St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, February 10, 1911, Image 4

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An Ordinance granting to the Mount
Hood Railway & Power Company, its
successors and assigns, for a period
of twenty-five years the right and
privilege to erect, construct, maintain
and operate an electric light, heat and
power system in the city of St. Johns,
Oregon, and the right and privilege
to erect poles and stretch wires
thereon and there over, through, over
and upon the streets, alleys and pub
lie highways; and to construct under
ground conduits or pipes with all nec
essary manholes and other appliances
in and under the said streets, alleys
and public highways In the city of St.
Johns for conducting and conveying
electricity for light, heat and power;
to charge rents and tolls therefor,
and to collect the same and to author
ize the said Mount Hood Railway &
Power Company to trim shade and or
namental trees in the said streets,
alleys and public highways, and to
provide for the punishment of those
Iniuring or interfering with lis prop
erty. The city of St. John docs ordnlti as
Section J. Tlic Mount Hood Rail
way & Power Company, a corporation
Inly organized and existing under the
laws of the State of Oregon, mid hav
ing its principal office and place of
business in the City of Portland, in
the State of Oregon, mid its succes
sors mid assigns, is hcrchy granted, sub
ject to the consideration and conditions
in this Ordinance contained, the riuht
and privilege to erect, construct and
Carson Gloves
alleys and public highways, the said Ordinance be imposed, exacted from or
grantee shall file with the City Ke- required of the said Mount Hood Rail
corder of the City of St. Johns, a way & Power Company, its successors
good and sufficient annual bond to be or assigns, other than the above spe
approved by the Mayor, in the sum cificd annual payment of money, but
ul $1,000.00, which bond shall, among this provision shall not exempt the
other things, provide that said streets, property of the said -Mount Hood Rail
when so opened, shall be protected, re- way & Power Company, Its successors
naircd and reconstructed to the satisfac- or assiuns. from lawful taxation. Each
tion of the City of St. Johns, at the I of the annual payments of money rc
cost of said grantee within a specified quired by thio section, shall be made
time therein tn he fixed. I bv the said Mount Hood Railway &
Sec. 0. At all times, the power and I Power Company, its successors or as
rifiht lo reasonably regulate, in the pub-1 signs, to the Recorder of the City of
lie iutarcst, the exercise of the Iran-1 at. joiius on or nciorc tnc ir.tii ciay
finer mill riutit on Irrnllnl inrltlililltl I of fallU.irV of C.icll for tllC tirCCed-
rales to be collected for light and pow-1 ing year, and said Recorder shall issue
er, snail remain ami uc vestcu in tnc ms rcccuu mciciur wmui ne
Council of the City of St. Johns. full acquittance of the said Mount Hood
.Sec. 7. The construction and instal- Railway & Power Company, its sue-
latlon of the plant and system herein ccssors or assigns for such payment,
provided for shall begin within ninety At such time, the grantee liercin, its
days and shall be completed, to the ex- successors or assigns, shall file with the
tent of at least one thousand horse- City Recorder, a certified statement
power ready for use within tlic limits showing the gross earnings of the Com
of the City of St. Johns within out pany, transacted in the City of St. friiin llio ilnln ,if nrrpiitnner nf I TollllS for tllC tiast year tttlCl the Re-
this franchise. corder for said city shall have access
Sec. s. The grantee, its successors to the hooks of the said company dur-
and assigns, arc hereby empowered and "iff Hie business hours of any business
authorized to cut and trim any and all day, for the purpose of verifying said
firii.'iiiieninl simile trros In nnv of Hie report. Should said Mount Hood Rail-
streets, alleys or public highways of way & Power, Company, its successors
the city, that interfere with any light, or assigns, fail or neglect for thirty
pole, wire, appliance, or apparatus used (30) days after the same becomes due
in connection witli or as a part of the mid payable and after written notice
electric light, heat, power works or from the City of St Johns to pay the
vipin. Inii tin cimli im nr nr. I same, to nav nnv of the said annual
iiaincntal tree shall be so cut or trimmed payments, provided for in this section,
to n point below twenty-five feet above the City of St. Johns, bv its properly
the sidewalk grade, nor shall any such constituted author tics, shall have the
utififlf irvo nr imt en richt to collect said overdue payments
cut or trimmed until the grantee, its from the said Mount Hood Railway &
successors or assigns shall give writ- Power Company, its successors or as-
Ipii nr fir nlril imlirn In Hip numi- nr I S BUS IIV a Aim or HCIIUII. mill snail nave
occupant of the premises in front of j Hen upon its property and franchise
WHICH 5.11(1 trees arc growing, to trim I ucrciiy Kr.-inicu iur cue piiyiiiciu cu 1111
stich trees within one week after giv "'lie.
