St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 09, 1911, Image 3

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An Ordinance Authorizing the
Oregon Railroad and Navi
gation Company, Its Succes
sors and Assigns, to Lay a
Sido Track and Run Cars
Over and Along tiie North
Side of Bradford Street, Be
tween a Point on the Alain
Line of the Oregon Railroad
and Navigation Company,
One Hundred (100) Feet
Westerly Along the Said
Main Lino From the West
Line of John Street to a
Point Fifty (50) Feet East
of the East Line of Burling
ton Street, All in the City
of bt. Johns.
The city of St. Johns docs ordain ns
Section t, The Oregon Railroad rind
Navigation Coniviny, n corporation or
gaulied nnd existing under and ny virtue
of the laws ol the State of Oregon, Its
successors and assigns, Is hereby author
ized and permitted to lay a side track
and run cars over the same along the
north side of It radio rd street between a
point on the mailt line of the Oregon
Unilrond and Navigation company one
hundred (loo) feet westerly along the
said main line front the west line of John
street and a point fifty (50) feet east of
tltc cast line of Iittrliiigtoii otrect, all In
tuc city ot bt. joints, Multnomah county
Oregon, said Uncle lo extend from the
plant or mills of Lntithcr' Mercantile
Company, Incorporated, to a point of
connection with the line of railroad of
the Oregon Railroad and Navigation
Section a. The durntlou of this frati
chise shall be 35 years from and after the
inning cueci ot mis ordinance.
.Section 3. The comminution to be
paid to the city of St. Johns for this
franchise shall be the sum of three (5.1)
uotiars per annum, which sam sum sliall
be paid by the said Oregon Unilrond
and Navigation Company to the citv
treasurer of the city of St. Johns on or
ociorc me 11 tiny 01 juiy 01 cnclt year.
Section 4. The Oregon Unilrond and
Navigation Company, its successors mid
Council Proceedings
An Ordinance Providing The
Time And Manner Of Im-
In honor of the electric parade in
Portland and because some of the
. rr I J. M n .1 nn..l...inM.l .1. ... . . .
i,lu"fi uiuuiiu uuuikyuiu I couiicumcii were n bit wistltu to sec
From the Northerly Line of the same, council met and adjourn-
uiumpson aircci to me , wkuhw uum wtmo
Smith I inn nf Rnirn Ct.-nsr uu veiling.
... , uiuww uuwvi All f..
II -!-, fe r.. , I "It lllwmutio Willi SHU II1UVUI
ine uty ur bt. Johns, nmsbihier war. nr.c ,.,i,n.
uregon. meeting opened Wednesday even
ing. i lie lirst matter to engage
the attention of the dads was the
The cltv of St. Tohns does ordnln n Petition for an arc lirht nt the cor
fo'l?ws: , . . tier of Burr and Kcssendcn streets,
mc council oi me eiiv 01 mi. inntn. irii i
havilur f .Zrl ""eiTCU 10 l,1C "g"1 COmtUIUCC.
lug 1'ortland boulevard mm the north. "ill asked for a rebate of $25
erty side line of Thompson street to the which had been collected by the
SOUtlierlV S lie line of llruec street In the fit v fnr lntori-t,irr nmhr nlnna 1.,
officM r0t P 8 PPerty on Willis boul.
9U1 day of Mav. tan. and recorded cvard. Councilman Hill stated that
in the oMlcc of the recorder of said cltv.
and notice thereof Imvimr been publish-
ed in the St. Johns Review, a weekly 1 called lowcrintr of nines waq n farce
newspaper of general circulation, on the ' C. ?.! lT.Y Vi"S -JE?
istn u ay ami loth day of May, tgu
as sliown by the affidavit of the
foreman of said naner. which said
affidavit Is on file in the office of
the city recorder; and legal posting of
notices of such Improvement, as shown
y the alTidavit of the city engineer on
le In the office or the cltv recorder, and
no remonstrances having been filed, nnd,
and nn imposition upon the people.
tic claimed that the cost of lower
ng pipes was collected when a fill
was made instead of n cut. and trave
a numucr ot instances where this
was done. The ordinance allows
the water company ten cents ncr
toot tor lowering pipes where tin
assigns, shall keep In repair that portion
of said street occupied by its said side
track authorized tinder this ordinance its
required by the council, and the said The
uregon kmiiiwiiI 'tun Mirigatlon Loin
piny, its successors mid assign, shall
jwy, prior to the time of tlciliiipii'iu'y,
any special assessment for the rcjulr or
ittipiovemciit of that portion of the street
liclwccit tile rails ot the sniil side ttnrk,
and extending one foot outside of such
rails, and that mm!oii of wild street
lying between the two tucks of the said
The Oregon Railroad and Navigation
Company at said place, nd In case of
failure or refusal to comply with the
notice to rcilr, improve or maintain
such portion of said street, or of neglect
or refusal to pay any legal assessment
for repair or Improvements, the said
city of St. Johns may declare by ordi
nance the immediate forfeiture of the
franchise herein nuthoriicd.
Section 5. Said The Oregon Kail road
and Navigation Company shall, within
thirty days after the passage and taking
effect of this ordinance, fife in the office
of the recorder its written mci cptiincc of
the same.
raited by the council June 7, 1911.
