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Melvlllo W. Fuller Possessed
Great Administrative Ability.
First to Stop Phonetlo Spetllng Dad
Land Titles In the District of
Columbia Probed by
f Committee.
Washington. Tho lato chief Justlco
of tho Supromo court, Molvlllo W. Ful
ler of Illinois, was rognrded In Wash
ington ns an ideal man for presiding
ofllcor of thnt august bench. Ho at
talncd his high position In splto of the
fact that when President Cleveland ap
pointed him ho was only a practising
lawyer of no great national reputation
nnd hnd never hold n Judicial ofllco.
Tho skepticism which met his appoint'
mcnt was almost ns universal as Is
now tho Judgment that Mr. Fuller
ranked with his illustrious prcdoccs
bom as a practical nnd hard-working
Orlglnnlly holding to legal tenets
which grow to bo out of touch with
that ho found that tho decision had
boon given to tho chief clerk of the
court by Justlco Fuller early la tho
day, nnd ho in turn had quietly in
formed tho nowspapor men.
A report recently mndo to congress
by a commission appointed to oxamlno
land tltloB In tho District of Columbia
disclosed that many lots of land occu
pied by modorn business houses and
residences In tho national capital nro PARIS. Dresses for tho Grand
still owned by tho government, not-lOulnznlno, drosses for our fittings, for
withstanding tho presont tonnnts bo-Uenalde or Casino. Dress for anything
llovo thoy bavo a clear tltlo to tho and everything Is tho order of tho
property. For oxample, tho Washington day I
Gnsllght compnny occuplos a wholo Madame la Parlslcnno Is at tho le
squaro on Twenty-eighth stroot, which Inlth of her "Flovro do Toilette," nnd
Is claimed by tho government. A sho Is up betimes to rush off to her
paving company occupies n largo tract I tailor for tho smart little costumo
of land near Ilock crook to which tho which can no longer bo called a "trot-
government lays claim. A trlnngu- tcur," considering that wo can hard
lnr ploco of land, now occupied by ly wnlk In It, nnd to her coutouler for
many residences, is according to tho thoso flower petal gauze frocks In
GIRLS PENNED IN CAR ;rapid market for poultry
Ride From Buffalo to Hoboken Where
Searching Railroad Officials Find
Them Unconscious Vic
tims of Doys' Prank.
roport, ttio property of tho government
This question of land tltlos in tho
which sho realizes all tho charm of
her (rngllo personality!
As to tho heads of tho grcnt houses
slstod of Uio attornoy genoral, tho sec
retary of war, Sonntor Scott of West
Virginia; Itepreaontntivo Ilartholdt of
Missouri, nnd ono of tho district
nntlonnl cnpltnl Is not n now ono. Two tllcy "0 now rushing off for n brief
yours ngo congress created n commls- holiday boforo thnt torrlblo porlod of
slon to study It. Tho commission con- "creation" wwcii uiey subject thorn
selves 10 during August ana part or
It Is In tho sllenco and mystory of
thoso closed doors that tho now fnsh
commissioners. Tho ronort rovonls a nro devoted the Paris fashions
horrlblo land tnnglo, which tho courts lo whoso tuno tho world mustdanco
will urobnb y novor bo nb a to strn Kht- "r centuries nnvo gone 10 crenio mo
on out. Tho tnnglo Is tho outcomo of artists In dress whom Paris alono can
tho wild speculation in real estate thnt boa,t of possessing.
took tilnco for n rood mnnr voiim nfi. Tho exhibition of Ilrussols nnd tho
or tho capital wan laid out. coming exhibition of lluonoit Ayros sot
r .... t.
Tho story, nccordlng to tho lawyer. sna" mnisons into a
Who linvn rmwliiplnil Ihn Invnnt crntlnn .
Melville W. Fuller.
modern thought, tho Into chief Justlco
(Well illustrated tho purposo of tho
tench by listening to tho ronsonnblo
Arguments of lawyers botlor versed
nt tho outset thnn ho, nnd boforo tho
end of his Judicial enroor was found
in tho Oupremo court rocord rovers-
Ing tho nppllod principles of law
-which ho brought with hi in to Wash
ington, Ily ninny nstuto Inwyors this
is regarded ns ono of tho most striking
examples of tho largeness of tho Judi
cial mind of tho Into chlof Justlco.
Is ono of romanco and dtsastor. James
Oroenloaf of Mnssnchusotts, from
whoso fnmlly Iho poot Whlttlor took
his tnlddlo natno, waa according to tho
story, laid boforo congress, tho first
nnd greatest of tho threo land opera
tors whoso nnmos figure most In tho
enrly doods. Qroonlenf mndo tho first
contract to buy of Uio commissioners
who distributed tho parcels of land In
possession of tho United Slatos. Ho
was Joined lntor by Itobort Morris,
tho fluanclor of Iho revolution, nnd
by John Nicholson. All threo boforo
their death woro in Jntl for dobts grow
ing out of their ventures In Wnsli
lngton Innd. Whnt Morris inado
through his financial transactions dur
ing tho dark days of tho revolution ho
lost In Wnslilngton lands.
