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Romance of the Discovery of the
Cause of Malaria.
In the history of rcacnrcli nru ninny
romances. Of tlio discovery thai mil
iaria was caused by mosquitoes, It Is
related how Dr. Low and Dr. Snin-
bon lived hi tho mnlnrlous Itoninu
Campncnn without qulnlno. They re
tired at sunset to a mosquito proof
hut, with douhlo doora and windows
of wlro not, and they did not lenvo un
til sunrise. Tho fact that they re
malncd Immune, whllo tho attendants
Bleeping outside, contracted malaria.
confirmed the belief that the mos
quitoes wero responsible.
Hut how did they carry the disease?
At first It was thought to bo by wa
ter. To settle the question live mos
quitoes which had bitten Infected
peasants wero sent homo nnd two
members of the school submitted to
bo bitten by them. They both went
down with malaria. Again, how did
tho mosquitoes transmit tho germ?
By cutting sections of tho proboscis
tho malarious paraslto was found. It
breaks through tho skin of the probo-
sis nnd Is transmitted at the time of
tho sting. From the first conjecture
to tho final proof was a series of care
ful experiments, ending with the slic
ing of tho mosquito's proboscis. Now,
this Is finer than fine hair. It Is nec
essary to stop to thlnlc. Tor It Is ens
Icr to Imaglno tho triumph of the
proof than tho delicate operation that
produced It London Htnnunrd.
It Wat a Costly Protest When It Wai
Flnt Established.
Tho first Incorporated gas company
wns tho National Light and Heat Com
pany of Kngtatid, established In 1800.
In Amcrlcn tho first gas company wns
Incorporated In Ilnltlmoro in 1810, tho
second otio In Boston In 18, and the
next ono wns the New York Onsllglil
compnny, Incorporated In 1820.
Prior to 1830 tho gas business of this
country wns nominal, but the price
probably was responsible for Its stow
development. Krom 1821 to 1823, says
Moody's Magazine, tho New York Gas
light company sold gns to consumers
at tho rato of $10 a thousand cubic
Tho first artificial lltumlunthig gns
was produced In Knglaud about 1720
by ono Dr. Hales, but not until 1780
was n practical tost mnilo, In that
year the Karl of Dtindonald of Rcot-
land arranged nn apparatus by which
ho lighted his castle with gas. Tho
same year William Murdoch of Bir
mingham, Kugland, Introduced gas as
u light In his workshops nt Itedrutli
nnd Cornwall.
As Mr. Murdock was tho first mnn
to reap any commercial benefit from
the discovery of (ho use of llluiuluat-
Ing gas, ho may properly bo accredited
as tho father of modern public utili
ties. In IS in London bridge wns llhi
mlnnted by gas, and II vo yen in later
gns was In general use throughout tlio
main part of Loudon.
(led Letter Days.
Tho origin of u "rod letter day" has
been traced back to (ho third century.
Gregory, bishop of Caesarea, neahius
for tho conversion of pagans, found
them unwilling to glv up their cus
tomary recreations nt tho festivals of
their gods, ho, taking n loaf out of
their book, ho Instituted festivals In
honor of saints and martyrs. This ex
ample soon hit to tho Institution of
holy days, now corrupted Into holi
days. In old nliimtmcH nil such holy
days wero set forth In rod Ink, tho
rest being In black; heiico the term
"rod letter day" for nny notable occa
sion. Others say Hint tho origin of the
expression Is much more recent and Is
duo to tho fact that Habits' day, the
Cth of November, tho king's birthday
nnd accession nnd King Charles' day
wero similarly marked off hi red ns
holidays for (ho Bank of Kuglnnd, evi
dently In tho times of tho Inter Stuarts,
Loudon Telegraph,
Political Anlmosltlas.
