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Published Every Friday
At 117 Wost Partington Street.
This RKViRW l entered at post office
In Saint Johns, Oiaon, m mall matter
ol the second cIom nmler the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Offloial Hvwtttr of tat OHy of Bt Johns.
Job Printing xoenUd In firtt-eluis ityl.
DUJj tor Job Printing cib on dtfWerr.
Subtorlptlon prion $1.00 par yonr.
The "straw vote" upon annexa
tion held Tuesday showed that a
majority of 62 in the city voted in
favor ol same. Precinct 156 vote
was: 90 for, and 80 against: pre
cinct 157118 for and 133 against;
precinct 158145 for and 78
against annexation. The vote how
ever, is entirely illegal and has no
bearing whatever upon consolida
tion with Portland. The state law
is very plain upon the subject, and
there is no room for evasion. No
official notice was published or
posted informing the public that an
election was to be held upon the
question at any time or at any
place. Many believing it to be
farce did not vote upon the question
at all. The ballot called for a vote
upon annexation instead of consoli
dation, and in the description given
totally ignored the existence of the
city of 5t. Jolius. Many and varied
reasons might be given for the vote
resulting as it did. The annexa
tionists put up a strong fight, were
perfectly organized and publicly
presented their side of the case
without contradiction. On the other
hand, the "autis" practically put
up no fight, except what the Re
view was able to do. 1 hey were
tssurcd that the vote would be
illegal and therefore decided it
might be better to reserve their
energies until when it might he
come a real issue. The water ones
tiou seemed to be the chief bone of
contention. Many imagined as
soon as consolidation was effected
that we would get Hull Run water
at lower rates than is now paid for
water. They did not take into
consideration the fact it was eleven
years after Albiua was consolidated
with Portland before that city
finally secured control of the Hates
water system, and then Hates was
induced to sell out because he and
his brother were given the contract
for laying the Hull Run water
mains at their own price. Nor did
they realize the fact that bonds of
the city of Portland are now selling
nt less than par. Many prohibi
tionists voted for annexation be
cause they believed upon consolida
tion St. Johns would again become
dry by virttie of the district vote
taken hevcrnl years ago. They did
not believe that Home Rule would
High School Notes
The athletic affairs have certain
ly taken on a new aspect down at
the Jas. John High this year. Last
year there was a decided lack of
spirit among the students regard
ing athletics, and as a result, the
athletic association was broken up
and all sports except base ball were
totally abandoned, but in strong
contrast this year has started out
fine. A general interest in athletics
has been aroused and as a result a
basket ball team is already under
way. '
Tmi Juniors
Here's to the Sophs, so bold and
Who always look for fun and play;
Hut when a teacher turns and looks,
You sec the Sophs get to their
Here's to the Seniors, haughty
and proud,
Who keep their faces like a cloud;
Hut when they need some help, you
They always to the Juniors go.
Here's to the Presides, sad and
Who always to the schoolhousc
They do not have to come by
Hut still 'tis better for their health.
Hut here's to the Juniors, frank
and true,
Who always put the right things
They have the best minds of them
On which for help the others call.
A I.oyal Junior.
It is rumored that Mr. Clarke
and Mr. Pry arc in for a lecture
from Miss Hossfor "playing keeps"
on the school grounds.
Sophs' Hpitai'h.
Here the poor old Sophomores lie
in this casket, cold and gray;
Hut isn't it a shame to die,
After leading a life so gay.
Juniors and Preshmcu.
A "IIioii's" Toast.
Here's to the artistic Juniors,
Preshmcu and Sophomores,
Who with the aid of the Seniors,
Almost painted the doors.
A Soph.
For Sale Library table, onk
rocker, drop head Singer sewing
machine, oil heater, folding bench
wringer, high chair, plate rack, set
painter's tools and step ladders. In
quire Room 13, Leo Huildlng, op
posite postollice, or phone Columbia
Paid in Capital . . $25,000.00
Stockholder's Liability . 25,000.00
Surplus and Profits . . 5,000.00
St. Johns . . Oregon
Local and Otherwise
See F. W. Valentine for real es"
tate and insurance. 204 N. Jersey.
Roy Wilcox has purchased the
E. C. Hurlbert home on Fesscndcn
Gubtcribo for the St. Johns Rovlow
nnd keep pouted on the doing of
the city.
You got full weight and
quality at the Central market,
try awhllo.
Council Proceedings
Tuesday, being election day, and
the council chamber being occu
pied by the election board, council
met and immediately adjourned un
til Thursday night.
Last night all members reported
for duty with the exception of
Councilman Downey.
