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Devoted to (ha Interests ot the Psatawla, the Manufacturing Center of (be Northwest
VOL. s
NO. 5
WouM be a Great Boon
for St. Johns
A communication from tho n
rlno Iron iorks, by Dan J. mayor,
president, was road at tho Com
morclal club Wednesday evening.
Tho documont was in regard to In
duclng tho Portland Ooncrnl Elec
tric Co. to run tholr cura direct to
St. Johns from Portland, Instoad ot
making tho wldo dolour via tho loop.
Sovorul communlcatlona which havo
paaicd botwocn Mr. Mayor and tho
trolley pooplo rolatlvo to tho matter
wero alio submiitod. In part Mr.
Mayor's oplstlo la aa follows:
"With relation to tho matter In
rcforouoo to tho running of tho 8t.
Johns can straight through to Uni
versity Pork, and dlroctly Into Bt.
Johns over tho now stool bridge on
Dawson street, wo submit that In
our opinion tuia would bo for tho
betterment of our town and as wo
see It, for ovcryuody concerned. Wo
do not understand how there can bo
any logltlmato objection to such
chango, provided It enn bo brought
about, and wo urgo In connection
with our suggestion to tho Hallway
company in relation to a lino con
necting tho town of 8t. Johns dl
roctly In un easterly direction via
Smith's Crossing, with Pncklngtown
and Vancouver linos, that unless
Uils Is brought about our town will
got none of tho elements who might
find rosldonco hero with us and
work In tho Packing-own district,
for tho roason that thoy wi.t not
chaso clear around tho present lines
of street railway connocuon In or
dor to roach their dally work, but
will minor live at Kenton, which lu
our estimation la not anywhoro near
aa doslrablo a place to llvo as Is the
higher district incorporated In our
town. Wo havo spokon to sovornl
raembors of your body who no
knowlodgo bolng favorably lm
prossod with tho matter as pre
vented, and wo deilro In closing to
urgo co-oporatlon to tho ond that wo
got rollef at aa early a ubio aa poa
alblo from tho todloua way wo now
get back and forth botwoen our
town and Portland; aud further, that
wo bo not aldetracked ontirely from
tho benefits that might bo oura by
reason of going after them along tho
llnea laid down herewith."
Mr. Mayer was ono of tho flrat
orlglnatora of tho Idoa of running tho
cara direct through to St. Johns, nnd
not coming la by way of tho back
door," as ho expresses It. Many
people have como out to aoo St.
Johns, only to keep on tho cars and
go back to tho city disgusted on ac
count of tho round about way of
reaching hero. The Commercial club
will do all In Ua power to further
the cause of a direct lino, and since
tho Ilallway people have agreed to
glvo tho matter serious considera
tion, It Is expected that the request
will be granted In tho very near fu
ture. Busy on the Sewer
The city engineer is busily engaged
In maplng out a system ol sewerage
for St. Johns. Tho first ono that
will bo Installed will lively bo on
Burlington street, Jersey to tho
river. From this line tho entire dis
trict from Richmond street down
could bo drained, thus protecting the
water works from and danger ol
conUmlaaUon from Insufficient aew
erage. It has been contended that
.... nn should run down Rich
IUC 93 '
.r-hrvnl hulldlncr. UlUB
making a circuit from Philadelphia
.. .. nl.UMnn1 TtlA
via Jersey and aown ;uu.umu.
wisest plan, however, is sam w ",) It is lower
aown owiws-
thin RIchHJoad. Whichever plan la
. . . ... in
adopted, no time anouia uu
ceulog It under way.
Contract Completed
Foss Bros, nave completed their
A. al MA
cob trot for u oaaeH-eu u
t,..njio idtalnlnr W. E. Knbjhi'a
.t Whltwood Court. They
a. ...j nnviitr belnf manufaC'
ieXU "
h. a Portland firm and found
I. -o.- nnrfect satisfaction. Vlth
i they were enabled to break large
steed rock close to me saioua w
' Mt erackiac a .
