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Devoted (o the latereeU of the Peatatela, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwett
VOL. 6
NO. 23
Imperative That Council
Gets Busy on Sewer
Since the new council lias been
. . . f
organized aim is now rcauy ior
business, the matter of the greatest
and most vital importance confront
ing it is the sewer proposition.
This is something that cannot be
evaded or side-tracked, and the
sooner the wheels are set in motion
and then kept going briskly the
better the people of St. Johns will
be pleased. The fuct of the matter
is that the sewer system has been
delayed entirely too long. Every
thing should have been in readiness
for letting the contnict not Inter
than the first of next month, but
that is now impossible. Ton much
time has been lost in gating the
proposition under way, and now
it is up to the new council to get
busy at once. The longer the mut
ter is put off the more imminent be
comes the danger of a contaminated
water supply with its attendant
evils. The city really cannot afford
' to take further chances. It is rather
a miracle that the water supply re
mains as pure as it does, sur
rouuded as it is by cess pools of
varying depths. But the most op
timistic cannot hope for it to much
longer remain pure with such un
sanitary and dangerous surround
ings. Therefore, too much speed
cannot be exercised in constructing
an adequate sewerage system. The
engineering department should be
kept busy every minute of the day
in preparing plans and details. If
the force is too small, more help
should be added. If council can
riot make good progress at the regu
lar meetings, owing to a stress of
othcr'buslucss, let special meetings
be called. Anything to push the
work along with celerity and dis
patch.. ",. Oatsiile of the danger from con
tamination, the Jersey street hard
surface improvement is being held
up. Nothing can be done with
Uiis desired improvement until the
sewer is laid, except to prepare for
it. We hear complaints everyday
bout our poor and inadequate sys
tem of sewerage, and it is begin
ning to hurt the city. People do
not desire to locate here when there
i extreme- likelihood of contagious
diseases becoming rampant, which
la bound to happen as soon as the
.water of the city becomes affected.
The council has a grand oppor
tunity to earn the thanks and com
mendation of the entire people by
expediting matters along this line,
and (we believe they will do it.
They are all men of at least ordinary
intelligence, and they well know
Ihe danger that lurks in further
Jlelay. A good sewerage system is
tbebest heritage we can have, o
let's to it.
Building Permits
No. .45 To August Wilhelm to
erect a' dwelling n Oswego street
between Columbia and Willis bou
levard for' C. A., Derrie; cost
500- , . ' . .
' No. 46 To A, A, Shrimshee to
erect a dwelling, on North Hayes
between St. Johns avenue and Ma
ple street for the Portland Woolen
Mills Co.; cost $1,000.
No. 47 To R. L. Lamb to
erect dwelling on Portland boule
vard between Fessenden and Hart
man streets; cost $200.
No. 48 To. G. E. Lee to erect a
dwelling on Fillmore street between
John and Leavitt streets; cost ft,-
No, 49 To M. Young to erect
a HuflUnor nn Tersev street between
Buchanan and Burr streets;, cost
Tk dollar that savs "Goodbye"
te you forever, w the dollar you
uad. The dollar you save te
raadv to rreet vou aav .and every
MeraiRg a yew wish, when yew
will. Toe rtrst .national jmwk
arreaia vmi. If U the bank of erect
ZLr Ita.vewra tbere. They
work a4 ears a, per ceat jtbere
PaW aWeai. sett the ew St.
TfcM Range. It witC ?ay yen tq
see tfaeea before yen buy.
New Ball Grounds
At an enthusiastic meeting of
the promoters and subscribers of
the new athletic field located at
McKenna Park on the peninsula,
held Saturday night, a permanent
organization was formed and a con
siderable sum subscribed to build
and operate both an athletic field
and n ball team In the Tri-City
Fred Valentine of bt. Jolins was
elected president, Dr. Oscar De
Vaul of Portsmouth, vice president,
James J. Foreman of Portsmouth,
secretary, and L. Allman treasurer.
A committee, consisting of T. A.
Kctchcm, O. B. Southworth and A.
H. Brown, prominent business men
of University Pork, and Forts
mouth, were appointed to draft the
by-laws for the new organization.
