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    Local News.
v 1
The new St. Johns taoges for
wuc djt waiet utos.
"For Sale Fre9h Jersey cow. 615
juoria Aaison street.
0 -
c Sewing and cleaning by the day.
.300 oouui jersey, upstairs.
, For Sale Household furniture
cheap. 6n North Ivauhoe.
ttf...-.l r
whihcu sewing to uo away
iroai nome. aoa soutu Jersey,
v 0
you sot full weight and first
quality at the Central market. Juat
try It awhU.(
. . 0 k
The school entertainment last
night was a decided success, a de
tailed account of which will be
giveu next week.
830 Lot 50x116, four-room
house, barnr fiue garden, at Nor
thern Hill, from owner, 115 Jer
sey street, St. Johns.
Fessenden Street
I a
Problem Settled
That Cured Htr Somttlmtt
KllUd Other Paopla.
"Appendicitis does nod bunlt tne llgo
it might odder beoples," sold tier ua
.rarlan neighbor when the woman had
Lcompllmented her upon her appearance I never seriously nnd that the Duko of
aner tne attack. "MoaainR ener Wellington, wiiuo u uioinbcr or crock
The Old General Qava Hli Son a Lea.
ton In Gaming.
J Speaking of military men who wrro
niblers, Italph Ncvlll In ''Light Come,
Light Go," after noting that Napoleon
only played In an' amateur way and
hurtlts me the same as odder beo tiles
ThA 4tnlfAr AdAitla nodding;. rrings dat guro mo kills od
v. tauiivjr ICUMC der beoples Mtnedlmcs. Did 1 neffor
nave flCCCDicd orono-sbUd rca 1 bnd nr,cd veffer? no?
r r wpv Den I till dell you.
"In our down aboud dot dlmo dcro
vcro alx hundud ghlldrun Tat diet off
sgnrlcu veffor six hundud. All our
family ras down mlt him. Dwo off my
bruddora diet Dcy had glffcn mo oub.
n I.- MH. ir .t ft... ........
j 4 I ljv uuvuui iiu bu iavu nur uni uiiiij"
allu WOrK Will 20 Oil ' ln8'8ho nt- ,J mako no ait
O I fnrntirv Xm fmr lint lint Inaiif vlali
sitition submitted by I
the Property owners
outlined on first
Page of this issue.
W. C. T. U. ITEMS.
ferenco. Led hor baf her lasdt vlsli,
vaddeffer ho Is.1
'And xo Id happuned dat I ranted
tomo rour mcelk. Uud dey glff mo all
I vantcd. A big boddlo It vas Off rour
mcolk, und I sot oup und drink him
"Den I lay back und vent do zlccn,
und von de docdor ho gomo again he
lay, Tcry zupprlzcd, 'Vy, her voffcr he
seem to bo alt goner
"Und bo Taa all gone. In dwo days
Wanted General housework by
middle aged lady. Also young
woman desires situation; Call 534
A logo, or leave word at this office
Misses Edna Hlyes and Evange
line Hart, two of our most hand
some and popular school instructors,
will rusticate over Sunday nt Dallas.
Wanted To buy a lot or 5-room
house and lot. Must be cheap for
cash and near postolhcc or city nail.
utve description. Address "M,"
Review office.
If you want to sell your house
and lot or vacant lot cheap for
cash, sec W. W. Holcomb, Attor
ney Rooms 3 and 4, Holurook
Duildiug, St. Johus.
All kinds of laundry work done
promptly. Rough dry washing
'Mats par pound. Calls mad for
laundry at any place. Ring u up
Phone Rich, 091, St. Johns Laun
ill, Churchill Bros-proprletors.
See the St. Johns Sand and
uravel Co. for estimate on your
basement or ccmcut and" plaster.
We can save you money and make
a little for ourselves. Phone Rich
mond 1571.
Lost Pocketbook containing two
fifty-dollar bills and a gold watch
with name "Helen J. Willis" en
graved in case. A reward of 'las
is offered for its return to owner at
514 Dayton street.
The members of the M. R.
Church are making arrangements
for erecting a modern parsonuge on
the grounds adjoining the church
edifice. Bids are asked for the con
struction of same in this i&uic.
A birthday surprise party was
tendered Mrs. Geo. Foss Sunday
evening. About 35 visitors were
present aud the occasion was huge
ly enjoyed. Amoug other presents
a handsome rocking chair was pre
sented to Mrs. Foas.
