St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, August 11, 1911, Image 3

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    Local News.
$50 Range for $34.20
First class
m every re
s p e c t. A
perfect bak
er, fuel sav
er; quick in
to keep
nickel parts
plain, boiler
riveted, tri
ple wall
flt H
These are Some of the St. Johns Users.
Asbestos lin
ing full one
quarter inch
thick, besides
other special
Greatest Range
Value Ever
Compare it
with any
other $50.00
ranges and
you will agree
with us.
Ask Them.
Mrt. L. E. York
Mile. McAlliiter
C. U. tlrluK
Cut ManRUiun
n. m. ii.jjow
J. S. Surr
A. I I. Barney
Nick Lockovlck
John i'eler.un
Ct I'. Jenni.on
D. N. Hyetlce
II. J. Uijlow
Louti 1 rcber
W. W. Windle
R. 1 1. Kunno
These Ranges
are sold and
guranteed by
V. EL Ctifll.
JuJur I lulcoinli
Andrew O.lrutn
O. C. Could
I. M, Salleilee
Frnnk LewrritiK
C. Ettcrmnmi
1). Iny Mill,
C. C I lull
T. Wnite
O. M. I Imvlnml
V. M, Uuiley
Tliut. Nelton
Mn. A. Evert
J. O, Emmcnon
Mr.. Van De Urooki
); H'yer
L O. Hender
J. J. McGinn
A..W. Markle
A. C Ciin.
Frnnk I leek
I). McFern
Mr.. V. U. Shaw
Daniel Fcrnuioti
Charlie Muy
F. L Uabcock
Roy Wilcox
L 1'. Malhewi
At a low price
on easy terms
A substantial city hall" is Hearing I
completion nt Umitoii.
Nearly new restaurant range for
sale cheap. Clarke Furniture Co.
Cheapest and best screen doors
and windows nt McCnbe & Corbetts
Tony Huliss is having n tempo
rary dwelling erected on Hank
K. S. Wright is treating his
Hayes street home to a new dress
of paint.
Miss Idn Fassett is spending the
week with Miss Laura Ross of Lat-ourcll.
Oucda IMaskct is spending her
summer vnction of two weeks nt
For Rent Four-room house.close
in. $3 per mouth. Call nt 501 Mo
hawk street. 3Qtf
F. L. Hinerson has moved into
his new home just completed on
Stewart street.
Furnished light housekeeping
rooms for rent. See owner 204
West Chicago street. 36! f
Some of the dresses we see now
adays remind us of an umbrella
cover that is too small for the urn
Brushes, Combs, Buffers
Brooms and Powders
SI. 00 finishes 69c
.50 finishes 35c
.35 finishes 25c
50c Puffers 25c
50c Face Powdur 25c
SI Swamp Root Occ
$1 Pierces Favorite Prescription 60c
SI I'inknms Compound 66c
75c Combs .8c
50c Combs 3
25c Combs i5t.
35c Whisk firooms 20c
50c Whisk firooms 25c
Si Kodnl . 66c
Si Wine Curdui frc
$1 S. S. S 66c
Three Storers Portland, St. Johns and Vancouver
The ferry .after being out of coin-
mission on account of repairs for
several days, is ngniu doing duty
between this city and Whitwood.
The fire department desires to
publicly thank J.K. Jennings,
Harris and the at. Johns planing
Mill Co. for favors rendered to waul
making their barbecue the success
it proved to be.
I'uschnt Hill left his fishing hole
on the Nchnleui long enough to
bring home a fine basket of the
speckled beauties, nttend council
meeting Tuesday night, ami turn
hiked back for fear some one would
usurp his lucky fishing hole.
An ntrto party consisting of Miss
es Laura Ross, Hazel Theburg, Ida
Passctt and Chester Vincent nud
Hurry Fassett, spent Sunday nt
Larch mountain. They had it fine
trip nud returned Sunday evening
tired but very enthusiastic over
the beautiful scenery.
Since the St. Johns Progressive
nssociutiou is digging into fran
chises granted by the city, it might
be welt to call attention to the Pa
Icific States Telephone
it is understood that the rates
charged are higher thuii their fran
chise allows.
- - "Caloric" - -
It Bakes, Stews,
Roasts, Steams
and Bolls.
The Modern Firelets
See our window display
We are sole agents for
the 'Caloric'
LUMBER! Slabwood :
Rough, Prompt Dry,
Dressed, Deliveries. Green,
Flooring, Quality Blocks,
Finish. Guaranteed. Trimmings
Phone Richmond 131
Mid-summer CUT PRICK sale on wall paper to make roou, for
new patterns.