Approved by the mayor June 7, 191 1.
k. c. couch.
Attest: V. A. RICH,
Published In the St. Johns Review 011
June 9, 1911.
nsprevldedbysald rcs6lutIon. tltc eng.: Z i 7f .X . 1.
tiecr'a preliminary estimate of the cost of rt,"?J,n stet improvement, but
said improvement Isf 11,201.98, but shall Mr. Hill could not sec why the
1... ..... .. :. , t. ... ...
inure uccuraiciy determined ny sam same stiouiu uc allowed wilcrc no
"'ft .. ,... . . cut was made. He said the bills
Uii;i .tt S lml.1i U U I !ays O. KM. by the cngin-
lor tltc cotni) et 011 of said mnrovemont ccr ami rccorucu against tile nron
is Hereby fixed nt sixty days from the erty by thc city 'recorder. He
iasipu.,1 cation 01 notice 01 proposals ot I wanted to know if the engineer was
said work, which said propoals must be 1.!,, ,nn, ..,1,1. .1 ,-"""-,-' ""
filed With the recorder 'of 11.1 rltv on .n CallOOtS With tllC Water COII1-
before the J7th day of June, 1911, nt Pa"'i aJ charged Mr.Kssou was
cigiit o'clock p. in. of said day. elected by the management of the
sit ewallcliii!
foot cement sidewalks, 11 toot curbs en- with the mayor.
mi.- iciiKui! logcwicr w i ucccswry lien Hoover. ro inaii. reoitestf,
wooden cross walks anil bor guttcrs, nnd rntc ' ,.,, 1, t.. ....
placing n strip of niacadainViO feet wide " rn.Is p i5 lcr month in salary
in the ccntct ot said street, sld uiacsdam Socialist rcrriuc stated that he fnv
... A t 1 ..... I ... ...
10 uc o incucs ( cet 1 1 ine ccnicr ami oreti Tiiaciiirr 111111 011 n i n v wnnn
t. 1. ...1 i ..1.1 . . . . r . . : f-
,,,t.,v, net,, uu cimcr MUG, Mill wbik SCIIIC, 1)111 tllC CtlglllCCr ObjCCtCd tO
reci.1 b; the cii7 engK 'lC n,ade m0t
That said street shall I Improved as Water company for a purpose. Mat
Hows! Ilv fmtlltitr uiiii. In tin. ...lull. I . J . J i
shed L.m.le bv n.i ..wK'r.ii u,i i.v lcr wns referred by the mayor to
dewalklng same on cither side with 6 the water committee ill conjunction
boulevard from Thompson street to
Urttce street was passed on motion
of Aid. Davis; all yes.
Ordinances providing the time
and manner oi improving Philadcl
phia street from Hayes to Kdison
and Kdison from Kesseiulcn to llur
liugton reached third reading and
were held over one week.
Ordinances assessing the cost of
Philadelphia street walk and North
Ivanhoe improvement were passed
on motions of Aids. Hill and Yal
entitle respectively; all yes.
An ordinance prohibiting hard-
surfacing until connections with
water mains Una Dccn made was
held over one week for "repairs."
Alderman Drcdcson wanted the
city engineer placed under $5000
bonds, as per ordinance in effect
but not enforced. Recorder direct
ed to attend to this by the mayor.
Alderman Horstnau wanted the
ordinance in regard to dirt falling
down upon the sidewalks and not
removed by the property owners en
forced. He also made n motion
that council meet in n body P'riday
afternoon and proceed to measure
the distance from the school ground
to the nearest saloons to ascertain
if they are less than 500 feet from
each other. Motion seconded by
Soc. Perrinc, but on vote these two
were the only two favoring the
proposition. The city attorney wus
ustructcd to search his law books
with reference as to just what the
An Ordinance Declaring the
Cost of Improving Phil
delphia Street From Jersey
Street to Ivanhoe Street
In the City of St. Johns,
Oregon, and Assessing the
Property Benefited There
by, Declaring Such Assess
ment and Dlrcctine the
Entry or the Same in
Docket of City Liens.
The Cltv of St. Inline b.ra
i "
That the council has eonslderpil ilm
proposed nssebSllltlltfor lliltmivlnif I'lilln
... . .. .. , ...........
.iciiiiiiii Hirvci. nun nn nntprtintia tmnii
thereto, and hcrcbvnscertnlim.iii'ii-rniltir
aim Hectares me wiiole cost of said Im
provement In the mnnticr provided
uy Unlinniicc No. i6t In l tln mini nt
flit.WlS.ntld that the stieelnl nml iirrii.
thereof or twreel of fAii.i utitii.. ttm n.. ko ciioato'n confhicnco in Hid own
Chosts Was Dstttr Postsd en Thsm
Than the Author Hlmsslf.
Many years ago James T. Fields, tho
publisher, was waking a collection of
tho writings of l)i Qulnccy. Tho CS'
Rnyn wore widely tcattcrvd In various
periodicals nnd wers often hard to
Identify. Mr. Fields knew Itttfus
Cltoato as n devoted student of Do
(Julticoy nnd wroto hint ono day nsk'
lug his opinion as to a certain article.
