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Devoted (o (he Interests of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOI,. 8
NO. 28
The Monahan Reception
Roosters Will Crow
Means Much for St. Johns
Council Proceedings
The Library
Declamatory Contest
Postmaster T. J. Monahan and
wife, having been married for n
period of forty years, decided it the
proper thing to give a little recep
tion to their friends last Snturdny
evening in honor of the occasion.
The event was a most pleasing one,
and the couple scarcely realized
they had so many good, true friends.
Several hundred participated in the
hospitality extended, and wished the
"young" couple ninny more years
of wedded bliss. For thirty years
Mr. and Mrs. Monahan have lived
in St. Johns, and seen it develop
from a veritable wilderness to its
present cosmopolitan appearance.
rcw people nave more friends than
this most worthy couple, and it
afforded them keen pleasure to be
present upon this most delightful
occasion. The following appeared
in the Sunday Oregonian, together
with cuts of Mr.nud Mrs. Monahan:
Married 40 years and having
lived 30 of them in St. Johns is the
record of T. J. Monahan and wife
Married at Alathus, Mo., May 19
1872, they moved to St. Johns in
May, 1882, and have resided there
continually since that time. Doth
have been prominent in the sociul
and civic life of St. Johns during
this period, Mrs. Monahan being
especially prominent in the United
Evangelical church, of which both
arc members.
Mr. Monahan entered the employ
of the Willamette Bridge Street
Railway company In May, 1890.
and had the honor of being the con
ductor on the first street car to cn
tcr St. Johns. At that time his
run was from St. Johns to what is
now Stanton and Commercial street,
and his schedule was six trips a
day. lie was school director from
1808 to tooi, and city councilman
in iqoa and 100.1, during which
time he drew tin nearly all the ordl
nances passed by the city. It is
said not one of these has been found
faulty. Early in 1006 he was np-
pointed manager of the St. Johns
branch of the Portland Gen
eral Electric Co., which position he
held until appointed postmaster,
June 23, 1910.
' Mr. and Mrs. Monahan hnve had
seven children, only three of whom
arc living. Their two boys, E. V.,
and V. II. Monahau,are in the em
ploy of the city of Portland and
their daughter, Mrs. C. II. Thayer,
is in the St. Johns postofficc as her
father's assistant.
A reception was held at the .Won
ahun residence, corner ol Smith
avenue and Oswego street, last
night, attended by a number of old
and new friends, who called to con
gratulate them 011 having p issed
the 40th milestone of married life.
From Monday Evening's Tele
gram: Postmaster and Mrs. T. J. Mon
ahan, of St. Johns, observed their
ruby anniversary Saturday evening
in keeping open house for their
friends, more than 200 of whom
called to offer congratulations and
to leave numerous valuable pres
ents, consisting of silver, linen and
cut glass. A large cut glass punch
bowl was given by the members of
the Evangelical church, to which
both belong. Mr. and Mrs. Mona
han were married at Althus, Mo.,
May 12, 1872, and came to St.
Johns iu May, 1 882. In May, 1890,
Mr. Monahan started to work for
the Willamette Bridge Street Rail
way Co., his run being at that time
from what is now Stanton aud Com
mercial streets to St. Johns, making
six runs a day. After 16 years of
service on this line, 14 of which he
bad Frank A. Smith (still employed
by the present street car company)
for his inotormau, he assumed the
management of the Portland Gen
eral Electric Co.'s St. Johns office,
which position he resigned in June,
1910, to become postmaster. Mr,
and Mrs. Moualian have had seven
childreu, of which three are living.
Ed. F. and Will H. are employed
in Portland, and Mrs. C. II. Thay
er is chief clerk in the St. Johns
Among those present at the re
ception were Mrs. Nancy Caples,
Mrs. A. V, Learned, Mrs. J. B.
Yeon, Mrs. J. P. Wrinkle, Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Hoyt, Mrs. John Poff,
John Mock, Mrs. J. C. Scott, Mrs.