Private lands woro ncqutred in
Wnslilngton In tho enrly days by a
vory stmplo process. Tho territory
"not exceeding" ton tntlcs squaro was
ceded to tho Unttod States govern
ment by Mnrylnnd nnd Virginia nnd
plncod under tho Authority of threo
Pnquln's exhibition In Drussols Is n
mnrvol whoso nrtlstlo beauty Is duo
Combined with thoso Judicial funo-
tlons grcnt ndmlnlstrntlvo nb tr is i..i i.....,.' ..
r on ',.,, f H,. .1.1. I . .1 .' o.. I .""""", u..i.u.iiiu u, uio jirei-
" ." " ui uiw ou- MonL Thuv or nnv two nf lliam wnrn
Iircmo court. This quality Chief Jus
tico Fullor possossod In grcnt degree,
Fow, If any, coinplnlnts hnvo ovor
boon mndo during his administration
ns prosldlng offlcur of tho court thnt
tho whools of Justlco of Clio highest
trlbunnl or tho Innd wero turning too
lowly or unevenly. Iluhlml tho out-
iwnrd ninnlfestntlon of tho courtly con
Oeman nnd his mlldninnnorod volco,
wnicu in recent years has boon nl
jiiosi innumuio 10 uioso sonted on
tho edgo of tho court room, wns a tro
ijubiiuuus lorco 01 cuarnctor nnu a
keen some of Justlco nnd a capnblllty
for bard and porslstent work wholly
out of proportion with his years.
justlco Fuller never protended to
volco tho opinions of nny ono but him
celt nnd had no liking for tho llmo-
light. Ills position In Wnslilngton
niaao n possimo for him to fix his so
cIM stntus wliero ho willed, lie had
no liking whatever for anything
smacking of ostvntntlous dlsnlny. On
nnd off tho bonch ho wns the person!-
ncntion or juuicinl dignity. Ho pos
aossod n senso of humor which ho out
pioyeu quietly nnd with effect. Tho
aubJecU of his conversation wero full
of substanco, scholarly nnd profound
nna ricn in wisdom.
It wns Justlco Fullor who practically
Bottled the fnto of tho Itoosovolt
propaganda for phonetlo spelling. At
tho tuno whou congress wns dally re
cviving iiivsshkub from tho Whlto
required, undor tho dlroctlon of tho
Senator Scott.
to tho fertile brain of tho genius who
presides over tho great house that
bear hor name.
I hare spoken to Mmo. Paqutn,
whose unseen presenco Is felt through
overy fiber of tho firm's gigantic op
erations. To hor Is duo tho Adorable
mlse-en-scono that gives such relief to
tho exhibition where familiar llfo-llko
scenes hnvo tho haunting charm of
Tlx lingerie of this houso Is fur
fnmcd, for It surpasses In benuty and
nrtlstlo merit nil thnt can be (mag-
president, to survey nnd by proper
motes mid bounds doflno nnd limit n
district of torrltory. nnd the territory
O UOllnOll U-ntl nall.lilUlin.1 ...1... . . .. . ...
r.. . V "- - . t'y.-i uiuu uie empiro nigntgowns nro so
.. .... . 0"n" 01 " ctwbollUhod with Inco nnd embroidery
United States. Powor wns given tho that not ono Inch of the linen ground-
cuiiiiuiBHiuiiars io purcnaso or nccopt WOrk can bo seen,
ana on w o enstern sldo of the Poto- Mmo. Paquln Is really nn nrtlst in
...v. nn in" uau ui uiu uilliuu amies. I nvurv anna.i nf lli.. tvnr.l oho I...
nnd tho Commissioner WOro further I wnmlerful nrn fnr .rnn'ln ...
House spoiled In tho now form of or. "If041 to I)rvK ultnbIo buildings WOll as being gifted with a seuso of
thogrnphy nnd whn the houso of run- , ,HW congn'ss, aetnll which rendors hor creations
xosentntlvcs was trying to nervo Itself " vwvin , m imuuo omcers 01 uio qulto perfect.
to UIO lo 111 at niitllnir n m.lni... iviiiinviu ui uiu uiiuvu amies. Ill Tim " iln Mmlnm.." nl lh n...
this now system Justlco Fuller quietly B,nJ?,i0 mRwf l? croct ,ho milv so, lbltlon shows us how llngorlo
equolchod Its uso In tho Supremo , .U "K" ..V!Rt. tl.10 Bovornmont cah bo glorllltd. Tho dainty night-
court, ai mat timo tho goverumunt J, " ' " ,u vr- gowns nna snut du llts Aro most fas-
printing offlco, under orders from ciuatlug uud much encrusted with
'President Itoosovolt, was printing all T'10 report to congress relates that Inco.