Was It by Do Qulnccy or not?
Mr. Chonto replied thnt It certainly
was. There- could bo no mistaking tho
stylo of tho piece. A fow weeks later
Mr. Clioato received through Mr.
Fields a letter from Do Qulnccy deny.
Ing absolutely nnd somewhat lndlg
nnntly tho authorship of the article
nut Chonto was not of tho stuff to
yield his opinion for a trlflo llko that.
Ho wroto to Mr. Fields;
"I still bollovo thnt Do Qulncry wroto
tho essay, Do Qulnccy to tho contrary
Dotibtlcs. Mr. Fields read tho nolo
with a smiling comtnont, "That's Just
An Ordinance Adopting The
Report of The City Engineer
in The Alattcr of Opening
of Decatur Street from Rich
mond Street to the Easter
ly Line of Outlot "I," A.
L. Miner's Addition To The
City of St. Johns.
scssmeiit district, bv reason ol said lin-
jirovcnient and in just proportion to such
benefits, ate in the respective amounts
set optwslte the number or description
of each lot or part thereof or parcel of
mini in tuc following annexed assess
ment roll,iind said assessment roll.whlch
Is numbered 48. is herebv adopted and
approved as the assessment for said im
provement, and tho reconlernf the cltv
of St. Johns Is directed to cuter n state
ment 01 tlic assessment hereby made in
the docket of city Ileus, and cause notice
provisions are in regard' to distance. ,W,nl ?i I';"!?'1 hy
A Mill n.1 Unr.umi. J C""l-T, Which assessment Is as follows!
"""- v w . m 1 I nt 1 I. t I 11.1
.ll.lrl In n Kill n,tl..,.,ln,.. ",OCK AUUIllOIt ,nu.
Vtt4LLlt til il lltllV. (I IIV.S-lil If I IISIV II IU tf . t . .
cmtversallnn ivlille the tnnlter wnSY .? J'J'' r90.a,
- - - - - . . 1 .1.11. 1 111 .1 111 11. 4 f
Months ctnpucd. Ono day there enmo
a lottor from Do Qulnccy containing n
humhlo apology for his previous blun
der. Uy chnnco ho hnd found In his
desk the manuscript of tho very nrtlclo
In question. Written ns It had boon
years before, It had pnsscd entirely
from his mind, "nnd you tnny tell your
young Uoston lawyer," ho concluded,
"thnt lit knows my stylo better than I
know It myself.'
The mayor stated that tho par
S.I. 1-2 of 4.
&.!. i-aor 1. to
w.w.i-joi 1.39
have four-Inch drain tile everv fiftv feet:
iittcu rings 10 dc placed lit curl) as til
reeled by the city cuciticer.
The city recorder shall give notice by
nuDiicatiuu tor not less malt lllrec 111
sertions in the St. Johns Kcvicw, the of'
ficial ucwstMticr, inviting protKiols for
iikiiiu sam improvement.
Said Improvement shall in till respect
be done mid completed in coiifortnlti
with the provisions ol Ordinances Noh
160 and l') J except as otherw W' tirovliled
111 mis ordinance; an work 10 110 iiuue
tiudci the direction and supervision t.l
the city eiiuiueer.
That the cost of said itiiprovcmcit
shall be assessed against the. property In
the local Imtirovciiicut district asdes
tcrllteil In Mild resolution and designate I
ns nun declared to te locai Improve
mciii iJistrtci ro, 00,
1'assed by the council,: June 7th,
Approved Dy tlie tuav-or June 7th,
' Mayor.
Attest: V. ARICH,
rubllihed In the St. Jolmsf Kcvicw 011
jinn, y, l-yil,
order to Insure a chano of ad
vertlsement the copy forjauch chang
should reach this office net later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock ..m. Pleas"
'mimbir this and aavath orlnU
Delmonico Rooming House
Uuder new management. Nicely furnished suites of
Also single rooms by duy, week or mouth.
t ff f Htt tftft t f tIt)t
f 4
Slabwoofi !
Greeu,r '
Phone Richmond 131
Are really bargains if they come from the
Model 5, 1 0 and 1 5c Store
Come and see our new stock of Dishes.
Northern Pacific Railway
North Coa.t Limited via Pugtt Sound. 10.30 a. m
North Cut! Limited rU North Bank 7.1s P- m;
Atlantic Ktprcu via Pugct Sound ll'JS p.m.
AUsatlc Kiprcs via North Bank io-jo a, m.
Twin City Kxprcu via Pugtt 6ouud :J0 p. m.
Twin CT Kiprcu via North Bank 7:15 p. m,
XatUrn Kxprcu via pugtt Sound I J J3 p. m.
lUtUrn XxprcssTia North Bank..- iKa. m.
Uo. Ultcr Kxprcu via North Bank 75 P- m.
rot tlaad, Tacoma & Seattle Kxprcu. 7:05 a. m..
lor Grays Harbor, Olympia and South Bend
rvftt Bound Limited, j:y p. m., Grays Harbor
and South Bend Branches.
Vacolt paasengcr .... - j.-jo p, m.
North Coast Limited via North Bank - - too p. m
1 . oos a. m
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway.
