St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, December 22, 1911, Image 5

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fc. if:', i
Local News. P'
Picture framing done at Poittnml
prices nt II. lf. Clark's, the furni
ture man. tf
Santa Clans ut the M. K. Church
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Kv
crybody welcome.
Walter Hasey severely sprained
bis left knee last Friday, but is
able to get about on four legs.
A dye works has located in the
French block by Portland parties,
who are prepared to do dyeing of
all kinds.
Mechanical tops given awav free
with $i purchase of Christmas can
dy and toys at Alex S. Scales store
at Hast St. Johns.
Frank Kly has opened up his
boxing school in the building next
to Couch's store. Any one desir
ing to take lessons should see Frank,
J. F. Hendricks and W. S. Gill
more are building a fine modern
dwelling in conjunction at Swinton,
which will be placed upon the mar
ket as soon as completed,
James Latham, who recently sold
Ills blacksmith shop on South Ivan
hoe street, says he intends to re
main in St. Johns, und will shortly
launch again into business of some
Any one having knowledge ol
families in destitute circumstances
are requested to leave names and
a'ddresses of same at this office not
later than tomorrow at noon,
A most interesting litter of pups
appeared in the windows of the
Bungalow store near the postoffice
last week. They were about six
?"veeks old and attracted much at
ention on the part of the passerby.
Dates for Portland's next annual
Rose Festival have been fixed for
the week of June 10-15. Plans for
the event have been taken up aud
the management will prepare a fies
ta on a larger scale than ever be
fore. Next year's festival will be
advertised very widely.
Good buy 125x116 near Penin
la mill and Willamette boulevard.
4-room bouse, barn and woodshed.
Fruit trees, fine garden soil, or
would make fine little chicken
ranch. For sale at a bargain. Price
ea very easy terms. See Davis &
McKinney, owners.
The "Last Chance" Store
The late-shoppers' paradise. Your troubles arc ended when you enter our
store. Tell us who the dear one is, and we'll do the rest. The only stock of Xuias
goods, that will be accessable on the day before Christinas.
Fountain Pens
Parker Ouarutitce.l High C.rwle I.lnc
of IV11, jricr from
$1.50 to $7.00
A line of JSC Uff Iwckol, well
bound novels, incliiilliiK the follow
titles: Dora Thome Tlielma
In the Depths Marlon Grey
Uncle Tom's Cabin lllnck beauty
Darkueks ami Daylight
So Pair, So False
I.ovc and Diamonds
IMilli Lytic' Secret
Her Only Sin Two Bad blue Ryes
Love's l'oibidden l'rult
Won by Waiting for Her Only
Ishmael Her Heart's Deoire
Her I'utul Mistake
Wedded and Parted
Clocks and Watches
Ivory Mantle Clocks, imported, very
artistic is 50. fo.50, 1 7-5 each
Old Dutch Mantle Clock $5.00
All bras Mantle Clocks, Imported,
very artUtlc f-l.oo
llrn-s. desk, alarm Clocks, f J.15-3.00
Traveler' tiny Clock in leather case,
.... fj.OO
Small brass mantle clocks 7,00
Double 111. copper alarm clocks, 1.50
America" alarm clocks 1,00
IiiKersoll Watches we hae the
whole assortment in stock at the fol
lowing prices:
Yankee. . ., fl.oo
Kclipse , I.50
Junior J .00
Midj-et 2.00
Universal 1.35
Midget, artistic J.50
Midget Kococco 3.00
l'ive year gold filled case 4.00
Midget, sterling silver case 4.00
Midget, ten year gold filled case 5.00
Five cent, 10c and iajc Cigars in
boxes of Twelves Twenty-fives
Fifties and Hundreds
A line of high grade toy sui-li as
Moving Picture niacliliifS
Tumbling Teddy Hear
Hill-Climbiug Vehicle, etc.
Xmas Cards
IVxiklets, Motto, etc.
Fancy Calendar
Xtiliu Putt Cards ic to f 1
booklet jjc to $
Calendars 10c to ft
l lb. box Lowuey' Milk Choco
late Creams.,,.,.., 35c
I lb, box of ame 30c
I lb. Ikix Lowuey' Crent Choc 50c
1 lb. box of same f
I lb. box I.owucy's Fancy Xmas
Package , 75c
Fancy Holly box Hon Hons ....1,73
Fancy Cloth box Uon Hons 3.00
Fancy hand painted box of lion
lion , 5.00
Ladies' Bags
best grade of Leather and Trim
mings, A select variety
. fl.JS, I.50, 3.00, 4.50, 6.00
We quote here the prices of a few
of our fancy Fies:
French briar, umber stem fi-S"
French briar, curved amber stem 3.00
Briar, genuine amber stem 3.50
Same with silver trimmings 3.75
Same with gold trimmings 4.50
Also an assortment of Calabash und
Meerschaum Pipes,
Safety Razors
Globe Safety Kazor . . (i.oo
Oem, Jr., Safety Kazor 1. 00
Ever Ready Safety Razor 1.00
Gillette fs up
F.xtra blades always in stock.
