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n j tit ij x i land train No. l, , between this piaco
Doings of the World at Large ana Goodyear,; at 12:30 o'clock this
Bcnicia, Cal., April 18. After loot
ing the mall and baggago cars of over
land train No. 1, ' between this placo
Told in Brief.
Ueneral Resume of Important Events
Presented In Condensed Form
for Our Busy Readers.
An earth fllldo burled a work train
and 25 men near St. Alphonso, Quebec,
and nearly all wcro killed.
W. J. Brynn has returned to Now
York from South America, where ho
has. been studying sociological condi
Tho condition of Samuel Clemens
(Mark Twain) is sllghly Improved, but
still serious. Heart trouulo Ib tho
A stenographer who wrote letters for
Roosevelt In Naples says ho expects to
bo tho next president of tho United
Tho books of tho United States Stcol
corporation wcro thrown open to tho
public and show that tho largest stock'
holders aro Hollanders.
American workmen havo been shut
out of tho works of tho Pressed Steel
Car company at Schoenvlllo, Pa., and
serious trouble Is imminent.
With banners afloat, finery aflutter,
and occupying a procession of taxlcabs
nearly a mile long, tho suffragists in
convention in Washington, D. C,
moved on Canitol Hill and presented
to congress 400,000 individual domsnds
for votes for women.
Not a dynamito cracker nor a cap
pistol nor a "snako in tho grass" will
bo sold In Washington, D. C, tho com
ing Fourth. Instead, thero will bo
band concerts, athletic contests, boat
races and all kinds of outdoor snorts,
whllo tho cltzicns' commlttco sots off
tho fireworks.
A workman at tho now Mt. Tabor
resorvolr In Portland attempted to ro
placo a driving chain on a concreto
mixer which had jumpedbf! thosprock
ot wheel, when his clothing caught in
tho cogs and his arm was drawn In and
crushed. A follow workman cut tho
mangled flesh looso with his jack-knlfo
whllo others supported tho suffering
victim, who was then rushed to a hos
pltal on Jtho opposite sido of town,
nearly flvo miles.
JThreo'mcn robbed a California train
and then escaped In a launch on Suisun
An Oklahoma farmer was swindled
out of 12,000 on a fake horso raco at
San Francisco.
President Taft is confident that tho
$30,000,000 Irrigation bill will pass
both houses.
It is reported from many cities that
moving picture shows aro seriously in
terferlng with tho saloon business.
A fierce wind storm in Southorri
states cost 17 lives and property dam
age amounting to many hundred thou
President Taft, speaking at n ban
quet in Washington, said ono term as
president of tho United States Is
Tho Supremo court of Louisiana has
been called upon to doflno "whut la a
negro." and tho decision Is being wait
cd for with grant interest by many
A woman In snydor, Toxoa, started
tho flro with coal oil, and sho 'and her
infant daughter and 14-ycnr old sister
wcro burned to death by tho explosion
which followed.
Passengers and crow of tho atoamor
Santa Clara, wrecked off tho Callfor
nla coast, woro nil saved, and tho
steamer herself has been pulled off tho
rocks and Is being towed Into ort.
Tho wlfo of a prominent coffco mer
chant at Los Angeles has finally bcun
recognized as tho "mysterious girl ut
the ringside" who has attended many
prizefights In that city, disguised in
men's clothing.
morning, thrco masked men, who es
caped on the englno of tho train to
Suisun bay are being pursued by a
sheriff's posse, through bayous In a
steam launch.
Tho robbers had planned tho hold-up
carefully and hod a boat J secreted in
tho marshes when they abandoned tho
engine at Cygnus,
Tho train was stopped by a lantern
signal as It slowed down on the ap
proach to Goodyear. As tho engine
camo to a stop, two men leaped
aboard, ono from each side, and cover
ed tho engineer with revolvers. An
Instant later tho third appeared and
covered tho fireman.
Ono of tho men stood guard over tho
engineer and fireman whllo tho othor
two entered tho express car.
No estimate of tho amount taken
can bo had. but it is believed that tho
robbery netted several hundred dol
lars. There wcro ten coaches in tho
train, and tho robbers locked each ono
na they passed through, leaving tho
passengers captlvo whllo they rifled
tho othor cars.
After completing tho work thoy re
turned to tho engine, whero their com'
panion still stood guard over tho train'
men, and ordered the engineer to un
counlo tho engine. Ho was then or
dered, with tho fireman, to "beat It,"
and as tho men ran back toward tho
rear of tho train, ono of tho robbers
pulled tho throttlo wldo open and the
engine shot at top speed through Good
A posse was quickly organized at
Goodyear and ficnecia and a short time
later the abandoned engine was round
a few miles farther ahead at Suisun
bay. A rancher living nearby had
seen thrco men and it was learned a
short tlmo later that tho men had es
caped in a launch.
