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Wilts When His Picture It Taken
From the Rogue's Gallery Has
Committed Many Theft.
. Now York. "Dommo, air, I'm tho
Unlit man," said William II. Jarvls
when confronted In pollco hendquar-
tors with n plctura of hlmsolf taken
by tho Scotland Yard authorities,
' Jarvls Is tho distinguished looking
Englishman arrestod at tho Qllsoy
house, charged with unlawfully enter
ing n room.
"You will pardon mo, Mr. Jarvls, for
submitting you to this ordeal, but It
Is a rulo of tho department" said In
upoctor McCafforty apologetically, aa
ho paraded tho prisoner boforo tho
masked dotcctlvcs.
"Say, boBB, don't npologlzo to that
old guy," Interrupted LlouL William
Drown. "Ills plcturo Is In tho gallery
nnd ho hns served sovcrnl bits."
Jnrvls's Indignations gave forth
Vesuvius blasL Ho was nn English
gentloman, ho declared, Ho would
liavo tho embassy down on tho pollco,
Ills protest was so sovoro oven In
pcctor McCafforty was Inclined to go
"Horo's his vory mug," said Drown,
producing Jnrvls's plcturo.
At pollco headquarters, whon thoy
know they aro right, thoy mako prls
oners htnnd out and dollvor. Inspco'
tor McCafforty says tho plcturo mado
Jarvls wilt
"Woll, domrao, sir, I'm tho right
man," ho Anally said, twirling his flno
Ispector McCafterty became jubilant,
for In Jarvls thoy had captured tho
most vorsatllo nnd plcturesquo thiol
of two continents.
Jnrvls's real namo Is Walter, nnd
not Wllllnm. In 1809 ho won Interna'
tlnonl famo through his arrest In tho
Hotel Cecil, London. Ho wns caught
In tho room of a Drooklyn mnn. Whon
inkon to tho pollco station Jnrlvs said,
"I wont to tho holol to visit n lady,
Mrs, Hnillor Jackson."
Tho pollco found Mrs. Sadler Jack
on nt Uio hotol. Oho ndmlttod that
Jarvls hnd visited hor thoro froauont
Jy, nlUiough she was n marrlod worn
Tho scandal aroused nil England.
Tho country divided Itself somo do
fondlng Mrs. Jackson for sacrificing
horsolf to savo Jarvls, nnd tho many
condemning Jarvls for Implicating a
woman. Thoro was n sonsntlon whon
It wns dlsclosod that Mrs. Jackson was
Jnrvls's slstor.
Twolvo years boforo that Jarvls hnd
boon arrested nnd sentenced to four
months' Imprisonment In Cork, Ire
land. His father disowned nnd disin
herited him, nnd upon his donth loft
80,000 to Mrs. Bndler on condition
that sho roassumo tho family namo ot
Jarvls wns glvon n throo months'
ontonco for tho Hotol Cecil net Thou
ho disappeared. It Is said ho sorvod
In Uo Door war.
A year ngo Jarvls nppoared In Now
York. Ho wont to llvo nt 217 Wost
Ono Hundred nnd Twoity-socond
BtroeL In tho homo of Ivors Dacholor.
Ho was Introduced to tho latter as a
rich Englishman.
Miss Laura Fcgloy, who Itvos nt tho
Hotol ailsey hunrd somo ono onter
tho room ot O. U Rherer next to horn,
nnd, knowing Mr. Shorer wns not
heme, opened, tho door and confronted
"Jarvls nnd nnothor man.
Jarvls and tho young mnn hurried
down tho corridor nnd disappeared.
Miss Fvglcy gave tho alarm, nud Jnr
vis was caught downstairs but his
companion escaped,
Dog Saves Tots From Dear,
Altoonn, Pn.i-Dofondlng Us mnster's
throo young children ngnlnst nn in-
furlntod bonr, whoso cubs tho children
hnd found In tho woods, n smnll pet
dog was torn Into ribbons near tho
homo or 8. II, Wulte, who lives on tho
mountain noar Tyrone. Tho throo
children, tho uldost only nine years
old, while on their way along a moun
tain trail to visit nu mint, stumbled
upon tho cubs In tho brush nnd plokod
ouo up to play wlh IL A moment
later tho mother bear enmo crashing
through tho brush. Seeing tho danger
to his young charges, tho llttlo dog
gave battle, whtlo the children ran
homo In fright, Mr Wnlto and his
neighbors nt onco wont to tho spot,
hoping to And tho dog still allvo but
found his body ripped to pieces by tho
bear's claws, Tho faithful nnlutal was
burled, his grave surmouutod by a
marker reading: "Ho wns only a dog,
but bo died for his llttlo friends."