tiv-Biuuiiv naaiimiiiuii rooi wiio uio it is marvoious how natural wax
orlglnnl proprietors in aeorgctown. women can bo mndo to look, nn.i ih
Mnrch 29, 1791. As n rosult of this llfo alto dolls nro Almost as natural
potted children of luxury, for ono must
bo rich to Indulgo In such costly cob
webs of laco nnd Itncnl
Wo nro reminded of Englnnd's
mourning by many of tho gowns seen
nt Paquln's, whero tho protty "man
ncqulns" parado the lofty flower laden
rooms In the rtuo de In Prix.
Ono exqulslto model I noted wns of
gray tho faintest sllvor gray silk vol-
vet with n silver embrotderod skirt of
filmy black tullo, over which wns n
curiously eastern looking second skirt
which only reached either ride of 'tho
skirt so that tho dress moved llko a
Nnutch girl's skirt with overy ges
turo nnd poso of tho wearer, forming
n poetry of motion not ensy to de
scribe! Tho bodlco veiled nnd un
vollcd In turn wns n poem of glittering
silver veiled In a vlst of black tulle,
Delightful, too. waa n llttlo frocklot
of black, tho skirt showlnit a veiled
hem of whlto silk, whilst tho upper
part of tho bodlco lighted into tho
grayncss of black nnd white.
For tho country thoro wore fnsctnn
ting frocks of whlto plquo with nar
row skirts to which a detached trout
and back panel gavo wonderful grace
Tho con Hot had moat incongruous
looso rovors of black satin, faced half
wny with cherry color or Chinese bluo
volvat, nnd blouse of supplo silk muslin
In the most dlsttnctivo huos looked as
If they could bo folded Into n nutshell.
Whnt wondors an ordinary sized trunk
will bo mndo to contain this aonsont
Wo hnvo grown wenry of tho bro-
dorlo nnglnlso sunshndos. Thoy wero
hard nnd ungraceful at best; fnr
moro charming nro tho tiny mnrqulso
sunshndos, absolutely usoloss In thorn
solves, but docorntlvo In tho extreme,
as thuy glvo scopo for such protty
poses nnd nttltudrst
Thoro Is very llttlo to toll of In hats.
Wo hnvo tnkan n frantic fnncy for
sweet pons, which climb over our
straw sbnpcs In superb nnd oxpenslvo
profusion, for tho best of us nro grow
ing cnddlsh, and wo look to whnt costs
monoy moro thnn to things benutlful
In thomsolvos.
Qlgnntlo popplos with drooping pot
nls, two of which nro sufficiently nmplo
to trim a hat, nro Uio Intest dovolon
mcnt of tho blooms of tho Garden of
Fruit Is showing on somo of tho
hnta tmposstblo fruit, of courso, m
plos tho slxo of plums, nnd chorrlos of
tho snmo "cnllbro," and nil tho gamut
of weeping plumoj nnd dlstrnctod nl
grottos that represent tho power of
Tho Intest summer dreasos of floral
Quicker Dlrd Can De Drought to, Mar
ketable 8lze, Greater Profit and
Fewer Losses.
I nlwnys push my young stock along
as rapidly as posslblo until marketed,
or until brought to maturity, says n
writer In tho Dnltlmoro Amorlcnn.
This It pnys to do, oven when I must
buy feed nnd nt a high prleo. Tho
quicker a bird enn bo brought to mar
ketnblo slzo or to tho productive) stngo
tho grenter the profit, to say nothing
of quicker returns and shortened risk,
Now York. Two small girls who'
wero penned In a pitch 'dnrk rofrlgerai
tor car by boys whoso sense of humor Rapid growth Is nlwnya cheapest and
wns nbnormal wero found lying In tho quck rcturns mogt Mtgfttctory. Thero
car when It reached Hoboken from nro B)wny8 owcr oMog , a nock k .
mu . i.. . ... growing vigorously thnn In ono nl-
They woro not nblo to wnlk. It was, Iowp.i in Jr.. nn.i n ,i,..i i
SOmo time boforo thyo COUld SPOOk. whch chfrk. nrn n n..lhl. nrn to
They had been sovonty-two hours
without food or drink or sufficient nlr.
Thnt they woro nllvo nt all was n
thing to wonder nt.
Mnry Monl Is 10 nnd Netslo Do For
ko Is 8. Doth girls tlvo nt 21 Indlnnn
street, Buffalo. Tho two girls used,
every day to run nround tho Lacka-.
wnnnn freight ynrds In Duffnlo.
