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Published Every Friday
At 117 WVst nurllngton Streut.
TilK Rkvihw Is entered t osl office
In Snlttl Johns, Oregon, us until mutter
of the second clu under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Offlclsl NevarPr of tha City of BU J ohm.
A.lfiTlUltiK rtlm. $1.00 jifr Infh per mouth.
II sdMtltln Mill trtl flrtt of th
Subicrlptlon price $1.00 per yenr.
We Uiit tlint nit our leaders will
Mml h moNt happy Cliri.stnuis.
Tlint is Hlioiit nil roine of its lime
loft to upend.
ReKnHrtK S C. Cook's suRgci
lion itt another column rk to witli
tlrHwitiK the enmr now ttriuling be
fore tlt Supreme Court on the rnti
MilitlRtion question, whether Mr.
Cook i in ennifst or in j'.st.
would seem lnd policy. If there
can Ie nny iiuexlioii hs to the IcuhI
ily of Ihe aiinexution volt it lintiUl
npeiir now, when it milil lie rem
mlietl: not niter it is toolntc to rem
edv It. If the supreme court de
cider tlmt tile election was legal!
held there i nothlntf to do hut to
ninkc the !)est of a lind. very hat!
bargain. Mr. Cook intint remem
her that out of totnl of 1000 vot
en, only 3(12 voted for nnitexution
3trniiKe lliinu htippen in this
wotld. A womnii kilted her hu
ImiiiiI In Colorado, put up Ihe pie
of ftdf dcfeimc, wbh nctiuitted, yt
the rttnti whmhIioI twice in (lie back
Two hIiow xitln nIioI n milliontiire
III New Votk, wete itetiiitted, mid
now sue their victim for hulf
million dollnrN. Wotkmtn nl the Al
lib IB hIioim me HHltitt'ttnl to rhmiii
iilitt idiiim.' (tally ly striker, yet tl
city nlTeiK no pioteclion wlmtevc
A f 01 liter l'oitlnnri woiimn sliot
IkMself while lalkimt over (lie phone
In Iter lover, whom he lotkitl to wel
Hint be lefitNitl. Fiction hint no
edge over nvlutil mm 1 return of tl
Mrs. Bicknase Entertains
Mih. IliekuiiM-eiitt'itaiui'il the Del
oimil Cltili and then IiiihImiiiIn ul
her beautiful liome on Polk Mice
oil IhmI I'liduy evciiiiiK, it Uinx th
I till niiiilVfiHun nl lu-i iiumliiee.
All eli-xnut luncheon was served
roiiHiHtinii of wiudvK'IU'M,milnd.i,iiki'
pineapple kt uud i'oKw. Mm. Vi
otti Cunmltell HHiiit IwHiitifulh
"W'hete the River Sltauiioii Flows'
Hint iilwi an eitcoie. Mrc. J. N
KeuWr lemleml two very witty m?
elections in her nanal happy style
Tliuil Mm. Alice l.cutned, pic!
dent of the club. In a few wc
eliOMii wonts, pretieuled Mr. Mick
1 now with n iiiindMoute brats juiili
net. Several pnvcs of hand iwiut
wl china weie also nicii her ly
other memiK'ih of the cluo.
The htMieoM then WKel to cue
IwiXMi iHCHt'iit a lyiiewritlen list ol
(iUCWioii, the answer to each title
tHHNt Immiiv the name ol an
okl faahbited flower. The tesult
al the contest being a tie between
Mi, iioytl ami Ml. MarkU-. Tliey
weie (Miliited to cut lor the itrlxe,
liumliMjiiie ilk d. Mia. Itoyt
warn the lucky one.
Jaoint ol the moat iiaiHlMime am
Milking uowim ever worn at any
8l. JohiiK function weic in evi
A very jrieaiMut time wm had ly
nil pieiwiit. .Mia. .Markle will en
eitain the cltili next on Thuratlay
HfteiiKMiu folkm-mit I hi Minn at n
CliiUttina luncheon.