HIM and Harrlman Interests Rushing
to Coos Bay Country.
Burns That tho Harrlman and Hill
interests will run a harder raco across
tho stnto in building from cast to west
than that now on In heading south
through tho Deschutes river canyon is
becoming apparent. Tbo contest, It is
bcllavcd, will bo tbo most exciting over
pulled off In tho history of westorn
railroad construction.
That tho Hill interests will push
through to completion with all posslblo
liasto a lino from Bolso, Idaho, to Coos
Bay, or somo point In the Willamotto
Valley having connection with Portland
by means of tho Oregon Electric, Js now
practically settled in tho minds of men
speculating on tho stato's futuro rail
road operations, and it is known that
slnco tbo Hill interests began to dis
play Interest In tho satno Bcctlon of the
state, tho Harrlman pcoplo, too, hnvo
bocomo very actlvo. Hurvoylng parties
havo boon busy for somo tlmo stretch
ing lines with n vlow of finding tho
most fcnslblo routo from east to west
ncross tho state, and It Is raid that no
small portion of tho proposed road has
already been staked out.
According to information so far given
out by mon closoly in touch with rail
road construction people, it nppcars evi
dent that tho Harrlman lino will bo
built from Valo westward by way of
Burns, which route, It Is understood,
will also bo followed by tho Hill roo
pie. Tbo rccont transfer of tho large
holdings of tho Willamotto Valloy
Cascado Mountain Military Boad com
pany to a syndlcato of Mlnnosotn cap
Itnllala. who will throw It oncn to sot
tiers without delay, Is expected to bo
followed by an early announcement
from James J. Hill to tho effect that
tho holdings will bo clvon transports
tlon facllitlos as soon as a lino can bo
built, tho survoy of which, it Is be
Ilovod, will practically parallel tho lino
of tho old wagon road its cntlro dis
British Journal Sees Hlddon Moan
Ing In Voyage of Squadron.
London, April 18. Whllo ono sec
tion of European opinion urges Mr.
Itoosevclt to discuss with William and
Edward an International understanding
for tho limitation of armaments, an
other cynically suggests that, if thoy
will bring tho mnttcr up for his con'
sldoratlon, more may bo accomplished.
Tho Implication is, as ono prominent
Journal sees tho situation, that Mr.
itoosevclt has dono as much as either
of tho monarchs to stimulate tho np-
potlto for fleets.
Interest in this matter Is heightened
by Washington dispatches today that
foreshadow another nround-tho-world
cruiso by Amorlcan battleships, theso
vcssols heading east from Hampton
Roads Instead of south.
"If tho cruiso Is taken," commonts
ono week-end observer, "any tyro will
bo ablo to sco tho connection between
it and tho readjustments of tho Wash'
ington-Toklo treaty and that famous
final clause of artlclo II.
"Thero is going to bo tension be
tween the United States and Japan
when tho latter presses for tho prlvll
cgea of naturalization and sutfrage,
not to mention easier Immigration
conditions, and Undo Sam recalls tho
pacifying Influcnco of his war dogs
two years ago."
Hope Is expressed that at tho Now
York dinner to Lord Kitchener, who
is thought to huvo "mudo n hit with
tho Americans by tolling tho Austral
Inns to found n military school llko
West Point," tho guest will emphasize
tho valuu of n "lasting entente bo-
tweon our fleet and theirs."
War Donartmoat Rofusos to Heo
Prayor of Dwollors In Lano.
Washington Tho war department
has definitely refused to assist In pro
venting tho washing away of tho banks
of tho Willamotto botwecn bugono nnd
Hnrrlsburg. Citizens, through Sonn
tor Chamberlain, asked tho departmont
to do this on tho ground that tho gov
ernment built tho dikes that causcdho
higher water which had caused great
destruction upon adjoining lands at
each freshet tlmo.
Chief of Engineers Marshall rofcrrcd
tho matter to Major Mclndoo, at Port
land, who upon examination reports
"Caving in was in progress boforo
tho dikes wero built nnd In our opinion
tho dikes are not rcsponslblo primarily
for such caving in. Tho project to
prevent It would bo enormously ox
pensive and not Justified by tho needs
of navigation on tho river. Work dono
for that purnoao would be solely for
tho protection or privato property and
is therefore not recommended."
A 685-pound woman has been Jailed
in San Francisco for cxhlblttlng her
self as a freak,
A Kansas tornado swept a crcok dry
for nearly a mllo, toro up telephone
poles and curried a cow and calf 200
A mission at Chungsha, China, was
destroyed by rioters because Chlncso
officials hud cornered tho rlco supply
for export.
A forger was arrested In San Fran
cisco for trying to pass a worthless
check signed with tho namo of John D.
