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Devoted (o (be Interests of (he Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 5
NO. 35
Council Kept Busy Push
ing Matters Along
Council mot In regular session
Tuosdny ovonlng with nil hnnds
nround tho bonrd and tho mayor In
U10 chnlr. Minutes ot tlia previous
mooting were rend nnd approved.
Li. 1). Chlpman, 0110 of tho viowcrs
appointed on tho Fossondon Btrcot
condemnation, asked for n plat show
Ing sub-divisions nlong tholr lino of
work, nnd tho engineer was In
strtictod to furnish tho required docu
A petition to Improvo Columbia
loulovard, Oswego to Mohawk, wns
loforrod to tho onglnecr for iuves
ligation as to tho length of this
street, on motion of Councilman
O. K. Learned asked for permls
hlon to lay his own concrolu walks
on sbverol lots on South Jersey, nnd
on motion of Aldurmau A. W. Davis,
tlio request was granted.
A rumonstrnnco was road from
Mrs, Nancy Cnplcs objecting to the
vlaworu' report on Iluchnnaii street,
as her acrongo along this stroot, she
contended, was not benefited by the
proposed Improvement, and there,
fore, she wns not pleased with tho
assessment made. Council could not
seo It that way, however, nnd on
motion of A. W. Davis tho viowcrs'
report on Buchanan street wns ac
cepted, Ileport of tho St. Johns Transpor
tation Co. for tho months of May
and Juno woro as follows; For May
foot pnssongors 4773, slnglo rigs
204, doublo rigs 1C8, For Juno foot
passengers 3010, slnglo rigs 43,
doublo rigs C3. A chock for $10.48
us tho city's share of this business
wan enclosed, both tho report and
chock being accoptod by council.
An amended plat of tho "Happy
Day" addition In Point Vlow pro
sontod by tho 8mlth-Wagonor Co.
was accoptod on motion of Council
man S, C. Cook.
On motion of S. L. Doblo council
nccoptod tho improvement of South
Hayes, llurllngton to Mohawk, after
bolng endorsed by the strcot com
mittee nnd tlio city engineer.
After soma discussion as to what
streets in tho city woro vacated nnd
what woro not, tho city attoruoy was
instructed to dolvo into tho records
and discover tho "status rotating to
vacation ot all streets between Rich
mond and Fessenden, and Bradford
and tho rlvor, on motion of Council
man C. L, Johnson.
A petition to improvo South Jor-'
sey, Mohawk to Ida, by graveling tho
roadway and laying concrete walk
a portion of tho way, was accepted
and the engineer instructed to mako
tho nocessary estimate and tho city
attorney to draft a resolution cover
ing same. As an omission had been
made in a former resolution for
tho Improvement of South Jersey,
Richmond to Mohawk, it was de
cided to couple these two together
and -havo one resolution embody
them both, as it is ono continuous
Dills to the amount of $ 142.48 woro
Tho mayor stated from the chair
that hereafter all matter relating to
the Willamette boulevard controversy
will be eliminated from council untQ
tho county authorities have estab
lished the boundary lino, This was
conoldered a wise ruling, since no
good can corao from further agitat
ing the question, and since council
at the present time has no province
in the matter,
Tho treasurer's report for the
month of Juno was road, accepted
and ordered placed on file.
An ordinance establishing the
grade of Pittsburg street, Crawford
to the ferry landing, was read and
passed the council.
An ordinance placing special po
licemen under bonds was passed on
a 4 yea and 3 no vote.
An ordinance assessing the cost
ot the improvement of Willis boule
vard, Fessenden to St. Johns avenue,
passed. All three ordinances may be
found elsewhere In this issue.
R. H. Keogan has gone to Eata
rsda for the summer and will assist
In putting in the big power dam near
that placo for the Portland General
Electric Co.