Lyle Fatsengcr for Lylc, Goldendale and lot
poluta - 8ui a, 1
nana umpire Kxprcu, io:jo a. m.; lor Chicago,
St. Paul. Omaha. KanuiCUy.St. Louts. Walla
- Hip-
North Coast Limited via Pugtt Sound
No. ractac xpreu via noiio uii
No. raribc Xxpreu via Pugtt Sound --6:4
raciac sixprcu via nonn wdk - j v
rad&c Kxprcu via Puget Sound 6.33 a. m
Wcitcra Kxprcu via North Bank ).p. m
10S05 p. m
7:37 a. m
3f P.
rortlaad, racoma & Seattle Kxprcu - 3:3s p. n
Walla, Paico, KoomtcU. GrandJalles. Coldcn-
dale, White Salmon, and Vancouver.
North Bank Limited, 7135 p. m.; lor Chicago St.
Paul, Omaha, Kanua City, SI. Louli, Spokane,
Sprague. Kitxville, Llnd, Pawo, Kooscvclt, and
Columbia River Local, 5:33 p. m., lor Vancouver,
thnt the remtest he not ernntci!
which carried unanimously.
1 he lidlefsen Inel Co. asked for
permission to discharge wootl from
uarKcs.nt thCtCityudock at a com
pciisatioii to be -uititttnlly oRrcct1
upon AKicrtiiHu valentine movct
that the request bcgmtitcd; amend
nitiil itntdc by Alderman Hill that
it be referred to theMock committee,
I twit vote on amendment nnd mo
tion as nincndcd Vnlentitie. llrctle
I . I a
sun ana .muck voted "no, niiti
the other four "yes," in both in
beven proimrtv owners nrotest
etl nguiust improveinent of Willam
ette boulevard' (or various reasons
chief of which- wus the street
good enough as it stands. Protest
filed 011 motion of Aid. Valentine.
All the properly owners interest
ed in the proposed opening of Ivtii
sou street between Richmond and
Tyler remonstrated on the irrountls
mat it wasitinuecessarv and treiiN
uiciai to some ol tlie,nrorx:rtv,
Gruiited mid proceedings" stayed on
motion ot Aid. iwucK; all yes.
Mayor Couch asked that the en
gitiecr be directed to ascertain the
distance from the dock to the rail
road and other data relating to the
the dock for the information of the
railroad commission. So orderct:
011 motion of Alderman Hill: al
Villi- w . .a
runs amounting to 5117.3.S were
allowed on motion of Aid. Muck.
Socialist rcrrine stated that
schedule of fixed clmrces should be
drawn up governing rates for the
use of the city vock. On motion of
Alderman Muck the buildings and
grounds' committee was instructed
to do so.
A resolution nppointing T, H.
Cochran, 11. T. Legeett and T. I,
Shurtz as viewers 011 the .opening
of Decatur street was adopted on
motion of Alderman Muck.
A directory resolution for the
improvement of South Decatur
from Richmond to Salem was
adopted on motion of Alderman
Hill, as was a resolution for the
improvement of Baltimore street
from Jersey to Edison on motion of
Alderman Muck; all yes in botli
An ordinance nmemlittrr n sir.
jj tjowiothciljqiior regulation ,ordir
Mumc uiiii Jiuviuing iiiui an li
cences granted hereafter terminate
on December 31st of each year was
passed on motion of Aid. Muck; all
An ordinance giving the O. R.
& N. a franchise to connect with
the Lauthers warehouse was passed
on motion of Alderraau Valentine:
Bredeson, Perrine and Horsmau
voting iu the negative, however.
Socialist Perrine stated that he fav
ored inserting the clause that pro
vided the city should take over the
franchise whenever the street was
needed by the city.
W. ii. Asliby. on behalf of the
fire department, asked that a hy
drant be placed at the comer of
Hayes and Burlington streets. So
ordered on motion of Alderman
Bredeson; all yes.
Socialist Perrine urged that a
map of the various arc lights and
hydrants be secured in order that
the council could act more intelli
gently when a petition for the same
Camas. White Salmon. Lyle.Oranddallet.Cllfls .., ,.t..l
itioni. I v iw-tivcu iium uuic iu tunc.
and all Intermediate atat
Inland Umpire Kxprcu, y.-Mp.m.; Irom Chica
go, 6t, Paul. Omaha, Kanua City. St. LouU,
bpokane. Sprague, Kltsville Llnd, paeco,
Kooacvclt,Graaddalet,- White Salmonnd Van
w.aura Kxorcu via Pugct Sound
Uo. Jtlvrr Kxprcu via North Bank
jm Klver Miuft.i via Pugct Sound
bom oiympU, South Bend and Crayt Harbor
runt Sound Limited
TaeaH Pautnger
&49 p. m
......... ioj. m
O.U. CoracU, Agent.
p. m 1 North Bank Limited, 7:37 a. m., from Chicago,
bt. raui. umiu, Kanua city. Si. LouU, Walla
Watta, Pxko, Boouvclt, and Vancouver
Columbia River Local 10.03 . m.; Irom Clifla,
Granddallei, Goldendale, Lyle White Salmoa,
unui, vsucouver ana an miermeaiaic eta
Lyle raueagct 7M9 p. m. Irom Lyle, Goldendale
idu local poinix.
