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-Pubtlahod Every Friday
At 117 West Burlington Street.
Tint UltVJKW Is entered nt post office
in Snint Johns, Oregon, ns mail tnnttcr
of the second class under the Act of Con
rfress of March 3, 1879.
Official Hewipaper of the City of St. Jetuu.
Suborlptlon prloo $1.00 per year.
At Kelley Butte, witli crimlniil
labor working for cheap board and
no salary, it costs one dollar per
yard to crush rock. The Whitwood
Quarry Co. furnishes rock to the
city of St. Johns nt 82 i-2c per
yard, and yet pay from $2.25 to
$3.00 per day for labor. The for
mcr is municipally conducted, the
latter by a corporation. Another
case of a corporation robbing (?)
the people.
Several bills are now pending in
Congress empowering tiie Secretary
of the Interior to set aside a tract
of not exceeding four sections of
unoccupied public lands in a salu
brious section to be temporarily
used by the Ureter of ywls lor a
sanitarium and camping ground,
subject to control of the national of
ficials of that association, and when
such laud censes to be used for
such purposes for n period of two
years it shall revert to the United
States. We can see no objection to
the enactment of such a bill. Oth
er fraternal orders might make the
same request, but there is plenty of
vacant public laud that might well
be used for such purposes without
working an injury to the public,
since it is optional with legislators
as to how much laud be donated
for the purpose.
A dream most rosy, that in the
socialist column this week. Ten
dollars per day for labor would be
exceedingly pleasant, but one can
not help but wonder where this
munificent pay is coining fromlsince
there is not money to exceed $150
for unci! person over 10 years of age
in the country. If alt would work
15 days steady, without drawing
pay at $10 er day, all the money
of Uncle Sinn's domain would be
absorbed, and then the government
would have to wail until the people
began to draw and spend it before
work could continue, unless it be
on credit. Hut a peculiar feature
is mat the government now does
not own a penny of this wealth,
because it owes millions more than
it possesses. Perhaps, however, it
is the intention of socialism to (lis
nense with the gold and silver and
adopt "hhin plasters" or even
potatoes as a medium of exchange.
The old soldiers had an experience
with shin plasters, and it would
pleasc(?) them immensely to revert
back to the same old system, fo
tatoott mtgm do. Dccnusc there are
so many of them, but very unhandy
to puck around. 1 Here is no occa
sion for any one to starve or freexe
in this country and few do. "Mil
lions starving is all "itoppycock
It uuver hapiieiiN in real life. The
writer asks us to explain about the
woolen mill iiiNtuuce in St. Johns.
Utidur government nwuciship of all
utilities, thete would be 110 woolen
mills in St. Johns, we believe.
Larger and, therefore, more ecoiiom
ical mills would be built in some ol
the larger cities. The women would
have nothing to do but housework,
because the men must be employed
first, and theie would not le enough
employment for both. It is far
more chivalrous for the male eli
iiieut to do the work, anyway. It
is generally conceded, even by the
socialists, that enough is now pro
ducud in the 1'uitcd States in the
way of food, clothing, etc., to com
fortably supply all with sufficient,
but the distribution is wild to be at
fault. With so-called millions ot
men now out of employment, mid
the millions more that would Iom-
their employment through social
istic conditions, Deniiies 11100 now
employed, all at production work,
where would the women te given a
chance? Or would it lw better foi
all to work one year ami rest the
noxt year? Tlmt WOUI.I) be nice.
If those ministers mentioned by the
socialist writer preach nothing.
but a material teligiou, which
the socialist writer says is socialist
doctrine, they tuo out of place in
any church. If we Imve any re
gard for the teachings of the Scrip
turns, we imtht believe that spirit
ual religion is essential to salvation,
no matter How well we treat our
fellow men. Sutcly there must lx
.something mote to religion than
simply pieveutiug any one from
getting any money unless he earns
it with his own hands. As we tin
derstaud the socialist writer's argir
meiit, that is the beginning and end
of socialist religion. Not that one
man will love another better, or
that the flow of the milk of human
kindiiuss will be greater, but it is
simply to keep one inun from se
curing more of this world's goods
than another, unless he can save
more from his daily wage, For a
)oor man to drag a rich man down
to own level financially MIGHT
make them love each other better,
but we think not. We have no
special love for the rich man, as
the writer intimate, because the
rich man is not in our class, but wu
do believe in giving him a square
deal. Can the socialists say as
much t Jvnvy
Stories of Success
rtorn on a
fnrm an hour's
rltlo from Chl
cnKo, Krnnk A.
Vamlorllp was
left fatherless
when 12 years
old. At 10 ho
was an appren
tice In a ma
chlno shop. The
meaning of an
education came
to him with
Brrat force, and
while ho tolled
ho studied from
mm and books.