A 13-year old girl in Pittsburg com
mitted suicide by drinking carbolic
acid because she was not getting
along well in school.
It is believed that various largo rail
roads havo boon robled by swindlers of
several million dollars, 'thorough In
vestigation is boing made.
President Taft spoke boforo tho Na
tional Woman Suffrage convention in
Washington, and was hissed when he
gavo his opinion on woman suffrage.
Lawyor Seth F, Crows, of Chicago,
was glvon 15,000 by tho Circuit court
for advising Sarah Peterson that it
would bo legal for her to marry John
It. Smith, a wealthy mine owner, on
his deathbed. Miss Peterson married
Mr. Smith and ho died almost immed
iately afterward. When his estato
was probated sho fell heir to 1350,000.
A Burlington passenger train In
Montana collided with a freight, kil
ling ono brakeman and injuring sovcral
persons badly, Tho freight conductor
had both legs broken.
A Chicago girl of 10 years has given
birth to a fine girl baby and both aro
doing woll.
A Washington farmor was fleeced of
f 10.000 on a sure thing race gamo in
Ban Francisco.
Chicago women strongly resent tho
alleged slur in tho census rules that
'housewifery" is not an occupation.
Kltchenor at Acadomy.
West Point, N. Y April 18. At
his own request tho visit of Field
Mnrahal Lord Kitchener here today
was unmarked by ceremony. After a
luncheon at the residence of Colonel
Hugh L. Scott, tho superintendent, ho
passed tho afternoon viewing the aca
demy and studying its methods. Lord
Kltchonor camo hero nccompanled by
W. Hutler Duncan, Jr., of New York,
and was mot by Superintendent Scott
at tho railroad station. Tho visitor
watched tho usual Inspection and re
view of tho cadet corps.
Land Fraud Sleuth Slain,
Broken Bow, Neb., April 18. Word
was received hero this ovoning of tho
finding yesterday near tho town of
Mullen of tho dead body of O, F. Ham
ilton, the man who assisted secret ser
vice men In' uneurthlng land frauds in
Northwestern Nebraska.
Hamilton, It Is .claimed, was mur
dered. Ho has been missing two
months, Hamilton's body was found
by tho confession of Frank Clcavinger,
who charges H. ;U. Mclntyre, a rail
road brakeman, with having killed
Plan Model Dairy for Klamath.
Klamath Falls. Klamath county is to
have ono or tho finest dairy rancnos in
Oregon, according to tho plans of John
Kills and W. L. Albright. It Is to bo
located In tho big Albright-Kills ranch
about sevon miles from Fort Klamath
When tho ranch Is in readiness to ro
echo tho herd, Mr. Kills will go to tho
nniiiilo west, wlioro iio will select t no
stock that Is to composo It. He has
decided on tho nurchnso ot Guernsey;
and Holstolns, bollovlng that theso will
host meet tho conditions of cllmato and
tho demands of tho markots.
Flro Destroys Much Timber.
Salem Printed proceedings of the
Fobruary meeting of the stnto board
or forestry aro now ready for distrl
button. They givo reports of damago
dono to tho forests In tho stato by flro
luring tho summer of 1000. In this
connection tho report of tho secretary
shows that thoro wero 413 fires, burning
over an area of 01.037 acres, and that
a total of lUl,Uin,ooo feet, board mens
are. of moreantllo timber was dcitroyed
If this timber had been manufactured
Into lumber it would havo represented
an approximate value of JSSSTu,
"Siamese" Twins from Philippines.
San Francisco, April 18. Two Sa-
mar twins, joined together by tho
merest ligament, nnd who promlso to
bo rivals for tho famo gained by tho
Siamese twins, aro In San Frunciaco
today. Tho two children, both boys.
arrived hero yesterday from tho Philip
pines, in charge of R. L. Louis, who
will exhibit them throughout tho United
States. Tho Infants scorn to get along
poaccably, although thoy occasionally
havo a spat.
Operators Will Arbitrate,
Washington, April 18. The situa
tion which has threatened a strike of
telegraphers on tho Southern railway
has been compromised. Chairman
Martin A. Knapp, of tho Interstate
Commerce commission, said today all
disputed points except the question of
wages and representation havo been
sottled. Theso will bo arbitrated un
der tho Erdman uct.
Eight Nlghtrlders Fined.
Cincinnati. April 18. Eight of tho
alleged nlghtrlders of Grant county.
Kentucky, on trial in tho United States
District court at Covington, Ky,,
worn found guilty by a Jury today.
