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Devoted to (he Interest! of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 8
NO. 26
Council Proceedings
If I Were a Suffragette
Bay View Booming
The Brooding Sorrow
Our Old Mush Kettle
The Library
First National Hank building.
AM members were present nt the
regular meeting of the city council
Tuesday evening, with Mayor Muck
The St. Johns Water Co. asked
permission to improve by curb and
macadam the northerly half of West
John street, between Edison and
Occatur. Granted on motion of
Councilman Davis.
A petition to improve Ivauhoc
from Mohawk to Richmond with
six-foot cement sidewalks, 12-foot
parking, and 24 feet of concrete
surface in center was presented, and
on motion ot Aiucrmnu vaicnuue
a resolution directing the engineer
to prepare the necessary data for
said improvement was adopted.
A petition presented for the
improvement of I'olk street from
Willamette boulevard to Jersey
street with macadam full width re
eclved like treatment.
The city attorney was directed to
prepare on ordinance establishing
the grade on Ilartmau street.
A petition was received asking
c. tiucil to change the width of the
curb on the proposed improvement
of South Hayes street from 12 to
14 feet. Several property owners
were present anil strongly objected
to this. On motion of Councilman
IHIIer it was decided to let the
width of the etitb stand as otigi
nally petitioned for 12 feet.
P. II. Kdlefscn, representing the
Commercial club, brought up the
Copies park question. He stated
the option Mrs. Copies hnd given
on a portion of her Dawson street
property had expired, and that she
was now willing to meet all the ic
quircmcuts that the council hud
formerly made in regard to the
opening of Dawson street. Council
man Hill said he believed Mrs. Co-
pics should have dealt directly with
council instead ot via tlic lommcr
cialclub. Couucilmun Davis ex
Claincd that Mrs. Copies had first
roached the subject to him, and
he had suggested the club bring
in a recommendation to the council.
Councilman Perdue said he didn't
core from what source it came; that
he was in favoV of a park, and he
would, work for it. Councilman
Hillcrsaid he did not think the
park question would carry unless a
small park or resting place was at
the same time provided for North
St. Johns. The two-park propo
sition met with general approbation.
Mr. Hill stated that he would take
off his coat and work to the best of
his ability for a park if nil objec
tions (0 the opening and improve
ment of Dawson street were re
moved. It was the sense of the
council that when Mrs. Copies pre
sented the matter satisfactorily in
writing a special election would be
.called to vote on the park question.
, B. F. Crawshaw, secretary of
'the Commercial club, in behalf of
'the club, made a rousing speech in
Ifavor of the city purchasing a good
iteam of horses for the purpose of
(handling the sprinkler in dusty
times, to haul garbage at any and
all times, and for hauling the appa
ratus for the firemen during the
times of fire. His talk was invigor
ating, and he took occasion to pay
tribute to the good work of the fire
department, aud deplored the han
dicap they labored under in gettiug
their apparatus to the scenes of
fires. His remarks were applaud
ed by the dads. Alderman Hors
man, who, by the way, has devel
oped into quite au orator, stated
that he bad always favored the city
owning a team of its own, but his
efforts heretofore to secure such an
acquisition had been discouraged.
It was decided to take the matter
under advisement aud report at the
next meeting.
Bills to the amount of $4,332.91
were allowed on motion of Alder
man Hill; all yes. Included in the
budget were electric light bills to
date. They bad lingered along for
more than a year, and it was quite
a relief to the solons to have them
finally paid.
An annual report of city finances,
preseuted by the former treasurer,
V. S. Kellogg, showed that over a
quarter of a million of dollars had
been bandied during the past year.
Referred to the finance committee.
Councilman Hill, who had been
appointed to interview the county
commissioners in regard to paying
twelve dollars per day for use of
the ferry boat, James John, and
the removal of one of the cap
tains, reported that the. court re
fused to pay more thau six dollars
per diem; would not discbarge the
captain, but would be responsible
for any damage done to the boat
through poor management.
As Richmond street is still a
county road, Alderman Valentine
urged that the county court be
induced to macadamize it in con
junction with Willamette boulevard.
Mr. Davis also suggested that Rich
mond street from Willamette boul
evard to Bradford be cut four feet
If I were a suffragette which,
Heaven be praised, I'm not
I wouldn't smash up windows,
Nor the "Bobbies" beat to flin
ders, Nor spend my time in plugging at
such bally, blooming rot
If I were a suffragette.