Prsaca the gospel of St. Joans,
Hose Team Makes a Fine
Showing at Hillsboro
Tho St. Johns Flro department had
a most enjoyablo tlmo at Hillsboro
an tho Fourth, Tho hoso loam en
tered tho contest In tho hoso rnco
and cama out with flying colorB by
easily securing first prize. Tho dis
tance covered was 200 yards nnd
tho St. Johns boys mndo tho run and
Dnd water flowing in Blxty seconds,
which is romnrknblo tlmo, especial
ly so since tho track was rather
heavy and In poor condition. Hills
ooro team was tholr closest rival
and their tlmo wns 72 seconds, Tho
'Imt prize wns n purso of $25, nnd
.ho second n purso ot $15. Tho
ihowlng mndo by the local lads
fully demonstrates tho fact that
they can glvo any team In tho North
west n run for their money. Tho
joys were royally entertained nnd art
'ull of prnlso for tho treatment nc-
ordod thorn whllo In Hillsboro, Fal-
.owing tiro members who composod
.ho St. Johns team:
I). Noonnn, Captain; Al Patorson,
P. II. C-rnnKor, F. Brosoo, F. Robl
son, Chris OIIiiih, Harry Smith, J.
II. Randolph, F. 10. Peterson, J. C.
McNIvcn, i:. J. Hess, Ross Walker
ind R. Leo.
Hillsboro team H. Larson, Cap
tain; U. H. Colestock, W. Downs, T.
.Vllllams.V. Jack, II. Wllks, Roy
Moore, Klmer Smith, John Hensloy,
Jco. Hunter, J. Johnson, E. 55. Qrcgg
tnd Herbert Miller.
Wheelmen nnd Aids M. K.
3tlcchln, L. M. Olhus, A. B. Simmons
and I). M. Newton.
He is Doing Things
V. W. Mason, tho hustling con
tractor nnd concroto man, has pur
chased four lots on Myers and Hart
man streets, nnd will at once bogln
tho erection of n modern concroto
block plant thoroon. Ho oxpocts to
erect n handsomo concroto block
residence on ono of tho lots this
Fall, Mr. Mason Is Interesting his
omployos In building homes for them
selves In St. Johns, and nlroady sev
eral havo taken his advlco, His fore
man, Ucorgo Lemon, Is now building
a homo on corner of Hartman nnd
Crulkshnnk stroets; J. 8. Jones, an
other employe, has just finished a
fine littlo home on Hartman, Homer
Llndsloy, another omployo, has
bought a lot on Hartman and will
build soon, and still another om
ployo, Qeorgo llrokaw, has pur
chased a lot on Hartman, and in
tends to build at onco.
Mr. Mason has his good job on
South Hayes approved and accoptod
by council, and is now busily en
gaged on pushing through Portland
boulevard, ono ot the longest street
contracts ever given in St. Johns,
Six weeks will likely see this work
completed. Ho baa also landed a
fine contract from Q. D. Woodworth
of Hood River for a three story con
crto block business structure 100
by 100 in slzo. He recently com
pleted a 110,000 residence for Mr.
Woodworth who was so pj eased with
Mr. Mason's work that ho was glad
to secure his services again, Mr.
Mason Is certainly a hustler in
evory sense of tho word.
A Serious Accident
Leo Fortuno .met with a serious
and what may prove fatal accident on
Thursday ot last week. He was en
gaged in picking cherries on the
Gatten farm in the north end when
in some manner he lost his bold and
was precipitated to the ground
twenty feet below. Being a power
ful built man bo fell heavily and an
examination of his injuries dis
closed the fact that ho bad broken
his collar bone and a number of
ribs, one rib penetrating his lungs.
He now lies at the Good Samaritan
hospital In a precarious condition,
but it Is sincerely hoped by bis
many friends that no fatal results
may ensue.
Miss Mabel Savage, who has been
visiting with Miss Nora Slzemore,
returned to her home in Salem Wednesday.