Numerous Catch Crops to Supple
ment Hay When Latter Is Failure
Soy Deans for Silo.
On many farms whoro tho numbet
of nnlmats raised on tho farm nnd
kopt through tho winter Is depondont
upon tho amount of bay harvested,
tho farmer Is unnblo to winter all of
his stock when tho liny crop Is a fall
uro unless ho grows catch crops to
supplomont his hay crop.
Onts nnd pens mnko n very good
catch crop nnd will produco n largo
nmount of palatablo and nourishing
Corn foddor makes nn excellent
catch crop nnd affords nbundnnco of
rough food, although corn thnt Is al
lowed to reach n moro mat tiro condi
tion will nfford tho most nourishment.
Millet Is nnothor oxcollont catch
crop and will thrlvo under n wldo
vnrloty of conditions, but llko most
othor crops will produco better crops
when It Is raised on land that contnlns
nn nbundnnco of plant food.
Darloy nnd pons nro vory vnlunblo
for fnll feeding nnd may bo cut lato
and cured for hay tho samo as oats
and pens. This mixed crop may bo
used for soiling purposes until lato In
Novomber. Itnpo Is a member of tho
turnip family nnd makes nn oxcollont
Into forago crop for sheep nnd hogs
any many farmers pasturo It with
young cattlo but it is not adapted for
'coding dairy cattlo, owing to tho dan
gnr of Its giving tho milk n bad odor,
similar to that Imparted by tho turnip
when fod In largo quantities.
Soy beans nro recommonded highly
as nn economical sourco of protein
nnd mny bo grown In most sections
of tho country whoro llvo stock is
fod. Many fall with this crop bo-
causo they do not wait for tho ground
to bocomo warm beforo thoy sow tho
crop, Soy beans may bo drilled, plan
od In hills or In rows.
On farms whoro thoro is n silo they
will do well whon sowed In tho corn
flold nnd run Into tho silo with tho
corn crop. It Improves tho food value
of tho onsllngo nnd hns no bad ro-
Shutting Her Up In Dox With Slatted
Bottom Will Effect Cure In
Very Few Dsys.
It Is naturnl for hens of tho sitting
breeds to bocomo broody nftor sho
hns finished laying n "clutch" of eggs.
Thoy do not dosorvo to bo ducked or
otherwlso nbusod bocnuso thoy follow
tho courso naturo hns laid down for
If tho hon begins to show signs of
broodlnoss nnd Is not ncodod for
hntchlng It Is very easy to break hor
up, If Immedlato action Is taken.
Shutting hor In n box with n slatted
bottom, tho box bolng supported n foot
from tho ground, will usually euro
her In n day or two.
Tho slnttod bottom furnishes n per
fectly easy place for tho hon to stand
or sit, but Is not conduclvo to tho
kind of sitting thnt comes with tho
revor ot urooainoss, nrooainoss is n
sort of fovor nnd tho slatted bottom
of tho box allows tho nlr to circulate
under tho hen nnd soon cools tho
fever nnd tho hon is ready to go to
work sonnor.
It Is doubtful if rearing n brood of
chlckons decreases tho egg record of n
hen In nny way, It tho hen bocomes
broody sho will waste a lot of time If
allowed to sit around until sho gats
rendy to quit, but If sho Is broken up
nt onco It is doubtful If sho will begin
laying again any sooner than sho
would If Bho bad been nllowod to
hatch nnd roar a brood ot chicks.
Everybody Sees 8nakes,
Oroouvlllo, 1'a. Although a local op
tion town ninny of tho residents of
Conneautvlllo hnvo boon soolng snakes
for n week past. Tho shipment by
mtstnko ot a big box ot reptiles from
Texas Is responsible for tho exhibition.
As tho box is unclalmod tho express
company is trying to sell tho snakes
for tho charges, but thoro has bocn no
rush to tho bargain counter.
Tragedy In Bird Life,
Dublin, Ind. Thnt birds as woll as
members of tho human family, hnvo
tragedy In their lives, Is shown by
n discovery mado In tho gardens sur
rounding tho homo of tho Domareo sis
ters at Milton nnd Maple streets.
Hanging suspended from tho limb ot
a treo woro found two swifts, ono with
tho end of a stout linen thread tight
ly wound arouud Its neck nnd tho oth
er with tho other ond ot tho thread
tied to 1U Blunder log. How thoso
feathered friends over becamo en
tangled in such a predlcamont Is loft
to conjocturo.
The Science of Farming.
