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It Produoes an Odd and a Trlckv Kind
of Mirror.
riatlntzed Klnns consists of n piece of
glass con toil with nu exceedingly thin
layer of u lliinlil clunked with plati
num nnd then raised to u red bent.
The plntluum becomes united to tliu
Klass hi niich u way as to form an odd
kind of mirror.
The kIhs luiH not really lost Itx
transparency, and yet If one places It
agnliist a wall and look at It lie nee
his ImnKe ns In nil ordinary looking
gloss. Hut when light Is nllowed to
rotne throtiKh the kIhsm from the other
side, ns when It It phi cod In n window,
It appears perfectly transparent, like
ordlnnry glass.
lly constructing n window of plati
nized glass one could stand close behind
the panes In an milllnmlnated room
and behold clearly everything going
on outside, while pnwiersby looking at
the window would behold only n line
mirror or set of mirrors In which their
own figures would be reflected while
(he person Inside remained Invisible.
In France various tricks have been
contrived with the aid of this glass.
In one a person seeing what appears
to be an ordinary mirror approaches It
to gaze upon himself. A midden
change In the mechanism Heads light
through the glass from the back, where
upon It Instiaiitly becomes trauxpareut,
and the startled spectator llndx him
aclf confronted by koiiiu grotesque fig.
ure that had been hidden behind the
glass. Harper's Weekly.
Humble Beginning of Europe's Qreat
Maritime Agency.
Two centuries ago a mini w ho had a
cargo to send to the Mediterranean
contrived to get rid of some of the
risk by Inducing a friend to lake an
Interest with him. It was Mwtntry
to write out a statement of contract
to which the guarantors sulHerlbed,
This was the first underwriting
These two men happened to be fro
iicnters of Lloyd's coiToe house In
lindoti. which was n favorite plact
for the iiieiihiiiits of the town It
gnthrr to iINciihs business or to gostp
Others Immediately saw the ailviiu
Inge of the scheme which their col
leagues had devised, and on the next
voyage the risk was parceled out
among a larger number of the patrons
of the coffee house.
Out of this small beginning has
grown the great Kiiropeiin innrllline
geney, still bearing the name of the
humble Coffee house proprietor, and
which not only writes risks on vessels,
but rates them and publishes their ar
rival nt every port the world over,
no matter how small or how remote.
ly rdttirtted.-"AnimU of the American
Where Abraham Fished.
Mrs. Victoria de Hunseii In "The
Foul of ii Turk" relates n legend com
turning Abraham which will be new
to many readers. Khe learned of It
while at IMcsmi, the traditional Ur o,'
the Chaldct', Shu was shown there
large oblong tank of water ho tilled
with lUlies resting Just below the sur
fs ce of the water that their tins and
backs seemed almost wedged together
so as to form "an utmost solid layer
of silvery life."
"The guardian of the mosque throws
tome meal Into the water, and the llsh
Jump high to catch It, n great living
pyramid, of which those which Jump
the highest form the pinnacle. The
tradition Is that Abraham as a child
fished In the tank; hence the llsh wco
considered sncred. No single one Iuih
been caught or killed to this day. In
deed, death would overtake tlm man
who trttiisgressed this law."
Proteotlon From Lightning.
Sir Oliver Lodge stated that the
problem of securing protection from
lightning consisted In finding the bout
method of dissipating the enormous
energy of the flash, but that It wui no)
wise to get rid of the enerjry too
quickly. A thin Iron wire Is cousld
red the best lightning conductor from
the electrical point of view, but It U
almost Impossible to protect n building
from lightning unless It Is completely
enveloped in n metal cage. It Is by no
means true that a building Is safe
when provided with a conductor reach
log up to the highest part of the
The Origin of Grocer.
Urocer appears In Holln,shed's Chron
icle, 1580, ua "grosser," uud lu other
mediaeval records It Is sometimes writ
ten "engrosser" uud was applied to
the splier and pepperera who were
wholesale dealers lu various spices
that is, who dealt eu gros-In large
quantities, as distinguished from "re
grators," who were retail dealers. Tho
Grocers company first adopted the
word grocer in 1373, when the spleen
aud pepperera allied themselves Into a
single corporation. London express.
Agreed With Her.
Tramp (at the door)-If you please,
lady Mrs. Mugga (sternly) There,
that will do. I am tired of this ever
lasting whine of "Lady, lady." I am
Just a plalu woman, and Tramp
You are, madam, ono of the plainest
women I've ever seen an' oue of the
bouestest to own up to it.
