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nd you'll niwreifcl It. Dc- J
Devoted to the Interest ot the Penlniuta, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 8
NO. 27
Starts Life on a Trtilley
Minimum Wage Bill Socialist and Religion
The Library
Evangelical Church
Council Proceedings
Tlic following taken from n New
York paper has reference to a
nephew of Mrs. Coupe of St. Johns,
the youngster born on a trolley car:
The most original haby In -New
York is David Mills Rcilly, of 224
East 64th street. He chose a trol
ley cir to be born in last night, mid
had 1000 people waiting in the
middle of the street to find out
whether it was a boy or n girl.
He even made n short address to
his admirers as he was being hand
ed from the rear platform of the car
to the young ambulance surgeon,
from Hclleveu. Thoss closest up
say he said:
"Ow-w, wah-wahl"
If David Mills Rcilly can kce
on making oratorical hits like that
he's going to be some public speak
cr. The crowd applauded utiti
the ambuluticc disappeared (low
the street.
Mrs. Mary Rcilly was on her
way down town to see her mother
She took a and-avcnuc car that was
pretty well filled with passengers
At 26th street there was a sudden
outcry in the car. Women jumped
up and began Hocking around Mrs
Kcillv. A man grnubctl tue con
"What!" exclaimed the collector
of fares.
"Stop the carl" shouted a dozen
voices at once.
"Go away! screamed six wo
"I in the mother of seven ex
claimed a stout woman, elbowing
her way up the car. "John Henry
go out in the street with those other
men and stay there."
The conductor milled the bell
rope three times and the car stopped
so quickly that everybody nearly
went on the floor. Excited hands
beckoned to Policeman Mullen.
"And hurry up about it," they
told him.
Ucllcvuc hospital was only half u
block awav. and in less than no
time Dr. David Mills nrrived, phys
iciau's kit in hand, just as calm nut!
cool over it all as if bringing babies
into the world in a street car was
part of the regular course.
The car shades were drawn in
the faces of a crowd to which htiud
reds were added every second.
Mullen sent for the reserves. Hut
there was no need of them really
for as whispers went around the
crowd everybody cautioned every
body else to keep quiet.
Then the door opened and Mrs.
Rcilly was carried to the ambit
lance backed to the step of the car,
and then Dr. Mills came out with a
bundle held snugly in his arms.
"Hey, doctorl" yelled n man in
the crowd and a hundred more took
it up. "Hey, doetor heyl Hey
"It'sn boy," announced the
young surgeon.
And then Master Rcilly got the
big cheer. There was n cheer for
his mother, too, and for the doctor
as well, and three more times for
the trolley car kid. At Ikllevue
the surgeon placed the baby in his
mother's arms.
"He's u beauty, isn't he?" she
asked proudly.
"He is." said the doctor, "one of
the, finest I ever saw."
'And might I be asking your
name, sir?" said Mrs. Reilly.
"David Mills," replied the doc
tor. "Then if you have no objections,
it'll be his name too, sir," ventured
Mrs. Reilly.
"I'll be proud to be at the christ
ening, Mrs. Reilly," said Dr. Mills.
A May Day Party
A surprise postal shower was
given at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Beam ou the eveuing of May
first, in honor of their daughter,
Benlah. Those present were: Mis
ses Beulah Beam, Margaret Sparks,
Lulu Day, Nellie Whisler, Gladys
Palmer, Vida Evans, Marcella
Richards, Cordelia Cross. Edna
Hollenbeck, Velva Bean, Floy Cof
fey, Julia Johnson, Vina Swan and
Viola Westhefer; Messrs. Ed
Westhefer, Frank Knowles.Osborn
Walker, Forrest Hill, Roy Beam,
Fred Marlette, Archie Smock, Ha
zen Smith, George Marlette, Ran
some Powell, U illiam and Gordon
Bellinger. Refreshments consist
ing of cake, wafers and chocolate
were served and a splendid time
enjoyed by all. Mrs. Beam proved
a most excellent hostess.
Building Permits
No. 29 To W. S. Kellogg to
erect a dwelling on Willamette
boulevard between Polk aud Buch
anan streets; cost $2250.