Supply Entirely Inadequate
For Newcomers
At least 100 men will bo furnished
with employment at tho now Kenton
Bafo & Lock factory to bo built on
Columbia boulevard, Kenton. Tho
rectory alto Is 200x1200 foot In di
mension, comprlsos n tract of flvo
acres, and extends from Columbia
boutovard to Columbia Slough. Tho
main factory building will bo a two
story concroto structure, 300 foot In
length and 100 foot wldo, fireproof
In construction. Tho Iron and brass
foundry will bo C0x200 feet In dlmon-
lion. Tlioro will also bo a coko and
sand shed about 70x200 feet. After
tho complotlou of tho facotry noxt
spring, It will hnvo tho capacity for
turning out 20 safos and vault doors
pet day.
City Englnoer C. E. Androw, of
St. Johns, Is receiving plans for
sowers to bo laid on Jersey street,
tho main thoroughfare, which Is to
he hard surfaced noxt spring. It Is
Intended to pavo Jersey street for
the distance ot at loast 10 blocks.
After this street linn boon hard sur
faced, paving work will bo com
monccd on otlior St. Johns treol.
Although tho charter grantod by
St. Johns to tho Portland (lus Com
pnny called for laying 30,000 worth
cf gus pipe In ono yoar's tlmo, tho
company has spent ovor 10,000 In
laying gas pipe, and tho charter has
boon granted for only isix months.
Tho nmount ot piping required by the
charter will no doubt bo doublod be
fi.iu tho expiration of tho fiscal year
emllnc next May.
Loading roal citato men say that
although ovor 100 residences ot tho
bettor class havo boon erected since
Janunry 1, 1909, It Is practically lm
posslblo to satisfy tho demand for
bousos to rent. Not only are all tho
hoi-sea aud hotels full, but newcomers
aro living In tonts until bottor accom
modatlous can bo offered. Whether
or not tho unparnllelod prosperity
can bo attributed to tho fact that
St. Johns rocontly beenmo "wef
Is as hard to decide as tho Cook
Pcury controversy. This much Is
certain tho three saloons that at
present grace St. Johns business
district aro doing a rushing business
nftor tho "drouth." Abstract.
Building Permits
No. 86 To Thos. Scales to erect
dwelllnR on Dank street botwoen
Oregonlan and Fessonden; cost 000
No. 87 To Albert Olen to erect
a dwelllnR on Nlcklln stroet, be
twoen Crulkshank and Meyers; cost
No. 88 To P. J. Belyeu to erect
a dwelling on Meara street, botwoen
Oregonlan and McCrum; cost $700.
No. 89 To Dennett Moss to alter
dwelling on Mears atreet near Ore
gonlan; cost $liu.
No. 90 To F. E. Zook to con
struct a warehouse on Fessenden
street between Charleston and Rich
mond streota for O. P. Wolcott; cost
To Restock River
Tho Columbia river will bo re
stocked with Sockeye salmon aa a
remit of a. visit durioR the past week
of United States Fish Commissioner
George H. Bowers, of Washington,
D. O. lie has ordered tho shipment
of 2,000,000 Sockeye eggs from the
Yes Bar. Alaska, hatches to be de-
llvered to the Bonneville, hatchery,
and the young fry will bo turned In
to the Columbia. During tho past
few years the Sockeye has been
Krowlne scarce in the Columbia but
It la believed that this fine variety
of commercial fish will be propagated
In sufficient Quaatiues to meet the
ravage of the fishermen by restock
ing the river.
F. E. Zook has Just completed a
kindeoae 6-roesa busgalow at Whlt
wood Court for Gertrude Hurst.