The club will be called the Mc
Kenna Park Athletic association,
and the ball team will be known as
the Peninsula club.
Uniforms of white, with cardinal
trimmings, have been purchased
and arc ready for distribution.
Clarence A. Partlow was elected
manager of the base ball team, and
w assume his du'ics at once. A
coti'rnct was let tor the building of
the fence and grand-stand, and
vort: will start immediately. Mr.
Partlow. the new manager, Is an
experienced man at the game,bclng
one of the original organizers ot tue
Tri-City base ball league. He
managed the lruukmakcrs and
Oregon City clubs in' the league in
1907 and 1900. .
The Peninsula team is a formida
ble bidder for favors, and will be a
credit to the section which it repre
sents. Oluey, Fitchncr, McFurlond
and Uroughtou arc on the twirling
staff, Pembroke is catcher, Griffith,
Todd, Walter Day and Adams arc
the infield. Rogers, Hatch and
Hcrshlcr arc on the outfield, aud
are n trio hard to beat.
In addition to these are several
good fast men who arc trying for
the team. Ed Kennedy, Portland's
former first baseman, may play the
initial sack for the "Suburbanites."
If the big leaguer joins the team,
he will break up more than one
close game in the Tri-City this sea
son. The manager of the motion pic
ture theatre, located at Portsmouth,
donated the theatre for next Satur
day afternoon aud evening, seven
performances, to the association. A
special benefit program will be put
on in which a fine base ball film, a
dandy scrapping match picture,
aud several comedy sketches will
be prominent features.
The athletic field will be ready
for occupancy about May 1. The
business men are taking much in
terest in the proposition, and every
thing looks favorable for a success
ful season Journal.
Filled to its Capacity
The extraordinary importance
of the modern Young Men's Chris
tian Association in the twentieth
century city is emphasized by sta
tistics omaiuabie at tue rortiaua in
stitution, The great 8-story build
ing at Sixth and Taylor streets was
opened six months ago and con
sidered ample for twenty years.
Witbiu 60 days from the opening
every available jnch of room was
being utilized. Today it is the
permanent residence of 367 men,
and 70 take their meals there daily.
An average ot 75 dttJerenl classes,
meetings and gatherings are held in
the buildiug every night, Suuday
excepted. Three physical directors
are regularly employed aud more
than 1500 men and boys take part
in physical work. There are 3883
members ou tue rolls, aud in excess
of 3,000 men, visit the building
daily. Probably the most striking
statement is the fact that the Port-
laud Young Men's Christian Asso
elation has more students than any
other single educational institution
in Oregon 908 nave registered
this season. There are classes itf
carpentry, plumbing, brick-laying,
trades, chemistry, mining and as
saying, automobiling, gas engines,
electricity, telegraphy, book-keep
ing, card writing,
salesmanship, architectural, me
cbantcal, sheet metal and free band
drafting, apple culture, poultry
rawing, and if ty other Mbjeew.
John Jacob Astor accumulated a
fortune of more tbaa 1 30,000, 000,
He begea peatiaf fun at 92 per
week. Ifa maaeaa save seme of
that The First National Bask ex
pkiaa aad compound hrttreet every
stx mocKM. 11
ABii-iiur -! I 1
every Mtt. gwaraateed far ie years,
oaly $32.59; $5 down, $5 asaaihly.
At Caw mm. eayasm yeateaiee,
Gather Up the Reins For
Another Year .
The first meeting of the new city
council convened Tuesday evening
with all members present and the
mayor presiding. A number of
visitors were in attendance to sec
that the new council got started
A petition for the improvement
of Fessenden street with hard sur
face roadway aud cement sidewalks,
from the river to the cast city lim
its, was the first matter taken up.
Three petitions were out for the
Improvement of this street, but only
one has been returned to the city
hall so far, The matter was referred
to the city engineer and street com
mittee to ascertain if the property
will stand for the class of improve
ment asked for.
Petitions for widening St. Johns
avenue, James street and lirucc
street in the North end to sixty
feet was presented by M. L. Hoi
brook who offered to give twenty
feet of his ground for the purpose,
und he believed the parties owning
land ou the other side of the streets
should be willing to do as much.