Uoys of their ngo nnd older hung
nround tho freight yard. Ono morning
n couplo of these boys shouted out to
tho girls: "Hoy! Thero's bannnas In
that car. Want some bananns? Rack
In that car you'll Ond somo. Q'wan
It was an empty rofrlgorator car to
which tho boys pointed. Tho two
girls clnmbored Into It nnd begnn po
king ovor tho floor. They henrd tho
heavy door bang to nnd found thorn-
selves In blackness. Thoy rushed for
tho door and pounded on It Thoy
could hear tho boys outsldp laughing
In dorlslon.
Tho boys mado no attempt to open
tlio car door and tho girls got fright-
onod. Thoy screamed n llttlo nnd
kicked with their baro feet. Pretty
soon thoy henrd tho voices of tho boys
and knew thorn to bo trying to opon
tho door.' Tho door novor budgad, A
llttlo longer tho two girls kicked nnd,
bent upon the door. Then Mary Monl
heard Nclslo fall upon tho floor of tho
car nnd begin to sob.
Thoy heard an onglno puffing louder
every second. Dang; Mary was bump
ed to tho floor. Thoro wan nn Inter
val of sovernl minutes. Thon tho en-
Kino chugged, tho enr gnvo n Jerk,
nnd In tho dnrknoss they know thom
solvos to bo moving. Thoy wero mov
ing rapidly now. Mnry conxod Nelslo
up Into n corner. Thoy snt thoro nnd
sobbed ns tho train sped.
After a long tlmo tbyo felt hollow
nnd hungry. Mnry nnd Nolslo ox-
plorod tho floor of tho car. Thoy found
nothing at all. Tho two girls found
they woro to bo without food or wn
tor. Resides, It was so hot nnd
stifling they found It n labor to
broatho, nnd moving nbout wns ex
hnustlng. Thoy Iny perfectly still,
therefore, nnd In tlmo tho first faint-
ness of hunger loft them.
Rut It was Intolerably hot, nnd
tholr thirst grew. It wns night now.
hnwks, rnts nnd other enemies.
My young stock la never stlntod.
After It Is romovod from tho brooder
I contlnuo to feed rcgulnrly nnd ns
generously ns boforo. Feed for n con
siderable tlmo consists largely of
coarsoly ground grains or fresh, sweet
milk For this I llko corn nnd whent
principally nt first Lntor I ndd other
grains, often omitting tho whent or
feeding It wholo by Itself. Itvo. nl
though chicks will not cnt It wholo.
is oxccllont cracked with other uralns.
Parley, also pean In small quantities.
Is sood. An rhlrlra I
whole grains aro gradually substituted hvns discovered. At onco tho demand.
Still In Use by Chinamen The Day
of the Quill Steps That Marked
Gradual Development of
Steel Pan.
If you would like to witness tho
very oldest mothod of writing with
fluid, you may do so by cnlllng nt tho
laundry. Nino-tenths of nil tho Chl
neso lnundrymen In this country stilt
mnrk up their nccounts nnd koop nlr
tholr books with n fine hnlr brush.
While this Is tho oldest method of np
plylng Ink, tho first writing wns really
done In stono with somo sharp Instru
ment When wo consldor this prlnil-,
tlvo wny of putting out thoughts nnd
tho general happenings of tho dny
Into written form, It Is not surprising
that so much of tho history left us
by our historic ancestors Is Incom
plete Tho rapidity with which wo-
uso our writing facllltlos of this day
will moan much to futura generations.
who may seek to know of ub.
Tho longost stop from nntlqulty to
tho modern wan taken when tho qunll
flcntlons of tho goose-qulll for pens
becamo so groat for thoso In most
parts of tho civilized world thnt tlio
raising not only of gecso but ducks,
end crows In sovernl of tho countries,
of Kuropo beenme In ttsolf n great
pursuit England nlono shipped 30,
000,000 quills for pens In n single
yenr. Tho quills nttcr 'doing picked,
nnd sorted wero given n hot snnd.
bath nnd scraped to remove tho out-
Mn Klein. Thn tinrrnla nt Itin mlltla.
GREAT VALUE OF DAIRY SIRE wro crward hardened In a solu-
tlon mado for tho purpose nnd hune
for crncked. nyo, If fod wholo, Is
cooked. In this nhnpo chicks nro
grocdy for It, nnd It furnishes excel
lent food. All summer I llko to food n
llttlo soft food now nnd thon, cither
ground food, shorts or brnn, wet with
miiK or wnnn wnter. Grit I keep con-
nanny uoforo my nocic, also puro
silk or soft pongeo hnvo quaint nar- T,, beanJ ,of ,""ht wn Kn0, . T.01
documents for tho executive donart,
mcnts, Including tho deimrlment of
dustlco, In phonetlo apolllug. This In
cluded brlofs which wore tubmlttod to conffirence. an ngrcemont wns onterod as creatures of flesh nnd blood.