Whltwood Is growing steadily, quite
a number of new residences having
been built there the past summer. H
la rumored that construction upon
a large apartment house will begla
tiiera la the next couple of weeks,
Evidences of Awakened Activity Are Apparent Upon Every
Hand and an Era of Unexcelled Prosperity Now
Has Begun to Dawn in St. Johns
With tho approach, of wot weather
conditions In St. Johns aro showing a
decided upward tendoncy. Every
nvattablo block or building has been
leased and furnished and boars tho
sign "Rooms for Rent,' but porsons
In search of rooms aro overywhero
confronted with cards reading,
"Rooms all takon." Many aro forced
to room In Portlnnd who would other
wise rosldo In St. Johns.
This fllnng-up process has boon
noticed for tho last two months, and
Is in kcoplng with a general rlso In
property values, a demand for roal
estato and houses to rent. It Is hard
to secure a modern hquso at any
prlco, and thoro nro very few empty
housos of any description to bo had.
Indications point to renewed prosper
Ity In all linos of business.
All thu Industries along tho water
front aro busy and nro putting on
moro help ovory day. Tho St. Johns
Lumbor Company has so onlarged
and Improved Its mill that It now
has an output ot 140,000 foot ovory 10
hours as against 70,000 a year ago,
Tho Pacific Stovo ft Rango company
has its plant In working ordor, and
can now turn out six soel ranges, ..
cook stoves and 2G hoatora a dny.
This plant Is tho champion homo n
siuuiion as 14 of tho 16 mon em
ployed live In Bt. Johns; eight aro
uiarrlod and four havo purchasod
homes thoro. All aro now to St.
Johns, having been brought thoro by
tho company.
Noxt to tho stovo works as a strict
ly homo Institution, Is tho Modern
Machlno orks, with Its largo plant,
nowly oroctod after bolng destroyed
Emigrants Galore
In tho 30 dnva that tho low col
onUt rates wero In force on the
transcontinental lines, tho O. R. &
N, brought 7164 homoseokers to Oro
gon and Washington points.
This yoar tho rates bocamo eiiec
tlvo Boptomber 15 nnd woro offered
only until Octobor 15. Last year tho
sale porlod was for CO days and n
tho entire two months of 1908 tho O.
R. & N. carried 8477 porsons to Oro
gon and Washington points. Tho
record for this year thoreforo shows
that In half tho tlmo tho numbor tak
ing advantage of tho ratoa waa with
in 1313 of the numbor that purchased
tickets In the entlro period of the
preceding yoar.
In tho last 30 daya of tho colonist
rata nerlod of 1908. which corres
ponds with tho total sale porlod of
this year, tho railroad brought in
4538 colonist ticket-holders, or
fower than this year. Tho travol in
i-u9 Doriod was over t7 per com
greater than In two corresponding w
days of 1908.
Of tho total number of bomcsooK
era who camo to Oregon and Wash
Ineton durtnx this year's rato porlod,
2323 wero destined o Portland and
1389 to points south of For.anu.
Handed a Lemon
"There's no doubt that fellow was
handed a lemou," said Circuit Judge
Qatens Monday night in speaking of
William C. Spence. who is suing S.
V. Davldor and the 8t, Jobna Gas,
Light ft Heat Compauy In the Cir
cuit Court to recover 1600, minus J
per cent.
According to Spence, be went to
work for Davlaor at an agreed sal
ary of 8iw for each of the first four
months, and f 125 a month there af
ter. This arrangement was mauo on
condition that he purchase $1 In
bonds of the St Johns company,
SlOuO In stock to be gives him as a
bonus. He paid ftsuu down, and was
to pay the balance la installments.
He saya the bargain was that he
might demand the return of the
600, less 10 per cent,, within a
vesr. It he was not satisfied with
the bargain. Ho alleges Davldor has
failed to live up to the agreement
Three per cent la paid on small
and largo savings deposits by uio
First National Bank,
by flro. Murphy ft Bennett, tho pro
prietors, ant1 Bovornt of tholr em
ployes, own their own homes, and
ovory man employed by thin Institu
tion, Mr. Murphy says, lives in St.