Referred to street committee for
A remonstrance signed by a
dozen or more property owners
against the widening of Willis bou
levard to 80 feet was read. The
signers claimed they would suffer
great loss by such a procedure, and
believed, it much better to improve
a 60 foot street in a first class man
ner than to poorly improve an 80
foot street. The engineer's report
showed that at the present time
part of the street is 80 feet, part 60
feet aud part 40 feet. Miss Caplcs
was present and stated that they
would be wilting to pay the $ too
difference to break the deadlock ex
isting on the Severance triangle on
Richmond street and improve it to
Jersey if Willis boulevard was made
a 60 foot street. Mutter wasreierred
to the street committee aud engi
neer to make report.
Two bids for the construction of
a bell tower were received. The
first one opened was by A. A.
Schritnshee and the amount of the
bid was $475. The other bid was
by L. W. Stadelman, and be offered
to erect tne tower lor $40. re
ferred to the building and grounds
committee and city engineer for
Bills to the amount of $117.15
were allowed.
The engineer asked or instruc
tions regarding an excess of rock
that had been placed on Burr street
and for which no provision has
been made for payment. The ex
cess over the engineer's estimate is
in the neighborhood of 100 yards.
Referred to the street committee,
city attorney and engineer.
The following report of tne chief
of police from April 13, 1909, to
April 8, 1910, was then accepted
and ordered filed;
Number of arrests, 330.
Causes of same Intoxication 89;
assault aud battery 7; disorderly
conduct 16; other city ordinances
40; assault 8; vagrancy 7; concealed
weapons 3; adultery 3; ugtuinga;
indeceut aud immoral conduct 3;
cases taken to the juvenile court 1 1 ;
number of cows impounded is,;
number of horses 10; dogs killed
and buried 31; lodging furnished
66; meals (for which they per
formed work) 69,
A resolution to improve South
Hayes, Polk to Buchanan, was
Au ordinance to amend the vehi
cle ordinance was passed after some
little discussion.
Councilman Davis thought some
action should be taken toward cor
rectlng the impressiou given by the
city dailies that at. Joans was a
wide open town, wbea the fact of
the matter is the city is the most
restricted oae w the Mate, and the
regulation imposed here arc being
mutated ta various cute 01 tae
Mayor Hcadricks stated that he
weald like to sec the various com
mittee appointed do. their work ia
committee roam' aad the make
their resort for acceptaae or re
jection te council, iaatead of beiag
thrashed oat during the regular ses
sion. Much time, he believed,
ceuld be saved ia tkie maaaer.
W, G. Lytic suageeted that
hairs aad tables be alknrad ia the
aeJeeaa, bat actiea eci the sugges
At the Stock Yards
Receipts at the Portland Union
Stock Yards to April 9th have
been: Cattle 2444,Tcalvcs 79, hogs
1339, sheep 353 andhorscs32. The
general tone ot tue market is steady.
Cattle have been Tstrong to high
with a few loads of extra quality
selling at higher prices thau have
heretofore been giv$n. The sheep
market has been steady to high iu
all grades. A fewshcared sheep
arc now coming iato market and
where they havejshown quality
they have brought good prices.
The hog market while still high
has cased off slightly. Tops arc
selling from $11. 00 to $11.10, while
there is a tendency to pay under
the 1 1 cent mark for anything that
is not first-class. Cattle buyers arc
looking for chesper prices when the
grass catttc run begins and from
country reports there will be quite
an offering of warmed up grass cat
tle that arc thin in fesh. There is
some inquiry for sockcrs and feed
ers, and while good hay fed ani
mals will not show 'lower prices, fl
Is reasonable to expect that a lower
ranee of values will'apply when the
grass cattle run begins.
D. O. Lively, General Agent.
n? t
tion was deferred.
The mayor then? appointed the
various committees for the ensuing
term as follows: I
Streets aud Docks S. C. Cook,
W. W. Windle, C. L. Johnson.
License J. S. Downey, J. 12.
Hillcr, A. W. Davis.'
