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Local News.
. rttttirf1rri
Briggs sailed into
Special mention i
port last week,
tlie white cap.
'Let's go to the theatre." "I've
nothing to wear." "Then we'll
go to the opera."
A new haby boy arrived at the
Gibson home on South Hayes sticet
during the past week.
The Regal Range on sale at the
Peninsula Hardware is a bargain at
$36.00. See it at once.
David Byerlee and Jack McNivin
are enjoying an outing at Columbia
beach and other seaside resorts
Otis Shepardson ami family were
guests of his sister, Mrs. IS. S.
Wright on South Hayes, the first
of the week,
Chas. McGill, of the St. Johns
Hardware Co., and wife are enjoy
ing the sea breeze at Garibaldi
beach this week.
Mrs. Robert Miller hasopeued up
a first class restaurant iu the room
on Jersey street formerly occupied
by Dan Williamson.
L. J. Wright, the accommodat
ing bookkeeper at Peninsula Na
tional Bank, is spending his vaca
tion at St. Martius springs.
A number of St. Johns residents
have gone to the harvest fields of
Eastern Oregon to develop a little
muscle, and also to accrue a few
coins of the realm.
A Boston clergyman says that
American women wear too many
clothes at summer resorts. Either
he has never been at the seaside or
another church trial is immluent.
Arrangements are being perfect
ed for holding another lecture
course in the high school auditor
ium the comlug winter. Even
higher grade attractions than ap
peared last season are being ar
ranged for.
First Christian Science Society.
Sundays 11 a. m., Wednesdays at
8 p. m. Reading room open on
Tuesday and Saturday from 2 to
4 p. m. All cordially invited to the
services and reading room, bub
,ject Sunday; "Life."
week. Now on display. We will take your old stove in part
S 01-03
Wanted. Girl 13 to 16 years of
age to care for baby and do general
house work. C. I. Miner, 808
Crawford. 35tf
W. K. Hyerlee is stending his
summer vacation chasing logs in
one of the Green Point logging
camps and reports a hilarious time,
almost equal to football for "strenu
osity." A Chicago boy fell from n fourth
story window uud struck on a ce
ment sidewalk without being
seriously injured. This may be re
garded as strong recommendation
for cement sidewalks.
A New York young woman lost
f 205 through the breaking of that
receptacle of funds that seems to be
getting more usual, Will this
arouse a demand for government
guarantee of stocking banks?
Buy it now. Chamberlain's Col
ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
is almost certain to be needed be
fore the summer is over, Uuy it
now and be prepared for such an
emergency. Ifor sale by all dealers.
Kerr & Sou have the contract for
the erection of a handsome and
modern residence for Mrs. Ella F.
Currier, mother of Ed. S. Currier,
on Chicago street near Smith ave
nue. The new residence will be
one of the finest in St. Johns, cost
ing $33-
Durlncr the summer months
mothers of vouutr children should
watch for any unnatural looseness
of the bowels. When given prompt
attention at this time serious trouble
mav be avoided. Chamberlain s
Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Rem
edy can always be depended upou.
for bale oy an dealers.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Commercial club has been post
poned for July, owing to the warm
weather and the various events that
have occurred. It will be held next
month as usual, when a full report
of the various committees on sweet
pea show, industrial exhibit and
regatta will be available.
A very pleasant birthday surprise
party was tendered Miss Clarice
Wilsou at her home on South Hayes
street by a number of her young
friends Mouday evening, it being
the 14th anniversary of her birth.
The young folks enjoyed themselves
hugely in games and other diver
sions. Dainty refreshments added
to the enjoymeut of the occasion.
Miss Clarice was the recipient of a
number of pretty presents.
The kind exhibited at the
Sweet Pea Show
Satisfaction, is the word
more, the Harbcr.
Wolcott (the rent man) 130 nth
street, Portland, is the man to see
for real estate or mercantile deals.
For Sale Modern 7-room house
and lot 50x100, comer Richmond
aud Hayes, at a fine bargain. Price
3000, on very easy terms. Ior
particulars call at the Review office.
Wall paper iu new and artistic
designs Is now on sale at the Penin
sula Hardware Co. Prices range
from eight to 25 cents per
double roll. Selection may be made
from 50 or more different patterns.
Dysentery is always serious and
often a dangerous disease, but it
cau be cured. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy has
cured it even when malignant and
epidemic. For sale by all dealers.
The Unpleasant Side of Life
This is the season of the year when mankind is
forced to suffer a great many afflictions, due to the
extreme warm weather, poisonous weeds, the ever
active insects, etc. ; this is the time when skin erup
tions, eczema, tetter, hives, poisonous rashes, insect
bites, aching tired feet, hay or rose fever, summer
complaint, dysentery, blood disorders, etc., get in
their best work. All of these can be greatly elimi
nated by bringing your troubles to us.