A minimum wage bill, which
will permit no man over 20 years of
age to work as a clerk, mccuanic,
railroad man, bookkeeper or facto
rv uauu tor more man 10 Hours a
day, more than six days a week for
less than $2.50 has been prepared by
the state federation of labor and
will be placed ou the ballot in the
November election.
women over 20 years ot ngc arc
not to be permitted to work over
10 hours, more than six days a
week, or tor less man if 1.05 as
clerks, bookkeepers, ftictory hands,
waitresses or at hotel or laundry
work. No child under t6, it is
proposed, shrill be permitted to work
except for hire in harvest time or
with parent or guardian for less
than 15 cents an hour or more than
six hours in one day.
Farm work is not affected by the
bin, except tliat a minimum wage
of Si. 05 is established, and whete
board aud lodging is in
eluded in the pay, it shall not be
charged for at a greater sum than
f per week. Those receiving $4
per day or more and those engaged
in occupations governed by laws of
congress are not ntfectcd.
I he hill generally provides that
persons shall not be employed for
lower wages or terms than is con
sistent witu nealtli. Work is per
muted lor more man ten Hours in
cases of emergency, when the pay
lor overtime must be doubled. In
cases of employment ou piece work
or nu contract, the employer must
guarantee the minimum wage,
whether the employe earns that
much or not. Enforcement of the
act is placed in the hands of the
state labor commissioner.
i'or violation uy an cmn over on
f t . I a
first offense, the penalty is fixed at
a fine of $2.5 to if 100, with imprison
ment ot 5 to 10 days in the cotmtv
jail tor second oiteuse, aud impris
onment in jail one to three mouths
for third offense, aud imprisonment
a .a a. - - . .1
ti me penllentiarv for s x months
to one year for each subsequent
Another section provides that if
any corporation transfers to the
United States courts any suit to
which a citizen of Oregon is a party
the governor shall summarily re-
voke the license of the corporation,
wnen the eight hour bill for fac-
torv labor was defeated at the Inst
session of the legislature It was fre
fluently stated that u drastic b
regulating hours of labor aud wages
would be the result. The federation
of labor hill is in part the outgrowth
of the light at that time.
Makes a Suggestion
Editor Review: Since a Commer
cial club has been organized in St.
onus, auu 1 uuuerstaud it is an
euergetic one, anxious to improve
ocai conditions,! would like to sug.
gest that it bring pressure to bear
upon one or more industries in the
city and induce them to dispense
ivttll lrrtim Inlinrnml nmnlnii linmnli
,..,. .w..wm awwt m. v..,'wy UUHIV
tlllCUS. A milliuer Ol Ol, JOIIIIS
!: . . r w , I
men have been without employment
pracucaiiy an winter and spring,
t im9i tun uKm uiuhb
wuii a smaii percentage ot white
auor. x ue city is uanuicapped so
I (.! , . . ., , I
uwk ua iuijs mm muus arm
orccKa lUKc uie piace 01 men wun
a . , f. . .
, , . ,couV"ons "re
rigui nere. 111s naru 10 inuuee mil-
ers to locate in dt. Johus. Why
would it not be a commendable act
for the Commercial club to use its
best efforts in correcting this evil?
More smokestacks would be of no
benefit unless white labor be em
ployed. Aud with the example be
fore them, why should not new
industries do likewise in employing
abor. foreign labor may be all
right, but it should uot be allowed to
take the place of home labor.
Think it over. Observer.
If I Had Known
made the cross myself, whose
Was later laid on me.
This thought is torture as I toil
Up Iife s steep Calvary.
To think mine own hands drove the
I sang a merry song,
And chose the heaviest wood I had
To build it firm and strong.
f I had guessed if I had dreamed
Its weight was meant for me,
should have made a lighter cross
To bear up Calvary.
The Chancellor.
Work in the M. M. degree will
occur at a special meeting of the A.
& A.M. tomorrow evening, May
ith, C. O. Rogers, Secretary.
The communication published be
low we received in our Tuesday's
mail, with the request that it be
published. It is an anonymous af
fair aud written by a feminine hand.
Wc generally consign nameless
communications to the waste basket
but we break our rule this time out
of courtesy to the lady and her
Editor Review: Read your edi
torial on socialism with interest.