Mecca for Heat Stricken and Suffocating Denizens of the East
Who are Prostrated in the Summer and Frozen
in the Winter. Plenty of Room Here
Tho dally press has been sprinkled
with Items lately telling of tho
doaths nnd prostrations from heat in
tho various sections ot tho East, nnd
tho total 1b appalling. Tho hot dayB
and tho humid atmosphere at night
havo driven tho pcoplo to scok re
lief wherover possible. In Chicago
pcoplo nro flocking to tho lnko sldo
to spend tho nights In order to got
tho boncflt of what littlo broozo
might bo hovering on tho water. In
Philadelphia, Now York, Uoston,
PlttBburg nnd other largo cities tho
water front, parks nnd housetops
aro occupied at night by vast hordes
ot people, yot tho Grim Reaper kcopB
up his work of gathering them In.
Death after death and prostrations
too numerous to record Is tho dally
toll exacted. Aftor battling nil night
with the boat, insects and ovor-j
worked ntmospheru morning finds
them In poor condition to withstand
tho fierce heat ot tho now day. In
fants nnd children nro least prepared
to resist tho intenso heat and tho
J-nth record among them is distress- (
Ingly lurge, Tho pooror cloniont or;
tenomont dwellers nro the greatest
sufferers, Crowded rooms, suffocnt-
lug ntmosphero nnd foul nlr makes
life- a burden, nnd not having tho
moans to escape to cooler spots,
tltoy nro compelled to remain In tho
court yards, Htreets and alleys, nnd
In many Instances perish mlsernbly. j
Whllo wo Oregon pcoplo sympa
thize with tho sufferers and deplore'
tho heat conditions to bo mot with In
tho Knstorn cities, wo cannot but re
flect upon how greatly thoy could
better their condition by coming to
"For De Land's Sake"
Tho Portland Journal last Tuosday
00k occasion to publish tho follow
ing effusion concerning St. Johns,
According to this report tho milieu-
lum Is only a question of a fow days
tnd our Inhabitants may begin to
cultivno wings at onco. Tho burst
of "gush" follows;
St. Johns, bIiico tho advent of pro
hibition, has bocomo tho cleanest
city morally In, tho stnto of Oregon,
according to its chief of pollco and
other city officers. In tho past
threo months not a man or woman
has been In jail thoro whllo there is
not a blind pig, house ot 111 roputo,
gambling den or other don of vice iu
the town, Tho officials aro Justly
proud ot tho city.
Tho last arrest made In tho city
was when Sheriff Stevens and his
doputtes arrested a number ot hood
lums on the St. Johns car ono
Saturday night about threo months
ago, Slnco then no further troublo
has been had.
For some time aftor tho city wont
"dry" thcro were a number of habit
ual drunkards who made It a practice
to get their booze In Portland and
come home very much intoxicated.
As soon as they were let off tho car
In St. Johns, however, they were put
Into the Jail, and as a result oven
this baa stopped. Most of them have
moved away from the city,
"While we may lose a little in
population now we are gaining In
the long run," said City Attorney
Henry Collier yesterday, "Our build
Ing permits are growing phenomen
ally every day and will show a very
substantial Increase over last year.
You don't see anyone on the street
who Is not engaged in the transac
tion of his or her business and va
grants are practically unknown. Wo
are putting close to $250,000 In
street improvements this year and
next year expect to put fully as
much more. Resolutions aro coming
In every day asking for new improve
ments and it may even reach tho
300,000 mark before the first ot tho
year, We expect to have the model
city of the state in another two
Daniel Relnbrecht of Salem was a
St. Johns visitor Saturday. Being
greatly Interested in this city, he
deemed It advisable to order the
Review for one year to assist in
keeping him posted.
PrMCb tt fospel ot 8t Johns.