ing said notice at tlic cost and cxnciise I Fourth. That noon the expiration of
ot sain owner or occupant. II the said I the period for which this franchise is
owner or occupant fails, neglects or rc-1 granted, the City of St. Johns reserves
file... In an pit, fiml frtm aiipli nm I III rii.lit n, It ptpplinn n.iil i.iinit"rtn v.
maintain an electric light, heal and required by said notice, the said grantee mcnt therefor by a fair valuation there- j 10 City of St. Johns for service by
power system in the City of St. John, its successors or assigns, may cut or of, to lie made and determined as here- Mlc ,a"J Krantcc, its successors or as
Orcgon, and the right and privilege lo trim, or cause to he cut and trimmed, inaftcr provided, to purchase as an en- Ki", shall be as follows:
erect poles and stretch wires thereon such trees, nut said trees to lie cut and tircty and taKc over to itseii an mat i'"-i .
and thereover, through, over and upon I trimmed in such a manner so as not to I portion of the plant and property of the K'.'"wal "au. Icr K w II
the streets, alleys and public highways, unnecessarily deform or injure the said Mount Hood Railway & Power '""to 6M) or less per month.... 6e
and to construct underground conduits same. Said work shall he done at the I Company, its successors or assigns. If'"" 10 r less per month.... 4c
or pipes with all necessary manholes I expense of said grantee, Its successors I which may be situated In, above and J""" am r ess per month.. ..He
and other appliances, in and under said I or assigns. under the streets, avenues, highways "tm t H"" r Jess per month.. ..Sc
streets, alleys and public highways in Sec. t). Nothing in this Ordinance and public places of the City of St. " to 10000 or less per month.... lc
the City of St. Johns for conducting snail he construed as in any wise to Johns, provided, however, that before or "kmc mm neat; iwcive iizcj
mi.l pnpul.wr ..Ipplrlpllu tnr !,..-. I lirpL-PllC clip Citv nf 5l Inlin. f mm I ill Pilir nf J Ii.lni. tnll Ii-ivp nil. ICCIItS IKT KtlOWat llOUT.
nnil niiivpr mill fn pli-iri.p nmi I mvprini. vrnilintr. ti.iL-inif. ttl.itibltitr I itmrllv In iiiirrli.iu nr InWi nvpr audi Anil It is agreed that, the grantee, its
tolls therefor. I altering or doing any work that may be plant or property, .tlic question whether J"CCMS0" or assigns, shall furnish the
sppllnn All -....I ..rl..llpnn I ill ir.llili nil nnv nf lint alrppta nr I nr nn) (tip r'llv ali.itl nrnliirp nr Inlrp I City Of St. JollllS. 111)011 rCOUCSt of the
v..w.. m, .... ... .mk. r..,,vP,V I ' - ............ ... , ... .vj w w. . ..... ... -- I ",- if i . t ,
hereby granted shall expire at the end I public highways, nut ai such work over the said plant or property, snail ,,,-,,""''-"i cicciric energy ior
of twenty-five years from the date of shall he done, if possible, in such man- first lie submitted to the voters of the "'c lightning of said city as may he
the acceptance of the terms and condi-1 cr as not to obstruct, injure or pre- city at the regular election tor city oi- 'l "? -i nu" ic c-
lions of this Ordinance by the said I vent the free uc and operation of thr ficcrs next preceding the expiration of tabhshccl therein, at the rate of two
pIiUp U cents (iic) per kilowat hour.
pany and In the event the said Mount I tcm of said grantee, its successors or granted, or at n special election held . sixth. riic total estimated cost of
Hood Hallway & Power Company shall I iigns. therefor and the affirmative vote of at Jl'-it portion of the plant of the grantee,
frill nr mpoIppi r rt... ,,, ...,,f.,,... ..... I .S,.p 111 Vl' I, ilifill l.p ipp I Ipn.l li.n.llilr.l. nt ill., plprlnra l-nllllir It A SllCCCSSOrS Or nSSiullS. OrODOSCll tO
of the obligations or requirements im- eary in grading or icwering, or in at such election shall be necessary to I constructed within the City of St.