If I
were a suffragette the
I in.
peachmcnt I forswear
I wouldn't go to pris'n,
Nor be so hot aud sizziu' ,
ror the crown that only martyrs
ought to wear
If I were a suffragette.
I were a suffragette and
thought is most remote
I'd try to mind my Ps and Qs,
Nor be so prone to air my views
Then some folks might think I't!
a right to vote
If I were n suffragette.
Pearson's Magazine.
to insure a better grade up the hill.
Mr. Horsinau demurred against
this, aud Mr. Hitler did not think
it looked feasible to him on account
of the relation to other streets, cs
pcclally at Willamette boulevard,
where the two sidewalks could not
jibe. On motion of Mr. Hill alder
men Valentine nnd Davis were ap
pointed to interview the county
court relative to macadamizing
Remonstrance against the hard
surface improvement of Fcsscudcn
street between Oswego aud Buch
onati precipitated on animated talk
fest that waxed emphatic at times.
The remoustrators were represent
ctl by au attorney by the name of
Wise, who Introduced liimselt by
stating that he was a corporation
attorney for n quarter of a century,
aud should know what he was talk
ing about. He deplored the atti
tude of the city in advocating this
improvement at this time; that it
was t.s blocks from tlic business
center; that the trolley company
should be compelled to pay for the
whole improvement; that it was a
disgrace to permit it to erect a curb
along its track; intimated that the
former council that entered into a
contract with the company to allow
such tt thing were idiots, and he
thought the entire proposition was
a thing most foolish, being, in fact,
nothing more thau a real estate
scheme. He is a splendid talker,
of pleasing address and magnificent
voice, but his talk made no more
mpressiou with the council thau
water on a duck's back. They be
lieved they knew how to interpret
the charter, and they intended to
follow its dictates as they read it.
Alderman Hill made a motion that
the remonstrances be disregarded
as insufficient. All voted in the
affirmative but Mr. Perriue, who
voted no. Mr. Whitsell, one of the
property owners interested, depre
cated the proposed improvement,
believing it to be nothing but patch
work. K. U. Brand made a few
remarks relative to the insufficiency
of the remonstrance.
A time and manner ordinance
providing for this improvement was
then passed on motion of Mr, Hors
man; all yes but Mr. Perrine.
An ordinance declaring the as
sessment for the improvement of
Gresham street between Buchanan
aud Ida was passed on motion of
Mr. Valentine.
A resolution repealing a former
resolution whereby the contractors
were bound to secure their rock for
street improvement at the Whit-
wood quarry was adopted on mo
tion of Alderman Perrine. This
action leaves the field open to all
suppliers of crushed rock.
Councilman Davis thought the
engineer a little too generous in em
ploying street inspectors, aud he
advised the removal of one or two,
since there didn' t seem to be work
enough to keep all busy all the
time. This idea seemed strong up
on all the councilmeu, and chair
man of the street committee, Davis,
was authorized to eliminate alL un
necessary labor along this Hue, on
motion of Alderman Hill. Mr.
Horsman wanted all inspectors ap
pointed by the council instead of
by the engineer, but this proposi
tion was voted down. Mr. Perrine
wanted a strict enforcement of the
resolution passed last year that the
street inspectors should be selected
from the property owners directly
interested in each improvement. No
further action taken in the matter.
The youth who was smoking a
cigarette opposite the monkey's
cage took another from his pocket.
"Would it doanyharm," he asked,
"if I offered him one oi these?"
"Not a bit," responded the attend
ant, "he wouldn't touch it. A
monkey isn't half as big a fool as
he looks."
Typewriter ribbons for sale at
this office; 50 cents each.
II. S. Hewitt, sun-tanned as
trapper and happy as a clam, sifted
into St. Johns Sunday, and spent a
day or two getting acquainted with
his home towtt again. He gives
glowing accounts of the progressive
spirit of the new resort, Bay View,
where he aud J. II, Smith arc tak
ing their summer vacation, while
for exercise they are bidding a town
to neenmmodate the newcomers.
H. S. says they have built a store
building, several cottages, a hotel,
besides several "castles in the air."