Mrs. Benbain Every time I slug to
the baby be cries, ltenham lie gets
his ability as a musical critic from my
aide of the house. New York Tress.
Prosperity demands of us more
prudence and moderation than adver-ally.
Swellings of the flesh caused by
inflamation, cold, fractures of the
bone, toothache, neuralgia or rheu
matism can be relieved by apply
MENT. It should be well rubbed
in over the part affected. Its great
healing and penetrating power eas
es the pain, reduces swelling and
restores natural conditions. Price
25c, ,50c and 1 1 per bottle. Sold
by St. Johns Pharmacy,
Work (or a Qrsatsr St Jeb&i,
An Ordinance Authorizing the
Uregon-Washington Kali
road & Navigation Com
pany, Its Successors and
Assigns, to Lay a Side Track
and Ktin Cars Over and
Along the North Side of
Bradford Street, Between a
Point on the Alain Line of
t h c Oregon-Washington
Kaiiroad & Navigation Com
pany, One Hundred (100)
Feet Westerly Along the
baiu Alain Line from tho
West Line of John Street to
a Point Fifty (50) Feet East
or the bast Line of Burling
ton Street, All In the City of
bt. Johns.
The city of St. Johns docs ordnln as
Section i, The Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Nnvlirntion Comtuinv. n cor.
rntlon organized and existing under
and by virtue of the laws of the slnlc of
Oregon, its successors and assigns, Is
ucrcuy nuiimriicii-nnii txjnnilletl to lay
n side track and rati cars over the same
along the north side of Ilradford street
between a point on the main Hue of the
uregon-WnMilngtoii Kailroml St Naviga
tion Company one hundred (loo) feci
westerly along said main line from the
west line of John street and a point fifty
(50) feet east of the cast line of Hurling
ton street, all in the city of St. Johns,
Multnomah county, Oregon, wild track to
extend from the plant or mills of Laulh
ers' Mercantile Company, lncorKratcd,
to a point of connection with the line of
railroad of the Oregon-Washington Hall
road h Navigation Company.
Section 1. The duration of this fran
chise shall be 35 years from and after the
taking ettect ni tins ordinance.
Section 1. The compensation to be
paid to the city of St. Johns for this
franchise shall be the sum of three
dollars per annum, which wild sum shall
be iwid by the wild Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Navigation Company to the
i'Iiv treiitnrer of I In- rllv nf SI. fiilm mi
orlefore the first day of July of each
.Section 4. The Oregon-Washington
Kallrosd & Navigation Cnmpiuy, its
Mieeeiwors and assigns, shall keep in re
iMir that Million of wild street occupied
by its wild side track authorized under
this otiliuaiice niti-qultcd by the conn
ed, and the wild Oregon-Vahingon
Railroad & Navigation Company, Its
micccmois and astlgus, idiall pay, prior
to the time of delliiiiieuey, any special
imscmiuciiI for the repiir or 'improve
ment of that portion of the street be.
taicn the rails of the said side tritck,aud
extending oue 1,1) foot outside of such
rails, and that ortioti of wild street ly
ing between the two tracks of the wild
Orcgou-Wnnhlngtou Railroad & Naviga
tion ComiMiiy at said nhice. and lu cum?
of failure or refusal to comply with the
notice to rctMlr, improve or maintain
such iMirtlou of said street, or of neglect
or refusal to pay any legal attcsMiiciit for
rctwlra or Improvements, the said city of
St. Johns may declare by ordinance the
immeiiiau lorictiure ol tlie traiicuuc
herein authorised.
Section s. Said .Orcgoii-Washinutou
Railroad it Navigation Comviuy shall,
within thirty da alter the iMiKsage and
taking effect of this oriliuuiicc. file lu the
ollicc of the recorder its written accept
ance 01 me Mine.
I'usscd by the council,,.,
Approved by the mayor . ,
. , Mayor.
Mtest , Recorder,
Published in the St. Johns Review on
Dec. 23 and V), 191 1.
Proposals for Street Work
Sealed nroDotals will Ik received at
the ollicc of the recorder of the citv of
St. Johns until Jan. 1, 1913, at 8 o'clock
p. m. for the Improvement of Qreshum
street from the easterly side line of
lliichniiau street to the westerly side
line of Ida street, lu the man
ner provided by ordinance No. st, sub
ject to the provisions of the charter and
ordinances of the citv of St. Johns, and
the estimate of the city engineer, on file.