But am surprised beyond measure
to note that you have so many se
rious objections to it. I wish to
touch on one point, first of all, be
cause it is most important to me,
aud least to you, because I am
uiristtan and I do not think you
profess to be. You ask why the
socialists object to religion. Wcdo
not. We believe in religious liber
ty, and the right of free speech
Our platform is short and to the
point. Read it and you need not
ask such questions.
borne individual socialist mayob
ject to religion. That is free speech
But our platform and not the iudi
vidual is what you must look at.
If we were a democrat or n rentib
lican aud refusctl to vote that ticket
because of some man's individual
belief, you would call me n narrow
man. Do you expect us to return
the compliment? A Subscriber.
We will add a few lines in
reply. Since the lady boasts she is
a Christian, she should read in her
good book: "Judge not, lest ye be
judged." Also she should rcmcm
ber that it is not the one that shouts
from the house top that is the true
Christian. For the edification of
the lady we might state that we
have been a member of the Luth
cran church for more than 20 years
If socialists tlo not object to re
ligiou, why is it that night after
night on the streets of Portland.
socialist orators proclaim in the
most bitter terms against religion
a,u tlic churches f why was Gip
f f.l a. . . . . "
' omim so persistently insulted by
socialists? If these socialist orators
arc not preaching the gospel of so
cialism, why are they sent out by
llle various socialist camps to talk
ns they do? Why are they not sup
pressed, or at least why do not the
socialist camps publicly state that it
is not their doctrine that is being
preacneu uy meir mouthpieces r 1N0
democratic or republican oman za
tion would send out orators to speak
contrary to meir piatlorm or doc
trine. If they did so ou their own
initiative, now soon would these
two parties publicly condemn their
actions! Socialism can onlv be
judged by the followers and the
doctrine they preach. It is a no
torioiis jaci mat tew piatlorms are
ever lived up to, nor is there any
law compelliug them to be rigidly
enforced. Therefore, it is easy for
socialists to place some things in
their platform aud preach and ex
pect to carry out contrary ideas.
xnoi very consistent, however, we
admit. How long would a church
organization tolerate a minister that
preached infidelity? If socialists
believe in religious liberty, it is
Mmil TIIIIR flmr rtlAIr nrnlnrc ...Art
! . . ..
'' ... W.M.Wta "V.IV.
nfnr.iiP, nf tli fnr. c tl.
may preacU the K0Spel of sociaisin
nrltrht v
jady correspondent o ter a few mo
mnt n,n inrii,i c,.o ,i,.,.
w. .M..l. tlUVIU
fort 1. mu , wm,M in,
how dearly the orators Jove re
liglon and what respect they have
for tue m n strv. "Bv their fruits
ye shall know them."
It may be possible that the above
Street orators are not sent out by
the Socialist party, but it is the
general impression that they are.
People cannot think otherwise so
long as no remonstrance comes
from the Socialist party, and an
injustice and injury cannot help
but result. Without religion the
world would be dark, indeed, and
if Socialism really doesn't object to
it, the fact should be made known,
not clouded iu doubt. We criticise
socialism simply that some points
upon which most people stumble
may be made more clear, and give
the editor of the socialist column a
few hints. Socialism may be all
right when fully understood, and
discussion is more or less essential
to bring it out. We do not ad
vance our objections as invincible
or unanswerable, but are common
objections heard frequently. If the
bocialists have something good and
will "hold water" the people should
know it.
How is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con
tinued or examined at the Peninsu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
II. Henderson, manager, 208 North
Jersey, McDonald building.
For Insurance see F.W.Valentine
Open Hours: 1:00105:30 nntl 7 to 9:30 p. m.
Sunday! 2:30 to 5:30
Below are printed the circulation
statistics of the nine sub-brunches
of the public library for the mouth
of April. It will be seen that the
St. Johns library easily leads the
St. Johns 2510
university l'ask 2224
Brooklyn. 221-1
Arleta 1574
Moutavilla 1408
umis 1249
Greshaui 1136
Woodstock 1089
Troutdalc 708
Total 14, hi
The magazine rack has been tak
en apart aud the racks proper placed
against the wall where they accom
modate the magazines in n more
sightly manner, and at the same
time leave floor space for a second
reading table near the front cud of
the room. This is an appreciated
advantage as the room is mcagcrly
lighted. 1 he new arrangement of
tables makes it possible to give the
small writing table a better lightct
position iu the center of the room
Remember that pen and ink are til
ways waiting for you at this tabic.