Johns. Tho pnyroll of this place Ib
$35 to $50 a day, and that of tho
Stovo Company $50 a day. Eighty
per cent of tho payroll of thoso two
places Is spent with St. Johns mer
chants, Stroet Improvement work has
practically ceased for tho year, only
a fow contracts remaining uncomplet
ed, and no now work will bo lot
uutll noxt Spring. Ono of tho most
Important street Improvements fin
Ishcd this year, although ono of tho
shortest and least expensive, wns iho
renovating of two blocks on Pittsburg
street, oxtondltiK from Crawford atreot
to tho ferry slip. This gives n prac
tical means of access to the ferry for
loaded wagons, nnd a direct route for
heavy loads up tho hill by way of
Edison street, whoro last year thu
roads woro Impnssablo,
Thoro Is a decided sentiment shown
In favor of moro sowers and less
street Improvement for next yonr
and It Is probablo that tho sowers
and drnluago question wlil cut a big
flguru In noxt year's election. Tho
chnrter gives the Council practically
unlimited powers In tho building of
sowors, and It can build any amount
of thorn and assess tho cost to tho
proporty which, In tho opinion of
tho monitors and tho City Engineer,
Is benefited.
Anothor proposed Improvement Is
tho paving of Jer.ioy street, from
Richmond to Fessonden, with hard
surfaco mutorlal.
Jersoy stroet will soon allow 11
Have Reorganized
Tho Oregon Flako Food Co. tins
passed Into oblivion, and In Its stead
has risen tho Paclflo Coast Corn
Flnko Co. Tho now compnny wus
Incorporated a couplu ot weeks ago,
and It Is tholr purpose to ninko It
the leading cereal food company west
of tho Rocklos. Moro capital has
boon Injectod Into tho enterprise,
and with tho flno start mada under
Its provlous uilo ovory Indication
points to n most successful career.
Evor since ItB Inclpleucy, tho concoru
has boon handicapped for luck of
capital, and slnco this Impodlmont
has been eliminated thero is ovory
reason to believe that It will hence
forth progross by leaps and bounds.
A largo amount of orders aro on
hand to bogln on right away, and
many more can easily bo secured will
but little effort. Tho now board of
officers consist of Dr. Jos, McChos
ney, president; A. M. Esson, vice
president; J. A. Collier, secretary
and treasurer. Tho alrectors nro
Dr. Jos. McChesney, A. M. Esson,
P, Bartholomew, Dr. II. A. Ruo and
David Burnoss. Tho offlco of tho
new company is 228-229 Henry build
ing, Portland.
Sad Accident
Obedient to tho direction of his
father, to Jump from tho locomo-
tlvo of a logging ouglno, ut w.arsli
field, Johnnie Smith, aged 10 years,
accldently threw himself under the
loKKtne train, and was Instantly
killed and horribly mangled. Tho ac
cident happened at tho Sralth-Pow-
ers' logging camp, on South Slough.
The bov was riding with his
fathor, who was running tho engine
ot tho logging road. The train was
eoluz down a grade, and as tho
speed would soon greatly Increase,
tho father, desiring to protect the
boy, told blm he had better Jump olf.
He did so, but in aomo way fell un
der the wheels of the train.