S. C. Beach, Mrs. M. A. Massy,
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Smith,
all of whom were either residents
of St. Johns and the peninsula at
the coming of the Monahans or ar
rived soon after. These old-timers
bad an enjoyable hour talking of
the early days before St. Johns
"woke up." Mrs. G. M. Hall,
assisted by Mrs. W. S, Plowman,
Mrs. E. S. Harrington, Mrs. Maud
Hall, Mrs. Ella Kilkenny, and
the Misses Lillie Sizemore,
Laura Graden, Oneta Plasket, Ina
Peterson, Gladys Bredeson, Nellie
Graden and Goldie Marcy, served
the refreshments, and Leon Peter
son and bis orchestra furnished
Editor Review: I noticed a com
munication in last week's Review
in which complaint was made about
the crowiug of game roosters. Now
I have a couple of them myself, aud
may be the party the writer was
nlludiug to. I admit that my roost
ers do crow sometimes. When I
got them I tried to get cocks that
did not crow, but was told that the
crowless ones were nil dead. I
then tried to get ones having the
most musical and melodious vocal
organs, and until tltc comtnuuica
tion nppcarcd, believed I was sue
ccssful in securing the most tuucfu
roosters in St. Johns. In these
days of phonographs and selfplay
iug pianos, the roosters must ex
crt themselves to be heard, aud it
may be that the voices of my cocks
nave become n little cracked in
consequence. Cocks hnve crowed
since the time of Peter of old, and
t .
it docs seem u shame to suppress
tiiem now. in the early morning
Hours is wlicu tltc roosters get iu
their best work, and in olden times
they did confine themselves to those
hours principally, and do so yet,
believe, in rural districts. But in
cities and towns, where bustle aud
contusion is kept up until late at
night, the roosters do not ect much
chance to sleep, and have to snatch
u imp wlicu an opportunity oilers.
It is, therefore, not to be wondered
at thnt they get a bit off on the
crowing hours. They now crow as
soon ns they get awake, whether it
is day or night. I am quite sorry
to nave my neighbors disturbed by
the crowiug of my cocks, but I can
not induce tliein to nuit. Perhaps
if Burbnnk turns his attention to the
poultry line he may produce crow
loss roosters, but until that time
comes it is safe to presume that
roosters will crow iu spile of the
discomforts to humanity.
A Cock Owner.
Nat'l W.C.T.U. Convention
1 here will be one entire week of
W. C. T. U. work iu the sessions
of the Nutional Convention begin
ning October 19th. Every state iu
the Union will be represented. Some
1500 White Kibboticrs will be guests
of our great and beautiful Oregon.
Multnomah county will, without
doubt, entertain these distinguished
guests royally. Multnomah county
local unions have planned n mem
bership campaign. Three, days
this week the members are inakintr
a house to house canvass, telllmr
the wonderful storv of the (Trent
achievements of this great body of
women. 1 ney expect to roll up a
new membership of many hundreds.
in tact, they have set their high
water mark at 2000, They espe
cially desire to appeal to the young
womanhood of the county. Young
women, your influence Is u mighty
power for good or ill. We pray
you belt this mighty power onto the
driving wheel of a righteous life.
Don the white ribbon, the cnsignla
of temjerance and a white life for
two. Take a stand for right con
ditions. The only test of mem
bership Is the taking of the pledge
of total abstinence and payment of
one dollar per year dues. Where
can any man or woman invest one
dollar per year, with ns sure n guar
antee of compound interest. Help
to roll up the largest county increase
of members on record, that Multno
mah county may win the Frances
Willard prize banner, and better
still, help us plant the white ribbon
banner of temperance and purity in
hundreds ol homes, where the rally
cry will be heard clear and loud.
Campaign Membership Committee,
W. U. T. U.
Where Did Maryland?
The Colonel's stamp is ou thy shore,
He ran like heck and then some
Observe the close Rooseveltian
That swamped the streets of Balti
And dropped Bill Taft clean thru
the door,
Maryland, My Maryland 11
Goodwin's Weekly.
Calico Ball
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the
Commercial club will give a Calico
Ball this evening in the M. W. A.
hall to the members of the club.
This promises to be a most enjoy
able event. All members of the
club and auxiliary are expected to
be in attendance, as well as the
wives or sweethearts of the former.
Any community that wants to
increase its numbers and business
and promote its general welfare
along the line of material com
mercial improvement, must first of
all reach the people it wants to get.
Towns aud cities all over the coun
try are today expending large sums
of money to bring themselves to the
favorable notice aud attention of
persons whom they hope to Interest,
and influence them to locate or in
vest, or both, In their locality.