Not wishing to carry any mowers over 'til next season we have
reduced the price. Buy now and save money.
Get our prices on garden hose before buying as we have the
right price.- $4.00, $5.00, S5.50
Serrurier Hardware Co.
Full Una of Robaa, CaskaU, ato., kapt In alook
An ordinary cases of diarrhoea
cap, as a rule, be cured by a single
dose of Chatnberlaiu's Colic,
era and Diarrhoea Remedy.
fendy has no superior
A well known DesMoines woman
after suffering miserably for two
Choi-! days from bowel complaint, was
This cured by one dose of Chamberlain's
bowel Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
For sale by St. Johns Remedy. For sale by St. Johns
Modern Store
that has every comfort, con
veiileuce and accommodation
for most satisfactory trading
There's never a thing missing to
to make this stoic 11 most pleas,
iug, satisfactory and safe place
to trade.
Pacific, Col. 138; Home, A 5815
Orders by phone filled
promptly and to your entire
Our delivery service is at
your service we will send
anything anywhere and no
extra churge.
It's a pleasure and an ad
vantage to trade here.
The Complete
Store with the
Complete Service
Some stores' service claims
arc exaggerated and failute
to please you is bound to
We are always at your ser
vice without (nibble or re
striction. We want your business ami
we are willing to go after
it by offering nud giving
you absolute satisfaction in
every deal.
Come to our storeor order
goods by telephone, We
select the right goods and
nud deliver ttieui "rush" at
no extra cost.
You are always treated right
here politely, pleasingly,
Use us, use our store, insist
on being satisfied by using
our superior service methods.
Forty Wallops-each landing hard
fl Coke Dandruff Cure. ,59c
f 1 Hoods Sarsatabs . . 66c
fl WJne Canlul , ..63c
$l Hydroleluev . 61c
fl Piukliama Vegetable CouijkhiiuI . . 68c
fl Kuscls Emulsion 67c
ft Shoops Rheumatic Tab 66c
fl S. II. Catarrh Cure 63c
$1 Kickapoo Indian Saliva .......... 6ic
fl Hardens Malted Milk 69c
50c Matchetts Tobacco Cure 38c
50c Welches Grape Juice 37c
50c Porters Antiseptic Healing Oil... 39c
50c Hoods i'eptiron , ..36c
50c Kennedys favorite Remedy 32c
50c Meutliolatum 38c
50c I'eruna Tablets .,37c
50c Kodol Dypepsia Tabs 36c
50c Murine Eye Remedy 33c
50c AntiphloKistiue 35c
23c Kid-Ne-Old Plasters 16c
35c llaby Castile Soap ,...I5C
25c Tlioro Soap Powder 17c
35c Lemon Extract 14c
33c Vanilla Extract He
33c S. II. Shampoo ,,, ..13c
33 S. I). Dandruff Pomade 13c
35c Thedfords Hlack Draught 14c
33c Ponds Antiseptic Tooth Powder. .13c
35c Digcsto Malt Extract , 17c
5c Vasoline 3c
locTryalax 06c
15c Dents Tooth ache Oum ... , , 09c
35c Chamberlains Tooth powilur .. 14c
33c Rocky Mountain Tea 34c
40c I'rasks Ointment.,., 39c
50c I.ees Idee Killer 38c
60c Walnutta Hair Stain 49c
75c Therox 61c
fl Alarm Clocks 89c
Destroying Ants
To kill ants aud keep them out of the house and away from
lawns, plants, etc., the following methods are effective: '
For the House or Fountain' Moisten a sponge with
a weak solution of syrup. Place this where the ants con
gregate. They will become etitangled in it, when the sponge may
be put in hot water, cleaned of dead ants and the "trap" set
Another remedy is powdered borax, which should be sprin
kled on the shelves, etc., and also into crevices, corners aud open
ings. Balsam of Peru is also an efficient exterminator, as is cam
phor, sulphur, alum, oil of cedar and tartar emetic,
rnu.Niv 1:01,1 MHI J07
St Johns Pharmacy
Fruit Jars at McCabe & Corbett's.
l'urniturc just as good ns new, at
half price. Clark's l'urniturc Store.
Mrs. llcnham has moved into
Mrs. A. V. Learned residence on
John street.
N. J. llailcy has been confined to
his home for n day or two with a
severe attack of lumbago.
Dr. McChesuey is brightening up
the exterior of his Pine brick block
with a fresh coat of paint.