Western Oregon, where neither ex
tromo heat or cold is felt. Wo ap
preciate our glorious cllmato tho
mora by rending of tho ndverso nnd
trying experiences of thoso residing
In tho East. Tho delightful days,
tho over present light broozo that
leaves tho shores of tho grand old
Pacific and travels far and wldo over
tho Inland cities diffusing life,
health nnd comfort to thoso who
come within its benign Influence, tho
beautiful nights that nro never too
warm nnd covering Is an absoluto
nccccsstty for warmth and comfort,
cannot help but mako us sympathize
with the heat stricken donlzens ot
tho Hast. If thin peerless cllmato
of ours was only fully realized In
tho Fast tho population of Western
Oregon would Incrcnso nt so rapid a
rato that It would be difficult to kcop
track of it. Hut, rather strniigu to
my, It Is not. In some way or other
the idea that Oregon Is n wot, dis
agreeable stato is prevalent In tho
Knst, nnd It Is difficult, Indeed, to
eradicate this Impression, It takes
time, but It is becoming moro nnd
more nppreclnted each year. Wo
doubt If nuy man or woman who
resided in Oregon for one year nnd
then returned Knst can truthfully say
that they havo no yearning to return.
Instance nfter Instance can bo cited
where people who havo lived hero
for a short time nnd then departed
hnvo boon moro than glad to return,
nnd are now Oregon's stounchost sup
porters. There Is something In Its
llfo giving nlr, its unsurpassed scen
ery, its groat bodlos of wator, Its
snow crowned mountain peaks, lis
Big Price For Land
As nn Instnuco of how high tlio
value of Oregon orchard lands mny
attain when scientific principles nnd
modern methods nro applied thoro
on, wo clip tho following Item from
tho Hood Rived Glacier:
"Tho highest price over offered for
Hood River orchard land wns ton
dorod L. Struck last wook when somo
eastern men tried to Induce Mr.
Struck to part with 11I110 ncros for
$25,000. Tho offer for tho Struck
orchard was mado after tho dis
covery that Its owner Inst year re
ceived In tho neighborhood of $!,
200 from throe and a halt acres
which is all that ho has in bearing,
tho othor five and a half acres bo
lng planted to young trees. The
bearing trees are principally Now-
towns," J
Hood Rlvor Is not tho only spot In 1
Orreon whero high prices for,
orchard land obtains; Many startling
examples como from Medford, Grants
l-nss and many other portions of
the Wlllnmotto vnlloy, but scientific
methods wero first applied In Hood
Rlvor and as a result tho fuino ot
Hood River for flno apples und
strawberries has gono abroad and
tho price of land has gono up by
leaps and bounds, Tho Wlllnmotto
valley has only rocontly thrown off
t'b lothargy and hus gone Into the
fruit raising business uloug scientific
linos, The benefits woro so rapid
and so marked that It is fast over
coming tho lead mado by Hood River,
Any part almost of tho Westorn
Oregon Is flno for fruit raising, but
old moss back cultivation has kept
this fact dormant for many years. If
the people in the Fast could only
reallzo what enormous profits may bo
secured from a few acres of land in
this stato tho trend westward would
be far beyond the capacity ot the
railroads to caro for.
Blocked For the Present
Soveral Inquiries have been mado
tho past few days regarding tho
progress made toward the Improve
ment of East Charleston street. Tho
petition for Its Improvement was
brought beforo council, but until a
strip of land owned by the parties In
control-of what was formerly Cedar
Park Is dedicated to tho city,. this
Improvement must He In abeyance.
Work for a Greatw St, Johns.
puro nnd Invigorating spring water,
lis hospitable and gonial InhnbltnntR
that mnkcfl one long to return after
onco tasting nnd becoming Inocu
Inted with Its climate.