Hid must be strictly In accordance with
printed blanks which will be furn
ished 011 application at the office of the
recorder of the city of St, Johns. And
said improvement must be completed 011
or before 60 days from the last publica
tion 01 nonce 01 proposals lor sain worx.
No proposals or bids will be considered
unless accompanied by a certified check
mj aiiie to tue mayor ot tlie city 01 at.
lofiiis, certified by a responsible liauk
or an amount eoual to ten per cent, of
the aggregate proposal,
The right to reject any ami all bids is
hereby reserved.
lly order of the city council.
I'. A. RICH,
City Recorder.
Published in the St. Johns Review
Dec. 15, 32 aud 39, 191 1,
(Officials of 3JnIne, (Oregon
MayorK. C. Couch
Kreoriler frank A. Klce
Treasurer W. Scott Kellogx
Attorney A. M- luon
KuKiuecr.-C. K. Andrew
rhy.tcisiv A. W. Vinccul
Chlct ot PoliceIt. McKlmity
Councilmrn at Large:
P. V. Valentine Chas. Ilredtson
I), frank llortmaii
Councilmen First Ward
A. A. Muck wn- - j. w. Davis
Couiicituicu Second Ward
O. I,. J'errine f. Hill
Streets ami Dock-J. W. DavU. F W.
Vatcutine, A. A Muck
License--!1. Hill, A. A. Muck. Chas.
limit ton
Water aud Mght-Chat. Brcdcson. I. W.
DavU, I'. Hill
Flnance-A. A. Muck, J. W. Davit, G. I,,
Building and Grounds O. I,. Ftrrlne,
Cbas, liredcton, I). I'rank llorsman
Liquor License F. W. Valentine. G. L-
1'errlnc. V. Frank Horsmau
Health and Police D. Frank Hor.mau.
V. W. Valentine. P. Hill
Morning and evening services at
the United Kvangelical church the
coming Sunday. Sunday school,
at 10 a.m., preaching 11 a. ni.
and 7:30 p. ni. G, R. Stover, pas
tor. o
Subscribe for the St. Johns Review
aud keep posted oa the doings of
the city.
Preach Urn gospel ot St. Jokaa.
He Obeyed Orders.
Oenernl Dabnoy U. Maury in his
"Incident of General T. J. Jackson"
says that. "when the war between the
states broke out Jackson was the pro
fessor of mathematics at the Military
Collego of tho South. Ho wished
strongly to take command of h cadet
corps, but the hands of the Institu
tion were dcslrouB to have him cou
tlnuo his teaching. Governor Wise
called out the Htato troops mid ordered
that a corps of cadets be held ready
for lmmedlato service. Jackson, then
major, reported nt once nt the guard
room ns ready for duty. General
Smith said:
"Major Jackson, you will remain as
you nre until further orders."
Jackson nt that moment was sitting
on a camp Btool lu the gunrdroom with
his aaber across his knees. At reveille
the next morning he was found In the
snmo position.
"Why, major, why arc you here?" ex
claimed General Smith.
"Hecntiso Inst night you ordered me
to remain where I was," was the reply.
Royal Jawsts In Pawn.
The ex-Sultan Abdul Ail pawned all
his crown Jewels for n million francs
nt tho Mont do I'lcte nt Paris, and
they wero only Just redeemed by the
Moorish government In time to pre
vent their being sold among other un
redeemed goods.
Tho sword of state, which Is regard
ed lu Servln as a sacred relic, was also
pawned by n former king, while one
well known European monarch found
himself In such straitened circum
stances that the famous house of At
teuborough ouco temiwrnrlly had pos
session of nil his old silver.
Queen Isabella was, however, the
most famous royalty who made no
secret of tho fact that bIio raised mon
ey upon the security of the portraits
of her nnceatoni, which hung on the
walls at the palaco Catllc, her Pari
sian home. Tho royal lady often de
clared how deeply sho was Indebted to
her royal forbears for coming to her
rescue nnd helping her out of her tluan
clal predicaments. London M. A. P.
The Road to Success.
Just tack this up Bomcwhcro where
you can see It:
Success consists lu getting out of
yourself everything that's lu you. It
does not consist In doing almost quite
us much or a llttlo more than the oth
er fellow. What tho other fellow docf
doesn't amount to n dent lu 11 door
knob so far as you nro concerned.
The fact that he succeeds by laying
an Atlantic cable, building an I'.lfTel
tower, Inventing wireless telegraphy or
cornering the world's supply of oil
doesn't make you n failure because you
haven't got enough ready money to
buy nil uutomoblle. You're successful
when you put to some useful purpose
every ounce of energy, every grain of
gray matter, every mite of muscle that
you'vu got. You're Hucvessful when
you've developed nil there Is to you
and have given that to the world.