tuo supremo court In n land caso
presented to tho court Solicitor Qeu
rni ei.ry w. uoyt oiTurcil one of
mese Driers, in glancing through it
hastily Chlof Justlco Fullor espied a
Iho woudorful "scenario" At the
Drussols exhibition, with its back,
ground of golden yollow nnd Its pink
shades, Is all Mmo, Paquln's own de
signing. 1 saw some dainty new trlflos at
Paquln's In the gulso of cacho corsets
Into which resulted In cortnln deeds
of trust, under which tho proprietors
of tho land conveyed tholr holdings in
trust to Thomas llenll, son of fJeorgo
Denll, and John MacKnll Qantt In
quotation from nn opinion rouderod by conslJorBon of tho sum of flvo shll
former Associate Justlco iirn,iiv i U8 nnd tho various trusts, each of
which tho word "through" was speilod ,ho l)rol,rletors conveyed his land to mado entirely of laco and Soutlens
itii I ho lull! nut Intn miph mirnnta I .. , n u. .l . ..
,u. i ----- - - - - , -, f.utttvD, i KuiKia du uuimy uiiii iiKiu luui inov
"Did I undon.n,i v . . ..... parcels and lots ns tho president mlHht nro n luxury for summer wear. r ih
this purports to bo n literal Quotation "Mrovo for tho purposo of tho federal tnko tho plnco of corsets.
from tho opinion of Justlco Urndloyr ' . r,e8,a.u?' tUe vnrlous par- Nightgowns nre Ideally pretty with
bnlt to go to tho original proprietors
of tho land and tho other half to tho
United States,
Inquired tho chlof Justlco,
It wns not necossary for him to sny
moro. wr, uoyt roniized from this in
quiry that phonetlo spelling would not
oo loiornieu py the Supremo court,
uu luai sunuus uiunuor had boon
mndo in changing tho spelling used
fcy a former membor of that court. Ho
prompuy ana qulotly Informed tho
court that thero would bo no repeti
tion of tho offonso. That ended pho
tiotlo spelling In tho third co-ordlnnto
orancn oi me government, nnd short
ly thereafter congress Itself llmltod Its
use to correspondence between tho ex-
ocuiiyo aepartments,
thin empire bodices frothed with tiny
vulenclennea lace, whllo tho saut do
lit and the peignoirs mark tho tran
sitions and transformations of tho
row skirts tied In nt ono sldo nnd
trimmed with a deep band of glace
Insortlon. Tho bodlco forma a high
draped corsolot, nnd tho yoko nnd
sleoves cut en kimono aro ontiroly of
laco. This Is a simple and girlish
mako of dress. Tho chiffon and laco
wraps aro most poetical,
A dainty And sorvlceablo frock Is
tho ono sketched for our readers to
day. It Is of blue green taffeta shot
with black, tho stdes vory lightly era.
broldered In black silk soutache with
suspicion of dull gold. It has a
vory deep sailor collar fashioned from
wldo black satin ribbon, with narrow
Insldo collar of crenm. Tho soft silk
Jabot Is of ochre laco. Tho sash and
sash ends aro of black satin ribbon
with tassoled ends. Tho aleoves have
doep rovors ornamented with gold but
tons. The lint Is of blnck varnished
straw lined with blue-greon straw nnd
trimmed with sbnded bluo feathers.
nclthor girl slept Tho roar of tho"
train wns loud nnd stondy. Oront tenrs
rolled down their cheeks.
During tho first night Mary mado a
useful dlscovory, tho only relief they
hit upon tho wholo Journey. Sho Im
parted It At onco to Nolslo. You tako
your thumb and catch tho tears on It
Then you sip tho tears. Tbey aro salt
and Inadequate, but tbey cool tho
mouth. In experimenting with this
discovery tbey passed the rest of the
At length tho beam of light np-
pared, red and pleasurable. All that
day tho two lay on tho floor of tho
important That Calf Should Have
Good Parentage on Doth 8ld(s
Puro Dreed Are Costly.
(Dy It. I). Itoo.)
Raising the heifer calves of eood.
high-producing cows, Is a grcnt funda
mental roqulslto for tho best nnd
caslost Improvement of a dairy herd.
nut tnoso calves will tako the r
qualltloA from both parents, nnd It Is
equally important thnt ench calf
should hnvo good pnrontnge .on tho
mnlo sldo. Hut nn Inspection of mnnr
uniry ncriis will show thnt comnnrn-
tlvoly llttlo nttontlon Is paid lo tho
quality of tho slro.
I hnvo too often seen herd In
which Uio bclfar cslves wero raised
for futuro cows, but In which tho
bulls used woro mtsornblo llttlo scrubs.
and weaklings, obtained by simply
saving a grndo calf from tho herd.
