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    r Zelda Dameron
Coprrltht, 1904, by TK notWM.rtlll Co.
Tho law ofllces of Knight, ICtttrcdge
& Carr wore tucked away In .tho rear
of an old building tlmt stood at thu
apex of a triangle. The (Inn had been
tenants of tho same rooms fpr man)'
years. Tlicro was a battered tin sign
nt tho entrance, but its Inscription
could be read only by persons who re
membered It from bygono days. Knight
and Klttrcdgo had been prominent In
Stnto politics during and Immediately
following tho Civil War. They were
dead now, but Carr, who had left poll
tics to his partners, survived, and ho
had changed nothing In tho oinccs.
In tho old days It had been the cus
tom of tho member of the firm of
Knight, Ktttredgo & Carr to asscmblo
every morning at 8 o'clock In tho II
braiy for n brief discussion ot the
nuws of tho day, or for a review of
tho work that lay before them. Th
young men who were fortunate enough
to be tolerated In the oilier hnd al
-ways enjoyed theso discussions Im
TOcnscly, for Governor Klttrcdgo and
Senator Knight had known men and
manners as well ns tho law: and Ml-
clmcl Carr knew Pluto and tho Orcok
And Latin poets as ho know tho way
Thcsa morning conferences wcro still
continued In Morris Lclgtiton's day,
-though Knight and Klttrcdgo had long
been gone. It might bo n topla from
tho day's news that received attention,
or soma new book Michael Carr was
a persistent novel readeror It might
bo oven n bit of social gossip that was
'discussed. Mr. Carr was a man of uo-
llburato habits, and when he set apart
this half-hour for a talk with his
3'oung men, as ha called them, It mado
'no difference that thu president of a
.great railway cooled his heels In tho
outer ortlco whllo tho Latin poets wero
discussed In tho library, or that other
dignified Caucasians waited whllo no-
uro suffrage was debated.
ISxra Damcron wus waiting for him
this morning, for It was thu first of
October; and on tho first of every
month Kira Dnmeron went to tho of
tiamu to discuss his personal affairs, lid
uu of on economical turn, und ho
tnkdo It n point to comblno as many
questions ns possible In a single con
sultation. Ills relations with tlu of
fices wero of long standing and dated
back to a day when Knight, Klltrodw
& Carr wero a new llrm and Kxra
'Damcron was a young merchant whom
peopla respected, and whoso prospects
In lira wore brlghU
Whllo Kira Dnmeron waited for Ml
clmcl Carr, Rodney Merrlam was walk
ing slowly from his house In Seminary
Hquaro down High street to Jefferson,
.winging his slick, nnd gravely return
ing the salutations of frlonds and ac
quaintances, lie enmo presently to
tho ofllces of Knight. Klttrcdgo & Carr,
J la stepped Into tho reception-room
And found It empty. Tho door Into tho
library was closed but he could hear
Carrs voice: and ha know that the
lawyer was holding one of those morn
ing tulks with his clerks and students
that Morris Lelghton had often do
scribed, lie looked about with inter
est and then crossed the hall. Tim
doors of three prlvato ofllces wero
closed, but ha turned tho knob of tho
one marked In smull black letters "Mr.
Carr," unit went In.
Kxra Dumernn was still looking out
of the window when tho door whs
flung open. lie supposed Carr had
come, and having been imxlnv out Into
the sunny court, his sight did not no
commodate Itself nt onoe to the dim
light of the little room.
-Ah, Mr. Curr " he began.
Xlood-niorrilnff, Hxro," said Itodney
IMerrlam. blandly. Dnmeron knew thu
voice before he recognised his brother-
in-law, and after a second's hesitation
lie advanced .with a great air of cor
"Why, Itodney, what brings you Into
the haunts of the law? I thought you
vera a man who never got Into troui
We. I'm waiting for Mr. Carr. I have
a standing appointment with him this
same day every month excepting
Sundays, of course."
"80 I have understood. I don't want
to sea Mr. Curr, however; I want to
nee you,
Dameron glanced at his brother-in-law
anxiously. Ho had believed Mer
Tlam's appearance to be purely acci
dental, and he was not agreeably dis
appointed to find that he had been
inlstuken. He looked at the llttje clock
on Carrs desk, and was relieved to
find that the lawyer would undoubt
edly appear In a few minutes.
"I should be glad, at any other time,
3lodney, but Mr. Carr Is very particu
lar about his appointments."
"I have heard so, Bxro. What I
Jiave to say to you will not Interfere
with your engagement with Mr. Can.
As near as I can remember. It has been
ten years since I enjoyed a conversa
tion with you."
"lletter let the old times go I I
am willing to let them go, Rodney."
"And on that last occasion, If my
memory serve me, I believe I tojd you
that you were an Infernal scoundrel."
"You were very violent, very unjust;
tut let It all go. Itodney. I treasure
no unkind feelings."