This is done by advertising through
the public press, and specially pre
pared literature Primarily, there-
tore, the tirst great purpose is
to reach the people it is hoped to
get, aud this method has to be
conducted at long range: corrcs
poudcucc follows, the particular
advantages and opportunities nrc
set forth, aud in rare occasional
instances some of the parties may
make the trip, generally iu cornice
tion with some other matter, and
look the ground over. As stated,
this is the general mode of pro
ecu tire, unless, as in some cases
where there nrc ample funds avail
ablc,a special representative goes to
where these prospective people nrc
and personally presents the claims
of the place he represents. It will
uc seen, therefore, that this means
a considerable expenditure of time,
money and effort.
Instead of having to go through
the above described or similar pro
cess, there comes to bt. Johns n
most favorable and unusual oppor
tunity ot getting the full benefit of
these final aud practical results,
aud In a large measure brought
right to our door. As we have
said, the first thing is to find the
people and then make the appeal
to them. With the coming of the
Regatta the people will come to us,
will be right here on our shores,
aud lining our water front and hill
sides and thronging our city. They
will be numbered by thousands,
attracted by the spirited races which
will take place on the line water
course in trout ot the city, it
means something It means a creat
deal,' u very great deal, to have alt
these people hailing from all sec
tions of the Union come to St. Johns,
where they will sec our magnificent
water location, oil two navigable
streams, the unexcelled railroad
facilities, represented by the ter
minals of the Hill and Harriman
transcontinental systems, with the
Milwaukie line exerting every re
source to gain an entrance to our
harbor; to observe aud consider the
ndustrial field here presented for
manufacturing opportunities, to
witness a good, up-to-date home
community; iu short, to see aud
know for themselves, our advan
tages, facilities and conveniences.
Can any one estimate iu dollars and
cents what such a thing means to
us if we properly appreciate it, and
which we are going to dor It is
the favored and timely opportunity
of a life time aud St. Johns will be
sure to embrace it. With the Re
gatta, the Sweet Pea Show and the
Industrial Exhibit, we shall be
able to present a finely featured
program and attraction that is
bound to make a favorable and
asting impression, The details are
now being carefully worked out by
the Commercial club, which has
systematically divided up the work
and assigned it to the different se
eded committees.
One thing more we should not
forget, and that is, that in all prob
ability it means that the Regatta
will become a fixed and permanent
feature that will hereafter regularly
take place at St. Johns every year.
A Pleasant Surprise
A merry crowd of about seventy
young people surprised Miss Clara
Nelson at her home on North Kdl-
son street last Friday night. The
evening was pleasantly spent with
music and progressive games.
Dainty refreshments were served iu
a unique way, and the guests de
parted at a late hour, feeling that
the time had passed all too quickly.
Among those present were Misses
Gertrude and Jennie Negstad,
Georgiana Hayes, Clara Nelson,
Florence Jackson, Ruth Cauright
and Valore Chambers; Messrs. Har
ry Eagan, Arthur Carlson, Conrad
Negstad, M, Peterson, Harold Sim
mons, Arvid Dabl, Theodore Nel
son, George Jackson and Henry
When big timbers are wanted,
Oregon forests are called upon to
supply them. Two big spars 70
feet long and 26 inches in diameter
are now wanted to complete a dredge
on the Panama canal and the Washi
ngton officials directing the work
have asked Oregon timbermen to
furnish them.
All members surrounded the
board at the regular meeting of the
city council Tuesday with Mayor
Muck presiding.
A petition was presented for
the improvement of Hartman
street between Seneca and Central
avenue, and n resolution directing
the engineer to prepare the neces
sary data for said improvement was
adopted an motion of Alderman
Three petitions containing about
180 names was presented under the
following caption: "We, the un-
derslgucd citizens and water users
ot the city ot bt. joints, believing
that the power of regulating the
price of all public utilities lies with
your honorable body, earnestly aud
respectfully ask that proper action
be taken by you to reduce the price
of water to consumers. The price
charged Is unreasonable, excessive
and burdensome to the consumer,
and we do not believe that the wa
ter company has the right to the
unreasonable charges now exacted.
Further, we arc of the opinion that
the exorbitant price 011 water is the
very greatest handicap to the pro
grcss of St. Johns. Prompt action
on your part will be appreciated."
