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Devoted (o the Intereiti of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northiutt
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St. Johns
Story of Phenomenal Growth from Village Set in Forest
Thriving City of Enormous Industrial Interests.
Situated at the Conjunction of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.
is Assured, Making it a Veritable City of Destiny.
It linn been tho hlittury 8r TtntT-fruTtiT
Iiik mid bullilliiK of every groat city
lliiit lltttnit u-lifi Ititil tlwi ffkiniiiilrillnii
fur futuru greatness sought primarily
a location affording natural mosn of
transportation; the greatest cities of
tho world today tttnntl upon tho banks
of tho navigable rivorx or are bulldcd
by tho harbor that afford anchorage
for tho deepest draft vessels that go
down to tho sens.
Tho great transcontinental nnd
trunk railway systems seek thoso
places ug their terminals, for after nil
It Ih tho ocean going craft that mako
possible tho construction of tho grent
railway systems.
What, then, nro tho possibilities of
a 'dty that U built upon ono of tho
greatest Inland waterways of tho
United States and at tho same tluio
affords rail transportation over tho
lines of two of tho greatest railway
systems of tho world?
Such a c'ty U St. John 8, the key to
tho transportation on the Columbia
and Willamette rivers.
A Little History.
Ten years ago thoro stood on what
In 111! IV fill IT III IIID illUDk I lUflll-IUUD
manufacturing cities of the Northwest
a, few scattered dwelling- In a vast
.forest of lira, Then the solitude and
silence of tho forest was unbroken,
and but few had entered It, except,
perhaps, In quest of game. Tho din
that follows In tho wake of develop
ment, the shriek of the whistles of
factories, and the buzzing of tho saws
of mills were as foreign as tho wan
.whoop of the red man. The only
sound emanating from tho industrial
or commercial' world was tho splash'
Ing of the wheels of a passing river
steamer, which plied on Its ways to
ports on the Columbia.
Uut tho genius of commerce and In
dustry does not long allow locations
that offer pre-eminent advantages to
remain unutilized. The keen compe
tition between the transportation sys
tems causes scout- to be sent ahead
to find those places that by natural
advantages are destined to become in
dustrial or commercial centers.
Nine miles to the south or St. Johns
lay Portland, a growing city. Her
future greatness depended and de
pends upon her water transportation
facilities. St. Johns was nine miles
nearer the mouth of the Columbia and
the confluence of that mighty stream
and the Willamette.
Tho possibilities opened by this fact
were first realized and appreciated by
what Is now known as the St. Johns
Lumber Company, one of the largest
saw mills on the Pacific Coast. A
small, and comparatively Insignia-
cant mill was Installed. Then fol
lowed the Jobss Brothers with a flour
mill, and then ono by one other oap
Utns of Industry, with farseeing and
unerring Judgment saw tho wonder
Where Transportation Facilities
ful opportunity offered them at St.
With tho establishment of these In
dustries began tho building of St.
Johns, which today stnnds high nbovo,
on a plateau, tho water front, whero
are located her Industries, wli!oh to
day Is n oity of COOU Inhabitants,
throbbing wl'h tho multitudinous no
tlvlHcta of u manufacturing center,
The Modern St. Johns,
Hut It Is with the modern St. Johns,
tho gateway to tho Willamette nnd
the key to tho transportation of Port
land and southerly cities on the mag
nificent Htr wim that drains ono of tho
richest and largest valleys on tho face
of the g'obe, known as tho Willamette
Valley, that wo wish to deal with In
this article.
Kmbrnolng within her city limits
tho entire po'nt of the Peninsula,
wkoo point Is washed by tho wnvos
of both the Co'umbla and tho Willam
ette, St. Johns has n great water
frou'age. Tho day Is not far distant
when this entire water front will bo a
solid line of docks and Industrial
It Is inevitable, bcoauso with the
marvelous development that Is now
going on 'n tho Northwest, and with
tho two groat railway systems seeking
this Peninsula as n terminus for their
all-tho-way water grade lines from
the pases In the mountains that give
en'ranco to the Hast, tho demand for
manufactured articles and for Indus
trial ae'.lvlty will Increase In propor
tion to the Increase In population.
Great transportation experts have
declared emphatically that tho Pen
insula, In other words St. Johns, Is
eventually to becomo tho New York
of tho West.
That the possibilities of this city
have been appreciated by many pro
gressive business men and Investors
Is clearly evidenced by the fact that
four years ago tho taxable property
In this elty amounted to $200,000; to
day It aggregates J2.G00.000.