Selection Not Yet Made
The boa nl of ;ovciiitis of th
coinineictal clul nu t 111 the city hall
MoimIuv at one oYlivk. hut as the
election of a publicity man hail
not lxcu uiatlf, theie waa little to
do. The coiuiuittev 011 ti.uteia an
iMHiitced thai the room now occu
iieU by the Hachelota hud heeu m
ciuwl a lit I would la. leady foi ikxii
IMiwy by the chili aftvi the fiiat of
the new year. The committee 011
iHiUicity uiau Ulievcd it would Ik
iMly to lejHHt 111 a day or two.aixl
it waa devitleu to call a special meet
iiiK of the lioveruors aa aoou iu this
cuuiiuittee aiiuouiavtl its teadiueitf
to ieHHt. l.alei siK-cial meetiuK
wh hekt yeateulay utter noon. Sin
name wviv prvseutvd us cuiulidatea
fur publicity mail by the commit
t Meaara. Ciuwshaw. Utiytea,
Wot foul, Jobthiiauu, Harvey uiul
Conley. A the tcoveruors wanted
more time to iuvektiute the recotds
of the candidates, the decision will
lie made ut .1 mh-cmI iiiet'tiue; next
Notice of Annual Adjourned
ifatte U herrby aivrn U the Iraal vo
Un 1 Kbuul iiUim-1 No. j of MuIiho-
HU eoiuity, Mate ol
tv. Mate ol OrvaoM. tbat tu
AhhvmI AdJouruol hcbool Mwtiua oi
wm uwnct will be iieiu at tbt CtwtraJ
Sohool Houae, to begiu at the boar of 8
p. iu. 011 tha foutUi Tnunalay of
I2aewbar, beiUK he afcth clay ol Itectg.
Thi weetluR ia elle.l for the purjtut
of twv)1ut a wcta1 tax for Keucral
aciMWI wrsMtr the trauMU.'ltoa uf
IjUaitHM HMWl at UCH UMCllttK.
Datad this jilh day of December, iui 1.
CVainsaa pmA of IMnciora.
AUmt J. U.TA.N'
Stories of success
may knock nt
o v e r y man's
door, but deter
mination opens
It. Itobert M.
InFollottc. thn
flKhtliiK Renntor
from WUconiiln,
nnd ono or U10
mauler stated
men of tlio
country, heard
tho rap Juat
oner, anil tlio
tl o o r n w u n a
wlilo. From that
ono Intense moment, tlio Imrcrool
lioy then ptl-lilnit Ills father's plow,
threw lilmsclf Into a grim, defiant
Krajijilo to wrest from farm llfo
that writ nml rnerny that later mi
talnod him through college nnd his
rmirn Iciml nml tiollttcal career.
Tho llfo of this man Is ono shining
trail Ulazeil ny muniy numsn in-riii-lrv.
I111I It In 11 trail atarllt bir
RuecRss. Hvcrywhere the world
riVKP. Bllrrrn- ilnmn.tllln RCCUrlty.
HavlnB ono's money ilouhlos tho
rtiancc for sticress. With a sav
ings nccount In somo itood hank tho
world Is your foot slool. Harlnir n.
dollar make It grow, nnd every
dollar invnl linn a future. Your
moiipy Is safn Ui'tr. nml thn Inlereat
wc tuy iuukc4 wavlnc worth whllo.
St. Johns, Oregon
A. R. Joiihs, Vice President
V. V. Dkinkkk. Cnnhicr
C. II. Rf.HfiitM., Ass't Cnshier
For Chrlitmni Photos nnd Family
Groups glva ua a call
Holhrook UlocK
St. John
The Furniture
is hulf the home A home should
not look sliuliliy alter a vein s
iim-, ordiuiiry uaatic should allow
uood furniture to continue indef
Inspect ours
and you will see a vaiiety of
,stles Imilt tilslaiitinlly nnd
made to lust.
Second Hand Ranges
ill hrst clnsa condition, Kood
viiIiuk at low priceti
St. Johns Furniture Company
Cash or Credit
Nmtlicrii Pacific Railway
iuiinlrtl illWr 17 1 v t
SuiOi lul l.lwUrlw NtMlh HtuV
J i hi
Aliautu l.kuirM w luiit amtHtt
MIMfc- l.titir IU Nollh IIuhV
I him lilt (Hrla IStl Rtwiul
TMiniHl IttlMrx ta NMth HnmI.
ixys m
I. 1 1 it m
)itl w
j at l in
hiKtrlll ltlrla autlNtl
hatlriu I krwvui Ninth taaL
Mo Hltri l.iwmtuXuilli Huk hi
7f IH
IUKC HtHIUlt l.iwiUtl j u i w .
i 4 I' W.
NoilS C,M l.iuillril tin Ni.iOiHaul.
SoiOi I'unM l.iMtitmi W Cwact kuuuU
r i
No. ratiSt IUimvU Nutlh I'uhL -Nu
fuiic llinn tin lug auaatl
fwOU Ktur tia Nuilh Saul. -
I'M-iaV lilirMla I'ucrt huuiul
41 1 ll
7 s w
41 1' m
7 p . at
s 41 a w
7 4W. in
KaiIM l iuiru tHt I'uiwt Su
Mu Klttl KlMlUiU Phi
is IStitvt htmutl - J J
scxltU IUMtw iis l
Ih Hw4 nml Oi) IUiI
i J l i
llUtM (tiswuu Nul
rucrt Nuuau i.iwam Catiraan - -
41 p. 111
Vila 111
O M CtMUfll. Acttil.