The following are a few of the remedies we
Mosquito Lotion Itch Ointment
Eczema Ointment Pain Dispeller
Poison Oak Salve Dysentery Remedy
Haywood's Foot Tablets Corn Remedy
Peroxide Foot Powder Blood Remedy
Antiseptic Cones Dyspepsia Remedy
(For insect bites)
Remember those Phonograph Bargains in our
window. It will pay you to look them over.
A Phonograph given away each month to some
one of our customers.
St. Johns
Reliable Drug Store
Get on electric head treatment or
massage at Gllmore's Barber Shop.
Typewriter ribbons for sale at
this office; 50 cents each.
Picture framing done at Portland
prices at II. F. Clark's, the furni
ture man. tf
For Sale Six lots, all extra size,
between Tyler and Polk streets,
improvements iu, cau sell cheap.
Terms, $10 cash, balance $10 per
month, 7 per cent interest. Best
residence district. McKlnney &
Davis. i6tf
For Sale G acres fine level
laud, good soil, small house, well
aud pump, stable, 13 stalls;
miles from city limits, Vancouver,
Wash. Price, $1150. Also 20 acres,
15 level land, some stumps, no
brush, seven miles from Astoria.
Does not overflow. Price for a few
days, $750. See J. Webster, St.
Johns, Oregon.
Pharmacy i
A 50c box of paper with each $1.00 purchase.
A 25c box of paper with each 50c purchase.
Hot Weather Needs for Tired, Aching Feet
NyalsEas'em and Foot Bath Tablets 25c each.
For chafing, Nyals Borated Talcum, 25 cents.
For Mosquitos, our own Mosquito Lotion, 25c
Take a Kodak on your vacation. We can sell
you one at any price you desire. We have the East
man line. The best on earth.
Day work wanted by wotnnn;
cull at 1 16 South Fox.
Gllmore's Uarber Shop a spe
cialty on childrcus' hair cutting.
Sash nntl doors arc carried in
stock by the Peninsula Hardware
Co. Get our prices.
Thos. Condon aud Pascal Hill arc
trying the efficacy of the waters nt
St. Murtius Springs this week.
Mrs. llurdcttc, Mn. Koycc
aud Mrs. T. I). Condon arc spend
ing the week at St. Martius Springs.
I'or rent Two furnished rooms
to a couple of gentlemen of good
Intuits. 036 No. Kellogg street. 36
W. f. Adams, president of the
First National Hank of Iloqiiinin,
Wash., was a visitor iu St. Johns
during the past week.
If you want prompt delivery of
wood, call Cochrau-Nutliug & Co.
Phone Col. 554. 1 5 bo. Hayes
street. aotf
A Hostou woman sent a bullet
through the hat of a burglar whom
she caught going through her litis-
baud s trousers. Next time he
will confine his operations to his
own field.
It has been decided by a Chicago
judge that the earning capacity
of a performing monkey is $300 11
week. If it Is impossible for one to
be n ball player one may still be a
performing monkey.
An eminent German investigator
declares that American schools
have a tendency toward effeminacy,
but cr!iaps he never saw our high
school boys playing lootball or our
high school girls playing basketball.
Ifor Sale aud Hxchaugc Five-
room house, lot 50x126, 1 block
from car line, 3 blocks troin Jersey
street. Will take $200 cash and
two good lots up to $870. Call or
write Roy Turrell, 619 Chapell
street, St. Johns.
Mrs. Theodore Josephson and
sou Carl of Astoria are guests at
the home of Mrs. C. l Udberg of
411 Allegheny street this week.
Mrs. Josephson is here partly 011
business connected with lodge af
fairs. The Klk convention iu Portland
was the greatest and most success
ful one iu the history of the Order.
Without exception the visiting F.Iks
were loud iu their praises of the
treatment accorded them. The
weather was of the very finest, and
the cool, refreshing breezes were
immensely enjoyed by those coming
from the sun-baked Iiast.
Coos Hay claims the largest saw
loc. The C. A. Smith Co. has
sawed a giant spruce log estimated
to have weighed over 18 tons, that
scaled 19,600 feet of lumber. It
was 75 feet long, seven feet iu di
ameter at the butt and five feet
eight inches at the top. This is
thought to be tlie largest log ever
hauled on a train anywhere.
The steamship Melville Dollar,
of the Dollar line, and the steam
ship Ike, both of San Francisco,
completed loading capacity cargoes
of lumber at the Monarcn muis anu
sailed outbound last week for South
ern ports. The Peninsula of North
Portland is gaining an enviable rep
utation among the shipping men
for its splendid facilities. -Peninsula
The Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union will meet in the capac
ity of a basket j(icnlc at Columbia
Park Thursday, July 25th. We
cordially invite friends, men, wo
men and children to bring their
baskets and enjoy the day with us.
Dinner from 12 to i. Cor,
For Kent. A five-room modern
buuga!ow,9!.i Willamette botil. ltp
Chas. A. Fry is spending his
vacation at ltis old home iu Penn
sylvania. Mrs. II. O. ltrown aud daughter
Alice are visiting relatives iu Seat
tle, Wash.
Mis. I.ear nud grandson, Ornu,
are spending a few weeks iu Gold
eudr.le, Wash.