lioscd by this Ordinance, for the period making any other improvements in any authorize the acquisition of such plant J""" " riflccn Ihous.ind (51S,(M)0.0())
of thirty (.Hi) days after notice in writ- ntrect, alley or public highway, lo re- and property by the city. In dctcrmln- Hollars and the estimated yearly ex-
ing, this grant ami privilege by Urdi I move any ioic or poles belonging to I ing the valuation 01 such piani aim iiwiiiiKii.mi.c, uncranun
nance may he terminated and annulled I ald grantee, its successors or assigns, property, to be iiurchasrd and taken extension of said nlant and prop-
liv in f ninip I nf lli. r id' nf m Inliiii I nr cm w I r i nnv Tim- nr Iin,. u-irp I nviT liv Hip rllv. Ihrrp sli.ill hp rxrliulril I eriy wiuilll IIIC V,liy OI 31. JO IIS Will
and the snid Mount Hood Itnitu.iv A I or wires of said urantee. its successors therefrom nnv value of franchise or lc Two Thousand ($2.(X)(l.lK)) Dollars.
.Pnu-rr Pmillt.iiii ftlinll lu. ,lp....ip.f I.. I tir rmiiilfllf ull.lll lip n-lplipil nr fnl..ini nf u'.iv- ilprti'pil frmn llip Pilv nf I Sec. II. TllC CltV of St. folios shall
,.v v.. p-.- ..,,....... - ... .. , --; '1,1
have forfeited all riglit and privileges ne said grantee, Its successors or as- M. Johns to maintam and operate such "" ' rigm nnu privilege 01 a piace
hereby granted. signs, shall upon receiving ten days plants and property, hut there shall he the top of any poles that may lie used
Section n. All necessary connections notice from the City of St. Johns, by included in such valuation the value by said grantee, in the City of St. Johns,
to subscribers' Minions mid to other 'Is properly constituted authorities, re- of all arc lights, incandescent lights for the purpose of Installing thereon
finiiift in.-iv lip iiimi.. irnm kiipIi ii.iriM I itwii't mien iinip nr ttnip mui if fniiimr I unlet, u-irpii iiinipr0rniiiiii rnmiiiiit I lire Munais mm nonce siunais nun sunn I
and conductors, ami with such means I neglecting or refusing so to do, the I overhead wires, cables and conduits and M liavc the right to use said poles Dear Friend:
Headlight Overalls
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apparatus and appliances as may he said City of St. Johns, by its properly material and properly which said Mount the purpose of installing thereon
les. may remove the I noon uauway rower company, its 1 inine- iuoiis mm iciepiioncs mere-
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agrees and covenants nlaces of the citv, and the said plant. " company shall not lie sold, trans '
avc harmless the CI7 The price or valuation to he paid by fcrrcd or lea.ed to any other person, nice rich sugar over it and por
the officers thereof, the City of St. Johns for the said prop- firm or corporation without the con- , , ,
. costs and expviues erty shall lie fixed and determined by "t of the Council of the City of St. siic nice ric cream over it, and
rrnlllliliv K.-ilil i' rnn I i-i Il iiu.iinri I 'lllliililllleil nnlliiirltl
aim assigns, snail me with the City I snuic 111 me expense 01 too said grantee, I successors or assigns, may nave pin ; .... for lircnl-fni T o.. n nrwi t.lir
hngincer or properly constituted an I its successors or assigns. Into, upon, over or under the streets. Sec. 15. The franchise hereby grant- ""u'"a- u j,rmi 01
thority of the City, k-fore doing any 5ee. II. Said grantee, its successors alleys, nvenucx. highways and public cu 10 tnc Aiount iioou Kailway & row- bowl full of it. I snrinkle some
nf 1 1... .rb .....l., ,1 1....I... ..f , !,..;. I,r..l.u n...l .I.i.-p. f tl... pll n.,,1 llip .,1,1 ,,lr.,il Cr Coillll.lllV 111 lint lip nl, tri... I " ' " ,k 0I1IIHH. aUUIV.
... in, in. .iiiiiiiiiiiv if nil. -. -"'r." .... iiiii, ...viliiiiir.l -". --. hi. v.,., ...... ..... ... .(...- ........ .... ......w
i l.l ..I II . 1 I ... 1...I If I . ... I -1. I 'I'l... ! -.. ..!...! ... I... II I... I f..rr.l U.Jri.l In nil... .
irniicinir, piaus 01 ail couuuiis, mail- I " iiiueiiiiiiiy mm mi
holes, distributing poles, and all other I'd M- Johns ami I
mnglriirttniit (irntifMpil ti'tililn lu. lim I nifiiiiiil nil ilriniairpii.