You tire invited to step into the
library and look over a paper or
magazine while waiting for your
New Books: Paths of Judgement
Sedgewick. 1 hose who have en
joyed the new book, Tante, will be
glad to find another book by the
same author.
Jean Valjean Wiltsc. The story
of the hero of Victor Hugo's Lcs
Miscrablcs, adapted for younger
readers. There is 110 more fascluat
ing figure iu fiction than Jean Val
jean. The boys aud girls are fortti
uatc to have him brought within
their reach.
Modern Plumbing, Steam and
Hot Water Heating Lnwler. One
of the best modern books 011 plumb
Creative Evolution Bergsou.
Translated by Arthur Mitchell with
the aid of William James.
Should be Unlawful
Editor Review: Will you inform
some of your subscribers if it
awiui tor people to keep game
roosters, sometimes two and three
at one time, that crow almost day
aud night? Is it allowed iu the
city limits, where it annoys people
all the time? It is not right or
just that people should be allowed
to keep nuisances in the residence
part of the city. H Please answer in
our next issue and oblige,
A Few Subscribers.
So far the city of St. Johns has
failed to provide any law, penalty
or remedy for the long sintering
neighbors in matters of this kitid.
Some roosters seem to take partial-
ar delight iu making as much dis
turbance as possible. Especially is
this true of the early morning hours,
when slumber ismost desired. Iu
our own neighborhood there is a
rooster that makes it a point to be
gin his nightly lay about the mid
night hour. A more desolate, for-
saken.mournful, sad, protracted, per
sistent crow could not be imagined.
Like the wail of a last soul its des
pairing note fills the midnight air,
and as one listeus to it (because he
can't help it) he can almost imag
ine the end of the world in sight,
aud not one saved. No, there is no
aw against these nightly dirges.
There should be one, however,com-
pelling the owner to tie the peace-
disturbers to his bedpost every
night with all windows down, so
that he could secure the full benefit
of his songsters, aud the neighbors
be allowed to dream on in peace,
What a Man is Made of
The average man has ingredients
to make fat for seven bars of soap,
iron for a medium sized nail, sugar
to fill a small bowl, salt to fill a
shaker, lime to whitewash a chick
en coop, phosphorus to make 2,200
match tips, magnesia for a dose of
magnesia, sodium to neutralize a
pint and a half of water, potassium
to explode a toy cannon, sulphur to
rid a dog of fleas, and albuminoids
to make a case of eggs. Leslies'
Lots Almost Given Away
Lots 31 to 34 in block 4. Point
View, for $1000. Write W. II.
Reid, Devil's Lake, N. D. 26-6t
Having been appointed pastor of
the Evangelical church in St.Johns,
and attcr spending three Sundays
in charge of the congregation, it is
!.- !....if.
umy justice to me members and
friends of the church as well as the
people in general, that I should in
this public way give my impressions.
I consider St. Johns one of the most
beautiful little cities on the Pacific
coast, with possibilities almost in
conceivable, and advantages, due
to its location .possessed bv few cit
ies in tlic West. As to its people,
I find them very sociable and pub
lic spirited, which is manifest in the
interest taken iu her schools and
public improvements.
As to the church of which I have
immediate charge, I find it a ver
itable bee hive of busy workers. I
stepped into the Sunday school 011
my nrst faunduy to be initiated into
the work and found 187 assembler
under the efficient leadership
Superintendent Mrs. G. M. Hall
She has the school well iu hand
with n strong coterie of workers
and teachers of which I can only
mention one or two. which I espe
cially noticed because of the large
number iu classes. There were
in the primary class, under the
seemingly almost idolized teacher.
Mrs. Elln Kilkenny. The other.
the "Philo Christo" class under the
leadership of our estimable post
master, J. J. Mouahan, with 55 it:
class. This class is taking a journey
to Palestine, and with no mishaps
win arrive there the first of June.
There is a banquet awaiting them
at the end of the journey, which
will be announced later. This jour
ney is carried on as a friendly con
The attendance and attention at
the church services have been most
gratifying, giving proof of the
great opportunities and possibilities
lor successful work; this is, I am
sure, largely due to the sociability
and interest manifested bv the
members and friends of the church
Next Sunday. May 12. will be
observed as "Mothers' day." There
will be a program consisting of spc'
ciai music, a few short readings or
recitations and an appropriate ad
dress by the pastor. Mothers as
well as the public iu general iuvit-
:d to attend.
