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    The Library
Open Hours: !:oo tosyo nml 710 9130 1). m.
aunuaya: zuu 10 j:ju
Arc you n innchinist?
Arc vou an emiiiieer?
Or interested in such subjects?
Do you know that in the St. Johns
library vou may find two of the
best intiRnziiics published along
these lines? Tiiev are the Anieri
can Machinist and the Engineering
News. Here is what hlbcrt Hub
bard says about them in the May
"An eminent civil engineer told
me that there isn't n contractor or
civil engineer in the United States
of any standing or ability who isn't
a reader of htiiniiceriiiK News. I lie
magazine is a textbook for the man-
initiators of eneriry. In order to
know what the world is doing and
saying they have to read the ?
cinecriiiK News.
"This is an age of machinery,
and the American Machinist is the
Uiblc of the man who produces ma
chines or commodities. The busi
ness of the American Machinist is
to keep the machine builder right
abreast of the business that is being
thought out and done in his own
Particular Hue. He is linked to
liis line; he is one of the great body
working along similar lines and the
American Machinist brings to mm
every week encouragement, Inspira
tion and assistance of a very pos
itive nature."
School Art Kxhibit Drawings
and construction work of the 7th,
8th and gth grades and the High
school are now on exhibition. Some
beautiful pieces of design work done
in the High school are displayed in
the library windows. As these
must he returned to the owners the
first part of the week you will need
to come Hi at once 111 order to see
l' remember to order your
books several days before you ox-
Iect to leave 011 your summer
vacation. Ten books until October
tst If you wish.
Fresh Kictlon Twenty-five vol
umes received thU week. Among
them arc:
Secret Garden Huruett.
Mother Carey's Chickens Wig-
Story Girl -Montgomery.
Denny the Audacious Houiiett.
Human Cobweb Simpson.
According to Mitriii -I.iiue.
Her Ladyship's Klephnnt -Wells
Just lietweeii Themselves
A year Out of Ufe Waller.
Sick-a-llal I.mly Abbott.
The Ninth Wednesday Special, June 19th
All of our Laces, Embroideries, Veiling and
Kobe Silks will go at a reduction of 25 to 33 1-3
per cent.
roidcries for 14c 15c Embroideries for 12c
it it ' -V It it
" QC 8c " " M
Laces and Veiling at corresponding reductions.
Out of several dozen Ladies' White Waists offered
at our Seventh Wednesday special, we have about
twenty left that you may have at one-half regular
Ask your neighbors about our Wednesday Sales, they will tell you of the
bargains they get.
For one clay, Wednesday, June 19,
we will give three ties for the
price of two.
3 Fifty Cent Ties will be $r.oo
5 Twenty-five Cent Tics will be $1.00
Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, Braids, Col
lar Stays, Hair Nets
Sc Buttons Wednesday Special ,
Hooks and Byes Wednesday Special,
Pins " "
I lair Pins per box " u
Lustre Cotton " "
Hair Nets " "
Collar Stays " "
Black Underskirts " "
. -3
Another Sale on Misses Shoes
In sizes 12 1-2 to 2 only
We will get out a large number of these. Some running
as high as $2.25 and will mark them all, your choice 93c
Stock Reducing Prices
An Ordinance Providing (lie
Time and (Manner of Iiu
proving Central Avenue
from St. Johns Avenue to
Bruce Street in the City
or bi. Johns, Oregon.