"It would be a source of real annoy
ance to me to have you think for a
TOojnent that I have changed my mind.
1 want to have a word with you about
Zelda. She has chosen to go to live
with you "
"Very loyal, very noble of her. Pm
sure I appreciate It"
"I hope you da She doesn't under
stand what a contemptible hound you
are, and I don't Intend to tell her. And
'you may be quite sure that her Aunt
Julia will never tell her how you
treated her mother how you made her
life a curae to her. I don't want you
to think that because I have let you
alone these ten years I have forgotten
or forgiven you. I wouldn't trust you
to do anything that demanded the low
est sense of honor or manhood."
There was no sign of anger or even
resentment in Ezra's face. His inevit
able smile died away In a tdckly grin,
but ho said nothing.
"With this little preface I think you
will understand that what I have
sought you out for Is not to ask favors
but to give orders. In view of Zee's re
turn." "But, Itodney, Itodney that matter
needs no discussion. I shall .hope to
make my daughter happy In her fath
er's house I am her natural protect
or "
"You are, indeed; but a few Instruc
tions from me will bo ot great assist
ance, Ezra. To begin with, I want you
to understand that the first time I
hear you have mistreated that girl or
In any way made her uncomfortable I
f&iH tiorxewblo vou In frori nt the
postoftlcc. The second time I shall cow
hldo you In your own house, nnd too
third offense I shall punish cither by
shooting you or taking you out and
dropping you Into tho river, I haven't
decided which. I expect you to pro
vldo generously for her out of tho
money her mother left her. If you
haven't squandered It thero ought to
bo i goodly sum by this time."
"I fenr she has acquired expensive
tnstcs abroad. Julia always spent
money wastofully."
"You ugly hypocrite, talking about
expenslvo tastes! I suppose you havu
lot everybody you know Imagine that
It has been your money that has kept
zoo abroad. It's like you, and you're
certainly a consistent beast. As I wns
saying, I mean that you shall treat her
well, not according to your own Ideas,
but mlno. I want you to braco up and
try to act or look llko a whlto man.
You'vo got to keep enough servants In
that old shell of yours to tako caro of
It. You must bo Immensely rich by
this time. You haven't spent nny
money for twenty years; and you've
undoubtedly profited well In your
handl n of what Margaret left Zee.
That was like Margaret, to make you
trustco of her child's property, after
tho dog's llfo you had led hcrl You
may bo suro that It wasn't becnuse she
hod nny confidence In you, but because
she had borno with you bravely, and
It wns llko her to make nn outward
show of respect for you from tho
grave. And I supposo she hoped you
might bo n man at last for tho girl's
sake. Tho girl's her mother over
again; sho's n thoroughbred. And you
I suppose God tolerates you on earth
merely to mako Heaven moro nttrno
Merrlam nt no tlma raised his votes;
tho Mcrrlams wero a low-spoken fam
lly; and when Ilodnoy Merrlam was
uulutcst ho was most dangerous.
Voices could bo heard now across tho
hall. Tho morning conference wns at
an end; and Michael Carr crossed to
his room at twenty-five minutes be
fore nine, nnd opened the door In the
full knnwledga that Ksm Damnron was
walling for htm. Many strange things
had happened In tho ofllces of Knight,
Klttrcdgo & Carr; but Mlchnel Carr
had long ngo formed tho habit of see-
Inif everything nnd saying nothing.
"Good morning, gentlemen," ha said,
affably, nnd shook hands with both
"I have Just been warning Kxra
against overwork," said Merrlam, com
posedly. "At Kxra's ngo a man ought
to check himself; he ought to tet other
people us tho hammer nnd drlvo thu
"Itodney alwnys had his little Joke,"
said Dameron, nnd laughed a dry
laugh that showed his teeth In his very
unplrnsant smile.
Merrlam wished both gentlemen a
satisfactory disposition of their busi
ness. It wus, of course, a perfectly
natural thing for him to drop Into n
law office on n pleasant October morn
ing and, meeting thero n connection of
his family, hold converse with him on
mutters of common Interest. Michael
Carr was not, however, a, dull man,
and ho understood perfoctly that Hod
ney Merrlam had decided to resume
dlplomatlo relations with Kxra Darner
on; and he rightly guessed the reason
to be the return or Margaret Darner
oil's daughter to her father's house.
Merrlam found Morris talghton it
work In tho library. Tho young man
threw down his book Id surprise ns Mm
old gentleman darkened tho door.
"The date shall bo printed In red Ink
on the olllce wall! I never expected to
see you here!"
"It may never happen again, my
boy. Is this all you have to do, read
booksT I sometimes wish I had been
a lawyer. Nothing to do but read and
write; It's the euslest business there
"Mr. Carr would Ilka to see you; I'd
be glad to call him except that this
is his morning with Mr. Dameron."