And of mnny other sires, fnlrly
good ns Indlvldunls, nothing Is known
of tho nctunl milk production of tholr
fomnlo ancestors.
Thoro nro ns 1 vlow It two princi
ple rensons for this. Ono Is thnt un-
dor the, custom of selling tho rnlvcs
for vcnl It does not mnke much dif
ference nbout tholr breeding. Rut ns
this custom must bo chanced by sue- men wero on bases, two Players out.
cessful dntrymen nnd tho best heifer when tho pitcher of ono of tho nine
cnives raisea for cows, It becomes neo- wnlloped tho ball to mlilcenter. He
up to dry until thoy woro sufficiently
brittle to admit of the silt bolng mado
for tho pen. Somotlmes n pockoU
knlfo wns used, nnd ngnln n smnll pen
kplfo wns used for this purposo.
About 8C yenrs ngo steel pens bo
gnn to tnko Iho plnco of tho quills.
Thoy hnd boon Invontod n number or
years beforo, hut ono Improvement
nftor nnothcr wns found ncccssnry bo
foro thoy could bo brought Into gen
oral uso. At first tho holdor nnd pen
wero mndo nil In ono ploco, but this.
of courso, mndo It ncccssnry to throw
nwny tho holdor every tlmo tho pon
woro out A pen without tho holdor
thnt wo todny pny n penny for, cost
ns high ns CO conts In thoso days.
And yot thoro Is much moro caro and
nttontlon to tho smnll dotnllo In tho-
pon wo uso todny than (hero wns In
tho 60-ccnt onos of tho enrly days ot
tho Industry. American Hoy.
Dark and Threatening.
Two baseball toams, which woro-'
mado up of negro playors, oxhlbltod n.
grcnt contest of tho national gnmo bo
foro a largo crowd on tho opon lots
at Twelfth And Porlor streets, say
tho Philadelphia Times. Tho score
stood 2 to 2 In tho eighth Inning. Two
esiary to provldo good sires.
Rut another groat ronton la that
tho purr-bred slro costs moro money
Underlying both theso Is the funda
mental reason that many dairymen fourth station, and as tho runner was'i
ao not yet reaiizo tho wondorful Im
proveraent that can bo wrought by a touched him. with tho horsehldo,
gooa neaa or the nerd,
Good Fly Remedy.
Tho following Is recommended as a
car, Jolted each rolnuto and turning f 00(1 fly remedy: Rcsln.
from sldo to side. Then night came
on. It Is possible the girls slept nt
fully, though they could not recollect
Nonroyal Headgear,
One of the attaches of the American
ombassy at London tells a story
wherein Mlchncl Joseph Harry, tho
poot, who was appointed a police mag
istrate in Dublin, was tho principal
There wns brought before him an
Irlsh-Amerlcnn, charged with bus-
plclous conduct Tha officer making
tho arrest stntcd, among other things,
that tho culprit was woarlug a "no-
publican bat."
"Does your honor know what that
means!" was tho Inquiry put to the
court by the accused's lawyer.
"It raoy bo," suggested Harry, "that
It means a hat without a crown.
Harper's Weekly,
Healthy Los Angeles.
lxa Angeles, as all tho world knows.
Is ono of tho most hoalthy, as well as
ouo of tho most beautiful, places on
earth. Apropos of tho hoalthtulnoss
of Los Angeles, Luther Durbank, tho
plant wizard, recently said:
"Tho town has, for Its population.
on unprecedented numbor ot octo
genarians. Tho other day a hale but
very ngod couplo boanlod A Los An-
With otbor members of tho court 80leg rivor steamboat
TTV.II t. I UU1.I A- 1 1
Justice Fuller had an abhorrence for
thoao who used Its decisions as a ve
hicle for making monoy on tho stock
market. Nothing wns ever said on
iho subject in opon court, but overy
pbstnelo was put in tha way of such
porsons when opportunl'y offered.
When tho Consolidated Gas caso from
Now York wns doclded It waa nn open
secret thnt n lawyer who had n tolo
phonlo connection with a stock brokor
hnd mndo a good round sum of monoy
put of It Whon tho company lntor pe
titioned for a rohenrlng boforo to
court, tho lawyer ngalu wns on hand
prepared If possible to duplicate his
former winning, Ho waited all day
for tho expected announcement, but
It was not until ho gavo up his quest
"doing to do a llttlo travollnKr
satd tho purser of tho boat
Well, no; not exnctly, said tho
old man. 'My wlfo and I, you see,
hnvo had about our shnro of llfo, I'm
a hundrod and eleven and my wlfo
hero Is a hundred and six, and we'ro
gplng down to Snn Francisco to die.