Water and Light-W. W. Win
dle, A. W. Davis, S: L. Dobie.
Finance A. W.K Davis, S. L.
Dobie, J. E. Hillcr.?
Builditics aud Grounds C. L.
Johnson, j. S. Downey, S. C. Cook.
Health and Police- S. L. Dobie,
9. (J. cook, J. s. uemncy.
Liquor Liccnsc-T-j. l, Hillcr,
W. W. Windle, CL. Johnson.
Chief of PolicerK. McKiuncy.
Day Policeman Robert Johnson.
Night Police J. W. Dunbar aud
Geo. Etberldgc. ,
City Physician A. W, Vincent.
City Engineer C, E. Andrew.
Upon motion of 'A.1 W Davis all
appointments were confirmed by
It was then up to council to elect
a president of that body. S. L.
Dobie and A. W. Davis were both
placed in nomination, aud a ballot
resulted iu Dobie securing three
votes and Davis four. Mr. Dobie
then moved that Mr. Davis be
made the unanimous choice for the
honor, which was accordingly done.
Had a Happy Time
The Junior Society of the Chris-
tiau Church held their regular
monthly meeting at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Schelter on Bruns
wick street last Friday eveulng.
There were about 25 of the members
present aud after a short business
session the young people spent the
remainder ot tue evening In games,
telllug stories aud visiting. They
were just the happiest bunch of
"youngsters" you ever saw. This
little society is doing a fine work.
They arc growing in numbers very
rapidly and are learning to carry
on the business of the society in a
splendid manner. When they grad
uate irom tue junior to tue oiuer
U, society there will be no drones
to go into the older body, but all
workers. Mr. and Mrs. Schelter
deserve and received the thanks of
the society for the splendid time
they enjoyed in their hap'py home.
A delicious lunch was served by
Mrs. Schelter and the house was
given to the society for the time.
Lost to St. Johns
The Western Cooperage plant,
which rumor hnd it was going to
locate near the dry dock, will not
come here. The difficulty they
had with the railroad compauy at
Aberdeen, Wash., has been satis
factorily adjusted, and ou account
of the pressure brought to bear
upon them by the business interests
ofthat city, they have purchased
more ground and will remove their
plant upop it there immediately.
It Is' said that the company has
sold their holdings near the dry
dock to a Portland syndicate for
something over $600,000, and that
it will be held as an investment.
The fact that the cooperage plant
will Hot locate here as expected
will be quite a blow to the parties
ewaiag land in ine laiaMaiaie vicin
ity of the proposed plant; as some
of them had raised the price of
their realty in anticipation of the
1 . e t 1 1 .1 &
coming or mis large mquury.
Preaea the goasel el gt Joans.
And Items of General
terest to the Public
K. L. Lamb is erecting a small
residence on Portland boulevard.
Boru To Mr. and Mrs. David
Sorbcr, Monday, April nth, a son.
M. Young is buildiug himself n
neat little dwelling ou Jersey street,
near Burr.
Mrs. II. G. Oirdcu of Dayton,
Ore., greeted her ninny friends here
last Saturday.
Clias. Dcrric is having a fine
modern residence constructed on
Oswego street.
G. H. Lee has begun the con
struction of n handsome home ou
Fillmore street.
Thomas Glover has been making
some noticeable improvements to
nts business piacc on uurungiou
R. W. McKcon left his new
ranch at Cauby long enough to say
"hello" to his St. Johns friends aud
cronies last week.
The Portland Woolen Mills Co.
is erecting another residence ou
North Hayes, which will be occu
pied by one of its employes,
u .
Messrs. Hoagland & Gordon,
who are located in the Jowcr build
ing, spent several days iu Scio this
week looking the situation over.
M. S. Cobb and family attended
the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Lulu
Ellison, at Roscbiirg the first of the
week. Death resulted from con
sumption, A girl, 13 years old, who goes to
school, wants a place to help with
light housework for room and
board. Address 524 Tiogo Street,
St. Johns, Ore.
