St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 27, 1910, Image 7

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veal and pork anil
live chickens. We
do not churn com
mission, we win
pur you promptly.
Bhtp any quantity
nil ship ny day.
We will nay m fol.
Iowa for rood, (at
Bresaed Veal t to loo
reused Potlc.t 120
Live Hens,,.,) ........... lc
Eggs,,, , 230
Address all thlpmente
"TighUng the Beef Trunt"
No Kick There,
The new arrival had Just written
his name and address In the hotel reg
ister. "From Ypsllnntl, ehr said the clerk;
"that's tho town, Isn't It, where "
"No, sir," Interrupted the other, with
frown; "we're perfectly satisfied with
.the name of our city. You're thinking
of Oshkosh." Chicago Tribune.
.To Fit the Situation.
Dutchcr What can I send you to
day, Mrs. Styles 7
Mrs. Styles Send mo a leg of mut
ton, and bo sure It Is from n black
eheept wo tiro In mourning, you know.
Jewish Ledger.
of Portland, Oregon
Main office. 12 North Second fit. Main M70; A MM
Ladles Dept. IOJH Morrison St. Main 1068: A 29M
rhon or wire orders at our expense.
Stock, Dairy an! Uf H-Ora bait
the McCarthy company
feet faaMU. MM keUU N4, Nrd.jJ. Onpe
Dr. B. E. Wright
Itsve Jhxir teeth out and plate and brWre work
done, for out-of-town patrons we flnlan plate
and brwge worn in ooe aay u neceesary.
IUW Cms,.... $5.00
CeUnhn .$le
Immt leWl.. $1.00
Uxr Tfmn... SOces
fUlei tf-H
fiWnt tilrxtiM.. 50c
Palnlrsa Extraction Free when platee or bridge
work U ordered. Contultatlon Free. You cannot
Kt better palnlee work anywhere, no matter
w much you pay.
AH Work ruHy Guaranteed for Mteen Year
Dr. B. E. Wright Co.
342 WMnttea St.,
Portland, Oregon
lake ear at depot and transfer to Washington BC
Pacific Coast Biscuit Company
Portland Seattle Spokane
Ask for Gooda and
They Will Secure You Many Useful
Articles Without Cost
& itter Health will be their reward. If your teeth are Decay! hare them attended to at our office by
R. WYTHE or one of our expert Workmen whoare klllrl in DIC WYTIIK'S system.
1 KNOW what to do and how to do lu That's why all my work U positively l'AINI.KSS. That a
aleo why all my work I GUAHANTKKU to give Luting satisfaction. Vopular prices within the roach
rfCoupwuVm?nroniparablyU,w prices for dentUtry of guaranteed reliability. Is the fact that
we do not aspect the pay until the work U satisfactory to you.
N-am In CM, Stiver. TU- ' Am fF! "wW"
a in.i.,1 tTaVBaHskanv Brldgcworlu
upumiw iviiwmiiHi-. gegSaVgSaWBSSSe
Cold Crowns and Bridge aH gsaflgsaHnSX
work, , 3,WsasB SHBL,. tluland lasting- work known to den
Hours aUJO to 6; Sundays, 8:30 to 2.
Cook in
sMysastCW ss heat of an intensely hot kitch
VUI I llw iL en. You can cook in comfort.
Here Is a stove that give HO outside heat All its keat
is concentrated at the burners. An intense blue farne (hotter than
either white or red) is thrown upwards but not around. All the
heat is utilized In cooking none fai outside heating.
New "Perfection
Oil Cook-stove
entirely removes the discomfort of cooking. Apply a match and
irmrmtiatery the stove is ready. Instantly aa intense beat is pro
jact ad upwards against the pot, pan, kettle or boiler, and yet there
is bk mutrommihm heat --bo aeaell no nuke.
CijM aSijlala
laSB aTJaasaJBBlBklaB. asm
sreTasM tvVBBB m
tauidmr4 Oil Crompany
Watch Iter Grow,
Daniel O'Conncll Lively, of Port
land, Ora., who Is eomewhnt ot a boos
ter himself, tells a story of two Seattle
boosters who met in Portland.
"Hello, Ulllt"
"Hollo, Jltnt"
"When'd you como down from Be
ittlo?" "1 left yesterday morning."