Ono might dwell for hours upon
tho beauties nnd natural advantages
of Western Oregon In comparison
with what may bo found in the Fast
om stntcs, nnd not tiro. Thcro Is so
much to bo said that it Is Impossible
to to give n fair conception of Its
resources nnd possibilities In n few
lines, Pages nnd pages might bo
dovotod to n description, and yot it
would bo Inadequate, A laud that
la full of prou Isu and freo from the
blight, n land wheru thunder nnd
lightning nro nlmost unknown, where
flowers bloom tho year nround, whurfl
fruit roaches Kb highest perfection,
where u sunslroko or prostration
from boat Is never heard of, whore
tho grasB Is green all winter, where
dogs never go mad, where potato
bugs never come, where zero wenther
Is n stranger, where opportunities nro
Innumerable that is Oregon,
So, thoso who nro compelled to
swulter through the short summers
and tho long, fr'lgld winter In tho
Knst the best advice to be given Is
to come to Oregon, Moro money
can be made from ten ncres of ground
than Is possible from 200 ncres In
tho Knstern ntntes. There Is room
for many thousands of people, nnd
nil who mny come nro made welcome.
Tiho pcoplo ot Oregon are not selfish
nnd nro pleased to hnvo strangers
come nnd pnrtako of the bonetlts
nnd blessings to bo found In this
grnnd stnto of ours.
Killed by Electricity
Mrs, ICd ward Benson, nged 33
iirs wlfo ot n local confectioner,
while turning on an electric Hfiht,
win. electrocuted nt Hillsboro shortly
artoi 8 o'clock Sunday evening, dy
Inn within n fow minutes,
Mrs, Benson wont Into n rear room
of tho Ilonson Ice croain parlors and
mndo nu attempt to turn on nu-olec-trie
light. Upon receiving tho
shock uho called out to her husbnnd,
"I am dying," nnd snnk to tho floor.
Her husband rushod to hor, but sho
wns beyond aid.
Mrs, Uonson had grasped tho brass
o an electric lamp with left hand
rud tho flour being wet from moltod
Ice, a short circuit was at onco
formed, tho current bolng of suffi
cient forco to cause oloctrocutlon,
Tho woman's hand was badly burned
In tho pulm nnd one finger showed
the effect ot tho current. In falling,
tho woman tore tho wiring from tho
Dr. Tnmaslo nrrlved within a fow
minutes and worked with the woman
for over nn hour without result.
Construction to Begin
The plans for tho fourth bridge
across tho Portland and Seattle cut
on the Ponlnsula has been accepted.
This brldgo Is tho largest of tho four
ucross the North Bank cut, and will
bo constructed almost Immediately
west of tho depot from Columblu
boulevard to a point opposlto Walker
street near Maogloy Junction.
Work on the South Depot stroot
bridge has begun, u gang of men
having started excavating for tho
piers Friday, Tho St. Johns car
lino will cross the latter brldgo. At
prosont It crosses a temporary brldgo
nt Dawson street and runs parallel
with and north of tho cut and west
of South Depot street to Fast St,
Johns Station on Columbia boule
vard. South Dopot street Is 70 foot
wide and will be made ono of tho
best thoroughfares on the Ponlnsula.
After a dolay of a year the wholo
Peninsula is rejoicing now that work
on thoso bridges has begun,
Tho glorious Fourth in St. Johns
was ceiobratcd In a very quiet man
ner. Many ot tho Inhabitants hied
thomselvcs to other places whero
celebrations were In order or went
picnicking, Certainly a "safe and
sane' day tor St. Johns,
Local Man Visits Their
Chicago Institution
Tho following Is n loiter from D.
N. Byorlco, formerly pdltor of this
paper but now travollng snlosman
for tho Collnpslblo Box Company of
this place. It donla with tho pack
ing plant proposition ns found In
Chicago, nnd to ono who has never
mndo n trip through ono of thoso
mammoth plants tho letter should
provo of special intorcot. It follows:
Chicago, 111., July 1, 1009.