It tho world's ntteutlon dotermlnok
tho Importance of n science, then tho
sclonco of farming Is receiving de
served recognition. For tho world Is
certnlnly giving much nttentlon to
tho farm nud tho people who work
upon It. This Is. not to bo wondered
nt, for upon tho farm and lis products
depend nil other Industries. Without
this science nil othor things must fall,
whereas tho farmer could, If nocos
snry, mako n fairly good shift nt doing
without nil tho rest.
Knowing how is Just ns vnlunblo
on tho farm ns In nny othor branch of
Industry. Tho subject of "Dry Fwrra
lug" Is nn Illustration vory much In
point. Ono mnn oxpcrlmonted until
ho learned tho secret nnd ns n result
ninny peoplo hnvo profited. Whnt ho
toarned does not scorn vory wonderful,
but It wns tho thing needed to bo
known, nnd in tho semi arid west,
whoro cropa nro being grown by this
method, thoy deom it qulto nn achieve
ment. It always pays to study ono's
"Old Rlbsy's" Production Possibly Dad
for the Consumers, but They
Could Not Help From
Eating It.
Old Norloy half a century ngo was
reputed tho only town In tho county
where a solfrespoctlng housowlfo
might in caso ot unexpected company
oko out hor supply of cako, plo
cookies by purchaso Instead of bor
rowlnir. Elsewhoro ono must resort
to tho neighbors. To buy "bakor1
trash" was to Incur a stlgmn novcr
forgotten, Dut Joscphus Hoblnson
tho Norloy baker hotter known Iron
Ically bocnuso of his rotund form as
"Old Itlhsv" was n master of tho
oven whom not oven tho most cxporl
oncod nnd nblo housowlfo might wlso-
ly scorn.
Only onco, Indeed, was his superla
tlvo product lloutcd. Young Mrs
Tlnklny, Loronzo Tlnkloy's ambitious
bride, had been n notablo cook In tho
town from which ho brought her. Sh
boldly averred thnt Old Itlbsy'i
"rhymod-rulo ordlnntlon cako" tho
richest, choicest and most famous
enkn on his list could not comparo
with tho ordlnntlon cako sho wns her
self accustomed to compound, by
Grandmother Hortlngalo's rcclpo,
brought from England.
Her boast was repeated to. Old Mb
sy( who listened unperturbed. Only
after mnny ropotltlons wns ho sum
llcntly moved from his comtortnblo
calm to offer a rejoinder.
"Wo-c-ll," ho drawled nt last, "1
ain't n doubt Mis' Tlnkloy's an oxtry
good cook, nn' so most llko was hor
Qrnn'mn Hartlngalo beforo hor. Nor I
nln't nnylng thnt cako o' hors nln't an
oxtry good enko. Qlvo credit whoro
credit's duo, snys I, nn' everybody I'vo
nst nbout thnt cako snys It s good.
"Hut llkowlso thoy toll mo thoy
dnsn't but Jest tnko n teenty ploco nn
u ftv nibbles, becnuso they 'splcloned
first tasto 'twas too rich to bo wholo-
somu. Yes, sir, and nary ono noipcd
"Now, so's my ordination enko too
rich to bo wholesome, moro'n n inositol
or bo, but when folks hnvo snvored
tholr first blto thoy don't romomborl
I warn 'am fair, but thoy don't rum em
bcr; thoy Just cat!
"Whon Mis' Tlnkloy can p'lnt to ns
mnny colics nn' dyspopsys following a
party with hor cako as Doctor Pod
loy'll tostlfy having tonded after ono
with mlno, why, mobbo I'll h'lst .my
cap to Qrnn'mn Hartlngalo an' retire
from business,
Yes, sir, I nlwnys warn 'em 'tnln't
good for their stummlcks I warn 'era
fnlr whon they order; but thoy Just
will hnvo IL
"Doctor I'edloy nn' mo, wo'vo ofton
confabbod togothor nbout tho foolish
noss of folks In Bluffing richness. All
Is, If nny fool feller wa"ts to mnko
hlmsolf sick, thoro nln't nnyfWng moro
wuth whllo doln' It for than my
rhymod-rulo ordlnntlon enko, it I do say
so," Youth's Companion.
A Convenient Rule.
Tho editor ot a newspnper published
In a small town in New Jersey fre
quently recotved from ono of Its citl
sens letters on municipal affairs that
woro nlwnys portlnent nnd worthy of
publication, but which wero punctun
tod in n wny that wns most peculiar,
Meeting his correspondent on tho
street ono day, ho said, 'Thnt wns an
oxcollont letter I received from you
this morning, Undo Hugh, nnd I'm
going to print it In this week's pnpor.
Dut toll mo. whnt rulo do you follow
for punctunllont''
"Why." repllod Undo Hugh, "tho
samo rulo ns I was tnught when I wns
boy, I put n semicolon overy
twolvo words nnd two com in as be
tween oach pair of somlcolons,"
Youth's Companion.
