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Devoted (o (he Intereitf of (he I'enlniula, the Manufacturing Center ot (he Nortliweit
vol,. 7
NO. .15
Quite a Storm
A Chance for the Boys
Library Notes
Council Proceedings
Free Ferry Elusive
Thinks It Is Easy
Bargains in Real Estate
Tliat Oregon 1ms n few surprises
up its sleeve nml cmi do tilings out
of (lie ordinnry when it ileenis tlie
occasion titispiciotis wns fully dem
onstrated Monday evening. A
thunderstorm such ns the oldest In
habitant confesses he never saw be
fore In Oregon swooped down upon
us. Accompanied by gusts of wind
and ruin, the lightning Unshed In
termitcntly and the thunder roared
during an hour's bombardment. It
had nil the car marks of a genuine
old Eastern thunderstorm with the
agreeable exception that the light
ning wns distant and not uucom
foitahlv close to the city. It sue
cessfullv removed all traces of
homesickness from late residents of
the Eastern states. A few minutes
nfter the fireworks subsided ami the
rain ceased the night was beautiful
and the atmosphere woudrously
clear nnd pure. The electric dis
play and the reverberations of thun
der were greatly enjoyed by those
who had the temerity to stay out
In it, but it is said that a few of the
"wehfoots" were almost scored to
death, and could not be induced to
crnwl out from under their beds,
where they had sought refuge, un
til long nfter the storm had passed.
Great Industrial Center
Dr. J. R. Wcthcrbee, chairman
of the Portland Civic Improvement
I.euguc, in discussing Architect
Bennett's comprehensive plan for
an ideal city in Sunday's Oregonlau
bus the following to say that is of
special Interest to the people of St.
"One of the most important feat
ures in the proposed development is
the extensive improvement of Port
laud's harbor. Swan Island Is se
lected as the first important loca
tion for public docks. It is planned
to construct slips both on the Island
and the main laud, to widen nnd
deepen the channel nnd to provide
for deep wnter facilities on (he flats
bordering the Columbia River north
of St. Johns. Here nil (he main
railroads entering the city from the
east and north will center on easy
grades nnd will have easy Inter
change with water shipping. This
section of the city will become the
great industrial center of Port
laud." Authorities 011 "the manufacture
of furniture assert that Grand
Rapids alone sends 5,000,000.00
worth of furniture to the Pacific
coast every year, nnd yet we have
in Oregon a number of factories
which nre manufacturing furniture
of the highest grade nt prices us
low or lower than those demanded
by the Grand Rapids manufactur
ers. Oregon has many hard woods
capable of being made into good
furniture and Portland has a hard
wood mill which is dressing Siber
ian oak, l'iji mahogany nnd other
woods which are lciug manufact
ured by Oregon furniture factories
Into furniture of the highest grade.
If the people of this state would in
sist on having "Made in Oregon"
furniture, this one industry alone
would keen hundreds of thousands
of dollars in the stnte which now
goes to Hastem furniture manufac
turers every year. This Is just one
example of what the "Made in Or
egon" movement will do for this
state, and there are mauy others.
Senator Bourne announces he has
the appointment of one principal
and three alternates to (he United
States Naval Academy at Annapolis.
Arrangements have been made
whereby Dr. V, T, Foster, presi
dent of Reed Iustltute, will direct
the qualifying examination. Ex
inations will be held Saturday,
October 14, nt 9 a. m. at the Reed
college building, Eleventh nnd Jef
ferson streets, Portland. Candi
dates must be be(weeu the ages of
16 and aoand will be given a strict
physical examination in addition to
the men(ul (est. Candidates will
be "examined in the following sub
jects: English, United States His
tory, geography, arithmetic, alge
bra and geometry. Dr. Frauk
I,oxley Griffin, professor of mathe
matics in Reed College, will assist
Dr. Foster in the qualifying tests.