Spokane, Purllaiiii & Seattle Railway, ST. JOHNS
fallbiul PasariiMr (or I.) I. OuMradaW Ore
gon 1 1 mil sail lutitl tMNHia sua m.
uianu r.uiwir r.kuiru una m.. uw caicaiiu,
at Caul Omaha l.wiU Wall
Malta nutv Kuuwkrll OiaitakiaUs. OoMn
tal. V hllr haluiuu. Vuavuuer anil Otegtm
Kuith tUuV I iiuitrtl : is 11 hi , or ChU-ai;
auu M.
Caul iMuana KausasCitt
it M l.uais wVaHe.
4. Vaavu. Kull. ami
(M(UC Kilixillc. UiuU.
uluiulaj Kivtr (.oral vvi ti w . fur Vamtiuirr.
Camas W lutr aalatoN. , lli.UUII CliHi
raiiMkigr aau ail iulnm4wlr Mataws.
lulaud h.uilMir IUuip. 7 . m (iuhi Chics
ku M Caul tiuak
iiu. Kiiiui vtly
M. I.ouii
MHkanr hpiuijur KilUk l.lnj, 'H-o.
KuxMkrlt.Oiauudale.- While Van
ucr hh i.iiuiwd. 7 17a. im . uum cnicaiio.
M I'uul OMtaha. KaHMS Cit) it l.ouis. Wslla
walla imkii KuUMtu. ami Vaucuutrr
4uaibw KOtr Lval y ji a hi Iiimu Clltls.
itiauouaiir wohtetulalr .) w Mile imIhioh,
Camas VaaSMtvi awl all ifllnmnliatc l
allbrklgr rHusragvi p w lium I.)tt. Oul.l-
sasaaw a hki ihmuib-
All liaiusslui tut uatMMgtts.
Tttkats on aaW for all paints.
O. M Cwnrll. Agtut.
Hrlug Iu your Job priutlnc while
yuu think of It. Don't wait until you
ire entirely out. Wo uro equipped
turn out neat aud tasty printing
urouiptly ut I'ortland price ur Ion.
I'he tnx levy for the city of St.
ohuti, wliigh will he itjadu
mik, will likely be ns hih nfi iu
I'orUntid frym the iKUicnt outlook.
A Long Crtdlt.
Tho motto of the lilghlntul host (tint
baftlru for the Stunrt cutise, which
bonny Prince Charlie huiuleil, nimr
ently WflB that heuvvn lielps tlioso who
help themselves liberally. They levied
toll ou the henroost, stable nml, nc
eonlliiK to th uutlior of "The I.ond of
ltuinancc," even on the pockets of tht
At Stvnrthholm n purty of these mn
rHtidcii overhuuled the homo of u till'
tor, nnd when ono of them wits nboui
to cut up n web of homespun Unit hnd
tnkeu his fiiney the ko1 wife earnest
ly remonstrated,
"A dny'll come when yu'll lm ta
.pny for tlint," sue solemnly nssureo
Kclssors In hn.nd,' Donald pnused.
"An' when will she pu hnflnjc to do
Hint V" Iip sskfd.
"At tho Inst day," snld she.
"An' that will pa a fcry coot Iomk
credit," the robber coolly returned
".She wiiii koIiik to pu only tnkliiK a
coiit. hut now kIh; will po tnklni; 11
wnlstenst 11s well,"
A Mountain In th Sky,
.Somewhere mniiy miles nwny from
this eiirlli nn enormous mountain
twenty miles IiIkIi Is HyhiK through
splice, 'I'll i) iiiouiiImIu U kmiwii nslro
unmlcntly ns the pin mt Krus. The or
dluury inn 11 hus Ionic titken It for
KninliMl Hint nil the iihinets nru more
or less roiiuii in sinipe. run stnnii
jilntiet Kros, however, N nn eTeeptlon
Id this rule. Aeeoriltin; to Mm Intest
iislronomlenl Informntloii, It Is n mere
mounlnln In spnee, "wllhoiil form mid
void," and ns It turns upon lis axis
(lrl on rorner nnd then nuolher Is
lireseiilml lo view. These snmll worlds
(few nre over ten or twenty mllei
ncross) nre not In mo eiioui;h to have
suilli'leul Kruvlly to draw their struc
ture Into symmetry and remnln as
when hltinrhed Into npiiee -mnmmnlL
tneleorlles, A tMiiliillrliu: fuel for n
tronotners Is Hint Kros pnsed ver
rloe lo us iiIkiuI .Inn. 'Jl, 1 JH befori
the pin net was reriifiil.c'il and I lint
rpitlti so near 11 11 npproneh Is not duf
nnlii till II)?..