Cigar Lighters
The day of the match is doomed -Vest
Pocket Lighters ajc to 1.00,
Vest Pocket Bulls-Eye
An Electric Flash Light that fits In
the vest pocket. For locating the
key bole, etc, f I.35.
Xmas Accessories
Calendar Pad Caudles and Holders
Tissue anil Crepe P.iiwr Garlands
Xmas Seals and Sticker Tinsel
Rmpty Holly Gift Hox bells
Santa PIm Face
Holiday Perfume In great variety.
I o fancy b..x Perfume 15c
I oz of Mime 50c
1 oz satin lined lx, triple ext. .1.00
2 oz of Mime 7.00
Combination 1mx face (lowder,
rouge, wicket aud icrfuuie . . . 5.00
We keep In stock every odor of the
higher grade of perfumes. We offer
this year regular i lb. bottles at 2.50,
3.50 and 4 So.
Writing Paper
Our variety and assortment of Hol
iday Writing Material In fancy luxes
is uusurKicd. Prices, range from
2jc to 4.00 er Ixix,
We have an elegant assortment of
Ladle' and Men' Storuistickk, with
the quality where it ought to Ik: in
the covers. They are bargains at the
following prices: f i., 1.50,2.00.7 $,
Columbia Phonographs, both Disc
mid Cylinder, at theeiiiUereiitpricei.
fS.oo will purchase one, a better one
for $17.50; 25.00 gets a hornless one,
next l)efct one is 35.00, The real fan
cy ones for 50.00.
Thermos Bottles
Their contents remain indefinitely
ice cold or lulling hot. just us you
wish. Three grades 1. 00, 1.50, 3.75.
Subscrltiu tor the Tologrom bust
uvuiilng piipur
Ud Stockton,
ou tht, couat. Boo
Cliristmns Candies and p.! Ices
Hint cannot be beaten nt Alex S.
Scales. Phone Col. 13(1, H.St. Johns.
For Rent. Furnished housekeep
ing rooms, 109 West Iturr street 1
blocks to 1 ttti r station. I'hottc Col.
1S4. 5-tf.
Congregational Corner of Rich
1110111I mid Ivnnlioe streets, Hiblc
scliool nt to 11. 111., pleaching servi
ces nt 1 1 n. 111. ntul 7:30 . tn, Re
ception of new members ut morning
service. Public invited. 0. V.
Nelson, pustor.
The Covenant Contract Co. tin
noiinccs tliut it will lie ready to do
business in the Anderson building
on Riclimond street tlic first of the
new year. It will deal in chemical
compounds and divers other piop
options in the invention line.
'Pin. Phi'Utmitu inoKii't. will In'
.... - -n- ..... ...
..I,,..,. ..I ll,.. M..1, xliliroli In.
the pastor, Rev. J. J. I'atton, hotii
Sunday inorniinr and evening. The
theme for 1 1 a. in. "Searching for
Clnist:" for
tier Story."
. 1 .MM. . IIP....
y;,ju p. in., 1 iiv ii on
All are invited.
lfirst Christian Science Society; -
Snndaviin. in., Wednesday, nt
8 p. in. Reading room okmi Tues
day and Saturday from s to 4 p. in.
All cordially invited to the services
and reading room. Sunday service
December 24, subject; "Christ Jo-
Children take BALLARD'S
hecatisc it tastes nice. There isn't
a better remedy anywhere for child
ren's coughs, hoarseness and bron
chitis. Its a good medicine and
easy to take. Price 25c, 50c and
Ii per bottle. Sold by St. Johns
St. Johns is showing some of the
finest Christmas windows to he
found anywhere. The St. Johns
Hardware .store, the two pharma
cies Jlonlinui & Currier, Couch &
Co., Muck Mercantile Co., The
loggery, the furniture Mores and
others have taken pains to make
their show windows ploasiut! and
T. II, Cochran and II. I.. Nut-
ting have purchased a lot 50x100
on the corner of Philadelphia ami
Ivuiihoe street, ailjoiiiinir Couch iv
Co's, store. The sale was made
through the agency of McKinney
iV jJavis. The possibilities are that
the new owners will erect a hiisi
ness structure thereon the coming
Merry Christmas to all.
All kinds of home made Candies
at the Geneva.
lfine line of Rockers for Christ
mas at II. I'. Clink's the furniture
niter 1110 ounce uo to " rue we-
neva," 20. Noith Jeisey slteet, for
Clmi-coii'iiiinc and all kinds of hot
Cliristmns Chiuawtirc given with
cash puiehase until Januaiy 1,1012.
Alex S. Settles, Col. 136, Hunt
St. Johns.
Factory prices on ChtlsliuaK can
dies to the chinch and Sunday
school clubs. - Alex S. Scales, Hast
St. Johns. Phone Col. 1 jt.