its nf the streets, alleys and public high I whatsoever to which it nr they may he three (.1) arbitrators consisting of three Johns first given by Ordinance duly t imvo ft -., ipnitf,,,. n.i tt
ways of the city ami in such form and huliiect in consequence of the acts or circuit judges of the Circuit Court of eilacted, and every sale, transfer or Irase 4 "ut u ihibkium, uim u uota
detail, including appropriate maps. ai. I neglect of said grantee, its successor the Mate of Urccou for .Multnomah oisucii iranciiisc snail tie decmcii void I not give me heartburning, and it
lie vii iiiiKineer nr inner properly I "ikh h iikviiii or scr;vmiis, hi I v-miniy, .11111 11 ihiiu jiiiikvi hi iiiij in i uim niumm uic vwusvui ui
oonstiiiiitHi fliitnoriiic may iiemaud ami I my iiunner arising from tlic rights and mem mine to act as siicii arbitrator, vuuncu as auovc proviuco.
appmve: and plans and specifiralioi.r I invileges hereby grautiil. the city shall select one arbitrator, the Passed bv the city council. . ....
of relocations ami changes uliall be filed I All right, authority and grants herein grantee another and these two shall Approved by the mayor
hi like form mid lie approved before lenutaiiied or conferred are nlho cniull I select a third, which arbitrators so Mayor.
the Mine shall be made or work heutui I tioned upon Ihe undcrstandine: and selected, shall pivssess qualifications of Attest: ......Recorder.
thereon. I agreement that these privilege in the a juror in Ihe Circuit Court of Oregon Published by the St. Johns Review on
Ihe .Mount Hood Kailway t Power I streets and pulilic places arc not to Mr the loimty ot .Multnomah, and the fen, 10 ami 17, 1911.
company, its successors nr assigns 'iperale 111 any way as an enhancement decision in writing of the three arbl-
thall immediately upon the acceptance f the grantee's properties or values, tratnrs so selected or a majority nf
of this franchise, file with the City or to be an asset or item of nwncrnhip them, made in duplicate and signed by
Recorder of Ihe City of St. Johns, a in the nipraial thereof in Ihe event them, one to he delivered to the Mayor
Ixuid in the sum of, which I that said city shall ever acquire by I of the City nf St. Johns and the other
said bond will provide that the work. I purchase, any or all of said grantees to the Mount Hood Railway St Power
It)' the terms of this franchise, be com I property. I Company, its successors nr assigns, the
incnccci within t lie city of M. Johns. 1 his irauchite and grant shall not be said price ami valuation shall be paid
within ninety (00) days thereafter and eonttrited as any limitations iim Die In the said Mount Hood Railway &
that said work shall lie prosecuted in City of St. Johns through its proper Power Company, its successors and as
good faith and that the sum of $15. officers to grant right, privileges or signs, More the said Mount Hood
IKKI.IK1 will lie exiHMided in the con authority tn other persons or corpora- Railway Power Company, its succes-
siriicnoii ni us mam or extensions 111 1 nuns similar 10 or ciiiiereui troin uioseisors or assigns suau ne ciepriven 01 ine
the City nf Si. Johns, wlihin one year I herein sol forth. In ihe same lreel, I possession of Ihe right tn maintain.
110111 tnc uaie 01 taut acceptance. 1 alleys or Highways. 1 operate ami enjoy me said plant and
All poles creeled by utile nf llu I :ec I. It sliall lie unlawful foi properly: and upon the payment bv the
franchise and grant shall he maintained I any person or Persons, unless author-1 city tn Ihe said Mount Hood Railway
at such length, and sliall lie nf suehied by the grantee, its successors nr & Power Company, its successors or
hind, and the wires thereon shall be I nsigus, or by the City nf St. Jnlms asigus. nf such price and valuation sn
of such height and placed in such man I by its properly constituted authorities determined as aforesaid, said plant and
ner as snail be satisfactory lo the City In interim- Willi, meddle with, injure nroperly so valued, purchased, and paid
nf St. Johns, nr its properly constituted or remove any of Ihe juiles, wires nr for shall become the property of the
authorftiw. Said grantee, ii succes- underground conduits or pipes, or any City of St. Johns by virtue thereof and
Kirs nr assigns, shall not remove its insulator, instrument, light or apparatus oaymeut as aforesaid and without the
noic aner once iiciug set, iron) any I nvci in nr as a part ni the electric I execution 01 auv insirmnctu 01 convey-
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location to another, tiuh-ks permitted to I light, heat or power system herein prn auce. If the City nf St- Johns shall I yhon you pur
do so by the City nf St Johns, nr Its I vlded for, and any person nr person I elect not to acouire the said plant and chaso n corset vou
imnuiv rtHiiiiuiicii amitoriiies. aim uie 1 vioiaung any 01 ine provisions 01 nils 1 proocrcy or suau 1101 purcuasc ine same-1 want one that has
wiiy ni si. jonns rcerves ine nuiit r section suau. uimn cnuviction itiercof 1 aim ine cny suau eieci m grain a new .. .
