St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 09, 1911, Image 2

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Publhhsd Evarjr Friday
At 117 West Burlington Street.
Tn Rrvirw is entered nt post office
In Saint Johns, Oregon, ns mail innttcr
of the second clnss under the Act of Con
gress of Mnrcli 3, 1879,
Offlalal Htwipaper of the City of St John.
Adtertlilnie ratta, 91.00 par Inch per month.
Job Printing axecuted In Arat-elaia atria.
Bills tor Job rrlntlnf eaab on dallTery.
Subscription price $1.00 por yonr.
The sewer question is still a live
issue. The contract calls for set
tlement when each lateral is finished,
but no pay has yet been applied
for. Wonder why.
Had the "No scat, no fare" fal
lacy carried in Portland Mondny,
many of the populace would likely
be seen carrying camp stools under
their arms when they went to Port
land so that they would be assured
of a seat coining back.
Rushlight put it all over Mayor
Simon Monday in spite of the strong
am of the Orcgoniaii, which even
departed from its rule of supporting
primary nominees. Whether the
change of mayor will be beneficial
or not, remains to be proven.
Don't complain about the cool
weather we have been having late
ly when the people in the far Ktist
would give considerable just to en
joy it for awhile. Think of the ice
bills and the sprinkling bills you arc
Stories of Success Jol 6 & CO,
From tho very
lira i mi) budjoci
of this Rkittch
understood tho
tllnorcnco lio-
twecn nplnff a
rierK and a cap
italist. Towatil
tho roiU of suc
cess this sturdy
blacks in Ith
ntrufrKlod on
and on until lio
ntandn forth to
day one of tho
world's groat,
cnntnlnn nf In
dustry. In a wnffon built by hid
own li funis lie traveled overland to
California as a forty-iilner, and on
his return Invested every penny of
Ills savlnus In tho umnufnetum nf
tvoRons; and today the Utudebakor
wagon is Known Wherever wnnons
nro used. Ha was always saving
for noma now Investment. Ho ra-
nllxed that wnnllh liillnt hnvn nnw
vitality. Tho small Bums no many
ppenn nnn novor romcmuer woro
naved by Mr. Btudcbakor and woro
tho foundation nf tils fortune.
Money creates monoy, nnd without
rnpiini you win nn sinw to rise.
Tim tnnni'V flimuirh
a savings nrcount In this bank may
oiio uuy rnauu yuu u cajiliaiisu
St. Johns, Oregon
Svi.vitsTim PitTHHSON, Pres.
A. R. Jonus, Vice President
P. P. Duinkkk, Cashier
C. H. Uussiti.i., Ass' I Cashier
have moved to
the north room
of the
McChesney Block
pending the
erection of the
new building.
W. R. C, Memorial
St. Johns is still pushing her
way steadily forward. While new
industries have been mighty scarce, also mean the Mount
sula with the Hill Hue. The more
impediments Portland places in the
way of its water traffic the better it
will be for St. Johns. The comple
tion of the Hroadway bridge will
Hood Rail-
new residences have been built
with pleasing regularity, mid a num
ber of business structures in various
parts of the city have been or are
being erected. The free ferry will
no doubt be n great help to the city,
adding more life and more business.
The hand of destiny is guiding this
city of ours, and there is no stay
ing its progress.
Complaints have been uttered
e i ... .f f. .1
iruui nine ui time coiiccriiiui! uie
way line in St. Johns or another and
more direct line of the present trol
ley system perhaps both.
Isn't it about time that some con
sideration was being paid to the
new cily dock? Why not expend
$2,5,000 or $30,000 more and have
suitable sidetracks constructed to
connect with it? As it is, it is al
most worthless and the interest
of $3600 jkt year keeps drawing
rigid along. Willi proper comico
Kditor Review: Our Memorial
Day has come and gone, and with
a full attendance, our W. R. C.
with our Post attended the pre
Memorial Day services at the St.
Johns M. 15. church. The preach
er, who is the son of an old soldier,
talked to us with the spirit and un
derstanding. As next to being at
the front comes our loved ones tell
ing us of the times that tried men's
souls, and women's too, (as I never
shall forget when in my 16th year,
I watched for the static to come
from the front, as my brother in
Co. A of the Old Minnesota ist
was tosting his first real trouble at
the battle of ist Hull Run. The
remembrance is very vivid after
these long years J May Memorial
Day last as long as we have it free
country. We can well say:
livery year our numbers lessen,
Dentil is thinning out our ranks,
And we're marching to the river
liven now we're on its banks.