"Th Mln' Dlown Up."
1 wits mIi Una- on Ihe edge of my bed
tnotenlui; Hie heel of one of my riihhel
I100H Willi Ihe toe of the other, when
fiuldenly Ihroiinh the stllluesi of thi
sleeplni; town, from the power house
hnlf a mile nwny, enme a low and ris
ing mile, the h reit siren whistle In the
power house, Almost fnscl 1111 till, I
listened ns the krent note rose hluhrr
and more shrill mid died away iiunlu
Ono hlnst turn lit a llro In the town, two
blnsls llro lu tho buildings at the mine
and Ihreti blnsls, the immt terrible of
all, a dlsnsler or trouble In the mine.
Oiu'o more, after an Intermlunble
imiise, tbe sound came nenln nml onre
morn roN and died away. I did no!
move, but there was a sudden cold
ness Hint enmn nvrr me ns onre more
for the third time, Ihe deep note broke
out 011 Ihe unlet nlr. Almost Install
tnneously the loud Jlucle of my tele
phone bnuiuht me to my feel. I took
down the receiver. "The mine's blown
up," snld n woman's voice. A linn Ho.
Saying No.
Tho author of "Pat Mel'nrty," a Isiok
of verso wllli a seitlnp or prone, snows
how naturally some of Hie Irishmen o
Aulrlm dilute Hie wine of mirratlv
with the water of verbis ue. In Ihe in
ccrpt below -"Tho Way We Tell
Blorv" the diluent Is used with a par
th'iilnrly free liimd:
Hsya I lo Mm, I iwya, any I,
H.i I to til 111. I nay.
Tlio llllnii, n I, I aaya lo Mm,
la but. I, ilila May.
I lie, ay I. a ara'l ruifk
Vnr you a in! for yeur brl,
Ami nnytlilna I rail, I snya,
I'd ilo. I wial Indeed.
I 'Iihi'i ktMiw any man, I ssya,
I'd do II fer, ) I,
As fiat. I )', si fur ynurael.
That's telltn' a no II.
Thi' natidil, ) I, I wihtn't da
To plana your feyilM'r's n,
Hut IMi, I ), y M, aaya I,
I , It ran'l be tlnn.
Th Rpelacld Dar,
Thn spis'lacltil bear of Kcundor
so culled been ue of a patch of white
around each eye, which makes the
anlmsl look as thoiiKh he was peerliu;
HiMUKh a Kilr of Krent Npectacles.
lit alio and t'ciicnit color tho spec
ta-led bear looks not unlike tho Amort
can Pluck bear, nut It hair Is very
sliHKKy. At each side of the baud U
while liar, which Klve tho animal tint
appistriiuca of wearlui; a halter Hut
the most distinctive foil tu re Is th
while around Ihe ryes.
Tho schiMiltoacher was Iryluw lo It
liiHtrata the dlffcreiice between pliiuts
nod aulmals.
'Thiols," alio explained, "ure not u
ceptltilo uf attachment to man as aiil
mala nre."
How about burs, leaeherf" Piped a
mall hoy who hnd passed tho sum
mer In the country. Chicago New.
Mak Children Happy,
The rlrst duty toward children U to
make them happy. If you have not
made thorn luippy you have wnmw'ed
I hem, No suitor trood they may net
ran muko up for that Charles Ilux.
HI Reward,
Lawyer Urowu 80 I calUM the
Judfio u liar, lawyer Jones-And then
what did you do? Lawyer Hrowu
Thirty day, Toledo HI ado.
And th around.
Ijidy Customer I)o you keep coffee
Iu tho bean? New Clerk I'pitalrs
madam. Tht U the cuud door.
I'rlnceton Tltjer.
Which Wat Far War.
Williamson Does your wife always
have the last word? Ileuderaou Well,
If she doesu't, old fellow, she looks It,
Smart 8et.
How is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con-
tinned or examined at the Peninsu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
II. Henderson, manager, 20S North
Jersey, McDonald building.
We buy or sell St, Johns Property
Real Estate
List your property witli us if you
desire to sell quickly
303 N. Jersey St. S$t. Johns
1 . 1
Dec. 23 is
the Last Day
The hist summons to one of the most uuicjue and remarkable "Money Saving" opportunities
ever offered the shrewd and conservative shoppers of this community.