City Attorney Stroud stated that
the city had the power, nud he be
licved the rates exorbitant. He
suggested that u committee be np
pointed to wait upon the water
company and get an expression
from it on the subject. On motion
of Alderman Hillcr it was decided
thnt such committee be appointed,
nud on motion of Alderman Hors-
man the committee should consist
of Aldermen Hillcr, Perrine aud
Jennings. Mr. Perrine said that
his time was now so fully occupied
that he would be unable to serve,
and suggested the name of Mr.
Horsmau instead, which proved
uius amounting to -72,000 were
allowed 011 motion of Alderman
The proposed improvement of
Burlington street from the city hall
to Bradford street was taken up. It
was lounu that the cost was too ex
cessive for some of the property
under the hlty per Cent, dispcusn
tion, aud the petition was referred
back to ascertain If they would not
sign waivers up to too per cent, of
the valuation ot their properties.
If this was done the dads thought
they could see their way clear to
pay any balance remaining.
1 he improvement of Edison street
from Richmond to Burlington was
accepted by the council.
Alderman Horsmau made n mo
tion that the city attorney look up
the telephone franchise and see
if the company was not exceeding
the rates specified in their franchise;
Somewhat Different
In Denver yesterday, it snowed
from midnight until two iu the
afternoon. The fall was general
all over Colorado, and at Colorado
Springs the storm developed into
the worst blizzard of the year.
Heavy overcoats were necessary to
comfort iu the chill atmosphere of
the Colorado storm.
This May day in Oregon was dif
ferent. There was perfume of
flowers in the air, and the hum of
bees in the doorway. The butter
cups were in the bud, and the clo
ver advancing to the bloom.
The roses were abloom, and their
blushes in the goldeu sunshine
adorned the nature that touched
aud tiuted them into beauty. The
robins and larks chorused in the tree
top aud mayday zephyrs laden
with the perfume of wild blossoms
kissed maiden cheeks and toyed with
golden locks. It was diifereut in
Oregon. Journal,
Sons of Veterans
All sons and grandsons of veter
ans of the civil war are cordially in
vited to join with Antietam Camp
No. 47, Sons of Veteraus, in partici
pating in the Memorial Day exer
cises. Please assemble at the G.
A. R. headquarters at 10 o'clock
a. ni., where you will be shown
your position in line.
li. li. Miller,
Capt. Com'd'g Camp No. 47.
Bernie Rand, Secretary.
Medford has set the pace for
other Oregon communities. Re
cently a carload of eggs was ship
ped from that point, the first con
signment ever sent from there. This
points the way to a great industry,
both there and iu other sections of
the state, for there is no part of
Oregon where the poultry busiuess
cannot be conducted successfully.
Open Hours: boo 105:30 mul 7 to 9:30 p. m,
Sundays: 2:30 to 5:30
Books for vacation:
It is time to be ordcrlntr your
special vacation card. On this
card you may take from the library
trom one to ten books from one to
three months time without renewal.
Remember several days will be re
quired to get your card and
I Do not delay making votir selection
until some other vacationer has
taken the books you most wish,
If you are not sure what you want
I 1 . Ill til II.
wie iturary win uc giau to turuisu
lists and suggestions.
For Home Builders:
A bulletin has just been posted
on me uomc Jicauilttil. Un one
shelf below It will be found books
of up-to-date house plans, luclttd
lug bungalows, craftsman houses
and rustic cabins. There arc also
books on furnishing, home decora
tion mid landscape gardening.
New books:
Three dozen new books came li
Saturday and Monday, ntuoug them
were I'riscilla Ilardnngcr Hooks
Prlscllla Pub. Co.
The Spoilers -Bench.
Handicrafts In the Home Priest-
man. lakes up among other
things: sheet metnl work, pottery
wood mid chip carving, .stencilling
leather work, hand-made ruirs. raf
fin work, quilting, netting, bending.
bongs and bong Writers Finck.
traces tne development ot song
from the songs of savages and early
j.utujeiiH ioiK-soiig 10 tue modern
opcru, and has interesting chapters
on the various song writers.
Standard Opera Glass Annesley.
Consists of detailed plots of the cel
ebrated operas with critical and bio
graphical remarks, dates, etc.
The Green Cloak Davis.
Essays on the Spot -Stewart.
Six chatty essays on subjects vary
ing iroin "Chicago Splcelcss" to
"Kuhla Kahn" just things, ns the
author says, which interested him
when he felt talkative.
Somebody's Neighbors Cooke.
Bora of Wind River Chlsolm.