Political animosities today nro sel
dom carried Into private life. In thu
past Just thu opposite was tho rule,
"Coko of Norfolk" oneo stated that
when hu was n child his grandfather
took him on his Unco mid said, "Now,
remember, Tom, ns long ns you live
never trust n Tory, and ho used to
odd, "I uuver have, nnd, by floorgc, 1
never will." a. W. K. Bussoll, too,
tells of an eccentric maiden lady whom
he knew In hU youth who, having
spent her life In tho Innermost circles
of urlstocratlo Whlggory. always re
fused to enter a cab until hIio had ex
torted from tho driver nn assurance
that ho had never carried cases of In
flations disease, that hu was not a
Pusaylto nnd that hu was a Whlg--
London Graphic.
A neiouroeful Community,
"Wo didn't know what to do about
Pluto Pete," said thu Crimson Gulch
cltUeu. "Ilu wus a real good feller,
but ho would bo careless about shootln'
up tho populace."
"Did you straighten out tho matterf
"To somo extent. Wo elected him
sheriff, thereby maklu' It look n llttlo
uioro legal," Washington Star.
Breaking It Gently.
Young Wife Tomorrow will bo my
twonty-tlfth birthday. Hubby Why, a
year ago, Just before our wedding, you
told mo you wero twenty. Young Wife
Yes, but wo women ago rapidly after
marriage. Boston Transcript.
A Bad Cold.
"There nro two stages I11 a bad cold,"
averred Undo Allan Sparks. "In tho
ono stngo It aflllcts thu man that's got
It, and In tho othor It nOllcts everybody
olse."-Chlcogo Tribune,
ni. ru,. 1:. t t,w.i nt.ii... I
auk luiiuniui: iia. u ivk"i uiuiiitii 1
or -.nt for hiI- nt till, nffir nn.l .
others will be added as the demand
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mort
gages, Satisfaction of Mortgages,
Coutracts for Sale of Realty, Dills
" , ' 1 .1... .1 1
bf'ffale, Leases,
i If 'All these blanks nt the uniform
Pnrice Ol 30c per. uuzeu. 1
1 "" I t
An Early Eighteenth Century Inter
preter of Hard Worde.
Bailey's Universal Etymological Dic
tionary, with the subtitle, "An Inter
preter of Hard Words," was first pub
lished In London In 1721. Most of Its
definitions nro eccentric, and somo of
them Incredibly so. Hero arc speci
mens plucked at random:
Man A creature endowed with rea
Thunder A nolso known by persons
not deaf.
Lightning A meteor.
A Italnbow A meteor of divers col
Weapon Halve A sort of ointment
which Is said to euro n wound by be
ing applied to tho sword or other weap
on that made tho wound.
Balloon A football; also a great ball
with which noblemen and princes uso
to play.
Cow A beast woll known.
Milk A food well known,
Peacock A One bird.
Klcphaut Tho biggest, strongest nnd
most Intelligent of all four footed
Medlar. A fruit which Is grateful to
the stomach, but Is not rlpo till It bo
Snow A meteor well known In north
erly and southerly climates, especially
beyond the tropics.
Mouth-Part of the body of n living
ICye An Instrument of death.
A Letter That Aroused King Chrlitlan
of Denmark.
King uiirisiiiin or Denmark once
found In his morning mall a letter
which moved him more than did most
mnttcrs of state, Tho letter was In n
boyish scrawl nnd rend ns follows;
Denr Klnir We urn four boys at Pink.
kebjerb school, nntl the master whins us
daily with a titeco of steal rooo lie found
in mu harbor, ir no aoonn't atop there
win no n nro,
Tho unmu of the teacher being given,
the king ordered lilm to report nt once
to the minister of Justice, whllo he
took tho next train for l-'lnkkebjerb
nnd examined the class In the teacher's
absence, The children, unnwed by the
presence of the cruel teacher, told their
grievance to thu kindly old king, who
promised Immedlalo relief, closed tho
school for the day nnd ordered that the
boys ho treated lo chocolate and cakes
at his expense "to remember hi in by."