He says one of the best attractions
of the location is the life saving
station there aud the daily practice
of the crew; that when the aquatic
lads get out in their boat and make it
turn turtle and then quickly right
it, sporting in the water like mcr
men, clambering into their boat like
so many water spaniels, he just
can't keep Smith at work aud that
he is becoming wall-eyed himself
from watching the frisky lads with
his starboard eye while he watched
the nails with his larboard optic.
Speaking of the culinary depart
ment its conducted by Mr. Smith,
Brc'r Hewitt says his latest accom
plishment is the manufacture of
biscuits. Like man, these "bis
kits" are fearfully aud wonderfully
made. Needing a hammer to break
up some "dorufeks for n founda
tion, they scut one of them to a
foundry where a hole was drilled
through the center nnd a handle
fitted to it, making a fine imple
ment for reducing the refractory
Another incident illustrates the
deceptive and fascinating nature of
these works of art. The crows in
that neighborhood like the fat,
juicy clams. But when Mr. Crow
captures him, the clam shuts up
"just like a clam" aud there is
nothing doing. To overcome this
the ingenious bird of sable pinion
takes Brc'r Clam and flies up into
the air about a mile aud then drops
the clam which has its shell broken
by the fall. Then the crow drops
down to a delectable feast. The
other day one of the workmen was
dozing away his noon-hour rest in
thesuu with his hat oIT.hls bald head
glistening in the sunlight like the
top of Mount Hood. One of the
"Smith blskits" which Towserhad
carried down to the water a few
days before in a vain attempt to
to soften so he might eat It, caught
the eye of a solitary Jim Crow who
mistook it for a clam. Down he
swooped, picked up the biscuit aud
mounted into the air. Reaching
the desired altitude he spied the
pate of the sleeping workmau aud
mistaking it for a likely boulder,
Iropped his burden. True to aim
the sphere whistled through the air
strikiug the "flies' skating rink"
fairly in the center. Bre'r Hewitt, J
tearing the swat, aud observing
the bread bounding away, ran to
the assistance of his workmau, who
regained consciousness after a time,
and his first words were: "Did the
lightning kill anybody but me?"
It never fozed the "biskit." Mrs.
Smith is now at Bay View and the
)oys miss the delicious productions
of Chef Smith.
Know When to Quit
borne years ago in llarttoru we
all went to church one sweltering
night to hear the annual report of
Mr. Hawley, a city missionary, who
went around finding people who
needed help aud did not want to
ask for it. He told of the life in
cellars where poverty resided: he
gave instances of heroism and devo
tion of the poor. "When a man
with a million gives," he said, "we
make a great deal of uoise. It is a
noise in the wrong place, for it is
the widow's mite that counts,"
well, nawiey workeu me up to a
great pitch. I could hardly
until he got through. I had
in my pocket. I wauted to
that and borrow more to give.
could see greenbacks in every
But iustead ot passing the
then, he kept on talking and
ing and talking, and as he talked
it grew hotter and hotter and hot
ter, and we grew sleepier and sleep
er and still sleepier. My enthusi
asm went down, down, down $100
a clip until finally, when the plate
did come around, I stole ten cents
out of it. This goes to show how
a little thing like this can lead to
crime, Mark Twain.
ATTENTION ! Keep in mind
D. K. Brodahl.s Greeuhouse, when
you want bedding plants, cut flow
ers, shrubs, cabbage, tomato and
cauliflower plants, etc. Also floral
design work. Cor. Buchauan and
So. Gresham streets. 24 4tp
For Insurance see F.W.Valentine
The air is still heavy with the
sorrow of the Titanic catastrophe.
It broods over two continents and
men cannot shake it off.
Of course, life Is uncertain always.
Death comes in pestilence aud hur
ricane; in accidents; the industries
that control the world pay their
weekly toll in human life. On the
more thau 2.S0.000 miles of railroads
in the United States, every mouth
there is a mighty drain 011 human
life. Death is in the foetid air of
the factories, it comes in the mias
ma ot tne swamps up to the larm -
crsiioor. it is every where, and
stui tins uorror upon tuc Atlantic
leaves a peculiar and heavy sorrow
on the hearts ot men, tor there was
so much in combination to accentu
ate that sorrow that men cannot
shake it off.
