St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, April 29, 1910, Image 7

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We can oh untlmlud qoantltUe of all kind
of Draaaed Meat. Poultry and Kttt. Ship
ui all rou have. W never chart etanmle
Ion. Addr all thlpmtnta
Hchttnc tha Beef Truat'
Coavaalaat Flak Hot.
1 have fished hara for tha last twaa-
r years."
"Ever caught anythlngr
Thn why do you fish heror
"Welti it's so near my house." File-
enda lllsettcr.
Not Altuarather.
Promoter I'd Hko to bring a. trolley
road Into your town If I can raise tha
wind here.
Uncle St Waal, I'll be gosh dernedl
I s'posed they wuz still runnla' 'em
by electricity. Doaton Herald.
Barnyard Hcpartr.
"Setms to me," grumbled the old
rooster, "you're laying entailer sirs
than your regular average"
"Well, then," clucked the old hen,
don't need any assistance In cackling
over 'cm. Kindly chsss yourself around
the yar"
Abo1oIm to Mtlkir a see
Old Mother Hubbard,
She went to the cupboard.
As atwaya had been her habit
"I can't afford beef,"
Bhe murmured, with grief:
she made her poor dog a Welsh rab
Hal CWaaataalactaa Baa.
Hrw Tllar 11 fa-
kM. ItlMIMMlltMtf
whnhi, umm mat
Bliarf Mn-
aunmi POWDER
Will Find Bpaady VMM aad
Aaeekt Career Uatncth
Weii Treatment
It Urn hoaeat reHaU treatment aeo
by phyaleiana varywhara erary day In all
aaaaa of InnammaUona, ulcer, rlbeharf,
hsalarlua. narroua ajmptome, at.
At DrucaUli or Bent Direct rresald.
rarest Orove, Or.
"Woodlark" Squirrel Poison is the moet
reliable and destructive agent yet devised
tor the exterminatloa of Gophers, Squir
rels, 6ge Rata and Prairie Dog. It is
the cheapest insurance against their
ravages. Every kernel U warraated to
kill. Climatic chaagee or rooliturs of the
earth do not destroy lU atrengtk. Re
alwaya ready for use. No ether ie to
good. Dealers will reread the pttrchaae
price if not aa claimed. Pamphlet free.
Hovt CuxuiCAt, Co., Partlaad, Oregoe
se - .
UMVtVw. . 'Ja.MI'ii'Munawl. , ! rarjuouaana n ma
J. St,
a4 at kV, sms. You no longer need wear your
VaSUQ IV I II self out with the weakening
a w4Pg m!1 nea 9X1 Intensely hot kitch
sa O lllw lie en You can cook in comfort.
Her k a rtovt ti (hrM UO Olllsleic lMt AHitsbtat
is conceotratad at th buniers. n intenae bla feme (tatter than
either white of rwl) ia tteowo upwards but not aiXNiBtt, Mtaa
beat is atiiaad fa wwMag nooa in outakk basting.
Oil Cookr5tove
tkejy ramoras tha tttaKomlbrt of cooaitaf. Apply a maaih and
imroeoMataiy tha store is ready. Zaatanthan intatvM hast is pro
ected uirwevrds afsfast tha pot; pan, kattk or trallar, aad jpat rhara
C. lrLjSaPaw '.
aaas... BaBBBBBBBBBBBBaZaBaaaaaaBan '
nlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMwssa '
VeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBBBBa r
amaBaV aVMTI ? maaBBBBBBBal '
Aot Mr, MoChanle.
Scotch hlghlandcrs, who still apeak
the Gaelic at times, settled much of
the country north of Toronto. One day
Dr Rutherford, locally famous, was
looking for some men to do some work
for him. Me went to a village black
smith shop and found several of these
Scotchmen standing about
"Are you a mechanic!" he asked one
of them.
"Nay," he replied. "I'm a McCulg."
Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post
Almoat a Kallnre.
"Doctor, you operated on that patient
in No. 49, didn't your
"Make a successful job of It?"
"No, I didn't The operation was dis
gustingly simple, and tho man wasn't
In the slightest danger at any time.
Tho elaborate preparations I had madi
for handling a critical case were whol
ly wasted."
With the Rye at Faith.