mule such imlcs tn lie removed. I before Municipal Court, be muiished hvlor additional franchise in lieu nf the I 0 1 e
Ste. I. The said grantee, its sue I a fine of not less than Five (i) nor I expired franchise by this Ordinance It ts equally tnv
censors or assigns, tuuler the direeliuii I more than One Hundred C$100 lint. I crantcd. on aonlleation made bv the said I nortnnt ihnt tha
of the City nf St. Johns nr its properly I lars. or by imprisonment in Ihe city I Mount Hood Railway Jfe Power Com samo corsat be
constituted authorities, may make all I tail not less than three (3) or more nany. its successnrs or assigns, for such COMFORTADLE
firpp.& nvrnii-.-illniiB tn nnv clr.-.-l. ni. I limn nil., limiilril ( SI ilt.'S tr 1... I 111.1v nr frnnrliUi. nmi in I
tll nr llllllltl 1ill.lltv-.l fur ill.. fllr.un I luilll &.-l!it flllf. nmi lliti.rtciMt.iiM.ift I llllt I-.-1CI. Illrt cnii i i,, ,m iiruvi i) , ii I ana tl you can al
of erecting, constricting and maintain I Sec. 13. The rights and prh ileges I Jt Power Company, its successors or 30 have one that
ing poies ami oiner supports tor itsigramcii ny tins urnmaiice are grouted I assigns suau nave ine nrsi aim preier I wtAKo WELL,
wires, coiiiiuctors. iignu or arc in: its i noon tnc conuiiions nerem contained i euiiai rigui in i.ikc aim receive sucn new nnrr tt... .
nil. I f..r r....,l.;.,,. ll, ,,.. f... I I ,1... f.1 1 .. .n.l.l...iln... U,I,I1!.M,.I Cr...M.I... ...! 1 1 1. l.l fil.. WUOBl tJUl
...... .... ..iw.ii.iir, ,iiv suiiiv iiiii, i .'I i. mi nmiii i.iv luiiiiiiini; viilliV 1 .'ll, I ...I..II i.-ii... iiiin.iii.-., i, ii. in.- ?,ii. . 111 i f hnllllhl nt m
Ifivlnir r....-.!ri,. ... ..,,, J.,!., I I In....!, . I nt Ql Inli.ic ... 1 1... llnn.l IJ-.II I U U H S (tt 8
II Ml Ilk Hill. 1II...IIIIIIII.IIK III. .Ill- I ..' .... I I. J.'lllin. ... ,IIV ......III. ...I... ...Ill I
dergrnimd conduits and pipes, audi First. The said grantee shall, within I way X- Power Company, its successors REASONABLE PRICE
ior placing, repairing, maintaining funny nays, alter tins Urdmance shall I or assigns no not take siicii new or ad one dollar up
aim operat ng us wires aim oiner con i ne in loree, me in l ie omce ot i ne i tiiiiouat irnucmse. out tne same is alter
doctors therein. All poles of me said I Kecorder ni (tic Uty of at. Johns, its I their election not lo take the same
grantee, its successors or assigns, shall I written acceptance of Ibis Ordinance granted by the city to any other cor
be erected at the edge of the sidewalk I granted to and conferred noon said poration. associations, firm or individ
unless otherwise directed by the proper I grantee, its successors and assigns, sub-1 ual or individuals, then, in that case, such
city authorities The Citv nf St Johns Meet to all the terms, obligations, restric I other corporation, association, firm, in
by its properly constituted authorities I lions and provisions in this Ordinance dividual or individuals takng such new fYe. eyry one
thrill liriv-c tin- riolil In iviiKn S.1I1I I eoiilniiied. .mil iinnii llip I'vnirilinii nf I nr lr.inrliii sin 1 1 in I JO"l IfQlureS and many more.
. 1. , . I .l. .1 . .1.... n '1 . I... .1... - . . .. I Vi.... 1 .
f . ""'overaeni as exactea
ay rasnion is combined tn these
ucumy earments
you have all the
requisites ot a
splendid o or set.
In the matter nf the estate of Jacob D.
Hepp, deceased. 1. 1....1... ..1. ,l..t 11.. .....1...
signed, Wultrr v. Ilepp, has been ap
pointed by the county court nf the state
I of Oregon, for Multnomah county, as
miininihirutor 01 tne estate o( Jacob 11.