Plttsbtirg Giixette-Times.
A Hard Htartad Paoptt.
Filial piety finds no place lu Tibetan
character. It Is no uncommon thing
for n son to turn his father, when too
old for work, out of doors and to leave
him to perish In tho cold. Tho supersti
tion that the souls of the dead can,
If they will, haunt tho living drives
their hardened natures (o gain by tho
exercise of cruelty the promise of the
dying that they will not return to
earth. Ah death approaches the dying
person Is asked, "Will you come back
or will you not?" If he replies that
ho will they pull a leather bag over
his head aud smother him, If he says
he will not ho Is nllowed to die lu
A Lightning Changa Artist.
Tho rapidity with which chameleons
change their color Is marvelous. You
gather one from an outdoor shrub and
It Immediately become dark... almost
black, hissing aud with Its mouth wide
open, threatening to bite. Meanwhile
It Is never still, but continues to crawl
upward whenever possible up you, up
your sleeve, always upward. Ity de
grees the augry black change Into
whatever color Is nearest. If one's
dress Is of n brownish color so Is the
Th Rial Thing.
"This," said tho young benedict who
was Just realising that he had caught
a tartar, "Is what I call real married
"I'm glad you're satisfied with some
thing," she snapped.
"Oh, I'm not! I merely meant to lu
form you that It Is not Ideal." Phils
delphlu Ledger.
His Oood Action.
A little Cuuadlau boy went to bed
and then suddenly recollected that he
hadn't done one good action that day.
Ills conscience was gnawing at him.
He heard a little squeal lu the corner
of his room, and be got up nnd re
leased u mouse that had been caught
In the trap. Then he gave it to the
Exptnilvo Fiction.
"Is that picture really u work of
"I don't know," replied Mr. Cumrox,
"but the story the dealer told me
about it surely was." Washington
Enough Bald.
'Thrifty, is sher
"Thrifty! I won't go Into a long
discourse. I merely tell you that she
banks money In December." Wash
ington Herald.
His Dilemma.
"For 1200 I'll fix rour teeth so you
can chew without difficulty,"
"If I was to give you 00 I couldn't
get anything to chew on." Life.
The following list of legal blanks
are kept for sale at this office and
others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mort
gages, Satisfaction of Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Bills
of Sale, Leases.
All these blanks ut the uniform
price of 30c per dozen,
6h Didn't, but Ha Did. and H Must
Have Dn a Brave Man.
The bravest man in New York tund,
his nppearance lu a Hroadwuy store
ono day last week. He carried an
enurmous bandbox, which contained
an enormous hat, on which the man
wanted what ho considered nu enor
mous nmount of money refunded, The
tnnu was pretty mad, end while look
lug for souio ono who hnd tho author
ity to negotlnto tho transaction he
talked loud enough for everybody to
"My wlfo bought this lint," ho said,
"She doesn't need It, Stic tins already
bought thrco hats this season. She
paid ?:15 for this one. Sho has never
worn It. It Just came homo Inst night.
I can't afford to throw all that money
nwny, nnd 1 wntit you to take the lint
back. She wouldn't bring It down, so
I undertook tho Job myself,"
"lly tho sldo of that man Napoleon
wns a cringing coward," said the
young woman who hnd inndn the sale.
"Imngliio him flouncing Into n Parisian
millinery shop with n hat that he
didn't want Josephine to buy! lie
couldn't have done It. Very few men
can. Once lu .11 long while some pom
Now Yorker with the courage of ties
pcrntlon In his heart returns nierchan
dlso which he cannot nfTord to buy fot
his wife, and his audacity upsets the
wholo store for n month." New York
Lloni Gobble Up Porcupines, and Cpm
al Eat Spiny Caetut.
A nolo lu tho Loudon Field draws at
tention to Hons that eat porcupines. It
would nppcnr that nn nnlinnl protect
ed by such powerful spines should be
quite secure from nttnek. Yet. If we
may trust tho account given, It np
pears to bo n habit on the part of the
lion nnd not nu Isolated occurrence.
Captain Dumbcll had been told by n
native hunter that the Hon was lu the
habit of eating porcupines, Ami this
has been continued by two Cngllsh
sportsmen. V. Klrby. for example,
has taken n porcupine's head from the
stomach of n lioness. Others relate
that It Is not uncommon to find lions
with porcupine quills nllcklng nil over
their noses, fares nnd paws. It seem
to nrguo some Indifference lo pain on
the part of the linn, ns well ns n fancy
for porcupine's flesh.