The ship was so beautiful aud
so strong, so much of human in
ventiou aud human experience had
been woven about it to make it safe
that men said: "It makes hut
terry ot tuc ocean. Let us pass
over it." nut sometimes fit the
smallest ferry the rope of the ferry
uoui nreaks ana those on hoard nrc
There is no preventive of the in
cvitable, aud there is so much about
the Titanic, after utl explanations
arc made, all allowances ore made,
after speculation exhausts itself
that is uncanny that it looks like
fate. As tlic ship was leaving the
harbor it was nearly in collision
with another great ship and the
account soys the master of the Ti
tonic autl his crew looked upon it
as a bad omen for the vovagc.
Uiic man reports that ten days
before the tlisaster in a dream he
saw the great ship go down with
its precious freight, aud wired to
to warn a friend not to take passage
on the ship.
Is there a fate that follows ships
and men? It really looks so. And
still the burden of the sorrow of
this last great ocean catastrophe is
on the hearts and souls of men and
cannot be shaken off, During the
last ten years steamship companies
have sought to outdo each other un
til they have taxed every resource,
not only financially, but every oth
er way. (Jeuiiis has exhausted it
self iu devising new improvements
and applying them. The public
taste has been educated up until
nothing but the fastest and the fin
est will do, aud iu ships the question
ot custc has been invoked ami pro
visions have been made whereby the
very rich can for the brief voyage,
make clear to the less fortunate that
money is omnipotent on shipboard
as on land, and they are the favored
All this was smashed to atoms
iu the disaster and a stern notice
was served that this human life is
not sacred against the elements that
are set to be overcome by ships aud
the skill of men. Some scientist
has declared that the range of vision
of a house fly is nine feet. The
range of vision of mortals is not
much more, aud so, when judging
of this disaster and contemplating it
none of us should forget that our
range of vision is so limited aud our
knowledge so infirm, that we, in
the comfort of our homes, have no
right to say where this man or that
man did wrong, or where this or
that plan was au imperfect one, or
to criticise what men do iu an emer
gency of that kind, because no man
on earth can tell what he would do,
unless iu a similar situation he had
been tried. Goodwin's Weekly.
A Live Wire Mayor
It seems that the Portland Asso
ciation members residing iu St.
Johns are the most prominent citi
zens iu that community, K. C.
Couch has been twice elected mayor
of St. Johns, and in retiring the
mantle has fallen on the shoulders
of A. A. Muck, one of the most
progressive members of our associa
tion. Mr. Muck is a live wire in
more ways thau one. He is a man
of keen intelligence and ability. St.
Johns is fortunate to find grocers
who have the time to manage their
municipal affairs in addition to run
ning a successful business of their
own. The Oregon Merchants'
Magazine decides that St. Johns has
honored itself by honoring Mr.
Muck. Oregon Merclants' Maga
zine. How is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con
tinued or examined at the Peninsu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co1
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
II. Henderson, manager, 208 North
Jersey, McDouald building.
Frtieb, the gospel of St. Johm,
in an honored position iu our
living room hangs the old mush
kettle used so long iu my father's
home, but now filled witlt rose leaves
aud taking a rest after almost Go
years of active service. It was a
fireplace kettle and when first used
by my mother was not new then,
so do not know how old it is. It
has an iron bail, as fireplace kettles
have, and at one time had long legs,
but after the stoves came into use
father filed the legs off, so that it
could be used on the stove. Manv
'n bo ed d nner wns cooked
iu it.
it was
But my best rcmbroncc of
when it was used for mush iu the
fall of the year. As soon as the corn
was ripe enough some ears were
picked and enough of the husks
left to braid so as to be able to hang
them up to dry quickly. Then
the curs were shelled aud taken to
the mill with the wheat.