Services both morning and even
tig each Lord's Day.ut 11 a. m. and
p. 111. The public Is extended
cordial invitation to attend any
ami all of these services.
Win, Stephen Plowman, pastor.
A Good Bill
Congressman Lafferty has Intro
tluced n carefully prepared bill pro
vldltig lor a settlement of the Oregon
aud California land suit favorable
to the people, and also providing a
just method for disposing of the
lauds forfeited to the government,
The hill provides that the President
shall classify the lauds for disposal
according to their value, and that
they shall be opened to settlement
by proclamation, under the draw
ing system. This method would
avoid confusion, increase the num
ber of claims to be disposed of, aud
provide for the more dense popula
tion of those districts that are most
fertile. If the bill passes 2,365,000
acres will be forfeited to the gov
The bill contains other provisions
for the quieting of the title to lauds
sold by the railroad company iu vi
olation of law before the pending
suit was instituted, aud its passage
would relieve the unsettled condi
tion of realty titles throughout the
Willamette valley and other affected
II. E. Harris, owner of the ice
plant, is seriously contemplating
the construction of a manufactur
ing plant adjacent to the ice plant
for the purpose of manufacturing
ice making machinery. He states
that the only objection iu the way
s the non-improvement of Dawson
street. As it is, the street is almost
impassible in wet weather for haul
ing purposes, aud that would be
lis busiest season iu making Ice
machinery. He has no hesitancy
in stating that the improvement of
Dawson street means the bringing
of the plant to St. Johus, aud the
sooner it is done the better it will
suit him.
Walter A. Goss of Portland has
secured possession of the old brick
plant at Cedar Park aud has de
clared his intention to place the
plant in first class condition aud be
gin operation iu the immediate fu
ture. He has the push and energy
to make this a flourishing institu
tion, and there is really no reason
why it should not be.
All members were present at the
regular meeting of the city council
Tuesday evening, with Mayor Muck
A petition was presented for the
improvement of Smith avenue from
Columbia boulevard to Buchanan
street with concrete surface from
curb to curb. Referred to the en
gineer and street committee to as
certain if the property will stand
for the proposed improvement.
Daniel Williams asked permission
to improve tlic street surrounding
the White House hotel at the cor
ner of Burlington and Decatur
streets to grade to enable him to ex
cavate full basement nud thus get
rid of the excess dirt involved. Re
ferred to street committee and en
gineer for recommendation.
Walter A. Goss asked for per
mission to allow the side track to
the old brick plant from Fcsscndeii
stteet remain lying upon the sur
face of the street after improvement
of same has been completed. He
stated that he hail secured posses
sion of the brick plant aud intend
ed to operate same almost imiuedi
ntely. He did uot insist upon the
track remaining; ou the contrary
stated mat it the property owners
objected thereto, he would not dc
sire il to be continued. However
he stated that the brick plant wotilt
be operated iu any event, nud dii
not think the sidetrack would be of
great benefit to him. After con
sideriug the matter to some extent
it was decided to order the sidetrack
removed by the trolley company.
A report from the Portland Rail
way, Light and Power Co.disclosed
the fact that there were now 94 arc
lights shedding light iu St. Johns.
A request that the petition for
the improvement of Ivauhoe street
from Richmond to Mohawk be
changed so as to eliminate hard
surface was granted and matter was
held over one week before taking
lurthcr action.
Bills to the amount of 239.7.S
were allowed on motion of Alder
man Horsmau; all yes.
W. i. Lauthcrs asked that
franchise be granted the O-W. R,
& N. covering the sidetrack to his
warehouse. This franchise had
reached third reading in December
last, and has been held iu abeyance
ever since. It was decided to take
up the matter for definite action
action next week.
Gilbert Overstreet was present iu
the interest of a plumbing ordinance
that had been tlrafted by the plumb
ers of the city. It was decided to
lold the ordinance over and enlarge
the scope of same to include wiring
and Hue construction, nud Alder
men Perriue, Hitler iiud Valentine
were appointed as a committee to
assist iu formulating an ordinance
covering the various propositions.