Thrco others wero acquitted. Fines
ranging from 1100 to $1,000 wero as
sessed by Judge Cochran, who released
tho men on their own recognizance,
pending an appeal
Land Office at Valo,
Valo Bruce It. Kcstor, an agent of
tbo government, is In Yale for tho pur
none of recommonding a sultablo locn
tlon for tho land office, which will bo
opened hero in accordance with tho re
cent act of congress creating a new land
district, with tho ofllco at Vale, It is
not tho intention of the government to
erect a building, but to leaso a portion
of a building, which will accommodate
tho ofllces and equipment for tho now
Complains of Shipment,
Salem 11. Grebo, of Portland, has
filed a complaint with tho railroad
commission, in which ho sets forth that
a Inrgo consignment of 'seed peas ship
ped from Pullman, Wash., to Condon,
Or.. March 21, haa novcr reached its
destination. Mr. Grebo also complains
of oxecssivo freight charges on tho O.
R. & N. from Portland to Condon, and
delays In delivery have caused him
much damage.
Yearling Sheep Bring SS,
Hoppner It. F. Bloknall shipped S3
carloads of sheen from this city and SO
carloads from Echo tho first of last
week, Tho sheep are yearlings, and
wero purchased from Morrow County
sheepmen at prices ranging from 14.50
to $3 per head. There were about 14,
000 sheep in tho shipment-
Poultry Plant Near Medford.
Medford O. II. Hoxlo has purchased
from tius Lawrenco 1-3 acres soutn
west of Medford for $15,000. Tho land
is partially agricultural and partially
small timber. Mr, Jioxio purposes go
ing into tho chicken business on a large
Launch Ready at Hermlston.
Hermtston The launch belonging to
tho Columbia Land company is now In
running order, and prospective settlers
will bo taken out on the government
dam every afternoon. The people of
Hermlston initiated the motor car by
going ea masse to Stanfiold.
8110,000 TO BUILD DAM.
Will Store Enough Water to Irrigate
20,000 Acres In Umatilla.
Pendleton The projected dam across
the Umatilla river at Coo for the pur
pose of conserving flood waters of win
ter to bo used in reclaiming 20,000
acres contained in tho Furnish-Coc
project west of Pendleton is to bo con
structed this summer. The contract
has been signed and bonds given for
commencement of work within 30 days
and completion by October 1. Tho
Eschbach-Bruco company of Scattlo
has been awarded tho contract.
Although tho dam was projected sev
eral months ago, and though concreto
cores had been constructed from bed
rock to tho surface of tho ground, no
work has been done for several months
nnd mnny were of tho opinion that
tho project had been abandoned.
Tho original plans of tho Furnish
Coo project were for reclaiming land
principally by winter, Bprlng nnd early
fall irrigation. '-Thrco dry seasons in
succession convinced tho promoters
that it would bo well to provldo for
emergencies, nnd tho dnm plan was
adopted. Tho dam will bo 60 feet
high, 1,170 fcot long, 270 feet wldo
at bnsc, and 20 feet wldo nt top, nnd
will cost $110,000. It will form a res
crvoir covering 240 acres and contain
ing a supply sufficient to Irrigate tho
entlro project for CO days. 1
Owing to tho large number of other
reclamation projects. It will bo ncccs
snry to arrnngo for normal flow of tho
river at all seasons of tho year. Tho
spillway will also be capable of hand
ling tho largest floods and will havo a
cupneity of 60,000 second feet, or
twlco as much water at has over
passed down tho river.
Ties Ordered by Corvallls at Eastern
to Skirt Yaqulna Bay With Road,
Corvallls Beach travelers going to
VAtvnnrt. nn llin Clrtirrnn fnnat. thin
summer will In nil probability not havo uchln monk, with a lighted taper in his
to nut un with tho annoyanco of trans- hand, ho laid wreaths on tho tombs of
Emperor Francis Joseph
' Roosevelt In Splendor.
Vienna, April 1G. Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt was received at tho Aus
trian capital today in a manner almost
like that accorded a reigning sov
ereign. The punctilious Austrian court, tho
most ceremonious of Europe, had ar
ranged the programme and loft noth
ing undone that could emphasize the
unprecedented honor being paid the
visiting American.
As a special mark of his personal
esteem, tho aged cmpcror-klng, Fran
cis Joseph, recoived Colonel RoobovcH
in his privato npnrtmcnts at tho im
posing H of burg palace, instead of in
tho regular audience chamber.
Tho monarch, who was nttircd In an
imperial uniform, was extremely gra
cious to tho American and kept him in
conversation for 36 minutes.
What interested subjects they found
to discuss wcro not mado public, as
thoy wcro alone, and Colonel Roosevelt
naturally has declined to reveal tho
slightest detail of tho conversation.
Emperor Francis Joseph intends per
sonally to return Mr. Roosevelt's call
on him. Such an honor as n return
visit from tho emperor is only extend
cd to reigning sovereigns.