Hut hu did more than that. On re
turning to Copenhagen ho dismissed
tho cruel teacher without pension, at
tlio snmo time giving n general warn
lug to nil teachers to bo chary of cor
poral punishment. "If boys cannot bo
trained without cruel beatings," this
wise king said, "then there must lw
something the matter with those who
train them. The coming generation
must not bo made ruillaus by rulllanly
Ill of Wlaht.
Tho Isle of Wight Inhabitants arc
not nlono In speaking of "going to
llnglnnd" when they leave their own
fragment of the kingdom. A patriotic
Cornlshman nlso "goes to Hngland"
wiien hit crosses tho Tamnr. Hlinllar
ly Inhabitants of the Balkan peninsula
talk or "going to Huropo" when they
leave tneir own corner of the contl-
nent-ln curious contrast with the peo
ple or our own island. Wo record our
selves as both of nnd In "Kurope" nnd
accordingly It Is only "tho continent"
Hint we visit. The record In the
splendid Isolation line Is probably held
ny wini minister or the ('iimbrnes. In
tho Clyde, who prayed for n blessing
upon "ine inhabitants of (Irent nnd
Llttlo Cuinlinie nnd tho ndlacent Is
lands of (Irent Itrltaln nnd Ireland."-
I-omlon (Irnphlc.
The Tower of Famine.
Tho Torre dolhi I'nme. or Tower of
ramine, was noted for Its grewsome
history. It once stood In Pisa, Italy,
uui mere nro now no traces nf It.
Count Ugollno dolla (Jherordsclm.
whom Datito Immortalized, was the
head of the (Juolphs. and becuuso of
His lyniuny nnd accredited attempts
in piace ins country in bondage he
wns nntiigfliilsed and dually comiucrod
liy the chief of the llhlMllncrt. who
Imprisoned him. with his two sons nnd
two grandson. In this tower, the slow
method of stnrvutloii being omnloved
as tint manner of their deuth. The
door of the tower was locked nnd the
Keys thrown Into the A run.
The Holy City.
Medina, tho holy city, triumphed long
ngo over nil tlio rivals In various part
of thu world which lioro tho
name, which means slmnlr "eltv.
Notable among thorn wero tho old cap
ital of Malta nnd Medina Hhlonla In
Hpnln. 1 ho Arabian city was original
ly known ns Yathrlb, but owes Its later
name, m-Medlna (thu eUy) or Modluat
uasui Allan (the city of tho imostlo of
worn, to tuo uorau. To a vood Moham
medan there Is only ono city "with a
big C."
Inilde and Outside,
The following report was sent by a
subordinate Inspector to his chief In
thu telephone service. It coucerned a
faulty house connection:
"Found wire with no outside outside.
Put lusldu wlro outside and outside bl
ade. Need tuoru outside for Inside."
Wear your learning like a watch, In
a private pocket, and do not pull It out
ana uispiay it merely to show that you
nnvo one. ir you nro asked whut
o'clock It Is. tell It, but do not proclaim
It Hourly or unasked, llko tho watch
ma 11.
Tho wrongdoer Is never without a
protest. Italian I'roverb.
How Is Your Title?
Tr..... i. , . i
"H.VB u,, '
tltiuetl or examined at the renitisu.
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
II. Henderson, Manager. 120 North
j.imj suixi.
You got full weight aud first
Quality t tho .antral market. Just to
nuuv. 1
Vatt Area Whero the Foot of a Whit
Man Hai Never Trod,
There ate vast ureas In Cannda of
which oven the government has no
definite knowledge, nnd there are thou
sands of square miles where the foot
of n white man him never trod. Prac
tically all knowledge of this big wild
country has been secured again mid
again along a few chosen and well
worn routes, outside of which Investi
gation has seldom gone.
Imaglno a dozen or ho well beaten
vehicle highways traversing a country
one-fourth as large us liuropi narrow
highways hemmed In by Impenetrable '
wilderness und one niay form some
sort of Idea of tho little that Is still
known of (100,000 square miles of the
North American continent.