The first matter taken up was a
petitiou for an arc light at the cor
ner of Alma and Jersey streets. On
motion of Aldermau Dobie request
was granted.
Councilman Johnson moved that
the arc light petitioned for Decatur
and Charleston be placed at Decatur
and Leavitt instead. Motion was
carried, Couucilman Dobic's being
the only negative vote.
C. C. Woodhouse was present
and desired to know whether the
saloon liccusc. which was applied
fdr for his new building, would be
granted, as it would affect his plans
to quite a degree if it was turned
.1- A ....1 !.... I it.n t!nen nr.
I have customers to buy houses d ; t rcqulr tt population of
Miss Lillian S. Perkins, teacher
of vocal music and elocution. 402
Grcsham, corner Charleston.
Por plain sewing and children's
clothes call on Mrs. South, No.
819 Willamette Boulevard.
and lots ou installments. What
have you to list? S. L. Dobie, 110
N. Jersey street.
Por Sale One dozen hens, also
two fine, full-blooded white Wyan
dotte cockerels. 304 North Hart
man Street, St. Johns, Oregon.
For Sale For one week, excel
lent home property nt 506 West
Charleston street. Good terms to
right party. Call nt house.
Por hale Modern, seven room
house, lot rooxtoo, with or without
furniture. Apply to Jacob Luitcn,
626 Fast Richmond for further in
New Perfection oil heaters. Air tight wood heaters from
$5-75 to $8.25. Cast lined wood heaters from $10 to $13.35.
Combination wood and coal heaters from $10 to $14.50.
Stove boards from 65c to $1.50. Florentine design.
Wc will be pleased to show you our Hue. Fuamcl ware and
hlglfgrndc tools. ,
There is a time and a place for
all things. Now is the time and
you will find the place at 1 1 1 South
Jcrssy street to have your clothing
cleaned and pressed.
For Sale by Owner 20 acres of
I stump laud close to railroad station
and river, all level, ou county road,
lots of water: $50.00 per acre. Ad
dress Hox 507, St. Jolius, Ore.
nt least Cdoi before this could be
done unless an amendment to the
ordinance be passed. It was de
cided to let the matter rest for a
A communication from W. E.
Miller askinir to recall bin bid on
the cross walks and box gutters on
Fesscndcn street, owing to the fact
that he had sold out and was re
moving from the city, was read,
and ou motion of Mr. Dobie his bid
was rejected and readvertiscment of
call for bids ordered.
The St. Johns Sand & Gravel
Co. nnd Maicska & Huhn each had
n bid in for the improvement of
North Ivanhoc from Catlin street
to the Weyerhaeuser tract. Ma
icska & Hahu having the lowest bid,
they were awarded the contract on
motion ol Mr. Dobie.
Bills amounting to $182.62 were
ordered naid ou motion of Mr
Ou motion of Councilman Davis
the city attorney was directed to
irlvc a written opinion as to the
legality of recent election ou an
A resolution proposing to lease
the rock crusher for a period of five
vcars was adopted ou motion of
Councilman Johnson.
Home Furnishings
Should be
graceful as
they should
not cost
Our Prices Are Right
Wc have some bargains in
Second Hand Furniture.
Bargains in
Second Hand
St. Johns Furniture
Stories at
Less Than a
Hendricks Hardware Co.
Suits cleaned and pressed for
$1.50.- Dyeing a specialty. All
work guaranteed. Work called for
and delivered promptly. Utilvcr-
slty Dye Works, phone Woodlawn
For Sale Round pedestal dining-
room table, 0 lect extension.
Golden oak, waxed finish, used less
thau a year, as good.ntncw, $35.00.
Bargain. Mrs. G. D-'Fassett, Polk
and Decatur streets.
The K. of P. realized between
$.100 and $500 from their three-
days fair last week.
T, P.. Flynn of Silvcrton was a
guest at the home of Judge W. W.
Holcomb last week.
In the fifty-two issues of a year's
volume, the Youth's Companion
prints fully two hundred nnd fifty
stories. The subscription price of
the paper is but $1.75, so that the
stories arc less thau a cent apiece,
without reckoning in all the rest of
the contents anecdotes, humorous
sketches, the doctor's weekly arti
cle, papers on popular topics by
famous men and women.
Although the two hundred and
fifty stories cost so little, they are
not cheap stories. In variety of
scene, diversity of incident, skill
and truth in character-depleting,
they cannot be excelled.
The Announcement for 1911,
beautifully illustrated, giving more
detailed particulars of these stories
and other new features Which great
ly enlarge the paper, will be sent to
any address free with sample copies
of current issues.