For Colonel Roosevelt tho call on tho
emperor was only the main fcaturo of
n busy day, which began immediately
after ho reached his hotel this morning
with a breakfast with Henry White,
ox-American ambassador to France,
who had not been in Vienna since he
began hia diplomatic career hero 27
years ago under President Taft's fath
er, who was then American minister.
Tho day included an official visit lut
ing an hour to Count von Aehrcnthal,
tho Austro-Hungarlaii foreign minis
ter, a call of courtesy on Archduko
Francis Ferdinand, heir apparent to
tho throne, nt Bclvidcro palace, n vis
it to tho tombs of tho Hupsburgs,
where, under tho guidance of a Cap-
Governor of Province Dead and
Officials In Flight.
Consulates and Missions Destroyed
and Missionaries Flee In Boats
Eight Refuges Drown.
London. April 19. Tho Times'
correspondent in his dispatch on tho
Changshu riots, says the American
missionaries aro missing. Their
fate is.unknown.
Changshu, China, April 19. All of
tho foreign-owned buildings in Chang
shu havo been destroyed by fire, except
the British consulate. All tho build
ings rented by foreigners havo been
havo loft tho city.
no foreign resident
All foreigners
So far as known,
lost his life. '
Tho governor
nr.. o!..
ferring from train to ferry at Yaqulna,
as has been tho necessity in tno past
Tho Corvallls Eastern itaiiroau com
nnnv has decided to extond its road
from Yaqulna, Its prciont terminus, to
Ncwnort tno tracK to skiu mo beach
of tho crescent shaped bay. Tho nows
states that tho Corvallls k Eastern
Itallroad company hni cntored Into a
contract with tho Yaqulna Bay Lumber
company, at Toledo, for 7,000 railroad
ties, which number will bo sufficient to
cover tho strotch between Yaqulna and
Nowport, a distance of about turoo and
a half miles.
Rolling Stock for Short Line,
Salt Lako City In addition to 40
pasiongor coaches arriving boro for tho
Oregon Short Lino and tho largo mini'
bcr of cars already ordored, tho road Is
preparing to placo an ordor for 43,000,-
000 worth of rolling stock. The la
creasod ordor is believed to bo due to
tho road's anticipation of a season of
prosperity. Tho prediction that thoro
will not bo enough rolling stock In the
country to aecommodato passenger and
freight tranio also may nave una somo
thing to do with tho action of tbo road's
Whlteaker Well Shows Oil.
Dallas Drilling has beon resumed nt
tho Whlteaker oil well. The machinery
is again running on full time. The drill
Is hammering away In a stratum of
hard rock, with a strong showing of
oil nnd a constantly increasing flow of
natural gas. For tho last two weeks
drilling operations havo boon practically
suipomicd to give tno workmen an op
portunity to put down several hundred
feet of 8-Inch rasing. Rapid progress
win now bo mauo.
Motor Carries Mall.
Brownsville Mall service on tho
motor between this city and Albany
has been inaugurated, and henceforth
Brownsville will roeeivo four train
malls each day, oxcept Sunday, when
thoro will bo but two,
Empress Elizabeth and Crown Prlnco
Rudolph; a tour of Inspection of tho
Spnnlsh riding school, founded by
Charles VIII, and of tho Imperlnl Hus
snr barracks; n reception by tho Amer
ican Journalists and a dinner given in
his honor nt tho foreign ofllco tonight
by Count von Aehrcnthal.
Yet, after tho long day, when Col
onol Roosevelt returned to his hotel to
night, ho mounted tho stairs two at a
Colonel Roosovelt used tho Imperial
court carrlngo placed at his disposal by
Lmperor t rands Joseph until his offl
clal calls had ended. Then ho discard
cd it for nn automobile
Ho enjoyed tho exhibition at tho rid
ing school, whero tho celebrated Lip-
plrian breed of horses, a mlxturo of
Spanish and Arab blood, porformcd tho
daintiest of evolutions, dancing a
quadrlllo and finally coming onto tho
platform where Colonel Roosovelt sat
ana circling nis cnair so ciose mat
their hoofs almost touched his feet.
Rut, as Colonel Roosevelt remarked
afterwards: "Theso are only society
horses." t
A clattering charge of tho Magyar
hussars, who constitute tho emperor's
body guard, across tho parado grounds
of tho barracks, on the contrary, stir
red him to real enthusiasm and after
tho evolutions he mado a detailed In
spectlon of tho stables, horso hospitals,
etc., volleying questions at the olll
cent who accompanied him.
of Hunnn province,
and his son, wero
killed, nnd several other government
otliciais lied, fcven yet a section of
tho city Is in flames. Six thousand
foreign drilled soldiers aro stationed
hero and a few of theso protected tho
governor's houso for a time, but soon
all Joined tho rioters.