Along these routes nearly all "ex
plorers" have gone. Along them nro
situated most of the fur posts, and be
yond their narrow lines but llttlo Is
known. And In this world of forest
nnd rldgo mountains nnd eternal deso
lation, Kt 111 burled In the mystery and
silence of endless centuries, are Its
Approximately there nru from 115,000
to 25,000 human souls In an area fif
teen times tho size of Ohio, nnd there
nro no more than COO of thesu who
hnvo not some Indian blood In their
veins. On the other hand, fully one
half of tho total population has IU
strain of whtto blood. Lcsllo'n Weekly.
Their Methods Aro Not Those of the
8trenuoue Life,
A Spanish railway seems an excel
lent place for a rest euro. "I remem
ber," writes Mr. 8. L. Boususun, "when
going on n short Journey In Andalusia,
tho train that carried mu slopped nt n
short Junction. While wo wero nt
rest here, after Home hours of travel at
tho rale of at least twelve miles an
hour, tho driver uncoupled his engine
and proceeded down the lino with It In
the direction wo were not to tnko.
"Tho passengers walked contentedly
up nnd down, smoked countless ciga
rettes, ato oranges, resisted tho Impor
tunities of beggars. At last I became
uneasy nnd nslted where the driver
had gone. 'Pedro has run down the
lino on his engine to tnko n birthday
gift to his mother, who lives over
there,' explained tho station master;
'ho Is Indeed a good son nnd will, not
trust ins parcel to tue post Hpnin is
full of thieves.' And when tho good
son had come back from his mission
ho restored the engine to Its proper
position nnd wo reentered the train,
which went on Its Journey after three-
quarters of an hours delay." London
The Monkey and the Dook.
A story Is told of an eminent tint-
urallst (I forget his name) who was
hoping to develop the Intelligence of n
monkey to whoso education hu was
devoting himself. Ono day he saw
with delight that the monkey wns Hit
ting nt tho other end of thu room turn
ing over thu leaves of u valuable book
on entomology anil looking nt tlio
plates with apparent Interest. Hut on
going nearer he saw, with dismay, that
thu monkey was turning over tho
plates In order that when ho cama to
n particularly largo beetle or butterfly
hu might pick It out nnd eat IU As
thu paper could not havo had a ulco
taMe. I think ho may havo been actu
ated rather by thu fun of tho thing
than by n mcro depraved appetite.
Perhaps hu wns verifying tho llku
method of learning among tho philoso
phers of Lnputa. London Hpectutor.
Fame and the editor.
I'nme, so dllllcult n (mssossIoii to ob
tain, lies oftuner than one usually
thinks In the (Kiwer of the prows.
Oscar Browning In his Interesting
"Memories of Hlxty Years" tells how
Pox, then editor of tho Monthly He-
posltory, settled tho futo of Hubert
Browning's "Paulino" when It II rat np-
peoreil by tho mere word balderdash."
Tho explanation given Is that "11 sin-
glu lino wns required to complete the
page, nnd tho editor, taking up tho
first book on which he could lay his
hand and thinking It Inslgulllcnut and
pretentious, dc-crlbed It ns I havo stat
ed above,"
Ortcar Browning declares that tho
poet said "that by this accident his
public recognition had been delayed
for twenty years."
Napoleon's Flnt Love.
Thu llttlo French town of Auxonuo Is
not associated In tho popular in I ml
with Naiioleoii; but. as Miss Hethaui-
Kilwards reminds us In "Unfrequented
I'm nee," ho spent sumo years of bts
cmletshlp there. "In the Haono ho
twice narrowly escaped drowning, and
hero, too, ns narrowly, so tho story
runs, marriage with n bourgeolsu maid
en colled Manescn. Two Ivory counters
bearing this romantic name In Napo
leon's handwriting enrich the llttlo mu
Could Do Useful.