"To be sura It Is; but don't trouble
yourself. I've seen both of them, any
how." "Oh I"
"I Just happened In and found Mr.
Dameron waiting; so I amused him
until Mr. Carr appeared. You still
have your historic morning round-up
here. I suppose. There are two things
that you young gentlemen will un
doubtedly derive from Mr. Carr good
manners and sound literary tastes."
Zelda'a days ran on now much like
those of other girls in Marlona. Re
tween Mrs, Forrest and Mrs. Carr, she
was well launched socially, and her
time was fully oocupled, She overhauled
the house and changsd Its furnishings
rndlonlly while her father blinked ut
the expenditures. Itodney Merrlam,
dropping In often to chaff Zelda about
her neglect of hlmsolf, rejoiced at ths
free way In which she contracted bills.
The old mahogany from the garret fit
ted Into the house charmingly. The din
gy walls were brightened with new pa
pers; the old carpets were taken up,
the floors stained, to save the trouble
of putting down hardwood, and ruvs
Ezra Dameron's greatest shock wus
the Installing of the telephone In Ids
house; but ever)' one else In Marlona,
so Zelda assured him, had one; and It
would undoubtedly be of service to her
in many ways. Her real purpose was
to place herself in communication with
her aunt and uncle, whose help she
outwardly refused but secretly leaned
Zelda did not disturb tho black wom
an In the kitchen, though she employed
a house-maid to supplement her ser
vices; but she labored patiently to cor
rect some of the veteran Polly's dis
tressing faults. Polly was a good cook
In the haphazard fashion of her kind.
She could not read, so that the cook
books which Zelda bought wero of no
use to her. She shook her head over
"book cookln'," but Zelda, who dimly
remembered that her mother had spent
much time In the kitchen, bought a
supply of aprons and gave herself per
sistently to culinary practice. Or, she
sat and dictated to Polly from one of
the recipe books while that amiable
soul mixed the ingredients; and then,
after the necessary Interval ot fear and
hope, they opened the oven door and
peered in anxiously upon triumph or
A horse was duly purchased at Lex
ington, on an excursion planned and
managed by Mrs, Carr. They named
the little Hambletonlan Xanthippe,
which Zelda changed to Zan, at her
uncle's suggestion. It was better, he
said, not to Introduce any more of tho
remoter letters of the alphabet Into J
the family nimenclature; and as they
already had 7. It would be unwlsn to
add X. Moreover, It was fitting that
Zco should own Zan I
Tho possession of tho pretty brown
maro and a runabout greatly Increased
Zelda's rnngo of nctlvltlcs. Her uncle
kept a saddle horse and ho taught her
how to rldo and drlvo. Ho also, unaor
Ezra Dameron's very eyes, hnd tho old
barn reconstructed, to mako a propor
abiding placo for 11 Kentucky horso of
nt least decent ancestry, and employed
a stable-boy.
Zelda becamo dally moro conscious
of her father's penurious ways, that
wcro always cropping out In the petty
details of tho housekeeping. One even
lng when ho thought himself unob
served, sho saw him walking down tho
front stairway, avoiding tho carpet on
tho treads with dllllcult caro. Zelda
did not at first know what ho wns do
ing; but she soon found this to be
only one of his many whimsical ccon
omlcs. Ho overhauled tho pantry now
nnd then, mnklng nn Inventory of tho
nmount of flour, sugar and coffco In
stock, nnd ho still did a part ot the
marketing. Zelda had given tho black
stable-boy orders that Zan was to be
fed generously; and when she found
that her father was giving contrary
directions sho said nothing, but con
nived with tho boy in tho purchase ot
hay and corn to make good tho defi
ciency caused by her Indulgence.
Lnto one afternoon sho drovo to n
rcmoto quarter of town In pursuit of a
laundress that had failed her. She
concluded hor arrand and turned Zan
homeward, but lost her way In seeking
to avoid a railway track on which n
lino ot freight cars blocked her path.
Sho camo upon a public school build
lng, which presented a stubborn front
to a line ot shops and saloons on tin
opposite stda of a narrow street Two
boys wero engaged in combat on tin
sidewalk at tho school-houso entrance,
surrounded by n ring of noisy parti
sans. A young woman, n teacher, Zel
da took her to be, hurried townrd tin
scene of troublo from the school-house
door, nnd at her nppronch the rjng nt
spectators dispersed In disorder, leav
ing tho combatants nlone, vnlnly spar
ring for nn advantage beforo they, too,
yielded the field. Zelda unconscious
ly drew In hor horso to watcli tho con
clusion of matters. Tho young woman
stepped between the antagonists with
out parley, catching tho grimy fists of
ono of tho boys In hor hands, whlli
the other took to his heels amid tin
Jeers of tho gallery. Zelda heard tlx
teacher's volco raised In sharp rep
rimand as sho dismissed tho lad with
wavo of her hand that implied ar
authority not to bo galmald.