The olty of St. John ilium urdMln
The council of ill city of St. Joint,
ImviiiK iiK-urliilnwl IIhiihmI o( liiipruvliiK
Cu nl nil hvuiiiu' (rum Hut iiortlmtttrly
ulilc line i( Jit. JiiIum hv. to miiiIIiwMit-
y Mile lino of llriu-i' trt In ili city
of St.Jolnnt. Oru..H kIiovvii liy tlu rulu-
tiou of tlu' wmiiicII of twill I'fty, iIhImI on
3 1 lit iluy of Mwy, lyn, Mini rcvfiriltil
In tluMillki of lilt reeoriler of mIiI city,
ami nolle- uiurwit IimvIiik Ik-vu Miiiiit-il
in the St. John lU'vlvw, w wmtkly lie-
IHIIKir Of KfHVINl i'lfl'UlHtiUH, Ml til1
3-Ult iliiy ami Hit- jut imy of Uy
1912, mm iutwii ly tH itUiiUvIl of tlm
formiMii ol mU m r, w likli Mtitl uflM
vit t ihi Ale in tin- uHirv il the city iv
loiilwr; Mint IvumI immUhit ol itotn-t- of
hticli liniirovviiit'tit, ho klioun liy the Kill
ilnvit of the city einclneer oil tile in the
office of the city m'onWr; hiiiI ihi t1-
tmmiiliHiici Iimviiik vn file.1, unit
iu ituvI1m1 !y the will inMilutlitn,
the uiiKiHwNi iHWitiiiiwry mUmmi of
Mill Improvement U o,8K..H. hut mIimII
Ik- inure wvumtely ilelrtiuilU'il ly mu
Ngw, theielure, it Ik lieiehv onlereil
tlmt will tiwt U' IliliWUWtl Mint the
time for tu rumilrtiuu of mmiiI iiu
iHovtiinudt M IhxvUv tisxl Mt Mivty
IrOIII tlltt Ui IMlkllCMtiull lif lftlktkMlk Ol
Nilil wurk, hIiU'Ii Mill proiMMMU uiitot Im
AImI willi tbe leconler of utiil eity on or
iHiioro i no iiii iimv ol July, iyi j
nt 8 o'clock, i. ui. of Mid .lu .
Tlmt Mill Mlllft kllMll 1 illllHOVeil Ml
follow: liy grtiiii muiv to the i-ktMii.
Hftllwl Krmi ly cut Mint All uml liy iile
mlkliiK wine mi either ile with ki
foot ceiiient ktilewMlk, tuelve foot curU
untire leuKlh, UtUcr vith nil uw.
Kiry ceiiiunt cntMiwMlki Mini coriUMMttil
iron mitlern, mmuI WMlk Mini curli tc h
oxiwiiirkMi jolul M ilirrctcil by the city
ciiKiueur; etirh to lMve four-iuch ilrain
tile tivvry fifty (itt; Uilclt rtuu to Im?
jilucwl ill the curb 4 ilim:levby the
cuy engineer.
The city immler IimII jjive uoticc liy
imhllwtiou fur iM Wm tluu thiee iu-
kurtlou in the ht. Johiu Keuew.theol
llCiMl IIWUklMlllvr
A few of tlic tunny lmriiains to
Iiu liml licit- in pliiiiil)in onds.
Now in the time to uut your lilinuli-
iiiK Koods at low cash price while
tliey Inst:
One lmlf inch kmIv. wnter Ahi, -ir ikt ft
iiu. ukkcl 4m(inI flnUlitsl hoe
iiluiMi c em n
1 SSK lMVMlorlwi, cm( Iron, whltw
t'llHIIIUl f .v ciuli
ilckel iiMte.1 i'trMki fl.ixie.i
" .... i. da en
lH)llr 1.75 cu
inu cotton niiiiiur
IIiiihI Iiom- it.TR cu
I.MMil IhiiiiU, txRixlll I.IK) IM
IliKti KHlc Mueller ! in. limwi
eini icrriilc' c.i
Iiw ilown toilet fVM)
1 1 ill. ukk
li In. "
MO uhIIoii In
RO ft rwl 111
203 S. Jersey Street
It U rexilvtsl hv tliu citv of St. lolilin:
Tlmt it ileum it cxtwliunt nml nivcwkiry
to iiiMirove Iliirtiniiii trcut from the
vuktvrly lino of CuiiUm! uveiuie to the
wcktcrly line of Mver Mrcvt in the
city uf ht. JoIiiim in the tolkinliiK man
ner. to wit:
Hy KrmliiiK dmIiI Mirtion of ktreet to
yikiw to ue cMiMuiiNHNi ttcoirilliiK to (iro
nic nun uy inu city unitieur III tlie ol
ftc of the city rivonlcr June 10. IW2
liy UyiiiK kix-fuot cement kiiluwulk nml
twehe liMit curb on Uith khlc of ul
ktrt, with ne4.'cMry cement croMiwulk
miI i-orruMatitl iron cutter.
Nilil work to ih' iionc itcconllni; to the
iilHii nml koecihcmioii ol the cltv cn-
Kinecr on tile in tlic office of the city
recorder relMtlvc thereto, which kaiil
Imii Mini ieciHcMtioiiii unit ektimnte
ie kMttkfiictory Mini lire hereby ui-
Mill IIIMII Ullll klH-ClliCHtlOII uml csti
uimIcm Hre kMliklMi-ttiry mih! tire hercbv
Hoveil. Siil iiiiiroemciitii to lc
lUMile in iiccoriliincc with thecliMrteruiul
unliiwiicvM of the city of St. Johns, nml
uiulcr the wiiktv iion uml ilircctiun of
the city engineer.
