St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, July 09, 1909, Image 3

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I Wo buv rlcht
W "
Why not get it now, ON
save the price of it in fuel and
best low priced Range on
2 the market.
2 Is fully guaranteed, has
all modern improvements.
. We can point' you to a
2 long list of satisfied users
2 in St. Johns,
We also carry the REAL
we buy at the factory at car
lot prices.
We guarantee it to be
the equal of any Range on
the market any where, and
the price is moderate.
1 (dglefMroii
: Easy Terms Low Prices
St. Johns, Oregon.
Established 1905
K. T. Halt, President
C. A. Wood,
K. T. l'lntt, I'rciMcnt, Attorney
1'. C. Kumip, Vice l'rei., Sec. Pen. Lumber Co.
M. I.. llolhrook, CnpltnlUt
l'cter Autien, I'rvi. I'ortlnml Mftf. Co.
11. It. Tower, Vlccl'rcn. nml Gen. Mnjjr.
I.cwUtnii Sweet Water & Irrigation Co.
Tlioi. Coclirun. Kcnl Hutate
C A. Wood, Ciuhlcr
Plumbing and Tinning
203 S. Jersey Slreet Phone jersey 91 St. Johns, Oregon
H. HENDERSON 205 Jersey St
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Abstracts of Title Prepared.
Sand and Gravel
I have made arrangements with
the Pacific Bridge Co. for wash,
ed river gravel and sand iu un
limited quantities. Contractors
figuring on street work or on
building would do well to see me
and get prices. Bunkers are lo
cated at foot of Newton street,
opposite the site for the new
school building in East St. Johns.
Business phone Woolawn 1194
Residence phone Richmond 1341
L. D. Jackson
Subscribe for the SU Jobus Review
&b1 keep posted oa tbe doings of
pt city.
u n
EASY TERMS, you can
in baking.
? 30,000.00
V. C. Knnim, Vice l'rcnlilcnt
T f tii ItfiiiAit'l iiiwii llCnlv
1 J Mil HtlVVII I W Wbl
DnvtA lllmtM 4:lm
ui occuniy cm me oououi. my
When you find the name jrf
"SEW on the sole, you're
as certain of good quality as ir
you can he. It's the "Sterl-
mark on shoes and we m
sell them here.
Couch & Co. j,
r r
Accurate Work Guaranteed.
Newton's Gash Grocery
Handles the very freshest and
choicest groceries procurable.
Selling for cash enables him to
sell at a very close margin and
tbe patron gets tbe benefit of the
percentage other stores have to
allow for bad bills.
If you want something really
fine in the canned goods line try
The Royal Club. There is noth
ing better.
If you are not already a pat
ron, drop in and note what a
saving can be made by purchas
ing your groceries for-casb.
Holbrook Building,
cor. Jersey and Leavitt Sts.
n r-ssam
hoiuctliiiiK coming to you;
houictliiiiK different in Style,
lfit and Service. We gunnm- 5
tec Style, Fit mid your satis-
faction. Look for tlie "Mark vi
Local News.
For tho queen of chorrleB Hoy
Ann Sod A. Carl Nolson.
Mrs. V. W. .Mason la spending tho
summer with relatives and friends In
Just received fifty now Phono
graph ItccordB. All tho latest nunv
bers. St. Johns Pharmacy,
Wanted Young lady to solicit sub
scribers for tho ltevlow. Good com
mission paid. Call at onco.
David Myerleo, machine manlpula
tor at tho Ilovlow office, spoilt tho
glorious Fourth In Hood River.
For rent Small cottago at Seaside,
Oregon. For torms sco Willis Moxon
at postofflec, St. Johns, Oregon.
Mrs, Vinson has opened up a cash
grocery on South Jersey street and
Is already doing a nlco business.
Furnlshod rooms, host In tho city.
Now brick building, newly furnished,
prices reasonable. Calcf Uros., homo
furnishers, opposlto poBtofflco.
Any ono desiring Peninsula mag.
nzlnos may obtain sanio free of
chargo by calling at this office. Thoy
aro flno things to send to frlonds in
tho East.
Tho gamo of ball slated for tho
Cth between St. Johns and Forest
Grove at tho grounds of tho latter
was called off on account of wot
P. S. Ilannan, who holds a rospons
Iblo position for the Btnnloy-Smlth
Lumbor Co. In Hood River valloy,
spent sovornl days In St. Johns tho
past week.