This remarkable growth has been
In no vay the result of unnatural
methods, nor can It bo classed with
tho boom variety. It was the natural,
Inevitable result of a full comprehen
sion and a complete realization of a
desirable location on the part of thou
sands of progressive American peo
ple, coming from every section of the
United States to the Northwest the
land of opportunity and to St. Johns
the coming metropolis of this mighty
empire, embracing the states of North
Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah,
Nevada, Northern California, Idaho,
Washington, and Oregon.
Controlled by that wonderful West
ern variety of progress, the inhabit
ants of St. Johns have surrounded
themselves with all the institutions
that are the product of modern times.
A magnificent city hall, built on the
old colonial stylo of architecture,
graces ono of tho prominent locations
of tho city, providing n homo for tho
municipal olllcers, nnd shelter for the
performance of nil civic functions,
Schools and Churches.
While this la ossenMally and prim
arily u manufacturing and Industrial
center, tho call of modern times for
education of tho younger generation
has not rema'ned unheeded, Nenrlng
completion today Is ono of tho most
magnificent high school buildings In
the entire state, which was erected nt
a cost of $40,000, while two grammar,
or graded schools, nro afforded those
of tho children of our people who
have not as yet advanced to tho high
school curriculum.
True to their history tho churches
of all denominations have one by ono
established themselves In our midst
as tho population Increased and tho
demand for spiritual ministrations
grew. The Mothodlst, tho United
Evangelical, the Ilaptlst, tho Congre
gational, tho Christian, tho Adventlst,
the German Ilaptlst, tho Catholic, and
many of tho soe'ettes banded for re
ligious worship, have splendid edifices
The moral ntmosphoro of St. Johns
Is such that no person need hesitate
to Invest here, build a residence,
make a home and rear tholr children
In this environment. The people of
St. Johns bellovo In so regulating the
affairs of their city that it shall rank
h'gh with tTioso of this and other
states as a city of homes, as well as
a city of Industry,
Public Service.
Absolutely necessary to tho perma
nent and enduring greatness of any
city aro public service corporations
that servo the public In the fullost
senso of tho word, and that do not
overstep the bounds that aro set by
the statutes of the state, and Imposed
by the ordinances of tho city. In this
respect St, Johns can boast of better
facilities than any city In the North
west of comparative size.
The Portland Hallway, Light &
Power Company, ono of tho foremost
public service concerns in the West,
furnishes ample transportation, light
Ing and power facilities. It operates
an excellent streetoar service be
tween this city and Portland, the fare
for the nine mllo ride being only Ave
cents. In connection with the street
car service Is maintained the Portland
Suburban Kxpress Company, whlcn
runs dally freight and express cars
between this city and the more south
erly one on tho Willamette. A gas
company furnishes tho city with gas
for heating, lighting and cooking pur
poses at a reasonable rate.
In nearly every instanco the first
questions that a person asks when
contemplating Investing In a city Is
concerning the water system. St.
and Ready Market for Ouput are Close at
Johns ran boast of ns good water uti
any city In Oregon, It having been
analyzed by tho state ehoinlst nnd de
clared to bo pun. Thu wnter supply
Is stored In huge tanks, with sulllelent
pressure In the stand pipe to furnish
every residence In tho city with wnter
for every necery purposo.
Judiciously sonttertd throughout tho
city aro fire pliiK, with a heavy pro
sure, which, combined with h well or
ganized, and equipped lire department,
g veil ample protection from eoiitlngni
lion to the citizens.
Tho PmoIiIo Hell Telephone and
Homo Telephone Companies, two of
the largest telephone HystoiiiH In thu
United States, serve St. Johns.
Municipally owned and controlled,
tho city dock, erected on the wttlur
front, affords the hundreds of vetmels
that :' the Willamette docking facil
ities, livery boat that eomofl In from
tho 1'aolllc oean, posseti this dock
nnd many of the biggest vessels dock
there to discharge cargoes, or to take
on onrgoos tor foreign nnd const ports.
This Immenso dock, one of tho InrgoMt
on the river, Is all under roof and at
fords ample storage space.
Tax Rate,
At flrat glance It might appear that
with such extensive Improvements In
this city the tax rato would bo ab
normally high. Such, howovor, Is not
tho ease, as the books of tho city tux
assessor and tax collector show that
the rate Is lower thun In any other
city In Oregon of similar size.