"Dr. Fourthly, don't you believe Ok
time Is coming when the swords shyll
be beaten Into plowshares and tho
spears Into pruning hooks, and men
hull learn war no moroT"
"Indeed I do, Drother Mllliap,"
"Hut whenT"
"About the time when that other
prophecy Is fulfilled 'and then shall
the end come.' "Chicago Tribune.
Reliable Hreakfaet Food.
"What sort of breakfast food de
you find tho best!"
"Well," replied the wall-nourished
cltlten, "I haven't run across any
thing yat that beats bacon and eggs,
though sausage end buckwheats af
ford a pleasant change occasionally."
Philadelphia Ledger.
Tha women of Alllnotown. Conn,
kave orgnnlted ' for the protection of
their village from fire. They are to
hold a country fair, the proceeds of
which will bs used to buy apparatus,
They wilt also form a woman's bri
gads of tha fire department
Mia Tlaaa Wa't
"Time is money."
"Cut that lie out"
"Why do you call it a"
"Say, I've Juat done ton years In
the penitentiary and come out bust
edt" Cleveland Leader.
The Human 8ystsm Needs It
Mrs. M. Morgan. 411 4th Ave., E,
Drnlnerd, Minn., writ ens "I take from
one to two bottles of Hood's Harsapa
rllla in the spring to purify the blood
tint aa raa-ularlv aa 1 do my house
cleaning, ana go arounu iigm-iuuiu
and light-hearted. I believe it Is ths
beat blood purifier known."
Hood's Sarsaparllla so combines the
curative urlnclnles of roots, barks and
herbs as to raise them to their highest
efficiency; hence Its unequaiea cures.
del it toaay in usual uquia serai
tablets called garsetaba.
Uaa or lataator. Ym aeed tokaow ot taaae rjod
tela, ll UioarpltrllaMlokaow the facta. Till
aratar. rraltarowar. Honeaaaaar. Bu
aatneaa4 man,. Ataman III J. duaaa. rwmarr
Settlara Da)oBiaat Lea, Ha; burn, Idaho.
f Fraah, Juit off th pre,
book that UlU
(l. How to Keep the Boy
the Farm.
Tn tot tha likfnff. WrU now. noataf card.
pator uw auppiy ta uoauaiag.
18J Moniton 5, Portkind, Ortgon
at aa yaar to bara
liniM f ani
plat aad brl
awrkdoaa. For out-
f-lowa Mitoa w
iaUa Plata a a
brlda work la on
aarlt aaaaaaafr.
KaiarCrtaM $5.06
r;ma(a 1.
bull man kW
us- nm,r ,S
waa i.tar A
PUlli 7aQ
ralaUat titi'tlaa .80
a, MaaaBf ajaarr annaai
m Fraa dkaa alataa or trlila work
taUoarraa. To oaaaolaailiatlai
ihara. ao raaktarao aiacb roa par.
; Altiarh rally naaraataaNl for Sartaaai soar.
Wise Dental Co.
aailiSeis.Tafcrl aWaaWaataa, WTUaM.MM
'Jua ikawti a A. la. aa fTaC Saaaaft, I ta 1
Idaho Minidoka PrJiet tT. , QoranoiMt Irrl
S'a Unit. Aitjnlulu hum Twin-rail tratt
(Mod rllmal. rich nil, atmadaao at velar. Tntrt
I aa giTonaar- I tal lila, a coaairr for ion.
Mr. f' Fniltarowar. noma,-. Mualnaa,
lataTaai iSiliii lln
aal a laaa work aan
J aw H.fJW iwaaaif w arnr naaa .. . n raTamw
CaaarolUat Yo get tae seltsaw h i st
ssaaaae. The eajsmeetosm-ieli. Oaa
vstpe with a tieek eieaat M aaaae f
enrssjtty tkere ie aa emerl. '.
Ita New Fsrfcatisa OU CeehSteva,
a J a.. I av a u
BJsa aPafVaeBraSaspe eTaarg 9W&Wn eaaaac BeBaj
saasclsllyiaeeeisser. Ite keM oee.
aMajausl ta FuwtMa,wkeMle,kJt
h lw CeMaaH Tea wkh aaeaf
far MaeW Pe aad feed aea.
H asa Wag lawquoia pim
ihisuieys. Tm uUlul gaisk, wkL ibe
height the ciamaeye, aukea
the stove ata assantal aad attraetive.