W, L. Markle, brother of tho edl
tor and machinist for a largo him
boring concern at Oroonpolnt, Hood
River county, spent a few hours In
St. Johns Monday.
Mrs. D, 1). Irvlu and Miss Alotha
Irvln of Salom and Mrs. Henry
Welch and Mrs. Mead C. I'oltoys of
Portland were guests at tho homo of
J. F. aillmoro last Friday.
0 -
Tho foundation of the now East
Sldo school building has been com
pletod and Messrs. Hewitt & Wright,
tho contractors, aro pushing con
stnictloii work at a rapid rato.
P. W. Qalo and wlfo of Atlas,
Mich., aro gnosis at tho homo of
Councilman J. B. Hlllor this wcok.
Naturally Mr. and Mrs. Qalo aro
very favorably Impressed with St
Johns, and eventually may become
residents of this city.
Tho woolen mills aro rushing
things to tho limit these days. A
full force Is working every day and
It Is often necessary to work at
night to koop up with their orders.
This Is ono institution at least which
Is not bothering about dull times.
Tho baby show at tho Kloctrlc
Theatre Is attracting qulto n good
deal of interost, and somo mothors
havo bocomo so enthusiastic In "root
ing " for their babies that thoy aro
paying tho way of dlfforent pooplo In
order to Induco them to voto for
tholr offsprings.
J. N. Kooler and wife, Mrs. E.
Hutchinson and Ethel Hutchinson
loft this week for Columbia Reach
whero they oxpoct to remain for a
fortnight. This resort lias only re
cently been openod, and is said to
bo tho finest on tho coast as a do-
llghtful place to spend a vacation.
Rev. C. h, Owen of Astoria has
assumed tho pastorate of tho Bap
tist church in this placo. Rov. Owen
conducted a series of meetings here
several months ago which were
very successful. Ho is an able,
cultured and energetlo young man,
and the members of tho Baptist
church can congratulate themselves
upon securing bis services.
St. Johns and tho Vancouver Pion
eers pulled off a double header on
the Vancouver grounds on tho 4th,
Tho first game was an 11-lnnlng con
test and waB von by the Apostles by
a score of 8 to 7. The second game
went to tho Pioneers by the score
of 5 to 2, Both games wero very
interesting and the attendance was
quite largo.
The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
took themselves to St. Helens Mon
day on the steamer Kellogg and bad
one of the best times of their lives.
Strange to say no rain fell at St,
Helens on that day with the excep
tion of a little in the evening, and
as a result the program was carried
out in full. All returned in tho even
ing tired out but happy.
If you are looking for an Invest
ment that is a sure winner, buy half
of block 16 at Whltwood Court. The
tract Is 100x600, lays fino and lots
across from it are now selling at
350 for 60x100. If cut into lots
$3000 could easily be realized, and
then the lots would be cheaper than
any can be brought for In that neigh
borhood. In five yean f 10,000 would
not be an exorbitant price. If tak
en at once 11800 buys it, S1000 cash
and the balance at $10 per month,
B. II. Blandlng, Whltwood Court.
For raro bargains In all kinds of
realty boo P. Hill. -
Magazines and rending matter at
tho St. Johns Pharmacy.
Q. L. Thompson of Estacnda was
a St. Johns visitor this week.
ill - - Bill I.
Fruit cans for boIo choap, Call
room 12, upstairs Cor. Jersey and
You got full weight and first
quality at tho Central market. Just
try it awhllo.
W. F. Wollonhaupt haB rented Ash
bey's now cottago on North Edison
and Is moving his family Into snmo
this wcok.
Don't forget to drop us word about
that vUltor at your home. You ought
to appreciate tho visit enough to
huvo tho fact published In your local
paper. A postal will do tho work.
A joint Installation and general
good time was held by the Wood
men of tho World at their hall In
this city Wednesday evening, of
which a full account will bo given
In next week's Ibbuo.
A. R. JobcB tins returned from a
month's trip to vnrioua points In thu
East. Ho took in tho Soattlo fair
on his way back and says tho layout
In the way of n slto for the exposition
Is excellent mid that tho exhibits aro
fully up to tho standard.
Tom Qlovcr states that the cat mid
other races planned for July Cth nt
Whltwood Court wcro not pulled off
on account of tho wot weather. Tho
events linvo been postponed for ono
year when it In hoped tho weather
man will bo more considerate.