Character of Buildings.
Tho metropolitan appearance of the
main business streets of this city In
variably Impresses tho person who
for tho first fine enters Its gates.
Substantial, costly, handsomo brick
and stone structures line tho main
streets, affording splendid facilities
for store rooms, oltlco buildings, etc.
In this connection It, perhaps, Is
well to lay stress on the fact that
those desiring to build hero will find
that the building material can bo ob
tained cheaper than In tho groater
centers of populations, due to tho fact
thut the many Industrial plants on the
water front are turning out building
material of every character, Including
lumber, sash, doors, windows, etc.,
while several big firms aro extensive
dealers in lime, cement and similar
building matorlal.
Absolutely Independent.
Tho city of six thousand population,
situated within a distance of nino
mllos of a city of 200,000 Inhabitants,
with Interurban car service, that Is
absolutely Independent of tho greater
center, Is indeed an oxcoptlon. Our
merchant carry such a splendid grade
and variety of goods, and our fac
tories and Industrial plants cover such
a wide range, that ovory necessity of
life Is obtained In St. Johns and at
a cheaper rate than Is possible In tho
of Firs Ten Years Ago to Present Modern,
Factories Here Obtain Ideal Locations
larger city to thu south.
Tho 11I vie spirit and pride Ih so
strong In St. Johns that all support
homo Industry. The merchant or
busliUMts man who Is looking townrd
St. Johns with 11 view of entering busi
ness here, need not for a moment hes
itate beenuse of ItH proximity to n
larger elty.
Real Estate Investments.
it would bit trllo to attempt to do
scribe tho opportunities thai nro af
forded In the Northwest for proiltablo
Investment In real ostnto, as ItH ad
vniitHgeM Iiiivh been exploited tho
world over and on ouch Incoming
triiiiS'Ooutliiciitnl train, nnd vessel
from other ports, are scores of per
sons who are seeking a homo In tho
wonderful Northwust.
The keenest, miHit fttr-elllK Mild
ablest Ituslnesa men of the state of
Oregon ie.wi o that tit. Johns, today
offers the host Held for remunerative
Investment In rwil estate.
Hut despite tho fact that Its superior
ity Is universally recognized, thu price
of property today ts reasonable. Sev
eral now residence (roots are now ho
lug opened. HuslnoK lots, AOxlOO
feet, can bo purchased from $11500 to
$8000, while roHldunoo property sells
from $1100 to $1000 u lot.
The rapid growth of the community
makes an Investment hero not only
absolutely sale, but certain of remun
erative returns.
All of the residence property and
business district of this city Is situat
ed on a high plateau, affording a
splendid view of the beautiful Willam
ette river and the mountains on tho
other side. Tho resldonce district Is
one of the most attractive In this seo
(Ion of the state, and In it aro tound
many of the handsomest homos that
stand upon the banks 01 tho stroam
that has boon mudo famous by tho
songs of poets, and tho word pictures
of the most eminent writers.
Differing from other cities In tho
Northwest St. Johns Is not depend
ent on back country for her prosper
ity; it does not depend on tho sea
sons; droughts have no effect on her;
crop failures do not decrease her
bunk deposits. The output of her in
dustries are shipped to every section
of the United States and to every Im
portant port In tho world. It Is al
ways in demand,
St. Johns Is essentially an Indus
trial and manufacturing center, and It
Is to those plants that wore sovorul
years ago established hero and thut
are now being established hero, that
she owes her greatness. Tholr Im
mense payrolls go to swell tho ao
eo lints of her merchants, to Increase
her taxable propgrty, and to uld In tho
gsneral development of the city.
Tliyro are tyn big Industrial plants
of Oregon
lomited within the city limits of Ht.
Johns, employing from -T. to 2R0 men
each, nnd with Kiy rolls aggregating
from $1000 to $ir.,ooo per month.
It Is self-evident Hint tho men head
ing theso concerns would not have lo
on1 ed In St. Johns unless there was n
well defined reason for It, nnd it de
cided advantage In doing so, Tho rea
son was that wo aro nine mite nearer
tho mouth of tho Columbia river, tho
great outlet to the Pacific Ocean,
than Is Portland, the metropolis of
Oregon. Kvory vessel that plies Utu
Willamette must first pas tho city
dock at St. Johns buloro It nuohors
at the larger city.
What the Industries Are.