If you want to see a most pleas
ing sight, take a walk down Phila
delphia street from Hayes to Edi
son. The improvement is almost
completed, but few people realize
what a splendid and beautiful street
it is getting to be. There is not a
thoroughfare in Portland that can
compare with its rare beauty aud
slghtliuess. It is worth anyone's
while to take a look at it.
For Insurance see F.W.Valentine
The small boys of this city will
have a way to make their pocket
money this fnll by harvesting a new
kind of crop. The forest service
of the United States department of
nurictilture will collect several tons
of cones of the Douglas or red fir,
from which the seed will be taken.
These will be planted in vnrious
Nntionnl Forests In Oregon where
the timber has been burned. Al
bert K. Wiesendanger of the Unit
ed States forest service lias exam
ined the cone crop about the city
and has found n very large quan
tity on the trees. The cones will
rinen between September 1 and
1 September 20 and during this time
It is expected that every fir tree for
miles around will be stripped of its
new crop of cones. The small boy
may earn from $2 to $3 n day pick
ing cones.
The cones when picked will be
deliveted to the O-W R. & N. de
pot, where the Forestry department
will handle them aud send them to
Wycth, Oregon, where there is a
eovcrnmcnt dryer. Here heat is
applied nnd the cones will open and
drop their seeds, hurther purlieu
lurs regarding the collection of
cones may be obtained from I.outli
ers Mercantile Co.
Buys in St. Johns
James Cole of the firm of Cole
& Cole, attorneys, has purchased u
50x100-lot on Jersey street In St.
Johns from W. F. Sllne for n con
sideration of $10,500. The lot is
Improved with n practically new
one-story brick building, designed
so as to contain three store rooms,
nnd wns sold through the agency
of the Realty & Trustee Co.
The projcrty Is located in the
business center of St. Johns nnd is
one of the most desirable prop
erties in our sister city. It yields 11
fnir return on the purchase price
nnd will be held ns nil Investment
Some of those who thought to
get next to nature's heart and nt
same time eat 11 11 few sheckles in
the hop fields the past two weeks
received rather scurvy treatment
from (hat good Dnme nnd Jupiier
Pluvius, It rained almost every
day nnd (here wns very little pick
ing, A number went without tents
nnd had no shelter. Two women
aud a tin v baby, in cue instance,
were obliged to spread their blank
ets on a pile of brush aud sleep in
in the ruin. A number of families
have returned (o St. Johns,
E. I.. Perkins, who has been dis
pensing hardware on Hurlingtnu
stree( for (he past three years, Into
ly with the Surrierer Hardware Co, ,
lias changed his base of operations
and is now the obliging and efficient
assistant nt the St. Johns Hardware
store on Jersey street. This hus
tling firm is to be congratulated
upon securing his services, ns few
in the city lias more friends or
know more about the hardware bus
iness than E. I..
I. Badger and wife left this week
for Lincoln, California, .where they
expect to locate permanently. Mr.
Badger goes on account of his wife's i
health. and in order that she may
be with her daughter, who lives at
that place, He will likely return
soon in the iuterest of his ball bear
ing hub. They were very loath
to leave St. Johns, for which they
have a deep and lasting affection.
Mothers who spend the night
with a sick baby appreciate the
help they get from McGEE'S BA
BY ELIXIR especially in hot
weather. It quiets the fever aud
irritation, soothes the stomach,
checks the bowels aud helps both
mother and child to obtain sleep
aud rest. Price 25c and 50c per
bottle.Sold by St. Johns Pharmacy.
Mr. J. R. Graden, who is a loco
motive engineer, his wife and two
daughters, who arrived in St. Johns
August 2 1st, for a visit to his fa
ther nnd mother, departed for their
home in Detroit, Mich., Sept 12th.
They were so favorably impressed
with St. Johus that they may make
it their home before many years.
One acre all cleared aud in culti
vation on improved street and ce
ment sidewalk has water, electric
light aud gas; five blocks from
postoffice in St. Johns; two blocks
from car Hue: Price $2400, $300
cash, balance half yearly paymeuts
at 6 per cent. This is better than
80 acres outside. McKinney &
Open Hours: 2:30(03:30 ami 7(09:30 p. in.