Aerating Milk.
All milk should bo aorntcd ns soon
as taken from tho cow. This can bo
duno by passing it through tho separa
tor, but It Is not as good ns a device
which divides tho milk Into mnny lino
itrenms nnd then allows It to flow over
n wldo surface In thin sheets with
plonty of Ico to koop tho surface cool.
Coffin From Her Own Tree
Winchester, Vn. Mrs. Ellznboth
Kerns, tho oldest woman In this vi
cinity, died at hor home, noar Dloom
cry, aged ono hundred nnd six years.
IWhon a child sho planted n walnut,
from which grow n largo treo. Throo
years ngo it was cut down, nnd nt Mrs,
Kerns' request it was mado into a
oflln, in which sho will bo burled.
Tho Ulund ot Porto Ulco is nbout
)00 miles long, 40 miles wldo nud has
population ot a wllllo.
Palmetto Asparagus,
Pnlmotto asparagus Is tho most pap
ular varloty for commercial planta
tions. It ts rust-resistant to a largo
degreo nnd makes a strong, vigorous
growth. Columbian Whlto Mammoth
ts a splondld whlto varloty. Aspara
gus should bo grown moro largely for
many eastern markets. It nearly al
ways sells readily nt good prices nnd
brings tho grower n ensh return early
In the season boforo many othor
vegetables nro ready for sale. If mar
kot conditions nro favorablo, plan for
sotting n bed noxt spring. Orow
your own plants, If possible. If not,
buy from special growers who pro
duce strong plants treo from disease.
Wild Qoose Farmer,
Capt. Joshua D. Whoaton of Chlnco
tongue, Va., claims tho distinction of
bolng tho only wild gcoso farmor in
tho world. Ho has 250 acres ot land
skirting tho coast ot Chlncotonguo
sound nnd has ut tho prosont time
ovor 1,(00 wild geeso on tho place.
Ho ships nllvo to tho northern mar
kots and gets nn nvorngo prlco ot S
por pntr. Ho got a start by capturing
young birds and clipping tholr wings.
Wishbones as Playthings.
Wishbones hnvo found n moro exalt
ed mission than enabling romantic
ouug persons to toll which ono la go
ing to get married first. A ribbon
trimmed box containing 25 wishbones
wns sent from n boarding bouso to n
Now York hospital ward tho othor
"Tho children down thero mnko fur
nlturo out of thorn," said tho giver.
'Tho nurses keep thos thnt nro nble
to sit up In bod busy at something
part of tho tlmo. They mnko funny
llttlo housos nnd tho furniture for
thorn. In fashioning tho furniture
thoy find tho wishbones especially
sdaptablo, so anybody who hns only
tho prlco ot a chicken can nt least
help the hospitals nlong to tho oxtont
of a wishbone."
Here's a New Word.
Former Judgo James Lawrenco
coined n now word In an address to
tho circuit court tho other dny. Ho
wns trying to show tho improbability
of the situation or ot tho circum
stances that had been set forth by tho
opposition. After an elaborate review
of tho ovldonco, ho said:
"I do not noed to point out to your
honors tho nbsoluto Improbability, not
to say Impossibility, ot any such 'situ
stances' obtaining In the caso now on
hoarlng." Cleveland Leader.
His Suggestion.
Tho Narrator1 Aud from my te.
ihot tho ball caught tho dog, lifted
him ovor a bush and landed him In a
pond; and I've never boon able to In
duce tho dug to come on to tho links
with mo since.
The Listener Perhaps ho objects
to bo seen out with Ananias.
Produces Cheapest Pork, When Used
In Conjunction With 8ome
Supplemental Feed.
Even at present prices it is ossen
tlally to our Interests to produco pork
as cheaply ns possible Simply bo
cnuso hogs nro selling nt record prlcos
wo cannot allow tho cost of produc
tion to creep up nlongsldo tho Increas
ed soiling prlco. It should over bo
tho aim of tho hogman to hnvo tho
hogs nnd tho methods which will on
nblo him to produco a pound ot pork
with tho smallest outlay consistent
with good gains.
It has always been our opinion thnt
tho cheapest pork can bo produced on
clovor pnsturo, when It Is used In con
junction with somo supplemental feed,
writes Clydo A. Wnugh, In Michigan
Farmer. Clovor furnishes chenp pro
tein, nllows tho hog to cxlBt In what
approaches his nnturnl condition,
keeps him fairly healthy, manures
your field and saves a great deal o(
wo nnvo round thnt most of our
profltabto litters aro thoso thnt nre
farrowod about tho tlmo tho sows can
bo turned on pasture. It Is an ensy
matter to tnko n roll of hog fencing,
Btlck in a post every sovon or olght
reds, nnd to stretch up your fence.
enn bo dona In half a day. Sovcrnl
litters ot pigs can bo run in a fow
After suckling n few weeks tho
sows can bo reduced to a ration of
fow ears ot corn n dny. Daforo thl
a fow troughs can bo placed so ns to
admit tho pigs and koep out tho sows,
whon tho pigs can bo glvon shorts
and other feeds.