"Fruit Rearing, tho Christian's
Mission," will bo tho morning nib
Ject discussed at tho Baptist church.
"Zeal That Counts" will bo tho
themo In tho evening. All cordially
Invited to nttoud these meetings.
Conrad I.. Owen, pastor.
(Jo to tho baby show at tho Elec
trie Theatre Tho contest Is nrous
lug much Interest and Is well worth
witnessing, A good entertainment
Is afforded each evening besides the
baby pictures, Contest closes Sun
day evening, IStli. Join tlio crowd
and voto for tho babies.
1 0
Mrs, A. W. Vincent Is n conies
taut in tho Portland Journal sub
scrlptlon contest and Is hustling
early and late to socuro 0110 of tho
first prizes. While It Is not our pur-
peso to boom thu circulation of somo
other paper, wo would be glad to soo
Mrs. Vlncont carry off first prize
Her many frlonds aro lending tholr
aid In a material manner.
Tho Callapslblo Box Company has
boon more, thnu busy lately filling
orders, A couplo of salesmen on tho
road aro Bonding In ordors so rapidly
that with tholr present capacity It Is
hard to keep up with tho demand,
The merits of tholr output Is so
obvious that In most casos It only
requires tho goods to bo nhown to
create a demand. Since tho com
pany has struck Its gait It Is more
than llkoly that a scene of activity
will constantly bo enacted nt tholr
plant hero. dov. J. H. Klotchor has
recontly boon added to tho forco of
Viola Roan, a 12-yoar-oId girl, liv
ing at 133 Nlcklln street, St. Johns,
was Injured Wednosday afternoon at
Fargo atrcot, on tho St. Johns lino.
She had signalled tho conductor to
stop, but ho evidently did not sco
(ho signal. Tho girl started to alight
from tho trailer and couldn't stop
whon alio discovered that tho car
was not going to slow down. She
was thrown violently to tho ground.
Tho girl's arm and Bhouldor were in
jured and Patrolmen Burrl and Mac
key picked her up and carried her
tc n nearby drugstore, whero she
was revived, Friends called later to
assist her homo.
First of tho victims of tho Fourth
In Portland was Joo Closka, aged 14,
who lives In Portland, A toy can
non exploded last Friday night and
both his hands wore almost blown
off at tho wrist. At Knott and No
bly streets tho Goska boy was hold
ing n cannon in his hands, while an
other boy poundod powder into tbo
muzzle with a rock. Tho pleco blow
ip, and young Goska got all tbo
shock. His companion cscapod with
out a scratch. Both tho injured boy's
bands wore terribly mangled. Several
flngors and one thumb aro gone, and
the flesh and bones In tho palms are
shockingly torn,
Phonographs and supplies at the
St. Johns Pharmacy.
Chance to do so if you buy tho
'Improved Melville," a sewing ma
chine guaranteed to be in all re
spects equal to any on tho market;
has been thoroughly tried and has
had years of testing, It has all tbo
labor saving and tlmo saving at
tachments. Calef Bros., opposlto
tho postofflce, invito you to call and
see the machine They quote you a
low price because thoy do not can
vass and save tho expense of a can
vasser, and ask only a fair profit.
Easy terms given.
Our lino of stationery Is complete
St. Johns Pharmacy.
Wanted First class hand Ironcr at
St. Johns Laundry.
Wanted Washing nt homo. Ad
dress John Kline, Hnrtmau streot.
If you want St. Johns property that
Is Btiro to advanco rapidly in valuo
boo P. Hill.
Wanted Young girl to assist
with house work. Call at G29 South
Largest lino of Post Cards in town.
Always getting In something now.
St. Johns Phnrmncy.
Without doubt tho very best buy
In St. Johns Is a lot COxlOO on cor
ner of Chicago and Ivanhoo Btroots,
P. Hill has tho salo of this proporty
and it taken quick $1800 takes It.
Worth oasily from $2C00 to $3000.
"Suffering Humanity" relieved by
our "Skeeto Skeet.' St. Johns
All kinds of laundry work dono
promptly. Rough dry washing C
cents per pound. Calls mado for
laundry at any placo. Ring ub up
Phono Rich, 091, St. Johns Laun
dry. Churchill Bros.,proprlotors.
All our moats aro government In
spected and tho host that money can
buy. Thoy aro neatly and careful
ly handled. Co 1110 In and loavo your
jrdor for freo delivery. Ward's
Central Markot.