The Electric Theatre is nilttimr
ou fine shows all the time. A tour
of the moving picture shows of
Portland will convince anvone that
the local theatre has got them all
"skinned." The pictures are all
clean, wholesome and highly inter
esting. W. E. Swengel aud wife were iu
attendance at the United Evan
gelical Conference which was held
in Dallas last week. They took
occasion while, there to visit our
former townsman, H. G. Ogdeu,
who showed them all over his
ranch, which Mr, Swengel says Is
thoroughly up-to-date in every
The sensationalism that one or
two of the evening dallies injected
into the Hindu fracas has not been
healthy for their circulation, as a
number have stopped their sub
scriptions aud one dealer has re
fused to handle one of the Sunday
papers by reasou thereof, It doesu1 1
pay to wander too far from the
truth, even for a newspaper.
- V
There will be "big doings" at
the W, 0. W. Camp next Wednes
day evening. District Organizer
W. L. Plummer will be present for
the first time since last December.
Preparations are being completed
for a rousing meeting. No member
should absent himself from the
Camp ou that night.
A local business man iu looking
over his books for the year ending
April first discovered that his busi
ness had increased a little over 40
per cent over the year previous. In
looking over our files we find that
this same establishment spent over
35 per cent more in advertising in
the Review for the year ending
April first than it diet during the
previous year. "Nuf ced."
0 -
Fred Washburn, . lately appointed
oae of the official umpires of the
Tri-City league, dropped iuto the
office the other day, aud it took us
some time to recognize the fact that
he aud ye editor used to be boys to
gether way back in the Keystone
state. Fred has been ou the coast
for the past dozen years and has
changed wonderfully since we saw
him last, which was about 16 years
Richmond street through the
Caplcs tract is being graded and
work is progressing rapidly. The
deadlock existing by reasou of the
Severance estate not being satisfied
with the viewers' report still pre
vents the completion of the street
to Jersey. It is expected that this
matter will soon be adjusted, how
ever. Now if some of the brush
would be cut in that neighborhood
the result would be quite, pleasing.
R. R. Churchill has opened up a
real estate aud insurance office in
the room formerly occupied by
Wolcott's millinery on boutli Jer
sey. As R. R. has plenty of push
and energy iu his makeup, there is
but little doubt that he will make a
success of the realty business. He
still retains his interest iu the laun
dry, but owing to ill health ou ac
count of the confinement, was
forced to seek au avocation that
provided for more fresh air.
J. P. Sampson, who had his arm
broken at the St. Johns lumber
mills some time ago, attempted to
commit suicide the latter part of
last week. He liccamc despondent
over the ill success attending the
knitting or tue broken bones, and
rather than take chances of his arm
ever becoming useful again, decided
to end it nil. Owing to prompt
medical attendance the nolsou he
swallowed failed of its object, and
he is now almost fully recovered
from its effects.
Officials of the Portland Rose
Festival have been advised that the
moving picture trust will scud ten
operators, with five moving picture
cameras, from the headquarters of
the trust in Europe to Portland to
take complete pictures of the com
ing Festival parades aud exercises.
These films, when manufactured,
will be distributed very widely and
shown all over the world. It is
estimated by Festival officials that
no less than 100,000,000 people
will see the attractions of Oregon
roses in this way.
E. C. Hurlbert has sold all of his
property In St. Johns and says he
will hunt a dryer pasture. Ed has
resided in this city for the past
eight years, during which time he
has built aud sold twenty-two
houses. The overpowering damp
ness that has settled upon the city
is drowning him out, he nvers.
However, like the cat, we expect to
see him back endeavoring to carve
another fortune out of the city,
whether It is wet or dry. In spite
of any local conditions that might
exist he will have to truvel many
wearv miles before he finds the
equal of St. Johns from a business
man s point of view.
Phonographs clven awav.
quire about it at Calcf Bros.
Wnnleil To borrow t too or J0O
from one to three years. Gilt edged
security, wan at tins oiucc.