"I camo down last night, and say,
Dill '
"Joo-rusalemt You ought to see het
nowl" Philadelphia Saturday Even
ing Post.
Loss of Appetite
Which is so common In tho spring or
Upon tho return of warm weather, Is
loss of vitality, vigor or tone, and Is
often a forerunner of prostrating dis
ease. It Is serious nnd especially so to
people that must keep up and doing or
get behindhand.
Tho best medicine to take for It Is
the great constitutional remedy
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which purifies nnd enriches tho blood
and builds up tho whole system.
Oct It today In usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets known as Sareatabs.
Fault of the Preacher.
Judge What (s your namo7
Prisoner John It. II. It. II. Smith.
Judge Why do you havo four It's
In your nnmo?
Prisoner Tho preacher who chris
tened mo stuttered, sir. London
Answers. ,
"I have) been Mi of Cs sen rets for In
eomala. with which I have been afflicted
for twenty years, aad X can say that Cat
carets have given me mora relief than any
other remedy I hava ever tried. I shall
eeruiniy recomniena tneni to my menus
as being all that they are represented."
Jboa. Gillanl, Elgin, III.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taeta Good.
Do Oornl, Never Blck.n. Weaken or Gripe.
10c, Ke. 60c. Never mU In bulk. The rm
nine tablet stamped COO, Guaranteed to
cure or your money back.
Alcohol, Tcbacco, Cocaine, Morphine,
Cigarette or Other
Positively and harmlessly In short time
bv tho now Olconcla Mothod. . Treat
ment Is not oxncnslvo or painful. You
need not remain h slave to your habits,
when a short stay at our Sanitarium
will mako you free. Address
Arlcta Station. Portland, Or.
7hl without doubt t he most beau-
tal science, rjpscai.wnere one or more
teeth have been lost I replace to look
so natural that detection l'e.
Alk to sea samples of this beautiful
work. All dentUU here are graduates
of from IS to 80 years' experience.
148 Fifth Strut Opp. Meter A
Frank's Entrance,
ladv At latent s Always M AUsndsnce.
You no longer need wear your
self out with the weakening
Whyr VacaoM Tk. New Pwfoetioa
Oil Cook-Stov. is scUoUAcaUy aad
praetkally pr(at. Ypa caanot ss
too sBueh wick M U awtoaisiksally
coatrollad. You gat tha assTiinm heat
bo sib ok. Tha huraar la ataspla. Ona
wipa with a sloth eteaaa k coaaa
eMMly thara ia aa saaaU.
Tha New FsrfacUoa OH CeaBarra
ia wom&vtol let ytsr raaae waa. hut
aapacUIly M auiwer. Ks kaet aaar
auawpawafit to sa tar haul, but
aac aayeM ar amwaa. as
'far heniast a raaas.
It has a Caataat Tea '
ks f(tsJsgWlW ftljAa gWaal Bhaaaal kawal
SjeaV eseraiBXfBBK aveBSaSfxsBr Basal awae'SFast asewi
k has Mac taweisa-hlua
asaaye. Taa a4 Salsli, areta Uta
tha at
i f tha rhliasya, aaakas
9tWMRM&& Attef e-MNeClfJMsk
Malawi 1. 1 aod S awstarsi tha 9
sMktt-ar atovas aaa ha has! wish,
aflaa taasBraaUkaast Paililaiat
sbb veBawywaw wjeWjWaawWwa.
Kunjron'a raw raw ntts conx tn iirti
Into ocUrlty by gcntla methods. Tuey dC
but scour, grlje or weaksn. They are a
totile-to tho stomach, llrer and nrrrcsj
Inrlsorato Instead of wekin. Tlicy eu
rich the blood sad cnnblo the stomach to
cn all the nourlshtnrnt from food that Is
put Into It These pills contain no cnlo
ccl! they ft re snothtng, healing and .stint,
tlntlnir. For sale by all drugRtats In 109
and if3e slsra. If von need medical d
vice, wrlto Manyonra Doctors.. They will
SiltU to the best of their nhllttj ' Sb'n.
lutely free of Cbsrire. MttNVON'g, 4
aa4 JcSTcrsoa Rts 1'hHadclphla, ra.
Bend 10s for trial package.
Joha and tha Vranehlaa.