"You nre worshiping n vision,
beautiful only because seen through
the haze of ignorance" "When a
man is not up on a tiling he s usu
ally down on it." Such were the
accusations thrown nt each other
by two men trying to nrgtie for and
against socialism. Neither one
would have been applicable if the
two men had patronized the library
You hnve had your uppetite on the
subject whetted by the recent able
discussion in the St. Johns Review
- remember that the library is the
best place to satisfy It. These
books nnd others will give you
both sides by logicnl thinkers nnd
practical doers.
Socialism: an examination of Its
nature, its s(rcng(h and its weak
ness. Richard T. Ely. This Is nn
unprejudiced view by n mnii who is
not n socinlist,
Men vs. The Man Personnl let
ters between n socialist and tin In
dividualist, ench doing his best to
convince the other that his side is
the true one.
What Is Socialism Kau ffinnn
dedicated to John D. Rockefeller
and Eugene V. Debs.
From the Bottom Up Irvine
the story of his own adventurous
life, and huw'nnd why he became u
The Common Sense Socialism
Spargo -- a 191 1 book.
The Menace of Socialism.
Sociulism and Christianity
The Experiment in Milwaukee t
What socialism has accomplished
nnd where it has failed after a year's
triul in Wisconsin's chief city
John Collier, civic secretary of the
H.'opIe's institute, New York an
niticle in Harper's Weekly for Au
gust 13.
Death of Mrs. Cormany
Mrs. Myrn Corinany, wife of S.
A. Cormany, died nt iter home, 937
Stnfford street, Thursday night of
Inst week, and was buried in the
Rivervlew cemetery Saturday after
noon. Mrs. Cormany wns born in
Manchester, Ohio, in 1843,0ml was
the daughter of Rev. Foster Web
ster, the first Baptist minister to
hold services west of the Rocky
Mountains. She came with her
husband nnd children to St. Johns
in August, 1907, residing here ever
since. Mrs. Cormany was a great
reader, aud while prevented from
taking an active part in locnl affairs
by deafness in late years, was un
usually well posted 011 educational
aud political matters. A loving
wtfe and kind friend nnd neighbor,
she will be sadly missed in her
home circle. She leaves n husband,
n sou, Cormativ, aud daughter,
Mary, nt St, Johns, aud two daugh
tersMrs. A. V. Betts uud Mrs.
Daisy Thorson, of Belolt, Wis., to
mourn the loss of one whose place
can never be refilled - mother.
Work every Monday night this
month, ODD FEIJ.OWS. We put
011 the Degree of Truth in I.nurel
now. New regalia, All members in
St. Johns in good standing in the or
der are invited to come to lodge ev-
1 erv uiulit, wuetlier a member ot
I.aurel or not. There is n hearty
welcome awaiting you. Two hus
ky victims are making the dubious
journey this mouth. Come nud
help to cheer them on their way,
Misery loves company, let's uot
neglect them. Secretary.
When the bowels feel uncomfort
able aud you miss the exhileratiug
feeling that always follows a co
pious morning operation, a dose of
HERBINE will set you right in a
couple of hours. If taken at bed
time you get its beneficial effect
nfter breakfast the next day. Price
50c. Sold by St. Johns Pharmacy.
During the height of the electric
storm Monday ulght the residence
of W. E. Ashby was reported on
fire. The fire department made
quick tine to the rescue, but the
small blaze was extinguished before
their efficient help was needed. The
damage done, which was occasioned
by a defective flue, was practically
For Sale 18 acres of land, house,
barn, aud other out buildings, fruit
and berry land, 1000 cords of wood
on the place, half mile from the de
pot and river, 32 minutes ride from
St. Johns. $600 down and balance
in nine years. II, S. Hewitt, 11 24
South Gresham street.