Handled In such n mannor you hnvo
fair stxod shoats when tho now corn
crop is ready to bo fed. Then, n llttlo
rcon corn can bo used to ndvantago,
However, by tho tlmo tho corn
rendy, tho shoats will stand qulto
heavy feeding whllo on tho clover. Dy
so doing, tho spring pigs can often bo
turned oft after running behind steers
on n very short food which begins
enrly In tho fall. Two years ago wo
turned n bunch of shoats so raised, In
n corn flold with tho older hogs. When
tho pleco wns hogged off pnrt of tho
spring pigs went to mnrkot.
Disconcerted Opposing Lawyer at the
Very Moment He Thought Ho
Was Assured of Complete
Dslrymen Make Dig Mistake In Allow
ing Animals to Drink Dirty,
Stagnsnt Water.
Mnny men who think thoy nro good
fnrmors nllow their cows to drink all
summer from nny old pond that hap-
pens to contain enough wator.
No mnttor how filthy It Is, or how
wnrm or contaminated by vcgotauio
growth or droppings from tho nnlmnl
themsolvfls, bo long ns It Is wnter.
A grentor error never wns mndo,
You cannot got good milk or butter
from dirty pond water.
Tho cow Is a wonderful milking ma
chlno nnd sho ofton transforms somo
pretty poor stuff Into milk, but It sho
Is given nothing but dirty, stagnant
pond wntor all her powers of nlchcmy
ennnnt turn it Into a fluid fit for chll
drer. to drink.
Thoro Is one wny, however, In which
pond wntor may bo used to ndvnntngo.
but It Is not to nllow nnlmnls to go
Into it or drink from It direct
A pond on the Oklahoma station
farm holds n million gallons nnd sup-
piles 100 head each of cattlo nnd hogs.
It drnlns n inrge nrcn which Is on n
hill to tho bnrns nnd food lots. That
Is different
As it runs from tho fnucot It Is ns
clear an tho average well wator and It
tastes good.
The cost of building tho pond nnd
of piping tho wntor nbout one-third
of a mlla wns nbout J 100, Darrlng
usual nccldonts It should cost nothing
for repairs and it docs not cost a cent
to opornte it.
Thero nro mnny localities whoro the
ground Is more or less hilly where this
system of supplying water could very
easily bo adopted without great cost.
Home-Raised 8eed Potatoes.
A good many peoplo think the
must got their seod potatoes from n
different locnllty every throe or four
years, or they will run out This Is a
mlstnke; n wrong Idea. Wo hnvo sold
eod notntoos to thoso samo men, yot
wo novor changed seed, ot tho same
variety, In our life.
A few years ago a dealer in pota
toes hero brought In a carload ot seed
potatoes from Aroostook, Me., nnd
sold them nt n very high price. Some
of our neighbors bought this seed and
planted, but were much disappointed
nt digging tlmo, for their own seed
gnvo tho best crop.
If farmers will take as much rains
in selecting their potatoes as they do
their corn for seed they will not run
Dut the only thing the careless
farmer, that has taken no pains to
Improve his potatoes, can do this
prlng is to plnnt the best he has, nnd
noxt fall begin to improve and In
creaso his potato crop by a careful
selection of seed.
Decsloglng It.
"When n, woman marries and thon
divorces her husband Insldo of a
woek, whnt would you call It?"
"Taking hts namo In vain." Prtnoo
on Tiger.
Clipper for Reference.
"I say, old chap," said tho first hu
morist, who occasionally gets some ot
bis work in print, "that was a clever
oko ot youra in Dlank's magazine this
month, I wish I had written it,"
"Woll, don't worry because you
didn't," replied the othor. '.'You prob
ibly will write It some d
Concrete Fence Posts.
Tho United States department ot
agriculture, ottlco of public roads
ashlngton, D. C, has Issued nn
elnborato bulletin on the subject ot
concrete tenco posts. This bulletin
goos Into dotalU, gives full and mln
uto Instructions enabling the farmers
to build their own fences with the
farm Inbor. Dy applying to the office
of public roads, United States depart
ment ot agriculture, Farmers' Dulletln
No. 403 will be sent without charge.
Fertilizer Distributors.