Soon we'll cross the swelling current
i.aud upon the other shore-
'rotten" service of the trolley line, lions there is but little question that Grccl OIir'comrntlc.s KOtlc bcforc U8
Hut is it rotten ? On the contrary, it could be leased to good adyan- And be parted nevermore,
isn't it one of the greatest coiiveu- tage and enough money secured in '
icuccs we have In some respects
it is not first class, but isn't it us
much as can be expected of
suburban service? It is true the
cars are generally crowded by tin
time they reach Piedmont from
St. Johns, yet it is seldom that (bl
ears are uncomfortably filled when
they leave St. Johns. More often
can only n or less passengers
be found in the cms as ,wy leavt
here. Is that sufiicicnt,' reason fm
better service than now obtains? In
dollars anil cents, no. It will be
noticed that cars on other lines are
crowded as badly at certain timet,
of the day s on the St. Johns
line. The city is expanding all the
time, more cars are Iwiug added,
more liueH laid, more power being
provided for.antl u tliouwiud and out
expenses that the general publU
seldom realize. The time no doubt
will shortly arrive when the Port
laud Railway company will con
struct another line to St. Johns
which will be more tlirect and with
less stops. Hut until then there is
really no reason to complain. II
we had no service at all there would
be something to murmur about.
Hut since it is possible to reach
Portland in less than an hour, leave
every 20 minutes or le and have
a seal when we leave here at leant,
it is not so bad as it is sometime,
painted. We have noticed the ser
vice in Chicago, Pittsburg, I.os
Angeles, and other cities, and
this way to pay the interest 011 the
dock bonds and also 011 the addi
tional bonds for construction of
switches. Prom a business stand
point it would- surely be the best
thing to do. It makes a difference
of one mill in the tax of every prop
erty owner in the cily whether
the tlock is leased or not. Appar
ently there is no chance whatever
to lease it in its present condition,
mid it would be very easy to as
certain if it could be leased after
the sidetracks had been provided
for, by advertising for bids of lease
with the proviso attached that the
city would provide the same. It is
a shame to allow the splendid dock
to remain idle when by theexcudi
Hue of a little more money it might -remember.
he a scene of hustle and activity
Another Memorial Day has come
and gone, reminding us while scat
tering flowers on the graves of
loved ones that they died tiiat we
might live in pence and plenty.
Our W. R. C. had a busy day.
Pirst came the presentation of a
beautiful flag by the school children
ol St. Johns which leads us to know
that their loyalty to their country
is true ami uieir love tor the out
soldier who can doubt it?
1 ue long wan tor uie street car
at our station gave us only time to
gain our ranks at the Hill grove
tuod's tirst temples.) We feel as
if we should give a vote of thanks
to the owner, another kindness to
TheW. R.
Hy action of the council the city
attorney has been tlirected to look
into the state law which specifies
the least distance allowed between
saloons and public schools. It
would be too bad if it became nec
essary to remove the fine new school
building if it be found that it is
closer to n saloon than the
law cruiits.
A billions,
of energy, and
can be relieved
Pioiuntuuss hv tisiuir
we The first dose brings improvement,
C. went
through (heir ceremouv and then
they and their Post returned to the
0. A. R. hall where lunch was
served to eight long tables ot Post
and friends after which we listened
to a program suitable for the occa
sion. Thanks to those who served
food for the body as well as food
for the mind. We were pleased to
se how tit. Johns observed Decora
tion Day. They have our thanks.
and also the satisfaction that comes
to all tit observing a day that has
come llirougii many
-1 ...i. .. .... 1 .. t :
uu not see wueie wiey nave "tut- ievv noses puis uie system 111 line,
cuge over roruaiui service, i ney vigorous condition. rrice 50c,
are ail crowded, nil make frequent pout uy m. jolius I'liarmacy.
stops witu tew exceptions, and the
sitted is no greater unless it be be
tween I.os Angeles and Long Heaeh
where a good grade and right of
way is assured. The next time one
feels inclined to kick at the car ser
vice he should put hiuikvlf in the
compnuy's position and considei
bow he would remedy the evil and
at the same time keep up all the in
cidental exeiiseri. Man is prone
to growl at corporations, yet with
out them there would have been no
Portland, 110 St. Johns, unless the
government owned the railroads.