Owe yourself a dollar every Sat
urday night, Put it in the savings
bank. See how fast that dollar
will grow. The First National
Bank welcomes dollar depositors.
It issues Time Certificates of
Deposit. it
The W. O. W. will give a ban
quet and initiate.a class of fifteen
candidates for membership June 1st.
Prominent speakers,will be present
and a highly Interesting evening is
promised. This Order is in a most
flourishing condition.
All persons who desire to donate
roses for the Roue Carnival are re
quested by the committee to leave
same at Brooks & Son's shoe shop,
in South Jersey, before seven
o'clock Ib the evening and not later
than eight o'clock in the morning
each day of the carnival.
S. W. Rogers has our thanks for
basket of jumbo strawberries
which grew upon his premises in
South St. Johns. Out of curiosity
we SMSSursd one and found it to be
exactly six inches in circumference.
He says the berries arc growing
nrofitfeiv this vsar.
a '
TheY. P S. C. E. society of
the Christian church have a splen
did program prepared for tomorrow
night ia Wckaer hall at their . Pov
erty Sosial. Unique awrouBce
biiU ware setts 0Mt. It is worth
a kins; epfec a sacrifice to join in
: few. So get nsdy and go!
i a pretty hard thing to accost
fjSiasi whcii yem're bleu, bUtsqs and
Ht ot sorts. There is a sure cure
Isr all kieids of stomach and liver
pissplsint' cetMtipation and, dys
ptpla Ballard's Hsrbiae is mild,
yet afesoltttoly effective bi all cases.
Pfisc y eeata per bottle. Seid by
frtk leak Hmnmcy, I
Mr. Maclarrcn of the Portland
Commons snoke at the Evnno-elieal t vas oup und aboud. do houso m veil
. . r . ------.
cnurcn last Monday evening, under "". .... . .
tile nu.qnief ni hip wnmmru ciiiria. 1 j -
"Den de beoples In de nexdt bouse
Tat bad a very tick guild dey thought
dey vould dry se tame t'lng,
"Dnv trft tftAl tp liAililIn ntf nili
we have a purity department in our meelk do drlnkt. und In aboud half a neTor w,n"
orguuization, wc could Heartily in- hour by de glock sbo ras doatV'-Now
dorse all that the speaker said, and Vork Press.
wc can freely co-operate with him
tiau Temperance Union. The sub
jeet, "The SocialTJvil," is one in
which every father and mother
ought to be deeply intercstedj As
ford's famous gambling club, was not
particularly fond of play, 'goes on to
rclato the following about Dluchcr:
Another great soldier, on tho othel
hand, repeatedly lost large sums nt
play. This was Hluchor, who was In
ordinately fond of gambling. Much to
his disgust, this passion was Inherited
by his sou, who hail often to bo re
buked by his father for his visits to
tho gaming table and was given many
a wnoiesome lecture upon his youth
and inexperience and the consequent
certainty of loss by coming In contact
with older and moro practiced gam
Ono morning, however, young BIu
cuer presented himself before his fa
ther and exclaimed, with nn air of
Joy, "Sir, you said 1 knew nothing of
pioy, nut hero is proof that you linvo
undervalued my talents," pulling out
at tho same tlmo n bag of rubles which
ho had won tho preceding night.
"And I said tho truth." was tho rc
ply, "Sit down hero nfcd I'll convince
Tho dlco wcro called for. and In n
fow minutes old Ulucher won all his
son's money, whereupon, after nocket
ing the casii, no roso from tho table,
observing, "Now you sco thnt I was
right when I told you that you would
Treasurer's Sale of
Delinquent Assessments
in his work of lifting up fallen
Humanity and to do all in our
power to keep others from falling.
Jf the voters of Multnomah coun
ty will only do their dtity in No
vember, wc hope to sec a great
many ot these awful evils cease out
of our Jair state. Mrs. Scott.
Stop Paying Rent
Kxperlenee of a Camping Party In Yel
lowstone Park.
In tho Yeltowstono park all wild ani
mals aro allowed to roam as they will,
and it Is against the law to shoot them.
Soino ot these animals hare become
Tcry tamo and do not look on man as
an enemy. In fact, thdL bears seem to
think the butels built there are for
their conreulcnco, as thoy visit tho
garbage cans nightly for their meats.
Kvcu tiny chipmunks will stand and
Tf von own n lot I will Imllil von cold people as they pass by on the
r. I wm1 ml .ii.l. Ilssl. a 1.1 it.aM
a residence according to your own
r. ...111 -ii 't7 ii il" ' mm tho hotel stables.