The weather man tried hard to
establish n hot weather record this
week, and almost succeeded.
Adam Kactnlclu returned to
Yreka the early part of the week,
after a very pleasant visit with his
old friends.
A birthday surprise was given
Mrs, J. J. Pattou Tuesday evening.
The large crowd almost completely
occupied the parsonage uud lawn
until u late hour. Laughter, games,
ice cream and cake were iu much
evidence. Mrs. Patton's Sunday
school class of young people antici
pated the main crowd in arriving
aud led the laughter through
the evening. Mrs. Pattou was the
recipient of it number of beautiful
presents at the occasion.
Easy Monthly Terms
We have n couple of modern
houses for sale nt Hast St. Johns.
Can purchase on monthly terms or
we will build to suit. C01110 in
nud talk it over witli us. Why
not stop paying rent?
East SI, Johns Land Co,
815 Lewis llldg,, 4(11 nud Oak St
Marshall 2611
Notice Having purchased the
Dehnoiiico rooming house fixture;
in the Jower building, any persons
having claims against the same are
hereby notified to present the same
to the First National Hank, St.
Johns, Oregon, within the next five
days. II, F. Clark.
Frank Test, who has been lead
ing a rural existence at Deer Island
for the past several mouths, made
a visit to St. Johns the tail end of
last week. His general appearance
bcsiwaks that ranch life is agreeing
with him admirably. His hosts of
friends were glad to see him looking
so well.
The Methodist choir and their
families spent a very pleasant even
ing with II. O. Hrown and wife the
latter part of last week. The resi
dence proved almost too small for
the crowd. Cakes and other deli
cacies were enjoyed to the limit.
The choir presented the doctor with
a beautiful gold pen as a token of
their appreciation of their leader.
The assessment rolls of the city
of St. Johns which Deputy Asses
sor W. C. North brought to the
city some weeks ago iu order that
our citizens might have an oppor
tunity to examine the assessment
rate aud to offer such suggestions or
objections as they see lit will he re
turned in a few days. Those de
siring to avail themselves of the op
portunity of examining the said
rolls, should do so without delay
by calling on the chairman of the
committee, A. W. Davis, nt the
office of McKiuney ft. Davis, 420
North Jersey,
For Sale Two fresh covs,young
and gentle, rich milk 619 Iiast
John street. 37p.
Tout Richardson of Portland,
well known ns the originator of the
Oregon Development League, was
lit tlie city for a short time Tues
day last.
Three Flue Lots For Sale. ,ox
100 nt the head of Hdison street, all
improved. Only $375 each. Ivusy
terms. Apply soon to J. 11. Fletch
er, 823 Willamette boulevard.
Three lots, 7-room house, 12
8-year-old fruit trees, gas in house,
wired for electricity, stteot Im
proved, on most prominent struct;
T2O00, $500 cash, balance" 011 time.
See K. C. Couch.
Methodist church, corner I.envitt
aud Hayes, Sunday, July si.Thoinu
tia. m.: "Conutierors Throuizh
'Christ." 8 p. in.: "A Disciple ns
! Seen by the World." Sunday
! school 10 n. m. All invited.
Uev. Pattou and family expect
to leave for Waldpott Tuusdity,
July 32iid, where they will spurn!
a mouth's vacation. A vury libit
program has been prurd for
each Sunday morning in Ui Mutli
odisl church during thu pastor's
Proposed Assessment
Nntiv U hereby iu'ii that apportiou
incut ol the viM ii imixoviiiK Myera
strict from the northerly line " Vmu
(lull btrvvl to Miitlu-rly line f Tltotut
wiii utreet, total coat i iit.tU.Tt. tuu
been ajiiwrtiQiied ami in 011 rile lu the
ollirc of the undernigued, Mikjvct to x
aininatiuii. AkM.-Miiunt district extend back to
the center of lot, block or tmeU uf
lunit abutting on Ul ittreet a ptivktwl
by thu city charter aud resolutions.
Ituinoiwtrunceaagaiwat vaid aiHKUott
meiit may be made in writing ami flWd
with the undesigned until 5 o'ctcgk
I..M.Jly.,9. irARICI
I'ublUhed iu tlie St. John HnvUtv oh
July 12 and ID, 1912.
Fair GhiltJ Market
205 South Jersey Street
A full lino of Bacon, Hums,
Sausages, Beef., Pork, Mut
ton and Veal constantly
on hand.
Round Sloak J5 II).
Loin "
T-bono " - So
Boil Heef 9o.0fid.lQ0
Pot Hoait lie ond 12 l.2
Rump Roait 12 1.2c and 5a
Prime Rib ISsaud 17c
Hacon ...I89lp2a9
Lard $5c, I lb. nail
Pork Chop IBaa:ul2Qc
" Steak I5i and 17 l.2o
" Sauiaue 12 'J?9
" Roa.t .."; P
Mutton Cliepi I? I.? nlJ,!49
Leuef Mutto.n I? Uto
Mutton Slaw ......OS
Mutton Sliouidcri in &i