Compare this with tho case of the
camel, which n distinguished traveler
describes ns calmly chewing up n very
spiny plant with the blood dripping
from Its mouth! The cnitle in some of
the nrld parts of America, again,
browso on that spiny cactus. And In
some parts of the Ihigllsh coast the
horses browse on the prickly sen holly,
while tho donkey's partiality for thl'
ties Is well known. Incidentally such
cases seem to show that spines In mi
turn nro not such clllilent protectors
as somo have supposed.
Slalght of Hand Poisoning.
A very curious Item lu tnxlcolpglcnl
lore I chained to light upon, wrote
George Augustus Sain In ono of his
letters, may be called tho fent of poi
soning by sleight nf hand. You were
Jealous of 11 lady, uud you wished to
kill her. Well, you nuked her to lunch,
and yoli caused n very nlco pencil to
be served at dessert. You cut the
fruit with a golden knife, 0110 side of
the blade of which wns endued with n
deadly polxoii. You presented tho pot
soued half of tho peach to tho lady,
who ate It with much relish and then
dropped down dead. The whnlesiune
half you nto yourself and laughed In
your sleeve nnd went on slicing more
peaches for tho ladles of whom you
wero Jealous till you wero found nut
nuil broken on tho wheel. Aye, there's
tho vuh! What high old times we
might havo, to bo sure, but for that
plaguy contingency of being found
out I
Har Drawing Powtri,
Pat nud his little brown uiaro wero
fumlllur sights to tho people of tho
towu of Gurry. The mnro was lean,
blind nud Ituuo, but by dint of much
coaxing Pat kept hor to tho hnrue.
One day while lending her to water ho
had to pass a corner where n crowd
ot would bo .sports had congregated.
Thinking to havo some nmusctuent at
Pitt's expouse, oue called out:
"Hello there, Pat! I'm looking for
tho real goods. How much is that
mare of yours able to drawl"
"Hegorra," said Pat, "I enn't nay
exactly, but she seems to bo nble to
drawh the nttenshuii of Ivery fool In
town." Housekeeper,
Sleep and Dreams.
The brain U more active while en
gaged In dreaming than when not thus
engaged. The only perfect sleep Is
that whlci Is dreamless. The moment
the sleeper begins to dream he begins
to work, and the moro vivid nnd pro
tracted the dream tho more Ititeiise,
naturally, becomes tho work. It is
possible that at no time during the
waking hours of life Is tho bruin so
active hs It U lu tho strange business
of dreaming.
A Treasure of a Cook.
Mr. Newedd-Whatl No cook stove
In tho house? I gavo you money to
iuy 0110. Mrs. Nowedd Yes, my lovo,
but I found I hadn't enough to buy a
stove and hire a cook, too, so I let the
stove go. Itut the cook Is here, and
she's a treasure. She has Just gono
uttoget us some crackers and cheese.
His Idea For Thaorltt.
Tommy Pop, what Is a theorist!
Tommy's Pop A theorist, my son, is a
man who thinks he is learning to swim
by sitting on the bank and watching a
frog. Philadelphia Record.
Wheezing in the lungs indicates
that phlegm is obstructing the air
HOUND SYRUP loosens the
phlegm so that it can be coughed
up and ej'ected. Price 25c, 50c and
It per bottle. Sold St. Johns Phar
macy. For ttptodate news read the Re
view ;f or uptodate meals visit Dan's.
Subscribe for tht Review and be
Whan Routed Theia Utually Patient
Animals Fight Like Fury.
The usually pntlent nud submissive
camel, like the proverbial worm, will
sometimes resent nn overdose of
abuse. Too dense to think of a way In
which he eiin outwit his driver nud so
take him unawares, when roused to
the pitch ot fury he rushes nt the
tyrant open mouthed, and his formi
dable teeth nnd powerful Jaws do seri
ous damage.
Of this vlndlctlvencss tho enmel
driver Is aware nnd of the certainty
that sooner or Inter the camel will seek
revenge. Accordingly It Is customary
for the person who fears his malice to
throw his clothes before the camel,
meanwhile hiding himself until the
animal's fury has been expended In
tossing and trumping on them, when
the Injury, real or supposed, Is nt once
The camel will not Identify himself
with his driver or rider in tho Binnllcst
way whntever Ho steadily declines
all ndvnnees His eye never lights up
with love or even Interest nt the np
proneh of his master Should you at
tempt to pat or caress him he will ob
ject In n very decided manner
Good treatment or bad makes no dlf
ferenee to tho enmet Llfo and Its
hard conditions nre taken for granted
Ills view of things Is far too serious.