Tho riots began April 13, when tho
famine sufferer a looted tho rico de
pots. A captain of police was wound
cd trying to restore order. Thous
ends crowded around him and his as
sistants, and ho was obliged to flee to
the yamcn. Tho rioters followed and
besieged the place all night
Tho following day the disturbance
becamo anti-foreign. The Chinese In
land mission and tho Norwegian nnd
Catholic missions wero burned. Tho
other missions wcro destroyed April
16. Tho missionaries attached to tho
American Episcopal Missionary nl
llnncc, tho United Evangelical church
nnd tho Wcsleyon nnd Ynlo scientists,
numbering 41 in nil, took rcfugo in
boats. Thoy left all their effects.
i no destruction of all foreign prop
erty, including tho Jnpancso consulate
and tho British warehouses, followed
Tho fato of tho Standard Oil company's
newiy-crcctcd tanks is unknown.
Tho rioters numbered no fowcr than
Eight Germans attached to tho Llcb-
enzoll mission wero In town when tho
troublo began, nnd thoy fled tho city to
linnkow in a junk without lights.
Thoy woro run down by the British
gunboat Thlstlo and drowned. Another
report says that tho men drowned wore
Americans, but thero Is no confirms
tlon of this.
Some Thins; Wen Higher, lint Meet
of Them Loner than at Present.
An old memorandum book, in which
somo interesting prices are recorded,
hou Just been brought to light by the
Brooklyn Eagle. The prices afford a
basle for comparison; and as one reads
them ono begins to believe what tho
ld people say that former times were
indeed better than those.
Tho woman who kept this, account
book paid, to bo sure, in 1851, three
dollars and twenty-five cents to go
from Westfleld, Mass,, to New York,
nnd three dollars more bo go from
New York to Philadelphia, but she
paid only twenty-eight cents a dozen
for hor washing beautifully ironed
nnd brought to her door and ten dol
lars a month for her board, and It was
good, tod1.
Sho had her daguerreotype taken, a
singlo plcturo, and paid one dollar
and a half for it. Wo can improve
on that price now. Bho bought a pair
ot shoes for ono dollar and twenty
flvo cents, and had a dress cut for thirty-seven
and a half cents.
The accounts bristle with half and
quarter cents, Things cost sometimes
n "flp," sometimes a "levy." Tbo for
mor was six and a quarter cents, the
latter twelve nnd a half cents.
Bho bought a pair of rubbers for
eighty soven and a halt cants, and
wrote them down as "gums." For hor
pew rent at church sho paid sixty-six
and two-thirds cents. Hor gown was
made of "debage," "delaine" and
"mull," and sho paid one dollar and
seventy-five cants (or the fitting and
making ot one. Bus paid the exorbi
tant price of two dollars and twenty
five cents for a pair of congress
For teaching school eleven weeks
this woman received eighty-two dol
lars. She has a tooth drawn and pars
twenty-fire cents this was before the
days of anesthetics.
We find an entry, "wafers," and we
romembsr that tharo wsro no envelope
in those days, and that all letters were
simply folded and then stuck together
with red wafers. Perhaps you may
rsmambsr that your grandfather kept
a box of thorn on his desk, closo beside
tho sand-sprinkler with which bo blot
ted bis letters.
What wo call tho cach'ou dates back
a long way. This lady of the accounts
was buying cachoua in 1851. Thoy
aro small lozenges, with no othor pur
pose, so far as is generally known,
than to promoto tho fragranco of the
Sho burned in hor lamp "fluid" a
highly Inflnmmablo oil which preceded
tho safer koroseno.
Wheat Track prices Bluestcm, 03
(RDSc; club, 88R90c; red Russian, 86
87c; vnlloy. ORc.
Barley Feed nnd brewing, 123,50(0)
zi.bO per ton.
Corn Wholo, $34; cracked, $35 ton.
Hay rrack prices Timothy. Wll
lametto valley. $20a21 per ton: East
crn Oregon, $23024; alfalfa, $16.50
17.50; grain hay, $171B.
Oats No. 1 white, $276028.60 ton.
Fresh Fruits Strawberries, 'Florin,
2.503 per crate; apples, $102.50
box; cranberries, Saw barrel.
Potatoes Carload buying prices:
Oregon, aoefsoc per hundred; new Cal
Ifornia, Co per pound; sweet potatoes,
Vegetables Asparagus, 3tfT.5c; cab
bage, lsfiilJfc per pound; head let
tuce, G0(H75c per dozen; hothouse let
tuce 60cR$l box: green onions. 15c
dozen; radishes, 30c 'per dozen; rhu
barb, 3c pound; spinach, II per box;
sprouts, Uc per pound; turnips, $1 per
sack; rutabagas, $101.25; carrots, 85c
0$1; beets, $101.25; parsnips, 500!
Onions Orecron. S1.75 per hundred.