Special prices on enamel ware
McCabe& Corbet ts.
All members reported for duty
Tuesday evening at the regular
meeting of the city council with the
exception of Aldermen Davis nud
Perriue. A communication from !
the county commissioners relative
to the free ferry had a most damp
cuing effect upon nil. It conveyed
tlie distressing intelligence Hint ne
cording to the law passed in Feb'
ruary, 1911, the time limit hnd ex
pired in August, nud thev eoult!
not, therefore, see their wov clear
to do nnytliinir in the way of a free
ferry. The law reads: "That if
the city of St. Johns shall within
six months nfter the passuge of this
net, purchase nnd cause to be trans
ferred to Multnomah county, Ore
gon, tlie terry slips, etc. 1 lie law
passed 011 February 8, ton, nud
the six mouths expired August 8,
1911. While the council realized
that the time had expired since the
passage of the act, yet they had
hoped that the county commission
ers might construe the wording ol
the act to mean six mouths
from the time the act became n
which was nnoiu 90 unys nuer us
passage. Mayor Coucli, who litis
done more to secure the free ferry
here than any other citizen, believed
the only hope or remedy possible
before the legislature met in regu
lar session wns that ptospects were
somewhat bright for holding a spe
cial session of the legislature tills
full, nccordiug to the dally papers,
and if this occur ml the matter
could be taken up, uud he believed
the time readily extended, nfter the
egislntors had been made familinr
with the circumstances.
A petition for the improvement
of Newton street from Portland
ooulcvnrd to Hunk street, nn im
provement badly needed the coin
ing winter, was re id nud n reso
lution directing the city engineer
to prepare the necessary data for its
improvement was adopted on mo
tion of Alderman Valentine; nil
W. S. I.nutliers nsked for per
mission to ky steps 011 the sidewalk
lending into his place of busiuesson
Burlington street. Referred to the
street committee by the mayor.
A communication from President
F. I. Fuller of the Portland Rail
way, Light nnd Power Co. Muted
that the construction department
had been notified to remove all sur
plus dirt aud to place any cross
wnlks aud box gutters attached to
their share of the Fessendeu street
Improvement. This company has
ever shown n disposition to meet the
demands of the council readily nud
C. E. Whcelock wns granted, on
motion of Alderman Valentine, nn
extension of 30 days time on the
improvement of Edison street, ow
ing to the fact that it was impos
sible to do the work satisfactorily
within the time originally specified
by the council; nil yes.
The Inconvenience caused by the
slow progress on (he improvement
of Jersey street was discussed to
some extent. Wet weather nml n
difficulty in securing proper ma
terial when it was most needed has
been ascribed ns the cnuse of the
delay, Alderman Horsmau moved
that the street committee see that
contractors provide u crossing over
crushed wulk wherever needed for
the use of pedestrians and passen
gers in alighting from the street
cars; all yes.
An opinion from the city attor
ney reladve (o (he D. J. Horsmau
claim for reba(e of $78 by reason of
the foct that he had leen assessed
for sewer assessment in two differ
ent districts, u-hich Mr. Horsmau
contends is contrary to the provis
ions of tlie charter, was read aud
ordered filed. The attorney decid
ed that nothing could be done in
the matter, that a ruling of tlie su
dreuie court permitted of double
assessments for sewer purposes, that
it was done in nlmost every city of
any consequence. Several of the
council men aud the mayor admitted
that it appeared quite unjust, nud
if it were uot for the fact that quite
a number of others were in the
"same boat" as Mr. Horsmau,
would be willing to refund the
An ordinance providing the time
and manner of improving Baltimore
street from Edison to Bradford was
passed on motion of Alderman
Horsmau; nil yes.
Ordinances declaring the cost of
improviug Chicago street from Jer
sey street to Portland boulevard
and Fessendeu from Portland boul
evard to east city limits were passed
on motions of Aldermen Muck aud
Valentine; all yes.