Every new subscriber, receives
free the Companion's Art Calendar
for 191 1, lithographed in thirteen
For sale by Any Real Estate Dealer in St. Johns
50x100 foot lots for $5 cash and $5 monthly
Water mains now laid to every lot in 1910 Addition. School house and
carline only two blocks from plat. All streets graded at Company's' ex
pense. There are now 13 houses building on 1910 Addition. You can
arrange for building material on motnhly terms.
Why pay rent any longer when you can own your home and pay for it out of
your monthly earnings? For further information, phone Columbia 80.
Mrs. Sarah A. Kemp fell
day mornlpg dislocating her shoul- colors aud gold, and if the subscrlp
dcr. Dr. Webster reduced the tion Is received at'oucc, "all the Is-
remaining 'weeks of
carry, which undoubtedly would
allow, upon annexation, of a saloon
being plucetl ou nny corner of St.
Johns without the rigid regulations
required by the council of St. Johns.
Others were dissatisfied with the
nrouress the citv is making, aud
still others had "it in" lor certain
officials, corporation or individuals.
Very few really believed any great
benefit would In derived from an
nexation. What step will next be
taken in the matter remains to be
Annexationists claim M a y o r
Simon has assured them that it u
majority vote was secured on an
nexatiou Tuesday that consolida
tion would be certain. Three of
Portland's brightest attorneys have
decided otherwise. Take your
choice. The "autis" are not los
ing any sleep over the proposition.
Paschal Hill failed to make good
his promise which he made to the
city council of Portland in order to
get annexation upon the ballot, lie
assured them that seventy-five per
cent of our citizens were in favor of
uuitiug with Portland.
The Honest Janitor
The Princess theatre is giving
cash prizes each Tuesday night.
I.ast Tuesday night two small boys
ami a girl were the lucky winners.
Mauager Plcshman made neat pre
sentation speeches.
Although Monday was a stormy
day, fifteen ladles gathered at the
home of Mrs. Owen for the month
ly mothers' meeting of the W. C.
T. U. An excellent program had
beeu prepared and was carried out,
much to the enjoyment of those
As to Oregon going "dry" in
1910, we are defeated, but we ure
not vanquished yet.
A janitor of n Washington school
threw up his job recently. When
asked the trouble he said: "I am
honest aud I won't stand being
slurred. If I find u pencil or hand
kerchief about the school when I'm
sweeping I hang or put it up.
Kvery little while the teacher or
someone that is too cowardly to face
me will give me a slur. A little
while ago I seen wrote on the
board; 'Find the least common
multiple.' Well, I looked from
cellar to garret for that thing, aud
I wouldn't know the thing if I
would meet it on the street. Iast
night in big writur ou the black
board it said; "Find the greatest
common divisor.' Well, says I to
myself, both them things are lost
now uud I'll be accused of tak nir
em, so I'll quit. Hxchange.
Oregon fir will be used for the
decks of the world's largest steam
ship, the keel for which has beeu
laid at Stettin, Germany. The
ship Omega has reached the harbor
for the lumber required, which is
,000,000 feet. The new liner will
be operated between America and
hurope by the Hamburg-American
line and will have a speed of 22
knots. She will be of 45,000 tons
gross register, with a length of 880
feet, beam 96, feet, and will have
accommodations for 5,000 passeu-gers.
For Exchange.
Los Anceles c-room cottaee for
St. Johns property, either improved
or vacant.
C-room house at Kodoudo beach
near Los Angeles, for Portland or
vicinity property. See
Phone Jersey 941 309 No. Jersey.
On all Millinery Goods at the
A splendid line of the choicest
Up-To-Date hats to select from
Also a well selected line of Fur
Muffs and Shawls.
Eiler Pianos for sale. Prize
checks can be used on all Pi
41 8 Jersey St.
it you want to buy, rent, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott,
(The Reut Mau.) St. Johns Office,
401 South Jersey, Portland Office,
3450 Washington Street, Phone
Marshall 1550.
Sidewalks in which washed ma
terial is used are the kind that
never have to be taken up, They
have the lasting qualities. Put
down by the St. Johns Sand &
Gruvel Co. Phone Richmond 1571
For Sale A fifty dollar course
in the Scranton International Cor
respondence School, any depart
ment, at 20 per cent discount, at
rate of $5.00 down, $5.00 per
month; further discount for cash,
Address "D," this office.
W. Iv. Plutumcr, organizer of the
W. O.W., left yesterday for Boise,
Idaho, where he expects to remain
J. C. Hale, in charge of the Mo
hawk Mining property along the
Sauticm, visited the officials of that
company in St. Jolius this week.
Large crowds are still thronging
the hlectric theatre nightly. If you
want to speud an hour pleasantly
these long autumn eveulngs, go to
the Electric.