What's best for monquttos? Don't
know. Wlint's worst? "Skeeto
Skeet." St. Johns Phnrmncy.
If you want somothlng particular
ly flno in tho way of real ootato soo
P. Hill about it.
, 1 1
Subscrlbo for tho Tologrnm best
evening paper on tho coast. Soo
Ed Stockton.
Our prescription room Is equipped
to fill any and all prescriptions that
are brought to us. St, Johns Phar
, 0
Havo your property insured in tho
St. Paul or Northorn tiro Insurnnco
companies. Thoy aro tho host. 8.
L. Doblo, agent.
1571. out fit for $260. Piano nntl
pianola and $2S In music. Must sell;
going away. Will trndo for n span
of small horses, must bo sound, suit
ablo for going out camping; or will
sell on very easy torms. Call 920
Wlllamotto bpuluvard, fit. Johns,
DON'T MONKEY with ngonts;
buy of tho owner lots 13 and 14,
Block 12, 100 feot north of Fosseu
don on Edison, Tho host rostdonco
slto In St. Johns. $100.00 down,
balance ,$500.00, two years nt 7 por
cent. Address, E. L. Davidson, Os
wogo, Oregon.
How is Your Title?
Havo your abstracts mado, con
tinued or examined by Ponlnsula
Title, Abstract and Roalty Co., II.
Hondorsou, manager. Accurate work,
Ileasonublo foes. Cement Block
building, Jorsoy street.
Proper Treatment for Dysentry and
Tho great mortality from dysentery
and diarrhoea is duo to a lack of
proper treatment nt the first stages
of tho dlsonso. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Romody Is a
reliable and effectual mcdlcluo, and
whon given In reasonable tlmo will
prevent any dangerous consequences,
It bus boon in use for many years
and has always mot with unvarying
success, l'or salo by all good drug
attended by tho highest priced baby
specialists could not bo curod of
stomach or bowel trouble nny quick
er or suror than your baby If you
glvo It McGeo'a Baby Elixir. Cures
diarrhoea, dysentary and all do
rangomcnts of tbo stomach or bowels
Prlco 25 cents and 50 cents, sold by
North Bank Pharmacy.
Money Talks
We buy for cash nt n discount
and sell for cash at a living prof
it. We make no allowance for
credit losses, rent or double-page
bargain ads. If our last week's
sales arc to be taken as an index,
St. Johns people evidently like
this way of doing business.
We' ve just received a dandy
lot of 75c silk-front shirts, all
sizes, yours for 50c. Also au
other 5 dozen bib overalls at 75c.
Our 25c horse-hide work gloves
wear like a pig's nose.
Better goods for your money,
Forty Pairs of Shoes
in One Day
Our shoe sales reached the high water mark
last Saturday when our books showed 40 pairs
. sold. We know of 110 better advertisement
than to let the public know that our sales are
increasing each month as compared with the
corresponding month of last year. We know
when that is the case that our customers arc
satisfied with our merchandise, our prices and
fair treatment. Our total sales for June were
$500 more than last year.
Tungsten Lamps
The most economical
Incandescent Electric Lamp made
40 watt - 32 caudle power $ .85
60 watt- 48 candle power $1.00
100 watt -80 caudle power $1.30
250 watt-200 caudle power $2.50
These prices arc the lowest iu the city.
It gives twice the light of
the ordinary incandescent lamp for
the same cost per hour.
Portland Railway Light, and Power Go.
147-7th Street
Merchants! Manufacturers! Farmers! Everybody!
Wc are hunting for your business and have been on
your trail for some time. Our aim is to serve you
The adoption of our service offers a complete
solution to the transportation problem.
Our rates are reasonable and our service
Two trains between St. Johns und Portland
We deliver Anything, Any Place, Any Time.
Call and get our rates before shipping.
Agent nt St. Johns.
Phones: Portland Office, Main 358 St. Johns: Jersey 122
A 3358
Make our store your headquarters (or seasonable coods. We huve
a complete ttockiof
St Johns Hardware Co.
St. Johns
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln dried and otherwise,
Also slab wood. Timbers of all sizes cut to order.
Get your winter's wood now and save trouble.
mm rO eo rSD e f0 so
St. Johns, Oregon
Paid In Capital -
Henry V. Coe, President
A. R. Jobes, Vice Pres. F. P. Driuker, Cashier
Drafts issued on all Foreign Countries,
Lumber Co.
k eO tO e0 s mi