(To b continued.)
N'nnl for nnd Vnluo of Conrvlna
riirm I'mlrr Control ICUrtvlirre,
Tho Increasing Interest taken In
most civilized countries In question!
of forest conservation Is a notnblt
proof of tho growth of wisdom In the
utilization ot tho worlds resources
Tor centuries, tho London Timet says
mankind was prono to regard forests
mainly as arenas for wliolesnlo and
often wanton destruction. Tho for
csta were, as tho Siberian peasant!
ntlll say, "tho Rift ot God," to bo used
or wnstcd without lot or hlndrnnco
Their effect upon rainfall nnd temper
nture, their vnlue In preventing tlx
denudation ot soil, tho largo part the)
play In the control of rivers nnd tin
preservation of moisture, wero fncton
either not understood or disregarded.
Happily, most governments nro now
recognizing that forests are valuable
assets, both by reason of tho revenue
they produce and tho direct nnd In
direct benefits they confer. The stead;
growth ot checks upon tbo reckleu ex
ploltatlon ot forests li a wholesome
sign. Germany led tho way In eolentlflt
forestry, nnd her splendid woodlands
now a possession of enormous vnlue
have been to n large extent under state
control for a hundred years. Austria
Hungary has long realized the Import
nnce of her forests (0 agriculture, par
tli'ularly In the Alpine, provinces, nnd
has developed an efllclent forestry sys
tern. France has not only carried oul
largo works of afforestation on waste
lands, but has exemplified tho close
Interdependence of forests and watei
supply In the official title ot ber for
est department.
The vast forests of Russia are slowlj
coming under scientific control. In tht
centor and south of Russia strln
gent measures ot regulation have ben
Introduced, though the huge tlmbei
areas In the north ore still almost
without state rare. In southern Slue
rla the process of forest extermination
Is now largely supervised, and Ir.
Central Asia the very special value ol
the mountain forests as "preserveri
and distributers of rain" receives con
stnnt official attention. Norway and
Sweden have both began to appreciate
the fact that their valuable forests are
not meant solely for destruction. The
United States, already oonaumlnz.
three times hs much timber ns the
country annually produces, is turning
with enthusiasm to problems of prac
tical foreUry.
It Is curious, and not a little regret
table, that, while so much activity It
visible In other lands, the forests ol
the Hritleh empire have hitherto re
celved comparatively scant scientific
treatment at the hands of the state
The one 6hlnlng exception Is India
wht.e an admirable forest department
is doing excellent work. Canada li
still chiefly engrossed in production
and gives little serious attention to the
testocklng of Cleared areas, although
her productivity must Inevitably dl
inlnlsh In time.
Australia has not only failed to re
alize the Immense importance of for
est conservation, hut in some quarter
at the antipodes the question Is even
regarded as a matter of little account
In the united kingdom the influence
of forests on rainfall and water sup
ply is fortunately a negligible issue,
but the economic advantages ol
schemes of afforestation are only now
arousing the belated interest of thr
The Itetort Courteous,
A young woman had fallen upon the
Ice-covered pavement, and a man step
ped forward to offer bis services.
"Allow mo he began, but his feet
slipped and he fell flat upon his back.
"Certa nly." responded the youns
woman, gravely. Llppincott's.
Winn The man who loves n. wo.
man can't help belog elevated. Wagg
And the man who loves more than
one Is apt to' be sent up too. Phila
delphia Becon
HE "G o I d 0 n
Rulo Chief" is
back on tho Job,
nnd thoso who fall
by tho wayside In
CJovoIand 0., nro
onco moro assured
that thoy will bo
n fiord ed kind
treatment when
thoy find them
solves In tho tolls.
Chief Fred Koh
lor has been
elenrod ot tho
charges thnt woro prcforrod ngnlnst
him following n trial beforo tho
civil sorvlco commission, nnd when
ho returned to his desk nftcr be
ing suspendod for several wcoks ho re
sumed his prnctlso of tempering Jus
tice) with morcy.
Tho chlofs of pollco of sorao ot the
other largo cltlos laughed when thoy
rend that Kohlor had adopted rulos for
tho conduct of his department In Clove
land In which tho word "kindness"
plnycd the star rolo.
Chief Kohlor decldod thnt his depart
ment could got hotter results by treat
ing prisoners with propor considera
tion of their fcollogs and rights, a plan
thnt Is uttorly disregarded In many
of tho big cities.
His order read llko this:
OfDcors In chargo:
Under no circumstances will you
allow U10 so-termed swent-box
mothod, or harsh or brutal treat
ment to bo used on or townrd any
prisonor, or witness In our cus
tody. The propor Inquisition must
nlwnys bo mado.
Chief ot Pollco.