Butter City creamery, extras, 39c;
fancy outlsdo creamery,1 82Ca33c per
pound; store, 20c. Butter fat prices
averago l)c per pound under regular
butter prices.
Pork Fancy, 13013c per pound.
Veal Fancy, 100)1 le per pound.
Lambs Fancy, 12c per pound.
Poultry Hens, 20c; Broilers, 270
28c; ducks, 221023c; geese, 121c;
turkeys, live, 20021c: dressed, 25c;
squabs. $3 per dozen.
Cattle Best steers, M.757; fair
to good steers, $606.59; strictly good
cows, $5.7606; fair M good cows, $5
05.50; light calves, - tW7; heavy
calves, $405; bulls, $45.25; stags,
$4.5005.60. ;
Sheep Best wether,-W8.25; fair
to good wothers, $6.607; good lambs,
Hogs Top, $11.10U.2S; fair to
good $100)11.
Hops 1909 crop, 1316e, according
to quality; olds, nominal; 1910 con
tracts, 15016c.
Wool Eastern Oregon 1417c per
pound; valley, 1881c; siekair, oho ice,
S0321e, Portland. vj
Cascara bark 4J(5e per pound.
Huge Tlmbor Deal Is Made.
Now Westminster, B. C, April 10.
iho Canadian western Lumber com
pany, composed of Eastorn Canadlun
and American -lumbermen, hus pur
chased for $20,000,000 all tho property
of tho r rascr Ktver Lumber company,
This property Is mostly timber land on
Vancouver Island, and Includes tho
tract purchased recently from the Woy-
crhacuser Lumber company for $4,-
000,000. The new company possesses
tho largest area of merchantable tim
ber under ono ownership in tho world.
Slide Buries Score Men.
St. Alphonse, Quebec, April 1C. An
immenso landslide, started by a blast
of dynamite, today carried a acoro of
men down tho side of a steep hill and
buried the construction camp of the
Haha Bay railway under tons of earth
and rock. Not a workman In the camp
escaped, and almost every one of the
gang working on the hill was injured.
Up to a late hour a rescue party had
taken out eight dead, including Ladia-
las Gagne, of St. Joseph, Quebec,
chief engineer In charge of the works,
Seven are missing.
Hard Wind Hits Memphis.
Memphis, Tenn., April 16, The
heavy storm, with an average of flvo
inches of rainfall 'that swept through
Mississisipi and Arkansas last' night,
was followed tonight by a tempest that
broke over the states with added fury.
Rain fell In torrents, accompanied in
many places by hail. Accompanying
this second storm was a wind which at
time took on proportions of a tornado.
Reports from Como, Marigold and
Johnstown, Miss., indicate that many
small houses were leveled, and at the
latter place a negro woman was killed.
Mark Twain Holds Own.
Redding, Conn., April 16. Samuel
L. Clemens (Mark Twain) who arrived
at his country home here last night,
fatigued from his long journey from
Bermuda and very ill, passed a com
fortable night and it was said this
morning hia general condition was en
couraging. It was declared by his at
tending physicians that Mr. Clemens
had passed a comfortable day. with, no
appreciable change,
his own fairly well.
Chicago Will Pay High for Privilege of
Yearly Change of Reslden,ce,
Chicago, April 10. Chicago's great
annual hegira, when 35,000 families
pull up stakes and migrate to somo
other flat, will bo a costly process this
Landlords nnd moving van compan
ies have so arranged leases that pcoplo
can move only on May l. 'ihis year
the dato falls on bunday and as all
moving van pcoplo aro members of
union labor, this means a double price
for everything.
this means that every ono of 35,000
families, who will movo on that dny,
will be forced to pay $6 an hour for
the services of a van. In addition
thero will be doublo price for helpers.
tho moving lover, peculiar .to Chl
cago, is a sort of tragic joke. Pcoplo
movo from one Hat to another not a
whit better, pay nn averago of $40 for
moving, live off tho mantols and slcop
In the bath tubs for a week, sco their
household goods, wrecked and probaMy
find themselves in a worso community
than that which they left. Yet they
move every year.
Wallace Mansion Burns.
San Francisco, April 10, Fire today
destroyed tho old Judge Wallace man
sion on Van Ness avenue, which, after
the earthquako and lire of 1006, was
converted into l ail's Jt'ompeilan gar
dens, one of the most fashionable cafes
in the WeaL
Count de Salarazara, Spanish consul
at San Francisco, whose offices woro
in the building, suffered the loss of
nearly all his consular papers and fam
ily heirlooms. His wife's dresses,
valued at $5,000, were burned. The
building was valued at $15,000,
Trust Alleged Holdup,
Jefferson City, Mo., April 19 At
torney General Major today filed with
Special Commissioner Judge Theodore
Brace the state's brief in tho proceed
ings to oust tho International Harves
ter company from Missouri, In his
brief Major says; "It is well within
the power of this company, in the ab
sence of any natural or business cause,
to increase the price on binders and
mowers to any extent it sees fit, and
the public is powerless to do other.
than raise its hands that its pockets
may be looted."