Our school house was a quarter
of a mile from our house on the
prairie nnd iu full sight of the
house, nnd as mother had the tea
kettle boiling by the time school
was out as she saw us start from
iiiescuooi house, the mush was
made in the kettle, aud when we
arrived at home the mush would be
done, anil some spoons, bowls aud
a crock of milk on the table ready
tor use, and we children were as
ready to eat, aud as we ate our
mush aud milk we talked over our
day's happenings; how one came
to miss a word iu siKrllintr and why
the other did not get that sum right.
in those days sums were sums
iu arithmetic, aud examples were
good bail or actions that we were
to follow or let alone as the case
might be, and, of course, the funny
things that happened were talked
over and laughed over with no
teacher by to shake his head.
bo, in the evening as I sit by
the lire, the old mush kettle sets me
dreaming of the long ago, when
father aud mother gathered togeth
er at home, home sweet home. Part
of the family have gone on to the
beyond, and some day, may that
family have one of those "many
mansions that are iu our "Father s
house" above, aud all be gathered
there to spend a blessed eternity to
gether, us is promised to those who
love and serve him here. Mrs.Mc.
The Right End First
Ivditor Review: St. Johns is
growing, aud is the natural home
of the laboring man and great mid
dle class, which makes up the bulk
of American citizenship, nnd ns
such a place for homes, care should
be taken by those iu authority to
hold the rate of taxation as low as
possible. How can this be done?
It may not be of general knowledge,
but is the truth nevertheless, that if
railroad companies were as extrav
agant in errors iu the construc
tion of their roads as the average
municipality iu America is, that
every company would be iu the
hands of a receiver prior to the com
pletion of too miles of road.
Que error common iu American
city building is to pave the streets
prior to sewer construction, aud
then cut the pavement at great ex
pense and damage, to sewer the
city. This may be necessary iu a
lew instances, but the cases are
rare where the "wrong end fore
most" process is necessary.
Sewer the city first, with n system
good for 100 years, aud follow
with the best quality of paving,
when the home builders are able to
bear the burdens.
Creosoted blocks placed on a ce
ment foundation has proved satis
factory in Vaucouver, B. C, where
care was taken and good work
done, aud first class material used.
Hassam is hard and noisy, but for
steep sidehill streets, this paving,
like vitrified brick, has proven sat
isfactory. A good quality of bittt
lithic, when well laid down gives
satisfactory results, Before any
Hassam is laid iu fct. Johns I would
advise the council to carefully ex
amine the Hassam pavement at Sa
lem, Iearn the date when laid
down and carefully examine pres
ent condition,
Iet us have the best when we do
pave, and let us do our work "riuht
eud first." D, C. Lewis.
A young mother and her pretty
jaby were passengers on a train.
An elderly gentleman addressed its
proud mother: "A fine youngster
that, madam. I hope you will bring
him up to be au upright, conscien
tious man." "That will be a bit
difficult," said the young mother,
smilingly. "Pshaw," rejoined the
elderly gentleman. "As the twig
s bent, so is the tree inclined." "I
kuew it," agreed the other, "but
this twig is bent on being a girl."
Open Honrs: l:oo 105:30 ntitt 7109:30 p.m.
Sunday.: 2:30 to 5:30
Through n mistake of the tvnc
setter the explanation of the clcc
trical list printed iu last week's Re
view was omitted. The list is
graded one, prepared especially for
tne nomc study ot a person who,
while desiring to learn somcthintr
ot electricity, is not iu a position to
take a regular school course. Any
onewno is interested may secure
one of the lists and the books them
selves at the library.
A bulletin is now nosted announc
ing the mothers' mcetinir to be held
at Mrs. Kelley's next Monday aft
ernoon. Mothers are invited to
come aud look over the books bear
ing on the subject: "The Readiiur
ol the Child up to Ten Years of
lhe Magazines. Some of the
popular stories now running iu the
magazines are:
Stella Maris I.ocke, iu Century.
The Amateur Gentleman For
no!, iu McClurcs.
Stover at Yale Johnson, iu Mc
Clurcs. Heart of the Hills Fox, iu
Captain of His Soul -Mitchell, in
These nrc more easily secured iu
their present form thau they will
be a little later, when the books are
in great demand. Back numbers
of the magazines circulate.
Received this week:
London Cruise of the Snark.
Merriwether Seeing KtiroiM! by
Twenty-five years ago the author,
with a capital of $200 started out to
see the world and spend n year
tramping about Kttrope ot au
expense of 50c a day. A quarter
of n century later he aud his wife
followed his old trail as nearly as
practicable aud the talc of their
adventures makes up the book,
Careful details are given as to the
expenses ot the trip, the most
convenient equipment for the auto
mobile and the best roads.
Holland -Miss Gilbert's Career.
By the author of Seven Oaks.