Tho now plnn hnd not boon in op
eration six months beforo Kohlor wns
bolng cnllod tho "best chlol" Cleveland
ovor hnd. Tho dupnrtmont got results
ns effectively ns thoso who mistreat
prisoners nnd put thorn through tho
tortures of tho "third degree"
Several Important cases wero han
dled under Kohlor's golden rulo plan.
Notnblo among thoso wero tho Whltln
kidnaping enso. It wns through In
formation obtnlncd by Kohlor thnt the
lloylos woro arrested In Cleveland for
kidnaping tho little Sharon (Pa.) Ivor.
Chief Kohlor got confessions from tho
pair without mistreating thorn.
Then It wns that other chlofs forgot
to laugh. Thoy ngrocd that if tho ap
plication ot tho goldon rulo would so
easily elenr up n case In which such
dnrlng nnd desperate criminals wns
concerned thero was something In It
They woro surprised whon charges
wero preferred against Kohlor. Poli
tics scomod to have played an Impor
tant part In tho filing ot tho chnrgos,
nnd after tho civil sorvlco commission
had heard only part ot the evidence 13
of tho original 23 counts ngnlnst him
wero droppod. After tbo testimony
wns all In the board quickly exon
erated tbo chief.
La Follotte, se
nior senator from
Wisconsin, tho vet
eran Insurgent of
tho upper branch
of congress, was
tho first ot tho Re
publicans who
have kicked over
the traces to seo
Theodore Roose
velt after tho for
mer president's re
turn from the Jun
gles nnd the courts of Europe,
It wns rather a surprise when Sena
tor La Follette arrived at Oyster Ray
to see the former chief executive Tho
two men had been none too friendly
politically, nnd La Folletto bad soon
occasion to criticise eomo of the acts
of Roosevelt
There are lots of persons who would
like to know Just what wont on be
tween the two behind tho closed doors
at Sagamore Hill, Certainly they
patched up nny differences there may
have been between them, for did not
tho senator, after emerging from tho
Roosevelt home, say: "I wnnt to tell
you that Colonel Roosevelt Is tho great-,
est living American, and he Is In fight
lng trim."
La Folletto Is not given to Idle flat
tery. Those who know him aro nwaro
that ho speaks plainly and does not
beat about tho bush. He has been fear
less In his actions In tho senate, and
when he thought he was right he went
ahead. Consequently such praise of
Roosevelt from the La Folletto Hps Is
Roberts One of Leaders
WHEN the Com
mercial and
Continental Na
tional banks con
solidated In Chi
cago and George
M. Reynolds be
camo president of
the merged con
cern ono of the
country's fore
most financiers
was forced out of
a position.
George Evan Roberts, who like Mr.
Reynolds, Is a native ot Iowa, was
tbo president ot tbo Commercial na
tional and bad he so choson no doubt
could have held an Important placo
with the now bank. Rut Mr. Roberts
decided tbat bo would step down and
out and did so.
Mr. Roberts was born In Delaware
county, Iowa, In 1857. He too has
plowed corn, shocked wheat and done
the other bard work that usually falls
to the lot of a farmer b
taken to mean Bomothtng Important
so fnr ns U10 political situation is con
cerned. It Is likely thnt La Folletto did not
go to Sngamoro Hill without being
asked. Just what Roosovolt wnntcd
with htm hns not boon mado plain, but
it probably nit will como out In tho po
litical wash.
Tho sonntor has refused to say whnl
tho occasion of his visit was, but It
Is more than llkoly that tho Insur
gent movement which hns grown won
derfully while Roosevelt wns nwny,
wns tho chief topic of tliolr conversa
tion. Ho doclnrcd ho would prefer to
hnvo tho dotnllo of tho conferenco come
from tho former president
Old politicians throughout tho coun
try havo been waiting Impatiently to
know from Roosovolt what was the
cauro of tho chat Shortly nftcr he
talked with tho Wisconsin senator
Colonel Roosovolt went to the summer
White House nt Iloverly, Mnss., nnd
hnd n conference with President Tntt
Thnt something Important wns to
como from theso two conference
ovcrybody expected.
passengers 300
miles through tho
air In nine hours
Is getting pretty
closo lo tho rvall
ration ot tho
droAtns of parsons
who expect to see
nerlal crnft s bp
plant vehicles thnt
nro propelled by
stonm cr electric
ity on mil or land.