Ui Will Otl VUU U lUk WCIl iUWUltU I firm eilffh 11 .ifw flMm...,l M
fat e . . a viiw w fusa vuiuuvu UVHt VUU
011 the ridiculously easy terms of Is of n,,. mvino. .!. i.inff iri
down and $3 per mouth nnd build from a day's tramp, they had early lug tho key. took It with him
you a .House on tlic easiest terms gono into their touts to sleep-all ox
you know. With an opportunity cept the boy, who enjoyed slumbering
like this uo one can have an excuse
for paying rent. Call on or address
r. 15. ZOOK, 117 Swcnson street,
St. Johns, for further particulars.
Bids wanted on building a six-
room cottugc for M. E. Church. See
W. R. Iiolleubcck for particulars.
The Bradley,
For Men.
In a sleeping bag with tho stars for
a roof.
Early In the night they wero aroused
by a noise of falling pans In the kitch
en wagon. Those who were not afraid
rushed out nnd discovered a big black
bear calmly eating his supper from
the provisions. Not being allowed to
shoot htm, ouo grabbed a whip, another
a broom, aud they nourished these
weapons about frlgbtoucd aud grunt
ing, bruin clumsily scrambled away,
when suddenly there was a livelier
-grunting from the bear, accompanied
by an unearthly yell. Mr. Bruin la bU
hurried flight had stepped on the un
noticed outdoor aleeper, frightening
blm so much that afterward he slept
under the tent roof. Detroit .Free
Didn't Knew Beans.
A young woinau was talking In. a
restaurant. "Vou seo." sbo was say
ing, "It was my Drat experichco In
cooking beans. Wo are so fond of
thorn 1 wauted to bo auro and haro
euough, so 1 ordered threo pounds at
tho corner grocers. This looked about
the right amount, and I put them on
tho raugo and left them to boll tender.
Wbeu 1 went into the kitchen again
the range was covered with beans, ao
was the floor, and out of the kettle
poured a cieidy atream of beans. 1
took part of them out, added more wa
ter and again left them. If you'll be
lieve It I bad to take out three more
large portions of beans before the
original mass became manageable. So
I'm not ordering beans Just yet even
at a restaurant."-New York Dun.
It Was Not Mouse the Maittr Heard
In the Kitchen.
Tho late Hot. Dr. Wlghtman. sitting
ono night later than usual engrossed
in tho profundities of a great tomo,
Imagined bo heard a sound In tho
kitchen Inconsistent with tho cautious
ness of a mouso; so, taking his caudle,
bo proceeded to Inrcstlgato tho cause.
111s root ucing ucaru in tno passage,
tho servant began with muph uolso to
rako out tho lire n If preparing for
"Yo'ro up lato tonight, Mary?'
"I'm jlst rakln'tbo flro. sir. and
gaun to bed."
"That's right, Mary. I llko tlmeous
On his way buck to tho study ho
passed tho coal cellar door and, turn
uoxt morning nt an early hour thero
was a rap at his bedroom door nnd a
request for tho key to get soino coal.
"Yu'ro up too soon, Mary. Go back
to your bed."
nair an nour later thero was an-
othor knock and a similar request, In
order "to prcparo for breakfast. "I
don't want breakfast so soon, Mary.
Go bai'k to your bed."
In another half hour thero was an
other knock, with an cntronty for tho
key, as It was washing day.
This was enough. Ho roso and
banded out tho koy, saying, "Go and
let tho man out." As tbo preacher
shrewdly aeepected, Mary's sweetheart
bad been Imprisoned all night In tho
coal cellar. London Family Herald.
on the Bradley Shoe.
We'll be triad of the oppor
tunity to show It to you.
And when you have it
on notice the fe?7 of it and
the look of it
Juat seem to "belong" to
your footfits every little
hump and hollow as though
it had been built on and
feel3 like on old kid glove.
That's a little way the
Bradley Shoe has makes
itself right at home on your
foot and looks it. I neighbors. The truce seema to have
Avt wtum wt Arwf m. accomplished much good, notwltb
UXJ Wiicii you ma am standing the fact that It was jery 1m
how Well It Wears you Will perfectly ob8erved.-New York Anierl
never wear any shoe except can.
the Bradley.
Bradley Shoes far Men,
all srrus.
12.50 d 54.00
Couch & Co.
Vanity Tlekl.d.