Made with 1, S and S kwaere; tke S
aad S-kajfaMar stevM eaa he had with
ilunun' 1'aw law fill coax tne liref
Into avtlrlty by gcatle method. Ihej d&
not (.'our, sripe or rrraica. aacy ate at
tome-to tea ttomacn, urrr ana nerrr
Inrlgorato lnitetd of weaken. They eu
tick tha blood and enable the stomach to
get all the nourishment from food that Is
put into it. Tnete puis contain no csio
mell they era soothing, healing end itlra
elntinr. For sal by stl druggists to loo
snd 2So stars, if von need medlesl ad
vice, writs MuaroBs Doctors. They will
sdrlas to the beat of thrlr ability sbao
lately free of Cbsrjre. MUKVON'S, e
aa aTawaraaa eta raaaaaMipaja, sa
Sand 10a for trial paekasa.
la MMirs Tlaaee.
"Hang it all, 'Ethel, must your aunt
go alongr
"Yea, Oaorgei but whan everything's
going nicely you can pretend that
something's wrong with the machinery
and that It'e absolutely necessary to
lighten ahlp so we won't be all killed
and then we'll drop auntie overboard
with the parachute." Life.
Mothers wIH tai Mr. Window's Booth! s
lynip tha bl rmdr to us lot thaUehUdrasj
Buriag la wtiaui pariou,
Sareaatl. '
"You will admit that a court is a
necessity," said tho Judge.
"Yes," answsred the audacious at
torney. "But I don't like to bo so fre
quently reminded of tho adage, 'Nccos
sity knows no law.' "Washington
Late Polar Coatroveray.
The king of France marched uw the
hill with 40,000 men.
'1 wish plenty of witnesses," he ex
Ills Duroose accomollshsd. ha forth
with marched down. New ' York Sua.
ARan1 root-Kao. a powdar for ta f aat. Itcoras
palafal, nroUan. amarUny, waatlnar f t. Maka
nw aaoaa aaar. hh bj mm iTua-siaia aw una
Btor. Don't accept any subaUtuta. BanipM
-lUiay Addr A. a. uaiame. V way, ft. I.
If gpavKylaa Aayboaly,
I'd Ilka to have you meet Mr. Lobs
come. He's the vlca preatdent of our
literary society."
"Why, Is It any particular honor to be
a vice president? I thought
"Not of the kind you are thinking
about perhaps, but it's some distinc
tion to be a vice president of our liter
ary society, let me tell you." Chicago
PlaMera by Carleatare,
"Is our new Congressman homely!
Well, I should say! Did you ever see
a photograph of hlmf
"Why, no, but l ve seas caricature
of him."
Oh, they flatter htm: you should see
one of his pnoiograpua." cainouc
Standard and Times.
K'a Pettk's Cye Salve
that rives Instant relief to eves: Irrl
tateil from dcat heat, sun or wind.
All druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo,
IN, X.
The person with the Van Dyke beard
and tho artlatlo temperament had died
and gone to the abode of the blest.
"Well, what do you think of Itr they
asked htm.
"The scenery is not bad." he answer
ed, "but the muslo is hopelessly crudf
and archaic."
Senior Partner Keep a sharp eye on
Holdfast I'm afraid he's robbing tha
Arm. Junior Partner Eni is be hv
Ing extravagantly T Senior Partner-
Well, I passed blm In the street yester
day, and' he was smoking a cigar that
dlda't smell at all bad.
Steaaaa tar the Naaaa,
first Milliner You have designed
the north pole hatT
Second U Ulnar Teat It will be a
matter of dispute between the pur
chaser aad her husband. New York
"I have ettSsfed wMa pllee for thirty
six vaara. Om veer ago last April I be
gan taking CaacareU for eoaatiuatioa. In
tke course of a week I noticed the pike
began to disappear and at the ead of tlx
weeks they did not trottble nc at all.
CaacareU have done wondere foe ase. I
sia entirely cared aad feel like a new
" tieerge suvaer, ttapoteon, u.
Pltaaant.'PalataU. Tetanl Taate Good.
Do Good. NTr Hckn. Waaian or Griua.