Hall's orchestra of Portland dis
coursed some very fine music at
"Dc Moon In de Picture" play at
the Princess Theatre Wednesday
night. Their efforts were greeted
with generous applause.
Subscribe for
evening paper
Ed Stockton,
the Telegr&m-
tho coast.
Remove the Cause, and
Health is Yours
Chiropractic Methods
locate nnJ remove the
cause of diseases without
the use of drugs or knife.
Office and Residence", 415
Kellogg Street. 1 block
East of Postoffice
Hours 1:30 to 7:00 p.
Lady Assistant
Boys may be had and sometimes
girls. The older ones at ordinary
wages and others to be schooled
and cared for in return for slight
services rendered. For particulars
address W. T. Gardner, bupt.
Boys' aud Girls' Aid Society of
Oregon, Portland, Oregon.
Bring In your job printing while
you think of It. Don't wait until you
are entirely out. We are equipped
to turn out neat and tasty printing
promptly at ForUand prices or lesi.
sues for the
1910. .'
144 Berkeley St. Boston, Mass.
New subscriptions received at this
When you pur
chase a corset you
want one that has
It Is equally im
portant that the
same corset be
and If you can al
ao have one that
and that corset can
be bought at a
you have all the
requisites of a
splendid corset.
have every one of (hA.a ovri.
lent features and many more.
tvery improvement as exacted
by fashion is comhinarf tn ihi
dainty garments
Couch & Co.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Out iu Missouri, a country candi
date at the State primary election
received three votes. He decided
to give a dinner to the three men
who had voted for him, aud adver
tised iu a local paper for the three
to meet him at the best hotel. Over
fifty men put in their appearance to
dine nt his expense, each claimiug
to have voted for him. The defeated
candidate now believes that the
secret ballot is u delusion aud a
For Sale Furniture, 220 Oswego
Real estate men of the state plan
a federation whose objects are to I
protect the members and brtug
about a better understanding be
tween the buyiug and selling imb
ue, x nere are between 4,000 and
5,000 persons engaged in selhug
real estate in uregon and it is
thought au association would be a I
highly effective machine for ad-
vaucing the interests of realty men
throughout the state, as well as aid
ing the development of the whole
11 A. Al.
The Kind of a Revival We Need
Conrad L. Owen, Pastor
7 j a p. m.
iKlection Some Lessons from the
Last Campaign.
Preach tho eoipel of. St. John.
Cor. Chicago 4 Lonard Si.
Preach the gospel of St. Johns,
It U resolved by the citv of St. Tohns:
That It deems it expedient nnd necessary
to tease me rocn quarry located in Wlitt
wood Court. UloneinK the citv of St.
Johns, together with the rock crusher
ana otner machinery used in connection
therewith for a period of five vears. and
the city recorder is hereby authorized
and instructed to advertise for
proposals (or bids as in the citv
charter povlded, naming a time and
place when and where the same shall be
leased, aud that said lease be made at
public auction as in said charter pro
vided. Said lease to be made subject to
we existing contract on saui property.
Adopted by the council Nov. to, 1910.
A. 31. ttSfcUN,
City Recorder.
Published by the St. Johns Review No-
vembcr 11 ana to, 19 10.
Bids Wanted
The building committee of school
district Jfa. 2 will receive bids un
til November 19, 1910, for cradine.
erecting retaining wall and walks
for the high school grounds. Plans
and specifications may be seen at
the clerk's office. Per order Board
of Directors.
J. E. TANCH, Clerk.
In the county court of the state of Ore-
gou for the county of Multnomah.
Iu the matter of the estate of Harmon
Tryon, deceased.
Notice is hereby given thAJ the under
signed executrix ol the above named es
tate has filed with the clerk of the above
named eourtdit r final report Mid account
as executrix; and that the court has
fixed upon the loth day of December,
1910, at 10 o'clock a. m. as the time and
the county court room of the county
court house as the place where said re
port will be heard, and any person or
persons having any objection to anything
In said report contaiued, or any objec
tion or exception to auv act bv said ex-
ecutrix as such, may file the same on or
before said date aud shall then and there
be heard
The. fit wibltcation of this notice is
the nth day oftNewember, 1910, and the
last will be the Oh day of December.
MARY TRYQN, Executrix.
I will offer for sale to the richt
cash bidder on Saturday, December
10, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the front
door of the St. Jolms Furniture Co.
at St. Johns, Oregou, one cottage
organ to satisfy storage charges.
R, Wilcox.
Attention, Please
Ladies "who wish plafn sewing
done at very reasonable rates, call
on Maggie Underbill, 329 West
Mohawk. -