AU trains atop lor paueagera.
Ticket oa ulc lor all points.
O. II. CorntU, Agent.
Alderman Horsman wanted the
fire plug at Bonhara & Currier's
corner which was bowled over by
the street car last week replaced
and the mayor advanced the infor-jand keep potted oa tho dolngi of
tint absence of public notice regard- b. P.T.Sinltli'a 133.94 mootlnif a fow tlnyn ago.
ing the fciry bond election was I J.3 log wa conitag to a clc
causing undue delay in the sale of J:::::::;":;; .'.fsl iXXtlKl
the bonds, and whether the bidder 1 W by the council Itn.e 7. ion. .?JS .i--..?' .1
a . .4 a a a I a "a a - ' I I1U L'lllaJtCU IUU U1UU1 U UULlUlfl ni'lU I " "J ......... -.... w .
-M'1'mvv.t ..y tuc umyor , Jiuic 7,101 1. mak,MK lhclp , nT(, 10 nnrtforj 14.79 feet to tl.c pl.iee of Ih-rIiiiiImk. chii
K. (., COUOIf, Courant. Itnliihig In alt 1003,5 nquarc fet, iitorvm
would accept them or not would be
known by baturday.
Debonair Club Spread
Corporation Dlreetora Want Their
Rlflhta and Uiually Qet Them.
A Inrno corporntlou held a tllrcctom'
As tho meet-
ClODO 0110 ot tlio
worth 10.000,-
breath. Just nn
ho entered thn other director" were
Tho City of St. .Tolms tlooa ordain
at follow!
That, wlicrena, the city council, hy
resolution ndoptcd oil tltc m:cmh1 tUy of
Mnv. tan. illrrclril t f l rltv iiilnar lii
make a survey of extension of I)eentur
street oi the antne would npnenr, fmui
the easterly line of Richmond stret to
the easterly aide line of Outlot "I," A.
I.. Miner's Addition to the citv of St.
Johns, nnd to make n pint of the samo,
and n written nml cotntilcte ilencrlnllon
of the tiroiKJScd clmnuc uml extension
thereof, which suld rvttolutlon l here
by referred to and mnde n tmrt hare-
nnd. whereas, the cltv uuifliintr
within twclttv ditvs thereafter did mulce
nnd flic said tilnt nml written descrltittoH
of the lauds to he rcuuired in tho pro
posed chaiiKc nnd extension of until atrwst
with the cltv recorder of mild ckv. whlek
tlcscrlptloit Is ns follows, to wit:
lteloiiftii(,' ,0 Lafayette Cnplea.
Hcultltllm! nt n txiiut In the raiattirlv
liue of Kicltmotid street, which Is north
it decrees to minutes, cast 87S feel from
the southwest corner of the WIIIIriii.Cm
tiles donation Inud claim In Section 11,
T. 1, N. K. t, W. Willamette Meridian,
which marks the southwest corner of the
plot of ground deeded to Utfuyutli! en
tries, recorded in Hook 186, tmc 183 of
Multnomah cottntr record: thence wuith
71 decrees eat 135,7 feet to n point In
the northerly Hue of Deentttr Mitel;
thence north 6i deercca .11 miitiittM. wal
along the northerly Hue of wild DetHttur
street 136.51 feet to a point In the utt
erly line of Richmond street; tlieue
south 75 degree 30 mlnuti, weal along
the easterly line of said Itichmuml atram
1 lie mciiiiicrs ot tlie Uciionnir
Club entertained their husbands nt
dinner Wednesday night nt the
beautiful home of Mrs. K I. Day
on lacoina street.
Aiieaw v, A. KICK,
1'lllilislicd III the St. tohns Review mi
June?, 191 1,
Proposals lor Street Work
I.nttd belonging to Anna I,. Capl.
Ileeintilmr nt n nohit in the tw.tarlv
Hue of Richmond sttect, which nwrka
the soiithwcsterlv corner of the idol of
1 uon 1 Know, 1110 cnnir- roum, ,cc,c,, Wn iUm
Notices wcro sent to nil Cnplca (a-conlcd In Iknik jiq paKCidr)
nun ts 5 lect, uoitli 35 ilt'urwm 30 inlti
tttcs, cast from the soiitlnstut corner of
present It vns 011c of the finest
spreads the club has ever given nnd
those present did full justice to it.
'IM... ..... I... .!..!. I.. .1. ......... ...I
nu iitiiini; l.- liivi.1111 iii.iiii.hvii
lor tlic occasion wllli pluk roses
nnd festoons of pink nud gccu
the Hose Carnival colors.
After tinnier Mr. Boyd, brother
of Prof. Boyd, sang several sekc
tious. He has n sp'ciidid voice
ertICll nroDOMls will be rrn-Ivol nt
tin iifiii... ur Him Mfir.tM .r ii.m mIi.. ..r
ttiioui mu were St. Jolin until June 17, igit.At 8 o'clock
11. 111. for the itiiptovetiicnt of l'oitlntid
(Kitilevard front the northerly Hue of
ThompMiii street to the southerly
iiiic 01 urticc street lit tlie limn
tier provided bv ordinance So. tKo. still.
jeet to the ptovlalon nf tho charter nod
orniiiaiicca 01 111c city ot St. Johns, nml
the estimate of the citv eiielncer. 011 file.