The visitor to tit. Johns will find 11
trip to the water front, or the Indus
trial seutlon of tuu etly, both Inter
ostlng and Instructive, us hero soiuo
of Hie hlHgotft plants of the kind In
tho world aro ontMbllfthed.
Tho first ooiiiKiny to begin opera
tions was tho Ht. Johns Lumber Com
imtiy, which, but a few years ago, had
a small mill here. Today It In one of
the biggest auwers and shipper of fir
lumber on the Paellle Coast, having a
capacity of 2.6,000 feet of lumber
every ten hours. It employs about
two hundred and fifty men nnd Ha
monthly iy-roll will exceed $16,000.
The plant of the tit. Johns Lumber
Coiiiiauy Is one of tho most modern
on thu coast nnd the product It turns
out In of such u high order that It Ih
In demand In all the lumber markets
of the world. Tho mill and yards
cover more than throe blooks of
ground space. A grout majority of
the employes of this mill aro either
property owners In tit. Johns or make
their homo here, the result being that
thu money paid out In pay rolls Ih kept
nt homo ami spent with local tour
chnutM, Invested In local proporty or
deposited In local banks.
Tho Portland Woolen Mills, ono of
the biggest woolen mills on the Pa
cific Coast, Is looated nt St. Johns,
Tho output of this concern comprises
a varied assortment of woolen goods,
blankets, cloth, etc. The raw material
used In this mill Is obtained from tho
backs of Oregon sheep. Two hun
dred men and women aro employed In
this mill and the imy-roll aggregates
$7000 a month.
The Jobos Milling Company, tho
second oldest Industrial plant iu St,
Johns, Is tho manufacturer of several
brands of Hour thut find a ready mar
ket in Portland, Seattle, Spokane and
other distributing polntH on the Pa
cific Coast. This company turns out
about 300 barrels of Hour dally and
about fifteen tons of feed. From
twenty to thirty man aro regulurly
employed In this mill.
Ono of thu newest and most rapidly
growing concerns In St. Johns Is tho
Modern Machine Works, which Is
Its Future
cqulppolPt- do nil kinds of marine
nnd railroad work, as well an logging
and lumbering work. IU plant Is n
largo one viu required the serview of
about thirty men. All kinds of Iron
work Is accomplished In this plant,
nnd Its fie proximity to tk bis;
plants on the water front make- It nil
nUniMt nbsoluto necessity In thin elty.
Ono of tho now and highly Import
ant Industrie of this ally U thu Col
lupslblo llox Factory, whluh iiinnufne
turoH collaiHilble, or folding boxen,
cooHt nnd oraton. This product has
proven exceptionally popular with the
shippers of this state and Is In great
demand. This concern Is constantly
broadening lu Held el action and en
larging Its capacity.
The Marine Iron Works Is ontt at
tho most extensive and widest known
plants on the Paellle Coast and slue
its ontahllshmeut lu this elty mt h4d
some of the blggeM eontrneU that
have been let by the government and
Individuals. It but rwmitly finished
thu repairing of the United titnttw en
gineering department's vetuel, thn
Chinook, which was one of the blgwrnt
contracts the government has lei lu
this section In it number of years.
This company Is oqulpiHid to do any
ami all kinds of marine Iron work
and ItH reputation has spread thu
length of the Pacific Coast.
There Is tv third Iron work, lit S'.
Johns known as the L. M, I.enoli Iron
Works. It Is looated lu the outskirts
of tho city near tho North Hank main
line, and U recognized as one of tn.
bust equipped Iron works and found
I c In the entire state,
.It. Johns also possesses a big ship
building yard, which has attained a
reputation that brings to It work from
all parts of tho Northwest and the
Pacific Coast. This concern Is pre
pared to build any character of ves
sel, no matter how large, and It has
dene some of thu biggest contraot
work that Iiuh boon given out on thu
In addition to tl o above named In
dustrial plants St. Johns can boast
of one of tho boat lnudrlos In the
state, which receives work from many
of tho polntH on the WMInmetto ant
Columbia rivers, and that Is con
stantly Increasing Its torrltory and
adding to Us elllcleuoy. This Is known
as the St. Johns Laundry Company,
und for several years It has dono thu
liundry work of this city, as woll in
drawing n splendid patronage from
Portland nnd other cities.
An up-to-date Ice factory nnd cold
storago plant, using an uutquo system
of ico manufacture, Is located within
tho city llmltH and furnishes tho citi
zens with ico nnd cold storage facil
ities. Subscribe for tho Review and be