Wanted tojexchange Good mod
ern house, finely located, ull modern
improvements, for vacant land iu
St. Johns. Call at 500 South Hayes
For Sale Thoroughbred Ply
mouth Rock and Buff Orpington
setting eggs, $1. 00 per setting. In
quire of L. A. Smock, 1415 Oswego
Standard shirts and Helmet Col
lars iu great variety may be found
at Noyes Babbitt's. If you wont
anything iu this line, call while the
assortment is large aud complete.
Doesn't your suit look shabby?
Why have it that way when you
can have it Cleaned and Pressed on
short notice ut the St. Johns Clean
ing, Pressing and Dyeing Works.
Persons desiring cement blocks,
flue blocks, cement drain tile, ce
ment sidewalks, steps aud founda
tions or sewer pipe should drop me
a card or call at residence aud of
fice, 646 Hartmati street. Cement
block buildiug a specialty. V. W.
Despise your dimes and you'll
never, never double your dollars,
Dollar doubters find much help at
the First Notional Bauk, it
Ml Told They Make a
Pretty Likely Bunch
The two new members of the city
council were sworn iu with becom
ing ceremony Monday night, nnd
Messrs. J. W. Davis and J. D.
Kelliltcr retire from the field of
action. Both have performed their
duties iu a creditable manner nnd
can look back upon their past
record as nklcrmcu with a good
deal of complacency and satisfac
tion. J. S. Downey and W. W.
Windle arc first class representative
citizens nnd the general public can
look for nothing but gilt edged ser
vice from each one. The council
as a whole would be very difficult
to improve upon, and we believe
the end of the term will prove that
each one had been' faithful to each
trust imposed upon him and that
the reins of government had been
handled ably nnd well. A. M.
I'.ssou, who renewed his oath of
office, is n gentleman in every
sense of the word, faithful, honora
ble, well versed in every detail that
relates to the rccordcrship, pos
sessed of a good knowledge of the
laws and customs of the state of
Oregon, a first-class municipal
judge, careful aud accurate, we
believe we are not exaggerating the
truth when wc state that he has
proved to be the the very best city
recorder St. Johns ever possessed,
and wc know he will continue to
serve the people of St. Johns iu the
same careful, accommodating and
affable manner as he has done iu
the past. W. Scott Kellogg, who
succeeds J, E. Tanch as city treas
urer, is a fine young man, intelli
gent, of irreproachable liabits'aud
charactcr.and jKHScsscd of a thor
ough knowledge of book-keeping,
he Is well fitted iu every way to
take care of the city's exchequer
iu a satisfactory and competent
Under the new law newly elected
city officials must file n statement
of the amount of money they have
expended iu securing said election.
l iic voucher sworn to states that
the sums named are all that the
candidate has spent, aud also in
cludes all sums spent for him by
any person, club or organization.
The following list which has been
filed shows that 110 official went iu
very deep. The money was most
ly spent for cards:
J. F. Hendricks, no expense;
A. M. Esson. $8.50: W. Scott Kel-
logg, if 8; If. E. Collier, $7; A. W.
Davis, $5! a. L. Dobie, s; C. U.
Johnson. $5; 3. C. Cook, $6; W.
W. Windle, W. J. S. Downey, SO;
J. E. Hillcr, $5; making a total of
Referred to City Dads
Ed. Review: Since it seems ap
parent that we will have hc new
city dock ou our hands for sonic
time to come, why would It not be
a good plan to get .something for
its use? I understand that a num
ber of our business concerns are
availing themselves of its use to
quite a considerable degree, and vet
it seems that the city is getting
nothing for the privilege, and the
city is paying $10 per mouth, I
believe, for a watchman. A public
dock does not necessarily mean n
free dock, and If these coucems are
saving mouey by the use of the
dock, would it be asking too much
if they pay the watchman's salary
at least? Citizen.
Rates for spriukliug through
1 Lot $1.50 per mouth $6.00
per season.
2 Lots $2.50 per month $10.00
per season.
All rates payable iu advance.
A Lot is 50x100 or 5000 square
feet of ground, Including the space
occupied by the buildings.
St. Johns Water Works and
Lighting Co., By P. H. Edlefsen,
Uavo your property insured In tho
St. Paul or Northern flro Insurauco
companies. TUoy oro tho bout, 8.
Iu Dobie, ugout.