The eneiiicer'a estimate of the cost la
J t ,701.9s.
Ilids mutt he strictly lit accordance with
printed tiiaiika which
"book hero," the Incoming director
shouted to tbo chnlrinnn, "I want to
know why t haven't received notice of
this nicotine."
"1 am iiuro I don't know," tho clinlr
runti unld.
dlreetora. You mircly must lutvo re
celvt'd one."
Tlio director fltilslietl up nn excited
llrado hy Raying, "I want my rhdiU."
Just thou tho nocrctary wn hrouaht
Into conference, who Iu turn handed
tho Into director nn envelope. Uo do
purled with n BinllliiB cotiutoiiniicr.
Tula recnlla tbo nlory of n Nuw York
corporation wliero I'M for each director
wna Inld on tho tit bio and those who
attended divided tho wbolo pile. If
half eamo each got 110. Tho member
were men fnr odvnticcd In yearn nud
In rlclip. Ono day It Mortncd violently
when n tncctlDg wns to be held, Tbo
oxectitlro offlcern did not bollcvo
will be fur n
1T1 r 1 ' T t T bihed un application at the ufnee o the "W"1 ora"rn did not Uellevo 11
and his siiiRing wns much enjoyed. woriiCrot tUecitv -of 8t. jXm. Ani "'l0 dlre-,'or wol11 liur. but
(He nud his bride nrc here oil their wild Improvement must bo completed 011 "very man of ttioin wan on bnnd, ench
or before 60 days f mm the date of ncccpt
lUK inns.
No liroiKiuils or bids will bo considered
uulcm nccouipaiiled by 11 certified check
txiyiiDlc to the mayor of the city of St.
Johns, certified by a rcstioiislble bank
for uii amount equal to ten per cent
ine iiKKrcKatc proposal.
iionevniooii;. joint Kinder snug
n couple of selections iu his usual
pleasing style that brought forth
appreciative applause. Mrs. J. N.
Keelcr convulsed -her listeners
when she recited Biddy's 'Crip to
the Dentist" and Bessie Shall Not
Stand Tonight," a parody on the
"Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight."
A number of old time favorites
were snug, nil joining in singing
them. At n late hour all ndiourii
cd to their homes, tired but happy.
having IlKiired out that nobody else
would nppunr nnd that bo Might ttwlpo
tbo entire allowance,
On a Qraln of Whtat.
Prayer bnvo been written nnd on
itrared on iniiuy mnull objects, hut
The rlfjlit to reject ntiy ami nil bids Is I only 0110 tcron over linn been patient
The versatile editor, tlie iutelli
gent compositor, the artistic job
printer nud his sntnuic nibs, "the
devil" of the Review force arc tin
der lasting obligations to the ladies
of the V. C. T. U. The two first
named for beautiful baskets of fine
roses and violets, and the two lat
ter for the loveliest, great, big bou
qtiets of roses, left iu this office by
Mesdamcs Kelley and l.ldberg yes
terday. The gifts were beauties
such ns only Oregon can
bcicby reserved.
uy order or the city council.
1'. A. RICH,
City Recorder,
Published III the St. lolius Review
June 9, 16 and 33, ton.
Proposed Assessment
Notice is hereby riven that apxirtlou
ment of the cost of Improving New
York street between Hayes stmt uml
Willis boulevard, nt 11 total cost of
i4.liH.8o, has been amxirtioiied und Is
011 me 111 tue omce 01 tlie uttilerslKned,
stiDtuci 10 examination,
Asjr.aient dUtrict cxtenda liack to
the center of lots, blocks and tracts of
produce land aiiultliie 011 Mid street as provided
nuu pnitiNinking ciioukii to inscribo n
comploto prnyer on a Krnln of whent.
Ono day Hlr Moses Monlelloro received
a Bninll tin box In tho mall. On tho
cover of tlio liox wns written, "A
prayer for Mr Mosci Moiitotlore. by
much MordccM, hoii of cbl I Uracil
Hchchitminiut ot Jorusnlum." Tbo box
contained n ttnglo grain of wheat, 011
which woro Inscribed In clinrnctern no
iimall (hoy could only Imi rend with tho
aid of 11 powerful mlcroscopo tho 080
Hebrew lottora of the pruycr and tho
ditto of tbo year (Ilobrow rockonlitR),
mils. Hlr Mowea kept tbo prnyer In his
prlvnto desk until ho died, nud It ts
prescrvod with rullk'loua caro by 0110
of bis friends.
n.,,1 r.,n 1,1 i. n,o.,i-f,.i t i.n y uie city ciiari er nnu reaolut Ions
ie uvea wiierc uie poorest m uie went may be made In wrlllnK uml filet!
uuii iimy iivciy en oy .micii iruuruiu i u me umionifiicu until t o'clock i
oeauues, wnen Ue rememuers tueiwjM"c 3 191
lltllilttrfl IIAwlo tlllm illliaalt llfltrs I I I A Jvlwlka
IMIIIMIVI Ss,tW aiWlaJ II ItU Vt II VII IlllVlta I a'
a 1 un.uiiicr.
only millionaires may nojw to revel Published In the St. Johns Review on
11 inciruciiiMitiiii iicniimc, iiiuiiks, iiuticqamt it, lyu,
ladles, come again, the latchstriug
s out to you.