Piiiocchlo in Africa Cherublnl.
Ihe first Piiiocchlo book has
long been the most called-for book
on the children's shelves. This
will be fully ns popular.
Evangelical Church
Mothers' Day was observed
inecuurcii nutiaiiiKiaysciiooini the
morning service Sunday, May 12.
There were readings, recitations, a
special by the choir aud one nota
ble part of the exercises was a song
by the mothers and oh I the won
. I . . - I . l f. . a . . a
drous love aud pathos of that song
must have touched the hearts of a
great many who heard it and made
them think of other days. Rev.
W. S. Plowman delivered a short
but very interesting sermon ou
"Mother, Behold Thy Son." The
ladies' chorus furnished special
music both morning aud evening:
they are doing a great work under
the leadership of Mr. A. U. Davis.
Mrs. G. M. Hall, the Sunday school
superintendent, deserves a great
deal of praise for the very able
manner in which .she conducts the
There were 76 iu the Philo Chris-
to class Sunday, the greatest num
ber iu the history of the church
for one class. The young folks of
St. Johns who have no church
home do not know what they are
missing by not attending this class.
At the business meeting held at
the home of Mr. nud Mrs. Cot bet t,
440 Chicagostreet, Tuesday evening,
there was a good number out, and
after the business session all en
joyed themselves iu a social way,
The class will attend the evening
services next Sunday, May 19th, iu
a body, as is their custom every
month. Everybody is Invited to
all these services. Lady ushers
from the Philo Christo class will
welcome you the coming Sunday,
Come. Reporter.
Building Permits
No. 30 To D. E. Broduhl to
erect a greenhouse ou Gresham
street between Buchanan and Burr;
cost 300.
No. 31 lo John Watson to
erect a dwelling on Burr street be
tween Seneca aud Columbia boule
vard; cost Ijoo.
Mrs. W. II. Davidson of 616
Salem street has the thanks of the
editor for the finest bunch of roses
we have seen this year. It was
the first bouquet she has gathered
from her bushes this season. They
were all beauties and fully devel
Saturday evening, May 18, there
will be held in the High school
auditorium the Multnomah County
Declamatory Contest. This will
be the final contest for a number of
try-outs that have been held during
the past two months in various
parts of the county. The contest
will be divided into three divisions.
A, B, and C, which represent ad
vanced, intermediate and primary
grades. There will be given three
medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze
three in each division.
St. Johns will have three con
tcstauts, one iu each division, Miss
Lulu Day of the High school will
represent us in Division A; Verne
Hall in Division B, and Alice
Brown iu Division C. Gresham Is
to scud three contestants and there
will be four or five others from vn
riotis parts of the county.
This is a part of "greater coif
test" that has been arranged iu ath
letics, declamatory nud spelling.
lite preliminaries iu athletics
have been completed In the St.
Johns schools, aud about 40 boys
and girls have been chosen nnd will
be sent from here to Grcshniu to
compete witli the other county
scuoois iu running, lumping, vault
iug, throwing nnd other athletic
events. This will be held nt Grcsh
am Saturday, May 25th. A $30.00
stiver cup, which has been on ex
hibition in n window of the St.
Johns Hardware Co. is the Grand
Prize that the St. Johns schools
expect to win. Besides this there
are about if 100 worth of inerchnn
disc prizes to be given to the ludl
viditnl winners.
.Fathers' Day
The following from Inst Sunday's
Oregonian tuny be of Interest to
our readers, and Is another instance
where bt. Johns has taken the lead
as usual. The clipping was kindly
naniied to us by Mr. Monahan:
I recently saw n statement that
Mrs.R. B Loggius, of Columbia,
lexas, had made a suggestion that
the Sunday preceding Mothers' day
be set opart lor Fathers' day. Wait
ing to see if some one would not
reply to it, aud not seeing anything
iu the paper about it, I thought it
about time that some one from St.
Johns said something iu behalf of
what our noble women have done
toward giving the fathers a place
011 the Calendar. I sjicak of Mrs.
G. M. Hall, who, on the first Sun
day after Clirlstmasof last year, had
n program of the children in honor
of the lathers of our laud. It was
attended by the mayor, some of the
council, the Grand Army of this
place nud n number oi prominent
citizens. They listened attentively
to an address delivered by ex-Senator
Beach, followed by Rev. Guv
Stover inn .sermon at the Evangelical
church. I feel as thoituh one who
had devoted so much of her time
to odvauclng the interest of our
town and eople and the Interest of
the Evangelical church, of which
she is a devoted member, should
have recognition from her church
nnd town. T. J. Monahan.