Wheelbarrow fertilizer distributors
with sido dellvory nre vory useful for
fertilizing plants which are benefited
by top applications ntter tho plants
aro started. These machines are in
expensive and aro especially useful In
applying nitrate ot soda.
"Tho master of a vessel in a port I
tho Outf ot Mexico being In need of
money borrowed it nnd to securo Its
repayment executed what Is called
bottomry bond," writes a corrcspon
dent of tho National Mngazlno. "Dy
this bond It was agreed that If tho
money wns not paid within so mnny
days after tho vessel arrived nt Now
York proceedings might bo tnken to
hnvo tho vessel sold nnd tho dobt paid
out of tho proceeds.
"The money was not paid and I was
rotalncd to enforce tho hond nnd be
gan n suit. Someone Interested In tho
vessel nppenred In tho suit nnd denied
thnt tho bond had been executed by
tho mnstcr, ns hnd been alleged.
"It becamo necessary to tnko the
testimony on this point of a sailor
whoso nnmc wns subscribed to tho
bond ns having witnessed Its execu
Hon. In nnswer to my questions tho
sailor snld thnt the captain cnllcd him
Into tho vessel's cnbln nnd asked him
to bo a witness to tho bond, nnd ho
slgnod his namo to It as n witness
nnd ho spoko of tho paper ns the hot
tomry bond.
"Tho opposing counsel in n slinrp
cross-examination naked btm how be
know It wns n bottomry bond, nnd tho
witness nnswered thnt ho rend enough
of it to know whnt it was. Somo oth
cr skilful questions brought out tho
fact that whon tho sailor camo Into
tho cnbln tho enptntn was sitting on
tho other sldo ot n tnblo with tho pa
per boforo him nnd tho sailor sat down
nt tho sldo ot tho tnblo facing tbo
captain,, so thnt tho pnpor wns be
tween thorn; thnt tho paper wns not
read to him, that tho cnptnln turned
ovor tho first leaf of tho pnpor nnd
signed his nnmo nt tho ond of It nnd
told tho sailor whoro to sign his nnmo
which ho did, nnd then left tho cnbln
"My heart sank, for I saw that It
was opon to tho othor sldo to say
that tho document lay on tho tnblo up
sldo down to tho snllor, nnd thnt his
stntemont thnt ho road enough of tho
documont to know It wns n bottomry
bond wns fntso, becnuso. of courso. ho
could not rond writing which wns un
siao down, nnd, therefore his who a
ovldonco should bo dlsbollovcd.
"Tho Inwyer opposed to mo saw tho
point nlso, but Instead of lonvlng tho
matter where It was ho concluded to
clinch It, and, taking tho documont, ho
laid It down on tho tnblo boforo tho
wltnofs upside down nnd said to him.
xci us boo you rond tho paper now.'
"To my groat surprise nnd relief tho
wltnoss rend tho writing, unsldo down
ns It was, with nenrly ns much fluency
ns if It hnd been right sldo up.
"Thnt ended tho contest over tho
execution of tho bond. This sailor's
ability to lead writing whon It was up-
Bldo down waa a curious instance of
tho many curious things which sailors
do to occupy their tlmo during Idle
watches on long voyngos,"
To Nervous Women.
Avoid hnste nnd hurry: these nre
the things thnt confuse the brnln and
make cloar Judgment Impossible. The
besetting temptation of the nervous
woman la to hurry from ono duty to
another In breathless haste, attempt
ing many tasks, yet achieving none
of them with dignity or freedom.
Whon such a temptation arises, call
halt. Remain quiet for a fow min
utes; summon back your self-possession,
and refuse to do In ono hour
work thnt should bo sprend over two.
Habituate yourself to tho control ot
tho emotions. Nothing makes such
havoc of the nervous system, nothing
disorganizes the Inner llfo llko nnger,
rear, worry. These forces must bo
quelled if the soul Is to maintain Its
supremacy nnd nervous pence is to bo
enjoyed; nnd this Is done, not, indoed,
uy n nat of the will, but by substltu
ting for theso destructive emotions
luch constructive ones as love, aspira
tion after some Ideal, fnlth in God. nnd
reverence for tho divine order of life.
Dr. S. S. McComb, in Hnrper's Da
o'a'a'e a'awo'a'o'oo'o aaaBoaoftoaaaooaooo'aoooaoatariuoaaoo
John Mltcholl, former president of tho Unltod
Mlno Workers of America, continues to work fot
tho Improvement, advancement nnd snfety of th
man who tolls with his hands.
For n cauplo of yoars now, Mr. Mltcholl has
been connected with tho National Civic Federa
tion, nn organization backed by Androw Carnegie
nnd other millionaires. His olllco hns to do with
tho welfare of tho worklngmau nnd results of his
work hnvo shown thnt na better cholco could
have been mado.