Ilepp, deceased, and lias qualified us
such. All perrons having claims svalust
Issld estate tire hereby notified to present 1
the same duly verified uccordliig to Ian I
to said administrator at the ollice of lilt
attorneys. I0I111-011 & Van Zante. .114
Snauldfiig building, in the citvot Port-
laud, Oiegon, 111 or before six months
I. .. f .' . ... 1. ..
irum tne iiiiic 01 me nrst puuucation o
ttus notice, which ts rco. 3, 1911,
AdmiiiUtratorof the Hstate of
Jocob II. Ilepp, deceased.
Johnson & Vau Zuate, Attorneys,
314 spauiutug building.
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway.
I.ylc Psssciiger lor Lylc, (lol.trnJnlc ninl Iocs!
itoints ............ jt m.
liiUml Hitiilte l!lrtn,9 1 , in. 1 lor Clilcavu,
St. Paul, Umsha. KnuiClly,Ht. Louts. Witlla
Wstts, I'tMO, UooMVrtl, Gtamldsllrs, C!oMu
laic. White Halmun.aiiil V'ancuuvir,
Nurlli Uauk Llmlltil.iiis n m.i lor Chlcaio Bt.
... . . 1 . . r 1 . .. u. . H..i. UM.rx.HA
lull nmipn. vi.T, 01. itvuii. n,
Hprague, Kitsvitlc, Llnil, Vatco, Hooacvcll, aud
Columbia Hirer Lfcal,6ijS p, hi. i lor Vancouver,
Camaa. White Salmon. I.y,Oranil(lallc,CU0
aua all intcimcdlaK ttations.
Two Offices
Ilolbrook Ulock St. Johns
142 Killingwortit Avenue'
suiituiMn a ait tniiua I
tuUnii Hmtilicitipca.,y:4s p.m. iiom Chka- Open Lvcnlngs and Sundays by Ap-
go, oi. raui, umana, Kniiiaa v.n, m, i.oun, potnimont.
Spokane, Stirague, Hllivlttt l.lnJ, Patco, l, ... , , ,
Kouxvt ll.Oramlda It... Willie Kalnioii.and Van UIIICC riiouc v.oiumuia 140
eotivrr. I In.ti1iiic Plimm (ntuiiitilu iK
........ M.uL . 1 ... 1 1 . I ..... ... . I . .. . .L..M I "
i.uiiii liana. I.IU1IIVW. 7.J n. ..... null, viiii.iui I
ni. mm. umana, nanaaa kiiv, ni. l.uun. ana l
..ana, 1 aivii. hwtiiii aim minnifrr- I 1111 IAIlMllf a
Columbia Kltr Local 10.0J a. in 1 Irum Cllrtt, Ul. lIYlUV
iiraniiuaiua, uoiiicnuaic, i.jrie wnue nannon,
manias, Vancouver ana an inicrineuiaie aia
Lylt mtiengei S:is p. m. (torn !.)!, Goldendate
auu local jiuiiiis.
All tralHa.tun for naiMn.rra. Oftir ooeii
an nig 111. 1 icatie on salt ior an poinia.
u. aii curneii, Agrni.
First National Dank bulldlnsr.
Northern Pacific Kailway
Physician and Surgeon.
Nocth Coal LlmlledviaNoitll llauk ;;IJ p. IU n A Nlirl.r finlcn In MrPhnann tdk.
Atlantic Hipreae via Puget Hound... iiijja. m. I Uy cS fUgnl OHICO in MCnosney NL
Noilh Coant Llmllnt via I'uget Hound lo.ja a. in
Atlantic Kiiireia via Nuitli IUnk....oma, ni
Twin City Ifipeet. via IMgrt Hound ..j;jop. m. I
Twin City Kiprrtt via N01II1 IUuk.7:9S l. m
itatitrn ntpieaavia ingei nounu.. 114 a.m.
itatiern luiireaavia Koitn Iianic 911s a. m.
mo, Hirer nite. via nottli IlanK-.- 7113 p. ro.
roillaad. Tacoina (k Healll Itaiireaa. s a. m..
lor Clraya llattxir, Otympla and Houfh Head
Pugel Hound Limited, j;w p, m. Oraya llarlwr
anu nouin uena iiraucnea.
