud oiH-e by bU trtewtHi eiitinht
a ilvelur In lUU act himI, mm nouii hh hu
riivtsl Nt the works, walked up to tho
man ami Mtekwl him.
"I HUpiKtFe," tMld lh kmm In tho yel.
low eot, lrylu to n ehuniuiy. "It
tlthttiu't ItHrt your giant eye wbwi you
gt Niiythlmc In lit
MDeM It look as IT It would over be
IIMy to have a mn In Itr rwpwled
the other frigidly. Ami be gave him a
The Umlt.
"Ml Cry Is the uiui ItnpiMtlrcRort
of a4rl. There U nothluu dulwe but
shu iiuumgiw to have bar lliujar In It?"
"1 nallee ska uasn't nut tu AttMer In
tin oHWHvmeut ring vt-"-lUiltliuon)
Tnmbo-They tell me that tno Stock
Kxohaugo h a moat In t emigrate plnce.
llgnoa-l should aay so. Money gets
tight, and the certificates often tal;o a
drop. Satire.
If you wlrh to appear ngreenble In
aoglety you must eminent to be taught
ninny thing whk'h you know already,
What Docs (he Bonvlllc 99
Year System Alean?
It mantis Iloiicat Incoriwrntiou,
Dufeatod Monopoly, Universal Op
portuiiity, Harmony. All Men jjut
all thoir Money llurna, Unergy,
Hconotny; is practical. Inveatigtitc
our 128 pag fully illustrated book.
Apply to
P. Bonvlllo
Portland, Oregon, for the
Square Deal.
Not. the label on your paper.
untue null! haven't
The litis
for the
place in our curriculum.
ineMi of
Ik more mailer of fact. In our wotk
and nmoui! our supplies we use the
lxt the market affords in the way of 'St. Julius, ami under the u
Cocks, Faucets & Pumps
and other auxiliary sundries. We
It l uxdved by tho City of St, Johns,
That it iliTiiiH ll expedient ami ueoes
wiry to improve l'llltimre tri4vl I rem
the northerly Hue ol W.KIclimoinl ktriet
f lo Miuthcrly Hue of W. John Ml vet In the
city ol rt. JoliiM In tlic liillowlng mau
uer, to wit:
Ilv eradini! the uhl txirtiou of htrevt
In Kiihgruile ready for hard mirfiieiug anil
by laying a Mx (uit cement walk and
eighteen (mil curb on tsitli utile nl Mid
.trill with the iivcenxtry crowiwnlk and
corrugated lion gutter.
yvoik to ue none accoruiug 10 uie
plaiu ami upvctficatliiiiK of- the city engi
neer 011 file In the ollice of the
eltv recorder relative thcieto.
which Mild plaim and HciruHitious
and estimates are MtUfactory and are
hereby approved, &1I1I improvements
to lie mime in accoriiatire wuu uie
charter and ordinance of the city of
That the ck.t of Mid Improvumciit to
br 11 wncd a piovnleil by the city char
1 1 i. n .1.1.. ..,1.,.. teruiHiii the proiwrly cHvially uud
,u k. mii. v 'nkvn, 1 Ht r t iciilur 1 v bcucnttcd thereby, and
203 S. Jersey Street
tiucct'Mir to
St. John Sand and I'.ravcl Company
.. D. JACKSON, l'top.
Oeuurnl Coutntclor
Wo are ptewrwl to do nnv ami
all kinds of excavating for street
wotk and other purjH)su.s. We
also handle sidewalk and Imiltl
iiiK material,
Newton and lWenduu Streets
St. Johns, OreKon
I'hone Columbia 336
Oregon Agricultural College
Thik ureal iuetitutiou opens it door
for the hill uutcr on September lWth.
Ciairte of iiutrnctiou iiu'luile: (iciicr.d
Agricullurc, Agronomy. Animal Ihu
Iwaitry, Itairy lIiislKUidry, llucteriology,
IMay ami I'lunt iMinoiogy, rouury
Uukhaudrv, Horticulture, Itiitoiiiology,
Vcltriiiary Science, Civil ltngiiueriin,'i
HK-cuical l'liBtiicvnug, Mccbuuical Hn-
tfinnriuv. aiiuuig Kiigiuveriug. ingn-
wav lingineiitig. Dtiiuoktic Soicnce,
lk)iicue Art, Commerce, l'orotry,
I'lwruiacv, oology, Chemistry, Physics,
MatluMiuttick, Uugliblt language and
I.itirture, Public SlH'aking. Modern
I.Miiguaije, History, Art, Architecture,
luduktrlat l'cdugogy, PhykiaU ltduc.i-
lion, Military Science and Tactics, and
Cwtuloguc ami IlliutratiHl Literature
mailed free on application. Address:
Keginrar, Oregon Agricultural College,
CorvullU, Oregon.
School Year Opens September 20th
You get full weight aud first
quality ut the Central luarkot. Just
try awhile.
which is hereby ilecVired to be all of lota
, lull ol lot, blocks and (wi reel of laud
littwevu the termini of Mich Improve
I meiit abutting iiimiii, adjacent or prox
' (mate to Mid I'llhuore Street from the
: marginal Hue oi .ilil ktrcet JhicU to the
center of the block or blocks or tract of
laud abutting thereon or proximate
I thereto.