"Mamma says that If you could
make up your mind to go Into papa's
business, Arthur, he would very likely
consent to our engagement."
"But, my darling girl, I'm a poet."
That doesn't matter. You could
write advertisement rhymes for our
atuuV'-Pllcgoudo Blatter.
Hie Talent,
"Is ho a great artist?"
"Hut ho gets good prices for bis
"Yes. Ho's n great sulesman." Kx
Tho past, like an Inspired rhapsodlst,
fills tho theater of overlastlug genera
tloiis with her harmony. Shelley.
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TwIaClty Hmrr.t via Noilh llank ..?; D. 111.
Katlrrn lltptrttvU I'unct Hound--- - u:jj a. in.
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nil mmui iirnu urauenra.
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North coatt l.liiillcd via I'ujjrl hound -6:sj a, 111
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No, I'arlllc Kaprrttvia lligct Hound - 6.4S p-
rartac Kipum via North iMiik 7:47 p, in
latiac Hunrrtt via l'uiitt Hound iVui,
Wcttriu Itklirctt via North Hunk.-.- t:itu. ill
.vv.tcrn mprrtt via -uuci nounu - iwty p. rn
aio. Kivrr nipicM via norui uanK
7.17 a. 111
Klvcr Itiprrtt via Puiict Hound-
Jill p, 111
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1:H U. m
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St, Johns, Ore.
Phono Richmond 1571.
The Most Popular Book
C'fjrikt ir CKuiu Scrtittr't Sm4
ByThe Most Popular Man
Clves Ifi k term by RwivsH't
own haAd the sM MMwrt ai Mc
Al. lc-H Hunt.
la ry
City, Town aad Village
lo banH
Colonel Rooseveh'a
Great Book
153 Filth Avenue . New York
In order to Insure a chmgo ef ad-
vcrtlsement the cepy for such change
should reach thla office net later than I
Wa-flas-ay, at S e'cleek p. m. Plaaaa
ramambar thla an- save the wUt-r
Headlight Overalls
Butterick Patterns
Two Offices
Holbrook Block St. Johns
143. Killingworth Avenue
Opon Evonlngs and Sundays by Ap
pointment. Office I'houc Columbia 140
Resident riiuue Columbia j
First National Dank building.
Physldnn and Surgeon.
Day & Night Ofllco In McChoaney blk.
SU Johna, Urccon.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over the First National Dank
St. Johns, Oregon
Rn. tM Jm; 1571, OaVt rW Uvj 921
RMUrnc. M Fauontlm Sir. I
Offlc. Hour) 10 a. m. to I p. m., I U p. ao.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. M. D
Itcstdonco, C07 Dawson Stroot
Ofllco, riitor Dloclc.
University Pari, Portland, Orccon.
Perry C. Stroud
First National Dank Building .
SpauldinR Dldg. Portland, Ora.
Transfer and Storage
We deliver vour erooda to and. from
all porta of Portland, Vancouver. Una'
ton. Portland and Suburban -Br-aa
Co., city dock and all pefatta aeMi.le
by wagon. Plana and, furftkura movkf
. kn.ciits or wmus
7 JO o'clock at 1. O. O, Fx
r7 IUU. V kHor. alwara Wrfi
M ' com.
.2 til . r.B.
A. W. riCKtC, K. R. s
No. 186 l.'O. O. F,
MeeU each Monday evening in 0-4 FeJ
loWa' l.all. uti-M Visitors weleemKl
F. and A. M.
' Keirular communication!
on first and third Wed
nesdays of each month
in Odd Fellow-' hall
Vlsltora welcome,
CAMP 773 W. 0. W.
Meets ev
ery Wed
neaday evening
in Blck.
ner'a Hall
Central Market!
Sec us for the Choicest Cuts
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order Tiled and ramay Trwte SeNdte4.
T. P. WARD, Propri-Ur. C
, .