Vacolt I'amuger ... jija p, iu
North Coait Limited via North Hank 7147 p. ni
noun ioai i.imncn via i-ugei ixmna - o.jj a,
St. Johns,
Physician and Surgeon
Office over the First National Uauk
St. Johns, Oregon
No. raclflc ItapreM via Noilh I'ank . 711; a. 111 . . . .... mi
No. l-aclflc Kaprcta via lugrl Hound ..4:,J p, m l tnt1 1571. 0t TUt JarsriKI
racinc l(ipre. via Nocth uank 7:47 p,
t'adrtc itatirria via IMicet Hound
wrrietn IU pre., via North llauk
as a, in
77 P. W
Wr.teru icaurc.a via ruuet Sound iuwmi. iu
Mo. Hlvrr Kipret. via North Hank 7:17 a. 111 1
Kirer iiiprrta via rugci aounq A'j9 p. ni
Portland, racuina it Keatlle HameM u, m
Irom Otympla, Houlh II end and Ocaya lloibor I
I'uget Hound Limited ........... 6:iS 11. m I
varan raenger . i.yiu. iu
O. at. Cornell. Agent.
RaaUene SOt yaMtndan Utnrt
OOlea llonra: 10 a. m. to I p. bl, I ta ( p. ea.
St. Johns Sand
and Gravel Co.
General Contractors.
. Wo are prepared to do any and
all kinds of cxcnvatlnir for street
work and other purposes. Wo
also handle sidewalk and build
Ing material.
Newton and Fcssenden Streets,
St, Johns, Ore.
Phone Richmond 1571.
Daniel O. Webster, A. B. M.:D
Residence, 607 Dawson Street
OlUce, niter Ulock.
University Pork, Portland, Orcf on.
First National Dank Dullding
grantee, its successors or assigns, inline thirty days lime allowed for ac-lto the compensation to he iiaul to the
move the location ol any jiole or arc I ceptance 01 tins Urdmance, the same I citv tor such new or aililitional fran
liglit whenever the removal thereof I not having lieen accepted nncoiulition- chise pay to the said Mount Hood
sliall be deemed lor the putilic couven-1 any. tins urdinaiice sliall hecome wholly I Kailway - t'owcr tompany. its succes
iencc and the expense thereof shall he I void, inoperative and of no effect. I sors or assiens, or to the City of St
paid by the said grantee, its successorsl Second. The said grantee, its sue- Johns, in trust for the said Mount Hood
or assigns. Icessors or assigns, hereby consents to I Hallway & Tower Company, its sue-
Sec. 5. When any excavation sliall I ami agrees to perform and almle liy all I cessors or assigns, at or liefore the
In the County Court of the State of Ore
eon ior uie countv 01 muunotnan
Ih tli malCi. rf tliM p.IhId nf ltllTatu.,1.
AftlDKlUAN OOAUTY COSSETS J. Ward, deceased.
hava nvrv nno i iv.. t. Notice Is hereby iilven that the under
aigum, uuuillliaiiavvi ui mik .uuic uhuicm
estate, has tilcil bis final repot t and ac
count with the clerk of the above named
coijrt, and that the judge of the above
named court has fixed upon the Jist
day 01 February, 1911. at to o ciocic a.
in. of said day as the time, and the
county court room of the county court
1 1.. ,1 - 1 1 r ..1 1.
y 0 , . r ,L , 1 tiuuac 111 auniaiiii, iuuuuiuit luuuiv,
For Sale A fifty dollar course Oregon, as the place, when and where
Couch & Co.
be made pursuant to the provisions I the terms, requirements and conditions time such new or additional franchise in the Scranton International Cor said report and accomit will be heard,
in una uiiiiiMiiirt mi- Mm Kuiiui-r, in ii ii"i i luiwiu .ij n. i"wii;hi i iiiiji. im iivimv nn-.uu .Minim respoiiueuce School, any depart- and when anct wnere an persons navtug
successors or assigns shall restore the of the City Charier upon the granting H00.I Railway & Power Company, tts . . .ii,.'. at any objections or exceptions to anything
portion of the street, alley or public of franchise rights and privileges, successors or assigns, shall lie deprived '""'m "l , lKr LCIlt ucoui, at ju'a',rep0tt contained, may file the
liichwav. to the same condition in which whether recited in this Ordinance or of the riuht to possess, maintain and on- fate of f5.oo down, $500 per ui... an,i hi. hranl. ami when uul when
ft was prior to the opening thereof, and I not lerate such plant or pronerty. the fair I month ; further discount for cash.