John Mltcholl Is a self mudo mon. Ho knows
what it is to toll In a coal mlno. Ho has gone
down In tho pits not knowing whether ho would
como out nllvo. Ho has hnd boiiio nnrrow cs
enpes, nnd ho has seen his companions and
friends dlo at their work. Ho is noted for his
kind-henrtodncss. In tho fnll of 1808 ho wns vlco-prcsldont nnd orgnntzur ol
tho Unltod Mlno Workers 6f Amorlca. There was n strike nt tho Vlrden Coal
company's mlno in Vlrden, III. For dnys tho striking minors enmped nround
the ntockndo tho company had orcctcd for tho protoctlon of Its property. Mr,
Mitchell, ncompanlcd by sovcrnl newspaper men, visited tho camp ot grim
tollers ono night, nnd the sights ho witnessed touched his henrt. Then came
tho day when tho company attempted to land a train-load of ncgroos from Ala
bama to take tho places of tho whlto mon. Qovernor Tanner had rcfusod tc
order out tho militia to protoct negroes from othor states. Thoro was n rloL
Nineteen or twenty mon In tho ranks ot tho strikers toll dead under tho
rhowcr ot bullets from rifles used by hlrod dctactivos from an agency In St.
1.0111a. Negroes were killed, nnd ono or two guards slain, Tho cuglnoor ol
tbo train was shot through tho arm.
Then enmo John Mltcholl hgntn. Ho wns what might bo called tho nngol
of mercy to tho strlckon families of tho miners. Ho wnsn't violent; ho coun
seled ponco. Thero wns nn clomont In tho ranks ot tho union men, who
thought Mr. Mltcholl too peaceful, but In tho long run hts policy was found
to bo tho wlnnor. No man ovor did ns much for tho minors nn ho.
The other day ho went out to SL Louis from Now York nnd tnlked on the
subject closest to his heart thnt of placing safeguards around tho working
mnn. Ho snld their wero moro porsons killed, in tho Unltod Stntos ench year
In tho pencoful industrial pursuits than would bo killed It tills country nnd
Englnnd woro continually nt war, nnd throo times moro than in nny othor na
tion. Ho urged tho noed of nn nutomntlo compensation for victims of indus
trial ncldents In llou of tho employers' llnblllty protection.
"W! want to tnko this class of dnmngo suits out of tho courts altogether,"
ho said. "Tho fact that an omployoo has to buo his employer In caso ot In-
Jury engenders tll-fcollng between tho omployoo and tho employer, nnd makes
the employee loso the, only mnn, pcrhnps, from whom ho enn got a Job. Wo also
wnut to abolish tho delay In compensation for ncldonts."
Thomas Pryor Ooro, tho blind sonntor from
Oklahoma, caused his fellow members of tho Unl
ted States sonata to sit up nnd tnko notlco n day
or so boforo the adjournment of congress. It
tnkos a gront donl to cauao tho staid old senato
to show anything like a panic, but when Senator
Core Intlmatod thnt nn effort hnd boon mndo to
brlbo him to tho oxtont or 1 : 5.000 to 150,000 In
connection with legislation affecting 13,000,000 in
attorney's feus for sorvlces rendered to tho
ChoctaW nnd Chickasaw nations, In land nnd
township sites, tho senntor gavo Immodlate at
Thon when the sonntor Involved two former
momburs of the seunte In the nllcged plot tho
upper branch ot congress strained Its ears to
catch every word, Tho aonntor's charges reached
across tho capltol to the houso sldo, and a membor ot tho lowor branch also
was dragged Into tbo affair.
Of courso the senato orderod nn Investigation, but it hns slnca been
found that no money Is available and, It may bo somo time before the matter
Is thoroughly threshed out
Dy reason of being blind, Senntor Ooro attracts unsunl attention In con-
gross. When ho wns eight years of ago he wns ncldontnlly struck with a
ttlck by a plnymnte nnd ho lost his left oyo. Three year sinter tho senator
suffered tho loss of his right oyo, when nu arrow from a cross-bow, drawn by
nnothor playmate, struck him.
Mr. Ooro did not lot tho loss ot his eyoslght Interfere with his schooling.
He wns graduated from a normal school and then went through Cumberland
Diversity, In Tennessee. He waa marrlod to Miss Nina Kay. In 1900. anil
she has beon a groat help to him In his reading. He removed to Texas In
1895, nnd wns a delegate to the Nntional Populist convention In St. Imls, lit
1890, Ho was nominated by tho Populists ns a candidate for congress, but
aa defeated. After he had romoved to Oklahoma In 1901 ho became a mom-
ber of the Territorial council, and whon Oklahoma became a state, ho was
elected senator.