10c. Ste, tec Nvrold in bulk. Tha pan
ulna ublat staaapad COC. Goaraataad t
our or yosy Baony
rarlUas it e sif mtid fL 4 te
are kaadUrs f Eggs, Butter,
Dressed Megs, Poultry, Live er
aj; a Apples, Onions, Pota-
.tees.' ' C onaigitwenU. whether large
or ssaag. are aoiMtea. We eaa give
yea feed priaee fer geod etaaT.
Witte Ue.
McEwn cV Koskey
. n
Taat,.Siinitlil sai Afha-itt TliSW Aa
Tt ar aa aa aaaf
Maaj aad iiMfmhrn.
"An Ideal Husband," by the late
Oicar Wilde, has been translated into
Russian and has been staged by tht
Moscow Imperial State Theater. The
play has attalnod an urusual success
In Moscow, having been performed 25
times In the space of four months.
The Moscow theater Is a "repertory"
plnjrhouso, with 15 to 20 plays running
each winter.
A parchment recently discovered In
tho Stato archlvos of Munster has
proved to bo the manuscript of threo
songs of Walter von dor Vogelwelda,
together wtlh the music and a frag
ment of a poem by another writer. It
had been used as a cover for a six
teenth century bill and Is Judced from
tho handwriting to belong to the mid
dle of tho fourteenth century.
"Threo Years Dohlnd tho Guns" Is
to bo put Into embossed typo for1 tho
blind, This Is tho story of tho ex
periences of a runaway sailor lad on
tho Olyrapla and It was of this book
that Admiral Dewey wroto the pub
lishers: "I can vouch for many of tho
facts, and the description of tho bat
tte of Manila Day Is ono of the best
I have evor teen published." A cu
rious fact In connection with this
book It that It was written by a wom
an who didn't seo tho battle, but wrote
the story as har runaway tailor son
told It to her.
A naif correspondent of the London
Athenaeum writes it long letter to that
journal In tho hope of recovering his
copy of tho early poems of George
Moredlth, which ho left at 8t dour
hauaen In 1857. "It so happens that
I have had five copies of this notablo
llttlo volume. At this moment I havo
my hand upon two copies of tho book
Ono of them I lent to Moredlth about
tho time of his socond marrlago. Ho
asked for tho loan of It to read to his
now wife during tholr honoymoon
When be gave It me back I was obliged
to havo It bound."
Tho now biography of tho Fronch
Republican, Oambettn, compllod by
rolntlvo of his, M. P. Qheusl, hat
been published In England under the
title "Oambetta: Llfo and Utters."
The work Is largely msdo up of let
tors from tho great tribune to his re
latives And Intimate friends. M
Oheusl, by a Judicious choice of tha
very voluminous correspondence left
by Qambetta, and treasured by hla
owa circle, now rapidly growing email
er and smaller, enables ua to folio
the patriot's career from hU entry
irto the humble earn I nary at Cahora
kept by priests until hla sudden death.
In a little book. 'Tho Education ol
the Child," Ellen Key attacks vigor
In a llttlo book. 'Tho Education of
the Child," Ellen Key attacks vigor
ously some common mistakes made by
parents. She says: "A grown man
would become Insane It Joking Titans
treatod him for a single day as a child
Is treated for a year. A child should
bo Just as courteously addressed as
grown person, In order that he may
learn courtesy, A child should nover
bo pushed Into notice, never compelled
to endure caresses, never overwhelmed
wtlh kltaet, which ordinarily, torment
him and are often the cause of soxtial
hyperaethesla. Nor should tho chll
be forced to express regret In bogging
pardon aad the llko, which la excellinf
training for hypocrisy."
i 1
A Careful Para.
At a settlement located on tho East
Sldo In New York a mothers' meeting
Is held Wodnesday afternoons. Thore
mothers of various nationalities, of
greater or less familiarity with tho
English tongue, and In different de
grees of assimilation to the Idoals of
their new country, are sorvod with tea
and cakes, helped with their sowing,
acd furnished with hints as to the
proper up-bringing of their children-
hints sometimes carried out on ex
rnordlnary lines.