Miss Isabel Esson of Gorvlas Is
assisting her brother, A. M, Esson,
with his duties In he recorder's of
tiot, Tho Immense amount of street
work accomplished tho past summer
has almost swamped the recoruor in
the way of making out the various
assessments and keeping up with hla
other duties,
great Improvement at night, and 10
1000-cnndlepowor gas lights havo
boon ordorod by property owners nnd
buslncHS men, nnd thu electric com
pnny has Installed a i.--cnndlcpowor
light In front of Itn now offlco In tho
new Stlno block, Just being complet
ed. Another Important help to tho mcr
chnnta Is thu Installation ot n local
freight Borvlco, thus making it pos
sible to fillip gooda from tho East to
St, Johns at tho snmo rato as to
Portland. In addition it glvos ship
pers n much cheaper rato irom Port
land to St. Johns than heretofore
enjoyed. It has boon ascertained that
there Is an nvurngo of COO tons of
local freight lu and out of St. Johns
each month, In nddltlon to 900 cars
11 month, lu cnrlots. From Juno 1 to
October 1, 3100 cnrlots of freight
wero billed from tho at. Johns of
fice, nnd lu nddllion tho Portland &
Suburban Express Co. handled
an average of ISO cars a mouth. Tho
ostnbllshment of tho new rnto will
necoBsltnto tho unlargomont of tho
ofllco force of tho O. It. & N. by at
least two inuu. P also menus a tele
graph office will bo Installed thoro.
T'.i railroad track Is bolng bn!
lai'td, raised and placed In first-class
condition, and that portion of it lying
011 Bradford stroet Is to bo planked
oven with tho top of tho rails thus
giving a first class street.
An application Is soon to bo mndo
for n franchise) for a 3000-foot aiding
running from Philadelphia stroet
down thu river. With all those Im
provements planned it. will not . bo,
difficult to socuro an up-to-date depot
Ed L. Stockton in Sunday Oregon
Just As Expected
Ho was a proachor nnd ho claimed
to havo u dlvlno revelation that the
world waa to como to nn end on a
certain day aud at a certain hour.
Ho had preached tho coming event
so often and so oariieHtly that ho bo-
Moved his flock was as fully con
vinced of tho coming event as him
self. Ho had exhorted his followers
to moot with him In a lurgo field at
tho tlmo ho Indicated, and thoy
would all bo takon up to hoaven In
a body. Bright and early tho morn
ing of tho fateful day tho proachor
arrayed himself In hla asconsion
robes and hied himself to tho field
lu question. After walling for un
extended porlod and nouo ot his
flock appearing, ho grew weary and
uscendlng a hay stuck near by ho
lay down and finally wont to sloop.
A counlo small boys happening along
saw him aud decided to havo a
llttla sport. Accordingly they sot
fire to tho stack and dlscrootly beat
a retreat. Tho minister finally
awoke. Flames woro dancing all
around him and smoke wus arising
In a cloud. Gazing with ngonUod
oyos all around him, ho gasped: "In
hell Just as I oxpoctod."
Will Be a Model Store
Tho larco storo room formerly oc
cupied by Knight & Qlovor on Burl
ington streot is bolng complotoly
overhauled and embellished by tho
painter's brush. Mayor Hendricks
has leased tho compartment for u
term of years, and wheu It has been
remodeled and adjusted to his liking
will move hlu hardware stock there
In. A larger lino will bo added nnd
ono of tho most modern and up-to-
date hardware stores on tho penin
sula will result. Tho room 1b largo,
well lighted and Ideally locatod.
J. F. Gillmore, wife, son and
daughter havo returned from a six
woeks' trip to Texas and various
nolnts In tho Southwest. Tho va
cation was greatly enjoyed by the
party, but all wero moro than glad
to onco moro sot foot In
St, Johns. Mr. Olllmoro desires
to announco tho fact that ho has re
sumed buslnoss In his roalty offlco
on Jorsoy streot, whoro bo may hero
after bo found as of yore.
Usual Grist of Municipal
Business Disposed of
Council mot in regular session
Tuesday evening with all tncmbors
present nnd Mnyor Hendricks pro
Biding, After tho minutes of tho
provlous mooting wero rend and ap
proved, a communication wan read
from Rov. C. L. Owen of tho Bap
tist church requesting permission for
Evangelist E. A. Smith to hold noon
day rcllglotiB services In tho city
dock. Upon motion of Councilman
A. W. Davis tho request was granted
provided duo precautions ho taken
against fire. No smoking Is permit
ted on tho promises nt any tlmo.