IhMt tlie cot o Mhl imimivcinent to
he Mkkcikeil m piovtiliil by the city elmr
ter mmii the procrty cKcilly ami p,ir
tieulMtly bciieriteil therehy, nml which
i hereby ileclureil to be nil of lots, uirls
uitiiiK proiMMMl turlot lot. liliK-ks nml iwircela of luml
! kMUl lliioroveiiirnt.
halil liiiHueuient klull in Mil ieiecti
ne uune iiiiii ciMujiivieti in couiorimty
wiui ine proMkiou 01 uriliiiance
No. l6 Mint iiu, ei i nt m otherwiM-
irovliltil in tin onliiiMucc: Mil work to ot Imul abutting tlienim or proxiimite
lie i
tweeu the termini of Midi iimirovcincnta
abutting upon, iiiljiicent or proximate to
the wiiil llttrtimm ktrect from the
miuKiiml liuck of Mhl ktrcet Uick to the
center of the block or block or tr.u-t
Kino Ultiler the ilirectioli miuI cr- thereto.
TliMt all the iironerty iiichnleil in .itil
illktiii't HforcMiil u hercbv
Uk'uI linproveiiient Uis
viklun of the city eui(iuer
Unit the cut ol mmuI imittovcuHriit
fclmll be UkMtaMNl MMiUkt .the woiierty iu
the IuchI imiHoveweiit illktrkt M ile-
tcribeil in will lekolntioii ami ileiimti-l
us iiiiii uecwriNi to ix mvhi improve
muiit DUtrict No. Si.
Pakkcnl by the cutiiH'it June nth,
Approval by the uuiyvr June nth.
Atteoti lf. A. RICH,
City KegorilkT.
Piibliheil ill the St. Jobiw Kvviuw on
June M, igu,
Hubpril) for tha Tolenrum l.oat I 1'. A. KICK.
,.,i .. ".h- o I City Kecrilor.
""7.7 I'uWUhw in the tjt.Julins Review-on
an siuuivu, ijiine. m iinii bi, iyi3.
ilecUteil to lie
trict No. S7.
llwt the citv Ctlliliccr' UkKOMiiiient of
the probable total cot of Mill iiiiprovc
nient of Mill tret is fn.Oltf.'Jg.
Tlmt the COt Of Mill improvement in In
be iikkesked aj-aliut the projHirty in Mill
locul akkctkinent ilUtrtct iu provided by
the city charter of the citv of St. lolins.
excupt that uich front foot shall bear it
pro-rutu ot aiil MSkCkMncnt instwul of the
cot of iiniirovcmeiit iminwlialulv in
front of it. u prutiiletl by the city char
Adopted tbe ulevontli ilay of June.
I 1
I Groceries I
We sell only
the very best
in these lines
and guarantee
them in every
Special Prices
still to be
201 S. .Tpvsav
A Cooler for a Sclioi clier
Why allow Tom Torrid to run over yott nml leave
you exhausted nml panting for lirenth when it's so
easy to stop him? The swinging breeze of an
8-in. Electric Oscillating Fan
will cool his ardor and cool you too. Furthermore it's '
an inexpensive mntter to hold him iu check as it
costs less than n-cetit-an-hour to run the fan.
Why let your family suffer, why suffer yourself,
when hy simply moving the starting switch of this
electric fan, you can banish heat from the long
summer days, ut a cost so trifling?
Come in and see this wonderful fan.
Portland Railway, Light & Power Company
In order to Insure a change of ad
vertisement the copy for such change
should reach this office not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Please
remember this and eave the printer
Un the mites given below, rou ml trip tickets will be
-iu m ine uuu iu me nasi known below, mm many
uiiicii, m Kicnuy rciiuccu mres ipioieii:
In connection with
Nortlierii Pacific nml Great Northern Railways
Detroit... f 8J.50
Duliith 60.00
Kansas City 60.00
Milwaukee m.jq
Minneapolis ., 60,00
Montreal 105,00
New York, ioS.50
n.vriis 01' salk.
II, 17, 18, 34. 39. 1912.