He Is nonbsorbod nud preoccupied that
he has no time to waste In the gaim
bols Indulged In by nil other young
animals.-1 turner's Weekly.
It Is Nice to Find a Friend Who 8oat
ttrs 8unthlne.
"I don't like people who are always
coming to me for sympathy."
"They do get tiresome, but I prefer
them to the ones who come boasting
of their successes nnd trying to make
mo dlssntlsflcd with my lot"
"Oh, I don't mind that ktnd. They
never worry mo nny, I am always so
successful myself that 1 never havo
causo to envy them. And, speaking
ot success, I made $500 last week In
a llttlo real estate deal, nnd my boy
tins been malting a great record lu
school. He's nway ahead of nil tho
other boys of his ago, nnd my wife
has n mnld now who la (ho best girl
we tin vd ever been able to Ond-the
best one lu our neighborhood, In fact
How Is your boy doing now? I heard
some time ago that he wns Inclined
to be rather wild."
"Please don't mention him. I'm
afraid he Is going to bring sorrow
uhiii us You nlways were lucky I
rfuess I'll Havo to lose tho little homo
I've been paying on during the past
eight years, all on the boy's account.
My wife has hnd to quit keeping help,
although her health Is very poornnd"-
"Well. goodby I've got to be going
Cheer up What's the use of being
grumpy? Look at me. You'll tlnd. If
you try It, Hint It pays to scatter sun
shine." Chicago Record Herald.
Story of a Nail Keg.
A hundred years ngo Jeremiah At
water was n lending New llitven tiier
.limit, buying his supplies lu Huston
aud receiving them by vessel. Among
other goods received were several
casks of nails, one of which on open
lug It under n layer of nnlls nt each
end wns found to be tilled with silver
dollars. Mr Atwnter, who was neon
scleutlous man, Immediately wrote to
the Huston merchant that them must
he some mlstnko In tho Invoice of
mills, ns one nf tho casks contained
other article besides nails. Ho was
promptly Informed Hint the mills were
bought for mills, sold for nnlls nud
mills they must be. Forthwith Mr.
At witter had a basin made or the all
ver and presented It to the Center
church, where It has been used lu the
baptismal servlco from Hint time to
the present.
Art and Nature,
Art Is tho revelation of mnn, nud
out merely that, but IlkewUc the reve
lation of nature speaking through man
Art pre exists lu nature, and nature Is
reproduced In art. As vapors from
tho ocemi floating landward and dis
solved In ruin nre curried back In
rivers to the ocean, no thoughts nnd
tho semblances of thing Hint fall upon
the soul of mill) lu showers flow out
gain in living streams of nrt and lose
themselves lu the great ocean, which
Is nature Art aud nature nro not.
then discordant, but ever harmonious
ly working in each other. Longfel
low's "Hyjierlon."
Whllo touring abroad a certain cltl
ten of New York found HiU Item lu a
list of police regulations posted up on
s highway lu Ireland:
"Until further notice every vehicle
must carry a light when darkness be
gins. Darkness begtus when tho lights
nre lit," Saturday livening Post,
The Family Orchard.
"Could I Interest you lu our ornngo
irove proposition?"
"Nopo; 1 havo already put all my
money Into a fruit orchard.
"On my wlfe'a hat," Houston Post
Next Dttt Thing.
"Yes; I have Just douo Kurope."
"Can you give me u list of hotels
to go to?"
"No; the best 1 can do Li to give you
list of hotels to keep nwny from."
(.ouUvllle Courier-Journal
Handuess of heart Is a dreadful
quality, but It Is doubtful whether In
the long run It works more damage
than softness of heud. Itoosovelt
The quicker a cold is gotten rid
of the less the danger from pneumo
nia aud other serious diaenses. Mr.
Ii. V. I.. Hall, of Waverly, Vn.,
says: "I firmly believe Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to be absolute
ly the best preparation on the mar
ket for colds. I have recommended
it to my friends ami they all agree
with me." For sale by all dealers.
You get full weight and first
luallty ut the Ceutral market, Just
try awhile.