A woman suffrago lecturer In Eng
land recently brought down tho houto
with tho folowlng argument: "I hava
no vote, but my groom has. I have a
great respect for that man In tho s ta
bles, but I am sure If I woro to go to
him and say, 'John, will you exercise
tha franchiser ho would reply, 'Ploata,
mum. which horse bo thatT'"
Analher lleasoB.
Max Jones Is tho most wide-awake
man I know.
Dax You surprise ma. I novel
hoard ot his being espoclally enterpris
ing. Mm Oh. It Isn't enterprise that
makes htm so: It's Insomnia. Tlt-Dlta
It Is certainly tlmo to take ImmcdI
ato action If you would ward off a
serious sick spell. It la poidtlvo
proof of a woak stomach and do
ranged digestion and for which you
cannot take a bettor medicine than
Hottetter's Stomach Bitters; but re
member this, tho longer you put off
giving the aiwitnnco needed by tho
digestive system tho harder it Is go
ing to be to euro you. Wo know of
hundreds of cases, taken In hand at
tho very beginning, in which a short
course of tho Uittere proved very
efficacious. Therefore, bo persuad
ed to get a bottlo today from your
druggist or dcalor, and thus avoid
alt possible -danger of a sick spell.
It is a wonderful tonic nnd Invigor
ant for overworked, nervous and
run-down porsons, and In cases of
Poor Appetite, Illoatlng, Heartburn,
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Costiveness
and Malaria It Is the best.
Send for Samples
and i'rlcee.
Majestic Roof
ing Co,
JIS WtrcHttr Kdf
Union Painless Dentists
Full Set of Teeth 13.00
llridire Work or Teeth without I'latee S3 SO to SS
Gold Crowns tl.SO to J J.t'O
I'orcelaln Crowns.... ( ll.JO 'to 5.p0
Gold or 1'orcelln Fillings,...,.,, $1.00 Us
Silver FiUinn.A SOc to 41.00
liestriate Made....... , 17.30
No charges for Palnleu Kxtractwg when othei
work is done. 15 years' Guarantee with all work.
Hours. S a. m, to 8 p. m. 261 ii MorrUon Street.
I, M S.SO, 3, 2.S0 A 2
cava, they an tha lew-
sUefed. to eh. wyrU.
Mec Mekewsw awr Nse)
iJlill lfsavee4 lesfkssaWsV
W. L. DoMlaa SLOa
art ehMa end
Cueiosa . Beach Worls
for sftlt m yov tows wriif Ht P&Tordef Cavt4.1ofiio
wasMaa ..! fr W, r naslaa ihri
eg year to hare
lose Ueth aejSjMd
aa. resoea-
s-um! rake 1.
rahlsss Isb'lba .1
Wise Dental Co
Krloivwerfela aae
Tha children wore playing about tho
yard where tho old black gardener
was fixing up tho flower bods. As ho
worked ho kept Up a running conver
sation with Dercnlce, tho 3-ycar old:
"Lemmo see, how many ot you chll-
luns Is thoy Ellen an Zulla an' Lulu
an' Dorencss nn' Billy. Fivo uv uml
Foah gal chllluns an a boy chlllunl
Well, now Ah's got five III' chllluns ot
mah houso; Whut you reckon tncy ail
"What do I reckon thoy nil Isr re
plied Dercnlco scornfully, " Ircckon
they're all little nlgges, that's what I
rockon." Houston Post.
Treatlnat Cnnc.r with Heat,
Dr. Eugene Doyen explained at '.he
International Congress of I'hyslothera
dv In Paris his treatment of cancer by
means of electrically produced heat.
The secret of the discovery Is that the
cancerous cells are destroyed by a tem
perature of from 60 to 65 degrees cen
tigrade, which Is entirely harmless o
healthy cells. The mothod shows won
derful results, he says, In eliminating
tho need of the knife In all lesions
which are accessible, to an electrical
current, artificially applied. The heal
ing of the tissues follows Immediately
upon tho coagulation of tho cancorous
Good for Sore Eye,
for ov6r 100 years I'ETTIT'S EYE
SALVE has positively cured cyo dis
eases everywhere. All druggists or
Uoword llros., Uulfnlo, N. Y.
"Walter," said the mnn at the table
In the far corner of the restaurant,
"this piece of steak Is decidedly too an
cient In spots."