Contractor Llnd asked for pay for
an oxccsH of rock ho datum to havo
placed on Oswego street over tho en
gineer's estimate. lu looking ovor
tho records It waa found that tho
city sold Mr. Ling 201 yards moro
rock for this street limit tho engin
eer doomed necessary. Some tlmu
ago the council mndo n ruling that
It contractors placed moro rock on
n street than thoy woro authorised
to do by tho onglnoor tho loss would
bo on tho contractor, uh noltlior
council nor thu property owners
uould bo held responsible for tho
3XC0SS, Therefore, It looks very
llko that Mr. Llnd tuny ns well pock
et his loss w. h tho bent grnco pos
sible. Tho ruling of council In this
regard In apparently n wlso ono, u'
nr chock wns placed on tho amount
of rock placed on a stroet, at tho
prlco of $2.50 per yard many con.
tractors would bo glad to work all
summer piling rock upon ono street.
Ino matter was finally turned ovor
to the streot commlttog. to,'j?oo. Jf
anything could bo done to make Mr.'s burden lighter.
Bills to tho amount of $1510.05
woro allowed. Included nmong
them woro aularlcs for thu month of
Octobor, payment nnd Interest on
tho rock crusher, payment and in
terost on road roller, plumbing,
printing, etc.
A report of tho city treasurer for
tho month of Octobor showed a
balance on hand of $5017.31,
Mr Hunter of Stafford atreet was
proiient aud ho sorlously objected to
tho fact that tho Stafford and Polk
streot slduwalkH did not Jlbo, as alio
was about six iiichcu higher than
tho other. Both havo beau accepted
by council at different times aud ho
behoved the property owners should
no' ba competed to go to further ex
peuso lu righting tho former engin
eer's blunder, Mr. Hunter also
staled that ho emphatically refused
to pay anything toward lowering tho
water main at Stafford street aud
that thoro woro about fifty moro of
tlr same mind lu hlu neighborhood.
Ho said ho did not hollovu It right
that property owners should ba us
erased to aid a prlvutu corporation.
Tho streot commlttoo was dotullcd
to look Into thu matter.
Thrco bids woro received ou tho
Improvement of West Polk struet.
Tho first ono opened was from J, B.
Phillips aud road: Cut 38c, fill 15c
sldowalk and curb $1.02, crosswalk
45c, box gutters 50c, crushed rock
$2.b0. Bid ot T. II. Cochran read;
Cut 30c, fill He, sldowalk and curb
$1.02, cross walk and box gutters 35c,
rock $2X0. Bid of L. Soybold: Cut
35c, fill 13c, sldowalk aud curb $1.04
crosswalks aud box gutter 45c, rock
$2.45, On roforrlug the bids to thu
onglneor ho found that tho bid ot
T II, Cochran was tho lowest uud
It was accepted by council.
T. H. Cochran offered tno only bid
on East Burlington street, which wan
accopted. It read: Cut COc, walk 47c,
rock $2.50. Tho high price on tho
cut wus mado uucossury ou account
of tho miscellaneous assortment of
brickbats and other debris that has
from time to tlmo been dumped up
on this thoroughfare.
The Oregon Wood Distilling Co. ot
tho west sldo asked permission to
storo several hundred sacks of char
coal In the city dock, which waa
granted at Portland ruto ot storage.
An amended report of tho viewers
on Buchanan streot was read and re
ceived, It will be adopted by au or
dlnanco noxt week.
Tho nttornoy was directed to draw
up a resolution opoulng up Polk
street through tho Copies tract to
Lehigh and havo it lu readluoss for
adoption noxt Tuesday owning.