Sky.Scrapers While You Walt.
"Every time two stories ot steel at
completed the derrick must be raised,"
writes William Allen Johnston, In Har-
pors Weekly. "Only a year ago It
meant a day's work. Now they do It
In from 30 minutes to two hours. In
tho old way they rigged a stiff-legged
derrick above, which grappled down
and lifted up tho boom-derrick. In
other words, thoy rased a derrick with
derrick. Now they make the der
rick raise Itself. A young iron fore
man solved tho problem one day when
his company gnve him Just 13 days
to put up tho frame of a 13-story
building. 'It's easy enough,' said he.
You Just fold up tbo derricks and lash
the boom nnd mast together. Then
detach tho main "fnll," or hoisting
cnblo.tfrom the boom and give It a
clutch around the mast about one
third of the longth from the top. Now
start your winding drums down thero
In the basement, and what's going to
happen? Why, the cablo pulls tho
hole derrick up and holds It till we
mako new moorings.'"
Corn Ensilage for Sheep.
Corn enstlago can bo fed to sheep,
but bo very careful It It is at all sour.
Nothing gives better results than
clover or alfalfa hay and turnips, with
a small quantity ot a mixture ot wheat
bran, oats and oU meal
Fills Up Panama Excavation.
Excavation ot tho Panama conai
through tho Culebra range ot hills has
eot in motion a mass of 2,000,000 cu
bic yards ot material, which Is sliding
into the excavation apparently on an
Inclined substratum ot clay. The fact
is said to illustrate one of the many
advantages ot the present high-level
canal over one at sea leveL The sea
level cut would have been carried 80
foot deoper and the slides would have
been, in all probability, enormously
greater. The material will have to be
removed; but outside ot the additional
expense no 111 effects are apprehended.
Judson Harmon, governor of Ohio, who haa
beon renominated by the Democrats of his state
for a second term, Is tho first In the AoM for the
presidential nomination In 1913. Of course a
great deal depends upon whether bo Is elected
this fall, but his friends are sanguine of suc
cess. Should hb be defeated in his race for gov
ernor It naturally would put hlra out of the con
test for the presidency.
Governor Harmon was born in Hamilton coun
ty, Ohio, In 1810. His father was a clergyman.
Ho was graduated from Denlson university in
18C0, and from the Cincinnati Law school In
18C9. The first public office he held was that of
common pleas Judge from 1676 to 1878. Then ho
bocamo Judge ot the superior court of Cincinnati.
holding this office from 1678 to 1887, when he re
signed to resumo the practise ot law. On June 8, 1895, President Cleveland
called Judgo Harmon to bis cabinet as attorney general. He held this impor
tant position two years and again went bock to the practise ot bis profession.
Ho was president of the Ohio Dar association and member ot the faculty of
tho law department of the University ot Cincinnati.
In January, 1910, he took tho oath ot office as governor of the Duckeya
state to serve two years. His renominatlon and his endorsement as the par
ty's candidate tor president by the Ohio convention speaks louder than words
so far as his record as governor Is concerned.
After the Race.
The Hare Dut of course you'll givt
me nnothor chance?
The Tortoise Oh. I suppose I must!
Dut understand right now my end ot
the purse'll be 75 per cent win or
lose. Puck
Decause ot his continued Illness, Associate
Justlco William II. Moody of tho United States
supdomo court must resign. Under tho law a
momber ot tbo court must serve ten years before
ho can retire on pay. To aid Justice Moody, Sen
ator Lodge Introduced In the senate a bill giving
him his pay In future because it was illness and,
not a desire to enter other business that caused
his inability to give bis attention to court duties.
Justice Moody was attorney general when
President Roosevelt appointed him to the bench
in 1906, He has been ill much of the time since
then, but it was not until about ono year ago
that his aliment took such a serious turn that ho
was not able to give his attention to his duties.
Justice Moody is a native ot Massachusetts
end a graduate ot Harvard. He was admitted to
the practiso of law in 1878, and eerved as solicitor for Haverhill and district
attorney for the eastern district ot Massachusetts. Ho was elected to the
Fifty-fourth congress from the Sixth district to All a vacancy, and was also
a member of the Fifty-fifth, Fifty-sixth and Fifty-seventh congresses. Ho was
secretary of tho navy for two years before he waa attorney generaL
Only one exception to the rule of a Justlco ot the supremo court retiring
with pay beforo he has served ten years baa been mado, and that was when
President Grand suceeded In having a bill passed tor Justice Ward Hunt, who
was obliged to retire before tho expiration ot ten years ot his term because ot
his falling health. Justice Moody's retirement will cause the third vacancy
within a year oa the supremo bq'