Mayor Couch spoke of the neces
sity of corrugated iron garbage
cans being placed at different points
along the business district to take
care of the waste paper, etc., that
now usually finds its way to the
streets. Alderman Hill made n mo
tion that the street committee Ik:
Just when the city authorities
imagined they had the ferry propo
sition cornered nnd were nbotit to
pounce upon it with both feet it
eluded their grasp with n gasp of
delight. A merry chase it lias been
leading the city fathers during the
past seven mouths, nnd many at
tempts were made to ensnare it, yet
it is farther off today than it has
been since tlie bonds were voted.
The first difficulty nrose when a
bonding company witli its leading
attorneys in Boston was nwnrded
the bonds through the agency of
hirst National Bank. These legal
lights in the "city of beans" became
suspicious of Oregon laws apparently
too deep for them to comprehend,
after fiddling nwny u lot of precious
time, nud refused to accept the bonds
on technicalities uot altogether clear
to many laymen minds. Almost
the entire time allowed by lnw to
effect the purchase of the ferry
slips nud transfer them to the coun
ty authorities wns wasted in at
tempting to effect n sale with (his
company, which nlwnys wauled
just n few days more.
I'ourdays before the six month s
time limit had expired, Geo. J.
Perkins, attorney for the ferry com
pany, met with the council nud
stnted that he had arranged for the
sale of the bonds through the Pe
ninsula bank provided the council
would pass 11 certain ordinance.
This was done, but too many tire-
clous minutes weiu lost by the
company in taking over the bonds,
and (he (hue expired. The word
ing ot (lie ferry law gave six montus
from the "passage" of the act, yet it
wns advised by the bonding attor
neys Unit the law would he con
strued to mean from the time the
act became n law, uud negotiations
continued in such a successful man
tier thai everything was in readi
ness to complete the deal, when the
commissioners notified the council
Hint they would stick to the exact
wording of tlie law, aud could do
nothing in the matter without the
intervention of the legislature.
Therefore, for the present nt least.
there is nothing doing in the free
ferry Hue. However, there is one
small glimmer of hoe. Prospects
are nssiimiug n somewhat rosy hue
in regnrd to the necessity of culling
n special session of the legislature
next mouth 011 important business.
If this is effected, there is good
grounds to expect that the legisla
tors will extend the time n few
months longer. If the special ses
sion is uot called, the free ferry
troject will lie dormant for another
year. Bents i,l
'Of all Mid word of lonviiie or mi.
The Miililin-t itrt- iIim: 'It uiluht have
Iweu.' "
Later. -Further investigation dis
closes the fact that the county com
missioners were probably in error
in their decision. While the bill
rends "from the iKissnge" of the
net, it does uot state passage by
whom legislators or the people.
By virtue of the initiative nud ref
erendum nfter n bill passes the leg-
slature the wople have three
months, we believe, in which to
to recall the snme. Until that time
ins expired it cannot legally be
termed to have "passed." If this
f correct, the act s real passage oc
curred in May instead of February,
which would give plenty of time to
complete tlie transfer within tlie
time speciiied by the law. 1 he at
tention of the county commission-
ers will be strongly called to this
mint, and we may get n free ferry
nfter nil.
empowered to secure ten cans nud
have them installed where they will
do the most good; nil yes. The at
torney was directed to look the or
dinance up relative to keeping the
side walks clean, so that it could be
enforced after the cans were pro
Complaint had been made that
the Sacajawen was occupying
too much (lock room too much of
the time, making it difficult for
other boats to effect a lauding, aud
the matter was referred to the
street committee for investigation
and report on motion of Alderman
A huge electric sign now adorns
the front of the Mount Hood Rail
way, Light & Power company's
office on Jersey street. It reaches
clear across the i2-foot sidewalk,
contains 290 lights and is highly
attractive, especially when lit up
at ulght.
Sick children need WHITE'S
only destroys worms, if there be
any, but it acts as u
tonic in tlie stomach
nud bowels.
Sold by St.
Price 25c pur bottle,.