Lightning Hits Balloon.
Bitterfield, Prussian Saxony, April
19, The balloon Delitssch, which as
cended here last night, fell to the
earth with great force near the village
of Reichensachsen, about 20 mile
northwest of Eisensacb, in a thunder
storm. The crew of four men were
killed. The balloon passed over Eisen
sach at midnight and soon drifted Into
a thunder storm. It Is assumed it waa
struck by lightning and that the gas
Cmnpltt- In Calltorala Oasl mm Ka
Jorable aa the Sea Shore.
A desort sounds llko a strango plact
in 'which to camp for pleasure, but
Charles Francis Saundors and. bit
wlfo spent several onjoyablo weeks on
ono part of our great western desort
Mr. Baundors says:
"To tho nowcomer on tho desert
usually tbo first cause of surprlso b
the varioty of Its scenery. Ono ha
bitually thinks of it as a flat, ver-
dureloss, monotonous expanse. In
reality our westera deserts present
within comparatively, small aroaa the
greatest dlvorslty of topography-
mountain chains and foothills, val
leys and aroyos (dry, of course, ox-
copt (or a few hours after somo heavy
storm In the mountains), sandy flats
and rolling plains bowlder-piled oi
dotted with greon bushes sot about in
places like shrubbery in an artificial
"Spring is the most enjoyable time
ot the year for the desert camp lato
April or May for tho olevated Mojavs
region, March or even earllor for the
moro southern, low-lying Colorado
desort of California. The mornings,
evenings aud nights aro then superb
cool and bracing and more ot heaven
than of earth; the mid-days aro hot In
tho sun and mado for siestas in the
shadow of great rocks or on the shady
outsldo ot a tent. The Inside of the
tent Is usually unendurable during the
middle of tbo day, tho temperature
there rising higher than In tho full
Mr. Saunders' German guide, "Dutch
Jako," has bocomo so fond of tho des
ert that, in taking leave of his "ten
derfoot" friends at the end of their
camping trip, be says;
"Now YorkT Humph" he says In
his rough way "Yes, I haf been in
Now York, unt made von fool of mine-
self. No, no, Mister. I takes my bunch
of burrows, unt some beans and ba
con in de saddle bags unt always vater
in the canteen, unt I shtay In de des
ert. It's bealt'y here unt dere ain't
nobody vot robs you, unt I knows
places vere a man can find yet lot ot
mineral. Me for dor desert, Mister:
fcols sbtaya In New York." Recraa.
tlon Magazine,
cannot fix my mind to-day
On what I hare to do;
A picture haunts my Inner ere
Of waters swift and blue.
My fingers Itch to cast a fly,
The bells of memory chime
And call me to the woods and fields.
for tms is nsning-time.
dream of mossy stepping-stones
In laxy amber brooks.
Of grassy banks with blossoms bright
Ana sueni, snaay nooks.
Where I forget the world of toll
And wash away its grime
In crystal depths of running stream
That sing of fishing-time.
and was holding exploded. The envelope was in tatters.
End of Car Strike Seen.
Philadelphia, April 16. That the
streetcar strike, watch caused more or
disorder in this city for nine
weeks, will end tomorrow, was tea as
sertion made this afternoon by C. O.
Pratt, the strike leader, and by others
associated with him. The strikers will
hold a anas meeting tomorrow after
noon when a peace proposal will be
laid before them for approval.
Ballplayer Drops Dead.
Freeburg, 111.. April 19. William
Schmidt, 28 years old, first baseman
for tho local baseball team, was almost
instantly killed by a pitched ball dur
ing a game with a St, Louis team to
day. He was struck over the heart
while batting and fell dead after taking
a few steps toward first base. A cor
oner's jury was empaneled on the field
rrom among me spectators and a ver
dict oi accidental death was returned.
I long to see the sunftsh play,
Tne minnows' merry school,
The trout beneath the shclvlna- baak
Or la his favorite pool.
And all the silver finny folk
That throng the watery cilme:
So hand me out the old brown coat
I keep rer naiilng-tlme.
Leslie's Weekly.
Thm New Bfsasatte Craaa.
"Good heaves, landlord, la there a
ease of hydrophobia oa the upper
"You mean the barklngl"
Of course."
Well, doa't let that worry you.
Thai's the eaiasat sharacter-aeter,
Rodney Spotlight, going evar his rel.
e ptays is aog aare la ta saw
beach show draws," Ctvls4 Mais)
Th greatest
learn th
aUs wh)
BBSS fcf ta