all work shall lc done 111 strict com- num. 111c saui grantee, its succes- ami equitable valuation 01 the saul plant Address " D " this office
...1.1. . 1 . ... ..!-,).... .ll I ,-..- p n fftf!..... .Kail ...... . . . . 1 . .. .' . . . n . . . I C . I . .. .1.1 I ..... . 11 I I I
piiauce nu ine iiura. iVKiuiiiiiia. uriu- -ui i .uains, suau imv iii in. v-ny ii .nm iiiiviir m inr a.iiii .iiiiillll uihhi
nances or orders which may be adopted St. Johns, on or before the 13th day Railway & Power Company, its succes-
from time to time during the conlin- of January of each year and every year sors and assigns, which the city by this
nance of this franchise, by the Council during the life of this franchise, iu section reserves the right to purchase
of the city, or as may be otherwise Roiu com ot tne united Mates ot Amer- and take over, tnc valuation thereof and
provided by law. It is further provided ica. a sum of money equal to two (2) price to be paid therefor to the Mount
that the city authorities may require of the goss earnings of the said Hood Railwav & Power Comnanv. its
that any opening In any hard surface grantee, its successors or assigns, from successors and assigns to be fixed and
pavement iu any street, alley or public rates or tolls colected within the cor- determined in the same manner as in
jdehway sliall lie filled in and the pave- porate limits of the City of St. Johns this section above provided for fixiua
uaaair reniaccu uv uie chy iiiiiiiiiruica iwi inv iiiviiuiiik 3v-.ii. .tun uu iucidc i nun iicicriiiiiiiui: me uricc nun valuation
owl the costs thereof including the cost tax or charge on the business, occu-lof said nlant and propertv in case the
id estate be fiuallv closed and settled
The first publication of this notice is
on the 30th day of January; 1911, and
the last publication will be on the 17th
day of February, 191 1.
of Inspection and supervision shall be nation or franchise of the said Mount city shall purchase and take over the
1 paid by the grantee, its successors or Hood Railway & Power Company, its same.
assigns and for the purpose of guar- successors or assigns, shall during the Fifth. That the maximum rate to be
A Baatnaaa Mra-tarr aJ M.h Citv.
Tim ul VUiaxe a Orua itaj
tia.auujlaa. IIIUI lflWH19
tk.lch ot each tuc. LtUa.
hMpplnjt FcUHI anil m CUaal.
ilfd lilrtorr at each Bmlaiaai
ua rrwmua.
K. L. VOLK CO, las.
BW, WavOk
" ' " . , " .!. . I ' . . .1. ..1 ... .11: I .1 . . ..... .1 . . .. .
aMMWg such repairs in saiu streets, cauiciicc vi inv iij,"' tamcu ny imsicuarKcu wiimu tne coriorate limns 01
Note the lbl e your paper.
In order to Insure a change of ad-
vsrtlsemcnt the copy for such change
should reoeh this etMe net later than
Wednesday, at S e'eteck p. m. Plsase
rememker this ta save the- prlntor
irff .
Have you any plumbing prob
letns? If your pipes are out ot or
der or your hot water toiler needs
attentiou send for us, phone if in a
203 S. Jersey St, Phone Columbia 94
Central Market!
McDonald Building
Spaulding Dldg. Portland, Oro.
Transfer and Storage
We deliver vour irooda to and tram
all parts of Portland! Vancouver. Linn,
ton. Portland and Suburban Exnrcu
Co., city dock and all points aeeeuiUe
by wagon. Piano aaJ furaMure snevWf
Uaataarcrr FrWay tdgkx at
TJo Jcljt at . O. O.
iw. , -.ujj. Aiwajv Tit
coma. '
W. C. AlDtRSON. C, C.
A. W. rKKLC. K. R, 3
Ne. 186 I. O. O. r.
Meeta each Monday evening In Odd Fel-
lows' ball, at 8:00. Visitors wsleesed.
See us for the Choicest Cuts ol
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order Mkd nd ramify Trade SokdUiL
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.
dork: loose no. m
T. and A. M.
' Regular communication
on ft rat and third Wed
iiMduya ot each month
in Oiil Fellowi' hall
Visitors welcome.
CAMP 773 W, O. W.
Meets ev
ery Wed
nesday evenlna;
U Sig
ner's HaU
How about your clothes? Are DOCTOR DOUGLASS
they in good condition? We clean, I The Shlrostraetor
press and repair your clotlus ou .TIR Ilnlnn A
short notice. Work called for it " I1UI1U
any part of the city. St. Johns ,ffice Howrs; 9 to 12 tn., 1 tos p.H.
Cleaning, Pressing & Dye Works, Phones: Ofice, Main 1485; Resi
203 West Philadelphia street. dence, East .1092.