Johns Pharmac-y,
Editor Review: In last week's
paper you begin your leading edi
torial with my name nnd follow
with n quotation from tlie Appeal
to Reason to the effect that "the
1 way for the government to take
possession of the railroads is just
to take them aud that is nil there is
to it." Then you shout "confis
cation" and deride my 20 years of
I rending in socialism.
Now, Mr. Editor, I forbear to
use the qualifying adjective which
properly applies to the ancient trick
of quoting half of n passage to give
n meaning directly opposite to what
the whole conveys. The sentence
following the one you quote says
"the amount to be paid for the
railroads can be settled later" nud
suggests the supreme court ns the
nrbiter. Showing that confisca
tion is not thought of by this rad
ical correspondent.
The idea he proposes is not tlie
editorial opinion of tlie Appeal. In
the number just previous, iu reply
to the question ns to how the gov
ernment is to obtain possession of
the industrial plants, the editor re
plies that each case will be decided
011 its merits, and gives three meth
ods that may be considered: (1)
Purchase, (2) Duplication by build
ing new plants. (3) Where there
has been fraud nud violation oi law
iu acquiring title, confiscation.
Personally, I would confiscate some
of the millions of acres of land
claimed by the S. P. Co., nud pro
bably some Guggenheim holdings,
nud so would some thousands of
go'xl republicans aud democrats.
1 lie next quotation you make is:
"There can be 110 absolute title to
land." And then you crow:" How ;
can a man own a Home without a
Verily, a little reading is n dan
gerous thing. If you read n little
more nloug sociological lines you
would understand that statement,
which did not originate among the
socialists, docs uot refer to condi
tions under socialism, but is n state
ment of n fact ns it exists right
Do you own a home? Yesi Have
you nn absolute title to it? No I The
very government which guarantees
your title retains tlie right to tux
nud the right of eminent domain
oyer the whole, the right to take
It when public necessity demands.
Spring something that isn't so easy.
A. W. Vincent.
We did not intend to "deride"
the doctor's 20 years of study. In
stead, we respect it. Any man who
has studied 11 score of years on any
proposition is entitled to respect.
But the doctor was so positive that
Appeal to Reason would uot print
anything iu favor of confiscation
that the opportunity was too good
to be lost.
We are charged witli being an
"artful dodger." We didn't finish
tlie paragraph because it .seemed
unnecessary. Tlie writer Muted:
"When the (iconic want the rail
roads they will just take them and
WIU, BE TO IT." If that will
be all there will be to it, a qualifi
cation farther 011 is unavailing.
Doesn't the doctor do 11 little "artful
dodging" himself? Theiwrngraph
complete reads: "When the jwople
wants the railroads they will just
take them aud that'll be nil there is
to it; the question of compensation
CAN be tuken up later, AS IT IS
TION." Confiscate first; perhaps
attend to the least important matter
of comiKiiisatiou at the convenience
of the takers. Yes, least important
to confiscatory but most important
to the owners,
But let us finish tlie article with
tlie next uud lust paragraph: "The
matter of compensation MIGHT
be left to the supreme court after a
a socialist president has first up
appointed sociulist judges. No one
could object to it being left to such
uu august body us the supreme
court. Sure not." Of course it
would be nice to tnke things when
we want them nud defer payment
until we get ready to pay for them
if ever. Nice, but uot right.
According to the doctor's letter
even the editor of tlie Appeal to
Reason is at sea regarding how the
government shall take possession of
industrial plants under socialism, us
lie offers three methods to be con
sidered. If the socialists cannot de
cide themselves, how can they ex
pect those opposed to socialism to
decide for them? Docs the editor
of the Appeal really know, aud is
using three different kinds of bait
to catch voters? If he does not,
what a wonderful uncertainty the
socialists are trying to enmesh the
public into!