Three carloads of roses was the
contribution to the carnival this
morning. St. Johns is ahead of
any other, section in the supply of
tuenoveiyjaiiowers, atiu we couiu
easily send twice ns many tomorrow
as we did this morning. The soil
lerc is ideal for the growth of fine
roses and with a little care iu selec-
on and cultivation will enable one
to go to his garden almost any day
in the year and guther such a bou
quet of roses as would cost from
$25 to $100 lu any of tlie great
cities of the East.
A number of dog owners have
tiot paid their dog license. After
Monday uext warrants will be is
sued for the delinquents and the
cense will tuns prove more ex
pensive. Come iu at once and save
unnecessary expense and trouble.
R. McKiuuey, Chief of Police.
Notice Of
Annual School Meeting
Notice Is hereby elvcn to the leeal
voters of School District No. 2 of Mult
nomah county, state of Oregon, that the
Annual School Meeting of wid district
will be held at the Central School An
nex, to Iwxln at the hour of 2 o'clock i.
111, and close at 6 o'clock n. 111. on the
.... . .
tlilnl .Monday 01 June, lelug the I'jtli
day of June, A, I), 1911,
Tins iiicetfui! Is called for the ntirnose
01 electing tJiie director.
Dated this sth day of June, 191 1,
Chairman Hoard of Directors,
Attest: J. I. Tunch, District Clerk,
Published in the St, Johns Review oil
june 9 ami 10, 191 1,
Coming ncroM tho Ituvero Ileach fer
ry wont two men whoso nntlcn at
tracted counjdarablo attention. Tito
youiiuer would atep uroiiiid to tho
r In lit alilo of bta companion, nnd with'
In a minute (bo elder would make a
orresiiKJiidlnr shift. At Inst tbo eldor
bocauio Irritated.
"Hay, what aro you trying to do,
ihlfttiJK nround llko thlaV bp.douiaiid
"I'm deaf in my left car and was
trying to get wbero I'd hear well," tho
youiifior replied.
"And I'm blind In my loft oyo and
wantod to teo what woa doing," said
tlio other, Boston Journal.
Old Qontletuau (ut Un daughter's
weddltig) My dear, I don't boo bow I
am to net along without you, Ilrlile-
Oh, that's all right, pa. Hlnco tho cere
mony was performed my busbnnd Iiiih
confessed that ho hasn't enough saved
to start housekeeping, so you won't
lose me after all.
wanted 500 boys and girls to
buy uustcr Brown Blue Ribbon
Shoes.The Toggery, 311 South
ersey street, bt. Jolins.
I?or Rent Iight housekeeping
rooms. 205 N. I'.dison St. 27tfc.
Subscribe for the St. Johns Review
al ti a m
matiou mat 11 wouia De piaceu on
the Holbrook corner instead soon,
this location having been deemed
more advisable.
An ordinance providing the time
and manner of improving Portland
tho city.
You get full weight and
quality at the Central market,
try awhile.
(Offtciiib of t. 3JoIub, (Dmjou
Mayor K. C. Couch
Kccorilcr I'rauk A. Rlre
Treasurer W. Scot! Xcllogi:
Attorney A. II. Ksnou
liuglntcr C. Ji. Andrew
rhy.lcUil-A. W. Vincent
Chlclol Police K. McKinney
Day rotlccKobcrl Joliusou
Councllmeii at Large:
1'. W. Valentine Chan. llttJtsou
1). I'rauk Horsman
Councllmeii I'lrst Ward
A. A. Muck J. W. Davis
Couucilmcu Second Ward
O. I,. I'errlue I'. Hill
Streets and Docks I. W. Davis, 1'. V.
Valentine, A. A. Muck
License--P. Hill. A. A. Muck. Clias.
Water and LlgM-Chas. Bredeson. I. W.
Davis, r. Hill
finance A. A. Muck, J. W. Davis, (). L.
Iluilding and Grounds O. L- fcrriue.
Cbas. IJrcdesou, D. I'rauk Horsmau
Liquor License Y. Vf. Valentine, (1. L.
I'errlue. D. I'rauk Horsmau
Health and folice D. I'rauk Horsmau,
Y. W. Valentine, V. Hill
Causa and effaet.
Thoro aro many dollghttul dishes to
Jy mndo from loft over food."
That's nice," responded tho young
brldo. '1 bores a great deal of food
loft over slnco I began doing the cook
Ing." Washington Herald.
Qlvlna Him a Tip.
Hlm-I don't know bow to tell you
how I love you. Her Don't worry
about that. I'll tako It as It coincs.
What you want to got nervous about
Is how to tell papa about It. Toledo
Qod bless the good natured, for they
bloss everybody else. Henry Ward
the Win. Cnnlea I), u. C, In Sretlou 12.