During tho early excesses ot the
French revolution a rabblo of men aud
women wero rioting in tho streets of
Part. Itfayotto appeared and ordered
a young nrtlllery otllcur to open Ore
upon thum with two cannon. Tho of
fleer begged tho gcuoral to let lilm try
first to persuade them to withdraw. .
"It Is useless to appeal to their rea
son," said tho general.
"Certainly," answered tho otllccr,
"and It Is not to their reason, but to
tbelr vanity, I would appeal."
The otllccr rodo up to tho front of
the mob, doffed bis cocked hat, pointed
to tbo guus and said:
"dentleuieu will havo tho kindness
to. retire, for I am ordered to shoot
down tbo rubble."
Tho street was cleared at onco, for
nono could brook the Idea of being
classed with the scum of tho city,
The True, of Qo4.
The "truce of God" was Introduced ,
by the clergy ot Oulenue around about
the year 1080. It was adopted In Spain
about 1080, In England about 106a
According to this famous treaty, a
cessation of all violent quarrels was
enjoined under heavy peaaltlea during
all church festlTala and from every
Wednesday evening until the follow
ing Monday morning. This left only
about elglity days In the year avail
able for shooting and stabbing one's
Lawyer You don't llko the Jury?
Defendant I do not No. 1 Is my
tailor. No. 3 is my grocer, No, 5 Is my
milk and egg dealer and No, 7 la my
wlfe'a first husband! What chance
bare I gotV'-SL Paul Dispatch.
An Acute Sense of Tast..
William and Lawrenco wero In tho
habit of savlur a part of their dessert
from the evening dinner for consump
tion the next morning, aud In accord
ance with tbla custom two small cakos
bad been placed In the cracker Jar for
them. William, belug the first up on
the following morning aud being hun
gry, went to the Jar. lie fouud only
one cake, and a large piece bad been
bitten out of that Full of wrath, ho
went upstairs and roused his brother.
"Bay," be demanded, "I want to
know who took that big bite out of
my cakot"
"I did," sleepily answered Lawrence
"Wbat'd you do that for'"
"Well, when I .tasted It I found II
waa your cake, and ao I et tho other
one," Youth's Compaulou.
A Stem Chase.
The Yoetb Yes, I'm In business for
myself, but I don't seem to bo able to
meet with any aucceas.
The Sage Nobody ever meets with
buelneee, young man. lie must, over
take tt-Fhlladelpkle Press.
An Exception.
Dibbe Wernea are laradlag all kinds
I of EBaaciiUae oecupatlos. Qibbe
There are bo women rat catchers yet!
Boetoa Transcript.
The MatUr Cxplalnid.
"Why do they say 'as smurt as 11
steel triip'' " asked tbo tulkutlvo boi(rd
er. "I never could see uuythlug pur.
tlcularly Intellectual about a steel
"A steel trap la called smart," ex
plained the elderly person In his
sweetest voice, "because It knows ux
actly the tight time to shut up."
More might have been said, but in
the clrcumstaueee It would have seem
ed unflttlug.-LeBdon TIMIIts.
Genius? Sack Ua own road and car
lies Its own Uaap. WUuaett
, The Similarity.
"My husband U like a rooster in one
"Indeed r
'Yes; when be gets up early ke
crows' .over it" J edge.
Cprvmeirre eW.
"TfiiTr J
Saaarta far tk Berlew awl ke
Boys wW be Boys
and are always getting scratches,
cuts, sprains, braises', bumps, burns
or scalds, uem't neglect sucli
things they may result serious if
voudo. Aoolv Ballard's Snow Lint
ment according to directions right
away and it will relieve the pain
and heal the trouble. Price ice.
Prompt service, reasonable charges 50c and f 1,00. Sold by North Bank
Beet at Ferrv Slin. Pharmacy. (
Wats fer a wwaiir k. jsms.