So whon Count
Zeppllu, tho so venty-two-) ear-old Gor
man aviator cried: "nil aboard," nnd
stnrtod on tbo voyngo high abovo
ground from Frlodrlchsbnfon to Dub
scldnrf, nnd mado the trip without n
single mishap, thoro wore ninny who
said, "I told you so,"
Tho count calls tho groat dirigible
craft tbo Deutschlnnd. It rooms thnt
tho Deutschlnnd Is n great doal Ilka
U10 Chicago boiobnll team called tho
Cubs, When the count Is al tho helm
Uie Deutschlnnd bohnvos splendidly,
When Manager Chnnco Is In the game
with tho Cubs tho team Is almost un
beatable. A few days nftor his first memor
able trip, Count Zepplln turned tho
machlnu over lo an assistant Tho
Doutschland of course, did not know
that the tuaator band was not at tho
holm, but It noted like II Sho had
aboard 33 passengers, Including 30
newspaper men who Intended to write
thrilling storlos of tho flight Now
tho scribes aro thankful thnt they uro
still In tho land ot tho living and able
to wrlto nt nil. Thu Dcutachbuid
sailed along for a dutance with
out doing anything objectionable
Near Osnubruck, however, It began
to not up. Something got out of guar
and In the time It takes to wink your
eyo a couplo of times the scrloos
found thciiiHolvus In a pretty fix.
Tho Doutschland had dropped Into
the tops of several trues nnd became
so tightly wedged there that It stuck.
Tho passengers wero forced to
climb to the ground, glad that none
had been hurt
Count Zepplln, disappointed, but not
discouraged, to bo discounted not bo
lng a part of tho makeup of an a v tu
tor, nibbed to tbo sceno on a train.
Ho began at onco to rescue his great
aerial craft. It was found to be con
siderably damaged, but It was repaired
and Count Zepplln sayH It will be
ready shortly to rosumo tbo aorls
passenger service
Great Coal Ded,
A further development of tbo Great
Greta coal bed at Kurrl Kurrl (N. &
W.) has taken place A splendid soarn
of clean mineral has been struck which
opens out n veritable mountain of coal.
Tho company propose to oen out
three colllorles, and estimate that It
will require at least l.COO bands. Tbo
marvelous dopth of the seam as
proved 31 feet 9 Inches shquld In
sure easy working, and consequently
cheap coal
Tho Permanent Fruit,
"Tho fruit crop has failed!" ex-.
claimed the apprehensive parson,
"Yes," replied the gloomy boarder,
"but what's tho uso of trying to be
hopeful. That novcr applies to
prunes" Washington Star.
Force of Hsblt.
Ilronson What did that pretty saleb
girl say when you stole a kiss?
Johneon She said; "Will that bo
all today?"
in World of Finance
From the public schools Mr, Roberts
went into a printer's office as tho
"devil" and learned the trade from tho
ground up. Ho became connected
with tho Fort Dodge Messenger and
later was its proproletor. Ho was
olected stato printer of Iowa In 1S82,
was connected with Iowa banks and
In 1S98 was chosen as director of the
mint by President McKlnley. Mr.
Roberts served In this Important gov
ernment position until 1907 and was
then selected as president of tho Com
mercial National bank.
Mr. Roberts Is the author of soveral
Important works on flnanco, among
them "Coin at School in Finance'
"Iowa and tbo Silver Question" and
"Money, Wages and Prices." 4
Soveral reports have been circu
lated concerning Mr. Roberts' future,
but none uas been authorized by him.
One was that he was to be reappoint
ed director of the mint This be took
occasion to deny. His friends say he
Is too valuable to the financial world
to remain out of It long,
Pestiferous Little Insects Cut Off'
From 30 to 40 Per Cent, In
Receipts of Creameries,
A fow calvos will occupy but ltttlof
itnblo room and will roqulro but llttloj
additional food nnd nttentlon.
Wo can mako no greater mistake
than to compol them to suffor day
after day fighting fllos In tho bllstor
lng sun.
Somo dairymen konp their cows In
sldo during tho worst part ot tho fly
Beason, allowing them to .run out
After a run out In tho pnsturo thoj
aro put In tho Rtablo In tho morning
nnd It is dnrkened so thnt tho fllos
will romnln outside.
A llttlo green forngo fed while
thoy nro kopt Instdo during tho day
and tho loss In milk and flesh Is re
ducod to a minimum.
Fow datrymon can nfford to with
stand tho losses that ore duo to tho
fly pest
It Is olnlmod by good nuthorttlos
thnt In somo casos an nntmnl losos
moro than a pint ot blood each day
nnd such losses nnd suffering tnontt
that thoy can roturn no profit nt tho
pall when thoy nro handled In this
In nearly ovory dairy oectton flies
out off from 30 to 40 por cont In tbo
rocotpts of tho croamorlos.
No dairying section enn nfford to
stand such sovero losses.
Until wo find somo fly ropollnnt of
lasting qualities wo must nvold lonsos
from this sourco by kooplng tbo ani
mals whoro tho plnguo will bo re
ducod to n minimum.
The scientific work of handling tho
fly problem should bo encouraged un
til In duo tlmo wo nro In n position to
hnndlo tbo question.