Fishing on the river is fine just
now, and long .strings of croppies
nud bass are in evidence on the
streets every day.
For Sale House, furniture ond
lot 100x126, all improved; terms to
suit. W. C. Walker, 633 North
Portland boulevard. ,Vtf
M. K. Church Sunday school
at 9:50; preaching, 1 1 11. in. liven
ing worship nt 8 p.m. Junior League
at 3 p.m. I'.pwortli League at 7 p.m.
A new photograph gallery has
located on North Jersey street near
the Jower block. Postcard photos
made while you wait. See ml in
this issue.
If you sit in n cool draft when
you are heated and get 11 stiff neck
or 11 lame back, you will be looking
for something that will ease the
pain. Fix your mind on Dullard's
Snow Liniment and don't be talked
out of it because it is the best pain
relieving liniment you can get any
where Price 35c, 50c and Si, 00 per
bottle, Sold by St. JohiisPharmacy.
Screen Doors .ft. 00 at McCabe
& Corbett's.
Cleaning mid pressing at reason
able prices. Clark Furniture Co.
Subscrlbo for tlio Telegram best
uvuiilng pntiur on thu conBt. Suo
I'M Stockton.
J. DcLyscr is having a small res
idence erected on New York street
near Fessendeii.
Large tent for rent or Male; furn
ished or unfurnished; rent moderate
"Tenter," enre of Review.
Hop-pickers Wanted Families
preferred. For information apply
at 719 Willamette boulevard or
phone Columbia 168. stp
The Kcbekahs gave a delightful
500 party in the Odd Fellows' hall
Wednesday evening. The attend
ance was large and the time pleas
antly spent. Ice cream aud cake
were served.
The Pacific Paving Co. is a lo
cal organization recently incorporat
ed. J. S. Downey is president, P.
J. Peterson, vice president and J.
T. Peterson secretary and treasurer.
It is incorporated for -f 10,000.
Street improvement and cxcnvatini?
of all kinds will be their specialties. ! live one.
W UU'PO i A child that linn inteatinnl worm
lAKUI U8 handicapped in its growth. A few
Will speak Sunday, August 13, dose of White's Crenm Vermifuge
S p. 111, at the home of Mr. (i. II. destroys and vxpcht worniHj the
McKce, 1 isi South (iresham street ! child immediately improved mid
St. Johns, Oregon. Subject: The j thrives wonderfully. Price 35c per
Second Advent of Christ. livery bottle. Sold by St. John Punrm
body invited. ncy.
The hop fields are beginning to
absorb idle laborers and other who
desire n change of employment.
The St. Johim Progressive Amo
ciatiou held an interesting sMlrm
last night -too late fur detail thin
Dr. J.Corbett will move bin office
to the Holbrook lltiilding AuRtifit
15th, 191 1, until then nt ,.o ltnstt
Chicago street. itc
The Linnton rrwd in now im
proved with macadam and oil to Inf
low Ilnrhortoii, tanking the finest
rond in Multnomah county.
Mrs. F. N. leave this
week for her home in New York
state, after an extended vMlniuottg
her relatives nud friend in this ec
Hon. Mrs. A.V. Learned, Otis Learned
nud family, Mm. J. P. Wrinkle tnd
son and daughter, nud Rev. Sand I
fer nud family are on nil wttiiig (0
Cannon bench.
K. L. C. K. held their monthly
meeting at the home of John Poo
Friday evening and wns well attend
ed. A most jolly time wan enjoyed
by all as usual with this bunch of
Do You Cook
With Gas?
II? not, why not? Nothing is nicer this warm weather than a gas range or
plate for cooking. No heated kitchen to contend with, no wood to chop.
After using one for a few days yon would wonder how yon ever got along
without it. Ask those 106 who are now cooking with gas in St. Johni.
Why not order one now? The price is low and the terms easy. CliCMixr
than wood and infinitely better. Place your order now and make the life of
the housewife more bearable these mid-summer days.
St Johns Gas Co.
3l l7l ?4 &4 t3f ?4 frT t?4 ?4 T T ?4 ST4 S-T S?4 ?4 ?4 l&f 8 t& 4
How About Your t
WW. . 5.
This store is (he only one in St. Johns that sells groceries exclusively.
Therefore, we are in a position to keep our stock fresli and the best
that can be secured. No stale or poor quality of anything is kept 011
hand. Fair and courteous treatment and prompt delivery are at
your command. Give us a trial, if not already a patron.
111 West Burlington Street
1 rnarmacy.