St. Johun Review: Todny I treated
myself to n visit through tho won
derful Swift packing plant In this
ui.y. At tho ontrnnco wo woro taken
in hand (n bunch of us) by n gentle
manly, uniformed guide nnd con
ducted through tho Institution, Thoy
wore not killing pigs today and our
guide pnssed up that part of tho
program; but the cutters wero work
lug on n remnnt of yesterday's kill
lug which had passed through tho
cooling room nnd was being prepared
for packing. At one end of the long
table tho hog was "halved" with ono
big slash of n sort of bob nnd tho
halves slid along tho tnble, lined with
men 011 either side. The first man
struck n half n swat with 11 big,
bright cleaver nnd lopped off u ham;
the next man chucked tho hum
through 11 square hole Into n chute
lending to tho floor below with one
hand, whllo with tho other ho scooted
tho sldo to tho next man. Tills man
BoporntcH the shouldor from tho
side just ns tho ham had been, and
tho next follow, with a doxtorous
twist of tho wrist, chucks tho
shouldor through tho floor Into an
other chuto, nnd nt the snmo tlmo
slides tho remaining sldo to tho
Lord High Kxecutloner' nt tho end
of tho tnble. This Individual wns n
big "buck nigger" about tho slzu of
Captain Jpo Black, black as the ace
of spades and ns solemn us Judgo
Ksson whon trying n "drunk and dis
orderly." Ho wits nrmud with n
clunvor just tho color of himself and
u'mut two feet long. His work was
to slash each sldo n swlpo In tho
center lengthwlso, dividing tho ribs
in half, whllo his attendant ynnkod
It oft tho end of tho table Into a
chute beluw. On the floor below
woro other cutters, or trimmers ns
thoy nro callod, who trim tho hums
and shoulders for tho pickling room
and smoka house, nnd tho sides am
relieved of the spare ribs and tender
loin before being sent to tho samo
rooms. All this Is done In less tlmo
than It will tako you to read this.
Wu next visited the smoked moat
dopartmont whero tho ubovu men
tioned products nru Inspected by the
government officials, boarded und
packed for shipment, Thoy havo boon
pickled in sugar, salt and water for
from 30 to 90 days, owing to tholr
From hero wo woro conductod
through the cooling rooms. Tho tem
perature was about 70 to 7C in tho
departments wo had passed and it
was qulto refreshing to step at onco
Into a temperature ot 3Q degrees,
This cooler Is 108x100 In slzo ami Is
used for cooling sheep and calves,
and contained 2500 of tho former
and 1000 of tho latter. The whIIb ot
this room are 17 Inches thick backed
by two layers of cork oach two
Inches thick, protected by layers of
concrete on both sides, making It pos
sible to easily maintain tho low tem
perature regardless of outside con
ditions, From this room wo passed
Into the beot cooler, built in tho
samo mannor, whore tho tempera-
turu Is kept at 38 degrees. Hero Is
kept 3,000 sides, 1500 cattle, until
thoroughly chilled, ubout 21 hours,
when they aro loaded for shipment
in tho refrigerator cars.
We next visited tho slaughtering
houso, First wo saw the sheep
changed Into mutton. The poor wool
ly creatures are "shooed" along an
aJloy until they come beside nu Im
mense wheel which Is constantly re
volving and carries hooka that an
attendant skillfully slips uround tho
hind logs of tho sheep and they aro
instantly hoisted up so that tho head
hungs about waist high to the
"sticker." This Individual Is armed
with an exceedingly sharp knlfo, and
as tho sheep swings to him ho
catches It by tho oar, turns It
slightly so as to got a view of tho
right spot aud slips tho knlfo through
Mrs. Valentine Returned
Safely From Alaska
Mrs. F. W. Valentino roturncd Inst
Friday ovonlng from hor trip to
Alaska nnd bIio Is very onthuslnstlo
nnd greatly pleased with tho trip
from beginning to ond. Sho fools
very grntoftil to hor friends who
Btood so nobly by hor In tho con
test nnd mado tho trip posBlblo. Sho
wns chaperon of tho party, nnd in
speaking of tho trip sho hnB tho fol
lowing to say:
"Tho trip wns simply dollghtful.