It requires the combination of cap
ital to do big things. Corporations,
like individuals, will take as much
as they can get and 110 more. And
strange as it may seem, they ate
sometimes worthy of credit for the
things they do, but never get it.
The acts of a corporation are never
commended, always condemned.
That seems to be human nature.
tpiirH in ilnvu
liiilf-slek feeling, loss long gone by, while we remember
euiisiqiuieu dowuis 1 those;
With SUrprislim "Whose dnvs of strife nro nvnr
HliRHINIi. Where the weary rest for ave:
Where earth's shadows never enter,
'IM..... I. .!..... lit llil IlillllO
da v."
ol endless
The new Hroadway bridge prom
ises to be of no small benefit to St.
Johns. A well known sea captain
who plys his vessel regularly be
tween California and Portland reg
ularly states that after it is con-
a .a .
sirucieu uie great majority of sea
going vessels will tie up at St. Johns.
The Portland bridges arc becom
ing a source of much inconvenience
to maritime traflic, and if the gov
ernment heeds the largest petitiou of
its nature ever presented, the draws
will remain closed during certain
hours of the day. This will inure
to St Johns' benefit as a shipping
point. As a .result large warehous
es and wharves will make their ap
pearance along the water front, and
will mean the belting of the peiiiu.
St. Clements Catholic church.
Portland boulevard between Hurr
and Newton streets. Masses on
btiudays at 8 and 10:30 a. in. and
Sunday evenings sermon and bene
diction at 8 o'clock.
K. J. Kettenhofeu, Pastor.
Children that are affected by
worms are mie aim sieKiy and are
liable to contract some fatal disease.
buOli expels worms promptly and
puts the child 011 the road to health.
Price 25c per bottle. Sold by St.
Johns Pharmacy.
Mrs. 1 W, Valentine won the
second prize on Kaiseriu Augusta
Victoria roses Wednesday, The
contest was one in which six roses
were called for, and Mrs. Valentine
secured all of her six from one
bush. 1 hey were surely beauties.
Mrs. II. C. McCullom
Press Correspondent.
1320 wiiiatuetie uouievard,
Portland, Oregon, June 6, 1911.
Preil Davis, brother of Mrs. W.
M. lower, is spending a few davs
with his sister here. He resides at
Madras, where he has been post
master for the past eight years.
N UTILIS l hereby given that Katlt II. Ilol
comb. mliuliiUuutil r.tatc ol Wanc
tiled tUtcmenl ot her tonal acvouut auchatl
luiiiUlratrU with the cleikol the county court
Aiuiiiiuman wuniy- megon Honorable T
J Clrtloii. county lutlgrol wkl couutv. haa de.
Ignaleil Monday, luly J. itt g o'clock . m. In
Uie ilcirtturiitollriccouuty court h the court
uuuxriui iu vouuiy 111 me envoi roiiund,
Oregon, aa the time and lilacc lor the arltlciueut
ui hw aivouut aim lor neanug auy objtctloua
to aauie Ohjectlona to Mid aixouut or adiuinia
tfaljou. 11 any, ate reuuiied to he filed with the
clejk ol aald court 011 or heloie the day amuilnt.
rl (of llic hearing and KUltuitnt thereof. -ub-Itthed
pursuant to older ol ulj v-wuuty ludue.
dated June 1. KAT1K II. 1 101.COM U.
Ceerge 1. 1'ciUua. AdmluitWatiU,
AltiMuey lr .AdiuiuUtrattla.
I'ikldy. June . tint iiiblUtlu.
t'rlJay, Juue ju, lat iuLllcutIou.
A nice family size
lined refrigerator for
only $13.30.
Afull line of the fam
ous Patterson Ham
mocks in all the lat
est shades and de
signs. Prices from
$2.0O up.
A new lot of decor
ated Dinner Sets,
just received. See
window display.
St. Johns Furniture
"Cash or Credit"
Every Little Girl
will soon be saying, "Oh, mother!
its warm enough to leave off my
coat" which means that mother
must start working on new dresses
for the Summer play days.