"Our beefsteak Is all alike to-day,
sir," stimy answered the waiter, "and
you aro the only man that has found
anything wrong with It."
"Probably that's because I am a fast
eater," rejoined tha other: "I hit only
tha high places." Chicago. Tribune.
You Can Gel AHcn'e r.ot-tase tnt.
Write Aliens. OlmitedJ-o rtoy.N. Yfora
free, samnla ol Allen's rnot.Kate. it euros
westing, hot swollen, aching feet. It mskes
new or tig lit shoes easy. A certain euro for
corns, mirowing nans anu uunioni. am iirur-
-lau s
aeu iu
2.c Don't accept any substitute
III I'nully Memory.
"Hava you got any any typewriter
exterminators!" asked tho small boy.
"What!" oxclalmed tha salesgirl,
Typewriter exterminators. I think
that's what they told me to get Any
how, It wne somothlng that "
"Do you mean typewriter erasers?"
"Well, maybe that was It but what's
the dlfferenooT Ain't they the samoT I
wont a dime's worth of 'em."
Asjnlnat Women WorUere.
From the Pittsburg omcss ot the Dal
iitnnn nnil Ohio Ttallrnnd came the
port that the auditors and statisticians
imi that the woman clerks
and stenographers do on the average
SO per cent less work than the men.
-ri. fharafnrn will hence-
I forth emnlnv nnlv men. nlthourr the
I wAm.n iwAplfara will not ba
a . . . - , WI..Lmh uAlkl
MOt&era w i una are. "; -lyrup
the best remedy tousefof tbalrcbudrea
Ilia NoeSUea fain.
wtpl-. rn atv mnnthe 1 liava heen
Just aching to tell you how much I
Inua vaiiI'
"O, Quy, I've been aching longer
tran mat to near you say ui
Misplace HI Meat.
A Norburno man bought 20 cents'
worth of steak and received a nickel
In change. When be got homo ho
couldn't find the meat At last he die-
covered tho nickel In his coat pocket
That gave him the clew, and opening
his purso, he found whore he bad put
tho steak. Kansas City Star.
'Wf-rt ennWUV, ml AlrltXHIlt
sal awouuua. anekai iaas.
ll.l. CImuJ 1 blorkbl BOC
Uh NrwTneuBlsc, tlPaa-
amaell HnelUll tc
BialeUi, Sa seuace ntlli roul
lull Ml to i. . jio-k Aiuer
au renuu i, uregoo.
Harness Catalog free
Send lor our JOO page Harness
Catalog Free. Will tan you 20 to
SO per ttnt sure,
49 Sorth Sixth Si. Portlind. Oregon
Drlre est pala. Btreaftkea aeeres. BelUep
ar.t.iu. .IPregBtoree-elUI, Mo cere, bo per.
Write for free trial oer. W.tera XlecWepeJe
Oe., Vfi. , toeAageies, Cel.
If for aay cause the hotaa or other
ioatestlc animal ezhlbiU a lack of caergy,
Droner relish for food, or aa afiaarsnce
of general debility, timely aetlaa should
ba tekea for the resteraUoa of ita health.
Ia the natural food of ear domestic
aafanals Nature provide certala peculiar
widM 1 herbs, leaves, barks aad roots
which saaca neceaaary for their baaltb.
PeeMk Steele Paed la gxaatiy eoadeased
torn is lataaded to supply the aasaatlal
virtuM of those health-dvi aatural
tasaaasas and Is prepared sssyreasly for
those aaJauls deprived by aaaa qf their
Mtaral food. It U aa alterative tonic
waiea aUsaulataa the various orgaas of
the bady, promotes the sacratiaas, tones
ap the gftaeral systata aad natoras the
Oataraerea cosditloas to a aena at autc.
It aUaaalataa the appetite, laiaroves the
digastioB aad atadkttloa of taad, pariflai
the Mestfaaa iasares a gaa, aeaiwy
aaaOMoa.Bekltiraa. r
A tt1iurjT0R
tiinvn In the Increnae of Mnlt Mit-
trr Itnttilldl Aiuiiinlly.