You can't dto In Los Angolos.' M
Old Grand Canal of China,
In theso days whon overy one Is
marvollng at tho huge figures sent out
from Pannmn peoplo nppear to havo
rorgotton tho old grand canal ot
China, which was dug wny back In tho
dark ages nnd hna never yot bron
rivaled for length. It is 050 miles
long and Is used constantly,
Latest Freakish Novelty for Woman's
Adornment Which Has Been
Offered by Tsrls.
Tho spider beauty spot veil Is tho
latest novelty offered to women. Of
courso It originated In Paris. It Is a
copy of a spider in black chonllle and
Is posed outside tho veil. It Is Almost
nn Inch and n halt In diameter. The
veil Is worked In Imltatlou of a spi
der's web.
Tho volts which havo been popular
this season so far havo been disfigur
ing enough with their leaves, Insects,
birds, aeroplanes and scarlikb con
ventional patterns as part of tho mesh,
but they nil sink Into Inslgnlflcnnce
bcsldo the web vol! with Its spider
adorn niont
Feminine Trifles of Dress.
The clerical collars tho ones but
toning at the back with shaped turn
overs onibrolderod lu whlto with a
touch ot color aro among tho popular
trlfls. Colored collars embroidered
Wings Again.
For A change from the favorite flow
ers and ribbons, wings are Again In
evidence In summer hats, White,
black and gray nro the colors that
harmonlzo with nearly all shades,
Thero Is no denying tho fact that
wlnga hav. i wearing quality that Is
greater than that of the usual trim
ming for summer hats, and then, too,
they are comfortable In their ability
io carry tne wearer Into tho fall sea
son, unfaded nnd Intact
with white will ncompany whlto waists
for the morning. Of those tho ciri
can simply not get enough. Ono of
uio triggost nxings for a shirtwaist Is
tho Persian trimmed silk ascot or
bow. The Persian Is put on In nny
sort of a novel wny a slanting piece
at the knot nnd another In ono end, or
tne snot is nil Persian and the ends
nre tipped with tho same silk. There
Is no end to the schemes to which the
style lends Itself, but the combination
ot plain and figured silk Is excellent
having done so, Tho second morning
found them n little weaker. They no
lonner spoko to nch other In one
syllnble words, Nelslo tried to repoat
a prayer. She repealed "Ave Mnrla"
o herself several times.
Then came night and as the beam
of light faded Mary's consciousness
faded, too, and Nolslo, who could cry
no more. Inpned Into quietness.
Rut when the two girls didn't come
home the first night their parents had
gono anxiously to the police. Some
were found who had seen tho children
In the freight yard. F. H. C. Schooffe,
chief special agent of the tacknwan.
na, theroupon telegraphed Chief Real
ty of tho tackawannn special police
In Hoboken to peer Instantly Into ev
ery empty that reached Hoboken, For
two days not an empty car reached
Ilobokon without being examined In
a hurry.
On the third whon a string of twen
ty-five empty cars came rolling In
Yardmaster Dutton, who happened to
be moving nbout the ynrd, pounced
on refrigerator car No. 6986 and pried
open the door. II Jumped Inside.
There In the corner be found the two
barefooted girls black with dirt Nel
slo was unconscious.
It took the doctor two hours to
bring both girls to.
1H pounds: laundry soap, two cakes:
fish oil, half pint; enough wnter to
make three trillions. DIikoI
resin In n solution of soap nnd wnter R wh"0' BmI wnen ,no on"ro n,0B wa
by hentlng. add the fish oil nnd the crowded Around him tho umpire's;
I sprinted nround tho bags ns If In pur
suit of n dozon chickens. Tho center
floldor ot tho opposing team shot tho
ball with terrific speed toward- tho
about to cross tho plate tho catcher!
negro umpire shouted at the top oft
his voice: "De runner am safe," and)
as tho word "safe" died away tho
mnny spectators began to crowd
around tho umpire "What's datt"
shouted one. "You done bo blln',"
yelled another, and a few other re
marks followed. The man argud for
rest nf tho wnter. Apply with a bruih
If to bo used ns a aprny, ndd n half-
pint or kerosene. This mixture will
cost seven to eight conts per gnllon
and may be used on rows or calves.
One-bnlf pint of this mixture Is con
sidered enough for one application for
a cow; a calf, of courso, would re
quire considerably less. Two or three
applications a week will be sufficient
until the outer ends of the hair be
come coated with realn. After that,
retouch those parts where resin has
rubbed off.
voice rang out In loud tones: "Qame
called on account ot dnrknoss!"
Spray Your Trees,
Spray your trees, fruit or no fruit
It will take grit, grace and greenbacks
to spray a fruit tree without the fruit
In sight. It's the next crop or crops
that should Interest you now Re
hopeful, be faithful, be timely, If you
wish to be a successful orchardlst
The apple crop will be a short one
In 1810 and not so evenly distributed
as Id 100?, Look tor optimistic re
ports from the fellows who have axes
to grind.