A worker from the settlement ray
Ing calls In a populous, tenement, on
rtacblug the two rooms occupied by
a recently arrived Italian family found
her ears assailed by childish howls of
'Les-a, slgnorlna, me I wheep An
gelo hard-al" explained the mother
of the family, who for a month or bp
bad men a regular attend at the Wed'
nesday afternoons. "I go on the meet'
luc at a your house I not lct-a my
keeds say bad-a word, I brcenga up
my keeds all-a right Angulo sceng-a
lou song-a bad-a word In heem, vera
bad-a wordl I wheep Angolo vera
And then the worker from the settle
ment found a serious task of oxpla
nation on her hands; for, probing the
matter, she discovered that the "low
song-a' containing tne "bad-a word,"
which had brought poor Angelo to
grief, waa nore other than "Nearer,
My God, to Thee!"
Ideca of Abacr l'cae.
"It beats all holler how tho world
Will take a man's idees
An not give credit for the same,"
Bald Uncle Abner Pease.
"Here I hev preached for forty year
Tht farmla' lire's the best;
Thet farmer folk are better of
Than any uv the rest.
"I've said It e'er aa' o'er aaia,
An' told the reason why;
I've pictured it In glowln' tenet.
An' spread it fur an' sign.
I've 'lowed the tlllin' uv the soil
Wus beet fur ail mankind;
Kn' ev'ry man around thla town
Says "Humph!" an' scratched W
Aa' new tke pollertlclaa chaps,
From Taft all down the line,
Are pratsla' farmla' to the skies
Thet er idee uv mine.
Beats all bow big men uv the world
Will steal a chap's Idees;
Next one I git I'm goln' to keep!"
Bays Unci Abner Pease.
Boston Herald.
Tke debt the world owes you dt
Beads oa, what .you do. If you da
aetklag, that Is what the world owes
We are all so aaglaas to get auQt
kat wbea we aet M, M amaUy, fcriafs
Merchant So Uacit to Them He In.
anltnl an Acquaintance.
A Broadway business mnn was walk
ing down that sunny but much-panhnn'
died avenuo after luncheon yesterday
nftcrnoon wonderlntr what sort of
plea the next temporarily embarrassed
stranger would offer. During his ten
block walk, the New York Times as
serts, he had been asked to buy tw
"gold" rings, furnish carfare to an nl
leged Drooklynlte, and help a fourth
unfortunate to reach some point in tho
distant West
While ho was swinging unobservant
ly along In the midst of his brown
study some one camo up. and grasped
him with affectlonato firmness by the
"What Is a fellow to do with
canary bird when he Isn't going homo
until 6 o'clock?" he heard himself
asked. Tho business mnn turned and
saw a not ovor well-dressed young man
carrying a nowspnper-wrnpped bird
cage. Rather impatiently he Jerked
Ills elbow clear of the affectlonato
young man's grasp.
"I'm suro I don't know, friend. Go
and talk to boiiio ono clso nbout It,'
ho answered wearily.
A sudden and rather violent change
camn ovor the young man's face not
at all, however, tho kind of chango
which tho buslnoss man had expected
Ho grew quite scarlet with resentment
His eyes glared fiercely nt tho startled
business mnn. Pugnaciously ho half
raised tho hand which tho business
man had thrown off.
"Why, you Idiot! Aren't you Bo-
aad So?" mentioning tho business
man's name. "Can't a fellow even
speak to you when ho scce you?" ho
ejaculated wrathfully. The young man
hurried off, brandishing tho btrdcago
llko a weapon. Ho was evidently filled
with all the unforgiving emotions. Be
fore disappearing around the corner of
a sldo street ho throw Wk a final
It then dawned on tho somowhnt
dazed business mnn that ho had been
Introduced to the' blrdcago stranger at
a meeting of so mo kind of a fraternal
ordor a year or so ago.
Cvery Inch of Space la Ita Llttl
Kitchen m Kconomlaed,
Tho kitchen of a dining car Is i
striking cxnmplo of what can bo dono
in economizing space Kvory inch Is
Water tanks are suspended from tho
celling. One wall Is lined with the
big rango and heating ovons, while on
the othor aro storago boxes, receptacles
for pans, pots and otbor utensils, and
a row of cupboards up undor the coll
At one end, between the kitchen and
tho dining car proper, Is a llttlo pantry
which serves as a sort of vestlbulo,
That Is where tho waltors placo tholr
orders and receive dishes.
Every soparato articlo of food and
equipment has Its placo, says the Worn
au's Homo Companion. Every corner
and nook In tho car has a particular
function. The silver Is In one placo,
tho milk and cheese In another, tho
meat In another, and so on through
tho list Everything perlshablo Is kept
In a refrigerator.