Commercial Club to Adopt
New Departure
Tho Commercial club held nn In
teresting mooting Wednesday oven
tin;, and among other things It was
drtldcd to mnko tho club moro of a
social order, nnd to this end n com
n'llco ot four wns appointed to form
u'nto plans nnd suggestions for In
tiro:t!ni5 social features, and to re
port noxt Wodncsdny evening, when
steps will bo taken to outline aud
carry out tho now depnrturo. Tho
club wan not formed nnd carried on
mi n political organization, ns soino
seem to Imnglne. Politics nro never
mentioned, nnd would not bo toler'
ntcd for n moment. Its prlmo object
Is tho good of tho city, nnd it ban
hewn right to tliln lino over slnco Its
transformation. It Is bullovcd that by
adding social functions occasionally
moro Interest will bo takon In tho
club, moro members will bo desirous
of Joining nnd that moro good may
thus bo accomplished, 'iho apart
ments nro amply largo, well lighted,
woll hontud and well furnished, nnd
thoro Is no reason why many onjov
nblo social ovont should not bo oc
casionally Interjected during tho com
ing long winter evenings, u will nt
nn excollont opportunity for tho mom
burs out ot their lethargy, nnd It a
few social ovoutH will not accomplish
this, thoy will likely bo left to slum
bur peacefully on and now blood bo
Injected in tholr Blond. All should
muko It a npoclal point to ba on
hand next Wednesday evening nnd
help tho committee to ouinnu some
nttrncllvo events.
A communication from Dan J
Mayer of tho Marino Iron NYorks wns
tho occasion or quite n discussion on
best menus of Inducing tho trolley
company to run u direct lino from St.
Joliun to Pncklngtown and Kenton,
and discarding tho long loop. Mr.
Mayer'H plan wan to havo tho term
Inus of thu Jorsoy streot lino uonr
tho bull grounds, ami tho loop ex
tended to Hwld's to connect with
tho Kenton lino. This would glvo St.
Johns paoplo two routes to Portlnnd,
mid tho workers at Pncklngtown
would hnvo a good opportunity to
build nnd .rosldo In St. Johns. Mr.
Muyer'u proposition wan unanimously
endorsed nnd Iho aocrotary Instructed
lo write tho company requesting that
this Horvlco bo inaugurated It pos
sible. Other communications woro rend
and filed, nnd a gonornl discussion or
tho good of tho city followed, Tho
resignation of John N, Edlefsun as
treasurer was read and accopted, and
8. W. Rogers nppolntod to fill tho
vacancy. Mr. Edlefsen stntod that
owing to a press ot other affairs no
wus unablo to do tho offlco full Jus
tlco. ruto nave nit.
A Portland man in writing to ono
o' tho city puperH gives nn interest
lug comparison in tho prlco of llv
Inj ovor that It wns In 1SUC, aud fol
low v;
"Several references to tho In
cronrcd cost of living being duo to
n mure luxurious habit of llfo, havo
led mo to look un our "household
expenses" book for i)C, nnd com
paro sovoral Items with tho cost or
I find buttor, good croamory, 40c
per roll, now 76c to S5c; broukfast
bacon, 11a to 16c, now 18o to 27c;
Valley flour, sack, 75c to 85c, now
$1.35, small whlto beans, 15 pounds
for 25c, now 5 and C ppundBj Mosler
apples, fancy, $1 por box, now out of
tho qucBllon for n clerk. Rout $10
per month, now $20 uud for tho samo
Iioubo; cordwood, $2.50 per cord,
now $C; nnd fresh moata ubout 60
percont higher. Tho only articles wo
fid ns choap, aro oysters uud cran
berries, and nt present grapes. Mar
velous Improvements havo been mado
In making cotton suits look llko those
of wool, but cholco nil-wool garments
cro moro than doublo tho prices of
thoiio days."
Religious services nro bolng hold
at tho noon hour each day In tho
city dock by Evuugclist H. A. Smith.
This onablos tho mill hands to hoar
tho gospel yvhllo thoy oat tholr lunch.