A Rest Easy Boss.
-Well, whatta y' thinks that I" ex
claimed the new stenographer, look
ing dazed.
"What's tho matter r
"Woll, you see, I was out to a dance-
last night and stayed late. Of course
I nm horribly tired this morning, nod
I almost wont to sleep over the dic
tation, I was terribly afraid the boss
would notice It, and so he did. When,
ho asked me whnt waa the mnttor I
was so scared that I told him tho
truth, nnd then 1 Just knew I would
be fired, but whatta y tblnkl He said.
'Well, Just write bait a dozen of the
most Important letters and then go
home and take a nap.' I thought he
wns Joking or that It was a new way
of firing me, but be Bald he was In
earnest: that be had been young:
once and that ho thought I'd do better
work the next day It I had a chance.
to rest up. You bet I will. Dut I
nevsr heard ot a boss like him,"
Unworthy of Mention,
She And you have no relatives?
Ho None to speak of. Not one of
them owns an Automobile.
Bull Thistles,
Dull thistles, common In pastures,
cannot always be killed by mowing.
Mowing tends to prevent maturity" ot
seed. Cutting off the thistles Just
below the surface of the ground, two
or three times a year, will effectually
eradicate them.
Dog Bites Off Boy's Tongue.
Philadelphia, Pa. Feeding bis pet
dog In a novel way, allowing the ani
mal to take bits of food from his
mouth, Francis Zoraskto, six years old.
of 438 Wharton street, lost the tip
of his tongue. Tho dog clipped off
a bite In taking the food. The boy
was taken to Mt Sinai hospital, but
Is not seriously hurt
Feather Eating,
Llco sometimes cause feather eat
ing. The hon in attempting to ease
herself of the annoyance caused by the
Irritating presence of the llco, picks at
the 'base of the feathers, occasionally
pulls pno out, and finding It succulent,
continues till she becomes a confirmed
feather cater.
Pussy's Rival,
-It's singular how
those old
What She Wsnted.
"My wife," sighed the weak-
mouthed, glve-up-all-hope-looklng man,
Children's Rompers.
A new Idea In children's rompers Is
a circular cut designed more especial
ly tor small gtrla' ploy, because tho
fulness created by tho circular sug
gosta a skirt
It Is mado from pink and whlto or
blue and whlto chocked gingham.
The sleeves aro elbow length, taken
Into band cuffa, and the garment is
prottlly'trlmmed with narrow folds ot
whlto piping. Rompers may now bo
bought for bablos of ono or two years
of ago. Tho material Is checked ging
ham, made with a square-cut Qtek aad
short puff sleeves, -
writers live on and on. I can under- ('"was -not satisfied with having the
Complaints at Postofflce Window.
The patient clerks at the complaint
window In the poatoffioe have some
queer experiences, says the Kansas
City Star. Uncle Sam la his benevo
lent way has given them one weapon
of defense, the complaint blank. Tho
wise clerk Is polite and asks that tho
blank containing the grievance ami
other data for tbo postal Inspectors
be filled out. The writing of the com
plaint usually cools off the anger of
the complainant Not so was the ex
perience of one of the clerks in tho
Federal building the other day.
'I've been waiting for a packago of
medicine I know was mailed to me a
week ago," said a woman who ap
peared at tho window,
"Too bad, said the suave clerk.
"Please fill out this blank and tell In
full the nature of your complaint"
"Well, if you must know Us bilious-
ness, was tne woman's reply.
stand It In Plutarch's ease.
Fogg Why Plutarch, ejpoclnlly?
Figgs His lives outnumber those of
a cat
minister omit the 'obey clause when
we wero married."
"What raoro did she want?" queried
the Individual with the ln-curro nose.
Wouldn't Do.
Visitor And you always did your
daring robberies single-handed? Why
sno wantea tne ciause inserted in I awn i you nave a pair
Lawyer Were tho letters In the
case surreptitious?
Witness No, sir; they was type
my response," murmured the other
speaker, in a tono that proved his
wife had not been disappointed.
Prisoner Woll, sir, I wur afraid ha
might turn out to bo dishonest
Cleveland Leader. '
Too Bad About Johnny,
"Johnny's dental bill," sighed Mrs.
Lapsling, "Is somothtng frightful. He
has raore gregarious teeth in hia head
than any boy I ever saw."
Natural Deduction,
Juck Miss DePlayne evidently has
a fine sense ot humor.
Tom Why do you think so?
Jack I caught her. In the act of
smiling at herself in a mirror this
moral eg. '
Both Busy.
"We were sweethearts once. I havsi
always Intended to marry that sjlrL'1
"And why haven't you?" T" (
, -, w , " v waiv uoveT sa
penea to d unmarried umultaaeousj