While the car Is In action tho con'
ductor from his position between tho
dining room and kitchen keeps his
eyes upon the ten tables and endcav
ore to seo that nono of tho dlnors Is
neglected. For all tho supplies on the
car he Is held to strict account. On
his trip shoet, as It Is called, Is put
list of everything takon on tho car
when It starts out A record of all
articles sold Is entered upon the sheet,
and when tho car comes homo again
all that has not been sold must bo on
Tho equipment of a dining car con
forms to standards, just rut do loco'
motives, trucks, rails and tics. Dishes
are made according to established pat
terns, each piece of china having the
company's monogram upon It The
same Is true of the linen, stiver, menu
holdors everything. Thus n loss can
bo easily traced, The waiters aro al
iened $20 a month for breakage. All
damage In' excess of that, thbugh, they
havo to pay for, and tho cost Is dl
vlded among them equally.
Man' Chivalry lo tho Pried
deaa of the I'lrealde,
As we men frequently admit, It Is
our chivalrous regard for women
which leads us to deslro that sho shall
confine her wholly admirable enorglea
to the making of our home and the
keoping of our houses. She is tendor
and frail, and so we urge that sho
hall not for a moment drop her role
aa tho goddess of the household. Thoro
la nothing that so arouses our almost
sacred admiration as to see our owa
particular goddess with a dlshrag In
ono band and a frying pan In tho otti
er. Let us never desert this high Ideal
of womanhood and its lofty purpose in
Particularly let us not do so be
cause It a woman docs not keep the
house It will not be kept. Would we
men engineer and prepare 1,005 meals
la one year? Would we wash dishes
1,095 times, wipe them 1,095 times.
sew, darn, mend, dovoto our lives to
a gray monotony of treadmill effort?
Not on your life! Our chivalrous re
gard for adored woman would not per
mit It And we would go crazy with
in six months If we tried. I know of
nothing that wo should cling to more
closely than this chivalrous regard
for our womankind. It saves tho cost
of many and many a hired girl.
I have penned this little tribute to
man's chivalrous regard for woman
because anybody can seo that It de
serves It woman, tne housekeeper
(sad nothing else), the fried goddess
of the flreslde, tho queen of her do
mestic domain, with a stewpan for a
tiara and a stove hook for a scepter,
let ue together pledge her, while we
register our chivalrous vow that we
will keep her where she Is unless we
men seed her as a stenographer or
something else, In which event our
ealvalrotts regard may stretch a few
points. California Monthly.
Kvery church worker occasionally
says after telling how bard she works
far her preacher: "My doctor says
ha can't keep me well unless I give
f sty rellgioa."
Not a drop
of Alcohol
Doctors prescribe very little, if
any, alcohol these days. They
prefer strong tonics and altera
tives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains why Ayer's Sar
sap&rillc is now made entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor. Follow his advice.
We pnbllah oar formula,
XV a banlah alaahal
rrem ourm,dloln
W, urta you to
oniull yoar
Unless there Is dally action of the bow
els, poisonous products sre absorbed,
causing headache, biliousness, nsuscs,
dyspepsia. We wish you would atk your
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Ayer's Pills.
't Mm,.-
iZVra Sherman
A Beautiful Book FREE
Tr.1 kaaetlful baeklrt, ceatalnlnf 75 atHd pho
tasrivurt of tha war l"t moat clbrata) mwltUn,
May be had tree upan raqutat, provlSJns tha fellow
Ins question ar answered. W wltt Uo sand fraa
a cy of "Old ravorlta Seat."
Do you efect to buy Plane f.
Name ..,
Am Advautaar.
Drown Yes, I'm acquainted with
your wife, old man. I know hor be
faro you married her.
Smith Ah, that'a whero you had
tho advantago of mo I didn't Life
Sara I'aator Uoodraaa,
Thoae altepers may ba alnnere,
Out their aleeplng la no algni
Drethren, if they can't keep awake
They're not to blame make no mta
take I
For I know the fault la mlnel"
Wllllaa to CoaaBroaal,
Woman of tha Houae No, I haven't
any old garments to give you.