Come and get it now at a big discount. Only a few more big golden bargain days, Op
portunity is knocking at your door. Will you allow it to enter?
$300 Worth of Merchandise Being Given Away During This Sale
TWO STORES-I07 and 311
Electric Christmas
Gifts Are Popular
They still pos!es the spit it of novelty dear to the Aineri
cun hciirtiituil thus solve the problem of Hiving Chiistiuiis (lifts
that tiro inHercnt.'
IiiuikIiiu hiv pleased most men would be to receive an
electric shaving cup or nu electric ciiir lighter, iustejnil of neck
ties, sock nnd hundkercliiufs "ns usual."
A teakettle for uniiidiiioUier, n eninover for Mndniu's five
o'clock teas, a chafing dish for the college girl or bachelor maid,
h dine stove for the Imchelor, n tint iron or sewing machine mo
tor for the practical housewife all these novel and useful gifts
will be appreciated by whoever receives them.
It should tint be forgotten that these electric ChrirtmnHgifts,
nre all utcful gifts. Ivach of these devices is designed to do
Mime nue thing better than it can be done any other wny.wheth'
er it in to percolate coffee, tonst bread or furnish the power for
running a sewing machine.
The line of elictric Christmas gifts is so comptute that in It
will be found a suitable gift for every member of the family.
Portland Railway, Liglit & Power Company
7th aud Alder Street
through to
lis, St. l'aul
None is
With only one change of train,
ha, Kansas Citv. St. Louts, Denver
.ire reached.
Tickets nnd baggage arranged
tails will be furnished on request.
Christmas Money
You can change your money into crisp new bills or gold for
gift purposes without charge nt this bank.
Or you can ojkii a savings account here for friend or relative,
and make a present of the pass book.
Or, if you prefer, you can put your gift iu the form of nn in
tereM-bcaung Certificate of Deposit.
Peninsula National Bank
Successors to
THIi PUNINSn.A HANK, Kstablished iu
Capital and Surplus
Additional Stockholders
Bcgining January 1, 1912,
cent interest on
Heartburn is a symptom of indi
gestion. Take a dose of HhKHl.U
iu such cases. The pain disappeats
instantly. The oowels operate
speedily and yuu feel fine, vigorous
and cheerful. Price 50c. Sold liy
St. Johns Pharmacy.
1 at k I 1 1
To St Johns' Greatest
and Grandest Bar
gaining Event
the trains of the xsorth Hank Komi run
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Miiiucnpo
and Chicago without change,
faster or better appointed. Kvery
uicderu feature of equipment is supplied.
aud that is the samu station, Oma
and other ceutial western points
through to all eastern points. De
O. M. COUNKIJ,, Agent
this Bank will pay 4
Savings Deposits.
Wolcott (the rent man) 130 1 1 th
street, Portland, is the man to see
for real estate or mercantile deals.
We will buy your vacant lots or
your equity for cash If your price is
right. McKinney & Dayis, 1
mb" nm -m m m
South Jersey Street, St. Johns
Practical Gift Suggestions
Make your gift a practical one, the kind that are
most appreciated. Below wc mention a few that make
very acceptable gifts.
Pocket Knife
Safety Razor
Razor Strop
Shaving Brush
Suggestions for
Fireless Cooker
Reed Roaster
Coffee Percolator
Set of Silver Knives and forks
Suggestions for Brother
Overland Wagon Foot Ball
Pocket Knife Air Gun
Velocipede Hand Car
Many others, too numerous to mention,
Come in. No trouble to suow goods.
Phone Richmond 131
O. A. C. Short Courses
Begin Jan. 3, Continue Four Weeks
Saturday ;
Dec. 23 is I
'the Last Day:
m im wd
for Father
A New Razor
Hand Saw
Tool Grinder
Mother or Sister
Chafin Dish
Carving Set
Hand Painted China
Aluminum Tea Kettle
M4 44 t 4 tt 4t
Slabwood 1
4 4
Everv citizen of Oregon i cordially invited lo attend
the hort coure of the Oregon Agriculture College,
beginning January 3. Eleven distinctive course will
be offered in Agriculture, Mechanic Art, Dometic
Science and Ait. Commerce. Foretry and Muic
tvery coure w designed to HELP the student in
his daily work. Make this a -leasant and profitable
winter outing. No tuition. R asonable accommo.
dations. For beautiful illu.t alid bulletin, address
H. M. TENNANT. R g, trar. Corvallis, Ore.
rARMeR'SBusiNesscouRsr it correspondence