It wo can ptnn to kcop nil t l one
sldo ot tho Btnbto darkened the fllos
will not bother tho cnlvos or cows ns
badly ns when thoro Is no light nt nil,
for thoy will fly townrd tho light nnd
get lost nnd not bo nblo to find tbo
stock nftor flying townrd tho light
Whon wo stop nnd ronsldor tho In
timate relationship between tho com
fort of tho cows nnd cnlvcs nnd their
milk nnd growth wo will not besltnto
to do nil In our power to Improve
tholr condition during fly tlmo.
Process Successfully Accomplished by
Prussian Process Saves Dsoay
and Cost of Freight.
The conversion of potatoes Into n
dry, concentrated meal, successfully
accomplished by n Prusslnn process
described by Consul T, II. Norton, not
only prevents loss from decay, but re
duces tho cost of trnnsportntlon. In
Germany potntoos nro much usod for
foodlng domestlo nnlmnls, nnd the
loss from decay amounts to about 11
per cent, oqulvnlont to n vnluo ot
28,C00,000 annually. Tho new pro
cess Is claimed to ho simpler and more
effectlvo than numerous oarllor ones
brought out by an offer ot 10,000 In
prizes, Tbo potntoos nro washed In
a largo vat, passed Into a mashing
mnchlne, pumped Into n resrvolr, nnd
then fed between two hollow cylinder
of perforated plate covered with linen
tillering cloth, tho Interior ot each
cylinder being counocted with nn nlr
exhaust. The pressure of the cylin
der nnd tho nlr suction remove most
of tho wnter. The residual mnss la
tnkon by n helical conveyor to small
cars, wbtoh pass through n liydrnullo
press, removing moro liquid, and Is
then transferred to n revolving drum,
boated nt ono end by steam pipes nnd
cooled nt tbo other by water, Stirred
by prongs In tho drum, tho dried po
tato emergoa ns coarse meal. This
hns a qtinrlor of the original weight
of tbo tubors nnd occuplos an eighth
of the spaco, It smells and tastes like
fresh bread, and analysis shows It to
contain 80.C9 por cent ot corbohy.
drates, 11.60 of water, 3,73 of protein,
3.00 ot ash, 1.71 of fiber, and 0.31 of
fat If desired, tho meal can bo com
pressed Into compact cakes. The
residual liquid contains sugar and
dissolved salts, nnd, first yielding
nbout 3 per cent of albumen, Is used
for Irrigating farming land.
Kill 8lck Fowls.
When a fowl becomes III the best
euro In many cases Is to kill It. Only
In trivial ailments or In tho caso of
valuablo birds which In all probability
havo boon Infected from outside, Is an
attempt at euro nt all recommended,
and even then whon tbo dlsoose Is so
detlnod that tho treatmout Is fairly
certain. I)y exercising good caro,
with all that It includes, correct sanl
tury conditions, good uouses, well
sunned und aired, propor food, exor
cise and cleanliness and prompt atten
tion to birds who seom Indisposed, will
often proyo effective In checking what
otherwise might turn to be a very se
rious epidemic. Remove all slok
fowls from tbo rest ot tho flock and
see that all conditions are correct for
preventing the spread of tho disease to
other members of tho flock.
Tsll Building for Boes.
The tall building Idea Is found t
be successful with bees ns with city
folk. Many boekeopers claim that boos
swarm because they have not enough
room for their work. Swarming Is
tbo bane ot the beginner In tho Indus
try. It will be found tbat a colony
can be started out with a slnglo story
hive. 'As tho season advances n sec
ond story can be added. Tbon a
third and on until tbo capacity of the
btvo will bo about 60 pounds. This
method has boon tried with success
by boekeopers of experience,
The Orchard In August.
Tho first thing to do Is to turn In
stock onough, hogs or cows, to eat
all the dropped, wormy fruit from
tbo ground. This Is Important, as
It stops tho Increase ot Insects. If
tbo orchard Is In grass, and no fruit
and cannot bo pastured, cut the grass
Uevlng It to rot upon tho grounds. If
pruning baa been neglected do it now,
cutting out specially tbo misplaced
now growth.
It your trees aro old and decaying
h.ul in tho manure scattering a half
lond undor each tree
Strango Vandal Commits Daring
Depredations In Missouri.
Hatred of Mankind Is Shown by Many
Shooklng Offenses Criminal Dis
plays an Uncanny Hatred of
VorsollloB, Mo. Four unkempt dogs
from n fnrmhoUBO scurried down tho
rondaldo cno dny and yelped viciously
nt a passing buggy. For an eighth ot
a tntlo, -perhaps, thoy kept up their
clamor na thoy followed along bosldo
tho mils,
"Llko to go Into that yard nt nlghtr
Frank Drown, constnblu of Haw Crook
township, who wns driving, naked his
compnnlon. "No? Well, tonight, may
bo, Bomo ono will drlvo In thero, load
bis wagon with plunder set tho barn
on flro If ho likes and thoso doga
won't ovon growl. For 20 years wo
havo been robbed nnd our stock tor
tured nnd killed. It nlway Is dono At
night Is It liny wondor tbat tho
wholo neighborhood livos in torror
whon ovon tho dogs nro afraid?"