Ths Gasslins Boat
Excursion Parties a Specialty
Towing and Freighting
Notice Is hereby given thnt I will on
Monday, the Joth day of June, tgio, at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m sell at the
front door of the city hall of the city of
St. Johns, Oregon, at public auction to
the highest bidder, cash in hand, the
property described below except such as
may be redeemed by owners prior to
the date of sale, or so much thereof as.
will be necessary to pay assessments,
Interest and costs levied sgaiust said
Dalance Duo
Lot is, niockia, Oswego street Im
provement 1 i6.6j
iot, 14, mock 3, llurr street im
provement,., 9.86
1.014, iiiock 15, same improve
ment 34.87
Lot 33, Mock it, Portland boule
vard improvement 19,15
Lot 34, Mock it, same Improve
ment , 33,06
Lot 35, Mock 11, same improve
ment.., 30,73
1.0130, iiiock 11, Mine improve
ment .- 30.73
Lot 1, Mock 33, tame improve
ment 33.73
Lot 3, Mock aa, same improve
ment . : 33.73
1.01 1, iiiock 35, same improve
ment., 31. 1 1
Lot a, Mock 35, same improve
ment , 31,11
Lot 3, Mock 35, same improve
ment 33.34
Lot 4, Mock 35, same Hnrove-
ment 19.39
l,oi 9, iiiock 35, same improve
ment , 11.66
Lot 10, Mock 33, Mine improve
ment it,37
Lot to, Mock 13, same improve
ment' 17.7"!
Lot 9, Mock 6, same improve
ment 13.8S
Lot 5, Mock 3, same improve
ment 48.99
Lot 9, Mock 3, same Improve
Lot 13, Mock 3, same improve
ment 36,72
Lot 14, Mock 1, same Improve
ment J. 3
Lot 14 Mock 3, sumc Improve
ment I,4I
Lot 34, Mock 16, Allegheny street
improvement 39.94
Lot 10, Mock 17, same improve
ment . . , 37.77
Lot i6,tMock 3, lltichnnau street
Improvement 46.89
Lot 15, Mock 3, sumc improve
ment .17,37
Lot 14, Mock 3, same improve
ment 31.77
Mock A. same improvement... 100. jj
I,ot 16, Mock 3 Staiford street im
provement 85.31
Lot 15, Mock 3, same improve
ment , 5,33
Lot 14, Mock 3, same liupiovc-
ment 87.11
Lot 34, Mock A, Willis boule
vard improvement 35,77
Lot 35, Mock A, same improve
ment 35,00
Lot'j6, Mock A, same improve,
ment , .17.33
Lot 3 DciKJt Addition, Darlington
street improvement 43-94
Lot 4, Mock 5, same improve
ment 149.30
Bald nroncrtv is to be sold vo txiv de
linquent assessments thereon and the
interest aud the cokts ot advertising and
City Treasurer.
Published in the St. Johus Review
nlny s7 June 3, 10 and 17, 1910.
Right Here
at the BALL
of the Foot
Is where most of lha "pinch"
comes when buying a new
pair of shoes. You com
plain about It when trying
on the ordinary shoes and
the salesman says "I'll
stretch It," Whenever ho
has to do that, look out In
a few weeks you'll find your
fect running over the edges
01 niuaoKj anu uio uppers
wuiDcicavingtnosoic. incromast be plenty 01 roomauncu.iuoMlie foot so
.hat stretching to the limit of the strcngthof the shoe will not be necessary.
The Bradley Shoe Will Hot "Pinch" Your Feet
Every pair Is built with nn allowance of leather nt the ball of the foot which
permits the foot to rest comfortably In the new shoe the first time you put
It on. The lining la tho llradlcy Shoo will notwrlnkleaftcralittlc wear,
causing discomfort so common. They nrc cut to conform to tho upner.
This perfect fit even gives additional wear as It takes a great deaf of
strain off tho leather.
Bradley Shoes for Men, $3.50 $4.00
represent the highest standard of material and workmanship slxty-six
years of continuous application to the making of a shoe that will give
perfect satisfaction. We make less profit on a Uradlcy Shoe, but we'll be
glad to sell you rt pair, for once a wearer of these honest, wclLmade shoes,
It will be hard to resist buying again, and the Increased volume means not
only profit but public confidence
Bradlty'g art madt by Iht BraAUy Cr Mticalt Co., tho haC bun maleri ot
good ihoti lor 60 jtari. W oho had othtr itjhi ot Ihtlr makt tor mm,
H'omtn nnd children,
In the circuit court of the State of
Orccou, for the county of Multnomah.
In an action wherein It. M. Tuttlc is
plaintiff mid William Itobb. J.M.Thotiin-
sou ami 1(. i. ftciimmi arc tlclemluuu:
To J. M. I'liomiteon uud E. I. Schmidt.