To the lloanl of Diiectors and Citizens of School District No. a of .Multnomah
Cotiulv, Slate of Oregon:
Gentlemen: I herewith transmit to you as requited by law the Annual Report of
the Schools III District No. a, for the year ending the third Monday tit June, 1911:
Mule PeitMte Total
Number of persons between four ami twenty yenrs ot aj(e
residing in the district November as, 191 1 yjj 85! t,3
Number of teachers employed during the year st it tfl
Number holding stale certificates or diplomas t is
Number holding first grade certificates j 0 ,
N'Minber holding second grade certificates 1
Number holding third grade certificates 1 1
Number holding primary grade certificates t 1
Number holding jieriults 1 1
Number holding certificates of institute nltenduuce dur
ing the past year t as
Number of teachers employed hi this district utkiHg H
educational journal 1 ,15
Number of chool house lu the district
Number of mouths public school taught during the year i
Number of legal voters for school puroses in ilistrlct ill Hill at Ukikiug ihl i-
port (estimated) v
Total number of library Ixioks oil hand , -
Total number of library books purchased during the year (not dlstrilrtUed
Number of teachers employed, female 3; total 3
Number of pupils eniolled", male .l, female ny, lotnl ;u
Number of private schools 1
Cah 011 hand al the time of making Inst annua! rcpott, Jun Jo, 1910.... 40440.14
Received from County Treasurer from district tax
Received from the Comity Treasurer from county sohwil fund ttiWLJo
Received from the County Tremurer from Mate whortl fund. , ..... . ... sVs,t4
Received from all other Miurces, . , if
Total , i- t.7&i7
Paid for teachets' wago i 1 ;,Jj
b'or full '.fi
l'or school supplies .
I'or rctxiirs i."u.iG
l'or Improving gtouuds, . . ,o'i.y
l'or Janitor work i.iif.$i
Paid on new school houe.. , , ).oij.uO
I'or furniture 4 j.v, t.$U
I'or heittlng plant ,,, i ;',fjl
Paid 011 priuclMl ami Interest (if bom),,,., 1. ,',o
On warrants
l'or Insurance n-i 10
l'or clerk's salary .'
I'or library books ,., ... mi (o
l'ot car fare .. (a
l'or publishing bills .... -
I'or publishing notice i.m
l'or publishing annual tcMirl '
l'or Judge and Clerk of meetiiiff 1 ; a
I'or lllgli School CnmmeiH'enuttl .. 1 15
I'or trtinul olfieer - 1 -
l'or freight uud cartage .
l'or WHter ' 7
l'or tioucr 1 " il.l
l'or lights .
I'or telephone s
i'or slteet Improvement 1 "i j
l'or fewer Improvement j'-i,ft4
l'ortaxostm illook it), Jnuie John AddllWjH i 'f.?5
Total '4.$
lUtitmtled value of school lnme ,...)ftaMMk
fUtlmateil value of KtoumU 40.1mo.oo
estimated value of school furniture and sppMrntiw. ...... aoAfAWi
Amount ol liwutunceou scltool hmite snd uthvt ptttpetly 69400,011
Average monthly wiluty of male teachets ; tju.on
Average monthly salary of female leacheia 70.9M6
j. . TANCII, Clerk K. II. OKItltXK, CtwImHtl.
We hereby cuitlfy that we have candidly examined the hooka sttd scrauulsol
the DUttlel Cleik, as icpilred by m-liou 11, jwv 5$, of SfcUoot Uwsof lyoa,
and that we have found the tme to Iw true and correct to the I wet of owr knowl
edge ami belief. We further certify tlwt this reiHt la nn exact ctyty ot Ik ftNNaal
report III the DMrlct Cleik's Record Hook, and we IwlUtv the asm to bt tall ami
rsirrvct. S. II. C.KICUNK. A. M. HTKARNtt,
J. It. TANCII, Cleik. Ddeciora
You Can't Losc-
Alveolar Dentistry
Is aiiHrniiteeil for Life -It
Does Away Entirely With
Plates anil Bridge Work.
Our uunranlrc la audi that you cannot
pimlbly loir. Mo.t NlinU that come lu
us hnvn bren told by oilier drnti.U lhal
ihey imut wihir a pUte for the reatnf tliair
livo. Ae bridge wink cMiutut ba iIua
wlmro yuu Iwvrn't Irrlh at Ixrtli cade lu
anchor the bridni 1 1 such caaat at wdl
all cams wr bridip woik 1 puaubla,
we can aupply your iiuwhiiii taetli wilh
UiitifiilitttK,,rUiily,cumfiHtbli Alveo
Ur Irclli.snil uunrnntee tliem tolatt for lib.