Atlantic City
lloston , -1 , . .
Chicago . . . .
.fill, 00
. 55-00
Omaha , f 50,00
rniiaiieipiita..,,. too.50
iiuiiuurK ,
St. I.ouis. . .
St. Paul...
Toronto ,
Washington,. .
9 50
70,00 1
107 50
My J, 3, A, 9. 10,
June i, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, t;, iH, 19, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, sS, 39, 1913.
July 3, 3, 6, 7, II, 13, 15, 10, 30. 33, 33, 36, 39, jo, , 1913'
Angina i, 3, 3, 6. 7, 13, 15, 16, 33, 33, 39, 30, 3!, l9u.
tH'j)embcr4, 5, . 7i 8i " o, 1913.
Moxvi'rs ami choice of routes allowetl in each direction,
1'iiial return limit October 31, 1913.
Details of .schedules, fares, etc., will be furuishetl on request.
XV 1.:,0MN,.Gc"e o1 v'eMht i1'"1 1'enger Agent, Portland, Ore.
O, M. Cornell, Agent, St. Johns, Oregon,
Hu i H ti Hnt 4i
. . . -f
LUMBER. Slabwood :
Rough, Prompt Dry,
Dressed, Deliveries. Green,
Flooring, Quality Blocks,
Finish. Guaranteed. Trimmings
Phone Richmond 131
noys regular 2.00 nml 2.25 blioes, spccinl
Ladies' Fat Ankle Shoe for Comfort, now
Childs' Two Strap Pnt. Pump, latest, at. .
I Week End Specials
I 4HAT we want to ask, is
I TT for more St. Johns peo
ple to investigate our prices,
and if we cannot save you
money, we are not entitled to
your patronage. Come in and
look over our SPECIALS TO
DAY, and we will convince
Children's and Misses Tan Pumps reg $2, now 98c
Ladies' Tan Oxfords regular 3.50, special at. .. ,98c
Men's 3,50 nud 4.00 Oxfords $1.25
at.. 1. 19
only 2.50
Misses " " " " " 2.00
Large Misses " " " " 2.25
Poys' and Youths' Latest Styles from 2.00 to 3.50
Child's One Strap Patent Pumps 1.50
Men's Low and High Shoes, Tans and Blacks
latest cuts that range iu prices from 3.50 to 5.00
Child's One Piece Indian Moccasins, nifty,
Sizes 6 to 10 . 1,25
11 to 2 1.50
3 to s 1.90
Child's and Misses'Barcfoot Sandals, high grade
Sizes 2 to 5 65c
5 to 8 90c
8 1-2 to 11 1.00
11 1-2 to 2 1.25
3 to 6 1.50
Cheaper Grade 8 1-2 to 11 65c
Ladies' Long Kimouns $1, 1.25, 1.50
" Short u 50c to 75c
Childrens' Ready Made Dresses 25c to 75c
Girls Co-ed Suits to 14 years $1.50
Specials in Dress Goods for Summer
Fancy White Goods, regular 15c, special now at 12c
Figured Lawns, regular 20c, special at 13c
Madras, regular 25c, special at 18c
New Foulards, iu Portland for 25c, our price is 18c
A large assortment of Calicos, special at only . . . 5c
We have the same identical Bnlbriggan Underwear
for Alcn nt the regular price of 50c per garment that
the Department Stores in Portland sell for the spe
cial price of 69c.
Men's DressWsr 39c
We have about 4 dozen of these, a trifle off in color,
but good values at 39c
Don't Forget We Are Exclusive Agents
For The
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns
Kabo Corsets, "Live Models"
"Elite" Glove Fittiug Petticoats
Finks Detroit Special Ovall
Arrowhead Hosiery Guaranteed
Broadway Model Clothes for Men
We have a complete line of Groceries and al
ways have something special to offer iu that line.
5-ininute Washing Powder 15c size, special 2 for 15c
5'ininute Washing Powder 25c size, special at 15c
Dew Drop Washing Powder regular 25c, special 1 5c
Pyramid Washing Powder, regular 25c, special 15c
6 Bars Babbitt's Naptha 25c
3 Packages R. S. V. P. Salt ..25c
Reg. 25c Baker's Cocoa, special at 19c
Reg. 45c Half Gal, Delmonico Sprup 35c
Half Pound Bar Bakers Choc "Justice," special. 19c
Couch & Co.
Distributors of Merchandise Since 1904