But few of the new books re
ceived each week can be noted
here. Come iu aud examine them
ut fust hand.
Bargain Days Advocated
Kditor Review: I notice that you
are advocating home imtronaiie.
This is a good idea. All thiuns
being equal, or nearly so, there
should be 110 reason why the local
stores should not receive patronage
from all who live here. I notice
that it is the bargain sales of the
department stores that weau pat
ronage from St. Johns. The only
way to counteract this is to have
bargain days in St. Johns, as at
least one firm is now doing. The
other duy I noticed the wife of one
of the men on the city pay roll
coming from Portland with her
arms laden with merchandise, which
did not look good, nor show the
right spirit, but happens right
along, Bargain tlays iu St. Johns
will do more to keep people at home
than anything that could be de
vised, It is human nature (femi
nine, at least) to seek bargains,
aud unless they arc to be found in
St. Johns they will undoubtedly be
sought elsewhere, Observer.
Would Like to Come
In a business letter to this office
W. II. Reid, proprietor of Reid's
Hotel, Devil's Lake, N. I),, takes
occasion to remark: "I always had
au inclination to retire to St. Johns
at some future time, but I cannot
break loose from here at present.
May be on the Shriuer's excursion,
which reaches your town Mav 1.1.
but we are so busy now it may be
come impossible to get away. I
always thought so much of Port-
laud, and thought St. Johns an ideal
place to make a home, Going from
this cold climate where we have
seven mouths winter we appreciate
it much more thau those coming
from a more moderate climate."
Mr. Reid is the owner of a number
of lots iu St. Johns.
Lots Almost Given Away
Lots 31 to 34 in block 4. Point
View, for $1000. Write W. H.
Reid, Devil's Lake, N. D. 26-6t
Wanted Hoys to learn to weave
at night; pay while learning. Call
at once. Portland Woolen Mills.
Open Evenings and Sundays by Ap
pointment Office Phone Columbia 140
Resident Phone Columbia 38
Physician and Surgeon.
Day & Night Ofllco In McCheiney blk.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, C97 Dawson Strcot
Onico, I'ltter Block.
University I'nrk, Portland, Oregon.
First National Hnnk Duilding
McDonnlil Utilltling
We buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
List your property with us if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
drop eurd to
H. M. Snltcrlcc, St. Johns, Or.
AM, WORK (l 'ARAM 1(1(1)
Transfer and Storage
We dollvcr your uoods to nnd from
all pnrta of Portland. Vancouver. Linn
ton, Portland nnd Suburban bxpress
Co., city dock nnd nil jvolnta accessible
by wagon. I'lano anil, furniture moving
Office Phone Columbia 24
Residence Phone Columbia 198
St. Johns Express, Transfer
nnd Storage Co.
Piano Moving a Specialty. Haul
ing dune to and from Portland
Residence 400 Kant Richmond
Ollice 103 North Jersey Struct
II I H. Ilurllneton Street
Aulomobllo RuMlriiiK nnd VulcnuUlne;
We cnu Kt you Auto Tlnnof nil kind
Itlcyclo ami (Icncral Repairing
iu connection. New uml wx'onil hand
bicycles for sale, lllcyclc tire In stock.
J. M.anJ V. P. WRAY, Props,
l'lione Columbia 587,
CAMP 773 W. 0. W.
Moot flv
cry Wed
11 a a d a y
In Illck
ner'a Hall
A. P. and A. M.
R cuii In r romimiiilcHtioiui
011 limt Wednesdays of
each uiontli In Odd Pel
lows' Ilnll. Visitor wul-
,S. Clms, IMvis. W. M.
C, O. Rogers, Secretary
Order Eastern Star
AUncrva Chapter
Meets Rvery first ami Third Tuesday
Evening of Kuril Month in Odd Hollow
Ilnll, Mrs. Susie Rogers, Secretary.
Metis every l'riday iiitjht nt
7:30 o'clock in I. O.O. F.
Hull, visitors alyuys Wul
come. V. W. MASON, C. C,
I). I'. HORSMAN, K. R.S.
No. 186 I. O. 0. f,
Meeta each Monday evening In Odd Fel
lows hall at 7:10. A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers,
If you have any Plumbing
you want done Just call
us up, Columbia 92
203 S. Jersey Street