In the nome of the Stute of Oreuou
you and each of you arc hereby required
to appear and answer or otherwUc plend
to the complaint filed oirnhut you in the
above entitled action within six weeks
from the date of the ilut publication of
this summons, to wit: from the 37th dnv
of May, 1910, uud if you fail to so ui
pcar nnd answer or otherwise plead in
said action within slid time, the plaintiff
uuove namcu win laicc judgment agunin
you und each of yoi' for the sum pcci
tied in plaintiff's complaint filed in the
above entitled court and cause, to. wit:
lor tlic sum 01 f 4000.00 witn interest at
the rate of eight per cent. ier annum
from the 35th duy of April, 1910, aud for
the further sum of 500.00 utloruev fees
for plaintiff attorneys and for plaintiff's
costs and disbursements in this action.
This summons Is published pursuant
to the order of the Honorable Robert
C. Morrow, judge of the above named
court, made 111 open court In this action
on tlic 34th day of May, 1910, which or
der prescribes that this summons shall
ue puuusueii lit tue M. jouiis Review, a
weekly newspaper, once a week for a
period of not less than six weeks. The
first publication of this summons was
made on May 37, :;to, and the last pub
lication will le on the 8th day of July,
1910, COLLI K it & COLLIIJK.
In the circuit court nl the Ktate of Oregon for
the louuly ol MuUiiouwIi,
111 u action wucmii Aima lumiunii u plain
tiff mill lllvaro Cummlni.Wilrfrnil.iut.
To l!lvrotuminln. ilcKmuiit above naninl
III the limine of the Slate of Orriion, you are
litr.hv rruulrril to uh! ami autwrr lit
torn i faint filrUiuiuit iou In (he above culltlril
ult oil or before haturJav, the ylli day of July,
1010, which date la aubiKiiueut to the ciilrliuii
ol j trrk after the a;tli day ol May. 1910, I he
latter belm; the ilate of the firat publication of
Ihla unimo, It befog prcacribcil In Iheorilcr
lor publication of aalu uniiuoiia that the aaiue
be published once a week for U coimccutlve
weeks In the ht. Johns Kev lew If you fall to so
piiear ana answer, lor waut tiiercol, planum
illl apply to the aboe entitled, court fur rtllil
prayed lor In her complaint, to-wit
A decree dissolving absolutely the bond of
matrimony heretofore aud nowcalstlnif bclweeu
uiniiii aunacicuaanti mat urieuiiaui be a
For Rent!
Any pnrty desiring to rent n first class residence nt n reason
nblc rental should consult me ot once. I Iinvc n splendid list of
modern dwellings for rent of which the following nrc n few:
$15 pGr niOllth, modern.
15 p6r niOIltll Six-room house, close in, modern.
12.50 per month Modern five-room house.
10 per UlOntll Wvcs room house and good garden.
10 nfr m n 11 tli l;Ivc room house close to the St. Johns
IV JCI U1UII11I iuint)cr ln1.
8.00 per month 5-room house, good, big garden.
12 per month
Six room house iti good shape.
1 0 per mOllth I'uur room house nud 100x100 lot.
A Very Fine Buy
Ifottr room house nnd 100x100 lot, close in: fine buy.
Many other BnrKalns. Call in and sec.
A. UNGER, Sole Agent
103 N. Jersey slreet, next to the Peninsula llauk
Speciul prices to church parties, socials, etc.
Phone Richmond 1 1
udircd aud decreed to have and owu 110 iluhl.
ltle or Interest In an ol the uroKitv owned liv
plaintiff or to which she has any lUlit or Inter
est; lor judgment attains! me ueiewuiit lor costs
Incurred by plalntirt lu Ihla suit ami for such
other, furlheranddiffercnt relief aslhe court may
deem lufct and moDcr In enuitv.
This suiuiuons is published pursuant loan or.
dcr of Honorable Kobert (!. Morrow, prcsid-
e ol Hie above entitled court, made aud
entered Mav a6. lolo.
Ul'.OKl.i: J, i'KRKINH,
Altoruey for plaintiff.
Date of first Publication Mav 17. loto: cf the
last publication July 8, 1910.
Sealed bids will he received by the
Hoard of Director of school district No.
2. Multnomah county until luue u, 1010.
tobupply schools with 300 cords of heavy
fir slabwood. Delivery tu he muile before
July 15, 1910. The board reserves the
rlk'lit to reject any and all bids. Address
II bids care of clerk,
School Clerk,
smAmiM-IVB I 'f01 e very use. I
WCsjsyJIHjilB Cutgeneroufi
flljB Felled seams. I
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Tull Una of Robes, Casket, ato,, kept In atook
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