Moro words can't express our pleas
ure. Of course, n number ot tho
girls naturally fell victims to mal do
mor on the wny up nnd took n pes
simistic view ot life until thoy got
tholr Hcn-lcgs, but outsldo of that
there wasn't anything thnt marred
the pleasure of tho trip in any wny.
"It wns amusing to see how somo of
tho girls who had novor been nt sen
before nctcd. On our first night out
I went Into two staterooms nnd sur
prised four ot thorn going through
what looked nt first llko n cnllsthonla
drill, but thoy oxplnlnud that thoy
weru trying to gut Into tho llfo pre
servers nccordlng to directions, Tho
first two nights thoy were very par
ticular about placing the llfo pro
servem out in tho mlddlo ot tho
floor of tholr staterooms so ns to bo
convenient In case the ship rammed
an leuburg or otherwise camo to
"On tho wny up Claronco Berry,
tho well-known mining man ot tho
Tunnnn, nnd Oscar Ashby, n bnnkor
of Nome, wont out of tholr way to
mako tho trip pleasant for us. Wo
were very Inquisitive nbout tho
country, of course, nnd piled thorn
with many questions, which they
wero nlwnya nblo (0 nnswer, They
had n romnrknblo knowledge of tho
country aud made many things clear
to us.
"At Juneau wo woro entertained nt
tho Klks' Club, whero Mayor Vnlon
tine presented overy member of our
party with geld and silver souvenir
spoons. Our only Inland Jouruoy was
uiudu when wu went up tho Skngwny
river on tint White Pass & Yukon
Railway. On the summit wo snw
the grandest sight wo hnvo over wit
nessed. "Throughout tho trip wo found
something to occupy ourselves with,
Kvery night we danced aud It was
seldom wu retired before midnight.
The officers of tho City ot Seattle
wero very couMooub, You can say
for us thut if It woro posslblu to
start back again on tho same trip to
morrow morning ovury ono of the
girls would bo engor to do so."
Tho porsonnol of tho party follows:
Mrs. Fred Valentine, St. Johns;
May uio Ogdoud, draco Rykomnu,
1'raucoa Clarke, Wllholmlnn Pfcti
ulngor, Lllllo Pfennluger and Laura
II. May, all ot Portland; Jarelda'Mln
ton, Hnlom; Nolllo M, Tate, Hood
River; Tlllle Kckcrt, Albany, aud
Vlnlta Hamilton nnd Enid Hamilton,
of Medford,
Its neck, cutting tho Jugular vein und
arteries, bin. docu not cut the neck
opun, Thw sheep is thou pushed
along by means ot tho trolly attached
to the hook to u string of about n
dozoit mou, each ot whom has somo
littlo thing to perform. Ono swings
tho animal up a littlo by tho front
legs so tho bond hungs Just right,
the next one skins n part ot tho head
and throat, tho next romovea tho
skin from the legs, tho next tho skin
from the under part ot tho body, tho
next returns it to tho formor hang
lug condition, the next catches tho
skin at tho rump aud strips It all
down, nad tho uoxt removes tho hoad
aud skin and pushes them Into a
chute through tho floor to tho room
bolow, where the pelt Is prepared for
shipment, whllo tho body It covered
Is passed to tho washers who wash
It, und one takes out tho entrails
whllo another removes tho "Veil,"
that dollcato fabric of fat from tho
Inside and places It upon tho mutton,
as you seo It In tho market, and then
tho snoop that hus been mado Into
mutton Is passed on Into tho cooler.
It tako 20 minutes to mako mutton
out of sheep and 39 minutes to mako
boot out of cattlo, nnd thoy hardly
stop motion from tho time tho knlfo
strikes tholr throat until thoy aro in
tho coollug room.
(Concludod noxt wock).