1 That all the property Included In mIiI
I Improvement district nforcttlil i hereby
I declared to be l.ocul Improvement
district No. 1K1.
! That the city engineer' asiMiiicnt of
1 ue piouiiiic lotai cimi 01 Mini improve
ment o Mid street i f 1.877. W.
That the cost of Mid l'illmore street
iiuproveiueiit i to be accd against the
proeity III Kild local asseMiucut dis
trict a provided by the city charter of
the city of St. John, aud oil a pro rata
Adopted thcliftli day of August, 191 J
1'. A. HICK,
1'iiblMusl in the St. Johns Kevlew
August ;iu ami tcpi. u, 1912,
Notice to Creditors
In llir CiHinty Cuurt ol tlir Klste ol Orrgou lor
the County Dl Multlionuli
In llif imtlrr ol lite H.Utcul Mrll (1. Vttt
lie!. ilfcraM.I
NtttWc I licit by cltrit Hut the unJcrslciirtl
hi tMMHt aMlitlr.l liy the bIhivc iiamrtl Court
a. AJmliilnrslur with the will auuesttt ol the
lme iiawnl t.utc AttymutkU (Kroui hav-
int; any tuuiu usiu.t miiu eute uie ueieuy
uutillcU sn.l riuelrd to iitit the Mine, with
tvruncr touchcrt thereto atlaheti. to lite at the
' txnec 01 collier .x vomer auuiuci, emi-i ntuiu
tuir HiilUlinc. In the Citvol IMillanJ. Countv ot
Muluiomah. Oretioii. within l month. Irotu the
title ot the tir.t tmblwatioit ot this ol this notice
I Ofttwtl W. Ort r.trett
I AlniinUtiator with Witt Aunexet.
IKtte ol fitt t'uWUnllou, Auwu.t v- ifli.
1 lUteol Ut 4lillcutlou. Sc)teiiitwr 0. iti.
The Model Laundry
Even in Midsummer
With a real live breeze blowing
away the stifling sultry air and
cooling the whole roomthat's
your kitchen, and all others too
that have an
Portland Railway, Light & Power Company
Low ri'tiud trip fare are in effect nil summer. This beautiful beach stretches 1
,.. ...., .. .1..., ......I. ..r ,i... .......ii. ..1 1,1. in.... c...,.i.i.. ... r ...... 1
.,iit, iiiv mini, m'iiiii i'i nib kiw.i, 1., .iau- mivi, niuv turn iivmI' 1
hart h we lit t clas hotel, cottage ami camping place, surf Uitliiug, fishing, etc 1
Low Round Trips East !
On the date given below, round trip ticket will lie sold to !
the j)iiils in the Hast shown below, nnil many other, nt J
greatly reduced fare quoted,
In connection with I
Northern Pacific and Great Northern Railways
Thoroughly cquipiMMl for nil
of laundry work ami
Up-to-date in every respect.
Prompt ami efficient service KUf
antcetl. Your patronage solicited.
Subscrlbu for tho Tolegram best
evening paper on tho coast. Sen
Atlantic City
Colorado Spring,
. 107.50
. HO.tH)
. . 91-50
. . 55 h
Detroit f tiJ.50
Kansas City..
MlnuelHlis .
New York,...
. .60.00
. . 60,00
Omaha f 60.00 ,
riiuaiieipuia ,.108.50
Pittsburg 9150
St. I.oui 70.00
St. l'aul 60.00
Toronto.,.. 91,50'
Washington o7.50i
July 26, 39, 30,31, 19U.
August I, 3, 3.. 7. 5i 6. ".33. 9.3i3. I9.
September A, 5, 6. 7, 8, u, 3, 30, 1913.
Stopover and choice of route allowed in each direction.
I' return limit October 31, 1913.
Detail ol schedule, fares, etc., will be furnished on request.
W. II. COMAN, General freight and l'assenger Agent, Portland, Ore,
O. M. Cornell, Agent, St. Johns. Oregon.
Slabwood '.
Phone Richmond 131
4 1
-t !
In order to CLEAN UP a few
odds and ends in the Sweater line,
and make room for our new
stock, we are making this Tre
mendous Reduction in Prices to
hold good until these are all sold.
Ladies,, Misses'', Men's and Child
ren's Sweaters that formerly sold
for $3.00, 2.50, 2.00, 1.50 and 1.00
now selling at $1.50, 1.25, 1.00,
75c and 50c.
You cannot afford to pass this up.
Boys' Elk Skin Shoes, sizes 2 1-2
to 5 1-2, regular $2.25, now $1.59.
Youth's Elk Skin Shoes, sizes 11
to 2, regular $2.00, now at $1.49.
We have several pairs of Child
ren's and Misses' shoes of Odd
Lots that are moving at 65c on
the dollar. We have about 20
pairs of these left.
We have just received a ship
ERS, sizes from 5 to 16 years that
are selling at 75c to $1.50; bring
the boys in and look these over.
Just the thing for school wear.
That we are exclusive agent for
the "Alligator Brand, Guaranteed
Rain Clothing." They never leak.
The Rain Clothing with an Abso
lute Guarantee.
Couch & Co.
Distributors of Merchandise Since 1904
Kd Stockton.
Work for a Greater 8U Johns.