Without the ndvantrtRB of a
lilRh school training ho was able to
rass tho entrance examinations nt
hf t'nlverslty of Illinois, ami by
utrlct economy ho had saved enough
to pay tho oxpensoH of the first
j-car. Ifo secured a position ns sten
ographer, worked ns a reporter ana
emerged In four years with a su-
C prior mental equipment for tho
attlo of llfo. .
Frank Vnmlnrllp Always did rnnro
than was expected of him until hla
Industry ami nblllty nttraclod tho
attention of men of Inrso affairs.
Whllo still a very young man ho
wns mndo a, controlling factor In
tho National City bank, tho largest
bank In tho United States,
No young man ran say that ho
cannot tnko advnnlngo of nn educa
tion. Opportunities nro many for
the buy who will save. Now Is the
time to start If you would Insure
your future,
A dollar starts an account In thll
btntc. Add to It n.i you can.
4 per cent interest on Sav
ings Accounts and Time
Certificates of Deposits.
St. Johns, Oregon
A. R. Joints, Vice President
F. P. Dkinkhk. Cashier
C. U. Russia.!., Ass't Cashier
W. C. T, U
Baptist Church
Service May ioth:Sttuday school
1011. 111.; worship 11 a. m.; Ser
mon topic: "The Hesettlng God.'
Kvcuiug, 8 o clock, topic; "uter-
ual Punishment Objections Con
siderwl." All invited.
Pole Refrigerators white
Lined Priced from $9.00
For soreness of the muscles wheth
er induced Hy violent exercise or
injury, Chamberlain s Liniment is I
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highly esteemed for the relief it
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A good line of hammocks in at
tractive colors and designs. Prices
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Lawn Mowers
3 and 4 blades, ball bearing, or
friction bearing machine, as low as
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Garden Hose
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4 s-Piece Dinner Set, Values to
5.50 now 3.50.
never possessed us in, lL P..- a
to any great degree. We take I'll. . Ill S ri II II II V
' , 11 e I w v w m w
more pleasure 111 uiu siicceM 01 muii
than in his downfall. Wu would I nmnnnv
.sooner try to climb to his luvel than VUIIipUIIJ
bring him down to ours. We are
not inclined to sit at the bottom and
curse the ladder and those who
have climbed it to success, and then
try to pull it all down. After the
government mouojolic.s all labor,
it wont do bidding for labor. It will
set n price 011 certain kinds of labor
and if there is 110 other kind of
labor in sight, one must accept it
-or starve. It has to bid now to
get labor, because it has no monop
The meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union will
be held next Monday afternoon at
the M. Iv. church.
We exiwet to have a very inter
esting meeting, as there is 1111 im
portant subject up for debute: "Re
solved, That the women shall have
the right of franchise." The speak
ers are very modest and do not
wish to have their names in the
paper, and you will be sure to want
10 Know wlio tliey ate, so you
would better come to the meeting
and hud out.
The Woman's Christian Teiu
iKTauce union stands for what is
true and right, but wu must first
study all great questions to deter
mine each for herself what is true
mid right.
We are just now entering into a
membership campaign and expect
within the next two weeks to give
every person in St, Johns n chance
to join this great organization, We
cxiwet to obtain one thousand new
members in .Multnomah county be
fore October at which time the
national convention will convene in
Portland, Reporter.
R. & G. Corsets
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Florsheim and
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You have to have character in your clothes if you arc going to impress people and make good with them,
their clothes to make good with you. The days of shabby, careless dressing are over. Men are keen for
want clothes with personality.
Ilicy've got to nave it in
class. Lively, get-there men
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m j
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$15 to
can almost talk. Not that they're loud far from it but because they look like busi-
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Successors to
St. Johns Saint uuil Gravel Company
I.. 1). JACKSON, Prop.
General Contractor
We are prepared to do anv and
all kinds of excavating for street
work and other purposes. We
also handle sidewalk and build
ing material,
Newton and Fessenden Streets
St. Johns, Oregon
Phone Columbia, , . .
H. HENDERSON McDonald Bldg.,208JcrscySt.
(teal estate, Loans, insurance
Abstracts of Title Prepared.
Accurate Work Guaranteed
Funeral Directors and Embalmers Office unit Chapel St. Johns Office and Chapel
Cor KtUtiiKSuorlli Ave. & Ktrby St 418 North Jersey St.
Phones: C 1 1.13 Woodlnwn 3306 l'houe Col, 3S3,Kes,Phone Col, 559
How Is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con
tinned or examined at the Peuinsu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co-
Accurate work, Reasonable fees.
II. Henderson, manager, 208 North
Jersey, McDonald building.
mad .-Mi
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50 cents.
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The following list of legal blanks
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others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
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All these blanks at the uuifonn
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