T. 1, N. R. 1, W. W. M.; iheuc awtth
71 (leg. 4IIU, east 278.70 feet toil alut ill
the northerly Hue of Decatur attt;
thence north 6) tlcKrees ,)i itittiutsM,
140.0Q feet to the soiilhoHsterlv corner of
the I.ufnycttc Ciiiles tract; thence north
71 degrees, west along the wiutlmily
Hue of said Lafayette Cnnlea trnet llfi.SJ
feel to the eattcrlv line of Richmond
street; thence south 33 ilegrrva joihIh
tttcs, west iilongAhe entterly llimof Ukh
moiid street 30 feet to the tilurtt of Imu
gltiiihiK, containing jS6j.11 iwpursr (mK,
more or less.
Laud bclotiKlug to J. C. Kolxrla.
Uceiiiiihii! nt 11 ikiIiiI in thn MuMarlv
line of Rlclimoiid street, which murks
the northwesterly comer of the trial itf
grotiud deeded to J. C. Roberta (Ikwk
340 luige 201) mm i uorlii 25 ilegr, y
talutitcs, cast 85H feet from the aotilu.
west corner ot Wiii.ChiiIm: lliuueti amitti
64 degrees 42 minutes, east ukNig thn
iiorllicrly Hue of said Decatur ltt
JiH.oj feet to a ixilnt In the MMttrtf
line of Mid J. C, Roberts tract; tlH'ttce
south 35 degtces y mluutin, went along
the easterly Hue of Mild J. C. Roberts
tract to feet to 11 point in the aotitlsarty
Hue of Decatur atreot: Iheiu-e north Li
degrees 4a miuutea, weat 41470 fwt to a
H)lnt, thence north 25 ilvgrta n win
tttes, east 51 feet to u ilnt; tlwitctr north
71 degree 52 minute, west 42 fwart to a
(oliit; thence north 61 ileuteva 4t min
utes, west H8.S4 feet to a tMtiiit m lb
easterly Hue of Rlchmoiiil atreH; then
north 25 degrcea jo minute, t-oat nIomk
the easterly lluu of Rlcliimiud stnsat
35.31 feet to place of beginning, twuslw
lug lit nil 30737,42 sminre fet, ur .701
acres, more or los,
Laud IlelougiiiK to KIlMtxith Ctlt.
Itcuiiuiliitr at 11 ixiliit tn the atwlhurti'
Hue of Decatur street, Miitth 71 ilMtteaw
52 minutes, east 119,48 fuel front the
northwesterly corner of th HltaaUitU
Cnples truct ill Section 13, T. I, N. of
K. 1, w, 01 w. .11.; titmice south t tie-
grees 42 tiiiiiiites, east Hbiiis! Ih soMth-
erly Hue of Mild Dtn-atur 43 fiwt; tbHC
norm 25 degrees 30 iiiinultrs, mum Mm
the easterly line of il! lCliMUlh Ca-
pics tract s.3 fret to the uurtueaalvrh'
corner of said tract; thence nurth 71
grces 32 minutes, west along Uh twrth-
erly Uiutulury Hue ol mui tnu t 42,32
feet to tha plucc of begluiiiug, eoHUiu
lug in all 109.2 ariuare feet, uior or Um.
Iiud llelonging to O'Rourke and (irwut.
IleKlnului' at n noiiit ot the luicrMe-
tlon of the projected Decatur streut with
the easterly line of the 1'rnuk C.
O'Rourke uml Poster Orunt tract in
Section 12, T. 1, N, R. W, W. M.. which
ixjlnt Is Mtith 25 ileeretts M liilHUtiaa.
west 47,55 feet from the iiottlnmlMly
corner of wild O'Rourke and Orttut
tract; thence south 35 degrees 30 wiH
tites; west 53.45 feet to the koulkrwsterly
corner of said tract; thence north 71 de
grees 53 minutes, vvust 00 feat to Out
southeasterly comer of sold tract; them
nortu 35 degrees 30 minutes, east t leal
to the iutersvetiou of the westerly Him
of said tract with the southerly liu of
said Decatur street, thence south 64 de-
firecs 43 minutes, east along the souther,
y Hue of said Decatur street 39.53 feel
to the place of beginning, containing
3345-3 square feet, mure or leaa.
Also all of Outlot of A. U. Miner's
Addition to St. Johns. Which suld dee.
criptioit, plat and survey have been ex
amined by the council anil fouiul satis
factory, ami that said description, pMl
and survey be, nud the same is, hereby
approved and adopted.
Passed by the Council this 31st Uy uf
May, 1911,
Approved by the Mayor, this lat day
of May, 1911,
K.C. .UUI.1I,
Attest: Prank A. Rice,
Published iu the St, Johns Review oh
June 9, 1911.
Look for the Name
The following list of legal blanks I
are kept for sale at this omce and
others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mort-
gages, batislactlou ot Mortgages,
Contracts for Sale of Realty, Bills
of Sale, Leases.
All these blanks nt the uniform I
price of 30c per dozen.
Silk Gloves 50c up
Look out for silk gloves that don't
fit and don't wear. All genuine
Kaysers the kind you've always
worn-havo "Kaystir" iu the hew.
We sell them-any shade or style
at the price of Inferior makes.