Tim crowth of our country and tho
Increase In the volume ot busluoss can
bo realized no bettor than by a com
tmrlson of tha number ot pieces ot mall
matter handled annually. The total
for 1889 was 3,800,200,000 pieces, in
cluding letters, postal cards, newspa
pers, printed matter and packages of
every sort Twenty years later tho
total was four times as great, and
reachod 13,173,340,320.
Tho advance has boon romarKamy
regular year after year and ot tho
rato of about 100 per cent ovory flvo
years. In 187, tho year when post-
ago stamps wcro first issued, mo toiai
number of pieces that posted through
tho malls was 114,176,480.
A considerable part of tho lncrcaso
during tho last ion years has boon
duo to rural dollvory. Farmers or
now nblo to recelvo newspapers, loi
ters and othor mall mntter at tnoir
4nnratnns without leaving tholr plows
Dr tholr harvest Holds and driving Into
Thorn nrn now nearly 40.000 rural
delivery carrlors who aro paid $35,000,
000 a year for carrying tho leltors and
newspapers to tho country homos In
ihn tinit.,,1 Rtnte. nnd toccther thoy
traveled lost yenr moro than 1,000,000
miles a day. 'ino rurni aouvery scry
pr- Is now thirteen years old, and it
has bocn the greatest sticcoss of nny
now Idea that hos boon introduced into
tho administration of our government
Tho Postofnco Department win renew
Its efforts to secure a law authorising
a parcels post servtco so that farmers'
wives ran da their shopping by mall.
but tho opposition from the country
merchants, who fear tneir trauo win
ht .livertod to tho cities. It so determ
ined thnt It Is doubtful whether Con-
rrcm will art
Our sketch shows one ot the lovely
clilllon lobes veiled In name. The robe
It creamy white with a shaded pink bor
der, while the overdisss h a deep pink.
A black satin Item makes ait effective and
practical finish to the skirt.
Too Much for Hint,
Thoy numbered four. Thoy abso
lutely exuded prosperity. The tilings
which they ordered wore such as to
fill with envy tho brcait of tho man
at tho noxt tnblo, engaged In consum
ing tho most modost dish disclosed by
the bill of fare.
Tho four were conversing languid,
plutocratic conversation. After a
while It turnod to the question ot
money. Evidently they wanted to do
somothlng. How much money bad
they? One ot tho four took out his
pockctbook and counted up a roll ot
"Oh, I hnve a hundred and forty,"
he said, carelessly,
The second and third members ot
the party went through their pockets.
"I have two hundred and fifteen,"
remarked one.
"And I have threo hundred," laid
the other.
The fourth waved his hand
grandly, "Koved mind, you follows," he said.
"I'll lend you nil you wont,"
Tenderly, waiters boro tha man at
the next table out Into the cold air.
Ha will recover.
Ma rtaea lor Celestlale.
George Richmond Hayes, the noted
San Francisco ethnologist, said at a
recent dinner:
"The yellow races aro held In bet
ter esteem than used to be the case
In the West. I once visited a very
rough boom town In Oregon near Cot
tage Grove, In the leading saloon a
man In a red shirt said to me:
'"Ye wanter carry yerself almighty
straight In these parts, stranger, Go
wrong the least mite and, by crlnus,
we'll lynch ye as quick as look at ye.'
"I smiled.
"Would you lynch me,' I asked, 'If
I killed a dogr
"'Would wet' he snorted. 'Why,
stranger, we've lynched fellers here
for klllln' Chlnamenl'"
Probably (or b Trust.
"Hello, old chap! I haven't seen you.
for a year, wnero navo you ocen r
Ttnwn In Houth America."
"South America! What have you
been doing there!"
0 er Just rubbering around."
Chlcaso Tribune.
Uncle Allea.
"An optimist," said Uncle Allen
Sparks, Is (slap) a man who believes
the mosquito (slap) was created for
come lofty and (slap) benencent pur
All 111. Kuuillr.
Portly Dame Your fuce Is striking.
Iy familiar, Havo you ever done any
work for me before?
Chiropodist No. ma'am. You are,iu ihiniim. nf mv twin brother.
who runs the shoe storo on tho ground
floor. Ho must havo sold you theso
shoes. A great many oi ni cuiumo
come here, ma'am,
Halllo On.
"What's causing all that racket fn
there?" asked tho business caller, paus
ing at the door ot the oillce.