Some Good Races
C. W. Boost, commodore; G. J.
Kelly, past commodore; L. M, My
ers, chairman ot the regatta com
mittee; Ray King, vice commodore.
and James Welch secretary of the
rortlaud Motor Boat club met with
the board of governors of the Com
mercial club last week and a gen-
eaal discussion of the plans for the
racing event to take place at bt.
Johns, Tuesday of Elks' convention
week, was held. There are Jjooo
at the disposal of the Motor Boat
club for this event; $500 was sub
scribed by the Elks' committee and
$500 to be donated by the citizens
of St. Johns. A request will be
made that the cruiser Boston be
anchored at St. Johns during the
races, and if possible some torpedo
The first race of the Oregon
Speed Boat Association's new boat,
the Wild Wolf, and the Wigwam
II, from Astoria, aud probably a
very fast boat from Bclliugham,
Wash., will take place then. There
will also be a race between the fast
pleasure craft, among which are C.
V. Cooper's Charmalec II and G.
J. Kendall's fast boat Sylph, Dr.
Brown's Betsy II, aud Frank
Thorn's Frauds F. The city en
gineer of St. Johns has surveyed
the course, so that if there are any
records broken it will be official.
Those who can, d
Those who can't.
Well there's no reason why you
can't wear the Florshcim shoe.
Johnstone's Department Store.
First National Bank building.
Open Evenings nnd Sundays by Ap
pointment, Office I'liottc Columbia l.o
Resident Phone Columbia 38
Physician and Surgeon.
Day & Night Ofllco In McChcsnsy blk.
St. Johns, . Oregon.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, C97 Dnwaon Street
Oflke, I'lltcr Block.
University Park, Portland, Oregon.
Firit National Dank Building
McDonald UullJinu
Wc buy or soil St. Johns l'ropuity
Real Estate
List your property with uh if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
drop curd to
H. M. SaUcrlce, St. Johns, Or.
Transfer and Storage
Wa dollvor your Roods to nnd from
II ports of 1'ortlnnd. Vancouver. Linn
ton, I'ortlnnd nnd suburban Exprosi
Co., city dock nnd nil poltiU ncceisiblo
by wagon. Piano and, furnltura moving
Office IMioue Columbia 24
Residence I'ltoiic Columbia 108
St. Johns Exprcus, Transfer
nnd Morngo CO. -
Piano Moving a Specialty. Until
iug done to nud from I'ortlnnd
Residence .px Fast Richmond
Office 103 North Jersey Street
III I!. Ilurllngtuu Street
Automobile ReMiriiiK unit ViiU-aiiUInx
We cm 1 nt yon Auto Tlrraof nil klittU
Illcvclo and (lcncral Mcnalrhn;
In connection. New nnd hm-oikI Ivaml
bicycle for aalc. Bicycle tlrmt in Mnk.
J. M.Aiid V. P. WKA1. I'ropi,
Phone Columbia 387,
CAMP 773 V. O. V.
Moot ev
ery WVd
11 e a d a y
ev on In if
In Dick
nar'a Hall
A. I:. nnd A. M.
Regular communication.
if oil first Wcdiivtdava of
each month In c
lows' Mull. Vuitor w.
S. Cliaa, Davis. W. M.
C. (). Rogera, fkcrowry
Order Eastern Star
Alincrva Chapter
Meets Hvcry l'irst and Third Tnwday
livening ol Kach .Month hi O.ld l'ou
Hull. Mm. .Susie Rogcra, .SvcreUry.
iiolmcs tonr.i no. ioi
MccU every l'rldwy ulubt at
jy jo o'clock hi I. O. 0. P.
11.111. iMtors uiyuy Wel
come. V. W. M ASON. C. C.
I). I'. JIOltSMAN. K. U.S.
No. 1 86 I. O. O. Is,
sr. johns, oitrcoN
Meet each Monday evening in Odd Fol
lows hall at 7 jo, A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers.
Meet . ;nd
itud t'h
d.iv i't
each month in M. W. A Hull,
l II, OKAMiKK Sec.
Central Market!
See us for the Choicest Cuts of
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order Filled and family Trade Solicited.
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.