Needham Quick I ain't ao dead aot
on havln' of 'am old, ma'am. It you've
got any that'a on'y allghtly aollad
they'll do J la' as walL Chicago Trlb
It's a Wrong Idea
To suppose that Nature
alone will correct any dis
turbance of the Stomach,
Liver or Bowels. Very
often assistance is needed,
and it is then you ought to
take the Bitters. You'll
rind it Nature's best aid
in cases of Poor Appetite,
HeartiMirn, Sour Stomach,
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Cos
tiveness, Biliousness and
Malaria. Always insist on
General marchandta atore rlaht In tha heart at
Portland. Wcat tiki, on main tioroughfara, down
town) cnah hualneia of laat year. ttO.OU); thla la a
fortune maktr: we value (lock and fixture rrom
110.000 to I1T.0OO. Will aichanga for eaab. or llr-
tock or, arm una or aoro rood real ee
tate In Portland. Paarrlbe roar property In full.
AUraa Alt eU, OresonUn, I'e
, Orsou.
Pacific Coast Biscuit Company
Portland Seattle. 8pokan
Atk for Tbslr Good and
They Will Secure You Many Useful
Article Without Cost
Oajareataad wader
all Pare Food
Stands for
In providing the family's mcftla,don't
Dc satisfied with anything but th
best. KC Is guaranteed perfec
tion at a moderate price. It
makes everything better. .
Try and
a a T" BOIf 8041
dnUtO ti.ooAti.6o
W. Jj. Douplns
hIiocs nro worn
any other make,
W.rt)nlltln S.1.00
anil aliura are
the limrnt ttrlrc,
qiinllly ronililoreil,
III Iho world. 1
W.L.l)nuiclna 11.00
and SVUHI alinra
rminl. In at i In. lit anil
wear, ntlicr nmkca ,
coat nffNO.OntnKH.OO.
fatt Color Cmlttt. til
The arnnlne tiara W. t. 1)oits!aii naui anil tirlrt
lamrl on In Ntltlnn. Titki- MdhalMtil.-,
At yvnrrintlat lor W.I. Doiiala.ihnp.. If (hrrara
not for ailalnrnnr lownwrlla for MailuntrrCatalo,
flTliin mil itlrnilon, linw lo i mall. Mhott
ntfrl rtlrrrt from faitprjr rillrrl lo (ha warri
all chaw prtpanl. W, U IKiuglat, llrocaion. it ar
John D.
Ho accumulated many rocks,
And this Is his explanation!
"I need thorn alt In spite of your
To maka a securo Foundation."
Chicago Tribune.
Correcting m Hleappreheaaloa.
Culler I have been told that your
bachelor brother is an avowed rala
ogynlat Mrs. anawell Why, Mrs. Jlpea, there
lan't a word of truth In thnt He'a a
Congregatlonallat Chicago Tribune.
Ua turn Loop,
Btrangtr How about thoae elevate,
carat Are they tha pay-aa-you-entr
kind, tooT
Suburban Not they're the pray-aa-you-entar
404 Story Building Loa Angelas, OaL.
Tills sterling household remedy ha
Ioiik been recognized aa the beat and
latest Illood l'urif ler, the most aucceatf ul
prescription for apring humors and aucb
llsordera of the blood as bolls, pimples,
pustules, .blotches, sores and cutancoui
truptlons, Kniparilla is admitted to bt
iia best remedy for that lack of energy
tnd the peculiar debility so prevalent
luring the close of winter and tkeopcnlna
f spring. For derangements of the dl
citlve orgnns It is a natural corrective,
jpcrntlng directly upon the liver and all
iientary canal, gently but persistently
itlmulntlng a healthy activity. Itt
eneficlal influence extends, however, tc
tvery portion of the system, aiding in the
processes of dlgestlou and assimilation oi
:ood, promoting a wholesome, natural
ippctlte. correcting sour stomach, bat)
oreath, irregularities of tho bowels, con.
ttipatlon and the long list of troubles
ilrectlv traceable to those unwholesome
conditions. Kasrwrllla dispels drowsi
ness, headache, backache ami despond-
ncy ue to inactivity ol Ute liver,
Jdneya and dluestlve tract It la
ttreugthetilng tonic of the highest value.
Uovt Cukmicai, Co. 1'ortlaud, Oregos
No. IB-no-
TSTIIKtT writing to advertiser plaa I
nienllun till paper.
Jaques Mfg. Ce.
see. rrcrfect
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