We've been anticipating just
such a move and our stocks of
sturdy fabrics for the little girls'
clothes are more complete than
Ginghams 12 l-2c
Foulards 5c
Calicos 5. 6. and 7c
Percales: 10 and 12 l-2c
Choose the needs for the little
girls summer wardrobe at this store.
Comes the demand for cool, dressy
suits. We have secured a special
showing of snappy suits for men
and priced them at a moderate
When the Girl grad
uates the dress will be the all-important
thing. Nothing weighs greater
upon the girl's mind on this great
day in her life than the correctness
of her graduating gown.
With n dress of our pretty BISH
OP LAWN at 35c or K0I3E
SILK at 30c made with the aid of
n Ladles Home Journal Pattern,
girlish heads will rest easy under
the commencement crown.
We invite you to this timely
showing of fabrics for graduation
Now is the time to buy, while
our stock is complete.
A full Hue of men's Negligee
Shirts for summer wear at 75c, $1,
SI. 50 and $2.00. Just received.
Owing to existing circumstances
relative to our street improvements
it has put us somewhat above the
sidewalk but our exceedingly
low prices in groceries still remain
on the level, consistent with legiti
mate business. -
A SPKCIA'I PRICU of 4c per
yard on n large assortment cr Im
itation TORCHON LACKS, this
week and next.
& imttz aim
Pax t Km n
If you have never tried the
terns, try one now for that new
Waist, we have several designs
that insures comfort and style,
Then select your material from our
showing of subcrb waistings.
All widths, all colors of RIDIION
RHMNANTS at one fourth off
Opposite City Hall Phone Columbia 137
Orie Half Price
Everything in Hats
and Flowers, also
some Plumes.
Come early while you
still have a large selec
tion to choose from.
St. Johns Millinery
Mrs. E. J. MARTIN, Prop.
Mr. Manufacturer
We call vour attention to the RELIABILITY of our twenty
four hour ELECTRIC SERVICE for both light and power and
advance the following reasons:
Because we have three hydro-electric generating stations in
operation developing 30,000 horse power.
Because we have ready for emergencies SEVEN steam gen
erating stations ready to produce on short notice 34,000 horse
Because we will have in operation October ist another hydro
electric station which will develop 16,000 horse power.
Because we are doing preliminary work on still another hydro-electric
statiou which will develop .15,000 horsepower to take
care of your future needs.
Because our facilities for furnishing everything ELECTRIC
are unsurpassed and our organization in point of skill, experience
and familiarity with electrical problems is second to uoue. -
Because our experts are at your service.
Phone Main 66S or A6t3i.
Portland Railway, Light & Power Company
7th and Alder Street
Keep your business before the public
advertise in the Review.
Every dollar you earn Is capable of doubling Itself
in time, without any effort on your part except
to hang on to it.
The dollar that slips away will eventually get Into the
hands of some one who will set it at work for
tune building for himself.
The dollars you save whose earning power you ap
propriate, will make the sum of your fortune.
The sooner you begin to save at this bank, the sooner
you will see your fortune expressed in large
We receive savings deposits from one dollar up.
The Peninsula Bank
St. Johns, Oregon
Capital $50,000.00 Surplus $7,000.00
Resources over $200,000.00
R. T. Piatt, President F, C Ktiapp, Vice President
C. A. Wood, Cashier
Excursions East-Low Round Trip Fares
May 22 to 25. 27 to 29; June 5, 7. 9. 10, 12. 16. 17, 21.22.28.
29. 30; July I to 6. 19. 20. 26. 27 28; Augual 3. 4. 5. 14 to 17,
21 to 23.28 to 30; September I, 2, 4 to 7.
St. Paul. Minneapolia, Kanaa Gty, Omaha, Duluth. Winne.
P. $ 60.00
Chicago and Milwaukee 7230
St. Louia ,
Denver. Colorado Spring. ...... 55.00 New York and Philadelphia 10830
Washington and Baltimore...... 10730 Boston , 110.00
A atktyolroute going audnturnlngU opto for election. Return limit October jut. Stop.
orcra arc aUowrd In each direction.
0. N. CORNELL, Agent.
W. E Coman, G. F. & P. A.
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