Aldermen inner aud Jennings
were appointed by the mayor to get
options 011 suitable laud for Park
purposes in North St. Johns, aud
Aldermen Valentine and Davis as a
committee to secure all requisite
data ou the Caples park proposition
so that if the park question is put
to vote two parks could be voted
upon at the same time, and the peo-
le know exactly what they get for
their money.
A resolution to improve Polk
street from Willamette boulevard
to Jersey street was adopted ou
motion of alderman Hill.
W. R. C. Sewing Circle
The W. R. C. sewing circle met
at the home of Mrs. Downey, 011
North Hayes street, April 26th,
.'hose present were Mesdames
Hewitt, Chancy, Nolan, Aikiu,
Barnard, Masters, McColluni, Bo-
gardus, Simmons, Godfrey, Pones,
Robinson, Clayton, Smyser, John-
sou, Shutter, aud Miss Minnie No-
an. All spent a very pleasant
fternoou in visiting aud sewinc
aud finished with a delicious lunch
which was fully enjoyed. And as
all such meetings have their part
ings we all were soon on our way to
our several homes hoping to meet
again in the near future. Press
Is there anything in all this world
that is of more importance to you
than good digestion? Food must
be eaten to sustain life and must be
igested and converted into blood.
When digestion fails the whole
:ody suffers. Chamberlain's
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cure for indigestion. Thev increase the
flow of bile, ptirifv the blood.
trengthen the stomach, and tone
up the whole digestive apparatus to
natural and healthy action. For
sale by all dealers.
For Kent A five-room modem
cottage. See Couch & Co.
First National Bank building.
Open Evenings ami Sundays by Ap
pointment. Office I'hoiic Columbln 140
Resident 1'liune Columbia 38
Physician and Surgeon.
Day & Night Onico In McChcanoy bile
St. John, . Oregon.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. M.l)
Residence, C97 Dawion Strcot
Ofllco, I'lltcr Block.
University VarU, I'orll.iml, Oregon.
Tint Nntlonnl Dank lluildlnu
ST. JOI INS ... OltllCON
McDonnld IluilJinK
Wc buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real IEslnte
List your property with ux if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. John
ritop run I tn
H. M. Snltcrlec, St. Johns, Or.
Transfer and Storage
Wo dollvor your roods to nml from
II porta of Portland. Vnncouvor. Linn
ton, Portland mul Sulmrtmn iixpretta .
Co., city dock nml all tralntH nccasltlo
by wigon. Piano and furnllur moving
Office Phone Columbia 24
Residence Phone Columbia 108
St. Johns Express, Transfer
and Storage Co.
Piano Moving n Specialty. Haul
ing done to nml from I'ortlHiMl
Residence ,)oo Host Richmond
Office io,i North Jercy Stmut
II I II. Darlington Street
Automobile KfMlriiiK "1 VulrMllNK
We can el yon Auto Tirtu of nil kimia
lllcvclo ami General Mennlrlm?
Ill coiiiii'Clloii. New nml ncooinr UmihI
bicycle for wle, llicyelv tire in MtH'M.
J. Al. and V. P. WltA , Prop.
I'lione Columbia 587.
CAMP 773 W. 0. W.
Meti ev.
vty WmU
In Illak
ner'a Hall
A. V. unit A. M.
Kegtilur oiiiutuiiicHtiout
011 iirt Wi-.liK-Uy uf
i-ach month m o.l.l v.
ow' Hall Viiitorawvi-
S. Cliiu. Drfvi. W. At.
C. (). Roger, Secrf Ury
Order Eastern Star
AUnerva Chapter
.Meet Hvcry l'imt nml Third TiwatUy
livening of I'in li Month iu Odd 1'ellow
lull, ,Mr. Susie Roger, Secretary.
Meet every 1'ridnv ulubt at
i7 Vi o'clock in I.n.7). .
Hull. Yuilor ulyay Wel
come, V. W. MASON. C. C.
1). 1MIORSMAN, II. R, Sj,
No. 186 I. O. O. P.
Meets each Monday ovunlng In Odd Fol
lows hall at 7:30. A cordial welcomw to
all visiting brothers.
fyou have any Plumbing
you want done Just call
us up, Columbia 92
203 S. Jersey Street