If for any rnawin the work provaa dfrliva
or iinMtUfactQiy, we ieMir or nwk it
over fire of chatyo. If nrillirr can
be. done, which la SI.LDOM.but wmieliiiies
the cr, we then maka you the beat plle
iMiiiblr. Our uuarnnleeimplyHiMiMlhttt
iimImiI of deploying your natural taath
to which wo anchur. wo prevent lltair
destruction, t'lereby umiiiiiik the pa
tient ami ounelvrt that the Alveelsl
trrlh, in -I') caise out of M). are uainu to
M fur the remainder of your natural life.
If not, then No. 50 nU what the oilier
dentitte lild you wae your latt reHt
before you came to u a pUle and the
beil that can lie made. Our Alveolar teeth
are the iiiimI beautiful nnd natural loukinii
teeth imaifiiMhln. cannot be told
from nature's ptwluct. We can imitate
nature ao neatly that we defy anyone,
ilentitt ur laymen, lo tell them fiom the
mot perfoct natural teeth. I'lach tooth is
set in it own ackel, epatate
unci dutiiifl, ipuced like natural teeth
where best lodo so, lappod mother place.
The cutpe occlude with the opposing teeth
and 111 ome case we put them in crooked
purposely to match and occlude with your
other natural teeth. The work i ea
remaikable and o perfect that we caniwt
do it justice by a written description, nor
sould you believe it. It eounde too good to
be true, but we can show you tainplee,
Proposed Assessment
Notice is hereby given that uportion
meilt of the coal of Soulh Jerat-y ttrct-t
from Mohawk to Ida street, tutul cost i
fi.OlJ.yi.ha been apportioned and is 011
file ill the oAice of the uuderalKUed, tul
ject lo examination.
Asaeaauieut district extends hack to
the center of lots, blocks or tracts of
laud HhultiuK 011 an Id street as provided
by the citv charter aud resolutions.
Kemousirauce against said apportion
ment may be made 1 11 writittK and filed
with the uiultraigued uutil J o'clock p.
m. January 9, 1911-
City Recorder.
Published in Hut St. Johns Review
Due. 23 and 19, 191
Note th Isbsl on your paper.
coiihlriitail of the woik. Ut you see (in
' v. mi ell what it 1. Their ate 12 Alveolai
Dental Co. ntfitee in the WW. About
m,m) people 111 the United States m
wealing Alveolar teeth. About MMW0
were Mipphml by the Alveolai Denial Co
About 2000 iMwple of this rUy ami etaie
were Mimppml
iiuiiiihhI in I hi office: V9 ner cent of
, tlieae, it not all, will tell you tlt they ate
dehalitwl ami tltat
it a the timi
inent that Ihey ever hum, il
atknd. We will uUdly refer you to aa
many ae you care lo see.
AUeohr Teeth, Where llrhiffemntk I
If only your front teeth at left, eay thtee
ur (our or imi. we ran replace all ol tkua
that have been loet on both atdea ileal
back with, uetfect Alveolar teeth, wkilat
blMluewoik would Ue iMituaetbb even it
you Imv eiht or ten front teeth to tie to.
If you have only two back teeth on eath
tide, say molars. w can eupoly all the front
teeth that aie mieutuj with beautiful, netv
keable, lifelike Alveolar teeth. This COU Ui
not noaaibly be done by the bridae route
Ami wltere bndtewoik la uotetble.
there ie no compafMon between
tlie two A very laiue percentage of our
woik ie lakinu out britbjewotk put
in by supposedly high-c laes tjentiale Mid
replacinu U with the beautiful and artieti
Alveolar teeth. And uoltke
bridtiewotk in another respect, k ie pla
Iwliy Minleae. No botiiu Ol utliruuslo
the tiUtiM. nothing to be dreaded. Now
then price UelHV equal, which would yuu
Curinn I'jnrrhivi (looee toath) a ilia
ease uiven up by other dentiati aa in
curable is amtther f our epeciaMoa. We
cure it absolutely. It's a boastful statement
to make, but wr can do anything that ie
MMilde in dentwtry, and what we do w
always of the very highest ilea. Out
booklets. Alveolar Dentiatty. ale free.
Write for oue if you cannot call. we
have samples of our woak to show at all
! AI.VH0I.Ak DHNTAl. CO.. DHNTI.T-I'ortland-Ablnjton
Ithhj.. I Mi Third ft.
i Seattle -Knight HUk.. beml ami Wale.
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