Such Is tho fcoltng In the western
part ot Morgan county, Within an
area ot six squnro miles n mystorlou
criminal has operated a scorn of yoars.
Houses nnd barns havo been burned
down whon tho owners bad no known
enemies. Stock has been maimed.
Granaries havo been robbod of wagon
loads of grain. Tolcpbono and fenca
wires havo boon cut and spools of
missing wlro woro found bidden in
hollow logs. Rocontly a graphophono
was found In a tree top for In tbo
wooded hills.
Tho crimes nro conflnod to a cer
tain district thr .J poopled by sixty
or seventy prosperous families ot Gor
man dctcont. Thoro Is no petty
neighborhood strlfo to nccount for tha
crimes, Tho pcoplo nro ot tbo
burgbor type, hearty, good-natured
nnd honest. As tho custom Is nmonfc
foreigners, thoy nro clannlth, Nearly
ovory family Is related to some other
family, becauso they have lived In n
small district In their adopted coun
try tor moro than forty yenrs.
Yot theso pcoplo are Afraid. They
turn out tholr lamps At ntght not
knowing whnt blight thoy may suffor
by morning. Thoy speak of tholr foar
In subdued votcos. Their bluo eyes
cxprnns superstitious fenr when thoy
nro dcop In conversation 011 tho sub
ject They hnvo no protection. Tho
grand Jury hns cnllod In wltnosses
many tlmos to testify About doprcda
tlom, but no doflnlto ovldonco has
been colloctod, A year ngo n formor's
barn was robbod four nights In suc
cession, Ho naked three of his neigh
bors to holp him wntch. Tho party
hid In tho barn for two nights and
nothing happened. The noxt night
thoy did not wntch, When morning
camo daylight showed that tho visitor
had been there ngnln.
Another tlmo 80 chickens wero
stolen and no noise was made. Tha
dogs overy farmer hns n ferocious
pack were silent No one knows
why, no more than they cun explain
why tho fowls kept still. No one nt
tompts explanations.
80 strong Is tbo fear In Haw Crook
township tbat n victim will not tell
bis most Intlmnto friend until soveral
days after ho has boon visited. They
do not suspect each other, they say.
At nny rate, a stranger can get llttlo
Information from them regarding
their suspicions, Mnny of thorn nro
rendy to sell tholr farms nnd loavo.
Tho tlmo hns pnssod when tho
crimes woro surprises, Tbreo bundrod
tltnoj, It Is sntd, tbo curse hns fallen.
Tho thick woods nro Bupgcstlvo ot
myatery, on n fenco boutd in ono
blao) Is painted tho inscription:
"Prcpnro to Moot Thy God."
No ono knows who wrote It It Is not
questioned "ho" put It there.
Often when the men ot tbo neigh
borhood nro bunting coons at night
a shot Is honrd nnd n bullet whizzes
over their heads. They drop to tho
ground and creep toward bomo
through tho bushes. So fnr no per
son has been harmed, but thero Is the
ever-present fear that the mysterious
criminal will turn his spite toward
human bolngs.
Occasionally several weeks pass
without events, Thon a series cornea
rapidly, Last weok n barn and sov
eral bay stacks wero burned, Two
farmers lost chickens. A man who
hnd a qunntlty of potatoes, apples and
turnips burled within thirty feet ot
bis house nwoko nnd found tho earth
freshly turned. Ills produce was gone.
Thero wore no tracks. That morning
his dogs sulked nnd trembled.
"It all of us wero to report theso
IhltiKJ ns soon as thoy happen wo
might be nblo to catch him," said ono
man, who mado a reporter promise
not to uso his name, "but wo never
hear u thing until several days lator.
Every mnn Is afraid to nrouso tho an
ger of 'him.' Thoy are nfrald tho
little ted rooster will run over their
lly tbo "little rod rooster" bu meant
tbat Iho farmers feared that their
houeos would bo burned.
Gentle Hint.
For ten minutes they had been sit
ting In the old parlor In deep silence.
"What are you thinking about.
dear!" ventured tho young man. "Tho
coming spring?"
"Yes," responded tho pretty girl, sol
emnly, "I am thinking about the spring
that is coming through this sofa. Dad
says young men tbat court girls for
seven long years ought to furnish their
own sofas."
Thoro was no way of backing out,
so then nnd thero ho popped tho quoit
Truth Comes Out.
Fred I hear you aro engaged to an
holross, old mnn. How about it?
Joe Your bearing la good.
Frod Did you propose to hor on
your knees?
Joo No; I was on my uppers at tho,
Logical Remedy.
Mlko fas train passes) I under
stand that all the bad accidents hap
pen to tne last car.
Pat Phy th' dlvll don't they loarsj
It ott? Judgo,