Owing to Chiistmas falling on
Monday, the St. Johns Dairy Pin
duce Co. will have tlieir stoie open
Sunday fiom four to eight p. m.
A scliool meeting for the purpose
of levying the tax for general school
purposes will he held 111 the Cen
tral school building December 28th.
See announcement elsewhere in this
The St. Johns Dairy Produce Co.
at 200 North Jersey, is now better
able than ever to supply the wants
of their patrons. Come and see.
Telephone Col. uj .
24th nt 9'c
Last chance for I'ree Picture nt
Graves, the picture man' studio,
502, South Jersey street.
"I had been troubled with consti
pation for two years and tried all of
the best physicians in llrUtol,
Teuii., aud tliev could do nothing
forme," writes Thos. IC. Williams,
Middlehoro, Ky. "Two txtckages
of Chamberlain's Stomach & l.ivur
rablets cured me." For sole by all
At a regular communication of'
of Doric Lodge A. lf. and A. M.,
held Wednesday evening, the fol
lowing officers were elected and in-,
stalled: W. M. S., Chas. DavU;
S. W H. S. Harrington; J. W.,i
Chus. S. Pry; Trees.. V. P. Drink
er; Secretary, Clyde O. Rogers; J.
I)., Randolph Gradeu; S. I).. John'
Noce; S. S., P. J. Miller; J. S.,'
Warren D. Wright; Tyler. Charles'
Strattan. Pakt Master H.W. Ames-,
bury, of Willamette Lodge No. 2,
conducted the installation in his
customary dignified and efficient
way, after which suitable refresh
ments were served.
Htty your Christmas Cnndiet at
the Geneva.
Rend the Christmas nds in the
Review. No need to go to Port
laud to buy with such h showitrfC lit
St. Johns.
Attention is culled to the AiittiMt
school slntement which appeiuii -In
this isstit. Hveiy cUlttcit in 8i.
Johns should tend It nnd Iwcome
verswt 011 school stntisties,
O. Keiiuimiu wits fined ten doHstn
by Judge Rirc in the munidpal
com I Inst week for assault inn L.D.
Jackson. Mr. Keuiib(ti tesiifiml
that he on Mr. Jackson's
face luvidentiillv,
McKinney & Davis have pur
chased the lot 50x100 fevt coiner
iug on Jeisey and Itiillititotv streets
from Geo. A. DyMin tvf Httitettc.
This is one of the lxnt vucsitl Imsi
new lots in the city. The price
(mid, we uiideistnud, whs 11 Rood
one. Real estate is Itettimiittg in
move at a good stce in St. Johns,
Mrs. Mary l.cyde ilied t htr
home 011 Noith Willis iKMilevanl
Wednesday morning st suout 3
o'clock, of blood HioiiiiiK follow
iug a prematiue liiitli. The de
ceased wns Ihuii in 1RM6 ul hod
been in St Johns but n short time,
llurisl took plsce in Mount Calvary
cemetery nt y o'eliK'k yesterday
iiioiuing. The deceased wm the'
wile of Ittlwsnl Leyde. who with
one oil IUt surviw her.
Hirst Itsbtlst Chttfch Sunday
School ion. 111.: worship 11 a. hi..
topic, "The I test News mi Karlh."
It. V. P. IT, 6:10 n. hi.; worship
7:30 p. 111., topic. "The West News
in Iloaveu." Special ChriaUtlM
music in the evening. The Sunday
Scliool Cliristmns culertaiiiiMciit will
be held next Monday evening at
7:30. Santa Clans will arrive by
host. Alt invited. -II. H. Cheney.
A woman niviim Iter name i
times as Mrs. Dewitt. at others as
Mrs. J. D. Webster, awl still again
ns Mrs. McDivitt has beeu working
M)iue of the local business wen witn
koine success lately. At lesat four
have si veil credence to Iter "tele
of woe" ami advanced some of tin;
needful. Her usual plea is that Iter
mother is dying and she just needs
a dollar or two to make car (are lo
go to her bedside. Iu order that
this plea may not grow monotonous
she variek it at times to some other
hard luck tale. Anything from ac
up is tearfully received. Since the
twlice have Ixtu notified the die
tressed one has upwi ntly nought
other fields thut have not yet culti
vated her ,'Kquaintuuie.
& ift ll ll iSf &4 T 4 4 fc?4 &4 1?4 tTf sTl 4 4 tT tT &4 4 4 4 ? 11 1?4
St. Johns Pharmacy
"The Store That Made Santa Claus So Famous"
How About Your
This store fs the only one in St. Joints that sells groceries exclusively.
Therefore, we are in a position to keep our stock freslt and the best
that can he secured. No stale or poor quality of anything is kept on
hand. Fair and courteous treatment aud prompt delivery are at
your command. Give us a trial, if not already a patron,
111 West Burlington Street