"Couple o' agents tryln' to sell the
boss two different kinds o' 'cyclope
A Strong Tonle yithout Alcohol
A Body Dullder Vlthout Alcohol
A Blood Purifier without Alcohol
A Orest Alterative VTIthout Alcohol
A Doctor's Medicine M'lthout Alcohol
Ayer's Ssrssparllla V7iihout AlcohAl
We publish our formulas
Ua hanteh eVohflJ
y from our medlolues
We ur$ yon to
eoi alt your
Ayer's Pills are liver pills. They act
directly on the liver, make more bite
secreted. Thli Is why they are so valu
able In constipation, biliousness, dys
pepsia, sick-hctdschc. Ask your doctor
It tie knows a better laxative pill. by the J, C. Ayir Co., tow.ll, M..e.
S&n" Shannon
A Beautiful Book FREE
This bceutlful booklet, containing 7 J splendid pho
tetrsvures ef the world's most celebrated mutlclsnt,
sn.y be had free upon request, providing Ihe follow
ing questions are answered. Wa will iM send tree
a copy ol "Old rvor Its Songs."
Do you expect to buy a Piano?.
When 7.
Kepi ller I'mmls..
"nilly, dear," said his young wife,
eoaxlngly, "tell mo tho password of
your lodge."
"Hut I pledged mysolf novr to dls
closo that, llclla."
"Yoti'ro not disclosing It when you
glvo It to me. You know wo have no
secrets from ench other."
"If I tell you what It Is, dear, will
you promise sacredly never to repeat
It to a living soul?"
"Yes. I promise."
"Well, hero It Is: Chatlyblddyboech-
Truo to her word, the young wire
never repeated It to nnvbody.
tiriiue AlonilMclav,
Mrs. Wheedle John, dear, you aro
going to get mo a lovely pearl nock
laco for my birthday; a bird whis
pered It to mo.
Mr. Wheedle Don't jou bollovo It.
It must havo been a lyra bird that es
caped out of somo menagorlo. Uos
ton Transcript
Appropriate I'astrnliisis.
"How will I keep my now chantocler
hnt on my head?" sho aihod, pcrplo
"With hat plnfcathers, my dec,"
said tho milliner. St. units Star.
Dolloatoly formed and eontly roared. womon
will find, In all tho soasona of tholr llvos, aa
maldons.wivos or mothoro, that tho onoolmplo,
wholosomo romody which aot3 rjontly and
ploasantly and naturally, and whloh may bo
used with truly bonoflolal offoots, undor any
conditions, when tho eystom ncods a laxatlvo.
Is Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Sonna. It ia
woll known to bo a clmplo combination of tho
laxatlvo and carmlnativo princlploa of plants
with ploasant aromatic liquids, which aro
agrooablo and rofroshlnn to tho tasto and
accoptablo to tho .systom whon its nontlo
cloanslng Is doslred.
Only thoso who' buy tho conulno Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Sonna can hopo to not its
bonoflcial offocta, and as a guaranteo of tho
oxcollonco of tho romody, tho full namo of tho
company California Fig Syrup Co. is printed
on tho front of ovory package, and without it
any preparation offorod as Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Sonna Is fraudulent and should bo
declined. To those who know tho quality of
this excellent laxatlvo, tho offer of any substi
tute, when Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Sonna
is called for, is always rosontod by a transfor
of patronago to some first-class drug establish
ment, where they do not recommend, nor 6oll
false brands.nor Imitation romodies. The genu
ine articlo may bo bought of all rellablo drug
gists ovorywhore; ona sizo only. Regular
price 50 cents per bottlo. Qet a bottle today
to havo in tho house whon needed.
K C Baldnf? Powder win do It I Get
aeon. Try It for your favorite cake. If
It doesn't raise better,
If It Isn't daintier,
we return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal
Pure, Wholesome,
, -WWI
First clsss work at
reasonable prices.
Freo examination
ami perfectly fitted
lluir) as low as
No faking method.
K wtSBSs
tin. . I- tirtltA
Suite 427, Marqtiam Building
Fourth Floor
Opposite Portland Hotel, Portland Ore.
Painless Extraction Frcs
Silver Killing 0c
Oold Fillings....... 73c
3 K.Oold Crowns .,,,,,,.()
I'orceliiln Crowns
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