Tlie doctor's idea and ours do
not agree upon title to laud, We
would sooner have u piece of laud
Every one of them you can ".pee
ulote 011, ns they nre n few of the
One ncre. Comer close to Pc-
nlnsuln mill, nil iu n fine fir grove,
regular picnic grounds.nll clean nud
clear from underbrush. Street im
provements in and part paid; for1
a short time this can be bought for
$2000, $200 cash, balance ns easy
ns you want it with 7 per cent in
terest. This Is n line piece of land
nnd it is worth more money. Some
day it will make you ricli if you
buy it.
Two fine lots on Hayes street, nil
street improvements iu and paid.
Each 50x100 nnd iu clover, lay
high and fine, nu Ideal building
spot for two houses or the best of
garden laud. For a short time
these lots can go for $400 each,
$100 down balance easy. If you
want n lot Iu St. Johns you won't
turn these down.
Two lots on car line iu South St.
Johns at 11 bargain. Prices 011 ap
plication. Two 50-foot lots on Willamette
boulevard, 450 each, half wish; lo
cated between Mohawk nud Polk.
If you nre acquainted with values,
you will know these nre bargains.
We have two of the best lots iu
St. Johns suitable for Hats or
apartment houses, These two lots
join the postoffice nud can be had
for n few dnys for $2300. Street
mprovemeuts nil paid for. Terms
very easy. About 5550 will Handle.
100x100 on Cm wlord t lint s go-
lug to be warehouse property $1575.
All kinds of nouses for sale iu
all parts of town, on nil kinds of
terms. Come nud see us when you
wnnt to buy.sell or trade, we can do
the business.
subject to taxation than have a
piece that belongs to the govern
ment subject to removnl therefrom
ut the instance of tlie people. It is
nil a matter of taste, nuywny, no
matter where it originated. es,
the government (uud railroads) can
now take any laud that public ne
cessity demands with this differ
ence: The owner receives full com
pensation, knows just what he Is
going to receive therefor before he
is dispossessed. The souialist..wjIt
cr says: Take first, pay to suit the
taker nfterwnrd.
If the editor of Appeal doe tint
favor the socinlist writer's view, it
is passing strange that iu this Ihiii
tier edition of possibly two million
copies, going to all jmrts of the
country uud among jwople who
know little concerning socialism,
that iu the same issue lie would
not refute the utterances of this
"radical" writer. Perhaps he for
got to do so jierhnps.
Worth Many Dollars
The rnlus of Sunday uud Mouduy
have been worth thousands of dol
lars to this section, and huve pioved
of no damage whatever. True hup
picking has been somewhat leturd
ed and inconvenience has been
caused to the piekers who wfie
brought to the yards too early, but
the outlook now is 11 butter crop by
reason of the rain. All vegetation,
which was suffering from the long
dry spell, has been lieled wonder
fully, the ground having received 11
thorough soaking, and bumper fnll
crops will be the result. The for
est fires have been effectively
quenched for this year, and ptolm
bly millions of feet of our flue tim
ber saved. The Oregon wetUr
man can be depended upon to do
the right tiling at the right time.
Polk County Iteinier.
Why Women Suffer
Witli piles nud how to find n lasting
Constipation is a uio.t frequent
cause of the piles. That Is why
women suffer more often from pile
than men. Indoor work and lack
of exercise brings 011 the attacks.
St, Johns Phurmucy nud druggists
everywhere sell I lem-Roid, nn in
ternal tablet remedy lor pile, on
the understanding that you cnu
have the money back if diswituifiud.
$1 for a large bottle. Dr. I.eon
hardt Co., Station B. Buffalo, N.Y,
mails booklet on request.
Aoney to Loan
A good thing to know if you iiwhI it to
where you can gut money fit nu liuur'a
time, 011 uusy iMyineiitH iu amounts of
5 up, 011 nil IduiUof proiHirty. All lnw
inew confidential, l'riviitt-olUvu. room
1 llolbrook block ovur Uuvlow gftloe,
43K S. II. Sfitturhm.
Wntoli our windows for low prig
us. McCnbe & Corbett.